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Alumni and Former Students Vertical Files
RG 01.15.01
Collection Dates: 1860- ; bulk, 1930-
3.5 linear ft.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: These materials were given to the University Archives by various donors on numerous occasions. Additions to the collection continue to accrue. Guide written and posted to the Internet by Denise Anderson in December 2004; revised December 2006.

Photographs: None except in published material

Simon Estes concert brochure, 1971
Concert brochure

From Simon Estes file,
Alumni and Former Students Vertical Files

Scope and Contents

The Alumni and Former Students Vertical Files of the University of Iowa Archives consist of records pertaining to over 500 former University students. The files may include, but are not limited to, obituaries and newspaper articles. These records are collected continuously, and new files are created from these newspaper articles. The collection is a convenient source of biographical information about University of Iowa alumni and former students. Each entry below represents a folder pertaining to that particular individual.

To access a folder in our reading room, note the title of the desired folder and the name and RG number of this collection, then contact staff in the Department of Special Collections with your request.

Related Materials

Related materials at the University of Iowa Archives include the University General Catalog collection. Released annually from 1855 to 1972 and biennially thereafter, the catalog includes lists of enrolled students from 1855 through the 1934-1935 academic year. The catalogs include lists of graduating students through the 1940-1941 year.

Many photographs of alumni are housed in the F.W. Kent Collection of Photographs. These photographs are dated approximately 1863 until 1958, with the bulk of them dated in the late 1800s. In some instances, there are larger collections of papers in the Department of Special Collections pertaining to the individual. For example, Nile Kinnick is represented not only by a folder in this collection, but also by the Papers of Nile C. Kinnick.

The Hawkeye yearbooks, published annually until 1992, contain student portraits and information about student activities. No Hawkeye annuals were published for the years 1973-1976, although freshman yearbooks exist for a portion of this period.

The Office of Alumni Records maintains official graduation and degree information about all UI alumni. To submit a request for information, contact the Office at

Series Description

The Alumni and Former Students Vertical Files consist of one series, arranged alphabetically by name of individual. The list of files below indicates that a file pertaining to that individual is available at the University of Iowa Archives. For convenience, researchers may click on the letter of their choice to view that portion of the list. This A-Z series is preceded by a small set of miscellaneous files pertaining to alumni.

Box Contents List

File List

Iowa alumni by county of residence, ca. 1923 (four folders)

Alumni Awards

Alumni Bureau (Greater University Committee), 1910-1911

Alumni Club of Des Moines

Alumni - Alumni Reserve Officers' League

Alumni - Annual Dinner, 1923

Alumni - Articles of Incorporation

Alumni - Collective members - clippings

Alumni - Collective members - lists, etc.

Alumni - Correspondence, misc.

Alumni - Distinguished Alumni Awards

Alumni - Early graduates

Alumni - Iowa Alumnus

Alumni - Miscellaneous, pamphlets, fliers, etc.

Alumni - Noted

Alumni - Occupation of Iowa graduates

Alumni - Reports from Executive Secretary, SUI Alumni Association

Alumni - Reunion letters, Association business, etc.

Alumni - University of Iowa Association

Alumni - University of Iowa Alumni Association (UIAA) 50,000-member mark, 1999


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Ableman, Randy.

Abron, Lilia.

Achtner, Al.

Adams, William E.

Adamson, Eve.

Aden, Leon.

Ahmed, Rafiuddin.

Aitchison, Eric.

Alamu, Josiah.

Alarcon, Daniel.

Alchon, Bernard. See: Subject > Misc. > Lectures: Alchon Memorial Forum

Alexander, Archibald A. (Archie).

Alexander, Kachine.

Alexander, Kineke.

Alexander, Margaret Walker.

Allen, Donald.

Allen, Joseph H.

Allen-Duenas, Lily.

Alpers, Bobbi.

Alt, Connie.

Aminzay, John.

Amlie, Thomas R.

Amundson, Craig.

Anders, Mae Corrine.

Anderson, Barrett.

Anderson, Jeremy.

Anderson, John.

Anderson, Matt.

Anderson, Michael.

Anderson, Steve.

Anderson, William “Bill”.

Angerer, Pat.

Anson, Adrian Constantine ("Cap").

Appel, Michael.

Arkoff, Samuel.

Armstrong, Megan.

Arnold, Kenny.

Arnold, Tom.

Arseth, Heather.

Arthur, James.

Ashton, Ned.

Athearn, Walter Scott.

Austin, Justin.

Ayers, Lemuel.


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Baber, Asa.

Babineaux, Jonathan.

Bacon, John.

Bagley, Lewis C.

Bail, Phillip Milo.

Bailey, Alfred M.

Bailey, McKinley.

Bailey, Regenia.

Baird brothers, George and William.

Baird, Steven.

Baker, David.

Baker, Jason.

Baker, John.

Baker, Larry.

