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Acquisition Note: The Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation placed their records at Univeristy of Iowa Libraries in 1996. Various persons and groups have made contributions over the years.

Access and Restrictions: While this collection is open for research, many materials are recently published or otherwise protected by copyright. Note also that while the University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections Department is the repository for the records of the Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation, and for much information about Haviland products which the Foundation and its members have collected, the Libraries itself has neither staff time nor expertise to answer questions about Haviland patterns or the market value of Haviland pieces. Please direct these queries to the Foundation web site: The web site,, also has links to a large number of patterns and to other resources for identifying and valuing pieces.

Readers are welcome to visit the Special Collections Department, and people unable to come to come to Iowa may want to consider hiring student research assistants. For further information, see our "faq" page.

Photographs: Company names with backmarks, 1865 Haviland catalog photograph album, Box 5, Iowa Fun Night, French China Manufacturers, Photographs of Haviland china, Oversized Box 1, Haviland retailers marks, HCIF 2001 Conference, Portland, OR., Jugeat catalog, Jugeat catalog, Original Factory Design Book, 2003 HCIF Annual Conference, 2004 HCIF Annual Conference

Ephemera: Poster, postcard of Amqui station, Dresden china store postcard, postcard of the Theodore Haviland Factory, Vernier china company postcard, cards showing Haviland china, Friends Academy postcard, card showing backmarks, card showing Haviland factory at Limoges, advertising card with calendar for 1897, Mollycoddle postcard, postcard for Markert's China Store, "Winking Girl" postcard, promotional cards, postcard for Haviland Hall, memorial card Mary Etta Scott, miscellaneous postcards

Film/Video: Elmhurst Art Museum Haviland China Exhibition 1998, Haviland auction November 4 -- 6, 1994, trip to France 1992, "Dining With Flowers," "Golden Age of Floral Design," western regional HCIF Event, August 8 -- 11, 1996, "Celebrating 150 Years of Haviland China" Haviland Limoges Training Video, Haviland records (35 mm microfilm), HFIC 2000

Audio Material: Casette tape of interview with Harold Haviland, "Let's Talk Antiques"

Electronic material: CD -- ROM of Haviland backmarks, Haviland catalog, 1970s CD-ROM, Haviland pottery, HCIF backmark committee files

Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

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Table of Contents

Organizational history

Scope and contents

Box 1 Abram French Company -- Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises

Box 2 Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises -- Harpers Magazine ad

Box 3 Harpers New Monthly Magazine -- Haviland Collectors Internationale Quarterly Newsletter

Box 4 "Haviland depus 1843..." -- Old, Wortman & King

Box 5 Owen, Richard -- Segonds, Jean -- Claude

Box 6 Settings. Ideas for Tabletop and Collecting -- Young, Harriet

Oversized Box 1 The Art Amateur -- Varner, Malcolm E.

2001 Addendum

Box 6 continued Abram French Company -- Brega, Vanna

Box 7 Burton, Anthony -- The Libbey Glass Co.

Box 8 Mali, Millicent -- Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation. Vol.11:no.4 (June 2001)

Oversized Box 2 The American Home -- Theodore Haviland

2001a Addendum

Box 9

2001a Addendum -- Oversized Box 2

2002 Addendum

2002a Addendum

Oversized Box, continued

Box 10 Haviland Backmarks, A -- K

Box 11 Haviland Backmarks, K -- Z

Box 12 Haviland Retailer Marks -- Trimble, Alberta

Box 13 American Heritage Auction of Americana -- Witt, Louise Schaub

Box14 Barron's Summer 2002 catalog -- Miscellaneous

July 2002 Addendum

December 2002 Addendum

Box 15 Miscellaneous auctions and sales -- Corbellier, Clare

2002b Oversize

2003 Addendum

Box 16 Counter display -- Wannamaker's holidy catalog 1903 -- 1904

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Organizational History

The Haviland Collectors Internationale is a non -- profit organization whose purpose is to study and promote the products manufactured by the Haviland China Companies in France and America. Established in 1990, the foundation publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members.

Scope and Contents

The organization deposited its records with the University of Iowa Libraries beginning in 1996, with the assistance of Professor Wallace J. Tomasini. The records contain information concerning the manufacture, the marketing, the function and use, and the collecting of porcelaine and ceramic ware produced by Haviland & Co., Théodore Haviland, and Charles Field Haviland. Also included is supplementary material concerning companies which copied and marketed Haviland Blanks and Designs.

Box 1

Abram French Company. White French China for Decoration. Photocopy.

Adams, Cynthia. "An Exception to the Rule." Traditional Home (March 1994) pp. 76 -- 81.

Jean d'Albis Archives. Photocopy.

Jean d'Albis. La Porcelaine de Limoges. Paris: Editions Sous la Vent, 1980.

American Collector, Vol. 8, no. 8 (August 1977).

Amqui Station. Postcard.

Annual membership meetings and conferences, 1990 -- 1997. Including treasurer's reports, correspondence, etc.

Antique Journal, Vol. 7, no. 4 (February 2000).

Articles of incorporation, 1990.

Arts Decoratifs, Styles 1900 et 1925. Auction catalog, 1977.

Audio tape. Interview of Harold Haviland -- interviewed by Sam Haviland.


Better Homes and Gardens, Vol. 33, no. 11 (November 1955) p. 114. Haviland ad.

Better Homes and Gardens Home Furnishings Ideas, pp. 136 -- 137. Haviland ad.

Bodelsen, Merete. "Gauguin's Ceramics a Study in the Development of his Art." Photocopy.

"The Book of Theodore Haviland China: an Illustrated Description of teh Latest Examples of Fine China." Photocopy.

Burley & Company. Photocopy of catalogs.

Bustamante Enterprises, Inc. Program, 1996.

C.E. Wheelock & Co., "Price list and illustrations of Haviland & Co's French China." Photocopy.

C.F. Monroe., Manufacturers of Sterling Silver, Cut Glass, Nakara, and Metal Goods. Catalog no.11, 1906 -- 1907. (Reprint).

Cahiers de la Céramique et des Arts Du Fe, no. 8 -- 9, and 11.

Cahiers de la Céramique et des Arts Du Fe, no. 13, 13 supplement, and 14; Cahiers de la Céramique du Verre et des Arts Du Fe, no. 16.

