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Acquisition Note: The Springer collection was bequeathed to the University of Iowa by John Springer upon his death in 1937.


Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.


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Springer. Collection of letters written by John Springer. xMS S76c (Special Collections)


Scope and Contents

The Springer Ephemra Collection contains more than 1,600 items and more than 400 calling cards -- in excess of 2,000 items in all -- organized into 19 boxes. Items have been grouped by format (e.g., calendars in Box 1, tokens in Box 18), by subject (e.g., paper in Box 3, advertising materials related to food in Box 12) and by events (e.g., 1893 World's Fair in Box 10, Iowa City events in Box 14). Few of these groupings are entirely systematic and related materials, however defined, can often be found in more than one place in the collection.

A summary of the contents of each box follows. It precedes a box-by-box, item-by-item inventory. The links at each box number in the summary will take you directly to the inventory of that box. E.g., to go to the inventory of World's Fair material in Box 10, click on "Box 10" in the summary.

In addition to the ephemeral pieces inventoried here, Springer (1850 -- 1937), an Iowa City printer, presented some 2,000 books documenting or illustrating the history of printing. These titles are held together as a collection in Special Collections and are cataloged on InfoHawk. A shelflist in card format is also available in the Special Collections department.

Series Table of Contents

Box 1 -- 133 items

Calenders: 22 items (1871 -- 1917)

Political Literature: Iowa State & Local: 40 items (1884 -- 1904)

Book Sellers and Publishers' Catalogs and Advertisments

I: 18 items (1856 -- 1931)

II: 22 items (1895 -- 1933)

III: 31 items (1879 -- 1936)

Box 2 -- 100 items

Advertising Literature: Companies and industries: 32 items (1878 -- 1927)

Printers and Publishers

I: 28 items (1873 -- 1921)

II: 17 items (1881 -- 1899)

III. R.R. Donnelly & Sons Co. (The Lakeside Press), Chicago: 23 items ( 1922 -- 1936)

Box 3 -- 90 items


I: 11 items (1890 -- 1913)

II: 21 items (1884 -- 1899)

III: 16 items (n.d.)

IV: 13 items (1899 -- 1927)

V: 12 items (1901 -- 1918)

VI: 17 items (1882 -- 1928)

Box 4 -- 130 items

Printing Machinery & Equipment

I: 19 items (1881 -- 1913)

II: 37 items (1880 -- 1913)

III: 18 items (1894 -- 1913)

Stitching Machines: 8 items (1911)

Paper Cutters: 23 items (1894 -- 1913)

Punching Machines: 9 items (1894 -- 1913)

Hand Trucks: 8 items (1912 -- 1913)

Numbering Machines: 8 items (1893 -- 1911)

Box 5 -- 98 items

Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, Chicago, Illinois

I: 10 items (1887 -- 1902)

II: 17 items (1889 -- 1902)

Inland Type Foundry, St. Louis: 22 items (1897 -- 1900)

American Type Founders Company, New York City: 49 items (1880 -- 1902)

Box 6 -- 74 items

Other Type Foundries and Agents

I: 26 items (1878 -- 1913)

II: 10 items (1889 -- 1920)

Type-Setting Equipment

I: 21 items (1890 -- 1915)

II: 17 items (1894 -- 1913)

Box 7 -- 114 items

Printing Presses

I: 22 items (1895 -- 1913)

II: 20 items (1878 -- 1912)

III: 16 items (1913)

IV: 11 items (1880)

Golding Mfg. Company: Franklin, Mass., Boston, Philadelphia, & Chicago: 14 items (1870 -- 1912)

Franklin, Mass., Boston, Philadelphia, & Chicago: 14 items (1870 -- 1912)

John Thomson Press Company: New York: 8 items (1896 -- 1913)

R. Hoe & Co.: New York & London: 4 items (1889 -- 1910)

Kaumor Automatic Press Co.: New York City: 5 items (n.d.)

Box 8 -- 69 items

Printing Ink: 32 items (1893 -- 1930)

Printer's Unions: 9 items (1874 -- 1927)

Engraving Firms: 5 items (1887 -- 1890)

Iowa Press Association: 8 items (1886 -- 1900)

National Editorial Association: 7 items (1891)

Advertising Literature: Typewriters: 8 items (1876 -- 1898)

Box 9 -- 137 items

Advertising Literature: Publications

I: 47 items (1876 -- 1910)

II: 18 items (1876 -- 1934)

Advertising Literature: Newspapers and Newspaper Publishing: 72 items (1856 -- 1933)

Box 10 -- 140 items

Expositions: 27 items (1890 -- 1940)

World's Fair (1893) Literature: 72 items (1888 -- 1894)

Showbills: 8 items (1877 -- 1901)

Programs: Theaters, Clubs, Vaudeville, Shows, Churches, and Others: 23 items (1877 -- 1927)

Invitations: 10 items (1878 -- 1892)

Box 11 -- 85 items

Political Literature: National: 73 items (1876 -- 1917)

Almanacs: 5 items (1876 -- 1933)

Bicycles: Booklets and Advertising: 7 items (1884 -- 1898)

Box 12 -- 216 items

Advertising Literature

Alcoholic Beverages: 29 items (1886 -- 1915)

Wearing apparel: 17 items (1880 -- 1929)

Food: 18 items (1890 -- 1910)

Lecturers and Entertainers: 43 items (1928 -- 1943)

Patient Medicine: 27 items (1887 -- 1897)

Miscellaneous Products: 82 items (1891 -- 1917)

Box 13 -- 70 items

Services: 13 items (1884 -- 1913)

Tobacco and tobacco products: 8 items (1860)

Travel: 46 items (1882 -- 1927)

Religious Tracts: 3 items (n.d.)

Box 14 -- 78 items

Iowa City: Inviations, programs: 49 items (1870 -- 1915)

Iowa City. Notices, Documents, Miscellaneous Papers: 29 items (1857 -- 1914)

Box 15 -- 64 items

Advertising Literature: Iowa City Merchants: 33 items (1855 -- 1929)

Iowa Literature: Miscellaneous: 25 items (1888 -- 1927)

State University of Iowa: 6 items (1891 -- 1947)

Box 16 -- 61 items

Miscellaneous I: 28 items (1863 -- 1930)

Miscellaneous II: 33 items (1877 -- 1929)

Box 17 -- 434 items

Wedding, Death Announcements, Inviations, Greeting Cards, and Notices: 86 items

Calling Cards: (including 273 lodge cards) 348 items

Box 18 -- 115 items

Ribbons, Medals, Buttons, Souvenirs, Tokens

Box 19 -- Magazine and Newspaper Clippings -- 665 items.

Item Inventory

Box 1

Correspondence: Letters date from 1866 to 1916.


Calumet Paper Co., Chicago. 1890

L.B. Chapin, Sloan, Iowa. 1917

Clark's O-N-T spool cotton (thread) (n.p.). 1895

Crane Brothers (Paper makers), Westfield, Mass. 1898

A. DeFollett & Son (Printers), Brooklyn.1878

Des Moines Piano Co., Des Moines, Iowa 1893

Jos. Eichbaum & Co., Pittsburgh (Printers). 1882

Home Insurance Co., New York. 1894

E.W. Hoyt & Co., Lowell, Mass. (tooth powder & cologne).1888

Irish's University Business College, Iowa City.1901

P. Harold Hayes, M.D., Buffalo, N.Y.1901

Hood's Sarsaparilla, (Lowell, Mass.).1899

Howard Lockwood & Co., New York (printer & publisher).1891

Marlin Fire Arms Co., New Haven, Conn. 1902

McClure's Magazine.1910

Metropolitan Plate Glass Insurance Co., New York 1898

Munn & Co., New York (Scientific American magazine).1873

Mutual Life Insurance Co., New York.1900

Osborne Company, Red Oak, Iowa (Art calendars).1898

Osborne Company, Red Oak, Iowa (Osborne Art Calendars).1899

Phenix Insurance Co., of Brooklyn. 1871

Sun Insurance Office, London.1894 

American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association.

Petition form, form letter, sample membership certificate, and news release by John Q. Adams, secretary of AFHBRMA, an organization established to save the Betsy Ross house as a shrine (c.1899).

Political Literature: Iowa State & Local

Warning to voters to beware of bogus tickets of candidates for office -- lists legal political tickets for coming election (n.d.)

Democratic State Convention, Council Bluffs (1892), 2 tickets.

Gov. Horace Boies (1892), ticket to second inauguration.

Democratic ticket with Augustus C. Dodge running for Governor and 15 other candidates for office (n.d.)

"Twenty-fourth General Assembly of Iowa. January 11, 1892" -- booklet lists membership of legislature

20th General Assembly Senate (1884), photomontage of members.

G.M. Curtis for Congress (n.d.), 3 campaign ads.

Joe R. Lane, candidate for Congress, speech given at West Liberty [16pp.] (1898)

Anti-A.B. Cummins sheets prepared by Republicans (c. 1887), 2 sheets.

"Citizens' Ticket" of candidates for office, "Anti-Chinese" and "Anti-Monopoly" for 10th Senatorial District (n.d.)

"Regular Republican Ticket" of candidates from 9th Senatorial District (n.d.)

Iowa (City) Citizen for 1901, supplement showing Republican candidates for offices in county with biographies and stand of each "Republican State Ticket" of candidates (n.d.)

Democratic Ticket of candidates (n.d.)

Democratic Ticket of candidates (n.d.)

"All about the Finn Case" by E. Houck -- personal defense reprinted from newspaper (1892)

Handbill with excerpt from Gov. Wm. Larrabee's inaugural address, 1886, alluding to moral deprivation of Iowa City as home of SUI -- people are called on to register official disapproval of insinuation program of Democratic State Convention, Council Bluffs, 1892

Democratic Press Banquet of Iowa at Ottumwa (1891), invitation

Democratic Press Banquet at Ottumwa, (1891)

"Democratic State Ticket" of candidates (n.d.), sovenir program

"Where the People's Money Goes" -- reprint of article from Iowa City Republican showing how tax money is apportioned (1887)

Handbill with Democratic ticket of nominees of Democratic County convention with ad urging Democrats to subscribe to Iowa State Press, a Democratic newspaper (c.1894)

Background on and stand of John C. Bills, Democratic nominee for Congress from 2nd District (n.d.), reprint from Davenport Leader.

Democratic State Convention, Davenport (1892) "Regular Democratic Ticket" of candidates from 13th Senatorial district (n.d.), ticket issued to alternate.

Torch-light parade in Iowa City by Democrats (n.d.), poster.

"Democratic State Ticket" of candidates with Johnson County and Iowa City Township tickets attached (n.d.)

"To the Catholic Voters of Iowa County" (c.1887), broadside

"State Democratic Ticket" of candidates with Johnson County and Iowa City Township tickets attached (n.d.)

"Rules of Organization Governing the Democratic Party of Iowa", adopted 1893

"Program of the Democratic State Convention" at Iowa City (1904 (1 sheet and ticket)

"Character sketches of prominent persons" (full-length drawings): William B. Allison, George M. Pullman, and James Wilson (n.d.)

"Why did (Ex-Sec'y of State) Dobson Resign" from presidency of National Life & Trust Co. and sell all of his stock -- pamphlet reprinting letter to editor of Sioux City Journal by G.L. Dobson (1902)

"A Correct Translation of a Circular Published in the Bohemian Language and Distributed Throughout This County" addressed to voters of Johnson County (1895)

"Platform of J.P. Gallagher, Democratic Candidate for Congress, Second Iowa District" -- pamphlet (n.d.)

"Something to Think About" by George W. Swords & Wm H. Conant; about taxation in Johnson County and new court house. booklet [32pp.] (n.d.)

Charles Landon Breckon, nominee of Social Democratic Party for 2nd Cong. District -- biographical campaign pamphlet (n.d.)

Election ballot (n.d.), 2 copies.

 Book Sellers and Publishers' Catalogs and Advertisements -- I

The Aldus Book Co., Ltd., New York -- catalog of used books (n.d.)

Cheshire House, Inc., New York City -- announcement of 12 new titles to be published (1931)

Field & Tuer, London, England -- folder of loose pages advertising new publications for sale (c. 1881)

Goodspeed's Book Shop, Boston -- catalog of maps of America [43pp.] (1929)

Grafton & Co., London -- sale catalog (1927)

Oscar H. Harpel, Cincinnati, Ohio -- pamphlet catalog of book sale (n.d.)

Frank Hollings, London -- double catalog of books for sale by bookseller (n.d.)

Houghton-Mifflin and Company, Boston & New York -- list of Holiday Books (1895)

The Montmartre Gallery, Ltd., London -- catalog of rare books, prints, and antiques for sale (n.d.)

J. Munsell, Albany, New York -- catalog of bibliographical works for sale (1856)

National Christian Association, Chicago -- list of works on secret societies for sale (n.d.)

The Peter Paul Book Company, Buffalo, New York -- list of new and forthcoming books with short biographies of living writers (with portraits) (1895)

Peter Pauper Press, New Rochelle, New York -- prospectus of new publications (n.d.)

Pynson Printers, Inc., New York -- list of Pynson Printers' imprints (1931)

Charles Scribner's Sons, New York -- catalog of Holiday Books (1895)

B.F. Stevens Agency, London, England -- booklet listing English, French and German magazines available with subscription rates (1880)

Guy Stonestreet, New York -- pamplet catalog of books offered for sale (1930)

Tondeur & Sauberlich, Leipzig, Germany -- catalog of second-hand books for sale (c.1930)

Book Sellers and Publishers' Catalogs and Advertisements -- II

Benn Brothers Limited, London, England -- prospectus for "The Players Shakespeare" with letter to John Springer from sales manager enclosed (1923)

The Burrows Brothers Company, Cleveland, Ohio -- prospectus for Fringilla by Richard Doddridge Blackmore, illustrations by Will H. Bradley (1895)

Clarke Conwell (The Elston Press), New York -- prospectus for edition of Richard de Bury's Philobiblon (1901)

Dauber & Pine Bookshops, Inc., New York -- ad for forthcoming publications.of Wm Edwin Rudge publishing house (c.1926)

The Davenant Bookshop, Oxford, England -- ad prospectus for "The Shakespeare Head Spenser" to be published for Shakespeare Head Press by Basil Blackwell, Oxford (1930)

Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York -- booklet of specimen pages from The Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary.16pp. (n.d.)

The Grabhorn Press, San Francisco, California -- ad folder for small book by Theodore L. DeVinne on Christopher Plantin (n.d.)

Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York -- sheet advertising Mark Twain's Joan of Arc (n.d.)

Elisha K. Kane, Kane, Pennsylvania -- brochure advertising The Book of Good Love by Juan Ruiz, Archpriest of Hita (c. 1930)

Limited Editions Club, Inc., New York -- ad booklet soliciting members and listing first 12 books offered by club (n.d.)

The Macmillan Company, New York -- prospectus for Walter Pater's Marius the Epicurean (n.d.)

Macmillan & Co., Cambridge, England -- 2 brochures for reprints of first books printed at Cambridge with specimen enclosed (n.d.)

Maggs Brothers, London, England -- ad folder with order form for Stanley Morison's German Incunabula in the British Museum (1928)

A.C. McClurg & Co., (New York?) -- ad sheet for Lawrence Perry's Prince or Chauffeur (n.d.)

Northwestern University Library, Evanston, Illinois -- 3 brochures advertising The Mirror of the Parisian Bibliophile by Alfred Bonnardot (1931)

William Farquhar Payson, New York -- prospectus for story by James Fenimore Cooper, "The Lake Gun" to be published in book form (1932)

The Pynson Printers, New York -- prospectus advertising The Decorative Work of T.M Cleland (1929) (with check list of Pynson imprints inserted)

Charles Scribner's Sons, New York -- form letter advertising "Thistle" edition of Robert Lewis Stevenson's works and "Sabine" edition of Eugene Field's writings with accompanying prospects for each (1896)

Charles K. Stotlemeyer, Hancock, Maryland -- brochure advertising Merle Johnson's American First Editions with specimen page from new edition (n.d.)

Street & Smith, New York -- sheet advertising Princess Series of paperback novels (n.d.)

Thomas Thorp, Bookseller, London, England -- prospectus with specimen pages from The Oxford English Dictionary to be re-issued (1933)

Urest Orton, New York -- prospectus and order form for fine editions of three American classics (n.d.)

Book Sellers and Publishers' Catalogs and Advertisements -- III

George H. Bidwell, New York -- folder advertising The Prompt Computer for Printers (n.d.)

Clarke Conwell, New York -- announcement that first book to be issued by Conwell's Elston Press will be Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth B. Browning (1900)

Dauber & Pine Bookshops, Inc., New York -- folder advertising The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, pub. by Random House, for sale by bookshop 1930)

The Export Book Co., Preston, Lancs., England -- selections from library of Lord Stanley of Alderley which are for sale (1933)

Farrar & Rinehart, Incorporated, New York -- prospectus with facsimile of title page of The Green Pastures by Marc Connelly (1930)

The Graphic Arts Company, Boston, Massachusetts -- prospectus for Historic Design in Printing by Henry Lewis Johnson (1923); order form included

Graphic Arts Publishing Company, Chicago -- sheet advertising The Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Printing (n.d.)

Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts -- prospectus for The Goddess Fortuna in Mediaeval Literature by Howard R. Patch (n.d.)

Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston, Massachusetts -- announcement of the Riverside Aldine Series of finely printed books (1885)

A.J. Johnson Company, New York -- prospectus for Johnson's Universal Cyclopaedia containing specimen pages (n.d.)

Leary's Book Store, Philadelphia -- "An Old Landmark, a Famous Book Store" by Joseph Jackson [29pp]. (1920) -- booklet history of the bookstore

Linweave Limited Editions, (n.p.) -- prospectus for The Middle Passage by Daniel Chase with introduction to his novel reprinted ("The Course") (1931)

Longmans, Green & Co., New York -- order form and advertisement for Stanley J. Weyman's Shrewsbury and his other titles (n.d.)

The Macmillan Company, New York and other cities -- prospectus for New York by Ethel Fleming (n.d.)

Maggs Brothers, London and Paris -- sheet advertising The Book Collector's Guide by Seymour de Ricci (n.d.)

A.C. McClurg & Co., Chicago -- folder advertising Charlotte Temple by "Mrs. Rawson", one of Altemus' Printemps Series novels (n.d.), 2 copies

Newman F. McGirr, Philadelphia -- bookseller's announcement of John Clyde Oswald's Benjamin Franklin in Oil and Bronze (c. 1920's); order blank enclosed

Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, Netherlands -- advertisement for L'Art Typographique dans les Pays-Bas... by Wouter Nijhoff (c.1923)

The Players, New York -- prospectus for The First English Actresses... by Henry W. Lamer, part of The Players Series 1931, 2 copies

Albert A. Pope (Pope Manufacturing Company), Boston, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut -- form letter and circular accompanying complimentary copy of Errors in School-Books (1893)

Pynson Printers, Inc., New York -- prospectus with specimen pages of Dard Hunter's A Papermaking Pilgrimage (1936)

Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago and New York -- sheet advertising Prince Schamgi's Wooing by Richard H. Savage, one of Oriental Library series (c.1890's), 2 copies

William Edwin Rudge, New York -- pamphlet describing edition of The Lights of Canopus to be published by Rudge (n.d.). Enclosed is a smaller brochure for Dard Hunter's Papermaking Through Eighteen Centuries (1930)

William Edwin Rudge, New York -- prospectus for Gutenberg and the Book of Books with facsimile of a page from Gutenberg Bible (n.d.)

Hugo Schmidt, Munich, Germany -- pamphlet advertising several titles published and sold by Schmidt (n.d.)

Scientific Publishing Company, New York -- advertisement for Gems and Precious Stones of North America by George Frederic Kunz {n.d.)

Henry Sotheran & Co., Booksellers, London, England -- sheet advertising book sale of early English printed works (1895)

The Southworth Press, Portland, Maine -- prospectus for Early American Children's Books by A.S.W. Rosenbach (1933) (with specimen page)

John Springer's forthcoming Catalogue of Books on Printing featuring title page of Proposals for Printing an Exact and Ample Account of all the Books Printed by William Caxton... printed by Springer at Daily Press Office, Iowa City, Iowa, December 10, 1879 -- specimen sheet, 2 copies.

B. Westermann & Co., New York -- ad folder for A Universal English-German and German-English Dictionary by Dr. Felix Flugel for sale by company 1890

Box 2

Advertising Literature: Companies and Industries

Allegheny Insurance Co., Pittsburgh -- ad card with formal reminder of date of expiration of policy printed on one side (c. 1880's)

Armstrong Cork Company, St. Louis -- business card printed on paper-thin piece of genuine cork (n.d.)

William Buchanan, Kansas City, St. Louis, Texarkana, Texas -- informational booklet about lumber company c7pp.m (c. 1896)

Builders Iron Foundry, Providence -- calendar for 1900

J.W. Burdette, Chicago -- business card with announcement folder from lawyer (probate) announcing establishment of new practice (n.d.)

Central Nursery, Waukee, Iowa -- ad card for seed and nursery company (n.d.)

A.U. Coates, Perry, Iowa -- ad card for retailer of "musical merchandise" (c. 1901)

Coheco Manufacturing Co., Dover, New Hampshire -- ad card for manufacturer of cotton yard goods (n.d.)

Gage Brothers & Co., Inc. (n.p.) -- ad card for exhibit sponsored by company (type of business not stated) (n.d.)

R.J. Gunning Co., Chicago -- ad card for advertising sign contractor (1893)

Hayden Brothers, Omaha -- ad card for dry goods store (n.d.)

Heath & Milligan Mfg. Co., Chicago -- "History of Paints, Pigments and Colors..." booklet, [72pp.], (1897)

Frederick Keppel & Co., New York -- ad card from art gallery for exhibit of works by Earl Horter (1916)

Kiggins & Tooker Co., New York -- calling card from stationery firm (1899)

Lyman Brothers, Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- brochures for millinery shop (n.d.), 2 copies

O.J. Maigne Co., New York & Philadelphia -- "How We Lost a Customer" (type of business not syated) (n.d.), booklet

Monahan Express Company, New York -- ad folder for new building stating there is floor space to rent in it (n.d.)