Baker, Nathen.

Bakken, Hans.

Balcita, Angela.

Baluyot, Sotero.

Banach, Eddie.

Bandura, Albert.

Bangert, Luther.

Banks, Brad.

Banowetz, Dean.

Baranczyk, Jennie Lillis.

Barclay, Wade Crawford.

Barrett, Lawrence E.

Barron, Irving J. “Stub”.

Barry, William.

Bartlett, James.

Bartsch, Paul.

Barwick, Emily Moran.

Baskin, Brian.

Bassett, Edward P.

Batra, Hemali.

Baumgartner, Nancy.

Beach, Rachel.

Beaman, Sarah Alcinda.

Beard, Henry C.

Beattie, Kayla.

Beatty, Greg.

Beck, Scott.

Becker, Fred.

Bednasek, Robert E.

Beers, Leslie.

Beiderbecke , Leon “Bix”.

Belding, Leland.

Belding, Lester Coit.

Belding, Paul H.

Beltramea, Kelsey.

Bender, Isaac W.

Bender, Joan.

Benson, Mildred (Augustine) Wirt.

Berger, Kelly.

Bergmann, Leola Nelson.

Bergstrom, Wallace.

Bettenhausen, Elizabeth.

Biber, Stanley.

Bieber, Elisabeth.

Bielema, Bret.

Bissell, Steve.

Black, Elizabeth Maria.

Blackman, Mark Kenneth.

Blair, Joe.

Blakesley, Marcia.

Bleam, Maison.

Bledsoe, Letta Cary.

Blessing, Lee.

Blomme, Karen.

Bloor, Samantha “Sadie” Cranston.

Bly, Robert.

Boal, T.D.

Bockes, Bernard.

Boddicker, Cheyanne.

Boddicker, Mike.

Bognanni, Peter.

Boies, William Dayton.

Bollinger, James W.

Bolte, Rudolph.

Bonior, David.

Bontrager, Mary.

Boudinot, Howard S.

Bouma, John.

Bovard, Matt.

Bovbjerg, Ann.

Bowen, Matt.

Bowers, Edd.

Boyd, William R.

Boyo, Ladu.

Bradley, Barry.

Brainerd, Ossian Hatch.

Branch, E. Douglas.

Branstad, Terry E.

Braverman, Lois.

Bremner, John Barron.

Bresland, John.

Briggs, Charles W.

Briggs, Shirley.

Bril, Jeremy.

Brink, Emily.

Broders, F.M.

Brokaw, Tom.

Brooks, Michael.

Brown, Bennie Drew, senior.

Brown, Carroll T.

Brown, Charles R.

Brown, Greg.

Brown, Joe R.

Brown, Lewis Harold.

Brown, Norris.

Brown, Samuel Joe (Also as: Brown, S. Joe).

Brownlee, S.J. (See: Subject: Governing Boards: Board of Regents)

Brunner, Greg.

Bulaga, Bryan.

Bunch, Kenneth.

Bunker, Harry S.

Burbridge, Charles Elvin.

Burge, Martin H.

Burger, Richard.

Burgess, Mitchell.

Burmeister, Paul.

Burroughs, John A.

Burton , Harry Edward.

Busey, Brook.

Busse, Johanna.

Butler , Robert Olen.

Butters, Ronald R.

Byers, Frank C.

Byoir, Carl Robert.


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Caldwell, Laura.

Cameron, Harriet.

Cameron, Robert.

Campbell, Chris.

Campbell, Elliot.

Campbell, John.

Canterbury, Julie.

Card, Charlie.

Cardenas, Evelyn.

Carey, Edward MacDonald.

Carlson, Steve.

Carlson, Walter.

Carter, Edward A.

Carter, George H.

Carver, Clayton.

Castleman, Riva.

Catalano, Tess

Catlett, Elizabeth.

Cedillo, Joe Luis.

Chadima, Glenn.

Chandler, Houston.

Chapman, Ansel.

Chappelle, Keith.

Chasar, Michael.

Chaturvedi, Mahesh.

Chelminski, Brian. See: Khalsa, Sahib.

Cheyney, Kirk.

Chicchelly, Mary.

Chow, Liang.

Christensen, Allen.

Christiansen, Paul.

Christman, Lauree.

Clark, Alexander.

Clark, Dallas.

Clark, Denny.

Clark, Ron.

Clarke, Joe.

Clayborn, Adrian.

Cleaves, Margaret A.

Clemons, Craig.

Cleveland, Rick.

Closz, Jacob.

Cocking, Walter D.

Cody, Diablo. SEE: Busey, Brook.

Coker, Marcus.

Cole, Colin.

Collier, Rachael.

Collins, Arthur.

Collins, Max Allan Jr.

Collins, Thomas.

Collson, Mary E.

Condon, Sr. Mary Brigid.

Cone, William Vernon.

Conger, Syndy.

Conklin, Mary.

