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Box Contents List

Series IV: Box 7

Alger Hiss affair

All Party Roosevelt Agriculture Committee

"American Aid to China Since 1931." Department of State Bulletin, April 15, 1944

"Assassination of Carlo Tresca"

The Atlantic Charter

Printed copy, December 1941

Typescript, carbon copy, August 14, 1941

Typescript, first page, original copy, August 14, 1941

"Message from the President of the United States" for the U. S. Congress, August 21, 1941

"The Implementation of the Atlantic Charter." May 1, 1942. Stamped "Secret"

"A Plan Wherein the Post War Period Aids and Assists the Present War Effort." May 1, 1942

BEW (Board of Economic Warfare) conflict

"Brief Summary of the Oil Position in Axis and Axis-Controlled Territory As Estimated by the Secretary for Petroleum's Committee"

Culbertson, Ely. A System to Win This  War and to Win the Peace to Come. 1943

Dies Committee vs Board of Economic Warfare

Documents that were classified as "Secret"; declassified in 1973. Photocopies. Originals have been distributed throughout the collection

"German Politics in the United States;" "German Political Refugees in the United States"

Lee, Hsiang Kai. Proposed Project for the Control of the Upper Yangtze River

"Memorandum on PostWar Military Training"

Miscellaneous documents pertaining to government affairs

"Policy Conflicts Among the United Nations"

Press documents from Wallace's time as Secretary of Agriculture

Roerich, Nicholas

Roerich Pact

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