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Box 1

Biographical essays

Buckmann, Carol. The First 50: The Story of the Iowa Division, Izaak Walton League of America, 1923 -- 1973. Lake Mills, Iowa: Graphic Publishing Co., Inc. 1973. Incomplete

The Codex. Beloit College Yearbook, 1897

The Codex. Beloit College Yearbook, 1899

The Darling Family in America

"Darling, Jay Norwood." Current Biography, Vol. 3, no.7 (July 1942), pp. 17 -- 20 (2 copies)

"Darling, Jay Norwood. J.N. 'Ding.'" Who's Who in America, Vol. 32 (1962 -- 1963), p. 730

Dumont, Phillip. Interviewed by Kevin Kilcullen. Contains material on Darling

Honors accorded Darling

List of honors conferred upon Darling

(Note: The following certificates, etc. are stored in flat file, drawer 152)

American Artists Professional League. Honorary membership. 1947

Beloit College. Distinguished Service Citation. 1949

Beloit College. Honorary Doctorate of Literature

Paperweight made with various kinds of wood and with Ding's signature etched on top. Cut, inlaid, and assembled by Arthur Emanuel Erickson, Estherville, Iowa. 1927

National Physician's Committee Award of Merit. 1948

Photograph of the first water over the spillway at Lake Darling Dam. 1936

Pulitzer Prize certificate. 1924

The Wildlife Society. Honorary membership. 1938

Beloit College. n.d.

State of Iowa. Appointment to Fish and Game Commission. 1931

Nash Conservation Award. Certificate of Merit. 1953

American Forestry Association. Life membership. 1948

U. S. Treasury. Award of Merit. U. S. Savings Bond Independence Drive. 1950

Rotary Clubs, Des Moines. Honorary membership. 1925

American Wildlife Institute. Membership as patron. n.d.

American Wildlife Institute. Resolution to honor Darling for his contributions of money and time. 1936

Manhattan Council, Boy Scouts of America. Naturecraft certificate and badge

U.S. Treasury. Citation for distinguished service on behalf of the War Finance Program. 1944

Columnists Association. Honorary charter membership. 1946

Beloit College. Acknowledgement

Hickory Lodge, Hot Springs, Virginia. Fishing permit. 1937

Pulitzer Prize certificate. 1943

Drake University. Honorary Doctor of Laws. 1926

Engineers Club of Des Moines. Honorary membership. 1922

American Forestry Association. Honorary Life membership. 1937

American Wildlife Institute. Founders membership. 1935

Guild of Former Pipe Organ Pumpers.  Membership.  1927

(Resuming in Box 1)

Interview with Dr. Earl Bressman concerning "Ding" Darling. Cassette audiotape

"J.N. 'Ding' Darling." J. N. 'Ding' Darling Foundation, Inc.

"Jay Darling." The Des Moines Register, Tuesday, February 13, 1962

Newspaper clipping announcing Ding's retirement

Newspaper clippings announcing the Pulitzer Prize. The Des Moines Register and the Tribune

Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous


Picture of Ding and very brief biographical sketch. n.p., 1918.


Box S1 - Photographs from Scrapbook #1

Box S2 - 8 x 10 photographs, as well as some snapshots

Filing cabinet 1 - Digital image files on disk and CD, as well as some negatives

Flat file drawer #150 - Large format photographs, portraits, and oversized items from Scrapbook #, including:

"The R & T Art Force" A Photograph of the Des Moines Register and Leader's art department from March 16, 1920.  The photograph is signed by J.N. Ding, Russel Cole, Yates, Depeiu, Parker, and I.W. Jameson.

Darling at desk

Darling photographic portrait signed by Yates

Darling black and white pen and ink portrait by James Montgomery Flagg

Darling with Edgar Guest (three-quarter length photographic portrait)

The law enforcement staff of the Biological Survey

Penny Darling

One folder containing the contents of a large photographic scrapbook

Box 12 - Additional 8x10 photographs of Darling from his college days to post-retirement, along with some photocopies of Darling photos that are located in the places listed above (with the exception of the large format photographs in flat file drawer #150, which have not been photocopied).

Public Service

Edmundson Art Museum

Art Museum -- research

Articles of incorporation

Blueprints and layouts

Children's education program

Des Moines Association of Fine Arts

Edmundson Art Museum Trustees

Edmundson Foundation

Edmundson Memorial Foundation

Museum directorship and management

Museum of Art advisory committee

On the location of the Des Moines Art Center

Organizational flow chart, Des Moines Art Center

Relationship of the Des Moines Art Center to the public schools

Statement respecting bequest of James Depew Edmundson for the establishment of an art museum in Des Moines

Will probate, hearings, etc., for J. D. Edmundson. Inventory of assets

Winnie Coffin estate

Park Board

Quit claim deed, signed by J.N. and Penny Darling, giving Prospect Park land to the City of Des Moines, August 29, 1939.  (photocopy)  

Republican Party

Republican committee. See items 2222 -- 2261 under correspondence, subseries one

Republican committee 1940. See items 2262 -- 2452 under correspondence, subseries one

Republican party platform. See items 2195 -- 2221 under correspondence, subseries one

Water Planning Committee (includes correspondence to and from G.W. Conrey, T. Hillard Cox, F.M. Davison, P.H. Edward, W.D. Ellison, William Hills, W. W. Horner, W. W. Lane, John Lobelin, A. J. Loveland, Fred Ludwig, Dale Maffitt, W. J. Matteson, Frank Mendell, John C. Page, Louis Parker, Miles Reber, Fred Schwob, Wilbur Stout, F. H. Thomson, A. C. Trowbridge, A. H. Wieters, J. A. Wilkerson, Governor George Wilson, and A.S. Workman.)


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