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Collection Dates: 1890 -- 1907
(Bulk Dates: 1896 -- 1899)
13.5 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: March 2002
Addenda: 1964

Acquisition Note: The records of the Cedar Rapids ticket agents for the Chicago North Western Railway were obtained through the cooperation of Frank Anderson, librarian-in-charge of the Masonic Library in Cedar Rapids. The records themselves had been preserved by historically-minded individuals at the time the Union Depot in Cedar Rapids was wrecked. The records were obtained for the University July 19, 1963, by Jack King.

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Scope and Contents

This collection includes the records of the Cedar Rapids passenger ticket agent for the Chicago North Western Railway from 1896 to 1899. The collection includes the record books necessary for selling tickets, correspondence with the railroad headquarters in Chicago, and correspondence dealing with the problems of passenger transportation. While the collection is most complete for the period from 1896 to 1899, there is some material covering the period from 1890 to 1907.

The collection is of greatest significance for the period from 1896 to 1899. However, since the records of the Chicago North Western Railway are incomplete, this collection could be valuable in studying policies of the road, passenger traffic methods, and business methods for the last decade of the nineteenth century.

The collection was in very poor condition when brought into the library, having been subject to water damage and having served as a roost for pigeons. However, most of the collection was salvaged, and only minor parts of it, which were illegible and impossible to restore, were destroyed.

Register Completed: August 20, 1963.
Posted to the Internet by JRoethler 3/11/02

Box List

Date, Box Number, Description

1886 -- 1892, 1, Correspondence.

1886 -- 1899, 8, Printed and form material.

1887 -- 1900, 5, Telegrams.

1893 -- 1896, 8, Correspondence.

1895, 7, Remittance book.

1895, 7, Ticket sales return.

1895 -- 1897, 12, Cash books.

1895 -- 1897, 11, Current account.

1896, 7, Remittance book.

1896 -- 1900, 9, Remittances.

1897, 11, Record of telegrams.

1897 -- 1901, 12, Cash books.

1897 -- 1899, 12, Wagner Palace car ticket book.

1897 -- ?, 3, Correspondence.

1899, 11, Interline ticket sales.

1899, 6, Letter book.

1899, 13, Local ticket sales.

1899, 15, Local ticket sales.

1899 -- 1900, 11, Current account.

1899 -- 1900, 14, Wagner Palace car tickets.

1900, 10, Interline ticket sales.

1900, 12, Interline ticket sales.

1900, 15, Local ticket sales.

1900, 11, Record of telegrams.

1901 -- 1903, 6, Cash book.

1902, 6, Letter book.

1902, 7, Letter book.

1903, 4, Letter books.

1903, 6, Letter book.

1903, 7, Letter book.

1903, 14, Local ticket sales.

1903, 15, Local ticket sales.

1904, 15, Local ticket sales.

1905, 14, Local ticket sales.

1905 -- 1906, 7, Letter book.

1906 -- 1907, 4, Letter books.

1907, 10, Interline ticket sales.

1907, 10, Monthly ticket sales.

1908, 4, C.O.D. Milk forwarded.

1908, 10, Interline ticket sales.

1908, 10, Monthly ticket sales.

1908 -- 1909, 7, Letter book.

1951, 6, REA Routing Guide.

1955, 6, REA Routing Guide.

Undated, 9, Miscellaneous.

1964 Addendum

The following records of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ticket agents for the Chicago Northwestern Railway were added to MsC 85 on July 24, 1964. As in the case of the original acquisition, these records were also obtained through the cooperation of Frank Anderson, librarian- in- charge of the Masonic Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They were collected for the University on July 15, 1964, by Special Collections Librarian, Ronald L. Fingerson.

General Description of the Materials Added:

Although chronological gaps exist in this consignment of records, it was felt that they would serve to enhance the already collected records in MsC 85. This consignment of records includes coupon ticket records, interline ticket sales records, local and coupon invoices, ledgers, freight transferral records, letter correspondence, train locations records, agents' balance sheets, telegrams, local ticket registers, and daily records of closing numbers roughly covering the period, 1889 -- 1900.

The materials are generally in fair condition, individual exceptions having been subjected to dirt and neglect. Some also appear to have been used as roosts for pigeons.

Date, Inventory Number, Description

1891, 1, Daily record of closing numbers.

1891, 2, Daily record of closing numbers.

1892, 3, Daily record of closing numbers.

1892, 4, Daily record of closing numbers.

1892, 5, Local ticket register.



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