"Ce catalogue est le catalogue de 1879 conforme par la correspondance Lettre 366." Photocopy.

Celebrating 150 Years of Haviland China 1842 -- 1992. Milwaukee, WI: Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation, 1992. [Also a copy at Special Collections xNK4399.H4T66 1992].

Celebrate with Fostoria! Brochure.

"Cement for China and Glass." Recipe.

Ceramiche Moderne D'Arte Richard Ginori. Photocopy of a catalog.

"Céramique Impressionniste." Société des amis de la Bibliothèque Forney, 1974 -- 1975. Photocopy.

China & Glassware 1925. Reprinted from Butler Brothers' Midwest catalog no. 2233.

China & Glassware 1930. Reprinted from Butler Brothers' catalog no. 2749.

China & Pottery 1940. Reprinted from Blackwell Wielandy company's catalog of 1940 -- 41.

China Lore.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Antiques, 1922.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Bronzes de la Chine et tu Japon. Gardes de Sabres, 1923.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Céramique de L'Extreme -- Orient, 1923.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, 1922. Bound copy.

Box 2

Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, 1922.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, 1923.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, 1924.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, 1924. Bound copy.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, Livres Illustrés Netsuké, 1925.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, Livres Illustrés Netsuké en Bois et en Ivoire, 1925.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, 1927.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Gardes de Sabres, 1923.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Gardes de Sabres, 1923. Bound copy.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Laques du Japon, 1922.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Tableaux Anciens, 1922.

Collection Ch. Haviland, Tableaux Modernes, 1922.

Collection George Haviland, 1932.

Company names included in backmarks. With photographs.

Correspondence, 1962 -- 1965, 1991 -- 2000.

Crystal Palace, Sacramento, California.

The Delineator, #1, 1896. Haviland ad.

"Dining with Flowers: Haviland Porcelain from 1860 -- 1910."

"Documents appartenant a 'Monsieur d'Albis, Limoges sur la porcelaine Haviland." Photocopy of Limoges microfilm, Dec. 6, 1963.

The Dresden China Store, Iowa City, Iowa. Postcards and envelope.

E. Gérard, Dufraissieix & Co. Manufacturers of the 'Ch. Field Haviland' China. Booklet.

1865 Haviland Catalog. Photograph album.

Elmhurst Art Museum. Haviland china exhibition, 1998. (Video tape)

Esposition a Bagatelle: L'Archie de Sandoz, 1993. Exhibit catalog.

Fine China to Have and to Use.

Fitzgerald, B. Sketch books.

Garden Design (November 1997). Haviland ad.

Box 3

Gaston, Mary Frank. Haviland Collectables & Objects of Art. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1984.

Gene Harris Antique Center, 1978 and 2000.

Genealogical material and correspondence relating to Charles Field Haviland.

Good Housekeeping, Vol. 79, no. 6 (December 1924) p. 193. Haviland ad.

Greentown Glass Museum. Brochure.

Harpers Magazine, no. 490 (March 1891) p. 379 and no. 493 (June 1891) pp. 35 & 51. Haviland ad.

Harpers New Monthly Magazine, no. 520 (September 1893), verso of cover and p. 32. Haviland ad.

Haviland advertising broadsides, 1888 -- 1982.

Haviland & Co. "Grand Prix Paris 1889." April 1, 1891.


Photocopy and CD-ROM. (Note: These are to be used in place of the original in most cases.)

Haviland auction

November 4, 1994. (2 video tapes)

November 5, 1994. (3 video tapes)

November 6, 1994. (3 video tapes)

1997 -- 1998

Haviland China.

Haviland China. Reprint of an original Haviland China catalog.

Haviland china active patterns. Photocopy.

Haviland China Co. Inc. 1927 catalog of shapes.

Haviland china patterns. (2 folders)

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation

Board minutes, budgets, reports, etc., 1997 -- 1999.

Membership directory, 1998 -- 1999.

-- 2001 --

Trip to France, 1992. (Video tape)

Haviland Collectors Internationale Quarterly Newsletter

Vols. 1 -- 8, 1990 -- 1997.

Vol. 9 -- 11, 1998 -- 2000.

Vol. 12 --

 Box 4

"Haviland depus 1842 au service du prestige Français."

Haviland logo -- "Costume of a Master Potter."

Haviland retailers and hotel/club users, 1997.

Head, Margaret G. Charles Field Haviland China Identification Guide, Book 1. Monroe, MI: Kraus Printing, 1982.

Hudson's Settings. Haviland ad.

Illustrated Catalog of Miller & Stephenson China and Glass Co., no. 5, St. Louis, Missouri. Photocopy.

Iowa City Haviland Conference (11 Annual), 2000. Attendee packet, etc.

"It's from Hudson's." Haviland ad.

Jacobson, Gertrude Tatnall

Haviland China: Volume One. Des Moines, IA: Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1979.

Haviland China: Volume Two. Des Moines, IA: Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1979.

Janet's Antiques.

Japonisme. Japanese Influence on French Art 1854 -- 1910. Photocopies.

Jervis, W.P. (comp.) Encyclopedia of Ceramics, 1902. Photocopy.

The Jewel News, Vol. 5, no. 7 (July 1927) p. 3.

Joel M. Millon and Claude Robert. L'Art de la Céramique de 1880 á 1960.

John Brenner Co. Sacramento, CA. Photocopy of Haviland ad.

Johnson and Wales University Culinary Archives and Museum. Photocopies.

Kansas City Midwest Regional Haviland Conference, 1999. Attendee packet.

Know Your Tablewares. Compiled by Dana King Gatchell. Ann Arbor, MI: Edwards Brothers Inc., 1943.

"The Lancaster" Haviland pattern. Photocopy.

Life, Vol. 21 (May 11, 1893) p. 312 and Vol. 22 (November 30, 1893) p. 356. Haviland ads.

Limoges a Creative Tradition. Brochure.

Limoges -- Unic. Paris: Editions BOZ, 1974.

Lu -- Ray Pastels. Brochure.

"Matching Services for Haviland China" compiled by David Reichard, 1993. Lists matching services in the United States and Canada.

McDonald Brothers Company. "Business Builders" catalog 170. Minneapolis, MN, 1919, p. A12. Haviland ad.