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago -- booklet "Souvenir" with brief sketch of business activities at Wards -- [25pp.], (1898)

"Announcement of General Catalogue, Spring and Summer 1 9 " [24pp.], (1898) (booklet in mailing envelope)

Orchard & Wilhelm Carpet Co., Omaha -- ad card (n.d.)

Penn Mutual Life (Insurance Co.), Philadelphia -- business card from agent Frank Perry, Davenport, Iowa (n.d.)

Pyrie -- Birks Ltd., Toronto -- ad fold-out pamphlet from diamond merchant (c. 1927)

Publishers' Collection Agency, New York -- ad printed on cardboard ruler and type measure (n.d.)

Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago -- certificate for a 50 cent mail order catalog (n.d.)

Simpson's Mail Order Co. Toronto -- ad brochure (1927)

M. E. Smith & Co., Omaha -- ad card for dry goods store (1898)

F. Ad. Muller Sohne, Wiesbaden, Germany -- ad card for manufacturer of glass eyes (n.d.)

M. Spiesberger & Son Co., Keokuk -- invitation brochure to attend "Spring Opening Display" of millinery (n.d.)

Standard Live Stock Commission Co., Chicago -- pocket notebook, advertising incl. (1895)

Sterns', Keokuk, Iowa -- ad sheet for "street fair" given by millinery shop (n.d.)

Taylor Brothers, London, England -- folder stating that company has won "Bronze Medal for Excellence of Manufacture" at International Exhibition, Paris, 1878 (type of business not stated)

Zimmerman Steel Company, Lone Tree, Iowa -- large ad fold-out for steel manufacturing firm (c.1909)

 Printers and Publishers -- I

The Werner Company, Akron, Ohio -- booklet describing the company (1894)

Griffith, Axtell, & Cady Co., Holyoke, Massachusetts -- ad sheet for "Ideal Masterpieces" Art Advertising sheet (for insertion in newspapers, etc.) (1891)

Meyer-Rotier Printing Company, Milwaukee -- brochure advertising typography of which company is capable (n.d.)

American Colortype Company, Chicago & New York City -- ad booklet for company's color printing [22pp] (c.1921)

The Chapple Press, Boston -- booklet describing the Chapple Press print shop (n.d.)

Egbert, Fidlar, & Chambers, Davenport, Iowa -- complimentary voting booklet for use in lodge elections, consisting of blank pages (n.d.), 2 copies

Charles Austin Bates, New York -- leaflet of testimonials from several newspapers for Bates' ad cards (c.1897)

J.F. Farhart Printing Company, Columbus, Ohio -- 2 business cards (n.d.)

Charles Francis Press, New York -- ink blotter with ad printed on recto (n.d.)

Bakewell & Marthens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- ad card (n.d.)

Duplex Color Disc Company, Chicago -- post card advertisement (n.d.)

A.B.Dick Company, Chicago -- 8 leaves from calendars produced by A.B. Dick on company's product, the "Edison Mimeograph" machine (Dec. 1900 -- Feb. 1902) (incomplete)

The Henry 0. Shepard Company, Inc., Chicago -- ad card (n.d.)

Knight & Leonard Printers, Chicago -- ad card (n.d.)

DeFollett & Son, Brooklyn, New York -- ad card for job printers (n.d.)

Harpel & Skillman (Franklin Works, General Printing), Cincinnati, Ohio -- ad card (n.d.)

O.H.Harpel, Cincinnati -- business card from member of above firm identified as "typographic designer and writer" (n.d.)

Co-operative Printing Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota -- ad card (n.d.)

Ragsdale & Chassell, LeMars, Iowa -- ad card for printing and binding firm, a manufacturer of blank books (n.d.)

Stevenson, Foster & Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- business card from electrotyping, printing and stationery firm (n.d.)

Culver, Page, Hoyne & Co., Chicago -- business card from C.W. McCluer, salesman for printing and stationers firm (n.d.)

Fleet-McGinley, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland -- sample of color printing by firm on large fold-out sheet (n.d.)

J.S. Thompson & Co., Chicago, Illinois -- 20th annual ad circular for printing firm (1873)

The Artistic Stationery Company, London -- ad for Christmas cards printed by company with sample in envelope (ad on envelope) (n.d.)

Harpel & Skillman, Franklin Steam Printing Works, Cincinnati, Ohio -- "A Franklin Memento" (1877), 2 copies

(under name Oscar H. Harpel) ad sheet for specimen catalog "Typographic Display" (n.d.)

Earhart & Richardson, Cincinnati, Ohio -- J.F. Earhart's "The Color Printer" (n.d.), booklet

Merchants Publishing Company, Chicago -- priced ad card for printing of photos (n.d.)

 Printers and Publishers -- II

The Aldine Publishing Company, New York -- ad card for wood-cut printing (n.d.)

George E. Cockerton & Son, Danville, Illinois -- ad folder from job-printing firm (n.d.)

Peter Pauper Press, Mount Vernon, New York -- sheet advertising Prelude to Man by Chard Powers Smith with list of subscribers (n.d.)

Foster and Company, Chicago -- booklet of testimonials in support of firm for Public Printer (c.1897)

Avery L. Rand, Boston, Massachusetts -- ad sheet for 3 different "News-boys' New Year Greetings" booklets (1899)

Rich & Murphy, Vinton, Iowa -- ad card for job printing done at office of Semi-Weekly Eagle newspaper (1885)

George T. Reddick, Iowa City, Iowa -- ad folder and business card from printer & stationer (1897)

Republican Company (publisher Daily & Weekly Republican newspaper), Iowa City, Iowa -- ad folder/greeting card and price list for job printing and paper (n.d.)

The Press, Iowa City, Iowa -- ad sheet for all-languages printing printed while in parade at Iowa City, July 4, 1881

State Journal Company, Springfield, Illinois -- ad folder for job printing from publisher of Illinois State Journal (newspaper) (n.d.)

Charles Austin Bates, New York -- 5 sample ad cards (one dated 1898)

Sac Sun, Sac City, Iowa -- form letter and samples advertising for printers to buy right to use official seal on legal documents in each county (188)

Art Collectors Club, Philadelphia -- priced ad sheet for prints of famous paintings for sale through club (n.d.)

Theo. L. DeVinne & Co., New York -- post card informing recipient of new address of The DeVinne Press (1886)

Dodd, Mead & Co., New York -- announcement of exhibit of recently acquired books from Pope Library, Brooklyn, N.Y. (1895)

M.A. Bancroft., Sioux City, Iowa -- booklet entitled "Run and Twist" on printing techniques (n.d.)

The Economy Advertising Company, (Iowa City, Iowa) -- long ad sheet for job printing captioned "Talks on Printing" (n.d.)

 Printers and Publishers: R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. (The Lakeside Press), Chicago

"An Exhibit of Direct-Color Photo Reproduction and Water -- Color Printing" (1934), brochure

"Deeptord" photo printing process (n.d.), folder

"Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax" showing high quality of R.R. Donnelley's printing of color photographs (n.d.), brochure

"The Last of the Wooden Indians", brochure

Exhibition of works of Rudolph Ruzicka at Lakeside Press Galleries (1934),announcement and invitation

"School Books of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" (1935), folder advertising gravure photo reproduction process (n.d.)

"Specimen of a New Technique in Offset Lithography," adv. for the Deeptone Process (n.d.), pamphlet

pamphlet entitled same, adv. same for oil painting reproduction (n.d.)

adv. reproduction of water color painting. (n.d.)

adv. reproduction of etching (n.d.)

adv. reproduction of crayon drawing (n.d.)

"Water Color Printing at the Lakeside Press (n.d.), pamphlet

Exhibitions of fine printing at Chicago World's Fair, 1933 -- 1934, booklet inviting visitors to two exhibitiobs

International Poster Exhibition at Lakeside Press Galleries (1932), folder

"Breakfast with America's Purchasing Agent" (n.d.), folder

14th edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica (c. 1929), folder announcing publication

Oil painting reproduced by Donnelly Deeptone Process (n.d.), folder

"Realism - Desire - Buying!" adv. color reproduction process for photos (n.d.), pamphlet

"A Comparison" (n.d.), pamphlet advertising Fine Halftone Printing of photos

"Selling Fabrics - the modern way" (c.1936), folder

Announcement that William A. Kittredge is now in charge of design and typography for Lakeside Press (1922) (not in folder), booklet

Rockwell Kent has books printed at Lakeside Press (c.1931), folder

Portrait of John Springer -- electrotype (copper engraving mounted on wood)

Box 3

Paper -- I

J. E. Linde Paper Co., New York -- "Good Information about Paper for Printers and Buyers of Paper" (n.d.) , 2 copies.

business reply post card (n.d.)

issue of house organ "Paper News" special exposition number [16pp.], (1913)

Calumet Paper Company, Chicago -- ad folder with picture of company's mfg. plant (n.d.)

sample of a Japanese napkin with cover ad sheet (n.d.)

notice of company's change of address (1892)

ad in shape of a halberd noting price cuts in stationery stock (n.d.)

calling card with new company address (c.1892)

"A True Account of It" (1892), pamphlet

ad folder with message printed on hand -- made Dutch paper of 1764 (1890)

"White's Multi-Color Charts..." [73 l.] ( 1891), catalog

Paper -- II

J.W.Butler Paper Co., Chicago -- folder advertising the company's fancy stationery with calendar for 1890 inside

ad folder for commencement folders, souvenir programs, napkins, and letter stationery (1893)

ad folder for "National Bank Bond" paper (n.d.)

notice that company closes at 1 p.m. on Saturday (n.d.}

ad for "Sheepskin Parchment" ledger paper printed on sample 1 99)

card from J.M. Evans, salesman, announcing forthcoming visit (1896)

same printed on a folder (1893)

orange-colored business card (c.1892)

folder telling of forthcoming "Paper Age" (c.1886)

ad sheet for "Mascot" Brand writing paper and new catalog 1892

ad sheet entitled "Cut Cards" (n.d.)

annual announcement for 1894 -- 1895

Whiting Paper Company, Holyoke, Massachusetts & Chicago -- "Our Aim" with samples of ledger paper (n.d.), pamphlet, 2 copies

sample calling card with New Year's wish (1884) in envelope

brochure entitled "Card Courtesy (n.d.) (in envelope)

booklet with same title with light green cover in envelope (1893)

booklet entitled "Taste in Letters" (in envelope) (1896)

ad sheet for new Sample Book of Ruled Headings (n.d.)

booklet entitled "The Evolution of Paper" (1898)

folder with sample of White Ivory Bristol paper for announcements or correspondence (1895)

pamphlet with samples of Whitings Standard Ledger Papers n.d.

 Paper -- III

Ticonderoga Pulp & Paper Company, New York City -- "Ticonderoga Special Magazine" printed on sample of magazine stock with photo of stream and train crossing on viaduct (n.d.), 2 copies

same on different weight stock with color painting of "Aloise" on front (n.d.)

same on different stock with headband from nursery company catalog at top (n.d.)

folder printed on special paper designed for offset presses (n.d.), 2 copies

The Seymour Company, New York -- brochure titled "On Cream" (n.d.), 2 coies

brochure of samples entitled "Potomac Covers" (n.d.)

"Cabinet Covers" (n.d.)

"Flora Covers" (n.d.)

"Artillery Covers" (n.d.)

"National Covers" (n.d.)

"White House Covers" (n.d.)

Linenette Kid finish Stock (n.d.), sample booklet

Executive Text Book Papers (n.d.), sample booklet

folder announcing change of address of company with map of Manhattan showing new site (n.d.)

"Everybody's Using It!" (n.d.), sample booklet

Penn Ledger Paper (n.d.), brochure

 Paper -- IV

Western Paper Company, Omaha, Nebraska -- brochure warning printers of scarcity of paper in next few months (1900)

Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co., Philadelphia -- ad folder for commencement stationery (1899)

The Champion Coated Paper Co., Hamilton, Ohio -- booklet on the manufacture of paper at company's plant [30pp.], (n.d.)

"Champion owns the Trees..." (n.d.), folder

Crocker-McElwain Co., Holyoke, Massachusetts -- booklet entitled "The Winners in the One Thousand Dollar Prize Contest for Halftone Printing on Bond Paper" (n.d.)

"The Paper Book", a catalog of papers, issue #28 (1927).

The Chatfield & Woods Co., Cincinnati, Ohio -- ad folder for stationery products (n.d.)

Strathmore Paper Company, Mittineague, Massachusetts -- business reply post card (n.d.)

"When Printers Advertise" (n.d.), booklet

"Alexandra Japan" paper stock (c.1912), booklet

The Paper Mills' Company, Chicago -- catalog of coated paper available (n.d.)

same with translucent cover (n.d.)

The Beckett Paper Company, Hamilton, Ohio -- catalog of samples of Buckeye text papers (n.d.)

 Paper -- V

The Advertisers Paper Mills, New York -- "Caslon Flowers: An Appreciation" by W.A.Dwiggins printed on Holyoke Text paper (1913), booklet (in envelope)

Bradner Smith & Co., Chicago -- booklet of Government rules and regulations of interest to printers (1918)

ad card for No. 1 Ledger paper (n.d.)

Holiday greeting card addressed to John Springer (n.d.)

Chicago Paper Co., Chicago -- ad sheet printed on sample of Kenmore deckle edge paper (n.d.)

S.D.Childs & Co., Chicago -- ad sheet for Japanese silk copying paper with sample attached (n.d.)

Crane Brothers, Westfield, Massachusetts -- ad sheet for Crane's "Gold Medal" Linen Ledger paper (n.d.)

Niagara Paper Mills, Lockport, New York -- "The Man Who Found Himself" (n.d.), booklet, 3 copies

The Paper Mills' Company, Chicago -- ad pamphlet for Dill & Collins Company's Canterbury Book paper (n.d.)

Peninsular Paper Co., Ypsilanti, Michigan -- ad fold-out sheet for Neapolitan Cover paper (n.d.)

James White Paper Co., Chicago -- ad sheet printed on sample of Buckeye Text paper (n.d.) (in envelope)

Warringstown book paper (1901), samples catalog

 Paper -VI

American Paper Company, Chicago -- ad folder printed on American Book paper (n.d.)

Andrews & Lewerth, Inc., New York -- folder introducing E.P. Archibald, recently-appointed salesman (in large envelope) (n.d.)

Ashcroft Manufacturing Company, New York -- 2 copies of ad booklet for Ashcroft Paper Tester [24pp.], (n.d. )

Bay State Papers (no address, no company name) (n.d.), ad pamphlet in shape and color of a beet

Chicago Newspaper Union, Chicago -- price list booklet for paper, envelopes, cardboard, fancy stationery, etc. [69pp.], (1896)

Chicago Paper Company, Chicago -- pocket-size booklet of tables of economic ways to cut paper with minimum waste (1899)

Davenport Bag and Paper Company, (Davenport, Iowa?) -- ad card (post card) giving day salesman ("The Davenport Paper Man") is expected to call (on slip of paper folded and inserted in breast pocket of figure of man on card) (n.d.)

DeBoise Bresnan Co., New York -- 3 copies of ad brochure for "Electrolator", eliminator of static electricity in paper (n.d.)

Jos. Eichbaum & Company (n.p.) -- 4 ad cards for stationery products (c.1882)

Electrical Testing Laboratories, New York City -- 2 copies of booklet entitled "Testing of Paper" (n.d.)

Hammermill Paper Company, Erie, Pennsylvania -- catalog of samples of Middlesex Covers (paper) (n.d.)

"Different Enough to be Worth While" (n.d.), 2 copies of folder

"Portfolio of Business Stationery" (in envelope) (n.d.)

Hampshire Paper Company, South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts -- booklet advertising 50th anniversary of company (1916)

Parsons Paper Company, Holyoke, Massachusetts -- ad folder giving brief history of company and chief events in U.S. history coinciding with company's existence (c.1928)

West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company, (n.p.) -- booklet of samples of printing on Westvaco uncoated book papers (c.1925)

Department of Commerce, Washington, D. C. -- poster asking the public to save waste paper and rags to help alleviate paper shortage (1916)

Paper -- VII

Parker, Thomas & Tucker Paper Company, Chicago -- 2 copies of folder illustrated with wood engravings (n.d.)

Box 4

Printing Machinery & Equipment -- I

R. Hoe & Co., New York -- catalog of machinery for making stereotype plates [24pp.] (n.d.), 2 copies

Duplex Printing Press Company, Battle Creek, Michigan -- sheet advertising Duplex. matrix drying table and mechanical compressor steam table (n.d.), 2 copies

Southworth Machine Co., Portland, Maine -- of photo (in envelope) of Beaver Mortising Machine (n.d.), 2 copies

Dexter Manufacturing Company, Des Moines, Iowa -- catalog of Dexter folding machines [32pp.] (1889)

Dexter Folder Company, Fulton, New York -- catalog for Dexter folding machines (1892)

business card (n.d.)

The Printing Machinery Company, Cincinnati, Ohio -- folder advertising Warnock Diagonal Block and Register Hook System and other items (n.d.)

Sterling Aluminum and Cast Iron Flat Top Blocks (n.d.), brochure, 2 copies

Sterling Plate Mortising and Correcting Machine (n.d.), brochure, 2 copies

Sprague Electric Works of General Electric Company, New York -- catalog no. 117 showing Sprague electric products for printing machinery [23pp.] (1912)

"Sprague Electric Equipments for Printing Machinery" [11pp.] (1913), descriptive bulletin, 2 copies

"Sprague Electric Motor Drive for Stereotyping and Electrotyping Machinery" (bulletin no. 241) [31pp.] (1913), catalog

"Full Automatic Push Button Control Systems for the Operation of Newspaper Presses" [7pp.] (1911), pamphlet, 2 copies

M.J. Hughes, New York -- business card of manufacturer of "stereotype outfits and machinery"(n.d.)

Godfrey and McCall, London, England -- pamphlet describing company's electroplating works, reprinted from "The British and Colonial Printer and Stationer", July 7th 1881

Latham Automatic Registering Company, Chicago -- ad folder for Latham Beveller (n.d.)

Latham Machinery Co., Chicago -- brochure describing bookbinding machinery (n.d.)

Economy Baler Co., Ann Arbor, Michigan -- "The Cheapest Experience Is Other People's" [24pp.] (c.1912), booklet, 3 copies

another pamphlet for same (n.d.)

 Printing Machinery & Equipment -- II

Duryea Manufacturing Company, New York -- pamphlet advertising "Wooster Belting" (industrial machinery belts for power transfer) (c.1909)

booklets describing same [23pp] (n.d.), 2 copies

Hexagon Tool Company, New York City -- folder and business reply card for Hexagon Saw-Planer (c.1913), 2 copies

Economy Engineering Co., Chicago -- pamphlet advertising tiering machines (forerunner of fork-lift truck) (n.d.)

booklet for same [20pp.] (n.d.)

John Royle & Sons, Paterson, New Jersey -- catalog of beveling and lining-beveling machines [56pp.] (1907)

brochure advertising company's exhibit at National Printing and Advertising Exposition, New York (1913)

catalog for the Royle Router No.l [18pp.] (1913)

brochure for Royle Radial Arm Router [11pp] (1908)

Samuel Bingham's Son, Chicago -- manufacturer of printers' rollers (n.d.), ad cards, 2 copies

folder showing how Bingham's rollers are made (c.1890)

folder showing same (c.1892)

sheet showing same (n.d.)

ad card for rollers (n.d.)

The Harris Automatic Press Company, Niles, Ohio -- ad card for Harris sheet feeder (n.d.)

The Van Bibber Roller Company, Cincinnati, Ohio -- catalog describing company's rollers and composition [32pp.] (1895)

"You Use Rollers Then this is worth reading" (ad for rollers and composition [30pp.] (n.d.), booklet

leaflet signed by Andrew Van Bibber accusing Samuel Bingham's Son of using VanBibber's ad copy for his own ads (captioned "Can You Appreciate a Joke?") (n.d.)

brochure on the Van Bibber Mitering Tool

n.d. ad circular for rollers and composition (n.d.)

Perry Brothers and Humphrey, Manufacturers, Chicago -- ad circular for Perry's Adjustable Feed Guide (c.1880)

The Buckie Printers' Roller Co., Chicago -- ad card enclosed in cloth drawstring bag entitled "Dont let the CAT out of the bag" (n.d.)

Diehl Manufacturing Company, Elizabeth, New Jersey -- ad bulletin for Diehl electric motors for presses (1913)

Logemann Brothers Company, Milwaukee -- ad flyer for baling presses (n.d.), 3 copies

Ashcroft Manufacturing Company, New York -- ad sheet for the Ashcroft Thickness Gauge (n.d.)

The Peerless Trading Company, Inc., Syracuse, New York -- ad circular for paper salvage firm (n.d.)

United Printing Machinery Company, Boston -- brochure advertising the U.P.M. Vacuum Bronzing Machine (n.d.), 2 copies

Niles - Bement - Pond Co., New York -- ad brochure for planers (1911), 2 copies

Zeese - Wilkinson Co., New York -- ad booklet produced by firm of engravers containing ads for printing equipment by different mfrs. [15pp.] (1913), 2 copies

Mergenthaler Linotype Co., New York -- ad folder for the Miller Sawtrimmer for sale by Mergenthaler (n.d.)

Standard Machinery Co., Mystic, Connecticut -- leaflet describing the Best Rod Embosser (n.d.), 2 copies

Hall Paper and Specialties Co., New York -- ad sheet for the "Langro" Sealing Machine (n.d.)

The George P. Clark Company, Windsor Locks, Connecticut -- pamphlet advertising Clark wheels and casters [29pp.] (n.d.)

National Printing Machinery Co., Athol, Massachusetts -- brochure describing the National Independent Rotary crimper, scorer and slitter (n.d.)

