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Subject Vertical Files
RG 01.15.05
Collection Dates: 1880- ; bulk, 1920-
45.0 linear ft.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: These materials were given to the University Archives by various donors on numerous occasions. Additions to the collection continue to accrue. Guide posted to the Internet December 2004; revised December 2006.

Photographs: None except in published material

Speech Pathology conference program, 1956
Conference program

From the Speech Pathology: Conferences file,
Subject Vertical Files

Scope and Contents

The Subject Vertical Files of the University of Iowa Archives consist of records pertaining to the University's colleges, departments, offices and programs, as well as events and topics. The files may include, but are not limited to, newspaper articles, publications, pamphlets, announcements, special event programs and other documents. The collection is a convenient, wide-ranging source of topical information about University of Iowa history. Each entry listed below represents a folder pertaining to that particular topic.

To access a folder in our reading room, note the title of the desired folder and the name and RG number of this collection, then contact staff in the Department of Special Collections with your request.

Related Materials

In many instances, related materials at the University of Iowa Archives include larger collections of records transferred to the Archives by faculty, staff, alumni and others.  For example, Religion is represented not only by the files in this collection, but also by the Records of the School of Religion.

Series Description

The Subject Vertical Files of the University of Iowa Archives consist of one series of categories, arranged alphabetically. The following list of categories indicates that one or more files pertaining to that topic is available in the collection. For convenience, researchers may click on the category of their choice below to view that portion of the expanded file list, which follows below.  Researchers may also locate a topic in this collection by entering a word or phrase in the search feature of their Web browser, if available.


African and Afro-American Studies
Air Science
American Indian / Native Studies Program
American Studies
Biological Science Department
Biology / Zoology
Black Students, Faculty and Staff
Board of Regents
Business Administration
Business Office
Chinese Studies
Communication Skills
Communication Studies
Continuing Education
Dean of Men
Dean of Women
Experimental School


Fine Arts
Foreign Students
French and Italian
General Assembly
Governing Boards
Graduate College
Home Economics
Hospitals and Clinics
Institute of Public Affairs
Iowa Child Welfare Research Station
Lakeside Laboratory
Letters, School of
Liberal Arts
Library Science, School of
Military Science
Museum of Art
Museum of Natural History
Museums - Pentacrest Museums

Performing Arts

Photographic Service
Physical Education
Political Science
Printing Department
Romance Languages
Scholarships and Loans
Social Work
Spanish and Portuguese
Speech and Dramatic Art
Speech Pathology and Audiology
Student Affairs
Summer Session
University History
Veterans Service
War Times
[Iowa] Writers' Workshop


Box Contents List

ADMINISTRATION     [return to categories]

Academic information (release of)

Administration, 1906-1976

Administrative advisers (President Freedman, 1984)

Administrative code revised to allow for furloughs, 2001

Administrative Council, 1959-1962

Administrative Council, 1961-1963

Administrators - retention

Barnett affair (Prof. Donald Barnett), 1967

Bond ratings

Calendar, 1965-1967

Campus IT Review Committee (information technology), 2006

Campus police/security, 1963-1980

City-University Committee, 1957-1958

Committee on Institutional Cooperation, 2002

Committee on Recommendations for Provost, 1962

Committee system, 1972 and 1974

Committees, 1967-1969

Dean of Academic Affairs, 1967

Dean of Women, history, 1935

Discipline Committee, 1962-1964

Discrimination, 1962-1965

Distinguished Service Awards, 1967

Dorm judicial system, 1966

Draft law and The University of Iowa, 1965-1968

Economies and unmet needs, 1969

Emergency Operations Board, 1972

Faculty Council, 1965 and 1972

Faculty dismissals, 1968

Faculty Research Committee, 1954 and 1955

Foreign students (international students), 1931-1932, 1947-1975

General Counsel

General Education Fund Task Force Report, 2004

Grades and grading, 1966, 1967, 2001

Greater University Committee, 1907-1909

Hearing officer, 1970

Human Subjects Office

International House, clippings, 1952-1957

Investigation, 1871, 1886-89, 1899, 1931

Leaves of absence, 1965

Membership in outside university organizations, 1963

National ranking, 2003

Neighborhood Youth Corp., 1965

North Central Association Committee on Evaluation of Accrediting Procedures, 1939-1940

Off-campus and continuation center committees, 1955

Office of Outreach and Engagement

Office of Student Life

Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Ombudsman, 1969, 1972, 1973

Open Pathway system (accreditation)

Organization of The University of Iowa, 1944, 1950, 1951, 1968

Parking ban, 1966

Parking Committee, 1956-1958

Parking Committee, 1966-1971

Planning, 1966 and 1973

President, first

President, reports, etc., 1934, 1949, 1964-1965, 1968-1969

Presidents, candidates (recommendations and applications), 1858, 1867, 1870, 1887, 1898-1899, 1933-1934, 1940

Presidents, inaugural addresses

President's salary, 1973

Presidential cabinet

Provost, Council on Student Learning

Provost, history of the office

Provost search, 2007

Public Relations Committee, 1950-1952

Related clippings, 1971 and 1988

Retiring Faculty Recognition, Committee on, 1956-1957

Rules of Conduct (Board of Regents), 1970

Senate boards, 1914-1915

Senate-faculty, 1908, 1919, 1953

Solicitation procedures, 1966

Standing Committee on University Relations, etc., 1968

Strategic planning, 2006

Strategic Planning Committee - Achieving Distinction, 2000

Student Services, Office of, 1952, 1963-1965, 1980

“Suggestions on Future Directions for Development of Our Three [Regents] Institutions: Responsive to President Maucker's Memorandum of January 5, 1959 bearing the above title.” President Hancher memorandum, February 20, 1959.

Tuition (out-of-state vs. in-state; non-resident tuition vs. resident) court trial, 1966

University Committee on Cooperation with a Negro College, 1963-1964

University Life Centers

University of Iowa (UI) on the Web, 2001, 2003

University Social Science Research Council, 1951

Vice President for Business and Finance, 1965

Vice President for Instruction and Dean of the Faculties, 1955-1956, 1963-1964, 1969

Vice President for Strategic Communication

AFRICAN & AFRO-AMERICAN STUDIES     [return to categories]

African Studies, 1968-1969, 1990

Afro-American World Studies, 1969-1970, 1990

AIR SCIENCE     [return to categories]

A.F.R.O.T.C. (AFROTC), two folders, 1962-1988 and 1952-1966


Miscellaneous, 1993, 2001, 2003

AMERICAN STUDIES     [return to categories]

Controversy, 1993


ART     [return to categories]

Alumni, 1930

Animation Program

Art Faculty Show

Arts Share Program

Budget, 1991

Checkered Space

Clippings, 1936-1998

Clippings, 1999-

Curricula, 1938-1974

Dada archive, 1978-1987

Elliot Society Lecture Series

Faculty and visiting faculty list, 1905-2009

Faculty biographical information

Faculty meetings, 1944 and 1971

General (correspondence), 1990-1993

History of Art (course study), correspondence, 1930s

International print show, 1951

Models, nude, 1937-1948

Murals, portraits, artwork on campus


Personnel, 1920, 1935-1940, 1945, 1948-1949, 1951, 1953-1954

Ph.D. degrees awarded

Praise, 1938, 1945-1946, 1948, 1951

President's Council on the Arts, 1963-1964

Printmaking, 1963, 1998

Printmaking, Lasansky, 1948-1949

Printmaking, Virginia Myers

Promotional brochure, 1938

Rental gallery collection, 1988

Scholarships, 1991

Slides, 1953, 1956

State of the department, 1936, 1962, 1969, 1979

Students, Veterans Administration Regulations, 1949

Thesis requirements, 1947

Videotape controversy ("Taxi Zum Klo"), 1993

ASTRONOMY     [return to categories]

Meteors, etc., 1929, 1930, 1933, 1942, 1946-1947, 1953, 1986

State of the department, 1930, 1942

Study and teaching, 1942, 1946, 1948, 1958

ATHLETICS       [return to categories]

Academic issues (see also: Athletics: Graduation rate)

Apparel contracts

Athletics Director search, 2006

Baseball, 1985-86, 1990, 1994

Basketball, drug treatment, 1988

Basketball, game locations

Basketball, men’s, Anthony Hubbard

Basketball, men's (clippings, etc.), 1962, 1970, 1980-1981, 1984, 1993, 1995-1996

Basketball, men's, first black player in Big Ten conference (Richard Culberson)

Basketball, men's, head coach search, 2007

Basketball, men's, Kingsbury

Basketball, men’s, NIT, 2013

Basketball, men's, tornado damage - fundraising

Basketball, Pierre Pierce case

Big Ten Conference

Big Ten Network

Black men and women, 1991, 1995


Board in Control of Athletics, 1915, 1929, 1960, 1966, 2003

Color guard, 1981

Conduct policy

Donations / fund raising, 1983, 1988-1989

Drug testing

Football, 1960-1969

Football, 1970-1999

Football, 2000-2005

Football, 2006-2010

Football, 2011-

Football, Alamo Bowl, 2006

Football, anniversary of 100 years, 1989

Football, Antwan Allen case, 2005

Football, Big Ten termination, 1929-1930

Football, black players boycott, 1968-1969

Football, bowl games - Iowa bowl history

Football, Capital One Bowl, 2005

Football, coaches, captains, and season records, 1889-1946

Football, coaches / controversies, 1989

Football, fans, 1980, 1982, 1989-1990, 1993

Football, Floyd of Rosedale trophy, 1968-1969, 1973, 1987, 1993

Football game day vendors

Football, Gator Bowl, 1983

Football, Hawkeye Express  (see: Subject > Athletics > Football, special trains)

Football, HRN, 1994

Football, Holiday Bowl, 1987

Football, Insight Bowl, 2010

Football, Iowa fight songs: “On Iowa,” “Iowa Fight Song” (by Meredith Willson), “Roll Along Iowa,” “Alma Mater Iowa”

Football, Iowa / Indiana game, 1931

Football, Iowa / Iowa State rivalry, including Cy-Hawk Trophy

Football, NFL draft

Football, Nile Kinnick coin, bust

Football, Orange Bowl, 2010

Football, Outback Bowl, 2006

Football, Outback Bowl, 2009

Football, player misconduct

Football, rhabdomyolysis hospitalization of players, 2011

Football, Rose Bowl, 1959

Football, scandal, 1929-30

Football, schedules (Seahawks-U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School), 1942

Football, sexual assault investigation, October 2007-

Football, special trains

Football, sports agents' trial, 1989

Football, Super Bowl (Iowa connections to)

Football truck

G.A.A. camp, 1953

General financial information, 1971-1994


Graduation rate, men and women, 1986-1995

Gymnastics, including Iowa's first national championship (1969)

I Club Scholarship Fund, Inc., 1978-1979


Internal audits

Intramural athletics

"Iowa – Inside Hawkeye Sports", 1979-1980

Iowa Lottery controversy

Iowa paraphernalia and logos sales / marketing / promotion / merchandise, 1980, 1988, 2000

Iowa Sports School (summer sports camp), 1979, 1993

Learfield contract

Life Skills Adviser

Marching band (see Music Department)

Men's football, blacks' boycott, 1969

Men's general, 1963, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1995

Men's general, controversy, 1989

Miscellaneous clippings

National Iowa Varsity Club Athletics Hall of Fame

Native American team mascot policy

Olympics (Hawkeye Olympians)

Penalties, controversy, 1983, 1986, 1988

Presidential Committee on Athletics


Relations with Iowa State University and Iowa State Teachers College

Representatives to Big Ten and NCAA, 1988


State of the Institution, 1972, 1974, 1991

Swimming (clippings), 1992

Team physicians


Tennis courts, 1938

Ticket sales and publicity, 1950s and 1960s

Title IX (gender equity)

