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Box Contents List

Box Series I, Box 1

"Henry A. Wallace." DVD of one hour program produced by Iowa Public Television, with additional features

Henry Wallace. July 24, 1948. Philadelphia. Vinyl LP recording

Henry Wallace speech, taken off the air, no date, no place noted. Two small vinyl recordings

Photographs from Wallace's trip to Asia. CD-ROM. See box 3 of Series VII: Photographs

"Travels to Soviet Siberia and Central Asia, 1944"

16 mm film (initial frames of film state O.W.I. [Office of War Information] and "Filmed by Central Documentary Film Studies of U.S.--"]

Videocassette and DVD

"Vice President Henry Wallace Addresses a Public Meeting in Novosbirsk, Soviet Union, 1944"

35 mm film (in Oversized Box)

Videocassette and DVD

"Vice President Henry Wallace Visits Central and South America, 1943"

16 mm film

Box Series I, Box 2


Box Series I, Box 3 (Oversized) [Currently in Conservation]

Bryson, Abigail as sung as Abiral Alvarez. Corrido a Wallace y Taylor

Hale, Arthur. Confidentially Yours. November  25, 1940.12 inch phonograph record

Musical Portrait of HW

Microfilm of selected documents. An index accompanies the film

Wallace, Henry A. April 4, 1947. Parts I and II

"Wallace in Novosbirsk" 16 mm film

Series IA: [Located with University Archives Sound Recordings]

HAW Sound Recordings.  All are 78rpm disks; diameters and amount of recording varies; may be recorded on one or both sides. Inventory compile from jacket and other notes and may not be completely accurate:

Vice President Wallace from NBC 6/12/1941. (2 disks).

“Housing Speech.”  7/3/1941.

“Georgia Sermon.” Speech. 10/17/1942. (4 disks).

Glen Taylor Accepts Vice-President Ticket. 2/26/1946. (2 disks).

HAW Acceptance Speech. Chicago Convention. 1946. (8 disks).

HAW’s remarks on occasion of meeting with In-Service Trainees from the other American Republics, Secretary of Commerce Office, Washington, D.C., 4/16/1946. For shortwave broadcast overseas.

CBS recordings of open hearing. 5/21/1946. (4 disks).

Operation  Crossroads.  CBS broadcast of program on Control of Atomic Energy. 5/28/1946. (8 disks).

“Report on Southern Trip.” KFIX. 9/13/1946. (2 disks).

“Any Hope for Peace?” Speech KELA. 10/14/1946. (2 disks).

Wallace from New York and Glen Taylor from New Orleans. (2 disks).

Speech Gilmore Stadium Los Angeles. 5/16/1948. (5 disks).

“Foreign  Policy.” Speech New York. 9/20/1948. (2 disks).

“Inflation.” Speech  Dallas. 9/27/1948. (2 disks).

Speech Gilmore Stadium Los Angeles. “19 Points.” 10/2/1948. (4 disks).

“Ilsa Koch.” Speech KFI Fresno 10/4/1948.

“Labor Speech.”  Chicago.  10/11/1948. (2 disks).

“Truman’s New Deal.” Speech New Haven, Ct.  10/13/1948. (4 disks).

“How Are Things at Home? (Women).” Speech KELA. 10/16/1948. (2 disks).

“Who really Owns Our Traditional Freedoms?” Pittsburg/ 10/18/1948. (2 disks).

“People’s Letters.” Speech, Williamsburg, PA. 10/20/1948. (2 disks).

“Freedom from West.” Speech. 10/21/1948. (2 disks).

“United Nations Sunday.”  Speech. 10/24/1948. (2 disks).

Atomic Energy. Iowa City. 10/25/1948.

Wallace Final Rally with Musical Program, Paul Robson, etc. 10/29/1948. (4 disks).

“The People Speak.” Radio Speech.  11/1/1948. (4 disks).

Wallace and Paul Robson 10/29/1949. (4 disks).

Speech Against Harry S Truman’s Proposal of Universal Military Training. (2 disks; also on cassette).

Discussion of Terms of North Atlantic Pact. (3 disks; also on cassette).

Wallace Speech on Truman Doctrine in Madison Square Garden.


The United Nations Conference on International Organization. San Francisco. 6/19/1945. Introduction by Henri Rollin, President of Commission. Address of Ambassador Luis Quintanilla with further remarks in Spanish and French.  (4 disks).

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