George H. Sanborn & Sons, Chicago -- ad card for manufacturer of paper cutting and bookbinding machinery

The W.O. Hickok Manufacturing Co., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -- ad circular for Hickok paper rulers (1895)

 Printing Machinery & Equipment -- III

The National Binding Machine Co., New York -- pamphlet advertising a gummed-tape-dispensing machine (n.d.), 2 copies

Hall Paper & Specialties Co., New York City -- ad sheet for tape-moistening machine (for wrapping tape) (n.d.)

Peerless Trading Company, New York -- ad card for wiping cloths (n.d.)

George A. Clapper, Wooster, Ohio -- ad folder for Peerless Ink & Roller cabinet and other products (n.d.)

Duryea Manufacturing Co., New York -- ad pamphlet for "Detertine" roller cleaner (mostly testimonials) (c.1913), 2 copies

The Printing Machinery Company, Cincinnati, Ohio -- descriptive folder for Warnock Diagonal Block and Register Hook System and the Sterling cleaning kit for same (n.d.)

Minnesota Type Foundry Company, St. Paul, Minnesota -- ad folder for the Acme Standard Mailer (machine) (c.1894)

ad sheet inserted in above for the Regan Vapor Electro Engine (n.d.)

The Cleveland Folding Machine Company, (Cleveland, Ohio?) -- ad brochure for folding machine with testimonial (n.d.)

Seybold Machine Company, Dayton, Ohio -- calendar for 1897 featuring machines company mfrs. and sells

F. Wahl & Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- ad card for printers supplies firm (n.d.)

American Steel Chase Company, New York -- priced folder for all-steel job chases (n.d.)

Charles Machris, Detroit, Michigan -- ad sheet from supplier of printer's equipment (n.d.)

James Reilly's Sons' Company, New York City -- booklet of testimonials to work of company, an electrical equipment maintenance firm (c.1913) (in envelope)

The Inland Printer Co., Chicago & New York -- list of books and supplies for printers (in pamphlet form) (1896)

Burkley Printing Company, Omaha -- ad card for supplier of printing machinery and equipment (1898)

Inland Type Foundry, St. Louis -- ad folder for seals (gummed) to be placed on type cases no longer used (samples enclosed) (c.1900)

The Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Illinois -- ad sheet for Hamilton-Boss Lower Case (job case) (n.d.)

Stitching Machines

Golding and Co., Chicago -- ad sheet for the Greenfield Automatic Fastener

Latham Machinery Company, Chicago -- catalog for "Monitor" wire stitching machines (n.d.), 2 copies

The J.L. Morrison Company, Inc., Niagara Falls, N.Y. -- ad card for "Perfection" wire stitching machines (n.d.)

folder for same (n.d.), 2 copies

Boston Wire Stitcher Co., East Greenwich, Rhode Island -- 2 copies of folder for wire stitching machines

George Damon & Sons, New York -- ad sheet for National wire stitcher (n.d.), 2 copies

H.L. Roberts & Company, New York -- booklet advertising the Roberts Silk Stitching machine with testimonial letters (c.1911), 3 copies

Latham Machinery Co., Chicago -- brochure for Latham's Monitor wire stitching machines and other of company's products (n.d.)

Paper Cutters

Standard Machinery Company, Mystic, Connecticut -- ad brochure for the Keystone Hand Clamp Cutters (n.d.)

Keystone Automatic and Foot Clamp diitter (n.d.), brochure, 3 copies

Standard Machinery Company, Mystic, Conn. -- "Keystone Hand Lever Paper Cutter" (n.d.), folder, 3 copies

"30-inch Keystone Paper Cutters" (n.d.), folder, 3 copies

Standard Die Cutting Press (n.d.), brochure, 3 copies

The Seybold Machine Company, Dayton, Ohio -- Seybold Twentieth Century Automatic Cutting Machine (n.d.), folder, 2 copies

ad sheet for Seybold Hand Clamp Power Cutting Machine (n.d.)

pamphlet on the "Pony Automatic" cutting machine (n.d.), 2 copies

T.W. & C.B. Sheridan Company, New York -- Sheridan paper cutters, rotary board shears, automatic book trimmers, and knife grinders .24pp. , (n.d. ), catalog, 2 copies

H. Hinze Machinery Company, New York -- Krause 3-sided trimmer (n.d.), ad card, 2 copies

ad card for Krause cheap lever cutter (n.d.)

Golding Manufacturing Co., Franklin, Massachusetts -- ad sheet for Golding Hand Lever Paper Cutter (n.d.)

Boston card cutter and bench shears (n.d), folder, 2 copies

W.O.Hickok Manufacturing Co., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -- "A Cutting Remark" (1894), leaflet

Chandler & Price Co., Cleveland, Ohio -- "Two New Ones", being the Chandler & Price Paper Cutter and Chandler & Price Lead and Rule Cutter (n.d.), booklet

Dexter Folder Company, New York -- booklet with reprints of testimonial letters (c.1913), 2 copies.

George H. Sanborn & Sons, Chicago -- ad card for manufacturer of paper cutters and other printing machinery (n.d.)

ad folder for paper cutting machinery (n.d.)

Oswego Machine Works, Oswego, New York -- ad sheet for Double Shear Cutters (n.d.), 2 copies

ad sheet for "New Oswego Auto" (n.d.), 2 copies.

ad sheet depicting 8 styles and sizes of paper cutters (n.d.)

Loring Coes & Co., Inc., Worcester, Massachusetts -- heavy-paper envelope for machine knives (n.d.)

brochure advertising Coes"Micro-Ground" knives (n.d.), 2 copies

 Punching Machines

Charles S. Jonas & Brother, New York -- ad folder for Jonas Automatic Perforator (n.d.)

National Printing Machinery Co., Athol, Massachusetts -- 2 copies of brochure for the National Rotary Perforator (n.d.)

W.O. Hickok Manufacturing Co., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -- ad leaflet for Hickok perforator (1894), leaflet for same, entitled "A Puncher Rounds the Corner" (1894)

The Samuel C. Tatum Company, Cincinnati, Ohio -- brochures for paper perforators, paper punches, and crimping and flexing machine inside folder entitled "Tatum Paper Perforators" (1913)

"Paper Punches for Particular People" (1912), brochure

Southworth Machine Company, Portland, Maine -- folder advertising Portland Multiple Punching Machines (n.d.), 2 copies

sheet with samples of punching by Portland Punching Machines (c.1910), 2 copies

"Portland Multiple Punching Machines" [7pp.] (n.d.), catalog

 Hand Trucks

New York Revolving Portable Elevator Co., Jersey City, New Jersey -- ad booklet for "revolvator" tiering machines (1912), 3 copies

George P. Clark Co., Windsor Locks, Connecticut -- "Bulletin J" describing various types of platform trucks (baggage and express) company sells and makes (1913)

"Bulletin M" for "Dry Goods, Dye House, and Laundry Trucks" 1913)

Miller Incline Truck Co., New York -- catalog for the Miller Incline Truck (1913)

Economy Engineering Co., Chicago -- ad sheet reprinted from magazine The Paper Mill advertising tiering machines (1912)

Cowan Truck Company, Holyoke, Massachusetts -- booklet entitled "Specifications Dimensions and Prices of the Cowan Transveyor" (n.d.), 3 copies

4 ad sheets entitled "The Cowan Trucking System" (n.d.)

The Fairbanks Company, New York City -- 3 copies of booklet describing the Atlas Transfer Truck (n.d.)

 Numbering Machines

W. O. Hickok Manufacturing Co., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -- brochure on numbering machines, standing presses, lay-boys, and signature presses (c.1894)

A.G. Burton's Son, Chicago -- ad pamphlet for the S.K. White Paging and Numbering Machine c14pp. -- (n.d.)

Latham Machinery Company, Chicago -- "Celebrated Monitor Numbering Machine" prices and specimens (n.d.), brochure, 3 copies

Wetter Numbering Machine Company, Brooklyn, New York -- Wetter Special Numbering Machines for flat bed or rotary presses" [16pp.] (n.d.), catalog

"Standard Wetter Type- High Numbering Machine" (c.1911) (folder #12356), brochure

"Some Facts About the Improved Wetter Numbering Machine" (folder #12834) (n.d.), pamphlet

numbering machines "for printing and numbering at one impression" (n.d.), folder

Joseph Wetter & Co., Brooklyn, New York -- testimonials for Wetter numbering machine (c.1893), pamphlet

Box 5

Type and Typography -- I

Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, Chicago, Illinois

"Midget Specimen No. 4" [60pp.] (c.1887), type specimen

empty stamped envelope, sealed, business reply addressed to Barnhart Bros. (n.d.)

"Stationers Text Specimen" (1895), pamphlet

"The Type-Founder" (Spring 1901, Fall 1901) periodical published by Barnhart Bros.,  2 issues

"The Big Four" (four kinds of Plymouth type) [c.18pp.] and center-fold (c.1902), booklet, 2 copies

specimen catalog of "Plate Text", for use on invitations, announcements, calling cards, etc. (n.d.)

"Displayed Specimens" of type faces [54pp.] (1894), booklet

Minnesota Type Foundry Co., St. Paul -- subsidiary of Barnhart Bros; form letter and holiday greeting card (c.1893)

"Curtis is now called Plymouth" [8pp.] (c.1900), type catalog

"Ornaments and Borders" (fold-out sheet) (n.d.), catalog

Type and Typography -- II

"Plymouth Type Impressions" -- catalog of Plymouth type faces [28pp.] (c.1902 )

"Displayed Specimens" [65pp.] (n.d.), specimen catalog

"Reduction that does not reduce" (1893), advertisement

"Don't You Do It" (n.d.), ad sheet

"Our New Discount" (n.d.), ad sheet

form letter to Iowa Press soliciting business (1893)

sample Iowa ballot (enclosed with above item) (1893)

"A Few Pointers about Point-Set Type" [16pp.] (n.d.)

"Midget Specimen of New Job Faces" (small booklet) [19pp.] (n.d.)

"A Book of Stillson" (Stillson type faces) [7pp.] (n.d.)

pamphlet describing Mazarin type series (n.d.)

booklet describing the Southey type series (n.d.)

specimen sheet for Rococo type border and Canton series (c.1895)

fold-out sheet with ads for various products of Barnhart Bros. (n.d.), 3 copies

specimen sheet of ornaments (n.d.)

specimen sheet of Mazarin type designs (1895)

printed announcement to trade of discounts allowable on type fonts (1889)

Inland Type Foundry, St. Louis. Card advising printers to tell company if they wish to remain on mailing list or not (i.e., if they intend to be customers) (n.d.)

pamphlet of art ornaments and borders (n.d.), 2 copies

specimen sheet for Saint John series of type (n.d.) copy of letter from Caslon Letter Foundry, London, to Inland Type Foundry re Saint John series and assigning American rights to Caslon Old Black series to Inland (1898)

"Caslon Old Style: The History of a Type" (c.1900), catlog

specimen sheet for Caslon Text Series (n.d.)

ad brochure for Blanchard italic (n.d.)

brochure with Christmas greetings and ad for Caslon Text Series (n.d.)

folded sheet containing novelty toy called a "Kissing Bug" and ad for Standard Line Unit Set Type (n.d.)

brochure for Standard Line type enclosing specimen sheet (n.d.)

pamphlet entitled "Inland Ornaments and Borders" (n.d.)

notice of changes in discounts on type (n.d.)

specimen sheet for Palmer Series of type (n.d.)

booklet of specimens of MacFarland and MacFarland Italic type faces [16pp.] (c.1890's)

business card (n.d.)

booklet of specimens [6pp.] (n.d.)

"The True Point System: What Is It?" by George W. Bateman [8pp.] (1898), reprinted article

testimonials for company's type faces (1897), 3 reprints

ad sheet entitled "Improvements" (n.d.)

folder containing specimen letterheads (c.1899)

"A Few Words on Stereotyping" (n.d.), brochure

ad folder announcing change in discounts as of April 2, 1900

American Type Founders Company, New York City

booklet of specimens of Ronaldson type [14pp] (1901)

booklet of specimens of Caxton Bold Series [8pp] (1901)

booklet of specimens of Rimpled type and new borders [8pp.] (n.d.)

booklet of ads for 20th Century Desk Book of Type and Printing Material

Simplex type setter, and specimens of Camelot and Caxton types (1901)

specimen booklet for Touraine Oldstyle Italic Series (n.d.)

supplement to The American Chap-Book (n.d.) in form of ad sheet showing specimens of chap book borders made by American Type Founders Co. (n.d.)

booklet of specimens of Post Old Style type [33pp.] (c.1900)

"Portfolio of Specimens [of] Type [featuring] Latest Original Designs" (1902 )

brochure with self-contained envelope showing 4 different specimens of type (n.d.)

"Specimens of Original Body-Type Faces" [39pp.] (n.d.), booklet

"Type for Printing Circulars" -- booklet of specimens [16pp.] (n.d.)

"Specimens of Script" [64pp.] (n.d.), specimen booklet

"Practical Exhibit of Desirable Type" produced by MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Foundries, part of American Type Founders Company [70pp.] (c.1893), specimen booklet

"American Type Fashions; Being a Few Specimens of Modern Type" -- booklet of specimens [49pp.] (n.d.)

specimen of Elzevir Gothic on ad card featuring poem "The Stray Dog" (n.d.)

The Specimen [periodical] ( issues 9, 10 and 11, 1894 and 1895) -- issue #9 pub. by Marder, Luse & Co. Foundry (branch of American Type Founders Co.) tissue #9, [12pp.], issue #10, [16pp.] issue #11, [16pp.]

specimen booklet of Jenson italics (n.d.)

Marder, Luse & Co., branch of American Type Founders Co., Chicago ad sheet for figures ("Speaker series") (n.d.)

"Type and Borders" [14pp.] (n.d.) booklet, 2 copies

announcement of formation of Marder Luse & Co. (Omaha Branch) (1893)

"Florets and Borders" -- booklet of specimens [32pp.] (n.d.)

"Illustrated Type Making, with a Descriptive Article upon the American System of Interchangeable Type Bodies" booklet of specimens (1880)

"The DeVinne Series" -- specimen catalog (n.d.)

specimen catalog for Columbus type faces (1894)

specimen sheet for Jenson Heavyface type (n.d.)

MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Foundry, Chicago (part of American Type Founders) (1893), ad sheet for job faces (type)

clipping from Chicago Herald giving financial statement of American Type Founders Co. (1892)

pamphlet with specimens of Jenson Old-Style type (n.d.)

Boston Type Foundry (part of American Type Founders) (n.d.), specimen sheet for new faces

card advertising rule work done at foundry (n.d.)

Benton., Waldo & Co. Type Founders, Milwaukee (n.d.), business card

catalog entitled "Benton's Self-spacing Type" (part of American Type Founders Co.) [31pp.] (c.1890)

Central Type Foundry, St. Louis -- specimen sheet of new type faces (n.d.)

specimen sheet for Epitaph type faces (n.d.)

business card with name of Schraubstadter & St. John agents? at bottom (n.d.)

American Press Association Series (n.d.), specimen sheet for type named Schoeffer Old Style [l4pp] (c.1897), specimen catalog

Priory Text types (quasi-Gothic, for religious publications) (n.d.), specimen sheet, 2 copies

specimen brochure of silhouettes (n.d.)

specimen brochure of "mural ornaments" (n.d.)

"Facts for Printers" including specimens of foreign-language type faces (Greek, Russian, Hebrew, etc.) (n.d.), pamphlet

specimen brochure featuring "scorchers", figures riding bicycles, for advertising printing (n.d.)

pamphlet of specimens of Florentine Old-Style Series (c.1896)

reprint of articles in The Journalist (New York) stating American Type Founders is a trust, with rebuttal from ATF - sheet circulated by ATF (1892)

folder listing officers, manufacturing foundries, branches, and agents of American Type Founders Co. (n.d.)

price list on type from American Type Founders (1893)

same, different announcement (1893)

Box 6

Other Type Foundries and Agents -- I

American Standard Type Company, New York City -- specimen book of Wicks type (1902)

Parlor City Type Foundry, Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- catalog no. 4 of specimens of type, border, and ornaments (1909)

Keystone Type Foundry, Philadelphia -- specimen sheet for DeVinne series, other type faces, newspaper and magazine borders, and the Paragon paper cutting machine (n.d.)

DeVinne and Times faces plus line borders (n.d.), specimen sheet

Franklin borders (n.d.), catalog of specimens

specimen catalog of black faces (several series) (n.d.)

DeVinne and Drexel series (n.d.), specimen sheet

United States Type Foundry, New York -- Dec. 1891 issue of the Typographic Messenger, house organ showing specimens of type (1891)

Illinois Type Founding Co., Chicago -- discount list of type prices printed on card (1890)

Dauchy & Co., New York -- specimen sheet of type novelties for sale by this agency (n.d.)

Nelson, Chesman & Co., St. Louis -- catalog of "Florets and Borders" for sale by this agency [32pp.] (n.d.)

H.C.Hansen Type Foundry, New York City -- ad sheet with picture of new plant (n.d.)

J.F. Earhart, Columbus, Ohio -- ad folder for Chaostype printing plates with sample specimens (n.d.)

Miller & Richard Type Foundry, San Francisco, California -- 2 business cards advertising Scotch type foundry, American office at above address (n.d.)

form letter addressed to Iowa City Press soliciting business for new type for the newspaper (1878)

The Daily Iowa Capital, Des Moines, Iowa -- booklet entitled "Some Remarks conn Beautiful Type Faces and Borders" showing specimens available at the newspaper's plant for job printing (n.d.)

Golding & Company, Chicago -- ad flier for lead and slug molds (c.1884)

Universal Type-Making Machine Co., Chicago -- pamphlet advertising machine that will re-cast old type (n.d.)

H.C.Hansen Type Foundry, New York City -- advertisement admonishing printers to "make our store your headquarters" while visiting the "National Printing, Publishing, Advertising, and Allied Trades Exposition at the New Grand Central Palace" (1913), 4 copies

small specimen card which states: "These Words are Printed by the use of Separate Wooden Types, Movable Types, 1430 Coster 1878"

The Conner Type Foundry, New York -- successor to the United States Type Foundry (?) -- specimen sheet of Roman (newspaper) types made for the American Press Association (n.d.)

Union Type Foundry, Chicago -- sheet advertising copper amalgam type giving details on discounts (n.d.)

"discount sheet for actual cash" (giving details on discounts n.d.)

Eastern Brass & Wood Type Co., Woodhaven, New York City -- ad card for wood and brass type ornaments and borders (n.d.)

Donnelley, Cassette & Loyd, Chicago -- "specimen sheet of ornaments no.1" (1879)

H. C. Hansen Type Foundry, Boston & New York -- specimen catalog for The Masterman Roman typeface (c.1910's)

 Other Type Foundries and Agents -- II

Northwest Type Foundry, Minneapolis, Minnesota -- circular ad for borders

ad folder for type faces (n.d.)

Keystone Type Foundry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- specimen folder of Caslon Italic types (n.d.)

Mergenthaler Linotype Company, Brooklyn, New York -- catalog of Louis XV series of matrix, borders, headings and initials (1920)

Royal Electrotype Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- ad brochure for their new 2000 -- ton "Hercules" press mfd. by F. Wesel Co., New York (in envelope) (n.d.)

Golding & Co., Boston, Massachusetts -- type specimen bulletin (house organ special number) with ads for other printing equipment (1894)

ink blotter with ad for Standard Line Type (n.p., n.d.) (company not identified)

Central Type Foundry, St. Louis, Missouri -- ad sheet for electrotype portraits of Democrat and Republican candidates for President and Vice-President (1892)

Manz & Company, Chicago -- ad sheet from supplier of portraits, engraved and electrotyped, of presidential candidates (c.1896)

form letter stating company has left the combine formed 2 1/2 years earlier to fix prices and is now free to set own prices and discounts (1889)

 Typesetting Equipment -- I

Lanston Monotype Machine Co., Philadelphia -- "The Monotype in the Newspaper Field" (n.d.), pamphlet, 2 copies.

Thorne Type-Setting Machine Company, New York -- catalog of machines and type [43pp.] (c .1896 )

The Unitype Company, Manchester, Connecticut, Chicago and New York catalog for the Simplex One-Man Type Setter and type faces (n.d.)

Iowa State Press, Iowa City, Iowa -- specimen sheet of work done on Lanston Monotype Machine (1900)

West Publishing Company, St. Paul -- ad in form of invitation to visit plant and see 11 Thorne type setting machines in operation there (1891)

International Typesetting Machine Company, Chicago -- ad in house organ format entitled "Intertypit" -- ad. for Intertype machines (1915)

Lanston Monotype Machine Company, Philadelphia -- v.l no. 1 of "Monotype", house organ for company (1913), 2 copies

Hot Metal Composition Justifier Co., Hammond, Indiana -- ad sheet for Hot Metal Composition Justifier machine (n.d.), 2 copies

Wood & Nathan Company, Agents, New York -- booklet entitled "The Monotype" advertising that machine (n.d.), 2 copies

Empire Type-Setting Machine Company, New York -- ad brochure for Empire Type-Setting Machine (c.1897)

Lanston Monotype Machine Co., Philadelphia -- pamphlet "Does It Pay to Cast Your Own Type?" (1913), 2 copies

leaflet entitled "As the Old Lady said when she saw the Ocean" (n.d.)

large fold-out ad for Monotype Giant (Type) Caster (n.d.)

"The Electro-Matrix. Machine", manufacturer not given (n.d., n.p.), ad sheet

The Rogers Typograph Company, Cleveland, Ohio -- reprint of testimonial letter to company from The World newspaper, New York (1890), with printed cover letter company letterhead

brochure describing the Rogers Typograph (n.d.)

 Thorne Type-Setting Machine Company, New York, Chicago, Hartford & London -- pamphlet entitled "What We Think about Type-Setting by Machinery, Being the Choicest Thoughts of Twenty-Four Satisfied Newspaper Men..." (reprints of testimonials) (1897)

 Rich & McLean (Re-Built Machinery Specialists), New York -- ad sheet with printing machinery for sale and prices (n.d.)

