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Posted to Internet: September 2003
Addendum: 1994

Acquisition Note: The first part of this collection was donated to the University of Iowa by Mrs. Richard Fisher in 1973; the addendum was donated by Craig Schmidt in 1994.

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Table of Contents

Series I: Iowa Guide Materials

Series II: Miscellaneous Guides

Series III: Information on Iowa Counties

Series IV: Information on Iowa Cities

Series V: Information on Iowa Churches

1994 Addendum

Series I: Authors

Series II: City Guides

Series III: Correspondence

Series IV: Folklore

Series V: Hospitals

Series VI: Road Tours

Series VII: University of Iowa History


Scope and Contents

These files were prepared by the Federal Writers' Project predominantly for the Iowa guidebook, Iowa, A Guide to the Hawkeye State, in the American Guide Series. Their arrangement is roughly correspondent to their use in the book. The first series is arranged according to the subject numbers found on the original files. Some files had been given titles, others had not, and were assigned titles by the processor in the nineteen seventies. These new titles are in parentheses. This series seems to have been most important in the preparation of the first section of the Guidebook, "Iowa Past and Present." At the end of this series is a box of miscellaneous "Histories, Guides, and Articles," also prepared by the Project.

The next series is concerned with counties and county histories. These are long historical articles, prepared by the project for various groups. The files labeled "Radio Continuity" were prepared for radio broadcasts to educate the citizenry. The other files contain historical items and often lists of abandoned towns. This would indicate that these files were used for the Tour section of the guidebook.

The third series, labeled "Iowa Cities," seems to have been prepared at first for the Tour section.

The fourth series, also prepared by the Federal Writers' Project, concerning Iowa churches, does not seem to bear any relation to the Guidebook.

William Logan, November 9, 1974; revised July 20, 1974

In 1994 the University received an addendum to the collection, which was organized separately. This contains another series of city guides, as well as information on folklore, hospitals, road tours, the Univeristy of Iowa. It also contains correspondence and road tours.

J Roethler 2005

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Mangione, Jerre. The Dream and the Deal: The Federal Writer's Project, 1935 -- 1943. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1972

Iowa, A Guide to the Hawkeye State, UI Libraries call number SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Iowa Authors Collection No call number; MAIN Library F621 .F45

Box List

IOWA, A GUIDE TO THE HAWKEYE STATE Manuscript materials of the Federal Writers' Project

Box 1

SERIES I: "Iowa Past and Present"

U.S. Travel Atlas (1941)
Iowa Authors
Special Collections in Iowa Libraries
First Newspapers
Library Directories
Newspaper References
Esthetic Awakening of Iowa (address)
Publishing [long article on The Midland, a literary magazine]
Museums and West Bend Grotto
Camp Meetings
Catholic Church
Baptist Churches (early)

Box 2

Early Churches
Religious Groups
Mormons (1)
Mormons (2)
Mormons (3) (Mrs. Hart's novel)
Mormons (4) (Drafts by Mrs. Hart)

Box 3

Miscellaneous Censuses
Census (1)
Census (2)
Abandoned Towns
Ethnic Groups
Ethnic Groups
Ethnic Groups
Danes and Hungarians (New Buda)
Underground Railroad
Political Parties

Box 4

Kelly's Army
Child Labor Laws
Labor Unions
Workers' Strikes
Land and Its Conservation
Natural Resources
Co-ops (1)
Co-ops (2)
Court Houses and Farm Bills (perhaps better entitled "Judicial Gov't.")

Box 5

Land Documents
Military History
Social Welfare
Hospitals (Buena Vista and Winnebago) (Davenport and Orphans' Home)

Box 6

Buchanan County Hospital
Schools for the Deaf
Washington County Hospital
County Homes
Indenture of Children
Ku Klux Klan, Knights of the Golden Circle, etc.
Social Service (Prisons, etc.)
Masons, Moose, "White Caps"
American Legion and Patriotic Organizations (1)
American Legion and Patriotic Organizations (2)
Boy Scouts
Early Education and Teachers
Teachers' Pension
White's Manual Labor Institute
Special Schools
Adult Education
School Organizations
Night Schools and Singing Schools
Schools and Colleges
Special Schools (Manual Labor Inst., etc.)

