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Box S1

Scrapbook#1. Photograph album. Some large photo album pages are in map case 11, drawer 150.

Box S2

Scrapbook #1 continued

Scrapbook #2. Miscellaneous clipping and artifacts. Contains a letter from Houdini, a letter from Samuel Gompers, and an obituary written by Calvin Coolidge in 1925 when word went out that Darling was at death's door, with a handwritten addition by Coolidge.

Scrapbook #3. "Old Ding scrapbook. Poems and sketches." This looks like a collection of poems, drawings, and essays that Darling liked. There is likely nothing by Darling in this scrapbook.

Box S3

Scrapbook #4. "Personal scrapbook." Early items. One item from 1902. Mostly newspaper clippings. Some items from scrapbook #4 are in map case 11, drawer 150

Scrapbook #5. Miscellaneous. Many conservation items, including Biological Survey

Box S4

Scrapbook #5, continued

Scrapbook #6. "The Darling Family scrapbook." Miscellaneous

Scrapbook #7. In 1930 Darling advertised that he would pay fifty cents a dozen for cat whiskers. He had been using cat whisker brushes in his work and was unable to obtain more, so perhaps had the idea of manufacturing his own. Many people responded, from people sending actual cat whiskers to people writing facetious letters (as the lady from Saskatchewan who argued that northern cat hairs were longer and sturdier, as she had reason to know from the witch doctors to whom she had sold them), to indignant letters from cat lovers. Includes papers from the district court of the city of Des Moines, stating that the SPCA of Des Moines is bringing suit against Darling and threatening a $500 fine (possibly fake).

Scrapbook #8. "J. N. Darling for Senator"

Box S5

Scrapbook #9. "Russia."

Scrapbook #10. "Cartoons, Political and Otherwise, from the Chicago Record." Cartoons pasted into a book. Subtitled Cartoons of the Day from the Chicago Record from Oct. 10, 1898 to July 24, 1901. These are not Darling cartoons. Includes cartoons by [Newman], [Nerntz], and McCutcheon. These may have been collected by Darling, but the handwriting doesn't look like his, except for an annotation as to the inclusive dates.

Scrapbook #11. 1899 Codex, with pages posted over with Ding's cartoons and items about Ding.

Scrapbook #12. "A Ding Darling Album."   Contains materials relating to an exhibit at Iowa State University titled "'Ding' Darling, an overview of the work of a much-loved artist and cartoonist."

Scrapbook #13.  Mann scrapbook.  Bound copy of the scrapbook of Charles Mann, reproduced by his granddaughter, Nancy Budd.  Original clippings have been interfiled with Series I-A, Cartoons. 

Scrapbooks #14-24. J.J. Satterthwait scrapbooks.  Series of eleven scrapbooks maintained by J.J. Satterthwait dating from 1935-1962 and containing newspaper clippings of Ding drawings.  Bulk dates 1935-1941.

Scrapbook #14. Volume I. November, 1935 - October, 1936. 

Scrapbook #15. Volume II. December, 1936 - October, 1937. 

Scrapbook #16. Volume III. November, 1937 - June, 1938.  

Scrapbook #17. Volume IV. June, 1938 - March, 1939.

Box S6

J.J. Satterthwait scrapbooks, continued.

Scrapbook #18. Volume V. March, 1939 - September, 1939. 

Scrapbook #19. Volume VI. September, 1939 - April 1940.

Scrapbook #20. Volume VII. Miscellaneous.

Scrapbook #21. Volume VIII. April 1940 - September 1940.

Scrapbook #22. Volume IX. September 1940 - March 1941.

Scrapbook #23. Volume X. March 1941 - November 1941.

Scrapbook #24. Volume XI. November 1941-1962.



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