Library Research in Context is an activity-based course aimed primarily at sophomore and junior students. This is a flexible course that can be adapted to complement almost any class, program or discipline. The fundamental goal of the course is to help students build and develop critical thinking and research skills for academic life and beyond.

Skills and concepts addressed in ULIB: 1001 Library Research in Context: Find the Good Stuff Fast

Basic Skills

Advanced Skills

Bigger Concepts

How to interpret references, footnotes or citations

How to formulate a research question

The non-linear nature of the research process

How to find books and articles

How to create and modify a search strategy

The value of the scholarly peer-review process
How to evaluate information

How to determine the scope of a particular database

The nature of scholarly communication
Differences between online library resources and free Web resources

Differences between primary and secondary texts

The social and ethical contexts of information

“Library Research in Context” is a one-credit, graded course.  For current offerings, check ISIS.

Library Research in Context brochure

Previous and current subjects include:

  • Communication Studies
  • Find the Good Stuff Fast!
  • American History
  • Science & Technology

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