Box 7

Clarke College
Coe College
Drake University
Graceland College
Iowa State College --Ames
Iowa State Teachers' College
Iowa Wesleyan College
John Fletcher College
Loras College (formerly Columbia College)
Mount St. Joseph College
Penn College
University of Dubuque

Box 8

University of Iowa (1)
University of Iowa (2)
University of Iowa (3)
Wartburg Theological Seminary
Chronology: Transportation
Historical Clock
Postal Service
Mississippi River (1)

Box 9 .

Mississippi River (2)
Aviation and Steamboating, etc.
Transportation Highway
Folklore [pamphlet for FWP-- instructions for collecting folklore]
Fitch Co. and Jewelry Sale
Burials and Cemeteries
Social Customs and Celebrations
Calendar of Annual Events
Folklore (River Monster, etc.) [1884 newspaper article, reprinted 1904, concerning 80-foot river monster; very amusing]
Foreign Languages
Nicknames and Origin of Names
Meteors and Comets
Eclipse of 1869
Altitudes and Weather
Topography and Surveys
Iowa Almanac 1940
Power Plants

Box 10

Geology and Paleontology
Disturbances of Weather
Rock and Crystals
Paleontology, Newspaper History, Petrified Soldier, Lewis and Clark
Taxidermy and Preservation
Flora and fauna
Marijuana [delightful article on marijuana]
Game Birds and Animals
Pre-Historic Animals
Birds and Wild Animals

Box 11

Fairs, Expositions
Public Health
Lincoln resolution, Marriages, Physicians
Woman M.D.
Fire department, County agent
Coal (1)
Coal (2)

Box 12

Rock Island Arsenal
Log Rafting and "Normandie"
Keokuk Dam
Airports and Air Vehicles
Rural Life
Fairs, 4H Clubs
Agricultural Agencies
Farm Organizations
Farmers' Holiday, Farmers' School
Farm Machinery, Conservation, etc. (1)

Box 13

Farm Machinery, Conservation, etc. (2)
Farm Pests
Horticulture (1)
Horticulture (2)
Fruits, Orchards
Crops -- Vegetables
Sheep and Goats
Creameries and Dairies
Fish and Game

Box 13a

Fish, Greek Fraternity
Livery Stables
Business School
Radio, Telegraph
Transportation (1)
Transportation (2)
Iowa Authors (two pages of article concerning Edna Ferber)
Iowa Factbook (1)
Iowa Factbook (2)
Iowa Chronology

Box 14

SERIES II: Miscellaneous Histories, Guides, and Articles

American Memory -- Guide to Library of Congress electronic collections project, 1990
The Foreign Language Press in Iowa
A Guide to Marshalltown and Central Iowa
Highland Park Post History
Iowa Government -- Hull (Administration)
Muscatine Legion Post History
National Picture Books ---Chicago Copy

The Story of a State (Radio Plays) (1)
The Story of a State (Radio Plays) (2)

Box 15

SERIES III: Iowa Counties

Black Hawk
Buena Vista

Box 16

Des Moines
Des Moines County History -- Radio Continuity
Dubuque County History
Emmet [Engrossing experience of writer checking information for Guide -- R.H. Thompson]

Box 17

Grundy ["County History Procedure for the Iowa Writers Project"]
Henry County History -- Radio Continuity
Howard County History

Box 18

Jackson County History
Jasper County History
Jefferson County History -- Radio Broadcast