Track and field

Water polo

Women's athletics

Women's athletics - basketball

Women's athletics - exhibit, 2009

Women's athletics - track and field

Women's athletics 20th anniversary, 1993

Women's rifle team, 1930-1932

Women's rowing, 1993

Women's softball


Wrestling camp, 1983

Wrestling, Olympic Trials, 2012

Wrestling, player misconduct

BIOCHEMISTRY     [return to categories]

Alumni, 1963

Conferences, 1937 and 1963-1964

Research, 1941 and 1948

Scholarships and Fellowships, 1957-1959, 1964, 1966

State of the department, 1970

Study and teaching, 1957-1969

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT     [return to categories]

Biological Science Dept., proposed, 1991

BIOLOGY/ ZOOLOGY     [return to categories]

Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing, 1999

Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - SEE: Medicine > Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Clippings, 1990, 1991

Genomics, 2001

Plant Molecular Genetics, 1985

Zoology clippings, 1919-1949

Zoology conferences (and classes), 1924-1957

Zoology curricula, 1918, 1953-55

Zoology employees, 1943, 1946, 1960s

Zoology gifts, collections, etc., 1920 and 1935

Zoology guests, lectures, etc., 1936-1947

Zoology publication lists, (also papers, letters), 1935-1943

Zoology research, 1935, 1936, 1943

Zoology scholarships, fellowships, etc., 1962-69

Zoology state of the department, (history of the department), 1926, 1954, 1962

Zoology students, (numbers enrolled in each class), 1949-1956

Zoology study and teaching, 1965-1969, 1973, 1987

Zoology Wild Life School, McGregor Iowa, 1935-1939


Afro-American Cultural Center

Art - Elizabeth Catlett

Black Action Theatre

Black Alumni Association, 1985

Black dance, History of, 1967

Black education, first Ph.D. in Iowa earned by a black woman, 1941

Black education, science and technology, 1987 statistics

Black fraternities and sororities (2 folders)

Black Genesis Troupe

Black History Month, 1984,1990, 2003

Black History, Sources in the University Archives on

Black Law Students Association

Black Medical Students Association

Black Student Congress, 1990

Black Student Union (BSU)

Black students exchange plan, 1960s

Black students' experiences, 1930s-1950s - Madgetta Dungy dissertation article in February 2000 Iowa Alumni Magazine

Black students - General

Black students – Noted alumni

Black Studies

Black theatre

Black women, 2001

Blacks in Journalism  SEE: Journalism – NURU; Challenger publication

Challenger publication

Freedom suits

Guest speakers

Housing desegregation of Currier Hall, 1946

Housing discrimination, "Brown Hall", 1919-1950

Housing discrimination during 1930s and 1940s

Housing for UI black women, 1919-1950 (Breaux, Richard. Article published in Journal of African American History, Spring 2002.)

Racial profiling

BOARD OF REGENTS     [return to categories]

See "Governing boards"

BOTANY     [return to categories]

Alumni, 1926 and 1950

Clippings, 1990 and 1996

Correspondence, 1909-1955 (to Macbride, Kay, Shimek, Stuit, Gilmore, Seashore, Jessup, Davis, McChesney, Horner, Fisk, Loehwing, Peterson, McGrath, Farr, Wylie, and Shull). Also Dept. facts sheet 1919-1923, budgets 1919-1920, and course recommendations

Curricula, 1952, 1953, and one very old but undated

Ginkgo trees on campus


Herbarium, controversy surrounding move to Iowa State University, 2003-2004

State of the department, 1940 and 1962

Students, 1884 and 1954

Study and teaching, 1906-1915, 1966-67, 1976, 1996

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION     [return to categories]

Bureau of Business and Economic Research, incl. 2 photos, 1944-1970

Caterpillar Speaker Series, 1992

Cedar Rapids Education and Conference Center, 1994

Center of Labor and Management

Clippings, 1977-1991

Commerce economic education, 1950

Community Outreach Program

Crash of '87, The

Etiquette training

History, 1995-1996, 2008 (Sesquicentennial)

Hughes Lectures, 1993

International Economic Development, 1985

Iowa Centers for Enterprise: Business and Commercialization Services

Iowa College Community Research Center, 1958-1962

Iowa Council on Economic Education, 1957

Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM), 2003

Management Center / Industrial Relations Institute, 1984-1985

Management series, 1945-1946, 1964-1965

Master's theses presented, 1950-1966

Miscellany, 1917-1994

Online program

Ph.D. program

Short courses, 1953-1956

UI Futures Market (see "Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM)")

BUSINESS OFFICE     [return to categories]

Administrative data processing

Affirmative Action

Business office

Cobb, W.H., 1941 business manager

General stores, 1964, 1966 stock catalogs


Proposed budget, 1917 through 1966

Student financial aid

Student health insurance, 1961

Travel expenses

Treasurer's office, 1961, 1965 clippings

CHEMISTRY     [return to categories]

Bacteriology (correspondence), 1918 and 1921

Conferences (clippings), 1946-1948, 1953

Correspondence, 1918-1950

Curricula (clippings), 1941-1942

Employees (clippings), 1945

Equipment and facilities, 1934, 1948

Guests, lectures, etc., 1897 lecture syllabus, 1944-1948 clippings

History (correspondence), 1985, 1997

Publication lists, 1940-1965


Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

State of the department

Students (clippings), 1946 and 1948

Study and teaching


CHINESE & ORIENTAL STUDIES     [return to categories]


CLASSICS     [return to categories]

Alumni (Guild of Domidus), 1934-1935, 1950

American Philological Association

Anniversaries, etc. (Horace Bimillenium Birthday Celebration)

Classics department, 1927




Gifts and collections

Guests, lectures, etc.

Humanist Society

Latin institutes

Publication lists

Radio broadcasts (WSUI)

State of the department


Study and teaching

Workshops, Latin

COMMUNICATION SKILLS     [return to categories]



Committee (Communication skills)

Miscellaneous (2 folders)

MS. (Manuscript) Magazine, 1944, 1948

Report (Communication skills)


Rhetoric Program (main course syllabus), 1966

COMMUNICATION STUDIES. SEE "SPEECH"     [return to categories]

CONFERENCES     [return to categories]

Administration and supervision

Chicano conference

College and University Machine Records Conference

Commonwealth Conference

CONTINUING EDUCATION      [return to categories]

Audiovisual Service



Iowa Summer Writing Festival, 1992, 2002

DEAN OF MEN     [return to categories]


Historical data

Housing service

DEAN OF WOMEN      [return to categories]

(see also "Director of Student Affairs")

Freshmen Orientation


Women of the University

Report, 1922-1923

DENTISTRY     [return to categories]

Admission requirements


Alumni Association, 2 folders, (1) 12th-34th meetings, (2) 35th- meetings

Brochure 1891 and Commencement 1892

Century of Progress Expo, 1933

Class schedules


Combined course-Liberal Arts and Dentistry (Dorcas correspondence), 1938-1939

Committee Studying Case Assignment

Comparisons with other schools


Continuing Education

Correspondence (W.J. Simon)

Council on Dental Education, survey, 1933 and 1942

Dental consultation plan

Dental Health Education Handbook and supplements, 1950

Dental Health Education Handbook, 1961, and Annual Report, 1967-1968

Dental Hygiene (correspondence, etc.), 1920-1939

Dental Hygiene closing and fight to reopen, 1991

Dental Hygiene department (correspondence, booklets, etc.), 1950s-1960s

Dows Institute for Dental Research

Faculty meetings

Family Dentistry Program

Fifteen-year Progress Report on the College of Dentistry (Simon, W.B.), 1940-1955

Films, 1958

General clippings, 1909, 1944-1989

Graduate courses


Hospital Dental Service, 1946-1951

Instrument and text lists, 1939-1966

Keokuk Dental College, 1900-1927

Meetings, 1917-1966


Mobile Dental Unit, 1971-1972

Naval Reserve Program for Dental Students, 1954

Oral Surgery

Pediatric Dentistry

Peridontology, 1965

Postgraduate courses

Preventive Dentistry and Pedodontics, Dept. of

Printed forms

Private practice plan, 1965

Private practice regulations, 1953-1954

Publication lists, 1958-1961

Refresher courses, 1958, 1964-1965

Research, 1927

Suggestions for improvements, 1946-1953

Survey of students, 1959

Training grants, 1958-1960

University Relations Committee of Iowa State Dental Society

Women in Dentistry

Workshops, 1965

ECONOMICS     [return to categories]

Conferences, 1934-1935

Curricula, 1905

General, 1991

Institutes, 1953, 1967

Scholarships, fellowships, etc., 1968, 1970

Study and teaching, 1970

Workshops, 1950, 1952

EDUCATION     [return to categories]

Assistive technologies

Bureau of Education Research Stations, 1918-1919

Bureau of Educational Research, "Inventory of College Planning", 1967

Bureau of Educational Research and Service (43rd Annual Report), 1956

Center for Gifted and Talented (Belin-Blank)

Center for Teaching-2 folders (1) Miscellaneous, (2) TALK Newsletter

Clippings, 1963 and 1966

Counseling Psychology Program

Creative Work as Thesis, 1931


Early Childhood Education Center, 1970s and 1980s

Education, late 1920s through early 1930s

Educational Placement Office (clippings)

Educational Testing

Evaluation and Examination Service, 1948 and 1968

Fiftieth anniversary, 1923

Graduate program, 1950s through 1980s

Higher Education, Study Committee on, 1956, 1961

History and personnel (general)

Iowa Academy of Education, 1996

Mid America Center for Bilingual Materials Development


REACH (Realizing Educational and Career Hopes)

Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program, 2007

Science Education

Science Education Center, history of, 1950-1975

Special Education Program, 2001

Teach for America

Teaching abroad

Teaching certificate

University Elementary School (see "Experimental Schools")

University High School (see "Experimental Schools")

ENGINEERING     [return to categories]


Advisory Board

Alumni (lists, placement reports, etc.), 1919-

Biochemical Engineering, 1985

"Bridging the Gap" (between University and industry), 1933

Brochures, 1894-1950s

Brookings Institute, 1933-1934

Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - SEE: Medicine > Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Center for Very Large-scale Integrated Circuits, 1985

Chemical Engineering

Clubs and organizations

College of Applied Science, 1904-1924

Combined course (Engineering and Liberal Arts)

Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory (UI College of Engineering), 1983, 1996

Conferences (symposia)

Corn Monuments, 1990

Curriculum, 1923, 1955, 1960-1961

Driving simulator

Electric rate investigation, 1928

Engineering shops, 1918-1920s

Ethnic Inclusion Effort

Five-year course (correspondence), 1921-1922

General clippings, 1972-2003

Gifts of equipment


History to 1939

Hydraulic research (general correspondence), 1922-1936

Hydraulics and mechanics, 1926-1934

Institute for Hydraulic Research (correspondence, clippings, etc.), 1930- (Also: Iowa Institute for Hydraulic Research)

The Iowa Transit (publication), 1933

Legacy of Engineering, 2004


Miscellaneous, 1921-1937, 1960s-

Parade (empty file; see: Subject > Traditions > MECCA)

Proximity fuse (alternate spelling: proximity fuze), 1945

Public utility (correspondence), 1925-1926

Publication lists

Salary survey, 1908


Space Grant Fellowship and Scholarship Program

Steam tunnels (see also: Buildings and Grounds vertical file > Misc. > Tunnels)

Stream gauging in Iowa

Student, lists, etc., 1920s-1964

War courses, 1940s

Women students

ENGLISH     [return to categories]

14th Century English Mystics newsletter

Awards, contests, etc.