Monotype Matrix Case in shape and exact size of the case (c.1905), advertisement

Intertype Wide Tooth Matrixes in shape of matrix (n.p., n.d.), desk blotter advertisement

 Type-setting Equipment -- II

Mergenthaler Linotype Company, New York -- large brochure entitled "The Multiple Linotype Way Is the Modern Way" (n.d.)

"Mergenthaler Don't Worry Club" (n.d.), membership card

Linotype multiple magazine models (1913), brochure of repeat orders

Linotype (in envelopes) (1913), booklet of endorsements, 2 copies

Quick-Change Model 9 Four-Magazine Linotype (1912), folder of literature, 3 copies

"The Linotype in Book Offices" [45pp.] (n.d.), booklet

booklet explaining how Linotype works, what it does, how it is constructed (1896)

booklet of tributes and endorsements for Linotype [48pp.] (c.1894 )

"Success of the Linotype in Small Offices" (1895), booklet

ad sheet showing amount of type set by one man on Linotype in Montreal (1897)

Folder listing newspaper offices in U.S. and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii using Linotypes (1897)

 Type Metal and Equipment

E.W.Blatchford Company, Chicago, Illinois -- folder advertising Blatchford's "Quality" Mono- & Linotype metals, entitled "5 Ems to the Good" (n.d.), 2 copies

pamphlet of metal room equipment including heaters, molds, and ladles (n.d.), 3 copies

"About False Economy" (n.d.), folder

"Listen to what we say" (n.d.). folder

"The Blatchford Metal Insurance Company" (n.d.), folder, 2 copies

Merchant & Evans Co., Philadelphia -- ad circular of tributes to samples of printing done with company's metal (c.1911)


Printing and Publishing (2 folders)

Box 7

Printing Presses -- I

American Type Founders Co., New York -- ad for American Job Press Brake for Gordon presses (c.1903)

ad folder for Chandler & Price Old Style Gordon Presses (1895)

Modern Die & Plate Press Mfg. Co., Belleville, Illinois -- leaflet on "The Modern" steel die and plate stamping press (n.d.)

brochure describing "Invincible" hand stamping press n.d.

C.R. Carver Company, Philadelphia -- catalog of automatic stamping and embossing presses [22pp.] (n.d.)

T.W. & C.B. Sheridan Co., New York, London & Chicago -- catalog of presses [30pp.] (n.d.)

Harris Automatic Press Co., Niles., Ohio -- catalog of "Harris rotary sheet-feed job press" (n.d.)

ad card for Harris Rotary Press (n.d.)

Huber Printing Press Co., Taunton, Mass. -- catalog of Huber presses produced by Van Allens & Boughton., agents, New York -- [28pp.] (1898)

Campbell Printing Press & Mfg. Co., New York City -- form letter copy of letter to company from Campbell-Priebe Co., Chicago attesting to superb quality of "Century" press (1898)

ad sheet for "Century" Pony press (n.d.), 3 copies

The Campbell Company, New York -- ad folder for the "Century" press entitled "The Reason Why" (n.d.)

The Challenge Machinery Co., Chicago -- pamphlet in shape of book entitled "Autobiography of a Printing Press" advertising Challenge-Gordon presses (1902)

Superior Press Mfrs. Inc., Youngstown, Ohio -- envelope with sticker attached printed on Superior Automatic press in 3 colors (n.d.)

Victoria Press Mfg. Co., New York -- issue #2 of The Victoria Magazine published by agent Frank Nossel, New York (1913), 2 copies

brochure describing platen presses [12pp.] (n.d.), 2 copies

pamphlet describing platen presses [8pp.] (n.d.)

American Type Founders Co., New York -- fold-out ad sheet describing Kelly presses (n.d.)

catalog on Style B Kelly Automatic Printing Press (n.d.)

Tucker Feeder Co., Fitchburg., Mass. -- catalog describing Tucker automatic press and feeders [12pp.] (n.d.), 2 copies

The Babcock Printing Press Manufacturing Co., New London, Connecticut pamphlet on "Our Ball and Socket Joint" (n.d.)

Liberty Machine Works, New York -- 2 ad cards for Liberty printing presses

 Printing Presses -- II

C. Potter, Jr. & Co., New York -- ad leaflet for company's flat bed presses (n.d.)

Potter Printing Press Company, New York -- notice that C. Potter, Jr. & Co. has been purchased by Potter Printing Press Co. (1893)

De Boise Bresnan Co., Inc., New York -- form letter with brochure describing Bresnan Automatic Feeder (n.d.), 2 copies

Auto Falcon and Waite Die Press Co., Ltd., New York -- ad sheet for Empress "Falcon" Platen Press (n.d.), 2 copies

Samuel Bingham's Son Mfg. Co., Chicago -- booklet showing company's operations, entitled "Progress in Printers' Rollers" (1899), 2 copies.

Merritt Gally, New York City -- brochure describing the Universal Printing Press by the inventor (1878)

pamphlet describing same as above [8pp.] (n.d.)

pamphlet describing same as above [16pp.] (n.d.)

W.P. Kidder, Boston -- pamphlet describing Kidder Printing Presses (1878)

"New Model" Web press (no manufacturer) (n.d.), small booklet

Campbell Printing Press & Mfg. Co., New York -- ad folder for "Century" presses (1897)

F. W. Mussetter, Inventor, Fostoria, Ohio -- ad brochure for Mussetter's Complete Platen Printing Press (1880)

American Type Founders Co., New York -- catalog describing Merrit Gally's printing presses & paper cutting and creasing presses available from ATF & Co. [47pp.] (c .1895 )

catalog describing printing presses of same [40pp.] (c .1900 )

Gordon's Press Works, New York -- catalog on Gordon's Franklin Printing Press [12pp.] (n.d. )

Auto Falcon and Waite Die Press Co., Ltd., New York -- ad sheet for "Falcon" Semi-Automatic Platen Press with illustrations (n.d.)

Miehle Printing Press and Manufacturing Co., Chicago -- catalog listing sales of presses with descriptions of presses currently manufactured. [31pp.] (1912 )

Kaudle-Born Company, Springfield, Mass. -- booklet entitled "The Waste of Press Feeding" and order form for "Inaccurate-Feed Detectors" for attachment to presses (n.d.)

Matthias Plum, Newark, New Jersey -- brochure describing "Humana" automatic paper feeder for presses (n.d.)

Karl Krause Machine Works, Leipzig -- catalog of presses [33pp.] (1912)

 Printing Presses -- III

Reco Machinery Corporation, New York -- booklet entitled "Gravure" by John C. Powers Co., Inc., New York; Reco has insert in front stating booklet was printed on one of their gravure presses (n.d.)

Dexter Folder Company, New York -- booklet entitled "Dexter Re-loading Feeding Machines" (n.d.), 3 copies

Swink Printing Press Company, Delphos, Ohio -- ad sheet for Shrink High Grade Press with dimensions and specifications (n.d.), 2 copies

Automatic Press Feeder Company, Chicago -- folder advertising Kirkman Automatic Gordon Feeder (n.d.), 2 copies

ad flyer for same (n.d.)

Duplex Printing Press Co., Battle Creek, Michigan -- brochure advertising high-speed Duplex rotary presses (c.1913), 2 copies

U.S.Sales Corporation, New York -- folder advertising C. & P. New Style Presses and "Ever Ready" Sheet Feeder (n.d.)

Campbell Printing Press and Manufacturing Co., Chicago & New York -- ad pamphlet for "New Model" Web press (n.d.)

Wood & Nathan Company, Agent, New York -- ad sheet for Standard presses (n.d.), 2 copies

brochure advertising the Standard High -- Speed Automatic Job Press (n.d.), 3 copies

2 copies of pamphlet describing same (n.d.)

Kiess & Gerlach, Stuttgart, Germany -- ad pamphlet for automatic seal and label presses (n.d.)

. brochure for same with samples of work (labels) attached (n.d.)

McCain Brothers Manufacturing Co., Chicago -- brochure for the McCain high speed job cylinder press (n.d.)

George W. Prouty & Co., Boston -- business folder for Prouty Perfected Job Printing Presses (n.d.)

American Automatic Press Co., San Francisco & Hartford, Conn. -- pictures of the Hoag Rapid Automatic Press (in envelope) (n.d.)

 Printing Presses -- IV

Page from unidentified source depicting an old printing press (n.d.)

The Color Printing Machine Co., Boston -- ad in 6 colors printed with The Bacon Color Printing Apparatus, attachment for presses (c.1880)

Gibbs-Brower Company, New York -- pamphlet of dealer in presses, feeders, and typesetters (n.d.)

John Haddon & Company, London, England -- catalog describing the Haddon Safety Platen press (n.d.), 2 copies

Briggs Printing Machine Co., Providence, Rhode Island -- ad sheet for Briggs presses (n.d.)

American Type Founders' Company, New York & Chicago -- ad circular for Gordon & Gally presses with prices (n.d.)

Duplex Printing Press Co., Battle Creek Michigan -- folder ad for Duplex "Tubular-Plate Press" (n.d.), 3 copies

Frederick Ullmer, London, England -- business card from press manufacturer (n.d.)

F. Wesel Manufacturing Co., New York -- brochure from Royal Electrotype Co., Philadelphia advertising their big lead moulding press mfd. by Wesel (n.d.)

ad. folder listing company's products (n.d.), 2 copies

American Type Founders Company, Jersey City, New Jersey -- business reply post card with request for copy of "The Kelly Press", a descriptive book on that press (n.d.)

Golding Mfg. Company, Franklin, Mass., Boston, Philadelphia & Chicago. Business reply envelope (n.d.)

ad sheet for Whiteson's Embossing Composition (n.d.)

catalog describing the "Golding Jobber" (press) (encl. 4 testimonial letters and price list loose) [46pp.] (1910)

ink blotter with calendar for Sept. 1894 and ad for Owl Brand Inks

"Some Points about Practical Speeds on Platen Presses" (1900), pamphlet

"Continuous Operation on Platen Presses" (1901), pamphlet

catalog of printing presses, tools and furniture [52pp.] (1890)

"Recent Improvements in Platen Presses", reprinted from The Inland Printer for Golding [24pp.] (n.d.), booklet

"Nineteen-Twelve Evidence in Substantiation of Golding Machinery Excellencies" (1912), pamphlet, 2 copies

"A Catechism on the Golding Jobber" (n.d.), booklet, 3 copies

"The Pearl Press" (n.d.), brochure, 2 copies

brochure describing same as above (n.d.)

"Do Your Own Printing and Advertising" to get people to buy Golding printing press (small hand type) (c.1870's)

circular with ad for new Pearl press on one side and list of 2nd hand machinery on the other (n.d.)

 Printing Presses

C. B.Cottrell & Sons Co., New York City -- 15 brochures describing various Cottrell presses (n.d.)

John Thomson Press Company, New York -- "An Accessory after the Fact", pamphlet advertising company's presses (n.d.)

"The Catalogue Laureate" (1896), pamphlet

"'Colt's Armory' and 'Laureate' Platen Printing Presses Models C, J and T" [19pp.] (1913 ) , catalog

"Colt's Armory" platen presses [12pp.] (1901), catalog

"Catalogue and Price-List of the Component Parts of Printing, Cutting and Scoring, and Embossing Presses" [38pp.] (1911)

ad card for company's exhibit at Pan-American Exposition (1901)

ad folder for "Colt's Armory" presses entitled "A Poem in Steel" (c.1898)

pamphlet for same and "Universal" presses (1901)

R. Hoe & Co., New York & London -- "Patented Improved Four-Roll Newspaper Perfecting Presses" (n.d.), catalog, 3 copies

"Some of the Rotary Electrotype Web Perfecting Presses for Periodical, Magazine, Book, Catalogue and Pamphlet Printing Patented and Manufactured by R. Hoe & Co." [32pp.] (1910), catalog

"Unique Stereotype Web Perfecting Press" [12pp.] (1910), catalog

article entitled "Printing Press Progress" about Hoe presses, reprinted from Oct. 31, 1889 issue of St. Paul & Minneapolis Pioneer Press

Kavmor Automatic Press Co., New York City -- business reply post card (n.d.)

brochure describing Kavmor high-speed automatic platen press (n.d.), 3 copies

ad sheet on same as above (n.d.), 2 copies

ad sheet for Kavmor electricically heated embossing die holder (n.d.)

sheet advertising above-mentioned die heater with example of work (n.d.)

Box 8

Printing Ink

Eagle Printing Ink Company, New York & Chicago -- catalog of inks in differing colors (n.d.)

Charles Eneu Johnson & Co., Philadelphia -- 8 sample sheets of different colors of ink on same illustration (n.d.)

Chicago Printing Ink Co., Chicago -- ad sheet with specimen (1899)

ad card for "Riley's Indispensable", possibly a reducer for inks (1899)

Golding & Co., Boston -- ad circular for "Owline" ink reducer (n.d.)

Samuel P. Wright & Co., Camden, New Jersey -- 2 ad cards for printing inks (in color) (n.d.)

Frederick H. Levey Co., New York City -- folder advertising 3 colors of ink (n.d.)

Barnhart Brothers & Spindler., Chicago -- ad with poem entitled "The Ink Drummer's Dream" by Jaenecke-Uelman Co., ink mfrs. (reprinted from The Inland Printer, May 1895.

Cooperative Printing Co., (Minneapolis?) -- ad brochure for printing services with commemorative poem "Printer's Ink is King" (n.d.)

Challenge Ink Works, Joliet, Illinois -- ad sheet for "New Process Inks" with calendar for 1895 and price list

American Type Founders' Co., Chicago -- brochure advertising printing services and Albert Nathan & Company's inks (Hamburg, Ger.) (n.d.)

William Johnston, Manager Printers' Ink Press, New York -- catalog and price list for inks (c.1894) [32pp.]

catalog and price list reprinted from Printers' Ink (n.d.)

G.B.Kane & Company, Chicago -- ad brochure (n.d.) (2 copies)

The Louis Snider's Sons Company, Cincinnati, Ohio -- ad sheet for "Inkoleum" ink reducer mfd. by Electrive Mfg. Co., St. Paul (n.d.)

not identified, 3 specimens of photo ink, manufacturer (n.d.)

Queen City Printing Ink Company., (n.p.) -- folder with six photos in different tints (n.d.)

Ullmann-Philpott Mfg. Co., Cleveland -- business card from representative (n.d.) (verso has table on "How to Mix Tints")

J.K.Wright & Co., Philadelphia -- ad card for Wright's Fairmount Printing Ink Works (n.d.)

George H. Morrill & Co., Chicago -- business card (n.d.)

same, in color (n.d.)

G.B.Kane & Co., Chicago -- business card with price list on verso (n.d.)

W.H.Wagner & Sons, Printers & Publishers, Freeport., Illinois -- form letter reprinted from original sent by Wagner to Frederick H. Levey Co., New York, ordering ink and praising their brand (1893)

H.D.Wade & Co., New York -- price list for printing inks (n.d.)

Frederick H. Levey Co., New York City -- folder advertising inks with copy of letter of praise from Office of Public Printer, Washington, D.C. (1891) (entitled "A Card to Publishers and Printers")

Sinclair and Valentine Co., New York -- catalog of embossing and copper plate inks (n.d.)

Inland Ink Co., (n.p.) (Chicago?) -- descriptive leaflet from ink manufacturer (n.d.)

Charles Eneu Johnson & Co., Philadelphia -- pamphlet entitled "Printing Ink, Offset and Picking" (n.d.)

Ault & Wiborg Co., Cincinnati, Ohio -- 3 ad cards from ink manufacturer in black and white (n.d.)

ad in color printed on post card (1913)

Fuchs & Lang Manufacturing Co., Rutherford, New Jersey -- booklet entitled "Falcographs... A Publication Devoted to the Practical and Technical Discussion of Materials and Machinery Used in the Graphic Arts" by printing ink manufacturer (1930)

Ault & Wiborg Co., Cincinnati, Ohio -- hardcover catalog of different colors of ink (c.1912)

 Printers' Unions

College Annual printers section (Departmental) of United Typothetae of America at 41st annual convention of UTA (New York City, 1927), 3pp. of minutes of annual meeting.

Franklin Typographical Society, Boston -- booklet containing constitution, by-laws and list of members of Society (1874)

International Typographical Union, Boston -- circular entitled "Important to the Craft" which sets forth resolution on new system of type measurement to be standard basis for work and wages in union (1880)

button campaigning for 8-hr work day (n.d.)

National Printing and Advertising Exposition, 2 copies of pamphlet produced by 3 printer's unions advertising their booths, New York City (1913)

New York Master Printers' Association, New York -- 3 copies of pamphlet listing reasons for becoming member of Association (n.d.)

"The Printers and Mr. Childs" containing proceedings of banquet held in honor of George W. Childs by The Association of Ex-Delegates of Philadelphia Typographical Union, No. 2, and of Pressmen's Union, No. 4, to the International Typographical Union, booklet, May 12, 1888 [47pp.]

United Typothetae of America -- program of 41st annual convention, New York City (1927) [70pp.]

"Why the McKinley Tariff Law Benefits American Printers", comparing English & American wages,leaflet entitled (n.d.)

 Engraving Firms

Bennage & Elliott, Limited, Philadelphia -- catalog of services and prices [24pp.] (c.1887)

Binner Engraving Company, Chicago -- ad sheet for Binner half-tone printing (n.d. )

Sanders Engraving Co., St. Louis -- advertising booklet (n.d.)

ad flyer and enclosed sample of work (c.1890's)

A.W. Koenig, Cleveland, Ohio -- ad brochure and business reply envelope (n.d.)

Iowa Press Association

Spirit Lake (Iowa) -- ad sheet for excursion, July 1886

"Business of 1888", circular announcement

"Mountain excursion" to Denver, Salt Lake and Yellow-Stone Park, notice, 1888 "final circular" announcing "mountain excursion" by IPA, 1888

Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern R.R. Co. invitation notice of excursion to Spirit Lake, 1886

Chicago World's Fair, notice of meeting of all Iowa editors, Aug. 3, 1893

Evening Press Association of Iowa, 2 invitations to 1st annual dinner (1900)

"Type-writing and Other Time and Labor Saving Devices" speech delivered to IPA (1887),

 National Editorial Association

7th annual session of NEA, St. Paul, 1891, proof sheet listing delegates

"The editors and St. Paul", address at banquet of NEA, Hotel Lafayette, Minnetonka, 1891

Announcement and 2 copies of program

List of delegates (in booklet form)

Complimentary dinner ticket

NEA to White Bear Lake, ad sheet for outing, 1891

Advertising Literature: Typewriters

The Blickensderfer Manufacturing Co., Stamford., Connecticut -- 2 copies of ad booklet for Blickensderfer typewriter (n.d.)

Fisher Typewriter Company, Athens, Tennessee -- ad brochure for Fisher Book Typewriter (types in bound books)

Smith Premier Typewriter Co., Omaha, Nebraska -- booklet of pictures of very young girls posing with Smith Premier typewriters (c.1898)

United Typewriter & Supplies Co., Omaha, Nebraska -- brochure for New Century Caligraph (typewriter) mfd. by American Writing Machine Co., New York (c.1898)

The Williams Typewriter Co., Derby, Connecticut -- portrait of President William McKinley done on a Williams Typewriter (1896), 2 copies

Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, New York -- booklet entitled "A Few Office Buildings in New York", adv. Remington Standard Typewriters [31pp.] (1895)

"A Few Office Buildings in Chicago", booklet adv. same [40pp.] (1896) .

"Three Great Expositions", 2 copies of booklet -- adv. booklet for Remington typewriters in use at Chicago World's Fair (1893), Philadelphia Fair (1876), Omaha Fair (1898) (c.1898)

Advertising Literature: The Youth's Companion magazine booklets, brochures, etc. -- 18 pieces (ca.1880's -- 1890's)

Box 9

Advertising Literature: Publications -- I

The American Bookmaker magazine, ad sheet (1891)

The American Chap-Book, Copy, for Sept. 1904

The American Printer magazine, business card from a representative (c.1925)

American Type Founders Co., New York -- ad pamphlet with order blank for book entitled "How to Make Money in the Printing Business" by Paul Nathan (c.1900)

American Type Founders Company, Jersey City, New Jersey -- ad folder for 68pp pamphlet entitled "Engineering Applied to Composing Roams for Increased Production" (n.d.)

L'Art Gothique, prospectus for book (c.1891)

N.W. Ayer & Son, Philadelphia -- ad card for 10th edition of American Newspaper Annual (1889)

ad for 11th edition of same (1890)

ad in shape of a book for same, 1891 edition (12th ed.)

The Bibelot literary magazine, ad booklet, privately published by Thomas B. Mosher, Portland, Maine (1897)

Catholic University of America, prospectus, Washington, D.C. (c.1893)

The Century Magazine, 2 blurbs (c.1895)

Chicago Newspaper Union, Chicago & New York -- notice that recipient will get one years' free subscription to Printers' Ink courtesy CNU (n.d.)

Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York (1890). "Around the World in 72 Days", ad sheet featuring world map advertising article series, by Miss Elizabeth Bland

Culinary Topics (cookery), prospectus for magazine, new with Jan. 1900 issue (pub, at New York)

Curtis Publishing Co., Philadelphia -- 5 brochures for The Ladies' Home Journal: booklet (no title) (1895);

brochure advertising article re Mrs. Grover Cleveland (1898);

"When Mr. Beecher Sold Slaves in Plymouth Pulpit" and other articles described (1896), brochure

"announcement of The Ladies' Home Journal"(1895)

"Ex-President Harrison to Write of Life in the White House" (1896)

Demorest's Family Magazine, 2 blurbs (1890)

Die Deutschen Bucherzeichen, prospectus (in German) for book of prints and woodcuts (1890)

Doubleday & McClure Co., New York -- ad booklet entitled "McClure's Bulletin" advertising McClure's Magazine (1898)

Fame, a Journal for Advertisers, January, 1896 issue

D.G. Francis, New York -- ad for The Antiquary magazine (1886)

Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York -- form letter to editors giving results of poll to approve simpler spellings of large list of words for use in their publications (1895)

Harper & Brothers, New York -- 2 prospects for Harper's Magazine ([14pp.] (1900) and [l3pp.] (1902 )

booklet of coupons for discount on subscription price of Harper's Weekly magazine (c.1899)

Harper's Magazine, ad folder for Christmas issue (1896)

The Inland Printer magazine, Chicago, prospectus advertising (1892)

Ed. H. McClure, Buffalo, New York -- ad folder for the Franklin Souvenir, final volume of the American Printer's Specimen Exchange (c.1889)

Am. Printers' Specimen Exchange, ad sheet of testimonials (n.d. )

list of contributors to same (v.2) (1887)

ad sheet for same (1886)

Munn & Co., New York -- booklet describing Scientific American magazine [24pp.] (1876)

"Scientific American Hand Book on Patents..." [60pp.] (1896), booklet

ad card soliciting subscribers to Scientific American (n.d.)

"The National Editorial Journalist", form letter advertising journal, (1887)

Orange Judd Farmer magazine, subscription solicitation (1892) (pub. by Orange Judd Farmer Co., Chicago)

Paper and Press: a Journal of the Graphic Arts, prospectus (n.d.) (pub. at Philadelphia)

pamphlet advertising Paper and Press illustrated monthly (1895)

Printers' Ink magazine, ad booklet, [48pp.] (c.1895)

The Saturday Evening Post magazine, 4 prospects: 2 ads clipped from newspapers (1898 and 1899)

"Poor Richard's Almanack" (1899), booklet

"Reading for Winter Evenings" (1900), booklet

The Scrap Book (magazine?). Ft. Snelling and Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota, complimentary sheet of photos, to delegates of National Editorial Convention, St. Paul (1891)

Charles Scribner's Sons, New York -- 2 ads for forthcoming articles in Scribner's Magazine (n.d.)

The Book Buyer (serial) pub. by Scribners, 2 issues of booklet for 1899 and 1900

The Shortstory Publishing Co., Boston -- ad sheet for The Black Cat (magazine) (1897)

St. Nicholas magazine for children, ad circular (pub. by The Century Co., New York (1892)

W. John Stonhill, London -- notice that Mr. Stonhill is leaving "Printer's Register" (magazine?) to open literary agency and work as independent journalist (1878)

Street & Smith, New York -- ad sheet for magazines Ainslee's and The New York Weekly (n.d.)

State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City -- ad brochure for book by Joseph W. Rich entitled The Battle of Shiloh (c.1910)

The Whist Publishing Co., Milwaukee -- booklet "Whist Faces" with whist experts pictured and rules for whist -- adv. for Whist magazine [49pp.] (c.1897 )

A. D. Worthington & Co., Hartford, Connecticut -- prospectus for Worthington's Illustrated Magazine and Literary Treasury (1893)

Advertising Literature: Publications -- II

American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York -- catalog of exhibit of "Fifty Books of 1924"

American Magazine, 10 ad cards (n.d.)

Bibelot. Thomas B. Mosher, Portland, Maine -- ad (1897)

The Colophon, New York -- ad brochure with order form (announcing start of publishing) for quarterly book collector's journal (c.1929)

The Dolphin, "Journal of the making of books", The Limited Editions Club, New York -- announcement (1934)

The Fleuron, a Journal of Typography, prospectus with order form, published in London (1924)

Hampton's magazine. Admiral "Peary's Own Story" ad poster (n.d.)

Harper's Magazine, Harper & Brothers, New York -- ad folder for Nov. 1896 issue

Ladies' Home Journal. The Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia -- "In Days to Come" (1901) [31pp], booklet

Le Libre journal, A. Quantin, Paris, France -- French-language announcement (n.d.)

Minnesota Type Foundry Co., St. Paul, Minnesota -- The Northwestern Printer (house organ) for Sept. 1894

Munsey magazine. "The Wasp" by Theodore G. Roberts serialized, ad poster (n.d.)

The National Geographic Magazine, Washington, D. C. -- ad folder for coming features (1933)

New York Employing Printers' Association (Monotype Group), New York -- The Composing Room (house organ) for Sept. 1927

Railroad Man's Magazine, ad poster (n.d.)

The Scottish Typographical Circular, Edinburgh, for Jan. 1, 1876

Scribner's Magazine for 1901, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York -- ad pamphlet (1900)

Sunset, the Pacific Monthly magazine, ad sheet (1913)

Advertising Literature: Newspapers and Newspaper Publishing

miniature facsimiles of following newspapers: Chicago Weekly Herald (1889), The Weekly Oskaloosa Herald (2 copies) (1882), Rock Island Argus (1882), Le Printaire (1897) (New York), Public Ledger (1836) (Philadelphia), Burlington Hawk-Eye (1882), The Inter-Ocean (Chicago) (1877), The Farmer (St. Paul) The Daily Graphic (New York) (1878); The Chicago Chronicle of Jan. 3, 1896 (front and last pp. only) with ad for subscribers (1896), 2 copies

American Press Association, New York -- brochure for printers advertising plates carrying sports news (n.d.)

2 ad sheets for association's syndicated services (n.d.) (one has campaign portraits for 1892)

sheet depicting portraits of Gen. Sherman to show varying quality of art work compared with consistently high quality of A.P.A.'s (n.d.)

pamphlet advertising services (n.d.)

brochure advertising stereotype plates of election campaign illustrations (n.d.)

11 pieces of advertising for stereotype plates of stories, features, etc. available for newspapers (c.1890 -- 1895)

American Trotter (Independence, Iowa), -- prospectus on new paper to cover trotting horses (1891)

N.W. Ayer & Son, Philadelphia -- ad booklet for Ayer's American Newspaper Annual [14pp.] (1897)

A.K. Bailey, publisher of Decorah Republican, Decorah, Iowa (n.d.), business card

Charles Austin Bates, New York -- brochure for printer of advertising (n.d.)

A. C. Beeson, ed. of Winchester Journal, Winchester, Indiana (n.d.), business card

The Bounding Billow, published aboard the U.S.S. Olympia during Spanish-American War (1898), 2 issues

Chicago Daily News, newspaper, ad card (n.d.)

2 brochures advertising the newspaper (1887, 1888)

"Facts and Figures about a Modern Newspaper", booklet describing paper and physical plant (c. 1896)

holiday greeting pamphlet (1889)

circulation statistics (1895)

Chicago Daily News and Record, Chicago -- ad folder giving circulation figures (1899)

The Chicago Herald, Chicago -- brochure describing new building of the Herald (n.d.)

"genuine life-sized crayon portraits", ad special, free with subscriptions (n.d.)

ad folder and door pass inviting people to visit new offices of Herald (1891)

The Chicago Record, "Quality", ad booklet (c.1896)

circulation statistics sheet (1895)

brochure describing work of William Eleroy Curtis, "the eminent Washington correspondent", (n.d.)

Chicago Times, Chicago -- notice to correspondents to send in only items of "general public interest" if they live so far from Chicago that news will not reach there before 3 p.m. on day of publication (1888)

Chicago Times-Herald (n.d.), ad sheet for football coverage

[Chicago] Tribune, New Years Greeting and calendar booklet from carriers (n.p.) (1900)

Chicago Tribune, Chicago -- ad for fast Tribune delivery via Rock Island R. R. (n.d.)

The Comic Sketch Club, Baltimore, Maryland -- form letter with ad sheet from syndicate of cartoons for newspapers (1894)

The Congregationalist & Boston Recorder, calendar and ad, (religious paper) (1883)

ad folder (1886)

The Daily Graphic newspaper (n.d.), ad card for 6th anniversary

The Dunlap Reporter, Dunlap, Iowa -- business card (n.d.)

Fort Madison (Iowa) Plain Dealer -- New Years Greeting and Carrier's address for new year, 1878

Franklin Engraving and Electrotyping Co., Chicago -- ad sheet for Franklin Illustrated News Service (n.d.)

brochure describing cost and services of same (n.d.)

Fulton Sun, ad sheet reiterating their stand against the trusts (1899)

Sun editorial opposing trusts, reprint from Fulton (Missouri?) (n.d.)

Charles W. Harper, Columbus, Ohio -- ad booklet with enclosed order blank for syndicated newspaper features (illustrations) furnished by company (n.d.)

Harper's Weekly (1900), small ad sheet headed New York Times advertising cartoon in current issue

Illinois State Journal, New Year's Greeting from carriers containing a poem (n.p.) (1877)

International Press Association, Chicago -- ad and sample page from supplier of stereotype plates with stories, articles, and features already set up (c.1891)

The International Syndicate, Baltimore, Maryland -- business reply post card for ordering syndicated newspaper features (n.d.), 2 copies

Iroquois Theater Fire, reprint of 1 column story, Chicago (n.d.)

A.N. Kellogg Newspaper Co., Chicago -- ad for page of Thanksgiving material which newspapers can buy set up in type (n.d.)

"Anniversary Banquet in Celebration of the Consolidating of The Keokuk Democrat and The Keokuk Constitution", program (1889) (at Keokuk, Iowa)

S. S. McClure, New York -- 5 pieces of advertising for distributor of stories, articles, etc. for newspaper publication (plates not provided)

2 ads for The Associated Literary Press, syndicator of literature of all types for publication in newspapers (1888 and 1889)

The Minneapolis Times, Minneapolis, Minn., ad card (n.d.)

National Press Agency, Ltd., London -- ad brochure for new Max Pemberton novel available for serialization in newspapers or magazines (1895)

The New York Press Club, circular letter soliciting funds for new headquarters building (c.1890's)

New-Yorker Staats Zeitung, New York City -- booklet describing facilities and features of German-American German-language paper [33pp.] (c.1899)

O'Flaherty's New York Suburban List (of Newspapers) booklet giving title and location with information on town [28pp.], (1913)

Oskaloosa (Iowa) Herald (1894), "What Congress Has Done", a pamphlet of blank leaves

Oskaloosa (Iowa) Herald County Reporter (1886), menu for second annual banquet

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia -- invitation to formal opening of new office building of newspaper (1894) (in envelope)

Rocky Mountain News (Denver), pamphlet, entitled "Silver the Coinage of the Constitution" boosting free silver [24pp.], (c.18901s)

booklet describing the newspaper [19pp.] (1893)

George P. Rowell & Co., New York -- tiny booklet entitled "American Newspaper Directory 1776" (1876)

Snider & Holmes., St. Louis -- booklet entitled "Printers' Handy Book of Estimates for Job Printing" with ads for paper stock carried by company (1879)

Street & Smith, New York -- ad card for publishers' New York Weekly paper (c.1888)

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, ad booklet describing paper and its physical plant (1896)

The Sun, New York (1833), facsimile issue

The Washington Critic (1887), carrier's annual (New Years) greeting with poetry and pictures

The World, New York -- ad sheet for newspaper pub. by Joseph Pulitzer (1893)

List of accepted spellings of certain words, guide to printers (n.d.)

Group of cartoons syndicated to newspapers (1894)

Sample booklet and calendar for newspaper carriers to hand out to subscribers at New Years (1899)

"News from China", facsimile reprint of handwritten sheet, dated 1856

Box 10


California Midwinter International Exposition, San Francisco, (n.d.) -- Ad sheet

Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, (n.d.) -- souvenir booklet of views

Centennial of the Ohio Valley and Central States, Cincinnati, 1888 (invitation and admittance ticket to dedication of Cincinnati Press Club headquarters)

Chicago World's Fair, 1933 .International Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Printing in Lakeside Press Building (R.R Donnelley & Sons Co.) -- booklet

Davenport Fair & Exposition (2nd annual), 1891. "Grand Carnival of Boats" on the Mississippi River at Davenport, Iowa -- invitation to watch, complimentary ticket

Fort Armstrong Centennial and Tri-Cities Celebration, Rock Island & Moline Illinois, or Davenport, Iowa, 1916 -- brochure

Hannibal Mark Twain Centennial, Hannibal, Mo., (1935). 3 brochures

"Mark Twain Stamp Banquet" in honor of James A. Farley, Postmaster-General, Hannibal, Mo., 1940 -- commorative program

Iowa Coal Palace & Industrial Exhibit, Ottumwa, Iowa, 1890 -- ad brochure and gate pass

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904 -- "Iowa Day" ceremonies invitation

Milwaukee Semi-Centennial Celebration, 1895 -- ad brochure

Minneapolis Industrial Exposition (7th Annual) and National Republican Convention held concurrently, 1892 -- booklet

National Export Exposition in Philadelphia (n.d.) invitation to use offices of Wm. H. Horstmann Co. while attending

Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, N.Y., 1901 -- Ad card

Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition, Nashville, 1897 -- booklet advertising

Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha, 1898 -- booklet describing and picturing Cotton Belt Exhibit of Cotton Belt Route RR

10 full-color postcards depicting buildings

souvenir button advertising Ostrich Farm

Gem City Business College, Quincy, Illinois brochure(2 copies in envelope)

Clonbrock Steam Boiler Company, Brooklyn, N.Y. -- souvenir booklet showing boiler plant erected on fair grounds

"Views of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition held at Omaha, Nebraska, June 1st to November 1st, 1898" pub. by T.A. Rinehart, official photographer booklet of views of Greater America Exposition, Omaha, 1899 -- booklet

"Giant See Saw Omaha, 1898" -- Red, white and blue badge

descriptive booklet

World's Fair of 1904, New York -- booklet with information and map

Worlds Fair, St. Louis, Mo. -- gold token advertising Majestic Ranges

 World's Fair (Columbian Exposition, 1892) Literature

American Waltham Watch Co., [n.p.] "Catalogue of Historical and Antique Watches from the famous Collection of Mr. Evan Roberts, Manchester, Eng. Kindly loaned to the American Waltham Watch Co., for Exhibition at the World's Columbian Exposition. Chicago, U.S.A.," [23pp.], (1893)

A. H. Andrews & Co., Chicago -- ad card for the Andrews' Gem Folding Bed

Ash tray souvenir

L. G. Austrian, Manufacturing Chemist, Chicago -- ad brochure for company's Von Eshways Thistle Hair Tonic and Hand Lotion (1893)

Barbour Brothers Co., New York -- ad card for Barbour's Irish Flax (1893)

ad card for Barbour's Irish Flax threads (1893)

Bovril, Ltd., London -- ad sheet for Bovril beef spread and concentrate

S. Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago -- booklet of songs from sheet music and song book publisher [l8pp.]

Bush & Gerts Piano Co., Chicago -- ad card (1893)

Campbell Printing Press & Mfg. Co. --  notice "printed on prefs 151 years old" (1893)

John Church Company, Chicago -- ad card for the Everett piano (n.d.)

ad sheet for the Everett Piano (1892)

The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, Georgia -- letter with card entitling holder to one free glass of Coca-Cola, with envelope

Commercial Cable Company (trans-Atlantic cable) (n.d.) -- ad sheet showing the "Cable Alphabet"

Thomas Cook & Son, London -- booklet describing services of "Cook's Tours" [94pp.], (1893)

Cudahy Packing Co., Omaha -- ad brochure in shape of jar for Rex Brand Extract of Beef

ad fold-out in shape of pig advertising company's Rex Brand meats (n.d.)

R.T. Davis Mill Co., St. Louis -- pamphlet advertising Royal No.10 flour with recipes for rolls, bread, and biscuits (n.d.)

Joseph Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, N.J. -- ad booklet from manufacturer of graphite and lead products, incl. "Dixon" pencils. [6pp.], (1893)

Egypt-Chicago Exposition Co., (n.p.) -- booklet describing the "Cairo Street" [15pp,]. (1893)

Eisner and Mendelson Co., New York -- booklet advertising Johann Hoff's Malt Extract (E. & M. Co. agents in U.S.) [32pp.]. (n.d.)

Estey Piano Co., New York -- ad card (n.d.)

Fort Wayne Organ Co., Fort Wayne, Indiana -- ad card in shape of open fan

Fried & Krupp Cast-Steel Works, Essen, Germany -- ad card for famous steel mill (n.d.)

Hallet & Davis Piano Co., Boston -- booklet of quotations in literature having to do with music. [112pp.], (1894)

Thomas Harper's Needle Works, Redditch, England -- ad fold-out with samples of company's product enclosed (n.d.)

Heinz's Evaporated Horse Radish -- bottle label

Leopold Hoff (Co.), Hamburg, Germany -- booklet advertising Hoff's Malt Extract. [16pp.] (in German and English) (n.d.)

Indurated Fibre Ware Co., Chicago -- ad brochure in shape of wooden bucket for "Star Pail" (1889)

Intercolonial Railway of Canada -- ad fold-out brochure

International Navigation Company, New York -- ad card for the company's American Line between New York and England (n.d.)

Ivers & Pond Piano Co., Boston -- "An Unfortunate Pitch; a musical anecdote" by Ben Marcato (1888), brochure

Kelsey Furnace Co., Syracuse, NY -- ad card for Kelsey Corrugated Warm Air Furnace

Keystone Watch Case Co., Philadelphia -- ad card with metal watch case opener attached

T. Kingsford & Son, Oswego, New York -- booklet advertising Kingsford's Oswego Starch and corn flour

Friedrich Krupp, Essen, Germany -- descriptive brochure of Krupp Pavilion (1892)

Thomas Leeming & Co., New York -- ad brochure for Nestle's Milk Food for babies (Leeming is American agent) (1892)

ad fold-out for Nestle's Milk Food (1892)

S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. -- ad card for brewery (n.d.)

Marshall Field & Co., Chicago -- map and description of Worlds Fair [8pp.] (1893)

McCormick horse-drawn sickle (n.d.) -- ad card

National Starch Mfg. Co., Covington, Kentucky -- ad pamphlet for various starches made by company (n.d.)

J. Ottmann Lithographing Co., New York -- ad brochure (1893)

Pabst Brewing Co., Milwaukee -- booklet advertising "Best" tonic [20pp.].

2 booklets depicting several beers made by Pabst [14pp.]

Quaker Oats (The American Cereal Co.) (n.p.) (1893) -- ad card

Reed & Carnrick, New York -- ad card for "Kumysgen" (Patent Medicine)

Russia Cement Co., Gloucester, Mass. -- ad card in shape of dried cod-fish (n.d.)

Schultze Gunpowder -- ad card in shape of shotgun shell "loaded with Schultze Gunpowder" which opens to show cutaway of shell with powder and shot (n.d.)

W. H. Shirokiya, Tokyo, Japan -- ad card for Japanese tailor and cloth dealer (n.d.)

Siegel, Cooper & Co., Chicago -- booklet describing World Columbian Exposition of 1893. [32pp.]. (1893 )

Standard Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machine. W. Hughes, Iowa City, Iowa business card

Story & Clark Organ Co., Chicago & London -- ad card

Swift and Company, Chicago -- ad card describing display of products programme for the Turkish Theater [17pp.]

ad card for "Cotosuet" beef suet

ad card for company's Leaf Lard

ad brochure for exhibit of products

Sykes Steel Roofing, Chicago & Niles, Ohio -- ad card for Bostwick Steel Lath (n.d.)

Tratelli Branca & Co., Milan, Italy -- 4 ad cards for patent medicine "Fernet-Branca"

United Indurated Fibre Co., (New Jersey) -- ad card for "Indurated Fibre Ware" parts, tubs, and spittoons

C.J. Van Houten & Zoon, Weesp, Holland -- booklet describing Van Houten's Cocoa exhibit at World's Fair

Vose & Sons Piano Co., Boston -- ad card (n.d.)

D. Wachtel, Breslau, Germany -- ad brochure in German and English for potato planting, sorting and cleaning machines with prices and dimensions

Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps (1893) (n.p.) -- ad card

World's Columbian Exposition Dedicatory Ceremonies, Chicago, Oct. 21, 1892 -- Complimentary ticket to admit Mr. & Mrs. John Springer, with envelope. Program accompanies ticket.

2 complimentary gate passes

"World's Congress Auxiliary of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893". [16pp.], (1893) -- booklet

"America: a grand historical spectacle", by Imre Kirafly, presented at Chicago World's Fair [36pp.], (1893) -- program

W.E. Hamilton, Chicago -- booklet "The Time-Saver". A book which names and locates "5,000 things at the World's Fair That Visitors should not fail to see." (1893) [111pp.]

"Columbus Outdone; an exact narrative of the voyage of the Yankee skipper, Capt. Wm. A. Andrews, in the boat 'Sapolio'. Compiled from the log and original documents by Artemus Ward." New York, 1893. World's Fair Souvenir Edition [198pp.] -- booklet


"A Rag Baby" comedy play (n.p., n.d.) -- ad card

"Freaks Festival!" ad for satirical show (n.p., n.d.)

"Grand Annual Tour of Booth's Assinine Paradox!" (sideshow freak animal) (n.d.) -- handbill ad

"Orrin's Columbian Players", musical comedy company (n.p., n.d.)

Pain's "Last Days of Pompeii" (Des Moines) (n.d.) -- ad for Barnum & Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth (n.d.). 2 ad cards

Plaza de Toros (Mexico) bullfights (1901) -- showbill in Spanish

Charlotte Thompson as Jane Eyre at Ham's Hall (Cleveland?) (1877) -- ad for appearance

 Programs: Theaters, Clubs, Vaudeville, Shows, Churches, and Others

Blades, East and Blades, Stationers, London -- program and bill of fare for annual employees' party and dinner (1879)

Universalist Church (Iowa City?) (1880) -- programme of concert and readings

"Amateur Minstrel Entertainment for the Benefit of the Home for the Friendless at Comstock's Opera House (Iowa City?)" (1882) -- program

"From Sire to Son" by Milton Nobles (n.p., n.d.) -- program and advertisement for play

Columbia Theatre, New York -- program for burlesque show (vaudeville) (1927)

German Village at Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha (c.1898) -- program sheet

Central Theatre, New York -- program for film of "Les Miserables" (n.d.)