Box 19

Lee (1)
Lee (2)
Lee (3)
Louisa County History -- Radio Continuity

Box 20

Osceola County History

Box 21

Page County History (1) (Notes) [daily work sheet showing wage of .59/hr.]
Page County History (2) (Notes)
Page County History (3) (Notes)
Page County History (4) (Notes)
Page County History (5) (Notes)
Page County History

Box 22

Palo Alto
Pottawattamie County History
Ringgold County History

Box 23

Van Buren (1)
Van Buren (2)
Washington (1)
Washington (2)

Box 24

Winnebago County History
Winneshiek County History (1) (Notes)
Winneshiek County History (2) (Notes)
Winneshiek County History (3) (Notes)
Winneshiek County History (4) (Notes)

Box 25

Winneshiek County History (5) (Notes)
Winneshiek County History (6) (Notes)
Woodbury County History (Notes)
Woodbury County History
Woodbury County History -- Radio Continuity

Box 26

SERIES IV: Iowa Cities

Cedar Rapids
Clinton [highly interesting letter concerning Henry McCullough]
Council Bluffs
Ft. Dodge

Box 27

Ft. Madison (1)
Ft. Madison (2)
Ft. Madison (3)
Ft. Madison (4)
Iowa City (1)
Iowa City (2)
Iowa City (3)

Box 28

Iowa City (4)
Iowa City (5)
Newton (1)
Newton (2)
Newton (3)
Oskaloosa (1)

Box 29

Oskaloosa (2)
Oskaloosa (3)
Ottumwa (1)
Ottumwa (2)
Ottumwa (3)
Ottumwa (4)

Box 30

Ottumwa (5)
Pella (1)
Pella (2)
Sioux City (1)

Box 31

Sioux City (2)
Sioux city (3)
Sioux city (4)
Sioux City (5)
Waterloo (1)
Waterloo (2)

Box 32

Iowa Churches

Church Archives Instructions on Preparation of Church Directory and Inventory; also miscellaneous material) (1)
Church Archives (2)
Church Archives (3)
Church Archives (4) (folder 2)
Church Archives (5) (folder 2) (monthly reports)
Church Archives (6) (folder 2) (monthly reports)
Iowa Churches by Counties (1) Adair -- Cerro Gordo

Box 33

Iowa Churches by Counties (2) Cherokee -- Emmet
Iowa Churches by Counties (3) Franklin -- Ida Grove
Iowa Churches by Counties (4) Iowa -- Lucas
Iowa Churches by Counties (5) Lyon -- O'Brien
Iowa Churches by Counties (6) Osceola -- Taylor
Iowa Churches by Counties (7) Union -- Wright

Box 34

Audubon and Iowa County Churches
Book of Transcriptions to be Included in Inventory of Methodist Churches in Des Moines District) (1)
Book of Transcriptions (2)
History of the First Christian Church of Keokuk, Iowa (Notes)
History of the First Christian Church of Keokuk, Iowa
Inventory of Council Bluffs Presbytery
Inventory of Des Moines Presbytery Churches
Inventory of Roger Williams Baptist Association, etc.
Inventory of Southern Baptist Association, etc.
Inventory of Southwestern Baptist Association, etc.

Box 35

Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Iowa (1)
Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Iowa (2)
Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Iowa (3)
Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Iowa (1) (carbon)
Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Iowa (2) (carbon)
Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Iowa (3) (carbon)

Box 36

Iowa Church History (1) Notes
Iowa Church History (2) Notes
Iowa Church History (3) Notes

Box 37

Iowa Church History (Draft 1)
Iowa Church History (Draft 1)
Iowa Church History (Draft 2)
Iowa Church History (Draft 2)
Iowa Church History (Final Draft)
Iowa Church History (Final Draft Carbon)
Note: Pagination slightly incorrect in carbon, corrected in original

Box 38

W.P.A. Professional and Service Division. Historical Records Survey. 2 photos



Box 39

Christensen, Mae L.