Charles Olson Festival, 1978




Creative writing for undergraduates


European literature and thought


Freshman English

Guests, lectures, etc.

High school preparation for college English


International Writing Program, 2 folders (1) Clippings, etc., 1967- , (2) Miscellaneous, correspondence, etc., 1970-

Iowa Center for Modern Letters

Iowa Literary Caucus, 1935

Linguistic atlas


Mark Twain text, 1972



Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

State of the department


Study and teaching

Translation workshop

Walt Whitman Centennial Conference, 1992

Walt Whitman Club, 1954


Writing Center

Writing festival

Writing programs

Writing University / Writers' House

EXPERIMENTAL SCHOOL     [return to categories]

Annual Report of the University High School, 1921-1922

Annual Report of the University Schools, 1923-1924

Clippings (2 folders)

Commencement, 2 folders- 1967, 1971

Early history, City High School cooperation, 1913-1915

Educational television, 1962-1963

Elementary School , 1914-



Home room program, 1932-1933

Partial Report of Principalship (Milton C. Del Manzo), 1923-1924

Principal's Report (University High School), 1925-1926

Principal's Report, 1926-1927

Principal's Report (Phillip M. Bail), 1928-1929

Schedules, 1925-1926

University Elementary School (3 folders)

University High School, history

University High School

University High School, anniversaries

University High School, clippings

University High School (early)

FACULTY     [return to categories]


Adjunct faculty

Awards banquet


Cluster hiring

Collective bargaining

Contingent faculty


Creativeness Conference (G. W. Stewart), 1949

Deans and directors, 1962

Departed faculty members

Departmental grievance reports, 1949-1950


Dormitory disorders, clippings

Emeritus professors

Emeritus status


Ethics - instructor/student relationships

Eva Draegert, M.A. thesis


Faculty as expert witnesses

Faculty awards for career development and scholarship

Faculty evaluation

Faculty Handbook

Faculty peer review

Ida Beam Visiting Professor Program


Judicial Commission

Leaves of absence

Michael J. Brody Award for Faculty Excellence in Service

Miscellaneous (2 folders)

Modified duties (parental benefits)

Online CV (curriculum vitae) – electronic records

Outside positions


Promotions: Manner of determining, etc.

Rating of Faculty by Students, (Survey Project), 1968-1969

Recognition dinner


Reports of Social Committee, 1932-1933

Research professorships

Research track

Research vs. teaching

Retirement (2 folders)

Retirement annuity plan, 1944-1945

Retirement Plans, History of (Compilation of notes and articles by Robert Soldofsky)


Salaries (3 folders)-(1) 1930s-1960s, (2) 1980-1981, (3) 1986, 2004

Scholars program

Senate (Faculty Senate)

Staff Language and Culture Services

Study of superior teachers



FINE ARTS     [return to categories]


T. Henry Foster, 1937-1938


Academic Exchange Program

Center for World Order Studies / International Classroom Program

First foreign student, 1878

Foreign student aid

Foreign students (international students), 1947-1948

Foreign students (international students), clippings, 2 folders: (1) 1947-1948, (2) 1949, 1970s

International host family program

International students, 2007-


Office of International Education (later name: Office of International Students and Scholars)

Tracking of foreign students, 2002

FRENCH & ITALIAN     [return to categories]


Special course in Italian

GENERAL ASSEMBLY     [return to categories]

Board of Regents (Coordination of the Three Institutions of Higher Learning)

Investigation, 1931

Legislature, Relationship between the University and General Assembly

Miscellaneous (2 folders)

University audit

Visit to University

Visiting committee reports

GEOGRAPHY     [return to categories]





State of the department

Study and teaching

Urban & Regional Planning, 1965-

GEOLOGY     [return to categories]

Alumni (lists-1940)

Clippings, 1935-

Curricula and field trips

Departmental report, 1962


History of the department

Institutes, 1962-1965


Theses supervision, 1887-1956

Women in geology

GERMAN     [return to categories]

Anniversaries, etc.


Guests, lectures, etc.


Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

State of the department

"Taxi Zum Klo", (film showing controversy), 1991

GIFTS  (INCLUDING GRANTS)   [return to categories]

Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. Owen (jade collection)

Gerdin, Russell

Martin, Dr. John, of Clarinda (rare medical books)

Miscellaneous (2 folders)

Morrell paintings (T. Henry Foster), gift to Children's Hospital, 1941-1942

Ranney, Dr. Mark (books, special collection)

Report of Cash and Securities Received, Gifts and Federal Grants, 1860-1952

Stimulus Funding and Grants, 2009

GOVERNING BOARDS     [return to categories]

Board of Regents, 1847-1916

Board of Regents, 1917-1939

Board of Regents, 1940-1950

Board of Regents, 1951-1968

Board of Regents, "Regents Guide", 1990-2000

Board of Regents, 2000-

Board of Regents, accreditation process

Board of Regents, clippings (general)

Board of Regents, collective biography

Board of Regents, employee classification

Board of Regents, first female

Board of Regents, history

Board of Regents, survey

Duplication of Courses at Iowa's Regents Institutions, ca. 1915

Bailey, Ray (Regent)

Baker, George T. (Regent)

Baldridge, John D. (Regent)

Belin, Constance (Regent)

Boyd, William R. (Regent)

Brownlee, S.J. (Regent)

Collins, Thomas (Proposed regent), (See: VF-alumni)

Collison, Margaret (Regent)

Crabbe, Maurice B. (Regent)

Dancer, David A. (Regent)

Donley, Robert (Executive Director)

Ekeren, Jacklyn (Appointee)

Evans, Mrs. Kenneth (Regent)

Gartner, Michael (Regent)

Haddock, William (Secretary to the Regents)

Hagemann, Harry H. (Regent)

Hall, W. Earl (Regent)

Hamilton, Vincent B. (Regent)

Harris, Percy (Regent)

Houghton, Dorothy (Regent)

Lang, Craig (Regent)

McCartney, Ralph F. (Regent)

Miles, David W. (Regent)

Molison, Wilbur C. (Regent)

Neas, Harry M. (Regent)

Neu, Arthur (Regent)

Noehren, Alfred W. (Regent)

Oberhausen, John C. (Regent)

Petersen, Mary (Regent)

Plock, Richard H. (Regent)

Pomerantz, Marvin (Regent)

Rastetter, Bruce (Regent)

Redeker, Stanley F. (Regent)

Richards, Jonathan B. (Regent)

Richey, R. Wayne (Regent)

Rider, Dwight (Regent)

Rosenfield, Dannie (Regent)

Rosenfield, Joseph F. (Regent)

Rosenfield, (Mrs.) Joseph (Regent)

Schoentgen, Edward P. (Regent)

Shaw, Donald Hardy (Regent)

Strawman, Clifford M. (Regent)

Van Ekeren, Jackie (Regent)

Van Gilst, Bass (Regent)

Vasquez, Rose (Regent)

Wallace, Ralph H. (Regent)

Williams, Mary (Regent)

Zumbach, Steven (Regent)

GRADUATE COLLEGE     [return to categories]

Advanced degrees

Application forms and brochures


Biological Sciences




Executive Council of Graduate and Professional Students

Fine Arts Round Table, in connection with the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of the Graduate College, 1930

First degrees, including information on undergraduate degrees and ethnicity

Graduate assistants

Health Services Research Center



Institute of Mental Hygiene

Instructions for Plan of Study for Ph.D.

M.A. without thesis

Manual (working papers for the 1966 Revison), 1966

Master's degree


Miscellaneous historical

Neural and Behavioral Sciences Program

Office of Graduate Ethnic Inclusion

Office of Postdoctoral Scholars

Organized research units


Policy determination

Research administration

Research, classified

Research professorship

Review of programs, 2010

Rules and regulations, 1955


State of the college

Task Force on Graduate Education

Thesis rules and policies

Thirtieth anniversary (30th anniversary)

Training of college teachers

Traveling Scholar Program

Urban and Regional Planning

Withdrawn theses and dissertations   SEE ALSO: Miscellaneous > Cheating; Law > Plagiarism

HISTORY     [return to categories]

American Civilization course, 1933-1934, 1944, 1947

Conferences, 1st (1921)-21st, 24th-29th, 40th-48th, 1992-

Correspondence, 1919-1960




Memos, 1971-

Mississippi Historical Review


Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

State of the department


Study and teaching

Winfred Trexler Root Seminar Room, dedication

HOME ECONOMICS     [return to categories]


Anniversaries, etc.

Awards and honors



Guests, lectures, etc.

Iowa Home Economics Association


Relations with Iowa State Department of Home Economics


State of the department (to 1942)

State of the department (after 1942)


Study and teaching


HOSPITALS & CLINICS     [return to categories]

Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center

Air Care

Ambulatory Surgery Center



Billing practices

Blood Bank

Burn Treatment Center

Center for Advanced Reproductive Care

Center for Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia

Children's Hospital (Occupational Therapy Dept. 1925-1926 Annual Report)

Children's Hospital of Iowa

Clippings-2 folders: (1) Clippings, etc., (2) Hospital, clippings, 1994-

Cochlear Implant Clinical Research Center

Committee on the Reorganization of Medical Practice in the University Hospital (Compensation Committee), 1948

DeGowin Blood Center

Dermatology Clinic

Diabetes Center

Dietary Department

Director of Operational Improvement


Division of Developmental Disabilities

Early Termination of Pregnancy Clinic

Eating disorders

Electronic Medical Records


Emergency Medical Service

Emergency Treatment Center

Facial plastic surgery

Fees and rates

Gerontology Institute


Grievance procedures, 1946

"Growing Older", 1990-

Health Care Board of Advisors

Health Care International

Heart Care

Heartland Family Health Associates; Perry, Iowa

Helen K. Rossi Volunteer Guest House

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center

Homeopathic Hospital, 2002 article

Hospital School

In vitro fertilization

Indigent Patient Program

Iowa Traumatic Brain Injury Registry


Lipid Research Clinic


Medical Museum

Mercy Hospital partnership

MyChart (patient access service)

Neonatal Care


"Noonews" samples, 1987

Nursing Service

Nutrition Department (newsletter)


Organ transplants

Orthopedic Gait Analysis Lab

Pathology Department

Patient's Library

Pediatric Cardiovascular Center

Pharmacy Department

Project Art

QuickCare Clinic

Radioactivity tests (articles), 1994


Robotic surgery

Spine Center

State of the institution

State patient service (includes Perkins, Haskell-Klaus Laws, etc.)

Stroke Center

Student Health Service

Support groups



Transportation Service

U.S. Food and Drug Administration experiments

UI Family Medicine Residency Program

University of Iowa Health Alliance

Virtual Hospital

Volunteer program

Westlawn (clippings)

Women's Health Center

HUMANITIES     [return to categories]

Humanities Iowa

May Brodbeck Faculty Award


Year of the Arts and Humanities (2004-2005)

INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS     [return to categories]

Institute of Urban & Regional Research


IOWA CHILD WELFARE RESEARCH STATION     [return to categories]

Child development space needs, 1964-1965

Clippings, 2 folders: (1) 1930s, (2) 1940s-

Cooperative pre-school (child-welfare)


History, notes by Professor Hamilton Cravens (2 folders)


Preventive Psychiatry

Preventive Psychiatry Committee

Preventive Psychiatry Institute, 1957, 1964

Preventive Psychiatry Program

Report of the Committee Appointed to Review the Institute of Child Behavior and Development, 1972

Workshop on Education in Human Relations and Mental Health

JOURNALISM     [return to categories]



Alumni, 2 folders

American Association for the U.N.