Connolly, Sean.

Conrad, Paul.

Considine, Sean.

Cook, George Cram.

Cook, Marv.

Cooley, Peter.

Coughlin, Joan.

Coulson, Tyler.

Coulter, Chan.

Couppee, Al.

Cowen, Howard.

Cox, Arthur J.

Coyne, John.

Craven, John P.

Crawford, Mildred Foster.

Croghan, Ashley.

Crossley, James Judson.

Crum, Franklin.

Crum, John V.

Crumley, James.

Cuhel, Frank J.

Culberson, Richard.

Culver, Mari.

Cummings, Anne.

Curry, Jim.


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Dahl, Danielle.

Dahl, Eva.

Dana, Robert.

Daniel, Susanna.

Danner, David.

Darr, Darrell.

Davidenko, Diego.

Davis, Barry.

Davis, Keno.

Davis, Matthew.

Davis, McKinley "Deacon".

DeBoom, Meredith.

DeLand, James E.

Dean, Floyd R. “Buzz”.

Dendinger, Emily.

Denton, Harold.

Desir, Jathan.

Devine, Aubrey.

DeVries, Jared.

Dewel, William C.

Dewey, Charles A.

Dewey, Justin.

Diedrichs, Danilo.

Dirksen, Dustin.

Dittmer, Jack.

Doak Davis, Nan.

Dobyns, Stephen.

Doderer, Minnette.

Dodge, Donald William.

Dolan, Ellen.

Doller, Ben and Sandra.

Domke, Joseph (Joe).

Donelson, Linda Meyers.

Dooley, Donald J.

Dooley, James J. “Jim”

Doris, Troy.

Dove, Rita.

Downer, Robert.

Drake, David.

Drewelowe, Eve (Mrs. Van Ek).

Dubus, Andre.

Dueber, Jeanne.

Duhe, Blaise Lionel.

Dulin, Tarana Grothaus.

Duncan, Randy.

Dunstan, Marcus.

Dvorsky, Sue.

Dwight, Tim.

Dwyer, Conor.

Dwyer, Daniel.

Dwyer, Kelly.

Dybek, Stuart.

Dykstra, Clarence A.


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Eads, William.

Easker, Fred.

East, John Herschel.

Easton, Scott.

Ebert, Justin.

Eble, Charles.

Eby, Moray.

Eckert, Rinde.

Edberg, Diane Lee.

Edson, Elizabeth.

Edwards, Kim.

Edwards, Michelle.

Edwin, Moung.

Eells, Paul.

Eggers, Lolly.

Eichacker, Lois.

Eicher, Charles R.

Eicher, Martha.

Elborno, Lara.

Eldred, Cal.

Elliott, Charles Burke.

Elliott, Owen N.

Elmen, Ernest.

Emalfarb, Mark.

Emery, Imogen B.

"Elmi, Ali"

Emme, Eugene M.

Englander, Nathan.

Enloe, Stephanie.

Erdahl, Clemens A., Sr.

Erekson, Dan.

Erickson, LeAnn.

Errickson, Jennifer.

Estes, Simon.

Evans, Dina Rees.

Evans, Richard.


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Fales, Dean.

Falsey, John.

Fatland, Oley.

Fellows, Albion N.

Fenton, William.

Ferentz, Brian.

Ferentz, James.

Ferris, Joshua.

Ferro, Simone.

Fesenmeyer, Charles Richard, M.D.

Ficke, Arthur Davison.

Fields, Matt.

Fieselmann, George F.

Finkbine, William O.

Finn Milleman, Katie.

Fitch, Arthur E.

Fitz, Earl E.

Fitzgibbons, Leo.

Fitzpatrick, Thomas.

Fjeldheim, Karen.

Fleming, Merle.

Fletcher, Gary.

Flood, Elmer “Bud”.

Ford, Nick Aaron.

Forman, Percy.

Forman, Sean.

Forsythe, Henderson.

Foster, Melvin.

Foster, Nancilea.

Francis, Marion David.

Franker, Dave.

Frederick, Tanna.

Fredrickson, Laura.

Freeman, Deidre.

Freeman, Ralph Jr.

Freeman, Tony.

Freyer, John.

Froelich, Brian.

Fryauf, Donald.

Frye, George "Red".

Fuchs, Adele.

Fukushima, Marina.

Fuller, Keaton.

Fuller, Njeri.

Fuller, O. Anderson.

Fulton, Robert L.

Furbish, Frederick.

Furukawa, Ryoko.


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Gallardo, Jose.

Gallery, Robert.

Gallup, George Horace “Ted”.

Garberson, Andy.

Gardner, Archibald K.

Gardner, John.

Gardner, John Raphal.

Garfield, Jared.

Garzio, Angelo.

Gaskill, Dustin.

Gatens, Matt.

Gatens, Michael.

Gates, Alice C.

Gentry, Nolden.