Mannoni, Edith. Porcelaine de Limoges. Paris: Editions Ch. Massin.

Manufacture de Porcelaines. Robert Haviland & C. Parlon.

Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres.

Medallion (terra cotta). Portrait of Edouard Lindencher by Dalou.

Meet Me at the Fair. Haviland Conference invitation, 1996.

Membership applications.

Meslin -- Perrier, Chantal. Le Musée National Adrien Dubouché Limoges. Musées et Monuments de France.

Millon & Associés. L'Art de la Céramique 1880 -- 1950.

Montgomery Ward & Co.

Catalogue 75. [Aug. 15, 1906]

Catalogue 79, 1910.

New Orleans Haviland Conference (10th Annual), 1999

Attendee packet.

Backmark project handout.

Haviland Carnivale. New Orleans Museum of Art. Photocopy of exhibition material.

Lindsay, Margaret. "Form and Function: Haviland China in the Victorian Age."

Pre -- conference letter and registration packet.


Newspaper clippings, 1960 -- 2000.

Old, Wortman & King. Catalogue numbers 30 (1904) and 40 (1907 -- 1908).

Box 5

Owen, Richard. Correspondence, clippings, backmark material, etc., 1998 -- 1999.

Patterson, Jerry E., Porcelain. Cooper -- Hewitt Museum/Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques, 1979.

Pitkin and Brooks. Retail Price List for the "Eden" Pattern.


Photographs. Haviland exhibition and reception, Special Collections Department, University of Iowa Libraries, 1998.

Le Porcelaine Théodore Haviland. Limoges (France). Postcard of the factory.

"Le Porcelaine Théodore Haviland Limoges France." Photocopy of a catalog.

Porcelaines of Paris. Photocopy of a catalog.

Le Porcellane di Capodimonte. Monografia del Barone Angelo de Eisner Eisenhof. Photocopy.

Portrait of Mrs. David Haviland.

Prescott Hardware Company. Correspondence and receipts, 1929, 1948.

Ramsey, John. "The Havilands and their China." The Spinning Wheel, Sept. 1950. Photocopy of an article.

Reichard, David N.

"Lets Talk Antiques." Audiotape, September 28, 1989.

Matching Services for Haviland China (1991, 1993, 1994). Burbank, CA: David N. Reichard.

Robert Haviland & C. Parlon.

Rorex, Robert A.

"Dining with Flowers: Haviland Porcelain from 1860 -- 1910." Videotape of talk, June 22, 2000.

"The Golden Age of Floral Design." Videotape of talk, June 22, 2000.

Rosine Green Associates. Master Restorers.

Royal Doulton. Brochures.

Sandoz, Edouard Marcel. De la Sculpture a la Porcelaine. Pully, Suisse: Réunion des Musées Nationaux, 1999.

Shäfer, Franz Günter. Die Porzëllanfabrik Johann Haviland, Waldershof (Oberpfalz)/Porzëllanfabrik Waldershof A.G. Vorm. Johann Haviland in der Ära Hermann Zimmer (1907 -- 1933).

Schleiger, Arlene

"Haviland." Photocopy of an article.

Two Hundred Patterns of Haviland China. Omaha, NE: Arlene Schleiger, 1950.

Two Hundred Patterns of Haviland China. Omaha, NE: Arlene Schleiger:

Book I, n.d.

Book I, 1953 and 1967.

Books I and II, 1985 and 1977.

Book II, 1952

Book III, [1962?]

Books III and IV, 1975 and 1974.

Book IV, 1960.

Book V, 1974.

Book IV, 1960.

Book IV, 1960.

Schleiger, Dona

Two Hundred Patterns of Haviland China. Book. VI. Redlands, CA: Dona Schleiger, 1991.

Two Hundred Patterns of Haviland China. Full size copies of original drawings, Book I -- VI. Redlands, CA: Dona Schleiger, 1992. (3 folders)

Segonds, Jean -- Claude. Les Créations en Porcelaine di Limoges D' Édourd Sandoz. Milan:Hérmé, 1995.

Box 6

Settings. Ideas for Tabletop and Collecting. Brochure.

Smulekoff's advertising.

La Symphone de Animaux Exposition Edourd M. Sandoz. Exhibit catalog.

"Theodore Haviland the History of a Name." Brochure.

Travis, Nora. Haviland China the Age of Elegance. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1997.

Unidentified catalog of Haviland china. Photocopy.

Unidentified manuscript relating to Haviland china.

Vernier China Company. Postcard.

W.A. Mauer. Council Bluffs, IA

Catalogue, #35. Photocopy.

Catalogue, #45. Photocopy.

Weinheimer, Allen André. A Handbook on Haviland China. Allen's Antiques, Merrill, Iowa. Printed by The Sheldon Mall, Sheldon, Iowa, 1941.

Weinstock Lubin & Co. Catalog. Reprint of 1891 edition. Sacramento, CA: Sacramento American Revolution Bicentennial Committee, 1975.

West Coast Peddler, Vol. 31, no. 4 (April 1, 1999) pp.1, 49 -- 56.

Western Regional Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation Event, August 8 -- 11, 1996. Videotapes.

Wood, Serry. Haviland-Limoges (China Classics II). Watkins Glen, NY: Century House, 1951.

Young, Harriet. Grandmother's Haviland.

Chicago, IL: Harriet Young, 1962.

Des Moines, IA: Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1970.

2001 Addenda

Box 6 continued

Abram French Company, Boston. White French China for Decoration. Catalog.

Adams, Elizabeth Bryding. The Dwight and Lucille Beeson Wedgwood Collection at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Birmingham, AL: Birmingham Museum of Art, 1992.

The American Home -- Advertisements

The American Home. April, 1944. Westmoreland Glass Co. Advertisement

The American Home. September 1947. Westmoreland Glass Co. Advertisement.

American Home Magazine. October 1954. Advertisement. Pattern: Greenbrier.

Arts Decoratifs: Styles 1900 et 1925. Catalog of a public exhibition February 10, 1981 sponsored by Sotheby Parke Bernet Monaco S.A. Separately printed price list is included.

Bacci, Mina. European Porcelain. New York: Paul Hamlyn, 1969.

Berges, Ruth. From Gold to Porcelain: The Art of Porcelain and Faience. South Brunswick, NJ: Thomas Yoseloff, Publisher, 1965.