Annual Report, 1945


Bureau of Audience Research

Bureau of Media Service

Bureau of Newspaper Service

Campus humor magazines

Changes in journalism

Clark, (Jeff) field trip, 1957

Clippings, 2 folders (1) Clippings on accreditation, (2) Clippings

Committees, 2 folders (1) Iowa Committee on Professional Journalism Education, (2) Iowa Journalism Careers Committee (new name for ICPJE)

Communication Center (Journalism Budget)

Communications Committee

Communications Council, 1950

Course of study

Course: Presidential Politics, 2003

Courses (correspondence), 1943

Curriculum (Paul White), 1946

Curriculum proposals and controversy, 1965-1969

Daily Iowan, alcohol investigation, 2003

Daily Iowan, archives

Daily Iowan, awards

Daily Iowan, censorship: 1951 Phi Gamma Nu Situation (and other criticisms)

Daily Iowan, clippings

Daily Iowan, controversy, Bryan Reddick articles (consolidated), 1961

Daily Iowan, controversy, (L. Durham), 1970-1971

Daily Iowan, controversy, (Klinzman, Mastio), 1993

Daily Iowan, controversy, Britt cartoon, 1993

Daily Iowan, correspondence, etc.

Daily Iowan, editors

Daily Iowan, investigation (Haefner Committee Report on the Daily Iowan), 1962

Daily Iowan, 100th anniversary, 1968 (3 folders)

Daily Iowan, 125th anniversary reunion, 1993

Daily Iowan, parodies

Daily Iowan, policy

Daily Iowan, purchase agreements, etc.

Daily Iowan, special issues

Degree requirements, 1947-1969, 1978-

Departmental report, 1962


Duplication with Iowa State

Extension activities of College of Liberal Arts

Faculty (2 folders)

Faculty meetings

Fisz (publication)

Frivol (publication), (2 folders)

Gallup chair

Grade point requirements, 1948

Graduate instructions

Graduate lecture, 1955

Graduate study

Graduate Study Committee

Graduate Study Manual, 1960

Graduate work


History (2 folders)

Iowa High School Journalism Workshop

Iowa High School Press Association

Iowa Newspaper Desk Book

Iowa Press Association contest rules

Iowa Short Course on Newspaper Circulation

IPI study at SUI

Journalism Reports

Journalism Student Teacher Education program, 2000-2001

Journalism Summer Session, 1965

Lectures: Murray: Jackson, Lady Barbara, 1961


Linotype school

Linotype Training Program

Mass Communications in Modern Society, course

Matrix awards, 1951-53

Mellett Memorial Lecture: Kenneth L. Dixon, 1952 visit

Microfilming newspapers

Miscellaneous (2 folders)


Nancy Drew conferences, 1993

National Association of Educational Broadcasters

Needs, 1943

News Exchange Directory

News Sequence, proposed changes, 1951

News workshop, Newspaper Production Laboratory

Notebook, "The Pattern of Development of the SUI School of Journalism from 1940 Through 1957 and the Needs of the Future," 1957

NURU (a publication of National Association of Black Journalists)

Photography Dept., 1936-1955

Printing Press

Printing Survey: Freedman

Public Relations program


Quest (alumni newsletter)


Quill and Scroll (George Gallup)

Readership surveys

Recommendations for the 1961-1963 biennium


Research assistants


Seminar, Science News, 1964

Speaking for Victory

SPI elections

SPI, Study of (President's Committee to Study SPI)

Student newsletter

Student Publications, Inc., 1966

Student Publications, Inc. (Board of Trustees)

Summer Workshops, "Sessions", 1989

Time capsule, 1953-1957

Typographical Laboratory

University Reporter, The, 1868

Verum magazine

Vocational guidance manual

Wayz-Goose banquet

LAKESIDE LAB     [return to categories]

Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

LAW     [return to categories]

Agricultural Law Center



Annual Community Service Day


Clark political speech, 2003

Clippings and brochures


Crime Detection Lab






Guests and lectures


Hubbard Law School Preparation Program, 2004

Iowa Law Review

Journal of Corporation Law

Legal Clinic

Legal Institute

Library (College of Law)

Mock trials SEE ALSO: Law>Traditions

Peace officers' short course

Plagiarism, 2002  SEE ALSO: Miscellaneous > Cheating; Graduate College > Withdrawn Theses & Dissertations

Prisoner Assistance Clinic

Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

Spring Tax Institute

State of the department


Students, Hispanics and American Indians

Study and teaching

Traditions, including Law Jubilee

Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems


Women in Law Conference

LETTERS, SCHOOL OF     [return to categories]

Center for Textual Studies, 1969-


Iowa Review


LIBERAL ARTS     [return to categories]

Academic Career Cluster Program

Adjustment Committee

Administrative procedures

Administrative structure (2 folders)

Advisory Committee

Advisory office

Alumni Fellows Program

Bachelor's degree in general studies

Biennium report, 1962


Campus course, Shambaugh

Center of International Studies, 1966

Cinema and Comparative Literature Department, 2001

Committee on Administrative Structure

Committee on Area of Concentration

Committee on Duplication of Courses (economy in instruction, etc.), 1939-1940

Committee on Honors Courses, Committee on "Increasing the Opportunities of the Exceptional Student"

Committee, Military, 1940-1941

Committee on Undergraduate Training in Family Life and Parenthood

Committee on University Information, 1941-1942

Committee on Use of Classroom Space, 1945-1946

Committees, Adjustment, 1945

Constitutional Committee

Core course requirements

Credit by examination, 1967-

Dean's Newsletter

Department analysis reports, 1950

Departmental review letters

Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Educational Policy Committee, clippings

Entrance exams

Executive Committee

Faculty rating project

Frank N. Magid Undergraduate Writing Center


Global Health Studies, 2000



Honors program

Integration of general education, a proposal to study, 1951

International Programs

Literature, Science, and Arts interdisciplinary program


Newburn administration, committee actions

Occupational Therapy Committee papers, 1945-1946

Pass/Fail Plan, 1967

Pre-Mortuary Science

Saturday Scholars Series

Standing committees

State of the college

Student Liberal Arts Board

Swahili Program

Three-year Master's degree program

LIBRARIES     [return to categories]

Administration, 2002

Archives / Records Management

Art Library



Building notes

Center for the Book

Civil War Project

Clippings, 1951

Conservation Dept.

Dental Library

Digital projects

Dress code petition, 1970

Engineering Library


Faculty status for librarians

Fire of 1897

Flood, 2008

Food and drink policy

Government Documents

Handbooks for Students, 1939, 1974

Health Science Library


History, directors


Information Arcade, 2002

Iowa City Book Festival, 2009-

Iowa Digital Libraries

Item of the Month, September 2007-

Law Library

Learning Commons


Librarian's Club, 2003

Maps Department

Mathematics Library


Oral History Program

Physics Library

Policies - former

Psychology Library

Rita Benton Music Library


Schaeffer Hall Library, 1903

Sesquicentennial, 2005

Special Collections


Strategic Plan

Summer Library School

Team structure

Truax Collection

Web site

Women's Archives [Iowa], misc.

Y2K [Year 2000] Contingency Plan

LIBRARY SCIENCE, SCHOOL OF     [return to categories]


WiderNet Project


MATHEMATICS     [return to categories]



Computer Science

Conferences (2 folders)


Institute of Statistics

Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

State of the department


Study and teaching

Summer Institute for Teachers, 1957

MEDICINE     [return to categories]

AirCare - emergency medical helicopter service, 2004

Agricultural Health and Safety

Ambulatory Care Unit Committee, 1966-1967

Anatomy Department


Annual Meetings - miscellaneous

Artificial Heart Valve

Bacteriological Laboratory

Bacteriology Lab, 1917

Biocatalysis Center

Biomedical Engineering Institute, 1985

Biomedical research

Biotech Project

Brain Awareness Week

Brain injury research

Cancer research, 1955

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiovascular Center

Carol A. Bowman Creative Writing Contest for Medical Students

Carver Nonprofit Genetic Testing Laboratory

Centennial year, 1970

Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 2002

Center for Health Policy and Research

Center for International Rural and Environmental Health

Chicken Pox Vaccine, 2003

Child Development Clinic and the Pine School Project (annual report)

Child Psychiatry Division

Class schedules

Clinical Laboratory Science Program



Combined Degree Programs

Community Alcoholism Consultant Aide Program Training...project


Conferences announcements, 1952-

Cytology Lab / Cytopathology


Des Moines Clinical Training Program

Eugenic sterilization in Iowa

Eye Bank

FaceBase (cleft palate, facial surgery)

Faculty - conflict of interest policy

Family Medicine

First Female Students, 1870-71

Flexner Report

Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center

General (2 folders)

Genetic Research Center, 1992-

Glaucoma Research Center

Health Occupations Education

Health Sciences Research Week

Historical sketches

History, early medical, 1847 -- 1849

History, general (includes Keokuk programs, faculty biographies, and lists of deans and department heads, 1926-1975)

History of Medicine Society, speakers

Homeopathic alumni

Homeopathic (General)

Hospital School

Hospital and Health Administration


Immunology, 1985

Influenza epidemic, 1918-1919

Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

Institute for Vision Research

Institute of Agricultural Medicine

Internal Medicine

"Iowa Breakfast Studies," 1949-1951

Iowa Central Tumor Registry

Iowa Eye Association

Iowa Liver Center

Iowa Mental Health Authority

Iowa Neurological Patient Registry

Iowa Regional Medical Impact Program (IRMI)

Iowa Women's Reproductive Health Research Center

Junior Mini Medical School

Keokuk/Drake connections to University of Iowa Medical School

Keokuk Medical School

Kidney transplants

LSD experimentation - Rudolf Ernst Holzinger


Male contraceptive research

Manual of procedure

Marijuana study

Medical education

Medical Education Community Orientation program (MECO)  (2 folders)

Medical imaging

Medical organizations

Medical photography and illustrating

Mental Hygiene, child guidance


Microbiology, Iowa Biotechnology Training Program (booklets)


Mobile Clinic

Mobile Emergency Treatment Center

MURA/AUA (University of Minnesota)

Muscular Dystrophy Center

National Center for Voice and Speech


Neurosensory Center

Nursing, aiding homeless, Shelter House

Nursing, clippings, 2002

Nursing, history

Nutrition Department

Oakdale Campus

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Ophthalmology lab

Ophthalmology staff

Orthopaedic Surgery - History

Orthopaedic Surgery - Junior Year Clinical Clerkship, 1975 [?]

Orthopaedic Surgery - Pheumatoid Hand Research Project, 1963 [?]

Osteopathic School (Des Moines)

Otolaryngology, American Board of

Otolaryngology Department


Pediatrics, 2 folders: (1) Pediatrics, (2) Clinical Service Programs-Dept. Speech Pathology and Audiology

Perkins School


Physical Therapy


Physiology and Biophysics

Pine School

Polio, treatment of during 1950's

Ponseti Method

Postgraduate courses

Prizes and Awards Committee, 1963-1966

Psychiatry, including Palmer resume incident, 2002-2003

Psychopathic Hospital, State – 50th anniversary, 1970


Public Health

Public Health, College of - clippings

Publication lists

Radiation Biology

Radiologic Technology Program - graduate programs



SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), 2003


Smallpox vaccinations, 2002

Speech and Hearing Services

State Services for Crippled Children, n.d.

Stem cell research (University of Iowa)

Student Health survey, 1991

Student success


Surgery - National Bariatric Surgery Registry, 1991-

Transportation Safety Research Center

UI Community Medical Services (UICMS), 2000

Virus Lab

West campus growth, 1922

Wheelchair Challenge

Women, admission of

Women Physicians

Women's Auxiliary to Student American Medical Association (WASAMA)


Writing Program

MILITARY SCIENCE    [return to categories]

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), (7 folders)

Booklets, pamphlets, programs, posters, newsletters


Company C (Medical Unit)

Honorary Cadet Colonel

Miscellaneous papers, memos, etc.