Ghosh, Avijit.

Gibbon, Maureen.

Gibbs, Major General George Sabin.

Gibbs, Harrison H.

Gichohi, Jane.

Gilkison, Monica.

Gill, Glenda E.

Gitchell, Robert Graham.

Glenn, John.

Glock, Waldo S.

Godfrey, Charles.

Goeb, Roger.

Goeldner, Katharine.

Goetz, Lance.

Goldstein, Aaron.

Goodner, Joe.

Goodwin, Idris.

Goodwin, Richard Hamilton.

Gordon, Edward L. Jr.

Gordon, Kevin.

Gould, Beatrice B.

Grealy, Lucy.

Green, Dennis.

Green, Edwin B.

Green, Edwin E.

Green, H.L.

Green, Robin.

Greene, Shonn.

Greenway, Chad.

Greenwood, Brett.

Griffith, Brittany.

Guckert, Katie.

Guggenheim, Charles Eli.

Guise, Bryan.

Gunderson, Sonia.

Guthrie, Eric.

Guttenfelder, David W.


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Haaf, Daniel.

Haddock, Mary Emily (Humphrey).

Haddock, William.

Haeussler, Amy.

Hageboeck, Eleanor.

Haight, Mike.

Haldeman, Joe.

Hall, James Byron.

Hall, James W.

Hallinan, Ken.

Hallman, J.C.

Haluska, Adam.

Hamilton, John J.

Hamlin, Joann.

Hampl, Patricia.

Hanley, Joe.

Hanna, Major Robert Mark.

Hansberry , Lorraine.

Hansen, Brooke.

Hansen, James.

Hansen, Robert and Velma.

Harmon, Ronnie.

Harper, Harry D.

Harper, Virginia.

Harris, Homer.

Harris, Jim.

Harris, Paul P.

Harris, Percy.

Hausrath, Don.

Haverhals, Luke.

Hawkins, Connie.

Hayworth, Kelly.

Hays, Silas B.

Hebard, Grace (Raymond).

Hecht, Ben.

Heezen, Bruce C.

Hefferen, Zach.

Heiden, Patricia.

Henley, Jesse Van Fleet.

Hecht, Anthony.

Heffernan, Jim.

Heineking, Donald.

Heineman, John.

Helms, Jory.

Helt, Sarah.

Hemingway, Joanne Evans.

Hemphill, Suzy.

Henke, Saffron.

Herbst, Josephine.

Herring, Ebenezer. (See also: Bloor, Samantha)

Herrington, Ashley.

Hess, Charles.

Hester, Phil.

Heusinkveld, Forrest.

Hewlett, Marilyn Nesper.

Hibbs, Bob.

Hickerson, Loren.

Hickey, Mary (Wilkinson).

Hierstein, Richard.

Higgins, Kyle.

Highfill, Jake.

Hilder, Phil.

Hilgenberg, Jerry.

Hilgenberg, Joel.

Hilgenberg, Mara.

Hilgenberg, Walter.

Hill, James.

Hinkel, Ed.

Hinsch, William R., Jr.

Hinton, Al.

Hodge, Rebecca.

Hoegh, Holger N.

Hoegh, Leo.

Hoffman, Jill.

Holbrook, Frank Kinney.

Holleran, Andrew.

Hollis, Wilburn.

Holt, Rochelle.

Hopp, Marshall Scott.

Horick, Paul Joseph, Jr.

Horner, Jeff.

Horst, Jessica.

Horton, Loren.

Howley, Kerry.

Howrey, Edward F.

Huang, Siming.

Hubbard, Philip G.

Huftalen, Sarah.

Huglin, Deborah Marie.

Hultin, Dr. Johan.

Humphreys, Lloyd "Buck" Edwin.

Hunter, Mark.

Huntinger, Paul.

Hurt, Mary Beth.

Husain, Ali.

Hussain, Reza.

Hutchinson, Jim.

Hyde, Arthur Mastick.

Hyde, Micah.


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Iglesias, Aguiles.

Interlandi, Frank.

Irvin, Bede.

Irving, John.

Ishikawa, Kizo.

Ivaskevicius, Marius.


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Jackson, David.

Jackson, Nell.

Jackson, Vernon.

Jaeger, Lowell.

Jain, Rita.

Jan, Rafat.

Jarreau, Al.

Jeffs, Royal Edgar.

Jeffries, John Miles.

Jensen de Sanchez, Cathy.

Jenison, Steven.

Jepsen, Bill.

Jepsen, Les.

Jeter, Bob.

Jewel, James E.

Johnson, Adah (Hyde).

Johnson, Arthur.

Johnson, Darlene (Darby).

Johnson, Kate.

Johnson, Liz.

Johnson, Lulu Merle.

Johnson-Koulianos, Derrell.

Johnston, Tim.

Jones, Alfred Eugene.

Jones, Bill.

Jones, Charles Deacon.