St. George's Hall, London -- program of comedy and play (1881)

"Official Programme... 101st Anniversary of American Independence, July 4th, 1877" at Buffalo, NY.

Stationers' Banquet at the Mansion House, London (1880) -- program

"Old Vienna Ball and Concert", Chicago (1893) -- program

Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, St. Augustine, Florida bulletin and program of service (1889)

Lagonda Club "musicale " (n.p.) (1898) -- program

TrocaderoTheater, Chicago -- program of theater under management of Flo Ziegfeld (n.d.)

Sioux City Corn Palace, Sioux City, Iowa -- program and description of 5th annual festival, 1891. Includes free pass

Madison Square Theatre, New York -- synopsis and character portrayals for play "The Professor" [23pp.], (n.d.)

Program for play "The Professor" (n.d.)

Program of play "Hazel Kirke" (1880)

Program of play "Young Mrs. Winthrop" (1882)

Wallack's Theatre (n.p.) (1881) -- program for play "The World"

"The Defaulter" (n.d.) -- ad booklet and illustrated synopsis of play

McVicker's New Theatre, Chicago -- program booklet for comedy "Brother John" (1893

Greene's Opera House, Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- programme for season 1889 -- 1890


American Institute of Homoeopathy -- invitation to annual banquet

"Celebration of the opening of a number of new and important Industrial Enterprises at Decatur and New Decatur, Alabama" (1889) -- invitation

Deer Park Hotel (state not given) (1884) (in envelope)

Program of 41st anniversary (n.d.)

The Greystone Club, Denver -- invitation to annual banquet at Hotel Metropole, Denver (1892) (in envelope)

Stevenson, Foster and Co., and Armor, Feurhake & Co., (New York) invitation to annual employees picnic (1878) (in envelope)

Tammany Society, New York -- invitation to celebration of 116th anniversary of American independence (1892)

Ticket to "One hundredth" anniversary (1888)

Form letter invitation to centennial celebration of American independence with ticket in each (1889). 2 copies.

Same (1891)

The Thurman Club, Columbus, Ohio -- invitation and program for "Old Roman" banquet for Allen G. Thurman (1890)

 Box 11

Political Literature: National

"The Stolen Letters of Senator Phelan How Did He Get Them? The Campaign of Lies/Governor Stephens for Negro Colonization of California", tract by Jno. P. Irish of Oakland, Calif. (n.d. ), 2 copies

"'Ignorant Foreigners'" quoting W.J. Bryan's campaign manager -- in 11 languages, anti-Bryan tract (n.d.)

Democratic Convention Hall (n.p., n.d.) (probably Chicago), floor plan

"A Bogy Unveiled: an examination and refutation of the... charge that the abuse of the postal privileges accorded second-class mail matter... is responsible in whole or in part, for the recurring annual deficits in the revenues of the P. O. Department" -- prepared by publishers to answer charges that they are abusers [48pp.] (n.d.), booklet

President Wilson's War Message reprinted from newspapers (1917)

Republican Campaign Committee of Florida -- appeal for campaign funds (1876) -- addressed to G.A. Signor asking for $30.

receipt to G.A. Signor for payment of $30 to Republican Campaign fund of 1876

Kellogg Peace Pact of 1928, display sheet

Atlantic (Iowa?) Telegraph of 1878 -- reprint in shape of dollar bill showing "sample of money of the future, according to the doctrines of the Greenback party" (1878)

Republican Party and patriotism (n.d.) -- broadside in favor shows rooster captioned "Rah"

Benjamin Harrison -- card criticizing his use of Chinese votes to win him Senate seat and subsequent Congressional vote for bill restricting further immigration (n.d.)

E. Branden, Aachen, Germany -- ad card with sample of "Paul Kruger" post card praising president of South African Republic (c.1899)

John P. Altgeld for Governor of Illinois -- card criticizing; copy of a lease by free-silver advocate demanding tenants pay in gold coin (c.1890's)

"Character Sketches of Prominent Persons: Hon. Theodore Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of the Navy" -- clipping depicting Roosevelt in full-length drawing (n.d.)

Myers American Ballot (Voting) Machine [20pp.] (c.1890), booklet advertising  

New York State delegation to Democratic Convention of 1892 -- facsimile of petition stating they cannot support Grover Cleveland for nomination, 2 copies

Fulton (Missouri) Sun -- editorial reprint against trusts (1899)

National Democratic Convention of 1884, ticket

Woodrow Wilson (1912?) -- pamphlet containing five short speeches on issues in campaign

"Why Railroad Men Should Vote for Wilson" (1912?), pamphlet, 2 copies

National Short Ballot Organization, New York -- [23pp.] (c.1913), "The Story of the Short Ballot Cities" -- 8th ed.

Republican National Committee -- election broadside showing aerial photo of Theo. Roosevelt's farm as a plush estate rather than "dirt farm" as he called it (c.1912)

"The Industrial Cannibalism of Hanna" criticizing wealthy Mark Hanna's tactics written by Peter Witt of Iron Molders Union, Cleveland (n.d.)

Wm. Jennings Bryan's Chicago Convention Speech superimposed on portrait of Bryan (1899), poster

 Lodge and Club Literature: (Iowa)

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks: 2 menus printed in Greek letters with words in English (n.d.)

G.A.R.: ad for annual encampment at Cedar Rapids (n.d.)

Independent Order of Odd Fellows: program for Eastern Iowa District Convention at Davenport (1916)

Iowa Odd Fellow (official paper of I.O.O.F.), subscription ad

I.O.O.F. Lodge, Rockwell City (Iowa) (n.d.), ad

I.O.O.F. (Iowa City?) (1895), invitation to festival in new building

Junia Lodge (n.p.) (1882) -- 11th anniversary program

Des Moines Odd Fellows Relief Assoc. (1896), invitation and program for benefit

Spokane, Wash. (1892), program for national meeting

Sovereign Grand Lodge (national meeting) at Los Angeles (1888), program for 71st anniversary celebration at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (1889) for I.O.O.F. meeting at Iowa City (n.d.)

invitation to 81st anniversary of (Iowa City?) Lodge (1900) to 82nd anniversary of (Iowa City?) Lodge (1901)

sociable and banquet at Iowa City (1895) (in envelope)

Eastern District of Iowa meeting at Iowa City (1903), 2 programs

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons: Grand Lodge of Iowa -- memorandum book, 2 copies,one with pencil notes (1891)

Iowa City (1890), invitation to banquet and sociable

Cedar Rapids Iowa Masonic Library (n.d.), book marker

El Riad Shrine Temple, Sioux Falls, S.D. (1890), invitation (in envelope) to banquet and ball

El Riad Shrine Temple, Sioux Falls, S.D. (1896), invitation and program in shape of a coffin

Iowa Masonic Library at Cedar Rapids (n.d.), brochure

Grand Secretary of Iowa report on George W. Bailey charges against Masons (1894)

"The Mason's Ladder", poem reprinted from Masonic Review (n.d.)

New Year's Greeting from Grand Secretary (1896)

memorium to Theodore Schreiner (d.1897) from Grand Secretary

Grand Master of Iowa at Clinton., Iowa (1902) (in envelope), invitation to reception

Theodore S. Parvin, Grand Secretary of Iowa (1901) (in black-bordered envelope), funeral notice

"Circular of Information" for Grand Lodge meeting at Dubuque (1902)

"Grand Lodge Odes" for above meeting at Dubuque (1902)

Quarterly Bulletin of Iowa Masonic Library, supplement titled "Loan of Books from Iowa Masonic Library" (n.d.)

Quarterly Bulletin of Iowa Masonic Library, supplement featuring photos of Shriners' display case, Harbach display case, and carved piano in Library (n.d.)

Quarterly Bulletin (of Iowa Masonic Library), reprint titled "The Advantage and Importance of the Iowa Masonic Library to the Masons of Iowa" (1899)

Iowa Masonic Library with poem and description of autograph collection, brochure, (n.d.)

Iowa Masonic Library, autograph letters in collection , brochure (c.1890)

Iowa Masonic Library for books for Iowa Author Coll., brochure (n.d.)

notice of presentation of display case from Shriners to Iowa Masonic Library (n.d.)

"The Collector" about artefact collection at Iowa Masonic Library [10 -- 11pp.] (n.d), booklet, 2 copies

report from Zeltand Lodge, Montreal (1927)

"The Trowel", poem by Rob Morris (n.d.)

"Odes to Masonry" (songs) (n.d.), pamphlet

"Masonic History. Its Intentions and Shortcomings" -- a paper read at Cedar Rapids by Jos. E. Morcombe (1900)

Masonic Temple at Cedar Rapids (1891), invitation (in envelope) to formal opening

Greeting (New Years) to Masons from Grand Secretary (1887)

Masonic Temple, Chicago, and city itself (n.d.), descriptive pamphlet

notice of acceptance to membership form (n.d.) ("Masonic Diploma")

"Our Vows", poetry by Robert Morris (n.d.)

Season's Greeting card from Grand Secretary (1890)

"Masons in Iowa" (1902), list of newly-elected or appointed Grand Officers

Knights Templars: invitation to annual reception and banquet, Iowa City (1883)

20th Triennial Conclave of Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, Cleveland, Ohio (1877), program

Grande Reception Musicale et Dansante at Chicago, 1880 (in envelope), invitation

souvenir menu for annual reception and banquet for Iowa City commandery (1883)

announcement of Grand Encampment of Knights Templar at Chicago, 2 copies (1880)

Knights of Pythias: brochure describing National Pythian Sanitarium, Hot Springs., Arkansas (c.1900)

32nd session of Grand Lodge, at Des Moines [19pp.] (1902 ), booklet listing officials and representatives

"1893 Directory, Knights of Pythias, Lodges and Divisions For the Jurisdiction of Illinois" [16pp.]

Knights of Pythias members to join Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan (D.O.K.K.) (1899), ad

Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias, Rathbone Sisters, and D.O.K.K. at Des Moines (1902),  program for meeting

D.O.K.K. at Des Moines (1899), ad sheet (poster size) for encampment

Grand Lodge at Muscatine (1893), program for 24th session

Grand Lodge at Le Mars (1894), program for 25th session

official ballot for officers with names pencilled in (n.d.)

business card for Knights of Pythias Accident Indemnity Association (n.d.)

Will M. Narvis of Muscatine, calling card (n.d.)

George F. Crouch of Oxford Junction, calling card (n.d.)

J. M. Crockett of Stuart, calling card (n.d.)

The Knight's Sword and Helmet 28:8, Pythian newspaper pub. at Ft. Madison, Iowa (1904)

ad card for "Iowa Pythian Day" at Trans-Mississippi Exposition, Omaha (1898)

booklet with views of Waterloo (1898)

itemized expenses of Grand Lodge of Iowa (1897 -- 1898)

A. W. Harris for Grand Trustee, 2 ad cards (n.d.)

"Why Should the Knights of Pythias of Iowa Build a Sanitarium at Colfax?", booklet with enclosed prospectus including sketch (1903)

Grand Lodge session at Columbus, Ohio (1882), program

"In Mamorium" brochure to John Van Valkenburg of Ft. Madison, Iowa from

K.P. Grand Chancellor of S. D., Arthur Phillips (1890)

Pabst Brewing Co. booklet with story of Damon and Pythias, [29pp.], (1890)

Grand Lodge of Iowa, Council Bluffs (1903), program for 34th annual session

Iowa City K of P (1897), program for 33rd anniversary

Supreme Lodge (World meeting, K of P) (1884), program of biennial session

New Years Party, Iowa City (1884), 2 menus

Pythian Social, Iowa City (1890), 2 invitations

Pythian Memorial Service program, Iowa City (1890)

Iowa City Lodge (1891), invitation to public installation of Officers

Corinth Lodge (1886), program booklet for 22nd anniversary

Corinth Lodge, Iowa City (1889), "programme of celebration" for Jubilee Week, 25th anniversary , 3 copies

Corinth Lodge (1889), invitation and program for public installation of officers

Corinth Lodge (1890), invitation to social

Corinth Lodge (1892), triangular-shaped invitation to party

Corinth Lodge (1895), invitation (in envelope) to 31st anniversary

"By-Laws of Corinth Lodge" (1897), booklet, 3 copies

Iowa City Opera House (1894), party invitation

Pythian Memorial Service notice for founder of order Justus H. Rathbone (n.d.)

Iowa City (1884), invitation to New Year Party (in green envelope)

5th District Convention of Rathbone Sisters at Cedar Rapids (1902), program

25th Pythian Anniversary Jubilee (1889), invitation

"Form of Service for Corinth Lodge, No. 24 Knights of Pythias of Iowa, on Public Occasions" [8pp.] (n.d.)

resolution of Corinth Lodge presenting John Springer for nomination to Grand Chancellor of Iowa, 2 copies (1902)

Bullis and Holden, publishers, Cleveland, Ohio -- ad (in envelope) for rites books for Pythians, Masons, and others (c.1898)

"Proclamation" satyrical calling for resolution against one J.H. Powell who wants to admit women into Knights of Pythias (n.d.)


"Centennial Historical Calendar for the Year 1876", Philadelphia [32pp.]

"'Enery 'arris's Kaukneigh Awlminek" [30pp.] (London) (n.d.)

"The Home Almanac", by Home Insurance Co., New York [32pp.], (1894)

Telephone Almanac, 1933 -- by American Telephone & Telegraph Co. [32pp.]

"The U.S. Patriotic Almanac for the Year 1898" [19pp.]

 Bicycles: Booklets and Advertising

Columbia bicycles, 3 ad cards (1884, 1888, 1898) (n.p.)

Cleveland Moffett, "Marvels of Bicycle Making" [60pp.] (1897)

F. H. Noble & Co., Chicago -- booklet by manufacturer of bicycle name plates and other products [28pp.] (n.d.)

Pope Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Conn. -- catalog of company's Columbia chainless bicycles [32pp.] (1898)


Pennsylvania Rubber Company, Jeannette, Penn. -- ad sheet for bicycle tires (n.d.)

Sterling Bicycle Works, Chicago -- booklet "Built Like a Watch" describing company's product [32pp.] (1897)

Box 12

Advertising Literature: Alcoholic Beverages

Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn., St. Louis -- booklet describing the history of the brewery [11pp.] (1898)

booklet describing the history of the brewery [32pp.] (1889 )

Bernheim Brothers & Uri., Louisville -- price list and humorous booklet advertising Old Continental whiskies [14p.] (1888)

British Columbia Distillery Co., Ltd., (New Westminster, B. C.) -- warning notice not to re-use whiskey bottles (n.d.)

16 oz. bottle label for Old Colonel Bourbon Whiskey (n.d.)

Clear Spring Distilling Co., Nelson County, Ken. -- 2 1 pt. bottle labels for Pebbleford Kentucky Bourbon (n.d.)

Bardstown, Ken. -- 2 warning notices not to reuse whiskey bottles (c.1915)

Distillers Corporation, Ltd., Montreal, Canada -- 3 bottle labels from Golden Wedding Pure Rye Whiskey (n.d.)

Dubuque Malting Co., Dubuque, Iowa, -- ad card for Banquet and Export brands of beer (n.d.)

Fred Hollender & Co., New York -- booklet advertising the several brands of beer produced by this brewery or imported and sold under its name [27pp.] (n.d.)

Fred Krug Brewing Co., Omaha -- ad brochure for Cabinet brand beer (n.d.)

Kuntz Brewery, Ltd., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada -- bottle label from Ye Olde Inn Ale (n.d. )

Wm. J. Lemp, St. Louis -- booklet describing company's brands of beer and historical sketch of brewery in 4 languages [23pp.] (c.1886)

Myers & Co., Covington., Ken. -- booklet relating history of Fulton Whiskey [l8pp.] (1901)

order sheet with price list on verso for Fulton Whiskey (1901)

"Old McBrayer Distillery", Montgomery County, Kentucky -- label from quart bottle of Old McBrayer Bourbon (n.d. )

Omaha Brewing Association, Omaha -- ad card for brewery (n.d.)

Henry Rohlff, Omaha -- fiberboard coaster with ad for Edelweiss beer (n.d.)

Schlitz Brewing Co., ad card for exhibit at 1893 World's Fair (?) (n.d.)

P. Schoenhofen Brewing Co., Chicago -- ad card for company's draught lager beer, Edelweiss and Export brands (c.1889)

ad brochure for company's Edelweiss brand beer (c.1889)

George T. Stagg Co., Frankfort, Ken. -- label from bottle of O.F.C. Bourbon Whiskey (n.d.)

E. H. Taylor, Jr. & Sons, Frankfort, Ken. -- label from pint bottle of Old Taylor whiskey (n.d.)

John Walker & Sons, Kilmarnock, Scotland -- 2 labels from bottles of Old Highland Whiskey (n.d.)

Willow Springs Distilling Co., Omaha -- ad card for Iler's Eagle Gin (n.d.)

Iler's Pure Malt Whiskey (tonic) (n.d.), ad card

Iler's Eagle Gin (n.d.), ad card

Golden Sheaf Bourbon and Rye Whiskies (n.d.), ad card

ad card giving production statistics of brewery (1898)

Advertising Literature: Wearing apparel

Bortree Mfg. Co., Jackson, Mich. -- ad in shape of woman for duplex Corsets

C.S. Burkholder & Co., Chicago -- ad card for millinery manufacturer (1894)

George A. Clark & Brother, n.p. -- folder with samples of cotton cloth (n.d.)

James Claypoole, Columbus, Ohio -- order form of wholesaler of boots and shoes (188?)

Chicago Corset Co., Chicago -- card advertising Kabo Corsets (for women) (color) (n.d.)

The Chicago Record (newspaper), Chicago -- "Fashion Figure Supplement" showing woman clad in corset and petticoats on card

Cluett, Coon & Co., New York and other cities -- booklet, printed in color, shaving men's shirt colors [l4p.] (1899)

J.& P. Coats, Pawtucket, R.I. -- 4 cards (in color) advertising spool wool and cotton thread (n.d.)

Drew, Selby & Co., Portsmouth, Ohio -- shoe manufacturer ad card (n.d.)

Hub Gore Makers, Boston -- ad card for shoe elastic manufacturer (n.d.)

Ihling Brothers - Everard Co. ("Kalamazoo Uniform Co."), Kalamazoo, Mich. fold-out brochure describing Mason's costumes and aprons (1929)

Lederer, Strauss & Co., Des Moines -- "Correct Headgear" -- hat catalog with price list [l8pp.] (1902)

E. Packard, Clothier, of New Bedford, Mass. -- "The Blue Book; containing sketches and portraits of the coming men", booklet [l4p.] (1880)

Pratt, Simmons, & Krausnick, St. Louis, Mo. -- 1 p. advertisement for millinery (1895)

Shoninger, Levy & Co., Chicago -- 1 l. showing in color women's tamoshanters (n.d.)

S.W.Steinson & Sons, Columbus, Ohio -- 1 p, advertising brochure for spring woolens (1882)

Warren Featherbone Co., Three Oaks, Mich. -- ad for elastic boning material printed on shipping tag with turkey quill and sample piece of material attached (n.d.)

 Advertising Literature: Food

C. F. Blanke Tea & Coffee Co., St. Louis -- booklet entitled "Coffee from Tree to Lip" [45pp.] (n.d.)

Chase & Sanborn Tea & Coffee Importers, Chicago -- form letter incl. copy of newspaper clipping re coffee served to Adm. Dewey's men in Spanish American War (c.1899)

Cudahy Packing Co., Omaha -- ad card (expandable) depicting products gotten from hogs (n.d.)

T. E. Dougherty, Chicago -- ad. booklet for company's New England Mince Meat in shape of a pie (c.1895)

The Fleischmann Co., n.p. -- 4 stamps advertising Fleischmann's Yeast (c.1910)

Honey Dew Gum Co., New York -- ad pamphlet for company's Field's Cafe Cloves

Clark C. Knowlton, Elmira, N.Y. -- ad card for bakery and confectionery (n.d.)

Koch Butcher's Supply Co., Kansas City, Mo. -- ink blotter advertising "Freeze-Em" meat preservative jobbed by this firm (n.d.)

Leibig's Extract of Meat Company, Antwerp, Belgium -- ad card for meat extract -- kaleidoscope card will change pictures when string is pulled (1897)

New York Condensed Milk Co., New York -- ad card for Eagle Brand condensed milk (c.1891)

Preservaline Mfg. Co., New York, Chicago, San Francisco -- ad brochure (fold-out) for Preservaline meat preservative (n.d.)

Price Baking Powder Co., Chicago -- recipe booklet advertising Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder [61pp.] (c.1892)

Reed & Carnrick, n.p. -- ad card for Carnrick's Soluble Food (c.1890)

St. Charles Condensing Co., St. Charles, Ill. -- 2 ad booklets for St. Charles Evaporated Cream [l4pp.] (c.1893)

Swift and Company, Chicago -- ad brochure for Swift's hams, bacon and lard (n.d.)

Van Houten's Cocoa (n.p., n.d.), ad card

Washburn, Crosby Co., Minneapolis, Minn. -- ad. pamphlet for milling company's Gold Medal brand flour (n.d.)

White Rock Mineral Spring Co., Waukesha, Wisc. -- ad folder (pamphlet) for White Rock Ginger Ale (n.d.)

 Advertising Literature: Lecturers and Entertainers

C. Lawrence Abbott, impersonator, ad sheet (n.d.)

Mr. & Mrs. C. Rucker Adams, lecturers in physical education, brochure (n.d.)

Affiliated Lecture Management, ad sheet (1942 -- 1943)

Louis Alber, lecturer and author, 8 brochures and ad sheets (c.1942 -- 1943)

Leon Albert, traveler and lecturer, ad sheet (n.d.)

George D. Alden, lecturer, brochure (n.d.)

Harold Allen and Alice Demmons, 4 ads (n.d.), "Sounds of the Air" -- radio sound-effects demonstration

Allerton (Walter Wentworth) Illustrated Travelogues, 5 ads (c.1928 -- 1931)

Alexander Novelty Trio, musicians, ad sheet (n.d.)