Regulation booklets

University Battalion, 1890-1891

Student's Army Training Corps (SATC), establishment of, 1918

MISCELLANEOUS (3 1/2 filing drawers)     [return to categories]

ACT - See: Subject files : Miscellaneous : American College Testing


Absences following athletic victories, policy


Academic Advising Center

Academic freedom

Action Studies Program

Activities Board

Activity fee allocation, 1947-1948 (Student Affairs)

Affirmative Action SEE: Subject files > Staff > Affirmative Action

Air quality study, 2004


Allen, Woody (hoax, 1992)

American College Testing

American Indians

American Prefaces

American Sign Language (ASL)

Ammunition Plant, 2003, 2006

Animals laboratory research

Anti-apartheid (see student protests, divestment)

Anti-retaliation policies, 1997

Arab students

Archaeological research projects

"Arena" magazine

Armistice Day ceremonies, 1935

Armstrong, Lance

Arts Outreach program

Asian-American Coalition, 2004

Asian-American Cultural Center, 2003

Asian and Pacific studies, 2003, 2004

Atomic Energy Control Committee, 1946

Audit - University of Iowa

Autism spectrum

Autonomous Language Learning Program (ALL Net)

Avian flu

Bachelor of General Studies

Background checks


Beauty pageant

Bethlehem Chapel

Bicentennial, 1976

Bicycle regulations, new, 1966, 1995


Bird flu SEE: Subject > Misc. > Avian flu


Black Angel (Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City)

Black's Gaslight Village, 1985 fire

Blackboards / chalkboards

Book exchange

Book store

Bookmarks public art program


Budget, clippings, etc., 1981, 2003

Budget re-allocation, 1988

Bufferin (see Faculty file: Paul, W.D. "Shorty")

Bus service, misc.

Buttons and badges, misc.


CADA (Computer Assisted Data Analysis) Research Group

CIA Recruitment SEE ALSO: Subject > Misc. > Student Protests and Demonstrations, 1980-

CICS (Center for International and Comparative Studies)

Cage-free eggs

California wildfires - Iowa connection

"Caltrop" publication, 1973 (Ottens murder case)


Campus clowns

Campus Event

Campus Information Center

Campus life

Campus mail, history

Campus Review

Campus security / police / crime / firearms (see Subject > Misc. > Public Safety)

Campus stores

Cancelled classes, dates of (due to emergency, tragedy)

Car-sharing service

Career Counseling and Placement Office (Career Service and Placement Center)

Career Leadership Academy

Carter, Jimmy

Carver, George Washington

Carver, Roy

Carver Trust Grant, 1993-

Catalyst Awards

Cell phones


Censorship, 1993-96

Census, 2010

Center for Asian and Pacific Studies

Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing

Center for Computer-Aided Design

Center for Ethnic Studies and the Arts

Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research

Center for Human Rights, 2003

Center for Student Involvement and Leadership

Center on Aging

Certificate programs

Chalk Talk chalkboard at Iowa Memorial Union


Charity policy

Charles R. Keyes Memorial Fund

Charter of University of Iowa

Cheating  SEE ALSO: Law > Plagiarism; Graduate College > Withdrawn Theses & Dissertations

Chicago Center (University of Iowa)


"City of Literature" UNESCO program (Iowa City)

Civic Engagement Program Office

Civil Defense

Clark House

Class cancellation policy

Class Gifts - SEE: Miscellaneous > Gifts, Class gifts

Class size

Climate Legacy Initiative


Code controversy, 1968-1969

Code for Coeds

Coffee shop, "Mr. Ed's"

C.O.G.S.; COGS - SEE: Organizations > Campaign to Organize Graduate Students

"College Portrait" online

Color, University (Old Gold)

Committee for Contraceptives on Campus

Committee on Human Rights

Committee on Student Conduct


"Common Lives/Lesbian Lives", journal

Communication (interpersonal, on campus)

"Community of Writers: Creative Writing at the University of Iowa" (Old Capitol Museum exhibit)

Computer Aided Design Software, Inc., (University of Iowa private firm selling software)

Computer Center (User's Guide), 1962

Computer, first installation and use at SUI

Computer hacking

Computer sales / computer security (University of Iowa selling computers to its employees)

Computing Center audit (WEEG)

Condom use

Conduct and discipline

Conferences, general

Confidential information, release of by The University of Iowa

"Confluence" magazine

Confucius Institute


Convocation - freshmen

Coop housing

Cooperative education

Coralville Reservoir Site Committee (see Buildings and Grounds vertical file > Macbride Field Campus)

Counseling Program for Students on Scholastic Probation, report

Counseling Service (3 folders)

Council on International Relation and United Nations Affairs

Creative Reading series

Credit card marketing

Credit Union (UI), 2003-

Crime - statistics, 1992-

Crisis Center

Cultural Affairs Committee

Cultural centers

Curriculum and trends in majors

Curriculum reform

Daily Iowan (see Subject > Journalism > Daily Iowan)

Dance card, 1909

Day care

Day care lead levels

Dean of Men / Dean of Women, clippings (see also: Director of Student Affairs)

Deer management (University of Iowa)

Delinquencies (student affairs)

Depression, 1930s

Des Moines Area Community College partnership and other community colleges

Digital Studio for the Public Humanities


Directory ("Herd Book")

Disability Summit

Disaster mitigation


Discrimination - attack on a Jew, 1947

Distance Education

Distinguished Lecturer Medallion

Distinguished Service Medal

Diversity, 2001 and 2003

Domain names (Internet)

Dongguk University (Seoul, Korea) and Iowa Exchange Program

Drabble, Margaret


Draft (possible), 1991

Draft registration, 1980

Drinking water, lead content

Drop-out rate

Drug policy, 1990- (see Subject > Staff > Drug Policy, 1990-)

Dual Career Network

Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre (3 folders)

Dylan Thomas' daughter's visit to Iowa City, 2008

Dylan Thomas visit to Iowa City

E-books (e-textbooks)


Early Intervention Implementation System Committee (retention of students)

Earth Week

"Earth Words" literary magazine

Economic impact of the University of Iowa

Edge Program

Educational Opportunity Program

Educational Policy Committee (Liberal Arts), 2002

El Nahuatzen (Hispanic and Native American poetry magazine)

Electronic tablets and readers (iPad, Nook, Kindle, etc)

Email system - See: Subject > Miscellaneous > Information Technology Services (ITS)

Employee Assistance

Employment abroad

Employment, student (2 folders)

Energy Conservation Committee

Energy Control Center

Energy Expo (2006)

Energy Hawks Initiative

Energy use and conservation

Englert Theatre

Enrollment statistics (see Subject > Registrar > Enrollment Statistics)


Entrepreneurial Development Center

Entrepreneurial Management, Institute of


Environment, ecology

Environmental concerns – Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination

Environmental Excellence Award

Environmental Studies, Center for

Evolution Academic Freedom Act

Examinations – Iowa tests

Examinations and tests, 1920

Extension (adult education)

Extension (adult education) - public speakers

External funding

“EYES, Inc.” magazine – early national magazine produced by African-Americans in 1946

"FYI" publication Dec.9, 1983 issue (Nagel)


Facilities management

Faculty union

Fairfield, branch of SUI

Fallout plan, 1965

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Family Services Office

Fan cans, 2009 (see: Subject > Miscellaneous > Alcohol)


Farm crisis, 1980s - University response (University Rural Crisis Group)

Federal stimulus, 2009


Fiction awards: Iowa Short Fiction Award and John Simmons Short Fiction Award winners

Film (campus as motion picture setting)

Film Board

Filming of The University of Iowa, 1953

Films, including citations to catalogs describing UI films, audio tapes, film strips and other audiovisual materials

Financial aid

Financial aid - Phoenix fund

Finkbine Awards (includes Hancher-Finkbine Medallion)

First generation students

Flood, 1993

Flood, 2013

Flood preparation and recovery

Food safety

Food service; dining options

Food service; Lunch with the Chefs

Foreign language house

Foundation, University of Iowa

Foundation, University of Iowa, "Iowa Endowment 2000" (1992)

Foundation Day Annual Event

Four Year Plan for students

Fraternities and Sororities SEE ALSO: Clubs and Organizations vertical file > Fraternities and Sororities

Free Medical Clinic

Free University

Freshman orientation (student affairs)

Friday classes

"Frivol" publication

Frost, Robert

Fry Fest (see: Faculty and Staff Vertical Files > Fry, Hayden)

Fulbright orientation

Fulbright U.S. student program

Gay Iowan (see Organization-Gay People's Union)

Gay Liberation Front - founding, early history

Gay – lesbian – bisexual – transgender (GLBT) issues

GAYLA Celebration

GLBT: Matthew Shepard Scholarships, 2000-

GLBT: Safe Zone Project

GLBT Staff and Faculty Association - See: Subject > Miscellaneous > LGBT Staff and Faculty Association

Geese company

Gender Equity Task Force

General Stores - warehouse-operating statement, 1941

Geriatric Education Center

Ghost stories, including Currier Hall triple suicide legend

Gifts, Class gifts - See Also: Subject > Gifts

Ginsberg, Allen – visit

Glenn, John (astronaut; U.S. senator)

Golden Girl (Iowa)

Google Print

Governor - Inaugural Events - University of Iowa, 2007

Grades and grading

Grading instructions

Graduation rate

Green, Edwin B., Art Museum donor (see Alumni vertical file)


Gubernatorial election (Iowa) - 2006

Gulf of Mexico oil spill, 2010

Gun permits

H1N1 influenza (swine flu)

Habitat for Humanity Housing Challenge

Haiti earthquake 2010 - UI response

Hall Mall (counterculture, alternative business hub)

Hamburg Inn

Hancher Auditorium

Hancher, Finkbine medallion (see Finkbine Awards above)


Harassment - policies

"Harbinger" student magazine, 1953

Hartwig, Marvin

Hate crimes

Havel, Vaclav

Hawk Alert. SEE: Subject > Miscellaneous > Public Safety

Hawk Shop

Hawkeye Caucus - outreach program

Hawkeye Express  SEE: Subject > Athletics > Football, special trains

Hawkeye Leadership Award

Hawkeye Network

Hawkeye memorabilia, products, etc.