Better Homes and Gardens, 1929. Galloway Terra -- Cotta Co. Advertisement.

Better Homes and Gardens, October 1945. Theodore Haviland & Co. Advertisement. Patterns: Springtime, Clinton.

Boger, Louise Ade. The Dictionary of World Pottery and Porcelain From Prehistoric Times to the Present. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1971.

Bradford Book of Collector's Plates. Chicago, IL: Rand McNally, 1979.

Bradford Book of Collector's Plates. Chicago, IL: Rand McNally, 1981.

Bradford Book of Collectore's Plates. Twelfth Edition. New York: Charles Winthrope & Sons, 1981.

Brega, Vanna. Robj, Paris: Le Ceramiche 1921 -- 1931. [Milan?]: Leonardo Periodici, [1995

Box 7

Burton, Anthony. Josiah Wedgwood: A Biography. New York: Stein and Day, Publishers, 1976.

Burton, William. F.C.S. Porcelain: Its Nature, Art and Manufacture. London: B.T. Bratsford.

Cambridge Glass Company

Cambridge Glass Company. 1948. Advertisement.

Cambridge Handmade Crystal. 1942. Advertisement.

Cards -- Haviland

Card showing Haviland Delaware pattern, with price list on reverse. January 1955.

Card showing Haviland Victoria pattern, showing backmarks on reverse.

Card showing Haviland marks, 1895.

Century Magazine [1891?] Advertisement. Ch. Field Haviland.

Ch. Field Haviland -- Advertisements

Ch. Field Haviland. Advertisement. Fish set royal blue border.

Ch. Field Haviland, 1894. Advertisement. Reception plate. Pattern: Brittany.

Ch. Field Haviland. Advertisement, China with Dresden blue.

Ch. Field Haviland. Advertisement.

.Chaffers, William. Handbook of Marks and Monograms on Pottery & Porcelain. London: Reeves and Turner, 1903.

Collector's Handbook of Haviland China. Haviland & Co., Incorporated.

The Cosmopolitan. Ch. Field Haviland. Advertisement.

Cox, Warren E. The Book of Pottery and Porcelain. Vol. 1 -- 2. New York: Crown Publishers, 1947.

Cushion, John P. Pottery & Porcelain Tablewares. New York: Wiliam Morrow & Company, Inc., 1976.

Dorflinger's American Cut Glass

Dorflinger's American Cut Glass, 1896. Advertisement.

Dorflinger's American Cut Glass. Advertisement. Pattern: Sultana.

The Easterling Company, Advertisement. China patterns: Radiance, Forever Spring, Damask, Golden Crocus, Spencerian Rose. Flatware patterns: Horizon, American Classic, Southern Grandeur, Rosemary.

The Emporium Economist. Fall & Winter 1905 -- 6. San Francisco. Photocopy. Cover and p. 95, showing Haviland China.

Envelope. Haviland Business Envelope

European and American Furniture and Decorative Arts including Fine Silver in San Francisco. November 3, 1993. Butterfield & Butterfield. Catalog. Separately printed price list included. Flips to become a catalog for a similar exhibition in Los Angeles on November 8, 1993.

Everything for the House. General Book of Goods for 1901. John Breuner Co. Sacramento, CA. Photocopy. Cover and pages 55 -- 56.

Favorite Fairy Tales Told In France. Retold by Virginia Haviland. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1959.

Fitzpatrick, Paul J., Ph.D. "Lucy Webb Hayes's Contribution to White House China." Spinning Wheel, November, 1972, pp. 14 -- 17.

Franciscan Ware. 1954. Advertisement. Patterns: Starburst, Pomegranate.

Frantz, Henri. French Pottery and Porcelain. New York: Charles Scribnter's Sons.

Friends Academy Haviland. Postcard.

Gaston, Mary Frank. Collector' Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain. Paducah, KY: Collector Books, 1998.

Ginori Giftware and Copodimonte. Advertisement. Pattern: Aosta.

Good Housekeeping -- Advertisements -- Haviland

Good Housekeeping, April 1923. Advertisement. Theodore Haviland

Good Housekeeping. November 1923. Advertisement. Theodore Haviland. Pattern: Sheraton.

Good Housekeeping. November 1923. Advertisement. Haviland China Co., Inc.

Good Housekeeping. February 1925. Advertisement. Theodore Haviland. Pattern: Arcadia

Good Housekeeping. December 1925. Advertisement. Theodore Haviland. Pattern: Chambord.

Good Housekekeping, November 1926. Haviland China Co., Inc. Advertisement. Color. Patterns: Florence, Narcissus, Noinville, Yale. 2 copies

Graydon Palmer General Merchandise Catalogue. Catalogue No. 16, Fall & Winter Styles 1898. Chicago, IL. Photocopy. Title page and pages 120 -- 121, showing Haviland China.

HCIF -- Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation. Haviland & Co. 1927. Catalog. CD -- ROM.

A Handbook for Collectors of Haviland China. Brochure. Includes backmarks.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser -- Advertisements.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Haviland China at First Hands. Punch bowl.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement.

Harris, Nathaniel. Porcelain Figurines: Miniature Masterpieces of Delicacy, Humor, and Color. New York: Golden Press, 1974.

Haviland. Photocopy. Includes backstamps.

Haviland: Fine China Since 1842. Brochure. Patterns: Calais, Cashmere, Blue Tree, French Fruit, Aster d'Or, Regency, Filigree, Orsay, Dauphine, Torse, Marquise, Deuville, Trianon, Strasbourg, Valmont, Ladore, Gentiane, Arobr, Orly, Danville, Shelton, Plaisance, Bergere, Monceau, Chambord, Linette, Courette, Versailles, Mistral, Apple Blossom, Rosalinde

Haviland: Manufacture de Porcelaine Fondee in 1842

Haviland: Manufacture de Porclaine Fondee en 1842. Brochure from Haviland & Co., Incorporated. Patterns: Golden Quail, Ladore Oasis, Imperatice Eugenie, Margaux, Lotus, Moire, Kein Long, Orsay, Vieux Paris, Julia, Saint Amour, Bonnevel, Louceciennes, Pivoine, Bergere, Regis, Shalimar, Apple Blossom, Rosalinde, Chrysantheme, Du Bary, Cathay, Torse White, Florence Shelton

Haviland: Manufacture de Porcelaine Fondee en 1842. Brochure from Haviland & Co., Incorporated. Patterns: Ladore, Marie Louise, Centelle, Marguax, Du Bary, Navarre, Pompadour, Couronne, Bergere, Regis, Lachere, Apple Blosson, Rosalinde, Savoie, Monceau, Meurice, Torse White, Esterel, Shelton, Carette, Orsay, Vieux Paris, Michelle, Malmaison

Haviland China. Advertisement. Card showing backmarks.