"Autobiography of a Project Worker." May 10, 1938
"The Awakening of Spring." May 10, 1937
"The Comet." July 2, 1937
"Day Dates: 1839--1939"
"The Indian Mode of Dressing Skins." July 9, 1937
"Local Advertising of Long Ago." May 10, 1937
"Looking Backward." June 7, 1937
"Mississippi River." March 18, 1938
"National Hybrid Corn Company Factory." November 29, 1937
"News Letter." March 24, 1937
"Old Dog." April 2, 1937
"One Thing and An Other [sic]." June 28, 1937
"Reminiscences of the 22nd Iowa Infantry." April 13, 1937
"Reminiscensces [sic] of an Ex-Slave." January 20, 1937
"Riddles." April 4, 1938
"Somethings [sic] Grandmother Did." April 30, 1937
"Something New." March 26, 1937
"Sports of 1842." July 2, 1937
"Stage Routes." May 12, 1937
"Statue of Liberty." (By Evelyn Christensen, 1936; typed by Mae, November 18, 1938)
"Unnamed." July 15, 1937
"Useful Rules for Sundry Sorts of People." May 6, 1937

Felsen, Henry G.

"Amana Colonies." May 8, 1936
"American Prefaces." December 2, 1936
"Editing and Printing the Daily Iowan." March 17, 1937
"Fall of Atheniowa." May 15, 1935
"Home Life of a Wolf." January 25, 1937
"Keokuk County." September 14, 1936
"Local Customs." March 2, 1937
"An Old Wolf Story." October 22, 1936
"Recreational Center." April 29, 1936
"Symmetry in Concrete." November 6, 1936
"Why I Am a Cynic." November 7, 1936

Fisher, Vivian

"Flag Day." [n.d.]
"Iowa City and Its People." [n.d.]
"Military at Iowa." From the Iowa Journal of History and Politics (21), 1923
Manuscript notes [n.d.]
Newspaper clippings
"Them Days is Gone Forever." June 28, 1937

Box 40 Authors, cont.

Irish, Jane T.

"The Beaver Bundle." February 11, 1937
"'The Bells of St. Mary's.'" February 5, 1937
"The Bohemian Population in Iowa City." November 6, 1936
"The Cat and the Canary." July 9, 1937
"The Close of 1936." December 31, 1936
"The Dairying Industry." December 24, 1936
"Day Dates: 1839--1939"
"Days O'Lang Syne." April 14, 1937
"Early Character." January 4, 1937
"An Early Iowa City College and its Principal." March 25, 1937
"The Employment Plan." July 20, 1937
"First Ferry Boat." March 2, 1937
"Good Medicine." February 2, 1938
"Hemp." August 9, 1937
"How Iowa City Looked in Early Days." March 25, 1937
"The Iowa Flint Glass Company." May 17, 1937
"Johnson County's Early Mills." February 21, 1938
"The Johnson County Survey." April 21, 1937
"Landscapes -- Old and New." July 14, 1937
"Law Enforcement Short Course." July 6, 1937
"Louisa County, Iowa." March 23, 1937
"Old Homes and their Furnishings." July 12, 1937
"Old Sayings." September 17, 1936 (Anonymous poem)
"The Old-Time Dance." August 3, 1937
"Our Feathered Friends." May 3, 1937
"Our Common Weeds." June 30, 1937
"Oxford, Iowa." February 24, 1937
"The Recluse of Delta: The true story of an actual conversation." June 7, 1937
"Reminiscences of an Iowa City Baptist Church." April 7, 1937
"Rippling Rills." June 10, 1937
"Saint Mary High School: Iowa City, Iowa." June 1, 1936
"A Stroll About Town." May 20, 1937
"The Terrell Mill." January 12, 1937
Untitled. July 22, 1937
"The Waters of the Earth." May 10, 1937
"Weather Beliefs." Poem typed by Jane Irish with notes; poem by Dr. Jenner
"Why They Twinkle." Poem typed by Jane Irish; poet anonymous
"Y.M.C.A. History." April 29, 1937

Langenberg, Fred

"Victor." May 8, 1936

Martin, James S.