"Hawkeye", the name

Hawkeye Review (see also "Campus Review")

Hawkeye (yearbook)

Health insurance, including students

Health Iowa

Henry Fund

Herky on Parade Public Art Program, 2004

Herky (Hercules) the Hawk, and other mascots, 1948

Herkyland Loot night

Higher education, Iowa colleges (newspaper articles-series), 1988

Higher Education Center at Des Moines

Hills Bank

Holmes, James Eagan (“Batman” shooter)

Holocaust Rememberance Day Vigil, 2003

"Homegrown" publication

Homeland Security Scholars and Fellows Program, 2004

Homosexuals, attitudes, 1990 and 1995

Honors Center SEE: Subject > Honors Program

Honors Program (2 folders)

Honors Program, "Paideia" publication

Housing, cottages (to accommodate post-World War II enrollment boom)

Housing, off-campus

Housing, on-campus

Housing, regulations

Housing, residence services (includes sale of condoms)

Housing, "Saturdays in Service"

Housing, student, general (includes - discrimination in)

Hubbard Human Rights Award

Human Factors and Vehicle Research Division - video cameras

Human Rights Committee

Humanities Iowa

"Hurrah" publication

Hurricane Katrina, 2005-2006

Hybrid automobiles

Hygienic Laboratory

ICON, 1993

Iceland University

Identification cards


Impeach Nixon activities, 1974

Independent study

India Winterim Program

Indians-North American


Information Technology Services (ITS) - educational technology

Injury Prevention Research Center - FACE (Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation)

Instructional Improvement Committee

Instructional technology, including centers

Intellectual property

International House

Interdepartmental Studies

International Mondays

International Student Weekend; Osage, Iowa

International Writing Program (SEE: Subject > Writers' Workshop)

Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories (SEE: Subject > Misc. > Laser Center)

Iowa Center for the Arts (see also: Buildings and Grounds file: fine arts campus)

Iowa City – Relations with the University of Iowa

Iowa City City Council - student liaison

Iowa City School for the Visual Arts

Iowa City Women's Press

Iowa Citizenship Clearing House

Iowa Collegiate Association, constitution, 1878

Iowa Compass brochure, 1991

Iowa Demosthenator, 1941

Iowa Distinguished Teachers Award

Iowa Electronic Markets

Iowa Engagement Corps / Faculty Engagement Corps

Iowa Flood Center

Iowa Inter-agency Case Information Service, 1967

Iowa-Japan Cultural Alliance Newsletter

Iowa Journal of Literary Studies

Iowa Link

Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center

Iowa Open Meeting Law

Iowa Patriotic League Bulletin

Iowa Program for Human Development

Iowa Promise

Iowa Radio Project (see Duck's Breath Mystery-Dan Coffey, above)

"Iowa Rag" publication

"Iowa Review" publication

Iowa Social Science Institute / Iowa Social Science Research Center

Iowa South African Scholarships, Inc. (ISASI)

"Iowa State Liquor Store" literary magazine, 1968

Iowa - state universities - comparisons

"Iowa Stethoscope" publication, (Oakdale, Iowa), 1937

Iowa Western Community College

Iowa Youth Diaries Project (Old Capitol Museum)

Iranian students

Iraqi Education Initiative

Islamic Studies, 2003

Japanese Language Teaching Method, 1985

Jean Y. Jew Women's Rights Award

Jewish community in Iowa City

Job and Internship Fair

Joetsu University (Japan)

Joffrey Ballet (includes performance "Billboards")

John P. Irish medal, 1871

Johnson County Coalition Against Registration and the Draft

Judicial system, students and faculty

Junior College Transfer Plan

Kennedy, John F.

Kerouac, Jack - manuscript tour

King Jr., Martin Luther, visitor

Korean conference, 1993

Korean-minorities (1985-1986 directory)

Labor Center

Laser Center (see also Buildings and Grounds file > Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories)

Latino Conference, 2010

Latino Festival, 2003

Latino Lecture Series, 2003

Latino/Native American Alumni Alliance

Latino/Native American Cultural Center, 2001

Latino/Native American students: sample thesis and dissertation list

Laundry Service, 2004

Leach, Rep. Jim

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - certification of university buildings

Leased space

Lecture series (including Presidential Lecture Series, Ada M.Stoflet Lectureship)

Lectures, Alchon Memorial Forum

Legacy Letter Project

Legislative Higher Education Task Force

Leonard Racker Trophy

LGBT Staff and Faculty Association

Lettuce dispute, 1972, 1975-1977

Liberal Arts Dean search, 1997

Life Sciences Task Force, 2007-

Lifetime Enrichment Adult Program (LEAP)

"Light-eater" student publication

Lighten Up Iowa (fitness and weight loss program)

Link, 1982

LionHawk, 1995 University partnership

Literature and fiction with an Iowa City setting

Live Healthy Iowa

Living-learning communities

Loans (student)

Loyalty oath issue in Iowa, 1951

"MS" (Communication Skills magazine), 1944

Macbride Field Campus (see Buildings & Grounds file)

Macbride Raptor Project

Mad Money TV show

"Maestro", 1974 publication

"Magazine X", 1953

Mailer, Norman

Mann, Horace

Manufacturing Productivity Center, 1985

Marathon group hug

Marion meteorite, 1847 and 1974

Married student housing / family housing

Martin Luther King, Jr. Week

Mascots (see Herky above)

Mass transit

Measurement Research Center, Inc.

Media Services


Mediation Service

Medical Ambassador Program

Medical Museum (see Hospitals-Dept.-Medical Museum, above)

Melrose Historic District

Men in the University, 1980

Mental health services


Michener, James A. (Iowa Writers' Workshop donor), 1990

"Middle Earth" underground newspaper, 1968

Middle Eastern Studies

Military research

Mill Restaurant

Mind Over Media marketing consultants


Minorities, African-American life at UI (Daily Iowan article), 1991

Minorities, Latino Native American Cultural Center

Minorities, "People of Color", booklet, 1984

Minority Student Aid Office

Mission Statement, University of Iowa

Mississippi Support Program (see Rust, Iowa and LeMoyne below)


Motor Pool, 2001, 2004

Mumps epidemic - Iowa - 2006

Murder trial (see Caltrop above, and Alumni files: Hall, James; Bednasek, Robert E.)

Murray, John F.

Murray Lecture (John F.)

Muslim students

Name, confusion between Iowa State University and the University of Iowa (see Subject > Misc. > Name - "State University of Iowa")

Name-"State University of Iowa"

Naming rights policy

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute

National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS)

National Children's Study

National press comments and reputation (U of Iowa)

National Research System, Inc.

Native Americans

Native Americans - Scholarship

Neighbor to Neighbor

Nite Ride

North American Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Studies Conference, 1994

Nudity controversy

Oates, Joyce Carol, poet

Obermann Center for Advanced Studies

Obesity and eating disorders

Office Furniture Standards, 1967

Office of Public Information and University Relations

Office of Sustainability

Office of War Information (OWI) at UI Film, 1944

Old Gold, the name (see Color, UI above)

Old Gold Days, 1958-1959

"On Iowa" freshman immersion

Online classes

Online publishing

Open records controversy (Univ. of Iowa), 2007

Opera House, a 1909 program

Opera House, history

Operation Oatmeal, 1972

Opportunity at Iowa

Ordained students

Organization charts of UI, 1946-1947, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1964, 1970

Orientation, older students, 1971

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (see: Center on Aging)

"Output", interdisciplinary show at Old Armory

Oxford Project (Oxford, Iowa) (see: Faculty : Feldstein, Peter)

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan

Pappajohn, John (donor), (see Alumni files)

Parietal Rule, 1978

Parking for faculty vs. staff, 2000

Parking regulations (student affairs), 1940-

Party image

Pass-Fail System, See also: Misc.-Grading

Patent licensing opportunities (see Subject > University of Iowa Research Foundation)

Patient Voice Project. SEE: Subject > Writers' Workshop > Correspondence, articles

"Pavement", poetry and photography publication, 1981

Peace Corps (U. of Iowa volunteers)

Peace movements, 1930s

Peace programs-"Peace By Peace" (newsletter), 1986

Peace Studies

Peacefest, 1971, 2006

"People's Law Office" for the poor

Periodicals, 1996

Personal response systems

"Perspective" student publication, 1944

Physical Plant (2 folders)

Pick One - required extracurricular activity

Playboy "Girls of the Big 10"


Police-community relations

Political campaign guidelines

Politics at UI

Pollock's Mural (Jackson Pollock)

Portrait information about Henry C. Shull

Portraits and busts of presidents, deans, etc.

Posters (one is dated 1905)

Power outages

Prairie Lights (book store)

Preschool-University Parents Cooperative Preschool, 1967

President of the U.S. - presidential visits to campus

President's Leadership Class

Presidential candidates, 1976, McCarthy and Harris

Presidential caucuses, UI involvement in

Presidential portraits (UI)

Presidential search, 1981

Presidential search, 1987-1988

Presidential search, 1995

Presidential search, 2002

Presidential search, 2006

Presidents, UI, historical overview

Presidents, UI, list of

Pre-vocational Training Program (see Women in the University, below)

Project Currier fashion show

Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry (POROI)

Protests and demonstrations (see Student protest, below)

Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG)

Public Policy Center

Public relations

Public Safety, including Hawk Alert

Pulitzer Prizes

Quarry, North Liberty, visit by Samuel Calvin's geology class

Quest to Unravel Alzheimer's Scavenger Hunt

Radiation Protection Office, 1950 through 1970s, and 1995

Radioactive dogs (see Buildings and Grounds file, "Oakdale incinerator")


Rankings, nationwide by department, 1975

Ranney, Mark (Dr. Mark and Mrs. M. Ranney), (see MsC-190)

Rape, Daily Iowan articles, Series-"Acquaintance Rape," 1991

Rape - prevention and statistics

REACH (Realizing Educational and Career Hopes)

Reagan, Nancy, 1982

Recession, 2008-

Recreation Services

Recruitment of students - SuperAPP


Region VII, Children Youth and Family Resource Center

Registration, 1976

Registration online, 2010

Religion/YMCA/1914 student movement (covers 1909 through 1952)

Renaissance Connection

Reporters' Bureau, 1886

Research funding, 1970s and 1980s

Research Professional Development Program

Resident advisors, (dormitory), 1967-1968 and 1970s

Restructuring UI study-duplication of academic programs controversy, 1989

Retention rates (students)

Rhatigan Report, 1965


Riverside Casino and Golf Resort

Rolaids (see Faculty file: Paul, W.D. "Shorty")

Rummage in the Ramp yard sale

Russian students (from Russia)

Rust, Iowa and LeMoyne Expanding Educational Horizons (RILEEH)


Salaries (see also Budget)


School of the Wild (Macbride Nature Recreation Area)

"Script", student literary yearbook, 1941

Seal of the University

Senior class president, 1947-48

Senior College (UI Alumni Association)

Services for persons with disabilities

Sex policy (see Censorship 1993, above)


Sexual assault policy

Sexual harassment, 1986-1991, 2004

Sexual health

Sexuality Studies program

Shawn, Wallace, playwright

Sidewalk chalking

"Silver Shadow", Iowa Memorial Union non-alcoholic bar, 1939-1940

Slogans - University

Smokeless tobacco, 1990

Smoking policy of the University

Social Committee, 1944-1945

Social media

Socialist Party, Iowa, 1977-1979

Songs-7 folders: (1) contests to write songs, (2) correspondence of, (3) lyrics and scores to U of I songs (alphabetical order), (4) newspaper clippings, (5) pamphlets containing lyrics to several U of I songs (in chronological order), (6) State of Iowa, and (7) Misc.: U of I organizations, Big Ten, etc.