Jones, Clavin.

Jones, Laurence C.

Jones, Molly.

Jones, Tayari.

Joss, Charles C.

Juarez, Rudolph.

Juergens, Eric.

Juhl, Andrew.


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Kaczynski, Wanda.

Kaeding, Nate.

Kahl, Alfred W.

Kalas, Harry.

Kallenberg, Henry F.

Kampman, Aaron.

Kapenstein, Ira.

Karras, Alex.

Karro, Roy.

Kaschock, Kirsten.

Kasher, Chen.

Kawakami, Kiyoshi Karl.

Keane, Jim.

Keen, Adam.

Keenan, Alexandra.

Keenan, Ali.

Kehoe, Shannon.

Kelley, Molly.

Kelly, George Alexander.

Kelly, Nicholas.

Kelsay, Troy.

Kemp, Barry.

Kempenaar, Adam.

Kennedy, Dr. Elizabeth S.

Kerr, Howard.

Ketelson, Kyle.

Keyes, Charles Rollin.

Khalsa, Sahib.

Kiefstad, Erik and Kate.

Kielkopf, Mike.

Kinder, Colleen.

King, Mitch.

King, Tom.

Kingry, Josh.

Kingsbury, Chris. See: Subject > Athletics > Basketball, Men's: Kingsbury

Kinnick, Nile.

Kittle, Bruce.

Klabunde, Charles.

Klemesrud, Judy.

Klinefelter, Emily.

Klinefelter, Katy.

Klinkenborg, Mike.

Kloberdanz, Cassie.

Kloet, tom.

Klopp, James.

Kobayashi, Junko.

Kobes, Donald.

Koch, Sigmund.

Koeppel, Josh.

Koeth, Rachael.

Kotarba, Christine.

Koval, George.

Kramer, Larry.

Kramer, Mary.

Kraus, Daniel.

Krause, William A.

Krei, Kelly.

Krepella, Dr. George E.

Kresowik, Mark.

Kresowik, Tim. (also Dan, Jessie, Mark)

Kril, Ray.

Krimigis, Tom.

Krist, Lisa.

Kroul, Matt.

Krueger, Janet.

Kruger, Julie.

Krustev, Dimitar.

Kubby, Karen.

Kuhn, Marvin M.

Kuntz, Everett.

Kurth, Deb.

Kutcher, Ashton.

Kwok, Samuel.


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Lacy, Mary.

Lai, Yifan Lai.

Lamb, William Edward.

Lane, Linda.

Langguth, Anne Michael.

Langston, Jeff.

Lanyon, Ellen.

Larrabee, William Jr.

Larson, Chuck.

Larson, Jeffry.

Larson, Jerry.

Laughead, Sean.

Laure, Martin John.

Law, Jolette.

Law, W.R.

Laws, Joe.

Leach, Amy.

Lee, A.W.

Lee, Charles.

Lee, Robert.

Lee, Ted.

Lefkow, Dave.

Lehman, Will.

Leistikow, Jennifer.

LeMasters, Gary.

Lensing, Vicki.

Leopold, Nathan.

Lepic, Tom.

Lester, Ronnie.

Levitt, Richard S. and Jeanne S.

Levine, Dr. Max.

Lewis, Randy.

Li, Yiyun.

Lillis, Terrence.

Lindsey, Kevin.

Lipsitt, Lewis.

Lohaus, Brad.

Locke, Gordon.

Loetscher, Ila Fox.

Logan, Bill.

Logan, Matt.

Lomen, Donald Oscar.

London, Sara.

Long, Chuck.

Louis, Norwood.

Louis, Sidney S.

Lourens, Raina.

Lovely, Stephen.

Lowden, Frank O.

Lowe, Brady.

Lowenstein, Jon.

Lown, Loren.

Lowry, Conner.

Lu, Gang.

Luck, David.

Lugn, A.L.

Lustig, Arnost.

Lyness, Janet.


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Maassen, Lois.

Macbride, Philip D.

MacDonald, Nancy.

Magalhaes, Shaner.

Magid, Frank N.

Mahan, Bruce E.

Mahoney, Jock.

Mali, Sid.

Malone, Francis.

Manders, Mark E., Sr.

Mannheimer, Robert.

Manzar - five siblings

Marble, Devyn.

Marble, Roy.

Marion, Montell.

Marshall, Charles B.

Martin, Dora (also as: Berry, Dora Martin).

Martin, Emerson.

Martin, Marsha.

Martinez, Russell.

Mason, Tim.

Masters, Richard.

Mattes, Jed.

Matteson, Oral.

Mattill, John I.

Mattison, Bertha B.

Mattson, Mark.

Maurer, William Page.

Mayer, Mark.

McCann, Terry.

McCarney, Dan.

McCord, James.

McCorkle, Brad.

McCormick, Carolyn.

McCrae, Shane.

McCrory, Samuel H.