"About Dogs." August 2, 1937
"Cedar Bluffs Swimming Pool." March 26, 1937
"Day Dates: 1839--1939"
"Dogs Tick Carriers." July 9, 1937
"Dreams -- What They Denote." February 1, 1937
"Facts about Iowa City and its People." May 21, 1937
"Governor Lucas Home." June 3, 1937
"History." March 24, 1937
"The Indian Fish Dam." [n.d.]
"Iowa Competition." June 24, 1937
"Iowa Flint Glass Company." April 1, 1938
"Jargons." February 21, 1938
"Johnson County." February 1, 1938
"Know Your Wild Animals." April 2, 1937
"Landmarks." August 10, 1937
"The Last Fireworks Display on Independence Day." June 17, 1937
"Lone Tree." October 25, 1937
"The Making of Glassware." February 3, 1938
"Memorial Resolutions." May 13, 1937
"Mormon Hand Cart Expedition." July 10, 1936
"News Item." March 24, 1937
"An Officer's Job." July 26, 1937
"Outstanding Work of Members of 4-H Clubs in Johnson County, Iowa." April 29, 1937
"A Sure Cure for Ague." May 24, 1937
"Things We Don't Know." April 29, 1937
"True Experiences." July 15, 1937
"The Twelfth Annual High School Music Festival." May 11, 1937
"The Unusual." September 7, 1937
"A Worker." May 10, 1938

Myers, William E.

"Marengo and Ladora." May 8, 1936


Box 41

101: Pronunciation, origin, and meaning; 110: Geography; 120: Topography. Fisher, Vivian. June 15, 1936
130: Climate. Felsen, Henry G. June 29, 1936
140: Geology. Felsen, Henry G. June 15, 1936
150: Paleontology. Felsen, Henry G. June 15, 1936
210: Archaeology. Myers, William E. June 15, 1936
220: Indians. Myers, William E. October 29, 1936
240: Rain Makers and Superstitious Signs Indicating Rain. Myers, William E. October 5, 1936
240: Planting in the Sign. Irish, Jane T. October 1, 1936
270: Ethnology. Felsen, Henry G. [n.d.]
311: Executive (United States Government). Rooney, Raymond. October 27, 1936
312: U.S. Legislative Government. Myers, William E. October 26, 1936
313: Judiciary (United States Government). Langenberg, Fred. March 9, 1937
321: Executive (State). Rooney, Raymond. October 26, 1936
322: State (Legislative). Myers, William E. October 26, 1936
323: Judiciary (State). Langenberg, Fred. November 27, 1936
331: Executive (County). Rooney, Raymond. October 26, 1936
341: Executive (City or Township). Rooney, Raymond. [n.d.]
510: Hotels. Myers, William E. April 1, 1936
520: Restaurants. Myers, William E. April 27, 1936
530: Clubs. Felsen, Henry G. May 4, 1936
540: Shops. Felsen, Henry G. April 27, 1936
600: Points of Interest. Myers, William E. May 11, 1936
613 -- 616: Federal, State, County and City Buildings. Christensen, Mae. May 11, 1936
617 -- 618: Memorials, monuments and statues; Bridges, roadways, tunnels, etc. Martin, James S. June 1, 1936
620: Historic Remains. Myers, William E. May 4, 1936
630: Industry and Commerce. Myers, William E. May 4, 1936
640: Education. Felsen, Henry G. April 13, 1936
640: Education. Rooney, Raymond. May 11, 1936
641: Universities and Colleges. Felsen, Henry G. May 18, 1936
643: High Schools. Martin, James S. May 11, 1936
643 -- 644: Schools. Rooney, Raymond. July 14 and May 11, 1936
644: Elementary Schools. Martin, James S. May 11, 1936
645: Experimental Schools. Rooney, Raymond. April 13, 1936
650: Museums. Felsen, Henry G. [n.d.]
650: Museums. Langenberg, Fred. April 13, 1936
654: Museums, Historical. "In charge of Professor Flickinger." Langenberg, Fred. May 4, 1936
660: Culture. Rooney, Raymond. May 18, 1936
661: Religion. Rooney, Raymond. May 18, 1936
662: Science. Langenberg, Fred. May 12, 1936
664: Music. Felsen, Henry G. June 1, 1936
665: Literature. Rooney, Raymond. May 1, 1936
667: Movies. Christensen, Mae. May 12, 1936
668: Radio. Fisher, Vivian. May 18, 1936
669: Auditoriums and Stadia. Langenberg, Fred. June 2, 1936
671: Surviving organizations that play a prominent part in the social and economic life of the community. Felsen, Henry G. June 1, 1936
672: Labor Unions. Martin, James S. July 20, 1936
672: Labor Unions; 673: Philanthropic Societies; 674: Social Service Agencies. Fisher, Vivian. June 1, 1936
673: Philanthropic Societies; 674: Social Service Agency. Martin, James S. July 20, 1936
675: Societies and Organizations for Experimental Purposes. Martin, James S. June 2, 1936
677: Local Cuisine, cook books, receipts. Christensen, Mae. June 2, 1936.
682: Amateur sports events. Myers, William E. June 1, 1936
684: Community singing and other Community recreation. Rooney, Raymond. June 1, 1936
685: Hunting and Fishing. Langenberg, Fred. June 1, 1936
686: Carnivals and festivals. Rooney, Raymond. June 8, 1936
691: Scenic Trips; 692: Vantage Points of Scenic Observations; 693: Places of Scenic Interest; 694: Parks. Martin, James S. June 8, 1936
820: Points of interest within the radius of 15 miles. Langenberg, Fred. June 9, 1936
830: Points of interest at a greater distance than 15 miles, including agricultural experiments. Rooney, Raymond. June 8, 1936