Haviland China at First Hands -- Advertisements

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement

Haviland & Co.'s China at First Hands. Advertisement. Chocolate set

Haviland & Co.'s China at First Hands. Advertisement. Boudoir set

Haviland & Co.'s China at First Hands. Advertisement. A.D. [After Dinner?] Coffee set, Oyster Tureen

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Fish Set No. 637

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. No. 1265

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Salad set No. 1864

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Salad Set No. 1476. Rose

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Salad Set No. 1476. Rose

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Punch bowl

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. No. 1476. Rose with golden border

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Water pitcher

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. 1890. Covered dish, no.2828

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Covered dish, no 2347

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Oyseter soup plate and tureen, service plate, tea or coffee cup

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Ice cream set, white and gold

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Salad bowl and plate

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Salad set no. 1864

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Rose with gold border, no. 1476

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Punch bowl, smoking set, tea and toast plate

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Salad set no 1476 Rose, Game set no 265, A.D.[After Dinner?] Coffeees, no. 637

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Tete -- a -- tete set, chop dish, oyster plate

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. No.1265

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. No.2828

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Fish set no. 1883

Haviland China at First Hands. Advertisement. Orange bowl no. 1823

Haviland China Co., Haviland China Co, Inc, and Haviland China Co., Incorporated -- Advertisements

Haviland China Co. Advertisement, showing a pattern described as "a gracefully arranged border of Nasturtiums in natural reds and yellows."

Haviland China Co., Inc. Advertisement showing a pattern described as "formal garland design in azure, russet, and forest green."

Haviland China Co., Inc. Advertisement showing a pattern described as "oriental in design and coloring; gold edged; and further enriched with a narrow gold lace border."

Haviland factory at Limoge. Postcard. 2 copies

Hawkes Cut glass

Hawkes Cut Glass. 1896. Advertisement

Higgins and Seiter. Cut Glass. 1896. Advertisement

Higgins and Seiter. Advertisement

History of New Paltz, New York. Elting Memorial Library. Haviland Collection. Bulletin No.3

Homes and Gardens, 1927. Soane & Smith, Ltd. Advertisement.

Hubbard and Rowland. Gloversville, NY. Advertising card in color with calendar for 1897 showing Haviland's Saint Lazare Porcelain.

Iowa Fun Night. Saturday, June 24, 2000. Photographs from the "Haviland Chorus Line."

"Le Japon Artistique" Documents d'Art et d'Industrie. Japonisme: Japanese Influence on French Art 1854 -- 1910." Photocopy.

The Jeweler's Buyers Dirctory of the Manufacturers, Importers and Wholesalers in the Jewelry and Kindred Lines: A Handy Classified List for Desk and Pocket. Philadelphia, PA: Chilton Company, 1935.

John Wanamaker Spring and Summer Catalogue, 1904. No. 56 Photocopy of title page, p.127, and an unnumbered page, showing Haviland china.

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The Libbey Glass Co. 1896. Advertisement

Box 8

Mali, Millicent. French Faience: Fantasie et Populaire of the 19th and 20th Centuries. United Printing: 1986.

Markert's China Store, Marion, Ohio. Haviland China and Cut Glass a Specialty. Postcard.

Memorials Concerning Deceased Friends, Published by Direction of the Yearly Meeting of New York. [Society of Friends]. New York: James Egbert, Printer. Contains a memorial for Ann Cromwell Haviland (d.1857).

The Mollycoddle. Art Novelty Press, 1907. Postcard. Painting on postcard signed "Haviland 1907."

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Registration record and replacement guarantee. Haviland & Co., Incorporated -- Riviera Divison

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Theodore Haviland, Advertisements

Theodore Haviland Advertisement. Patterns: Foxglove, Arlington, Regents Park Rose

Theodore Haviland Advertisement. Pattern: Gainsborough?

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Webster, Raymond L. Letter to William Haviland. April 19, 1919. Reply from Haviland handwritten on letter. Photocopy.

Western Catalogue for Western People. Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalogue Number 109, Spring and Summer 1928. Photocopy of one page, showing Haviland China. Patterns: Gloria, Concord.

Williams, Elizabeth (representative of Haviland China Co, New York) to Mrs. Bangs. Letter. Form letter in regard to finding pieces of a discontinued Haviland pattern. March 1961.

The Winking Girl. Postcard. Copyright 1906. Haviland Mechanical Postcard.

Wisconsin Antique Dealers Association. Celebrating 150 Years of Haviland China (1842 -- 1992). Videocasette. Doorways to the Past series.

Haviland Collectors International Foundation. Vol.11:no.4 (June 2001).

2001a Addendum

Box 9

1876: A Centennial Exhibition. Post, Robert C., Ed. Washington, D.C.: The National Museum of History and Technology, Smithsonian Institution, 1976.

2001 Update of Retailer and User Backmarks of the Haviland Companies

Backmarks. Color reproductions.

Better Homes and Gardens. Ad. Theodore Haviland. June, 1945. Patterns: Garden Flowers, Regents Park Rose, Pasadena.

Card. Folding promotional. Pattern: Illusion

Card. Folding promotional. Pattern: Provence

Card. Folding promotional. Pattern: Clair de Lune.

Card. Saratoga China Hall. Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 1906 calendar on reverse.

Card. Sears Roebuck & Co. Semi-porcelain Green and Holly Dinner Set (not Haviland?)

Cards showing Haviland patterns available in 1927. Color. Patterns: Paisley, Florence,Vincennes. Nosegay, Eugenie, Marlborough, Garland, Summertime, Bouquet, Yale, Albany, Lexington, Olympia, Autumn, Chevalier, Oriental, Narcissus, Rochambeau, Symphony, Cerulean, Noinville, Portland.