Songs, misc. duplicates from Songs (above)

South African students

Soviet students

Special Services, Division of

Special Support Services

Speed dating

Spring break courses

Spring Music Festival, 1911 and 1912

Staff Achievement Award

Standardized tests

Start-up companies (University of Iowa)

State Archaeologist

State Fair exhibit

State Historical Society of Iowa

Status of women

Stepping Up Project (to combat alcoholism; binge drinking)

Stock, University ownership of

Stories Project (Iowa River Landing Area)

Strategic plan, 1989-

Streakers, 1974

Student activism

Student activities bulletins, 1967-1970

Student Ambassador Program, People to People, 1963

Student child care (daycare)

Student costs

Student debt

Student Disability Services

Student employment service (2 files)

Student Government, including student body presidents

Student housing, 2004

Student legal services (See: Clubs and Organizations file)

Student organizations, 1967

"STUDent" magazine, 1968

Student protests, 1930s

Student protests, 1960s

Student protests, 1965-1967

Student protests, 1968-1970

Student protests, January-April, 1971

Student protests, May-December, 1971

Student protests, January-May, 1972

Student protests, June 1972-1990

Student protests, 1990s

Student protests, 2000-

Student protest, chemicals

Student protest, “On a Confrontation in Iowa City” 1970 film documentary by Robert Coover (3 folders)

Student protests, Symposium on student power

Student Renters' Guide

Student Service Fund

Student Video Productions

Students, alcohol

Students, game of pushball

Students, gifted, 1957

Students, Internet service, 2003, 2004

Students, job recruitment

Study Abroad


"Suction", 1969 poetry publication

Suicide / bridge-jumping

Summer Youth Programs

Support the Farm Workers

Survey, student spending habits, 1976

Szathmary, 2002

T-shirts (University of Iowa)


Task Force on Violence

Task forces

Technology Innovation Center

Telecommunications system

Telephone system

Text messaging ("texting")

Textbook rental

THAW film festival

Thomas, Dylan, visit to Iowa City

TIAA-CREF office

TILE classrooms (Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage)

"Time Capsules" and building cornerstones

Tornado, 2006 (3 folders)

Tornado, Parkersburg, Iowa, 2008

Town-gown relations

Trademark infringement

Tragedy - September 11, 2001 (9/11)

Tragedy - shootings, November 1991 - Gang Lu shootings (9 folders)

Tragedy - Virginia Tech shootings, 2007; Northern Illinois University shootings, 2008 (Iowa connection and response)

Tragedy and disaster - events

Transportation and Security (Campus Security)

Trash system

Travel Services

Trayvon Martin March, 2012

"Trend" publication, 1941

Trivia, Great Midwestern Trivia Contest

Tuition, University of Iowa, 1982, 1988, and other dates

Tuition Set Aside Program

Tutor service

Tutoring for Excellence


21 only (twenty-one only). SEE: Subject files > Miscellaneous > Alcohol

UI Foundation

Underground Press, 1976

Unfinished Business Project - "Bucket list" assistance for seniors

Unified program, education

United Nations Educational Liaison Service

UniverCity Neighborhood Partnership

University Associates (firm)

University Film Producers Association

University House

University Lecture Committee

University of America, Inc., 1981

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. SEE: Subject files > Hospitals and Clinics

University of Iowa, name confusion with Iowa State University. SEE: Subject > Misc. > Name - "State University of Iowa")

University of Iowa, negative comments of

University of Iowa News Service

University of Iowa Press

University of Iowa, relationships to other institutions

University of Iowa Research Foundation (patent licensing opportunities), 2002 (includes Distinguished Inventor Award), 2 folders

University of Mid-America

University of Northern Iowa

University Sing, 1966

Upward Bound, 1968-1970 (education and creative writing)

"Vector", student publication, 1981

Veterans, Vietnam

V.F.W. (Veterans of Future Wars), 1936

Video games

Video surveillance / Webcam


Virtual Soldier Research Program

Vocational guidance


WAVES Asian/Asian-American Film Festival

Water Sustainability Program

Weapons research (See: Military research, above)

WEEG Computing Center

Wellmark (College of Public Health naming rights controversy)


Western Iowa College, proposed (3 folders)


Wind energy

Windhoven Press

Wireless Internet

Womanview, festival, exhibition, 1974

Women - Affirmative Action, 1972

Women, college women in the 1870s, remarks by Mrs. Currier

Women in Science and Engineering

Women in Science, residence floor

Women in Science and Technology, 1987 statistics

Women in the University (2 folders)

Women in the University, Celebration of Excellence and Achievement Among Women, 2001 -

Women in the University, Status of Women Today, May 1973

Women's Reproductive Health Research Career Development Centerr

Women's Resource and Action Center (WRAC), including Men's Anti-Violence Council

Women's Studies

Women's Transit Authority

Work study

Workers' rights

Working at Iowa Survey, 2008

Workplace safety

World Order Studies Program

World Series of Poker

WPA / Works Progress Administration / Works Projects Administration

Wright, Frank Lloyd

Writing University Web site

Year of Engagement (2006)

Youngest student at UI

Youth Advisory Commission (Iowa City)

Youth Empowerment Academy (YEA!)


Yucatan Scholars Program

MUSEUM OF ART     [return to categories]


Director, search for, 1983

Fundraising, see UI Foundation Records (RG28.04)



MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY     [return to categories]

Courses, 1930s

Dogrib Caribou Skin Lodge

First professor of Natural History, 1856

Museum of Natural History - 3 folders: (1) Miscellaneous, (2) Iowa Hall, (3) Clippings

Newsletter (also for Old Capitol Museum)



MUSIC     [return to categories]

All-state music festivals, 1960


American Musicological Society

Bach Festival

Band, 1949

Band, 1950

Band clinics

Band, European Tour, 1966

Band and Student Trip Committee

Centennial (2006)

Center for New Music

Chamber Music Series


Choir, Yucatan Trip, 1968

Church music and organ


Collegium Tubum

Committee on Public School Music

Composer's Workshop

Cultural Affairs Committee


Dvorak Centennial, 1993

Electronic Music Studio

Elizabethan Madrigal Dinner

Festival Seal

First music Ph.D.

Graduate work

I Hear IC

Iowa City College of Music

Iowa Flute Festival

Iowa String Quartet

Iowa Woodwind Quartet

Janssen collection

Johnson County Landmark Jazz Band

Kains collection

Kantorei Singers

Maia Quartet

Marching Band

Midwestern Music Students' Symposium

Military Band

Miscellaneous, 1950

Music education

Normal Academy of Music, 1866-1871

Old Gold Singers

Opera: Cavalleria Rusticana, 1938

Opera: Cosi Fan Tutte, 1952

Opera: Marriage of Figaro, 1955

Opera Workshop


Organ Dept.


Practical Music Only (PMO) students

Prior to 1918

Recitals, etc.


Scottish Highlanders (history), 2004

State of the department

Stradivari Quartet

Sutherland Dows Scholarship (Iowa Electric Light and Power), 1963-1971

Symphony Orchestra, articles from 1966 and 1972



NURSING [return to categories]

(see: Medicine > Nursing above)


Calendar of Events

Center for New Performing Arts


PHARMACY     [return to categories]

Centennial, 1985

Clippings, programs, booklets, etc.

Iowa Drug Information Service

PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE     [return to categories]


PHILOSOPHY     [return to categories]




Institute of Character Education


Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

State of the department

PHYSICAL EDUCATION     [return to categories]


Basic skills, including physical education requirement



Clippings, 1990-

Compulsory attendance



Dance (includes Dance Company)


Fitness club

Guest and lectures (includes demonstrations)

History of program

Inter-collegiate athletics

Intramural sports

Leisure Studies


Recreation activities


Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

State of the department, 1930s


Study and teaching

Summer sessions

Theses list


PHYSICS     [return to categories]

Awards, contests, etc.


Colloquium for College Physics





Graduate Study


Hadron Collider (Geneva, Switzerland)


Memorial E.O. Dieterich

Miscellaneous (Correspondence), 1940s-1950s

Nuclear Physics - clippings, etc.

Press releases, 1953-1960

Press releases, 1961

Publication lists

Radar - early

Relations with Iowa State Physics Department

Research grants and contracts

Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

Space and Satellites (articles), 1957-

Space Science summer study

State of the department

Study and teaching

POLITICAL SCIENCE     [return to categories]



Comparison with other departments






Mikva Challenge


Shambaugh conferences

State of the department (2 folders), 1898-


Study and teaching

PRINTING DEPARTMENT     [return to categories]

Miscellaneous, including graphic standards and University logo

PSYCHOLOGY     [return to categories]

Centennial celebration, 1988

Child Behavior Clinic / Children's Research Lab

Clippings, 1993-




Guests, lectures, etc.

Herrnstein Seminar (forum on freedom of speech), 1972


Iowa Child Welfare Research Station, 1973 reorganization

Iowa Institute of Applied Psychology

Psychological Laboratory

Relationship with Iowa State University Psychology Department


Scholarships, fellowships, etc.

State of the department


Study and teaching


PUBLICATIONS     [return to categories]

American Prefaces

Civil War History


Committee on Learned Publications

History journals

Lists, etc.


Philological Quarterly

Printing Service - Campus stores

Report on Department Public Functions, 1955


University of Iowa Press

RADIO WSUI     [return to categories]

Iowa Public Radio - merger - WSUI/KSUI, WOI, KUNI , 2005-

KSUI-clippings, 1947-

KRUI statement of operation (ca. 1990?)

KRUI (2 folders)


KSUI/WSUI clippings, announcements, etc., 1940-

"Live from Prairie Lights"

WSUI, Iowa Radio Project, 1991

WSUI, Programs, undated


WSUI - general history

WSUI clippings, newsprint, 1930s-1940s

WSUI, 1928-1929

WSUI, 1920s-1940s

WSUI, clippings, 1930s -

WSUI, 1950s - 1960s

REGENTS     [return to categories]

(see Governing Boards, above)

REGISTRAR     [return to categories]

Admission requirements


Admissions Policy

Art and Art History Ph.D. degrees

Attendance chart, 1856-1930



Cobb Report on Tuition

Community college transfers

Computer registration, ISIS handbook

Course of study

Degrees granted - statistical summary

Dorcas letters

Enrollment, caps

Enrollment, miscellaneous (2 folders)

Enrollment, since 1856

Enrollment statistics, 1855-1969

Enrollment statistics, 1970-

Graduate Record Examination

Graduation Honors

Graduation Rates

High school and University (standards) inspection

History of

Honorary degrees (4 folders)

Kirkwood/UI enrollment consortium agreement, 1994

Limitations on student registrations

MAUI (Made At the University of Iowa) student records system


President Hancher's Committee on Limited or Restricted Enrollments

Quarter plan

Registration, 2002

Registration, Field House, 1948-1953

Registration rules

Saturday classes

RELIGION     [return to categories]

Arabic Studies

Board of Trustees



Guests, lecturers, etc.


Religion in Life Week

ROMANCE LANGUAGES     [return to categories]

Borges Center

Experimental Language Lab




Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies


Miscellaneous and clippings

Scandinavian languages and literature

SCHOLARSHIPS & LOANS     [return to categories]

Athletic scholarships - women


Bennett Scholarship

D.A.R. medal, to senior woman

Ernest R. Johnson Memorial Prize, 1923

F.O. Lowden Oratorical Prize

Gerlach Scholarship

Hancher/Finkbine Award

Lamme Award, 1932

LaVerne Noyes Scholarships


Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund

Nile Kinnick Scholarship

Norvel E. Baker Scholarship

Pearl Bennett Broxam Award

Pearl Bennett Broxam Memorial

Rhodes Scholars

Scholarships, Carr

Scholarships, miscellaneous

Scholarships, Murray

Scholarships, Prichett


Scholarships, Proudfoot

Scholarships and loans

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Program

SOCIAL WORK     [return to categories]







Critical Cultural Competence Certificate (cultural diversity education certificate)

Field Work Plan

Masters Degree Handbook, 1967

Memorandum, Regarding Establishment of School of Social Work at U of I, March 1946

Miscellaneous (2 folders)

National Resource Center for In-Home Services

Report to Council on Social Work Education Commission on Accreditation

Social Welfare Skills in Casework Process, Summer Session, 1953

Workshop in Group Organization, Summer Session, 1953

SOCIOLOGY     [return to categories]


Biennial Planning Report


Gay Movement course, 1982

Iowa Urban Community Research Center


Social Administration

Social Studies

SPANISH & PORTUGUESE     [return to categories]


Newspaper clippings

SPEECH & DRAMATIC ART     [return to categories]

All-state High School Players


American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA)

American College Theatre Festival (ACTF)

Annual report

Archives of Speech

Awards, 1940-1944

Awards, contests, etc., 1884-1945


Boycott and Student Union, 1980-1981

Budgets, 1940s


Committee on Speech in General Education

Communication Studies

Community Drama Workshop, Summer Session, 1956

Community theatre

Conference: The Role of Speech in Education, Summer Session, 1952

Conferences (3 folders)

Conferences and workshops

Contests: high school and junior college

Contests, University Oratorical, 1920

Cooperation with other theater groups



Debate judges

Debates, playbills and programs

Debate: University of Missouri

Declamatory work

Discrimination suit, 1995

Discrimination suit, 1996

Dramatic Art as a Division of the School of Fine Arts

Film Studies

Financial reports

Fine Arts degree

Forensic League (1913-1915) and Oratorical League (1895-1965)

Forensics program

Fundamentals speech course

Graduate programs

Guests, lectures, etc.