Box 42 City Guides, cont.

"Architecture in Iowa City." Christensen, Mae L. January 28, 1938
Bibliography and Correction. Langenberg, Fred. [n.d.]
"City Hall." Rooney, Raymond. October 28, 1936
"Corrections on Pre-final Revise 1 and 3 of Iowa City." [no author] March 23, 1937
"Court House." Rooney, Raymond. October 13, 1936
"Court House of Johnson County, Iowa." Christensen, Mae. June 29, 1936
"Education." Martin, James S. October 7, 1936
"Famous People." Rooney, Raymond. October 2, 1936
"Founding of Iowa City." Langenberg, Fred. July 30, 1936
"General Information: Name -- Location -- Population -- Altitude -- Features." Langenberg, Fred. October 28, 1936
"General Information on Transportation." Felsen, Henry G. November 2, 1936
"[Golf Courses.]" Myers, William E. [n.d.]
"History." Myers, William E. October 28, 1936
"Home of the President of the State University of Iowa; Old Capitol; MacBride Hall; University Hospital." [No author; no date]
"Imagine." Christensen, Mae. May 4, 1937
"Iowa City." Fisher, Vivian. May 28, 1937
"Iowa City." McCullough, Henry M., editor. October 21, 1936
"Iowa City -- General Description." [No author; no date]
"Iowa City: Railroad station..." [No author; no date]
"Iowa City Waterworks." Rooney, Raymond. October 28, 1936
"Italian Population of Iowa City." [Martin, James S.?] [n.d.]
"Jewish Population of Johnson County." Martin, James S. August 29, 1939
"Johnson County's Court House." Irish, Jane T. March 15, 1938
"Kirkwood Home." Myers, William E. July 13, 1936
"List of Iowa City Clubs and Organizations." Felsen, Henry G. July 10, 1936
"Literature." Christensen, Mae. October 28, 1936
"Lucas Home." Myers, William E. July 13, 1936
Manuscript notes
"Marengo -- Bibliography." Typescript and manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. [n.d.]
"Marengo -- Organization." Typescript and manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. November 18, 1938
"Marengo -- Organizations." Typescript and manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. November 18, 1938
"Marengo -- Points of Interest." Typescript and manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. November 17, 1938
"Marengo -- Recreation." Typescript and manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. November 18, 1938
"Marengo -- Schools." Typescript and manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. November 18, 1938
"Marengo, Iowa -- Special City Guide." Typescript and manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. [n.d.]
"Marengo -- Theatres." Typescript and manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. November 18, 1938
"Marengo -- Type." Manuscript. Rooney, Raymond. [n.d.]
"Music." Martin, James S. October 1, 1936