McCutchen, Heather L.

McDonough, Matt.

McFarland, Joseph.

McGrath, Duke.

McIlravy, Lincoln.

McKean, Penny.

McKinley, Mike.

McMillan, Lindsey.

McNally, John.

McNutt, Marvin.

Meade, Eugene Leo “Chick”.

Mears, Brittney.

Meek, Edward.

Melampy, Carolyn (Tiebout).

Mellon, Sharon.

Melloy, Michael Joseph.

Melton, Patrick.

Mena-Carrasco, Marcelo.

Mendieta, Ana.

Meneses, Tony.

Merrill, John.

Merritt, Fred D.

Messenger, Nicholas.

Metcalf, Brent.

Meyer, Mike.

Meyer, Nicholas.

Meyer, Randall.

Miller, Daniel Fry, Jr.

Miller, Laurence.

Miller, Paul.

Miller, Robert J.

Miller, Valerie.

Miller, Warren.

Milligan, Melissa Rose Walding.

Milloy, Abby.

Mills, Dean.

Millsap, Kenneth F.

Min, RuiHao.

Mindrum, Gordon.

Minick, Paul.

Mintle, Marjorie W.

Mintz, Beatrice.

Moeaki, Tony.

Moen, Marc.

Moon, Ronald.

Moore, Caitlin.

Moore, Raven.

Moore, Tom.

Morris, Greg.

Morris, James B. (family)

Morano, Michele.

Morice, Dave.

Morris, James.

Morrison, S.T.

Morse, Charles H.

Morse, M. Rowena.

Mosesdottir, Lilja.

Mott, Alice J.

Mott, Patti.

Mottlow, Martin “Red”.

Mowlam, Marjorie.

Moy, Iris.

Mueller-Jenkins, Barb.

Murphy, George.

Murphy, Jeremiah.

Murphy, Nora.

Murray, Kenyon.

Musser, Nathan.

Mwangi, Martin Thuo.

Myers, Olivia.

Myers, Robert J.


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Nakhasi, Atul.

Nance, Terence.

Narinsky, Anton.

Nelson, Don.

Nelson, Eric.

Nelson, Jamie.

Nelson, Terry.

Neuzil, Ralph.

Neuzil, Terrence.

Neville, Mary Jane. SEE: Odell, Mary Jane.

Newell, Ben.

Nguyen, Nicole.

Nimmer, Katie.

Nissen, George.

Nissen, Thisbe.

Nollen, John S.

Nolte, Leslie.

Norgaard, Jens.

Norman, Dean.

Norton, Donald “Don”.

Nothnagle, Tom.

Novak, Joel.

Nukuri, Diane.


[return to A-Z directory]

Ochoa, Ramon.

Ochs, Jim.

O'Connor, Edward L.

O’Connor, Flannery “Mary”.

Odell, Mary jane.

Odems, Demo.

Oehler, Jay.

Oetken, J. Paul.

Oeur, U Sam.

Olinghouse, Dan.

Oliver, Dean.

Olsen, Sonny.

Olson, James M.

Olson, Robert A.

O'Neal, Charles Patrick Ryan, Sr.

Onstot, Doug.

Opsal, Dan.

O'Rourke, Kayla.

Ortberg, Kelly.

Ott, Michael.

Otte, Lowell.

Ottens, Sarah Ann.

Oukrop, Carol E.

Owens, Kevin.

Owens, Robert Leon III.

Owenson, Henry Adolph.


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Pack, Abigail.

Packer, Zuwena “ZZ”.

Panther, Adrian.

Pappajohn, John.

Parker, Jerry.

Parsons, Justin.

Partee, Anthony.

Patel, Raj.

Patrick, Amos.

Patrick, Mary Mills.

Patterson, Clair.

Paul, Dorothy.

Pawley, Thomas D.

Payne, Michelle.

Penhorwood, Constance. (also as: Cuccaro, Costanza; stage name)

Perry, Mark.

Petersen, Dennis.

Peterson, Carole.

Peterson, Richard Phillips.

Petrovitsky, Charles G.

Petrzelka, Matt.

Pettit, Ken.

Pfaltzgraf, Matt.

Pfeffer, Paul E.

Pfeifer, Evan.

Phillips, John T.

Phillips, Max.

Phillips, Van Lehn.

Pick, Rob.

Pierce, Pierre.

Pilsbry, Henry A.

Pinsof, David.

Pisarik, Chris.

Pitner, Monty Bruce.

Pitzen, Bill.

Plotkin, Thomas.

Plummer, Branden.

Plummer, Glenn.

Podolak, Ed.

Popaja, Jasmina.

Porter, Andrew.

Porter, Mike.

Pottebaum, Nic.

Poulin, Al.

Pounds, Tim.

Powers, Jamie.

Prasse, Erwin.

Pratt, Dane.

Pratt, H.M.

Pray, Jessica.

