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Writings about Darling

Continuing in Box 2

"Alias 'Ding.'"  May 23, 1925.

Application to get the Darling's Des Moines home on the National Register of Historic Places

Articles and cartoons upon Darling's return from New York

Beeman, Perry. “A Toast to ‘America’s Darling’: Famed Register cartoonist ‘Ding’ Darling’s life’s work to be lauded in documentary.” Des Moines Sunday Register, February 12, 2012, pages 1-2B.

"The Best Friend a Duck Ever Had." The Spirit, January -- February 1978, pp. 6-7

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"A Celebration for the Earth: Environmental Inaugural Ball." January 20, 1993

"A Classic Book Back in Print." The American Road, p.6

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"The Cooperative Unit Story." 50 Years of Achievement: The Cooperative Research Unit Program in Fisheries and Wildlife, 1935 -- 1985

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"Darling Cartoon Window to Past." "Hot Line." The Des Moines Register, Wednesday, March 6, 1996. Includes response letter from Kip Koss

“Darling, Disney to serve as honorary chairmen for National Wildlife Week.” National Wildlife Federation Press Release, October 6, 1961

"Darling Etching Donated." Iowa Conservationist, January/February 1997, p. 61

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"Des Moines." Part of a series, "The Cities of America." The Saturday Evening Post, October 26, 1946, pp. 22, 64 -- 68

"'Ding' cartoon in fireworks show - Pain adopts Register and Leader's 'Reunion of the Iowa Family'." Photocopy of article, source unknown, 1911.

"'Ding' on Radio Calls Campaign 'Bunk' Vexing."  New York Herald Tribune. October 3, 1928

"Ding Darling: 'He Can Orate, He Can Snarl.'"National Wildlife, p. 8 -- 9. Also a photograph with FDR holding Darling's National Wildlife Restoration Week stamps, p. 47. Also photograph of Darling, p. 49

“‘Ding’ Darling, one of the islands’ very best friends.” Island Scrapbook, undated. Island Scrapbook is a special advertising supplement to the Island Reporter.

Doak, Richard. "Ding's Gospel of Conservation: Register Cartoonist's Legacy is Land Stewardship, Preservation of Habitat." Des Moines Register, undated.

Doherty, Jim. "Sleek Painted Ducks Lay Golden Eggs for Wildlife Artists. Smithsonian, June 1982, pp. 66 -- 73 (two copies)

"A Duck for Every Puddle." Look Magazine, August 19, 1947. Offprint

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Du Mont, Phillip and Henry M. Reeves. "The Darling-Salyer Team." Photocopy. n.p.

Dumaine, Bob. Duck Stamp Rarities. Exhibit brochure. Collectors Club of Chicago, September 1 -- 3, 1989

“Federation Directors’ Meeting Huge Success.” National Wildlife Federation Press Release, October 6, 1950

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Geoguide Lesson Plan. National Geographic. Includes the first duck stamp, an etching of a duck, and a cartoon by Darling (2 copies)

Goforth, W. Reid. The Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Program. 60th Year Celebration. Washington, D.C.: U. S. Department of the Interior, National Biological Survey, 1994. Dedicated in part to Darling. Illustrated throughout with Darling illustrations, cartoons, and etchings

Gordon, Seth. "Ding Darling, Dynamic Conservation Leader." pcTMs

Gottschalk, John S. Review of David Lendt’s ‘Ding’ The Life of Jay Norwood Darling, unknown source, Washington D.C.

"The Great Cartoonist."  New York Herald Tribune, October 14, 1928.

Box 3

Hacker, David.  "Tiny Norwood: A Darling Place to Celebrate a Great Cartoonist."  Prime Time News & Observer, June 1995.  

Henry, John M. As Ding Saw Hoover. TMs with holographic corrections. Also, various components, including a TMs by W.W. Waymack of the Introduction; "The Story of My Association with Herbert Hoover," by J. N. Darling with corrections (probably by Henry); pencilled preliminary notes and explanatory paragraphs of the cartoons, by John M. Henry; and typewritten draft of explatary paragraphs of the cartoons with holograph notes by John M. Henry.; completed book with autographed note from Darling to Sarah.   3 folders

Henry, John M. "Ding" Chapter in Henry's book An Editor and Then Some. TMs with holographic corrections

Henry, John M. Ding's Half Century, combined TMs, ccTMs, paste-up of the cartoons in the book.