Hazel Allison, coloratura (opera), brochure (n.d.)

Allpress All Star Company of musicians, ad sheet (n.d.)

The American Opera Company's presentation of "Rigoletto", ad sheet (1943)

Esther Ament, contralto, brochure (c.1940's)

Ananta, Eskimo Woman lecturer, 3 ad brochures (n.d.)

David Wulf Anderson, lecturer on history and folklore, brochure (n.d.)

Morris Anderson, lecturer, 3 brochures (n.d.)

Dr. John C. Armstrong, lecturer, ad sheet (n.d.)

John Anglin, tenor, 2 ad brochures (n.d.)

Cecil Arden, operatic mezzo-soprano, 2 brochures (1940), (n.d.)

Julian B. Arnold, lecturer on travel topics, 2 brochures (n.d.)

Arnold's Barnyard Frolics featuring trained pig, ad sheet (n.d.)

Madame Lydja Aszmann and her Victor Theremin (musical instrument) -- typewritten letter on verso (1930) ad brochure for Richard Alexander, bass baritone, ad sheet (n.d.)

Sumayeh Attiyeh, Syrian female orator, 3 brochures (n.d.)

Harry Atwood, author and lecturer, ad brochure (n.d.)

Edward Avis, bird mimic, 3 brochures (n.d.)

Bob Jones College and its lecture series, 2 ads (c.1940)

Bob Jones, Jr. and his Shakespearean show, 1 ad (n.d.)

Dr. Henry Black Burns, criminologist, brochure (n.d.)

Edward T. Camenisch, lecturer on travel topics, 2 ad sheets (c.1941)

Don Carter, quick-change artist, 2 ad sheets (n.d.)

Chief Flying Iron, lecturer, artist and musician, ad brochure (n.d.)

Axel Christensen, speaker, ad sheet (n.d.)

Sergeant Harold Coleman, former bomber pilot in RAF (c.1942)

W.R.Duckett and his collie dog, Scottie -- blind lecturer, ad brochure (c.1930's)

Edmund Heller, big game hunter, explorer and world traveller, ad circular (n.d.)

Col. Worthington Hollyday, lecturer, 3 brochures (n.d.)

Edward Louis Jeambey, collector of sticks and canes, ad sheet (n.d.)

Lew Johnson, naturalist, writer and lecturer, ad brochure (n.d.)

Sylvia Anne Johnson, dramatic reader, 2 sheets (n.d.)

Light Opera Festival Company (Chautauqua), brochure (1931)

George McCarty, prof. of Speech, S.Dak. State College lecturer, brochure (n.d.)

Arthur A. Moulton, travel lecturer, brochure (c.1939)

 Advertising Literature: Patent Medicine

Aletris Cordial women's tonic -- n.p., n.d., name of manufacturer not given, ad card

Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association, St. Louis -- booklet advertising Anheuser-Busch Malt-Nutrine [l0pp.] (n.d.)

stand-up card for AnheuserBusch's Malt-Nutrine tonic (n.d.)

Antikamnia Chemical Co., St. Louis -- ad booklet for Antikamnia pills [14pp.] (c.1897 )

Arlington Chemical Co., Yonkers, N. Y. -- ad booklet for Liquid Peptonoids entitled "The Mars Gazette" [18pp.] (n.d.)

Dr. J.C.Ayer & Co., Lowell, Massachusetts -- ad card for Ayer's Sarsaparilla (n.d.)

Bovinine Co., New York -- ad card for Bovinine tonic (n.d.)

California Fig Syrup Co., San Francisco, Louisville, New York -- ad pamphlet (expandable) for "Syrup of Figs" laxative (n.d.)

ad brochure for "Syrup of Figs" tonic (n.d.)

"Candy Cathartic Cascarets" Laxative -- n.p., n.d., name of manufacturer not given, ad fold-out brochure

n.p., n.d., ad fold-out brochure

Carter Medicine Company, New York City -- ad card for "Carter's Iron Pills (n.d.)

"Carter's Liver Bitters", entitled "A Good Reply", ad card ( n.d.)

"Carter's Backache Plasters", ad card (n.d.)

"Carter's Little Liver Pills", ad card (n.d.)

Fuller & Fuller Co., Chicago -- ad card with color portrait of Mrs. President Cleveland and advertising "Best" Tonic (n.d.)

Globe Manufacturing. Co., Grinnell, Iowa -- ad flier for Globe Hair Restorative and Dandruff Cure (c.1897)

Dr. Harter Medicine Co., St. Louis -- ad pamphlet for Dr. Harter's Little Liver Pills and Dr. Harter's Wild Cherry Bitters (1887)

C. J. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. -- ad pamphlet for Hood's Sarsaparilla (in shape of a pansy flower) (n.d.)

Iler & Co., Omaha -- ad card for company's Kennedy's East India Bitters tonic (n.d.)

Keen, Robinson & Co., London, Eng. -- ad circular for Robinson's Patent Groats and Robinson's Patent Barley (n.d.)

Mellier Drug Co., St. Louis -- booklet with portraits of "eminent medical men" of the 18-19th cents. by manufacturer of Tongaline tonic and tablets [16pp.] (1896)

Pabst Brewing Co., Milwaukee -- window sticker for Pabst Malt Extract tonic (n.d.)

pamphlet advertising Pabst Malt Extract (n.d.)

The Palisade Manufacturing Company, Yonkers, New York -- ad for "Hemaboloids" supposedly based on ancient Egyptian papyrus on medicine (n.d.)

Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, Rhode Island -- ad card for "Horsford's Acid Phosphate" (n.d.)

Scott and Browne, New York -- ad card for "Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites"

 Advertising Literature: Miscellaneous Products

American Arithmometer Co., St. Louis -- ad card "Souvenir, Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha, Neb. 1898"

Austrich Arc Lamp Co., New York -- ad folder for Austrich Arc lamp (n.d.)

Berry Brothers, Detroit, Michigan -- ad card for varnish manufacturer (n.d.)

The P. Best Manufacturing Co., New Haven, Conn. -- ad card in shape of a butterfly for company's Wheelock pianos (n.d.)

Block Light Company, New York -- booklet describing gas lamps with prices and comparing them with electric lights (n.d.)

Burke & James, Chicago -- envelope containing 25 lantern slide mats (n.d.)

Chicago Stove Works, Chicago -- 2 ad cards for company's Gold Coin stoves and ranges (n.d.)

T. H. Chubb Rod Co., Post Mills, Vermont -- 2 fold-out ads for Chubb fishing rods, tackle, and lures (1894)

J.&P. Coats' Spool Cotton -- ad card for thread manufacturer (n.p., n.d.)

Cockshutt Plow Co., Ltd., Brantford, Ontario -- brochure advertising the Lacta cream separator (n.d.)

Columbian Hose Nozzle Co., Des Moines, Iowa -- ad card for manufacturer of nozzles and lawn sprinklers (n.d.)

Dingman's Soap (n.p., n.d.), ad sheet

Domestic Sewing Machine Company, New York -- ad brochure for "Domestic" sewing machine (n.d.)

Dowden Manufacturing Co., Prairie City, Iowa -- ad card for the Dowden (potato) Digger (horsedrawn) (n.d.)

Defender Photo Supply Company, Rochester, New York -- pamphlet catalog of photo supplies for sale by company (n.d.)

Detroit Stove Works, Detroit & Chicago -- booklet "Cooking by Gas" with section of recipes [32pp.] (n.d. )

William Dreydoppel, Philadelphia -- booklet titled "Light and Shade" advertising Dreydoppel's soap [16pp.] (1892 )

Ewart & Son, London -- booklet with prices and specifications on the Ewart Gas Controller (to control flow of natural gas to lamps and appliances) [12pp.] (n.d. )

Jos. Eichbaum & Co., Pittsburgh -- ad brochure for stationery firm (retail) and printer (n.d.)

E. Faber, New York -- ad card for pencil manufacturer (n.d.)

Goldberg Display Fixtures, New York -- business card (n.d.)

2 copies of ad card (n.d.)

"Goodner & Chritton Rotary Engine" -- ad brochure for company from Pueblo, Mosca, and Crestone, Colorado (n.d.)

Hallet & Davis Piano Co., Boston -- ad sheet by piano manufacturer (c.1892)

Jamestown Worsted Mills, Jamestown, New York -- ad folder for Jamestown Dress Goods sold by G.B. Chapman & Co., Eau Claire, Wisc. (n.d.)

Kentucky Wagon Mfg. Co., Louisville -- ad fold-out brochure for Old Hickory wagons (farm and freight wagons)

Keystone Watch Company, Philadelphia -- watch case opener with ad card attached (c.1898)

"What Everybody Ought to Know about Watches" [24pp.] (1893)

same, but different text and format [16pp.] (1898)

Koch Butchers' Supply Co., Kansas City, Mo. -- ad card for manufacturer of oyster pails (cardboard) (n.d.)

Koh-I-Noor drawing pencils, manufacturer L.&C. Hardtmuth, Austria, ad card (n.p., n.d.)

Lalance & Grosjean Mfg. Co., New York, Chicago, Boston -- pamphlet ad for pots and pans (c.1897)

Roderick Lean Manufacturing Co., Mansfield, Ohio -- ad fold-out for Lean Harrows (n.d.)

Liquid Carbonic Acid Mfg. Co., Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh -- descriptive booklet of carbon dioxide gas bottler & distributor [32pp.] (1895)

M.A. Seed Dry Plate Company, St. Louis, Missouri, and New York City pamphlet catalog of products and price list (1901)

Meinecke Cork Co., New York -- ad fold-out for "Daisy" corks and Perfection porcelain bed pans and "Anti-Colic" nipples (n.d.)

Miami Powder Co., XenIowa, Ohio -- ad card, ad sheet with prices, envelope for Alarm Smokeless gunpowder and blasting powder (c.1892)

Monitor Time Clock Company, cyracuse, New York -- 2 copies of booklet on Monitor time clocks (n.d.)

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago -- brochure for Ward's sewing machines [8p.] (n.d.)

The Morden Manufacturing Corporation, Waterbury, Connecticut -- ad folder for rings for loose-leaf notebooks and binders (n.d.)

ad folder for notebooks, memo pads, and loose-leaf rings with price list (n.d.)

New Home Sewing Machine Co., Orange, Mass. and other cities -- ad card for manufacturer of New Home Sewing machines (1891)

Ostermoor and Company, New York -- booklet describing Patent Elastic Felt Mattress, company's product [15pp.] (n.d.)

Otto Gas Engine Works, Philadelphia -- ad brochure for manufacturer of gasoline engines (n.d.)

I. E. Palmer., Middletown, Conn. -- ad fold-out for Palmer hammocks and bed canopies, Rith calendar for 1904 and 1905 inside (c.1904)

Pasteur - Chamberland Filter Co., Dayton, Ohio -- ad, booklet for Pasteur Germ-Proof Water Filters [17pp.] (c.1900)

Pear's Soap. Photos (mounted) of four actresses, ad card (n.d.)

(n.p., n.d.), 3 ad sheets

Pease Piano Co., Chicago -- pamphlet with color illustrations of female children (c.1892)

The Peerless Rubber Manufacturing Co., New York -- ad fold-out for manufacturer of rubber packing material (n.d.)

Pennsylvania Salt Mfg. Co., Philadelphia -- ad brochure by agents for Lewis' Lye soap (n.d.)

Pittsburgh Wall Paper Co., Pittsburgh -- booklet entitled "Six Points and a Clincher" advertising wallpaper (n.d.)

ad card attacking the wallpaper Trust

Poor Man's Axle Grease Co., Sycamore, Illinois -- ad brochure (fold-out) for Poor Man's Axle and Carriage Greases (c.1898)

"Quick Meal" gasoline and gas stoves, ad card (n.p., n.d.)

Reichenberg-Smith Co., Omaha -- ad brochure for silverware and silver plate products sold by jeweler in Omaha (n.d.)

Rochester Optical & Camera Co., Rochester, N.Y. -- brochure of operating instructions for "Tele-photo Cycle Poco B" camera (n.d.)

Rubel Brothers, Chicago -- illustrated list of office supplies available (n.d.)

P. M. Sharples, West Chester, Pennsylvania -- ad brochure for Sharples cream separators (n.d.)

The Sharples Co., Omaha -- ad card for the Scotch Milk Can Washer (n.d.)

Sherwin-Williams Co., (n.p.) -- ad sheet (n.d.)

fold-out ad for Sherwin-Williams Paint sold by Byron Stillwell, Iowa City (n.d.)

special floor paint, ad sheet (n.p., n.d.)

The Smith Premier Typewriter Co., Baltimore, Md. and other citiesad pamphlet in shape of typewriter with 5 pages (n.d.)

Sozodont tooth-wash (c.1897), ad sheet with reprints of published testimonials

The Standard Scale & Supply Co., Pittsburgh -- ad card for manufacturer of scales, concrete mixers, gasoline engines, trucks and barrows with table for keeping record of weight gain or loss through the years (1913 -- 1917) (c.1913)

Standard Oil Company engine and cylinder oils, 2 ad cards, ("Renown" and "Capitol" brands) (n.p., n.d.)

Pure Refined Paraffine Wax, ad card (n.p., n.d.)

Standard Sewing Machine Go., Cleveland, Ohio -- 8 ad cards for the Standard Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machine (n.d.)

Story & Clark Organ Co., Chicago & London -- 4 ad cards (n.d.) (2 have original ink sketches on backs)

The Sun Manufacturing Co., Greenfield., Ohio -- booklet advertising Sun Cash Registers [20pp] (n.d. )

The Trenton Potteries Co., Trenton, New Jersey -- brochure advertising porcelain tubs, sinks, and toilets (n.d.)

James W. Tufts, Boston -- ad booklet describing and picturing soda fountains [16pp.] (n.d.)

United States Playing Card Company, Cincinnati, Ohio -- ad card for Hustling-Joe playing cards (c.1895)

United States Supply Co., Omaha -- business card for manufacturer of wind mills, water tanks, pipe, pumps, steam engines, boilers, etc. -- "successors to U.S. Wind Engine & Pump Co." (n.d.)

Valentine & Company, New York -- booklet of silhouettes distributed by varnish manufacturer [16pp.] (n.d.)

Weir Plow Company, Monmouth, Illinois -- ad fold-out for the Kingman disk harrow [6pp.] (n.d.)

White Sewing Machine Co., Cleveland, Ohio -- ad card for White sewing machines and bicycles

Joseph Wild & Co., New York -- catalog of manufacturer and importer of linoleum, oriental rugs, mats, robes, etc. (n.d.)

Wrought Iron Range Co., St. Louis -- laminated ad card for "Home Comfort" furnaces

Yowman & Erbe, Rochester, N.Y. -- ad pamphlet for automatic fishing reels [13pp.] (1891)

Ad sheet with advertisements for five Philadelphia companies: Harbach's original caramel cocoanut; crosscup and West wood engravers; Zebra Cards (Sherman & Co.); Powell's Advertising Agency; L.W. Seavey, scenic artist (n.d.)

Box 13

Advertising Literature: Services

American Advertising Agency, New York -- ad card for subsidiary of American Type Founders Co., (n.d.)

William A. Grant, Chicago -- ad brochure from ad writer (n.d.)

Gustavus Hinrichs (n.p.) (c.1885), Happy New Year card

Morrisson, Plummer & Co., Chicago -- Christmas greeting card (type of business not identified) (1898)

Northwestern Guaranty Loan Co., Minneapolis -- ad brochure for new Guaranty Loan Bldg., Mpls. (c.1890)

The Old Reliable Publishers' Collection Agency, New York and other cities pamphlet of testimonials to company's service (c.1899)

E. E. Salt Cost Finding Service, New York -- 2 copies of ad from firm of efficiency experts (n.d.)

George L. Thomas, London, Ontario, Canada -- ad circular for book entitled "The Rapid Typo" to teach fast typesetting (c.1884)

The Typo Alliance (Typo Credit Service), New York -- 2 copies of booklet entitled "The History and Growth of Typo" (1913)

"Typo Credit Book", 2 copies of pamphlet (c.1896)

"Typo Index.; Buyers' Guide and Cyclopaedia of the Trade", booklet advertising (c.1913) 

United States General Subscription Agency, Philadelphia -- ad card with rates of subscriptions for periodicals ordered through this agency (n.d.)

"How to Become a Rapid Compositor" advertising a book for typesetters which will teach rapid composition (n.d.)

 Advertising Literature: Tobacco and tobacco products

Allen & Ginter's, Richmond, Va., -- ad card for cigarette manufacturer (n.d.)

Bloch Brothers Tobacco Co., Wheeling, W.Va. -- ad card for "Mail Pouch" chewing tobacco (n.d.)

Capadura cigars (n.p., n.d., name of manufacturer not given), ad card

L. C. Cohen, Jr., Chicago -- letterhead only from receipt of retail tobacconist (c.1860's)

Drummond Tobacco Co., St. Louis -- ad card for Horse Shoe Tobacco (n.d.)

three-ring puzzle with advertising for Tom Keene brand cigars

M. Foster & Co., New York -- ad folder for Banquet Hall Bouquet Cigars (n.d.)

Harry Weissinger, Louisville, Ken. -- ad card for Old Kentucky tobacco (n.d.)

 Advertising Literature: Travel

The Antlers (Hotel), Colorado Springs -- brochure describing Colo. Sprgs. and Antlers Hotel (n.d.)

The Atlantic Hotel, Atlantic, Iowa -- 2 business cards for hotel with "good barn in connection" (n.d.)

The Auditorium Hotel, Chicago -- ad brochure (n.d.)

Barron's Lake Park House, Spirit Lake, Iowa -- ad card for resort on East Okoboji Lake (1886)  

Brown Palace Hotel, Denver -- brochure describing hotel accommodations, the state, and city of Denver (n.d.)

Burlington, Cedar Rapids, and Northern Railway, n.p. -- plasticized ad card showing cities served by railroad (n.d.)

Canard Steamship Co., Ltd., Liverpool -- booklet describing services of Canard Line [23pp.] (1893)

Chicago & St. Louis Electric Railroad Company, begun to offer non-stop interurban service between two cities (c.1892), brochure prospectus

Colburn & McComber, Niagara Falls, N.Y. -- ad card for Clifton House hotel (n.d.)

"Colorado Towns and Resorts", issued by Hotel Committee, Silver Triennial Conclave, Knights Templar, Denver [70pp.] (1892)

Commercial Exchange, Des Moines, Iowa -- 2 ad cards for Des Moines, "Gem of Cities" (n.d.)

Jos. Eichbaum & Co., Pittsburgh -- ad. sheet for printer of Pennsylvania Rail Road timetables (1882)

Ellis & Ellis, Mitcham(?), Surrey, England -- ad card for mineral baths and spa at "Raven Spring" (n.d.)

Friends Church, Okoboji, Iowa (n.d.). "New Sail Boat, Golden Rule", -- ad card b/w service times

Frisco System (Railroad), n.p. -- calendar (January 1902 )

Great Western Railway of England, Paddington Station, London -- booklet describing points of interest on route of GWRR between London and Liverpool [24pp.] (1893 )

Hotel Elsmere, Chicago -- business card (n.d.)

Hotel McAlpin, New York -- pamphlet describing services of hotel (c.1920's)

Hotel Tower, West Superior, Wisconsin -- ad card (n.d.)

International Navigation Company, New York -- ad card for Red Star Line, between N.Y. and Antwerp (n.d.)

"The Irrigators in Utah" (about the Mormons) [36pp.], (n.d.)

The Kenyon Hotel, Salt Lake City (1898), ad pamphlet

Louisville and Nashville Railroad Co., Louisville, Ken. -- timetable with fares (1890)

Mexican National Railroad, Mexico City -- timetable, map of route, fares and description of points of interest on one fold-out sheet (n.d.)

Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland, Dublin(?) -- booklet "Through Connemara and the West of Ireland", a tourist's guide [73pp.] (n.d.)

Miller & Hill, Boatmen, Arnold's Park, Iowa -- ad card for sail boat "Petrel" on Lake Okoboji (n.d.)

"The New Guide and Key to Niagara Falls and Toronto", John Edbauer ed. and pub. (Buffalo, N. Y.) [80pp.] (1927)

New Mexico Bureau of Immigration, Santa Fe -- 2 booklets describing (1) sugar beet industry .24pp. (1897) and (2) Climate, mineral springs and schools [24pp.] (1898)

North American Transportation & Trading Co., Chicago -- brochure advertising steamer travel to Yukon gold fields (c.1890's)

Northern Pacific Railroad, St. Paul -- brochure on the northwest entitled "A Romance of Wonderland" (n.d.)

The Northwestern Line (Railroad), n.p. -- "The Votes Summarized", booklet advertising the Black Hills of South Dakota [56pp.] (n.d.)

O.B.&T. Railway, Omaha -- business card for interurban train (c.1898)

Oelrichs & Co., Agents, New York -- pamphlet giving information about ships and boats, dist. by agency for North German Lloyd Steamship Co. [16pp.] (1892 )

Oregon Short Line Railroad, Salt Lake City, Utah -- brochure entitled

Pacific Northwest Immigration Board, Portland, Oregon -- booklet (in Norwegian) entitled "Pacific Nordvestern" urging immigration to Pacific Northwest [128pp.] (n.d.)

M. I. Powers & Son, Iowa Falls, Iowa -- ad fold-out card for Siloam Springs Sanitarium (n.d.)

The Rising Sun hotel near Cheltenham, England (n.d.), ad fold-out card

St. James Hotel (Iowa City) -- menu card (n.d.)

Sabine Land and Improvement Co., Sabine Pass, Texas -- booklet describing the "harbor and town" of Sabine Pass [18pp.] (1898)

San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway, n.p. -- brochure describing southern Texas and the Gulf Coast [39pp.] (n.d.)