"Newspapers." Martin, James S. September 17, 1936
"Outstanding Church: History of Presbyterianism in Iowa City." Langenberg, Fred. July 30, 1936
"Oxford." Rooney, Raymond. May 11, 1936
"Parks." Christensen, Mae. October 26, 1936
"Phillip Greely Clapp." [No author] October 25, 1937
"Play Grounds -- Golf Courses." Rooney, Raymond. October 28, 1936
"Press Comments." Martin, James S. [n.d.]
"Public Library." Rooney, Raymond. October 28, 1936
"Restaurants and Cafes." Myers, William E. July 6, 1936
"Sewage Disposal Plant." Rooney, Raymond. October 28, 1936
"Silver Shadow." Felsen, Henry G. November 12, 1936
"Social Service." Christensen, Mae. October 26, 1936
"Song of the New Country." [No author] [n.d.]
"Story of the Black Angel." Myers, William E. July 10, 1936
["Swimming Pool."] [No author] [n.d.]
"Theatres -- Concert Halls -- Movie Houses -- League Ball Parks -- Swimming Pools Public Owned -- Beaches." Martin, James S. October 28, 1936
"Traffic Regulations." Myers, William E. October 27, 1936
"Transportation." Christensen, Mae. October 13, 1936
"Transportation." Myers, William E. November 5, 1936
"University Professor of Political Science." Christensen, Mae L. June 16, 1937
"Victor." Langenberg, Fred. May 8, 1936


Box 42 (continued)

May 27, 1937 through January 24, 1939. Includes statewide bulletins from Raymond Kresensky, the state director of the Federal Writers' Project in Des Moines. Also includes correspondence from Don Farran and Willard Maas.


Box 42 (continued)

"Animal Commands." Myers, William E. October 22, 1936
"Animal Tales: The Goody Teddy Bear." Christensen, Mae. September 23, 1936
"Cabin Building." Irish, Jane T. October 26, 1936
"Feature Story: Livestock Traffic." Christensen, Mae. January 6, 1937
"The First Criminal Case." Felsen, Henry G. October 26, 1936
"Frankie and Johnny Were Sweethearts." Christensen, Mae. November 2, 1936
"Indian Legend." Langenberg, Fred. August 10, 1936
"Indian Legend -- The Winter Spirit." Irish, Jane T. January 15, 1937
"Indian Lore." Christensen, Mae. February 25, 1937
"John Brown's Night Escape from Iowa City." Felsen, Henry G. September 28, 1936
"Legend: Where the Jimson Weed Originated, and Why." Langenberg, Fred. October 22, 1936
"A Narrow Escape." Felsen, Henry G. November 2, 1936
"The Old Fort." Felsen, Henry G. October 8, 1936
"Old Weather Legends." Martin, James S. January 22, 1937
"Seeds: Their Place in Folklore and Legend." Irish, Jane T. January 28, 1937
"Snowball and Highball." Christensen, Mae. August 12, 1936. Includes photograph
"Supernatural Powers." Myers, William E. October 29, 1936
"Table Customs." Fisher, Vivian. December 7, 1936
"The Talking Canary." Christensen, Mae. November 2, 1936


