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Box Contents List

Series VIII: Box 36

Beck-Clemens, Dianna. "Henry A. Wallace and the Progressive Party of 1948." Thesis, Long Island University, 1983. pcTMs, table of contents only.

Bley, Lynn W. "Henry Agard Wallace: Prophet of the General Welfare." Master's Thesis, State University of Iowa, 1951. cc TMs. With holographic marginalia in Wallace's handwriting.

Blum, Morton. "Henry A. Wallace: Western Democrat." [Prepared for Western History Association, 1972?] pc TMs

Dinnerstein, Leonard. "The Democratic Vice-Presidential Nomination of 1944." [Columbia University?], 1964. cc TMs.

Fitzgerald, John Maurice. A Rhetorical Analysis of Three Major Speeches Made by Henry Agard Wallace in the Presidential Campaign of 1948. TMs

Hayward, Malcolm, L., Jr. "Henry Wallace and the 1940 [changed to 1944 (by Wallace?)] Vice-Presidential Nomination." School paper. Haverford School, Haverford, Pennsylvania, 1964. TMs. With holographic notation in Wallace's handwriting

Levy, Charles J. "Liberaloids in and Around the Campaign of 1948 and Thereabouts." Senior project submitted to the Social Studies Division of Bard College, 1956. cc TMs

Morgan, Alfred L. "Henry A. Wallace and the 1944 Democratic National Convention." Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972.

Radosh, Ronald. "The Economic and Political Thought of Henry A. Wallace." Master's Thesis, State University of Iowa, 1960. ccTMs


Reciprocal trade agreement and foreign trade. Extensive folder of citations and list on the topic by an unknown researcher. Perhaps LeCron?

[Ranieri, Gerome?] "Uncle Henry's Grandson." School paper? cc TMs

Rogers, Earl M. (EMR) "Henry A. Wallace and/or Progressive Party (Founded 1948)" A bibliography. ccTMS

Schacht, John N. Three Progressives From Iowa: Gilbert N. Haugen, Herbert C. Hoover, Henry A. Wallace. Iowa City, Iowa: The Center for the Study of the Recent History of the United States, 1980.

Schmidt, Karl. "The Organization of the Third Party." Master's Essay, Johns Hopkins University, 1950. Printed copy.

Sources for research on Wallace. Assembled by various researchers

Steiger, Andrew J. Proposal for a book to be called either Wallace in Soviet Asia or North to Asia


Card file with notes by unknown researcher(s)

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