Catalogue for the sale of Ch. Ed. Haviland's Library. April 1923. Part 1.

Catalogue for the sale of Ch. Ed. Haviland's Library. April 1923. Part 2.

Catalogue of an Exhibition of Etchings. Frederick Heppel & Company. Feb. -- Mar. 1908.

A Catalogue of French China Manufactured and Imported by Haviland Brothers & Co. New York, 1860

A Catalogue of French China Manufactured and Imported by Haviland Brothers & Co. New York, 1860. Photocopy.

A Catalogue of French China Manufactures and Impported by Haviland Brothers& Co. New York, 1860. Photographs.

Celebrating 150 Years of Haviland China, 1842 -- 1992. Milwaukee, WI.: Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum. June 25 -- October 4, 1992. Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation, 1992.

Century Magazine. Ad. Haviland China at Fist Hands. Frank Haviland. Jan. 1893. Punch bowl.

Ch. Field Haviland. Ad. Cake or bread plate. Pattern: Normandy.

Connelly, John. A Century of Uninterrupted Progress. Boston: Geo. Ellis, printer [1910].

Copyright research. Letters.

Copyright Information. Haviland Designs.

Copyright Information. Haviland Designs.

Copyright Information. Haviland Designs.

Copyright Information. Haviland Designs.

Copyright Information. Haviland Designs.

Copyright Information. Haviland Designs.

Copyright Information. Haviland Designs.

Copyright Information. Haviland Designs.

Croquis de Route de Es. M. Sandoz. Maroc, Algerie, Tunisie, Sahara. Color photocopy.

"Dining With Flowers." Rorex, Robert. Speech, University of Iowa Museum of Art. June 22, 2000.

Ginori. Pricelist.

Good Houeskeeping. Ad. Haviland & Co.

Good Housekeeping. Ad. Haviland China & Co. March, 1920.

Good Housekeeping. Ad. Haviland China. October 1923.

Good Housekeeping. Ad. Theodore Haviland. March, 1924. Pattern: Essex.

Good Housekeeping. Ad. Theodore Haviland. October, 1924. Pattern: Sheraton.

Good Housekeeping. Ad. Theodore Haviland. February, 1925. Pattern: Arcadia

Good Housekeeping. Ad. Theodore Haviland. October 1926. Pattern: Chenonceaux.

Happy Life. Haviland Limoges. Brochure.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Ch. Field Haviland.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Ch. Field Haviland.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Ch. Field Haviland.

Harpers Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Ch. Field Haviland. September 1893. Banquet service.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Ch. Field Haviland. Banquet service.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Haviland China at First Hands. Chocolate set, shaded colors.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Haviland China at First Hands.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Haviland China at First Hands. Punch bowl.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. Ad. Haviland & Co.'s China at First Hands. Fish plate.

Haviland & Co. Ad. 1951.

Haviland & Co. Ad. Pattern: Bel Air.

Haviland & Co.'s China at First Hands. Ad. Chocolate set, shaded colors.

Haviland & Co.'s China at First Hands. Ad. Frank Haviland. [1891?]. Chocolate set, shaded colors.

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation. Annual banquet benefit auction. June 21 -- 24, 2001. Portland, OR.

Haviland China at First Hands. Ad. Frank Haviland. Roast set No. 5948.

Haviland China at First Hands. Ad. Frank Haviland. Ice cream set No. 265. Gold.

Haviland China at First Hands. Ad. Frank Haviland. No. 2347.

Haviland China at First Hands. Ad. Frank Haviland. Ewer.

Haviland China at First hands. Ad. Salad set, No. 1476, Rose.

Higgins and Seiter. Ad. Haviland Limoges. [1897?].

How Our Forefathers Lived. Springfield, MA.: The City Library Association. For the Massachusetts Bay Centenary. Woodcut by Ruth Haviland Sutton.

Information of Haviland China. Photocopy. Source unknown.

International Villa. Ad. Frederick Haviland signs dinnerware. Denver, CO.

Ladies Home Journal. Ad. Theodore Haviland.

"Martin Edelberg to Lecture on Art Nouveau March 13." Newton Bee, March 2001.

Masterpieces of Art. Exhibition at the New York World's Fair 1940. Catalogue of European and American Paintings 1500 -- 1900. Art Aid Corporation, 1940.

Millon & Associates. Majolica. Catalogue. June and July 1999.

The Munsey Magazine. 1903 -- 1904. Contains an article "The China of the Presidents" by A.G. Baker. Vol. XXX: no. 3, pp. 321-330.

The New York Directory for 1786. Microfiche.

Past Memorial Lecture. Notes.

Patterson, Jerry. E. Porcelain. Washington, D.C.: The Smithsonian Institution, 1979.

Photographs. Haviland China.

Photographs. Paul Robertson. Christmas, 2000. Haviland plates and tree.

Photographs. Plates.

Photographs. Sevres plates.

Porcellaine de Limoges du siecle a la Art Nouveau. Dossier l'Art 12. Mai/Juin 1993.

Postcard. Haviland Hall, University of California, Berkeley. Postmarked [1932?]

Printouts from E-Bay showing Haviland China. 2001.

Program/Menu. Dinner-Dance. Sixteenth Company Central Officer's Training School. Richmond, VA., November 22, 1918.

Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in New England. Vol. 1, 1636 -- 1663. Microfiche.

Robert Haviland and C. Parlon, Manufacture de Porcelaines.

Sandoz Postcards. Color photocopies. Reduced.

Scott, Kenneth. Genealogical Data from the New York Post-Boy. The National Genealogical Society, 1993.

Sevres artists and their signatures. Photocopy. Source unknown.

Silver, Sammlung. Europaische Keramik 1880 -- 1930. Darmstadt: Hessisches Landesmuseum, 1986.

Slide list. "Dining with Flowers." Rorex, Robert. Speech, University of Iowa Museum of Art. June 22, 2000.

"The Story of Haviland China." Brochure. Ca. 1927.

Theodore Haviland & Co. Ad. Patterns: Gotham, Cambridge, Wilton, Apple Blossom.

Traditional Home. March 1994.

Weisburg, Gabriel P. The Etching Renaissance in France: 1850 -- 1880. [Salt Lake City?], UT: Utah Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah, 1971.