Prestage, Jewel.

Price, Franthea.

Printy, Jamie.

Pugh, Richard.

Pulvermacher, Sarah.


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Quijada, Brian.

Quinn, Henry.

Quinn, Kris.

Quinn, Terry.


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Raidoo, Renugan.

Raife, Lori.

Rainey, Emma.

Ramos, Jordan.

Ramsden, Alexandra.

Ramsey, Bo.

Ray, Dottie.

Recker, Luke.

Reden, William Franklin.

Reed, Diana.

Reese, Jessica.

Reger-Wilkinson, Mary.

Reiff, Riley.

Reinking, Mike.

Remley Family.

Rendone, Olivia.

Rhodes, David.

Rice, Rachel Williams.

Richard, John.

Richer, Paul J.

Rider, Dr. Thiel.

Ries, Herbert “Ham”.

Riggs, Charles E. (Rear Admiral)

Riley, Bridget.

Rinard, Park.

Ris, Wally.

Roberts, Arlene.

Robinson, Eddie.

Roby, Reggie.

Rocca, Kimberlee.

Roddy, George.

Rodgers, Will and Amanda.

Rodolfo-Sioson, Miya.

Rogers, Matt.

Rohrbacher, Dr. William M.

Rojas-Cardona, Juan J. “Pepe”.

Romesser, Thomas E.

Rose, Edward S.

Rose, James.

Rose, Stephanie.

Ross, Kevin.

Ross, Ronald K.

Rossmann, Alan L.

Roth, Matt.

Rottler, Phyllis (Pooley).

Routh, Brandon.

Rowley, Coleen.

Ruben, Ruth S. (Subotnik)

Rudock, Jake.

Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela.

Ruiz, Mariano Ventura.

Rummells, Dave.

Rummells, Khairom H.

Russell, Chelsea.

Russell, Frank.

Rust, Paul.


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Saadi, Ibrahim.

Sabin, Edwin LeGrand.

Sadler, Steven Ray.

Sahs, Ella B.

Sailer, Lillian H.

Sailor, Rachel.

Salameh, Taleb.

Salata, Sheri.

Salazar, Adam.

Salisbury, Mark.

Samuelson, Agnes.

Sanborn, David.

Sanders, Bob.

Sarpkaya, Turgut.

Sash, Tyler.

Savery, Annie.

Saxton, Don.

Schaefer, Ruth.

Schapiro, Miriam.

Schlapkohl, Janet.

Schlumbohm, Aaron.

Schmarje, C.F.

Schmitz, Chester.

Schnepf, Heather.

Schnoebelen, Orval L.

Schrafel Family.

Schuster, Sylvia.

Schwab, Doug.

Schwengel, Fred.

Schwilck, Lucille.

Sciortino, Mary A.

Scott, Elsie.

Seaman, Halleck W.

Seamans, Gary F.

Seberg, Jean.

Seerley, Homer Horatio.

Seraji, Mahbod.

Shan, Linhua.

Sharpnack, Joe.

Shaw, Dina Rees Evans (see Evans, Dina Rees).

Sheedy, Daniel D.

Shemansky, Brody.

Sherbon, Florence B.

Sherman, Katherine.

Shields, David.

Shields, Dennis.

Shipley, Jeff.

Shirer, William.

Shirley, John William.

Shoultz, Ramond.

Showers, Donald McCollister.

Shuler, Robert G.

Siems, Alice Littig.

Sievers, Harry L.

Simit, Melanie.

Simmons, Ozzie.

Simons, Henry C.

Simonsen, Todd.

Simpson, Jasmine.

Sindlinger, Jessie.

Sioson, Miya.

Sittenfeld, Curtis.

Sivan, Ori.

Sklar, Morty.

Skolaski, Jennifer.

Slater, Fred "Duke".

Slump, John.

Smestad, Justin.

Smiley, Jane.

Smith, Althea Beatrice Moore.

Smith, Crystal.

Smith, Dennis.

Smith, Dexter Edson.

Smith, Donald R.

Smith, Donnie.

Smith, Fred.

Smith, Jenna.

Smith, Kristi.

Smith, Luther H.

Smith, Madorah Elizabeth.

Smith, Scott.

Smith, Stephen L.

Smith, Tangela.

Smith, Tom.

Snidecor, George E.

Snodgrass, W.D.

Snyder, Larry.

Sojka, Richard.

Soll, Jacob.

Sollberger, Harvey.

Solow, Ben.

Soulati, Behnaz.

Sowinski, Erik.

Spade, Sydney.

Spangler, Harrison E.

Speed, Jim.

Spence, Hartzell.

Spencer, Dick.

Sperry, Frederick.

Staniforth, Nate.

Stanzi, Ricky.

Station, Larry.

Stefansson, Vilhjalmur.

Stein, Bob.

Stenberg, John F.

Stern, Rudi.

Stevens, Leonard A.