Box 43

"Historical Sketch of Mercy Hospital." Christensen, Mae. October 7, 1936
"Hospital -- Corrections." Christensen, Mae. [n.d.]
"Oakdale State Sanitarium." Martin, James S. [n.d.]
"Psychopathic Hospital." Christensen, Mae. [n.d.]
"The Rohrbacher Sanitarium." Christensen, Mae. September 22, 1936
"State Sanatorium, Oakdale." Christensen, Mae. [n.d.]
"State University Hospitals." Christensen, Mae. October 1, 1936. Corrected draft and copy
"State University Hospitals." Christensen, Mae. [n.d.] Original draft and copy
"The State University of Iowa Speech Clinic." Christensen, Mae. [n.d.]


Box 43 (continued)

"Amana Colonies." Felsen, Henry G. May 8, 1936
"Hills." Christensen, Mae. February 24, 1937
"Iowa City to Coralville and Tiffin." Christensen, Mae. May 8, 1936
"MacBride Park." Martin, James S. February 24, 1937
"MacBride Park -- Oxford, Iowa -- Marengo -- Ladora -- Victor." Fisher, Vivian; Irish, Jane; Martin, James. [n.d.]
"Marengo and Ladora." Myers, William E. May 8, 1936
"The Old Dennis Homestead." [Martin, James S.?] [n.d.]
"Oxford." Rooney, Raymond. May 11, 1936
"Scenic Tour on 161 N." Felsen, Henry G. October 8, 1936
"Scenic Tour North on U.S. Highway No. 161." Felsen, Henry G. [n.d.]
"Special Feature: Part I." Felsen, Henry G. May 11, 1936
"The Tour." Felsen, Henry G. October 9, 1936
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Untitled. Myers, William E. [n.d.]
Untitled. Rooney, Raymond. May 11,1936
"Victor." Langenberg, Fred. May 8,1936


Box 43 (continued)

"Brief Resume of Lines of Research at the Physics Laboratory of the State University of Iowa." Stewart, G.W., Physics Department Head. July 14, 1936
"Brief Sketch of Levi O. Leonard." Christensen, Mae L. February 25, 1938
"Canoeing Popular at University of Iowa." Fisher, Vivian. April 29, 1937
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"Field House and Stadium." Langenberg, Fred. May 18, 1936. Includes manuscript note
"The Fine Arts Building." Felsen, Henry G. May 14, 1936. Includes manuscript note
"Foucault Pendulum." Rooney, Raymond. July 20, 1936
"Graduate College." Felsen, Henry G. July 6, 1936
"Graduate College Sets New Record with 3,933 Enrolled." Christensen, Mae L. July 16, 1937
"Historical Society." Rooney, Raymond. July 20, 1936
"Hydraulic Research Laboratory, Iowa University." Yarnell, D.L., volunteer writer. June 24, 1936
"The Laysan Island Cyclorama." Irish, Jane T. May 27, 1937
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"Scientific Experiments [--Hydraulics]." Myers, William E. June 29, 1936
"The State University." Felsen, Henry G. September 17, 1936
"The State University of Iowa." Myers, William E. July 23, 1936. Includes manuscript note
"S. U. I. Druggist Museum." Christensen, Mae L. April 19, 1937
"S. U. I. History." Christensen, Mae L. April 29, 1937
"Television, Broadcasting Station." Rooney, Raymond. June 25, 1936. Includes manuscript note
"The University Company." Christensen, Mae L. May 4, 1937
"University Museums." Christensen, Mae L. May 28, 1937
"University Libraries." Felsen, Henry G. May 11, 1936. Includes manuscript note
"University Professor of Political Science." Christensen, Mae L. June 16, 1937
"Who Designed Iowa's Capitol?" Hoffmann, Rev. Father M. M., as printed in The Witness, Dubuque, Iowa, June 25, 1928



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