Henry, John H. "A Treasury of Ding." The Palimpsest, March 1972

"Home." NBC-TV program with Arlene Francis. August 10, 1954. Guest John H. Henry, speaking about the book As Ding Saw Hoover. Broadcast from West Branch, Iowa, on the occasion of the celebration of Hoover's 80th birthday. Henry's personal script. Mimeograph

"How Ding Came Back."  May 15, 1926.

"J. N. Ding, Cartoonist." Reprinted from American Boy

"J. N. 'Ding' Darling: Cartoonist and Conservationist Exemplar." Refuge Reporter, Vol.4:No.4 (Summer 1996), pp. 12 -- 13

"J.N. 'Ding' Darling" Exhibition Catalogs and announcements from various sources

“Jay Darling”, The Des Moines Register, February 13, 1962

"Jay N. Darling: More Than a Cartoonist." The World of Comic Art. June 1966 (two copies)

"Jay N. Darling: Nationally Famous as 'Ding', America's Greatest Cartoonist." The Advergram, February 10, 1930

"Jay Norwood Darling." Sketchbook of Kappa Pi, Spring 1942, pp. 8 -- 9

Koss, Kip. “Dedication of the ‘Ding’ Darling Center for Education—Held October 21, 1999.” Island Sun, vol. 7, no. 18, October 29, 1999, pp. 1—2, 7; Part II, November 5, 1999, pp. 2.

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"Last Month's Meeting -- J. N. (Ding) Darling."  Polk County Historical Society Newsletter, February 1970. pp. 3 -- 5.

Leach, Dirk. “Popeye Hemingway,” AGNI Magazine, 2008.  Describes the connection between Darling and Hemingway through the Gulf Coast Islands of Sanibel (now the Darling Wildlife Refuge) and Captiva.

Lendt, David “The ‘Ding’ Darling Legacy”, J.N. “Ding” Darling Conservation Foundation, Inc.

Lendt, David L. “Rock-ribbed and Ready.” Outdoor America, November/December, 1979, pp. 6—7, 22—25.

Line, Les. "A System Under Siege." Wilderness, Fall 1995, pp. 10 -- 15

“‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’—The two atomic bombs dropped on Japan brought a swift end to the Second World War.  But the new weapon then threatened the peace it had created.  The nature of war and the balance of international power had been transformed overnight.  While their leaders looked for guarantees against another Hiroshima, ordinary people tried to take in the terrifying destruction of the bomb and its meaning for the postwar world.” Postwar World—The Illustrated History of Events that Shaped the World From 1945 to the Present Day, 98 weekly parts, part 1. Contains Darling cartoon “Eventually why not now?” reflecting the concern felt by many about the control of the new power man had discovered.

"Looking Through the Years With Ding." The Des Moines Sunday Register, Section Ten. September 14, 1947 (two copies)

"Lost Darling." Newsweek, April 25, 1949, p. 60

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Mahoney, Tom.  "[Part 1]: The Merry World of 'Ding' Darling."  Source unknown, 4 pp.

Mahoney, Tom. “Part 2: The Merry World of ‘Ding’ Darling.” Source unknown, pp. 2, 10—11

“May Ding’s Dream Come True.” Des Moines Sunday Register, July 23, 1961, pp. 14-G.  Includes response “Hope Ding’s Dream Does Come True” by Frank M. Hoxie, state senator, Seventh District (Fremont and Page counties), Shenandoah, IA, undated

Miller, Frank. "Ding's Book is History." The Des Moines Sunday Register, June 10, 1962. Review of Ding's Half Century by John M. Henry by one of Darling's successor's as editorial cartoonist at the Des Moines Register

Miller, Harlan S. "'Ding's' Genial Pen Refuses to Libel Life." Editor and Publisher, August 9, 1924, pp. 5 -- 6

Miller, Harlan S. “Over the Coffee,” Des Moines Register, February 16, 1962

Mills, George. "Ding: The Man who 'Elbowed' a Sleep Walking Public." Des Moines Sunday Register, April 22, 1979.