White China for Decorating. L.B. King & Co. Detroit

Wood, Sherry. Haviland-Limogess. Watkins Glen, NY: Century House, 1951. China Classics II.

 Oversized Box 1

The Art Amateur, Vol. 29, no. 2 (July 1893).

Calendar, 1997.

Broadsides, 1992 -- 1994.

Haviland advertising.

Photograph of Dresden China Store. Dubuque Street, Iowa City, Iowa. 1893.

Portrait of David Haviland.

Varner, Malcolm E. Honorary life membership, 1997

2001 Addendum

Oversized Box 2

The American Home. June 1952. Haviland & Co., Incorporated. Advertisement. Patterns: Cambridge, Orange Blossom, Apple Blossom, Bel-Air, Sylvia, Shelton, Arbor, Shasta. 2 copies.

Better Homes and Gardens. October 1947. Advertisement. Theodore Haviland & Co. Patterns: Cambridge, Wilton, Gotham, Apple Blossom.

Better Homes and Gardens. May 1955. Advertisement. Syracuse China. Patterns: Harmony, Alpine, Lyric, Victoria.

Charleston, Robert J., Ed. World Ceramics: An Illustrated History. Seacaucus, NJ: Chartwell Books, Inc., 1977

Gorham Company. Beautiful Tables: How to Coordinate Sterling Silver with China and Glass, 1955.

Harper' Bazaar. November 1925. Theodore Haviland. Advertisement, Pattern: Montreaux

Haviland & Co. 1923 Advertisement. Pattern: Woodbine

Haviland & Co., Incorporated. Advertisement. Color. Patterns; Vonda, Orange Blossom, Montmery, Meadow Lace, Saratoga, Rosalinde, Autumn Leaf, Arbor

Haviland China, Co., Inc. 1927. Advertisement. Patterns: Symphony, Normandy, Plaza, Paisley. 2 copies.

Haviland China Co, Inc. Advertisement. Pattern described as "oriental as to design and coloring; gold edged; and further enriched with a narrow gold lace border."

Haviland China Co., Inc. Advertisement. Pattern described as "formal Cashmere border relieved by flower tendrils -- an oriental symphony of blues, yellows, reds."

Haviland China Co., Inc. Advertisement. Patterns: Charm, Saratoga, Gloria, Argonne

Haviland China Co., Inc. Advertisement. Pattern described as "a happy combination of conventional border with graceful forget-me-not motif in gold and blues." 2 copies

House and Garden. March 1924. Advertisement. Theodore Haviland & Co., Pattern: Sheraton

House Beautiful. Advertisement. Theodore Haviland. Introducing the new Greylock shape. Patterns: Camellia, Embassy, Rose.

The House Beautiful. April 1927. Advertisement. Haviland China Co., Inc. Pattern: Autumn

The Ladies Home Journal. May, 1927. Theodore Haviland. Advertisement. Pattern: Chateaudun. 2 copies.

The Ladies Home Journal. May, 1927. Haviland China Co., Inc. Advertisement. Pattern: Autumn

The Ladies Home Journal. November, 1927. Theodore Haviland. Advertisement. Pattern: Azay-le-Rideau.

The Ladies Home Journal. 1973. Advertisement. Joy's Limited. 1973 Limited Edition Christmas Plates. Includes twoHaviland patterns.

"Le Pavilion Haviland." Figaro Exposition, pp.116 -- 117.

Theodore Haviland. 1937. Advertisement. Patterns: Rosalinde, Clinton, Wilton, Apple Blossom.

 2001a Addendum -- Oversized

(continuing in oversized box 2)

The Art Amateur: A Montlhy Journal Devoted to the Culviation of Art in the Household. Vol. 15: no. 6 (Nov. 1886). Photocopy.

Catalog page. Haviland China.

Good Housekeeping. Ad. Theodore Haviland. 1928. Pattern: Burgundy.

Haviland & Co. Ad. 1952 Patterns: Cambridge, Orange Blossom, Apple Blossom, Bel-Air, Sylvia, Cashmere, Shelton, Arbor, Shasta.

Homes & Gardens of the Northwest. The Oregonian. Thursday, June 14, 2001.

House & Garden.

October, 1923. Fall Planting Number.

May, 1927. Summer Furnishings Number.

House Beautiful

Ad. Theodore Haviland & Co. Patterns: Winfield, Garden Flowers, Oxford, Pemberton.

Ad. Theodore Haviland & Co. 1943. Patterns: Pemberton, Regents Park Camelia, Gloria.

Ladies Home Journal

Ad. Theodore Haviland & Co. Pattern: Azay-le-Rideau.

Ad. Theodore Haviland & Co. [1926?]. Pattern: The Eden.

Ad. Theodore Haviland & Co., Incorporated. September 1923.

Ad. Theodore Haviland & Co., Incorpporated. November 1926. Pattern: Cluny.

Ad. Haviland China Co. 1927. Pattern: Symphony.

Ad. Haviland China Co. [1927?]. Patterns: Autumn, Normandy, Plaza, Paisley.

Posters showing Haviland Patterns in color. Patterns:Tuilleries, Kein Long (Celadon), Pekin (Celadon), Arbe Bleu, Monceau, Auteuil, Ladore, Symphonie, Golden Quail, Pastorale Bleue, Florence, Vieux Paris, Muscadin, Sully, Rosalinde, Eglatine, Bonneval, Prairie, Rivoli, Margaux, Louveciennes, Bluets, Golden Quail, Julia, Charleston, Saint Amour, Chyrsantheme, Jardin Bleu, Orsay, Cathay, Florence, Lutetis, Shalimar, Apple Blossom, Imperatrice Eugenie, Bergere, Turenne, Elegance, Malmaison, Ladore, Marie Louise, Michelle, Du Barry, Carette, Pompador, Grenada, Savoie, Regis, Shalimar, Meurice, Torse White, Shelton.

The Saturday Evening Post, June 1958.

Theodore Haviland & Co. Ad. Patterns: Hamilton, Kenmore, Embassy, Leeds.

Theodore Haviland & Co. Ad. Patterns: Garden Flowers, Rosalinde, Regents Park Rose, Wilton.

Theodore Haviland & Co. Ad. Patterns: Winfield, Garden Flowers, Oxford, Pemberton.

Theodore Haviland & Co. Ad. Regents Park Rose, Wilton, Garden Flowers, Rosalinde.

