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Buildings and Grounds Vertical Files
RG 01.15.02
Collection Dates: 1855- ; bulk, 1920-
12.0 linear ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: These materials were given to the University Archives by various donors on numerous occasions. Additions to the collection continue to accrue. Guide posted to the Internet 2004; revised December 2006.

Photographs: Published photographs are housed in numerous files.

Quadrangle promotional brochure, ca. 1930
Promotional brochure
ca. 1930

From the Quadrangle file,
Buildings and Grounds Vertical Files

Scope and Contents

The Buildings and Grounds Vertical Files of the University of Iowa Archives consist of records pertaining to over 200 campus buildings and landmarks, such as bridges, statues and other features. Maps of the campus are available in Series II (miscellaneous files), documenting the University's growth since the late 1800's. The files may include, but are not limited to, newspaper articles, building dedication programs, and floor plans. Many of the files include data sheets (goldenrod color) compiled during a 1985 survey of the campus conducted by the Historic University Buildings Committee. The data sheets note the building's name and use history, additions and other modifications, construction and demolition dates, and name of architect where available.

The collection is a convenient source of information about the ever-changing landscape of the University of Iowa campus. Each entry below represents a folder pertaining to that particular building or landmark.

To access a folder in our reading room, note the title of the desired folder and the name and RG number of this collection, then contact staff in the Department of Special Collections with your request.

Related Materials

The University General Catalogs, beginning in 1901, include maps of the campus. A full set of the catalogs is located in the front area of the Special Collections Department.

Many photographs of campus buildings are housed in the the F.W. Kent Collection of Photographs. Other photograph collections include images of the campus landscape. For information about these additional collections, refer to the online guide. Other resources are described in our guide to campus buildings and landmarks.

Committee on Building Names records, 1967-2008. Records of an advisory committee which considers and recommends the naming of buildings and other campus features. RG 05.03.46.

Series Description

The Buildings and Grounds Vertical Files consist of two series. Series I (A-Z files) consists of files about specific buildings, arranged alphabetically by name of structure. Buildings both current and no longer in existence are included. Series II (miscellaneous files) pertains to such features as bridges and statues, and includes maps and land inventories. The list of files below indicates that a file pertaining to that building or feature is available at the University of Iowa Archives. For convenience, researchers may click on the letter or series of their choice to view that portion of the list.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z - Misc.


Box Contents List

File List

Buildings Index binder, compiled in 1976, 1983


Adler Journalism Building

Afro-American Cultural Center

Alumni Center (see also: Levitt Center for University Advancement)

Ambulatory Care Campus

Animal Research Laboratory

Archaeology Laboratory

Armory - 1920 (Field House 1920-1988/1989; razed 1988/1989)

Armory - 1880 (located on the Pentracrest)

Art Building

Art Building West - 2006

Art Studios - Iowa Avenue

Arts Campus (see also: individual building files by name)

Ashton Cross-Country Course

Athletic Building (see: Jacobson Athletic Building)

Athletic Learning Center (see: Gerdin Athletic Learning Center)

Athletics Hall of Fame (see: Roy J. Karro Building)

B       [return to A-Z directory]

Baseball Diamonds

Basketball Practice Facility

Becker Communication Studies Building

Beckwith Boathouse

Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory

Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education

Biological Sciences Complex

Biological Sciences Library (see also: Biology Annex)

Biology Annex

Biology Building (formerly Zoology Building)

Biology Research Building

BioVentures Center


Botanical Laboratory

Botany Plant House

Bowen Building

Bowman House

Boyd Law Building

Boyd Tower (General Hospital)


Burge Hall

Bus and Car Maintenance Building

C      [return to A-Z directory]

Calvin Hall (Geology, Science Hall)

Cambus Maintenance Facility

Cambus Trailer

Campus Mail Annex

Campus Recreational and Wellness Center

Campus Stores

Cannon-Gay-McClosky House

Canoe House (see: Skating Lagoon House)

Carver Biomedical Research Building (CBRB)

Carver-Hawkeye Arena

Carver Pavilion (Hospital)

Center for Comparative Genomics (formerly Old Biology)

Center for Excellence in Image Guided Radiation Therapy

Chemistry-Botany Annex

Chemistry-Botany Building

Chilled Water Plant

Clapp Recital Hall

Clinton Street Buildings

Close Hall

College of Medicine Administration Building

College of Public Health

Colloton Pavilion - Hospital

Communication Studies Building (see: Becker Communication Studies Building)

Communications Center

Consolidated Business Services Building

Continuation Center (Proposed 1957)

Co-op Housing

Cottage Apartments

Curriculum Laboratory Relocatable

Currier Hall

D      [return to A-Z directory]

Daily Iowan - Sidwell Building

Dam & Water Power

Danforth Chapel

Daum Hall

Daycare (Buildings used for)

Dental Science Building

Dey House

E     [return to A-Z directory]

East Hall Annex


Eckstein Medical Research Building

Educational Research Building

Engineering Building and Materials Testing Laboratory (see also: Seamans Center)

Engineering Research Facility

Engineering Shed (Old South Hall)

Engineering Shops

English-Philosophy Building

Eye Clinic - Hospital and Clinics (Proposed)

F      [return to A-Z directory]

Faculty Art Studios

Family Housing Office

Farm Accident Prevention Building (Oakdale) (now called R.E.C.)