High School Drama Workshop, 1954


History and philosophy of the department

Inter-state oratory associations including N.O.L.

Iowa High School Debating League, 1912-1913

Iowa High School Forensic League, 1942-1958

Iowa Scribblers contest stories

Iowa Ten-Minute Play Festival

Iowa Theater Lab (CNP)

Lake Okoboji Summer Theatre

M.A. examination

Miscellaneous -2 folders: (1) Misc., (2) Miscellaneous-Papers Markets & Front-of-House, 1982-1987


National Theatre Conference (2 folders)

Oenslager's exhibition, 1956

Oratory (speech) contests -3 folders: (1) Iowa Collegiate Association Contests, (2) Junior Oratorical Contests, (3) S.U.I. Oratorical Assoc. Contests

Original play (2 folders) - "Matters of Weight" by Saul Rosenthal

Original plays produced at Iowa - a list, 1921-1958

Papers on department, 1980-1987


Phonetics Laboratory

Play Production Festival (Iowa), (See Also: Extension Bulletins)

Playwright's Festival

Playwrights, general, clippings

Playwright's Workshop

Positions open and recommendations made 1958-1959 (3 folders)


Proposed debates with other schools

Radio materials

Reading recitals

Reorganizations and policies (proposed), 1952

Reports by Mabie

Research in Speech and Dramatic Art

Rockefeller Foundation grant

Rural Community Drama Project

Speech Association of America

Speech: Orations (sophomore), 1922-1923

Staff meetings, 1936-1941

Staff minutes

State of the department (2 folders)

Student recruiting


Studio Theatre

Study and teaching

Theatre Arts Dept. Outside Review and Responses, 1986

Theatre Arts - history

Theatre statements, 1930s & 1940s

University Theatre (12 folders)

Workshops (7 folders)

SPEECH PATHOLOGY & AUDIOLOGY     [return to categories]

American Sign Language

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Conference on Audiology, 1954

Conference on Clinical Problems in Speech Pathology and Audiology, 1956

Conference on Speech Pathology and Audiology, 1955


Council on Speech Pathology and Audiology




Research in pathology (speech), correspondence, 1936-1937

Soundproof chamber, correspondence

Speech Clinic, 1950

Speech Clinic, correspondence

Speech Pathology, 1940s

Speech Pathology materials

State of the department

Student speech diagnosis

Study and teaching

Stuttering conference, 1952

Stuttering study controversy, 1939

Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center (Iowa Speech Clinic)

Workshop in Hearing Testing and Rehabilitation in the Public School, 1956

Workshop in Public School Speech Correction, correspondence, 1953

Workshop in Public School Stuttering Therapy, 1954


STAFF     [return to categories]

Administrative leav

Affirmative Action / Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Benefits (including faculty benefits)

Benefits, same-sex, 2000, 2003


Compensation and Classification Redesign Project, 2008-

Council on the Status of Women (2 folders)

Drug policy, 1990

IOWA Awards (Improve Our Workplace Award)

Medical plans

Merit system


Miscellaneous, 1940s

Miscellaneous, 1950s-1970s

Non-Academic Council

Ombudsperson (3 folders)

Parental leave policy

Personnel office, including computerization (2 folders)

Professional & Scientific, clippings, 1990

Retirement, phased (See: Faculty-Retirement, phased)

Retirement - 1955 information packet

Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 199

Staff Council

Staff Resources Guide

State insurance

Teaching assistants, clippings, 2001

Teaching assistants, unionization attempt, see Clubs and Organizations file: COGS

Tuition Assistance Program

Union, forming SEIU local, 2005

STUDENT AFFAIRS     [return to categories]

Campus entertainment, 1948-1960


Student Success Team

SUMMER SESSION     [return to categories]




TELEVISION     [return to categories]

1930s & 1940s, including W9XK and W9XUI experimental television (2 folders)



Channel 28

Clippings, 1949

Committee on Television, 1952

Community Council - TV

Educational TV, Subcommittee on Television Broadcasting

First M.A. thesis on television (Abel, Raymond Harry; 1941)


Instructional television, Becker

Organizational: SUI

Radio and television

Television, 1970s

Television, radio, film 1955

Television, radio, film 1956

Television, radio, film 1957

TV network, 1952

TV station possibility at University of Iowa

University of Iowa TV (UITV), (cable station)

TRADITIONS     [return to categories]

Academic costume (cap and gown)

Activities dinner

Africa Week

All-Iowa dinner

All-University men's dinner

All-University night

All-University parties

All-University women's dinner

Alma Mater, Iowa

Annual Community Service Day (College of Law)  SEE: Subject > Law

Annual pageant, 1917

Annual University dinner



Beard Competition

Beat State Week

Bike Commuter Challenge

Bike to School Days

Brazilian Carnaval Party

Bridging Fiesta

Campus Carnival

Chinese New Year


Class Day, 1893-1899

Class rings (University of Iowa)

Classes, by year, 1896-1948

Clothesline Project (Rape Victim Advocacy Program)

Clown Squad - football games


Commencement Alternative Graduation, 1993

Corn monuments  SEE: Engineering > Corn monuments

Creative Arts Week

Cultural Diversity Festival

Dad's Day (2 folders)

Dance cards

Dance Marathon

Darwin Day

Diwali Celebration

Doc Dash

Faculty retirement reception

Fall Undergraduate Research Festival


Finals Week

Flag policy (UI)

Founders Day, addresses

Founders Day, announcements and programs

Founders Day, committees

Founders Day, correspondence

Founders Day, miscellaneous

Founders Day, radio broadcasts

Freshman Week, hazing

Freshman Week, orientation

Freshman Week, 1889 Hippodrome program

Freshman Week, 1926

Freshman Week, 1927-1939

Freshman Week, 1940s

Frolic Day, 1909

Fry Fest


General Assembly visit, 1904

Goodwill Dinner

Governor's Day, 1960-

Greek Week



Holocaust Remembrance



Induction ceremonies

Iowa Day

Junior Exhibition, 1873

Last Lecture

Law, Supreme Court Day

Leadership banquets



Matrix table banquet (Journalism Sorority), 1953

Mecca (Engineering), clippings

Mecca (Engineering), programs and miscellaneous

Mecca (Engineering), 1949

Middle Eastern Awareness Week

Military Ball

Mother-son-daughter banquet

Mother's Day

Nachte Raho

National Iowa Night (2 folders)

Nearly Naked Mile Runners

October Gallery Walk

Old Gold Days (2 folders)

Old Gold Hymn

Panacea Committee

Party from Sweden

Pledge to SUI, 1963

Ponseti Races


Presidential emblem (presidential medallion)

President’s Block Party

Provost's Forum

Rainbow Graduation Ceremony

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Research in the Capitol


Reunions and dinners (2 folders)

Rose Bowl Coordinating Committee, 1958 season

Rose Bowl planning report, 1956 [January 1, 1957 game day] (black notebook)

Rose Bowl, 1956 [January 1, 1957 game day]

Rose Bowl, 1958 [January 1, 1959 game day] (personal)

Rose Bowl, 1958 [January 1, 1959 game day]

Senior Day

Senior party

Social affairs, programs, etc. (includes Silver Shadow)

Songs, school colors, and yells

Take Back the Night

Take My Voice demonstration


Tippie Build


Tree Campus USA

University Assembly

University Concert course

Vespers, clippings

Veterans Day Reception

Volunteer Fair

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Welcome Week

Works-in-Progress Festival

UNIVERSITY HISTORY     [return to categories]

After 1910

Alumni honored at centennial commencement, 1947

Before 1910

Bibliography, (General)

Boyd's address to faculty, 1976

Buildings that served as state capitol

Calm and Secure on Thy Hill

Centennial, 1947

Centennial, clippings

Centennial, Congressional Record

Centennial, correspondence

Centennial, dinner and play

Centennial, dinner (Regents)

Centennial, expense

Centennial, general planning

Centennial, guest list

Centennial, History Committee

Centennial, invitations, etc.

Centennial, Lectures Committee

Centennial, miscellaneous booklets

Centennial, suggestions for plans

Commencements, history

Defunct Iowa colleges - a list

Drafting the state constitution, 1846

First day of classes at SUI, evidence of

"Firsts" and other milestones at SUI

Founding of the University ("College and University Beginnings" chapter from: Aurner, Clarence. Leading Events in Johnson County, Iowa.)

General Assembly act to establish the University, 1847

Gerber, John C., Pictorial History

Highlights of-

Investigation, 1931

Investigations, clippings

Iowa City, history of


Land-Grant Idea at Iowa State College, The, (excerpts)

Lists and outlines


Miscellaneous news, clippings

Name of UI

North Central Association of Colleges, 1944

On Iowa: A University and its People

Other colleges and schools in Iowa City:

     Biennial Report of the Iowa Institution for the Education of the Blind, 1854-1861

     Iowa City Commercial College Academy and School of Short-Hand (1891)

Prominent men of Iowa

Public opinion, early

Publications (includes Persons, Keyes)

Publicity, Time magazine and other published articles about UI history

Radio series, general


SUI investigation, SUI salaries

60th anniversary

75th anniversary

80th anniversary

82nd anniversary

90th anniversary

120th anniversary

125th anniversary

150th anniversary

VESPERS     [return to categories]


University Vespers, 1946-1947

VETERANS SERVICE     [return to categories]

Coder, William D.


Statewide Veterans Conference

Telling Project

Uniform to University project

Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 2004

Veterans Center

Veterans' education

WAR TIMES     [return to categories]

Civil War and World War I

Combat Paper Project


Iraq War - class topic

Iraq War - veterans

Korean War - war program, 1950-1951

Persian Gulf, 1991

Spanish-American War, 1898

V-E Day

V-J Day

World War II, Army and Navy plans, facilities use

World War II, art posters, statements and estimates

World War II, Committee on National Defense and Military Service, 1940-1942

World War II, Committee on Problems of War Service Students

World War II, D-Day convocation, 1944

World War II, Japanese Americans

World War II, Ladies Home Journal article: 1946 vets

World War II, military education worksheets

World War II, National Defense Training Program

World War II, Navy Pre-Flight School (2 folders)

World War II, Navy V-12

World War II and the University

World War II, War Art Workshop, 1942-1943

World War II, women's effort

World War II, 1935-1942

World War II, 1943

World War II, 1944

World War II, 1945-1947

WRITERS WORKSHOP     [return to categories]

50th anniversary

75th anniversary

Anthologies (Midland)

Awards, contests, etc.

Books published by students and alumni (list 1932-1952); articles

Correspondence, articles, etc.

Correspondence, 1930s-1960s

Film - "Poetry - the World's Voice"

Guests, lectures, etc.

International Writing Program (See also: Subject > English)

Iowa Young Writers' Studio


List of Graduates, 1938-1993


Poetry Workshop

Promotional brochure, April 5, 1939

Study and teaching

Truman Capote Literary Trust

Writers - Epstein series of articles (1981)