Miscellaneous items about Darling. 4 folders

Morain, Michael. “New Vets Keeps Memories Alive.” The Des Moines Register, January 10, 2012, pages 9B, 12B

"More Ding Cartoons." American Forests, October 1962

"More than a Memorial." Editorial. St. Petersburg Times, April 28, 1962

"Nature Trail Open on Sanibel Island." Clearwater Sun, November 2, 1962

Nayor, Ella. "Who (or what) in the world is "Ding?"" Captiva Chronicle, July 2010, pp. 12, 14 (2 copies of newspaper)

Newspaper clippings about Darling's 1925 illness

Olson, Raymond Roy.  "The Cartooonists of the Middle West."  The Bohemian Magazine.

"Outdoor Life Conservation Award for 1944 to J. N. Darling." Outdoor Life, March 1934

Paluka, Frank. “The SUI Ding Darling Cartoon Collection.” Iowa Alumni Review: Special Cartooning Issue, vol. 17, no. 1, December 1963.  Contains cover art by Darling, “Part I: The Ding Index,” and “Part II: Ding’s Cartoons.

Peterson, Elmer T. Interview with Darling, January 10, 1936. ccTMs

Peterson, Elmer T. “J.N. Darling in His Garden—His Humanness and Love for Children Help to Make Him a Great Cartoonist.” Better Homes and Gardens, June, 1929, pp. 20—21, 56.

Peterson, Elmer T. “Memories of Darling and Hoover.” The Des Moines Register, September 2, 1966, pp. 10

Proper, Carl C. "'Ding' the World's Greatest Cartoonist." From an interview conducted by the author. People's Popular Monthly, October 1923

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“Sanibel Project Disclosed—Ding Darling Sanctuary Scheduled for $400,000.” The Des Moines Register. July 22, 1966, pp. 3-A (missing page 1)

Schweiger, Larry J. "A Clarion Voice for 70 Years." National Wildlife, February/March 2006, pp. 9 -- 10.

Sias, Erwin D. "Journal Cartoon That Launched Ding's Career Became His 'Last' by Quirk of History Writing." The Sioux City Sunday Journal, February 12, 1967., p. B11 (two copies)

"Sixty Years Ago." National Wildlife, April/May 1996, p.8

Smith, Beverly. "A Cartoonist Shows a State How to Enjoy Life." The American Magazine, April 1933, pp.47 -- 49, 113 -- 114 -- 116. Included in this folder is a version of this article cut and pasted into a hardcover book designed by G. Alan Chidsey of Great Neck, NY

West, Richard Samuel. "Crusading for World Peace: Ding Darling, Woodrow Wilson, and the League of Nations." INKS, Studies in Cartoons and Comic Art, Ohio State University, May 1994. Vol.1:No.2., pp. 17 -- 30. Reprint

"When we get to Guatemala. . ." The Nature Conservancy News, Vol.10:No.4 (October 1960), p. 1

"Wildlife Conference." Time Magazine, February 29, 1939

"Will the Real Ding Please Stand Up?" The Palimpsest, February, 1976, pp. 30 -- 31 (2 copies)

Wings: The Newsletter of the Johnson Country Songbird Project. Fall 1995 and all of 1996

"Yes, Virginia, There is a 'Ding.'" The Iowan, Vol.8:No.1 (October 7, 1959), pp. 38 -- 48.

"Young Voices Ring Out the Easter Message Today." The Sioux City Journal, April 23, 1905. Accompanied by program of St. Thomas' Church Vested Choir, directed  by Jay N. Darling.

Audiovisual works about Darling. In file cabinet 1, drawer 4.

Circle of Honor: Honoring Ding Darling.  A production of the Outdoor Channel.  DVD.  In file cabinet 1, drawer 4.

Ding Darling.  NWF. 

7' TV News "Ding."
1988.  VHS.

A Visit with "Ding" Darling." 
Smithsonian Institution National Postal Museum Washington, D.C. June 29, 996.  VHS.

Kip Koss on "Ding"
1979.  VHS.

"Who was "Ding" Final. 

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Walnut Creek National Wildlife Refuge Prairie Learning Center Exhibits.
  Prduced by Sea Studios.  90 sec. on "Ding" begins as 00:33 min.  VHS.  


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