Field House

Fine Arts Building (Iowa Avenue)

Fine Arts Campus

Finkbine Golf Course

Football Facility

Football Facility - Proposed

G     [return to A-Z directory]


Gehry (see: Iowa Advanced Technology Lab)

General Hospital - 1925

General Stores

Gerdin Athletic Learning Center

Gibson Square

Gilmore Hall (formerly Law Building)

Graphic Services Building


H      [return to A-Z directory]

Halsey Gymnasium

Hancher Auditorium

Hardin Library for Health Sciences

Harrison Hall

Hawkeye Court Apartments

Hawkeye Drive Apartments

Hawkeye Park

Hawkeye Softball Complex

Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex (West Campus)

Hillcrest Dormitory

Homeopathic Hospital

Homeopathic Medical Building

Hope Lodge

Hospital 1880-1897 (see: Mechanics Academy)

Hospital 1897-1925 (see: Seashore Hall)

Hospital Paint Shop

Hospital Parking Ramps

Hospital Power House

Hospital Records Storage Building

Hospital School for Handicapped

Hospital South Wing


Hubbard Field

Human Biology Research Facility

Hutchinson-Kuhl House

Hydraulics Laboratories

Hydraulics Research East Annex

Hygienic Laboratory

I     [return to A-Z directory]

Indoor Practice Facility

Information Technology Facility

Institute for Biomedical Discovery

Institute of Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

International Center (formerly Law Commons , Law Center )

Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories (Tech. Lab) Gehry

Iowa Field

Iowa Geological Survey Building

Iowa Hall (see: Macbride Hall)

Iowa Memorial Union (2 folders)

Iowa Memorial Union Parking Ramp

Isolation Hospital (see: Old Music Building)

J      [return to A-Z directory]

Jacobson Athletic Building

Jefferson Building (Hotel)

Jessup Hall


K      [return to A-Z directory]

Karro Athletics Hall of Fame - SEE: Roy J. Karro Building

Kellogg House (School)

Kinnick Stadium

Kuhl House (see: Hutchinson-Kuhl House)


L     [return to A-Z directory]

Lagoon Shelter House (see: Skating Lagoon House)

Lakeside Laboratory

Laser Center (see: Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories [Tech. Labs])

Laundry - 1910

Laundry - 1958

Law (see: Boyd Law Building, International Center, Gilmore Hall)

Law Commons (see also: International Center)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center

Levitt Center for University Advancement

Library Building

Lindquist Center

Lodge, The


M       [return to A-Z directory]

Macbride Field Campus

Macbride Hall (Natural Science Building)

MacLean Hall

Main Library (see: Library Building)

Married Student Housing

Mayflower Hall

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics Academy (first building used by the University)

Medical Building - 1882-1901

Medical Complex - West Side

Medical Education and Biomedical Research Facility (MERF)

Medical Education Building (see: Psychiatric Hospital; see also: Psychiatric Pavilion)

Medical Laboratories

Medical Research Building

Medical Research Facility

Medical Shed (“Sheep Shed")

Medical - West Campus

Mercy Hospital

Mormon Handcart Site

Museum of Art

Museum of Natural History (see: Macbride Hall)


N     [return to A-Z directory]

Navy Administration Building (see: South Quadrangle)

Navy Installations

North Campus Parking & Chilled Water Facility

North Hall (Pentacrest) - 1866

North Hall - 1925 (was University School)

Northwestern Bell Building

Nursing Building


O       [return to A-Z directory]

Oakdale Campus (Buildings) (see also: University of Iowa Research Park)


Old Armory and Old Armory Temporary ("Big Pink")

Old Brick

Old Capitol (3 folders)

Old Capitol Town Center

Old Dental Building (Pentacrest)

Old Music Building (formerly Isolation Hospital) (includes Old Rehearsal Hall)


P     [return to A-Z directory]

John and Mary Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building

Pappajohn Business Administration Building

John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center, Des Moines

Parklawn (Continuation Center, 1960s)

Parklawn Warehouse

Pearl Field (softball)

Pentacrest (see also: Old Capitol, Macbride Hall, Schaeffer Hall, MacLean Hall, Jessup Hall)

Pharmacy - pre-1926

Pharmacy Building

Pharmacy Building Addition (Proposed)

Phillips Hall (Business)

Physical Plant Buildings

Pomerantz Center (Career Center)

Pomerantz Family Pavilion

Power Plant - 1900

Power Plant (heat, light)