Santa Fe Route (R.R.) Chicago -- booklet "Grand Canon of the Colorado River, Arizona", by C. A. Higgins [31pp.] (1893)

Southern Pacific Company . "'Up to Date: Southwest Louisiana on the line of the...", Omaha edition.booklet [110pp.], describing geography and economy of S.W. Louisiana (1897)

"Second annual report of the city statistician of the City of Superior, Wisconsin, U S A." [48pp.] (1891)

Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha -- brochure describing Colorado "Sights and Scenes" [80pp.] (1898 )

The Tavern (Hotel), New Decatur, Alabama -- ad folder showing exterior and interior of hotel (n.d.)

"Washington Standard Guide", tourist guidebook to Washington D. C. [175pp.] (c.1924)

White Mountains of New Hampshire, "The American Alps, other Summer Haunts, and Winter Retreats" -- booklet describing scenery [40pp.] (1893)

 Religious Tracts

American Sunday School Union, Philadelphia -- 4 tracts (n.d.)

American Tract Society, New York & Philadelphia -- 1 tract (n.d.)

Tract signed "C.S., 1008 South Walnut St., Springfield, Illinois" (n.d.), [4pp.]

Box 14

Iowa City: Invitations, programs

All Souls' Church -- 3 pieces handed out at memorial service (1901)

The First English Lutheran Church, program of dedicatory services (1894]

First Presbyterian Church (1890), program for Jubilee Anniversary

Methodist Episcopal Church (1904), program for organ recital of Dr. Louis Falk

St. Agatha's Seminary, Commencement Exercises program (1904)

St. Katherine's Guild May Party (1893), invitation

Trinity Church, program of church service (1901)

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks -- menu written in Greek letters but English words (n.d.)

Crocker's Iowa Brigade, 3rd re-union, 2 invitation cards (1885)

Iowa Improved Stock Breeders Association -- invitation to 25th annual meeting (1898)

J.T. Mandevil, Iowa City (1870), invitation to complementary banquet

State Bar Association banquet, ad card (1900)

Johnson County Bar Association -- banquet invitation at Burkley Imperial (1902)

Mimeographed ad sheet for courthouse meeting to protest welfare organizations taking children from poor homes (1934)

Star Boat Club -- invitation to first annual reception (1876)

Iowa Improved Stock Breeders Association -- 2 invitations to 15th annual meeting (1888)

Modern Woodmen of America -- Souvenir and program for 6th annual picnic of Southeastern Iowa Picnic Association [56pp.] (1902)

Old Settlers of Johnson County, Iowa [26pp.] (1900), program booklet for 34th annual reunion

35th annual reunion [36pp.] (1901)

"Year Book of the Old Settler's Association of Johnson County, Iowa" for 1922 -- 1923 [27pp.] (1922)

Annual Old Settlers of Johnson County festival, ad sheet (1866)

State Democratic Ticket, 2 copies (portion missing) (n.d.)

Grand Labor Day Celebration (1st), program and ad sheet (n.d.)

"Characters for the Mock Court Trial Breach of Promise by the Methodist Brotherhood", brochure (1915)

"In Memoriam: Charles T. Ransom"  --  [32pp.] (1888)

State Historical Society of Iowa (1912), invitation to meet Albert Bushnell Hart at reception

"The Great Blackstone", magician, to be at Englert Theatre, ad sheet (n.d.)

"The Mikado" at the Opera House, program for performance (1901)

"Programme of the Merchant's Carnival at the Opera House" (n.d.)

"Souvenir of the 'Brownies' Visit" (booklet) commemorating dedication of Johnson County Court House (1901)

4th of July celebration, ad sheet (n.d.)

Johnson County Court House, red, white and blue sheet advertising excursion to the dedication, 2 copies (1901)

Coast & Son, Clothiers  --  complimentary dedication notice for new court house of Johnson County (1901)

"The Geological Monster" on display,ad sheet (n.d.)

"Hamlet" (1890), program

Prof. J. Ernest Woodland lecture and experiments with "liquid air" (n.d.)

Ancient Fraternity of the Rasere Almoners (1882), banquet ticket to anniversary festival

Iowa Collegiate Association, invitation (1888), 14th annual contest

Zethagathian Society , programe (1880), 15th annual exhibition

Irving Institute, annual banquet program (1893)

Iowa State Bar Association (1900), menu of the 6th annual convention

Mass meeting at City Hall with S. A. Gilley, State Central Prohibition Committee chrmn. re whether Iowa City is controlled by "the saloon element" (n.d.), 2 announcements and ad sheets

"N. B. - - Norwegian Parentage Preferred", ad sheet  --  nurses at baby show

Seeley's Greatest Show on Earth and the Grand Street Parade, ad sheet and program (n.d.)

Kindergarten Concert at St. James Nursery, ad sheet (n.d.)

"Grand Opening Concert of the Archaeopteryxian" featuring skits, songs, etc., 2 program and ad sheets (1870)

Labor Day Programme, parade, dance, dinner, etc., ad sheet (n.d.)

Mr. and Mrs. J. Norwood Clark, golden wedding anniversary booklet of congratulatory notes and published notices [40pp.] (1886)

Official Program of Firemen's Tournament [43pp.] (1894 )

Iowa City: Notices, Documents, Miscellaneous Papers

The Mill Road (n.d.), printed photograph

"The Brotherhood Grill", humor newspaper [4pp.]  --  (v.l#1) (1910)

"ready reference" card listing city officials  --  complements of Iowa City Citizen (newspaper) (n.d.)

Superintendent of Schools of Johnson County, open letter to teachers warning them against unscrupulous book salesmen (1904)

Robert Lucas against S. M. Finch of Minneapolis, published litigation (1887)

"The Calendar Pad", issue for December 1930, humor newspaper (v.4, #6)

Weekly State Press (newspaper)"happy new year" greeting cards from carriers to subscribers, 1 dated 1867, other 2 dated Jan. 1st, 1868, 3 copies

"A Lie!" denying a statement of Iowa City Republican, 2 copies of a handbill (n.d.)

"Something to Think About" by Republican officials of Johnson County, election fact booklet

"Compromise Bond" for $500. (1873)

Judge F. H. Lee document signed to certify that John N. Clark was elected Drainage Commissioner of Johnson County (1857)

election handbill urging Democrat voters to vote for Democratic ticket (1890)

Iowa City Post (1886), reprint of editorial

George F. McKay, of Cleveland, Ohio, brochure to voters asking them to approve franchise to to build interurban and street car line (1902 )

"Bond of the County of Johnson" in the amount of $1000 (1858) issued to Thomas Cox

"The Murder of Thomas Swift" from Iowa City newspaper publishers to judge of district court asking no pardon be given to prisoner William Dilley, who killed Thomas Swift, handbill (1884)

"Report upon Materia Medica and Therapeutics" by Dr. C. M. Hobby of Iowa City [14pp.] (n.d.), booklet

Masonic Temple, Iowa City (n.d.), picture post card

Iowa City Academy, Iowa City, June 7, 1893, 24th annual commencement program

Ding Darling cartoon clipped from newspaper entitled "George W. Koontz of Iowa City" (1904)

Iowa City Democrat, supplement sheet picturing candidates for county offices (n.d.)

sheet cautioning people to think over given facts before voting Democratic ticket (n.d.)

Johnson County Democratic Central Committee, pamphlet urging voters not to support Republicans because of their prohibition stand (n.d.)

sample ballot (n.d.)

Typographical Union of Iowa City, ad card (n.d.)

"Stop Thief: Why are the Newspapers of Iowa City Opposed to the Present Members of the City Council" (c.1898)

Walter I. Hayes, U.S. Rep. to John Coldren of Iowa City appointing latter to post mastership (1893), reprint of ALS

Iowa City Republican (1881), 4th of July miniature edition

"The Calendar Pad" for December 1930, issue of newspaper (v.3 #9)

Box 15

Advertising Literature: Iowa City Merchants

Bloom & Mayer  --  booklet "The Presidents of the United States of America" dist. by clothier with fold-out portraits of Presidents (1885)

Grover Cleveland and Adlai E Stevenson, 2 ad cards (n.d.)

ad card (n.d.)

H.W. Boerner & Son  --  ad sheet for pharmacy (1880)

James & M. Cavanaugh  --  ad sheet for real estate agents (n.d.)

John N. Clark  --  business card for collection agency (1855)

The Clinton Street Smoke House  --  ad with poem "Ten Little Lodgemen" (n.d.)

M. W. Davis, Druggist  --  ad booklet for Diamond Dyes (n.d.) [14pp.]

"Our Navy" picturing U.S. ships of war [31pp.] (c.1898)

Economy Advertising Co.  --  ad with color plates to show quality of printing (n.d.)

Fink's Store  --  ad card with picture of Sadie Martinot (n.d.)

Ford Hopkins  --  ad card for restaurant (n.d.)

F. X. Geiger  --  ad card from liquor dealer (n.d.)

John Hands & Son  --  ad sheet for jewelry store (1929

Hertz, Hemmer & Co.  --  ad card for dry goods store (n.d.) selling J.&P. Coats thread

Hohenschun, Cree & Lee  --  ad card for Sterling Polish Superior from furniture store (n.d.)

Will P. Hohenschuh  --  ad card for furniture store and undertaker parlor (n.d.)

W. Hughes  --  ad card for "Standard" Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machines by dealer (n.d.)

Iowa City Gas Light Co.,  --  ash tray advertising Welsbach lamp mantles (n.d.)

Iowa City Republican (newspaper) showing signal flags to be flown to warn of coming weather conditions, ad card (n.d.)

Iowa City merchants (n.d.), 2 shoppers' guides (sale sheet)

Iowa State Press  --  sample of type faces from Lanston Monotype machine (1900)

ad sheet

Iowa Sun-Light Gas Co.  --  ad card for gas works (n.d.)

Louis & Breen's  --  booklet listing fountain products at drug store (n.d.)

The Old Curiosity Shop  --  ad sheet for variety store (1858)

Plank Brothers  -- , ad card for Elgin Watches (n.d.)

Pratt & Strub  --  booklet of 6 copper etchings (n.d.)

"Catalogue of Public Library, Iowa City, Iowa"  --  booklet [48pp.] (n.d.)

Strand Theatre --  pictorial sheet advertising movie "The Man Who Laughs" (n.d.)

Theobald & Smith  --  22 ad cards each with picture of a President of U.S. (n.d.)

"Madam Yeager and Prof. Wright Omaha's Fashionable Dressmakers" to lecture at Albany Hotel, Iowa City, ad sheet (n.d.)

Police Gazette, ad, no 186, featuring story "Hattie Deuell's Terrible Fast, Iowa City, Iowa" (n.d.)

 Iowa Literature: Miscellaneous

"Program of the Annual Commencement and Semi -- Centennial Celebration of Cornell College", Mt. Vernon, Iowa, 1904

"Tabulated Pedigree of 'Lord Wilkes'", trotting horse (n.d.)

State Capitol for Governor-elect Boies, invitation to reception given by Govenor and Mrs. Larrabee, (1890)

"Tract from Statements by a Prominent Des Moines Business Man and by two Cedar Rapids Citizens Concerning a Person Holding a High Federal Position" (c.1902)

"Kate Shelly, Iowa's Grace Darling", booklet about girl whosaved a passenger train from disaster (1890) [note: removed from Spring Collection and cataloged for "x" collection].

Iowa National Guard, 50th U.S. Volunteers, Company I, 2nd Regiment, (n.d.)  --  photo

Cedar Rapids Carnival, ad printed on freight label (1901)

Governor Leslie Shaw, proclamation of Thanksgiving Day, 1901, in Iowa

Sheet listing candidates of both major political parties for state and county offices in Iowa, 1888

Iowa State Fair, 1891, book of tickets

ad card in shape of paint pallette (1893)

"The Tri-Cities, The Watch Tower, The Arsenal" (tri cities of Davenport, Rock Island and Moline), booklet [34pp.] (n.d.)

"Proposed Educational Building and Grandstand, Iowa State Fair Grounds", booklet [12pp.] (1927 )

Grinnell Driving Park (Grinnell, Iowa?), ad card (1892)

"Women in war times; the sad experiences of a soldier's wife in Johnson County Iowa thirty-six years ago"  --  reprint of address by Mrs. Samuel Yutzy (c.1901)

Iowa Library Association, 10th Annual Conference, invitation (1899)

Carnival Week in Cedar Rapids, brochure advertising (1899)

"Resurrection Day in Iowa", newspaper cartoon captioned from Chicago Herald (n.d.)

"Souvenir Announcement of the Iowa State Band, Des Moines, Iowa" (1891)

"In Memoriam: Sara Abbott Woods Perry" (booklet)  --  proceedings of a meeting of the Colonial Dames of Iowa (1897)

"Prospectus and Description of the Proposed Atlas of the State of Iowa" [20pp.] (c.1902 )

"John Mabin tells about the old timers in Iowa Journalism", newspaper clipping

"See Der Rabbits Carnival", 2 ad cards in shape of rabbits (Cedar Rapids, Ia?) (n.d.)

International Broom-Makers Union, n.p.  --  sheet accusing Lee Broom and Duster Co. of Davenport, Iowa of unfair hiring practices (n.d.)

Oaklandedge Stock Farm, Panora, Guthrie County, Iowa, ad card (n.d.)

 State University of Iowa

Act of the General Assembly of Feb. 25, 1847, establishing the State University of Iowa, printed facsimile (1947)

Bulletin of the College of Medicine (1904)

"Response to the toast 'Engineering and the University'" by Lenas G. Weld, Professor of Math, SUI (1903), booklet

"Iowa Songs" brochure by Iowa Memorial Union (n.d.)

Dramatic Recitals, first annual program, 1901-- 1902, 2 copies

Medical Department, SUI, program of annual banquet (1891)

Box 16

 Miscellaneous  --  I

"Life of B. M. Horner, Jr., 1820 -- 1890", booklet (n.p.) [3pp.] (1890) (written by Benj. Mortimer Horner, Jr.)

"Flat justitia ruat coelum", booklet by parishoners of St. Patrick's Parish, Iowa City, [10pp.] (1900)

Christmas dinner menu from Kirkwood [Hotel?] (1898)

W.M. Springer, bond swearing to post of Supervisor of Roads in Johnson County (1863)

John Springer, membership card for Irish National League of Iowa (Home rule for Ireland) (1888)

"Cardiff Giant" (1869), photograph (mounted) of so-called

Springer family genealogy, handwritten (n.d.)

U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington  --  pamphlet describing a model of the U.S. and Alaska (1893)

United States Army  --  recruiting poster (1901)

U.S. Convertible gold bonds, application (1917)

President Herbert Hoover, printed proclamation urging people to cooperate with the taking of the census (1930)

"Plates to illustrate North American Slime-Moulds", uncut, page proofs (n.d.)

The Sunset Club, Chicago  --  pamphlet explaining membership (n.p., n.d.)

Chicago, minutes of 30th meeting (1891)

"Scientific Testing applied to Business", produced and published by the Electrical Testing Laboratories, New York City, booklet (n.d.)

Chicago Chronicle, lease signed by John Altgeld, free-silver advocate, asking rent be paid in gold coin, reprint (1896)  -- contained in pamphlet entitled "A New Campaign Primer"

State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City  --  copy of Bulletin of Information, #2, May 1904 [11pp.]

U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey  --  2 pamphlets; "Hypsometry" and "Triangulation and Reconnaissance" (1893)

"Sketch of a Christian Convention, with Several Speeches Not Before So Faithfully Reported" (poem)  --  published by The Liberal, Chicago, pamphlet (1869)

"The English Sovereigns", poem (n.d.), 2 copies

U.S. Marine Hospital Service (c.1898), pamphlet

"Report of the 'Stringtown Ballad Committee' Concerning the Authorship of 'The Homespun Dress'" (poem written in 1862 by Carrie Bell Sinclair) with enclosed picture of author (n.d.)

"A Heroic Boer Woman Soldier" with picture and story of Martha Krantz, wife of Commandant Paul Krantz of German Army serving with Boer Army, flyer (n.d.)

Card "good for 8 violations" of city ordinances against drunkenness, disturbing the peace, assault, and prostitution (1899)

O.W. Owen, M.D., "Discoverer of the Baconian Cipher" (n.d.), picture

Henry Longfellow's last poem, "Mad River in the White Mountains", copy in pamphlet form (n.d.)

"Old Folks at Home" (n.d.), pamphlet

William Caxton's advertisement, printed in Fraktur type (n.d.)

 Miscellaneous  --  II

"Government Ownership of American Railways" by E. P. Ripley of A.T. & S.F.R.R., published by Railway News Bureau, Chicago, booklet (1898)

"The Wild Flowers of Iowa" by John Springer, 2 copies of pamphlet (1910)

"Where are my Wildflowers? A Pageant" by George Bennett of Iowa City (1926)

"A Memorial to Washington the Mason" (cover title  --  title page reads: "The Lodge of George Washington and his Masonic Neighbors") with pictures and description of heirlooms in Alexandria (Va.), booklet  --  Washington Lodge of Masons [36pp.] (1925)

"The United States of America and The South African Republic" by "M.L.B.", appeal to help South African independence movement, pamphlet (1900)

Petition form to be filled out by supporters of Boers in S. Africa distributed by Chicago Branch of the American Transvaal League to be sent to President of U.S. (c.1900)

"The Roll Call" by S. H. M. Byers, poem recited at banquet of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, 27th reunion, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 17, 1895

Woman's Civic Improvement Club, Lebanon, Oregon, booklet (1929)

Card bearing hymn sung at Washington memorial on December 14, 1899

Moses D. Mosier, complimentary brochure with postage rates and money order rules, postmaster, Remsen, Iowa (1901)

"The Prayer in the Tomb; allegedly found in 803 and sent to Pope from Jerusalem, reprint (n.d.)

Drawing (printed) of unidentified building (n.p., n.d.)

"Soliloquy"  --  unidentified dramatic piece of 1 p. (n.p., n.d.)

S. M. Nicola, proprietor of Nicola's Hotel and Restaurant, Kalona, Iowa, ad card (n.d.)

N.C.R. Poster Show (n.p.) (1896), souvenir folder

Fake $30 bill probably issued to propagandize against Greenbacks (1880)

National Columbian Public School Celebration, October 21, 1892  --  ad sheet depicting official badge with prices

"The Silver-Wheat Thermometer" showing month-by-month drop in silver prices vs. wheat prices, Sept. 1, 1896 to Sept. 1, 1897

"Siempre Viva Plant", the "World's Greatest Curiosity" (n.d.), ad sheet for agents

U.S. flag, printed fall-color copy (no other markings) (n.d.)

"Electrical Prosperity Week", November 29  --  December 4, large color poster advertising (no year given)

"Fink's Store No. 3", stationers (n.p., n.d.), lithograph engraving of store front

Greeting cards with poetry (n.p., n.d.), 2 samples

St. George's Church (n.p., but presumably England), Festival Anniversary Service (1877), ticket

Exhibits and sale of paintings and drawings in England, one not identified (1879), other at Birmingham (1879), 2 invitations

F. Austin Teigen, Minneapolis, Minn.  --  folder entitled "Do They Deserve Contaminated Foods and Polluted Water?" (anti-cancer ad) (1932)

Funk & Wagnalls Co., New York  --  pamphlet entitled "Classified Lists of Simplified Spellings" (n.d.)

Page from unknown edition of Gospel of St. Luke (no other marks)

  Miscellaneous  --  III

Browne & Browne, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England  --  catalog of art works for sale by art dealers (n.d.)

"Margaret of Burgundy", poem by Eugene H. Munday. Proofsheet with proof-readers marks

The American Copyright League, New York  --  "Cheap Books and Good Books" by Brander Matthews (1888); booklet, [25pp.]

"The Old Type and the New" by Eugene H. Munday. Poem on one small sheet (dated Philadelphia, August 27, 1879)

"Directions to Compositors" (n.d.); 1 sheet.

Photographs (unidentified)  --  total: 10

Box 17

Wedding, Death Announcements, Invitations, Greeting Cards, and Notices

total: 86

Calling Cards

total: 348 (lodge cards  --  273)


Box 18

Ribbons, Medals, Buttons, & Souvenirs

Political Souvenirs (National): 8 items (3 buttons, 3 pins, 2 ribbons, 1 handkerchief)

Political Souvenirs (State): 14 items (all ribbons)

Press Conventions: 5 items (all ribbons)

Volunteer Fire Department Conventions: 5 items (all ribbons) (1 in envelope)

Iowa State Bar Association: 2 items (ribbons)

Iowa City Souvenirs: 9 items (6 ribbons, 1 button, 1 hand mirror b/w advertising, 1 token)

Masonic Lodge Souvenirs: 15 items (4 buttons, 11 ribbons)

Odd Fellows Lodge Souvenirs: 3 items (2 ribbons, 1 medal)

Unidentified Political, Lodge, and Other Buttons: 11 items

Civil War Veterans Groups: 20 items (1 button, rest ribbons)

Unidentified Ribbons: 15 items

Tokens: 4 metal tokens (none dated)

The Celluloid Starch Company, New Haven, Connecticut  --  good for 1 free box of starch

White Brothers & Company, Boston, Massachusetts  --  business not identified

A. Orlandi, Buffet, Chicago  --  "fine whiskies and cigars"

S. H. Quint & Sons, Philadelphia  --  manufacturer of medals, rubber stamps and stencils, etc. 

Box 19

Magazine Clippings: Authors pictures, 204 clippings

Newspaper Clippings: [Chicago] Tribune Tower: 26 clippings (c.1924 -- 1925)

Klondike Gold Rush, 1897. 12 clippings

mostly from N.Y. Times Book Review: total : 423

Scrapbook containing examples of letters, woodcuts, dingbats, bindings, and articles about book making. On oversized shelves

2003 Addendum

(Gift of Alan January, 1992.)

Catalog of type specimens from Bippus Printing and Litho., Inc.

Catalog of type specimens from C. E. Pauley & Company, Inc.

Catalog of type specimens from The Typographic Service Company



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