Stewart, Bob.

Stewart, Jennifer.

Stier, Mary.

Stigge, Christian.

Stinson, Harry Edward.

Stokes, Greg.

Stoops, Bob.

Stoops, Mark.

Stoops, Mike.

Stork, Nicole.

Stoughton, Becky.

Stout, George.

Stout, Juanita Kidd.

Stoutt, Brett.

Stover, Russell.

Strand, Mark.

Strauss, Sarah.

Street, Chris.

Streit, Gary.

Streit, Michael.

Strong, Alfred C.

Strub, Sean O'Brien.

Stuart, Carl.

Stuart, Claire.

Stuart, William Corwin.

Stump, E. Turner.

Stutsman, W.H.

Swaine, Robert.

Swan, Ethel Elliott.

Swander, Mary.

Swisher, Benjamin F.

Swofford, Anthony.

Szukula , Rafal.


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Tabor, Mary.

Taeckens, Michael.

Tallon, Dan.

Tang, Peng

Tao, Chiang.

Tate, James.

Taylor, Pete.

Ternus, Marsha.

Terry, Robert James.

Thomas, Iola B.

Thomas, J. Wendell.

Thomas, Lora.

Thomas, Seth.

Thompson, Donald.

Thompson, John Wesley.

Thompson, Ray.

Threlkeld-Wiegand, Chris.

Thurow, Roger.

Tipler, Carol.

Tippett, Andre.

Tippie, Henry B.

Toliver, Hazel.

Tosaw, Richard.

Townsend, Orville H.

Townsend, Raymond Theodore, Jr. (Ted).

Trachsel, Charles S.

Tracy, James.

Traner, George L.

Triplett, Ben.

Triplett, Brian.

Tunnel, Emlen.

Tutson, James.

Tutson, LaVerne.


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Ulfers, Erik.

Ultang, Don.

Underwood-Foster, Nancilea.


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Vandenberg, James.

Vandenend, Micah.

Vanderheyden, Joel.

Vandervelde, Julian.

Van Duyn, Mona.

Van Oosterhout, Martin.

Vass, Greg.

Veblen, Oswald.

Verhille, Robert.

Villarini, Gabriele.

Vlasic, Mark.

Vollmer, Henry.

Volleweider, Henry.

Von Maur, Cable G.

Vredenburg, Dwight.


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Wahls, Zach.

Wait, George Ray.

Waitt, Ted.

Walker, David.

Walker, Jerald.

Walker, Justin.

Walker, Margaret (see: Alexander, Margaret (Walker).

Wallace, Naomi.

Walljasper, Jay.

Wang, Qidong.

Ward, Betty Arnett.

Waterman, Thomas.

Waxenberg, Alan.

Weaver, James B.

Webb, Chitoka.

Webb, Ivory.

Weber, Irving.

Wedemeyer, Zac.

Wegman, Marcia.

Wegman, Tom.

Wehmeyer, Wilbur.

Weibener, Candace.

Weidling, Josh.

Weil, Martin Eli.

Weinstein, Adam.

Weinstock, Michael.

Weissmiller, Jan.

Wen, Wen-Ling.

Wenger, Marion A.

Wentworth, Laydons.

Werling, Eric.

West, Pearl.

West, Steve.

Western, Gary.

Wetzel, James.

Wheelan, Brooks.

Wheeler, Sheba.

Wheeler, Ted.

Whitaker, Matt.

White, Aaron.

White, J. Patrick.

White, John C.

Whiteman, Will.

Wickham, Kate.

Wickham, Tom.

Wiegmann, Casey.

Wier, Murray.

Wilburn, Ross.

Wilder, Gene. (also as: Jerome Silberman)

Wilkerson, Vernon Alexander.

Wilkinson, Bud.

Wilkinson, Mary Roger.

Williams, S. Clyde.

Williams, T.J.

Williams, Tennessee.

Williams, Wirt.

Williams-Ali, Chaz'men.

Wilson, Mrs. I.P.

Wilson, Robert "Chug"

Wilson, Ryan.

Wilson, Tony.

Winbigler, Donald.

Winckler, Susan.

Winninger, Steve.

Wissler, Clara Estelle.

Witt, Colin.

Witter, Aaron C.

Wittmark, Charlie.

Wolfe, Russell Marcus.

Wood, William.

Woodburn, Chester Charles.

Wooters, Richard Curtis, M.D.

Worrel, Paul.

Wozniak, Jim.

Wright, Corey.

Wueschner, Erika.

Wyrick, Lane.

X – Y

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Yagla, Chuck.

Yan, Mo.

Yeager, Tim.

Yeggy, Tricia.

Youle, Robert.

Young, Marguerite.


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Zabel, Jim.

Zadick, Bill.

Zazza, Alan.

Zegler, Bob.

Zeno, Daniel.

Zhao, Lingjie.

Zider, Marc.