President's House

Printing Department Building


Psychiatric Hospital (also Psychopathic Hospital)

Psychiatric Hospital Storage


Q     [return to A-Z directory]


Quonset (see: Temporary Buildings)


R     [return to A-Z directory]

Radio Transmitters

Recreation Building

Recreation and Wellness Center (east campus)

Residential Buildings

Riverside Heights Camping Ground

Rienow Hall (Dormitory)

Ronald McDonald House

Roy J. Karro Building (Athletics Hall of Fame)


S       [return to A-Z directory]

Sanitary Engineering Lab

Satellite Tracking Station

Schaeffer Hall

Seamans Center (see also: Engineering)

Seashore Hall

Security Building

Services Building

Shambaugh House

Skating Lagoon

Slater Hall (formerly Rienow II)

Softball Complex

Solar Charging Station

South Hall

South Hall (Proposed)

South Quadrangle (Also as: Navy Administration Building)

Spence Laboratories of Psychology

Sports Medicine Center

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute

St. Thomas More site

Stanley Hall

Steindler Building (Children's Hospital - Old)

Storage Buildings

Studio Arts (formerly Menards building)

Svendi Hall


T        [return to A-Z directory]

Temporary Buildings

Tenant Properties

Tennis Center

Tent City (Summer Camp)

Terrill Dam

Theatre Building

Theatre Building (Continuation Folder # 1)

Theatre Building (E.C. Mabie Theatre) (Continuation Folder #2)

Theatre Dedication - 1936

Trowbridge Hall (Dental Building - 1916)


U     [return to A-Z directory]

Unitarian Church

Unity Hall

University Athletic Club

University Capitol Centre

University Hygienic Laboratory Annex - 219 Riverview Street

University of Iowa Research Park (see also: Oakdale Research Park)


V     [return to A-Z directory]

Van Allen Hall (formerly Physics Building )

V.A. (Veterans Administration) Hospital

Visual Arts Building

Volatile Solvent Storage Building

Voxman Music Building


W     [return to A-Z directory]


Water Closet

Water Plant

Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center

West Campus Tennis and Recreation Center (see: Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex)


Windrem House

Women's Resource & Action Center

Woolf Avenue Court Apartments

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Z     [return to A-Z directory]

Misc.   [return to A-Z directory]

Access (for Handicapped) - Architecture as Barrier to

Animal Laboratories


Architectural Committee

Architectural Drawings Index - no date, but prior to 1950   [Note: This index is online at]

Auditorium Committee, 1922-1948

Bell Systems

Bells (includes Old Capitol - Bell )

Bikeways (includes bike racks)

Bionic Bus

Boat Dock


Building Data and Inventory, 1954

Building Data and Inventories, 1909-1983

Building Dates - 1983 List

Building Inquiries

Building Project - 1933-34

"Bulletin of the State University of Iowa" - pictorial souvenir of the campus, 1904

Campus Construction/Improvements

Campus Development/History, including Olmsted Associates correspondence with President MacLean, 1904-1906, regarding campus landscaping

Campus Planning - Articles, etc. 1945-

Campus Planning Committee - campus plans, minutes, miscellaneous

Capital Facilities Inventory - May 1, 1963

Chapel Project - 1937-38

Class Rooms, Faculty Rooms, etc.

Convocations and Public Events Equipment

Deans' Committee on Building and Grounds - minutes and correspondence

Deans' Committee on Building and Grounds - miscellaneous



Fallout Shelter

Fire Insurance - Fires

Fire Safety and Hazards

Fountains / pools

Grand Avenue Roundabout

Historic University Buildings Committee - 1985


Iowa River


Lands, Acquisitions, Etc. (1 of 3)

Lands, Acquisitions, Etc. - Binders (2 of 3)

Lands, Acquisitions, Etc. - Newspaper Clippings (3 of 3)



Maps - "Location of the Red Brick Campus of the University of Iowa from 1865 to 1894"

Maps - 1900s-1920s

Maps - 1930s-1940s

Maps - 1950s

Maps - 1960s

Maps - 1970s

Maps - 1980s

Maps - 1990s

Maps - 2000s

Maps - Not Dated

Maps - Bus

Maps - Cambus

Maps - Pentacrest Area (Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps photocopied to different scales and draftings of the Pentacrest area)

Maps - Motor Vehicle and Bicycle Regulations


Modern Architecture at the U of I

Monument - Proposed (IE 2000 Monument)


Plats of the Site of the State University of Iowa and Adjacent Territory - to 1939

Quarry Pond

Rague, John F. (Architect)


Rivers - Flood Control

Sculpture and Statues

Sesquicentennial Campus Planning Framework - University of Iowa - July 1998

Sewerage System



Statues (See: Buildings Miscellaneous - Sculpture and Statues)


Telephone System





Walkways/Trails (includes T. Anne Cleary Walkway)

Water tower


Writers' Neighborhood

Zoning Plan