2002 Addendum

(continuing in oversized box 2)

"Accent on Simplicity in the New Glass and China." Arts & Decoration, August 1936, cover and pp. 29 -- 32. Photocopy

"Haviland's Series of Shakespearean Characters (As Presented By Our Leading Players)." The London Illustrated News. September 17, 1910, p. 425. Drawing by Frank Haviland.

2002a Addendum

(continuing in oversized box 2)

Bracquemond. Two etchings. Portrait de Felix Bracquemond and Une Surprise.

Haviland & Co. Ad. Patterns: Paragon, Olympia, Autumn, Paisley

House and Garden. Ads. Patterns: Wilton, Kenmore, Cambridge, Apple Blossom, Cluny

Ladies Home Journal. Ads. Patterns: Cluny

Page of a ledger book [New York?] concerning a legal claim involving W. M. Haviland

2002 Addendum

Box 10

Haviland backmarks, A -- K. Computer printouts. Color. (Gift of Art and Eileen Wendt)

Box 11

Haviland backmarks, L -- Z. Computer printouts. Color. (Gift of Art and Eileen Wendt)

Box 12

Haviland retailer marks. Photos. Color. (Gift of Art and Eileen Wendt)

Haviland retailer marks. Photos. Color. (Gift of Art and Eileen Wendt)

2-Day Absolute Antique Auction. Patricia Doyle Associates

Ch. Field Haviland. Ad. Fish Set Louis XV

E. Gérard, Dufraisseix & Co, Manufacturers of the "Ch. Field Haviland" China. New York: H. A. Rost, Printer.

Eberlein, Harold Donaldson and Roger Wearne Ramsdell. The Practical Book of Chinaware. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1948.

Ginori brochure

Fantasia, Vesuvio

Hake, Ted and E. Ward Russell. The Plate Collector's Handbook. New York: Dafran House Publishers, Inc. 1975.

Haviland 150ème Anniversaire. Photographs and photocopies

Haviland & Co.'s China at First Hands. Ad. Extra large roast dish with beef head handles

Haviland China at First Hands. Ads

Ice cream dish and plate
Oyster soup plate and tureen, service plate, tea or coffee cup
Roast course 6388
Roast dish
Set 5153 Blue de Four
(Teacups in box and Duck platter)
Tete-a-tete set, tall chocolate cup, oyster plate
Water pitcher
Water pitcher

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation Conference. 2001. Portland, Oregon. June 21 -- 24, 2001. Photographs (Gift of Art and Eileen Wendt)

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation 2001 Backmark files. CD ROM and print out.

Haviland Patents (3 folders)

Jackson, Mary L. If Dishes Could Talk: The History and Romance of Old China. Des Moines, IA: Wallace-Homestead Book Co., 1971.

Memorial cards. Mary Etta Carlstrands Scott (Haviland matcher), Malcolm E. Varner

Moreau-Feunton, Annick. "The Relationship Between the Havilands and Their Retailers." (Not published?)

Negatives for the retailer marks in boxes 12 and 13.

The New Yorker. Haviland and Company. Ad. Pattern: Lotus

Romeyn, Carlyn Crannell. The Lycetts. (Classical Gems of Educational Art Treasures, Vol. 6) International Porcelain Art Teachers, Inc.

Southern Accents

January -- February, 1993
March -- April, 1998

Theodore Haviland. Ad. Pattern: Pasadena

Trimble, Alberta C. Modern Porcelain: Today's Treasures, Tomorrow's Traditions. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1962.

2002a Addendum

Box 13

American Heritage Auction of Americana. Catalog.

Antiques Journal. June -- December 1951.

Bracquemond. Catalog of an Exhibition of Etchings (with Buhot). New York, February 25 -- March 25, 1908. (Bracquemond designed some Haviland decorations. See also the Oversize Box #2 for two etchings by Bracquemond.)

The Bradford Book of Collector's Plates. 1976. Chicago: The Bradford Exchange, 1976.

Century. November 1888. Ad. Frank Haviland. Haviland at First Hands. Patterns: Salad set No. 1476 Rose, Game Set No. 265, A.D. Coffees, No. 637.

Ch. Field Haviland. Ad. Reception plate Brittany

Chantilly. French Limoges. Flier advertisement for Jacques Jugeat, Inc., New York.

Chapter V. The Ceramic Art. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1878, pp. 271 -- 329.

Coover's Outlines: Designs and Studies for Ceramic Artists.

Cosmopolitan. 1893. Ad. Higgins & Seiter Fine China and Cut Glass

Cristalleries de Lorraine. Photographs and drawings of glassware available from Jacques Jugeat. Patterns: Aix, Albertville, Annecy, Balzac, Barcelone, Baudelaire, Bizet, Casis, Chopie, Epinal, George Sand, Lafayette, Menton, Metz, Musset, Nancy, Nice, Nimes, Orange, San Juan, San Diego, San Martin, Stendhal, Saint-Malo, Valence, Voltaire, Brittany, Empire, Kim, Lorriane, Lyon, Burgundy, Normandy, Victory, Chardin, Clodion, Fragonard, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Dorique, Lillehammer Glass, Loch Ness, Carassius, Lhassa. Also includes separate price list.

DuBay, Debby. Living With Limoges. Atglen, Pa.: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2001.

The Empress Josephine Roses Demitasse cup and saucer collection.

Good Housekeeping. Ads. Patterns: Azay-le-Rideau, Garden of Allah

Guillot, Marcel -- Studio. Hand painted plates.

Harper's Magazine Advertiser. July 1889. Ad. Haviland China at First Hands. No. 2347

Haviland & Co. Ad. [1952?]. Patterns: Cambridge, Orange Blossom, Apple Blossom, Bel-Air, Sylvia, Cashmere, Shelton, Arbor, Shasta.

Haviland & Co. Limoges. Essay and ad printed using gold ink.

Haviland at First Hands. Ads. 11 items. Patterns: Ice cream set No. 1392, No. 7245, Roast set No. 5948, Fish sset, No. 637.

"The Haviland Lady." Society Action section of unknown newspaper. [Orlando, Florida?] Sunday, February 2, 1969.

Haviland. Limoges. Salesman's catalog with color reproductions of patterns, arranged by shape. Shapes included: Cleo, Directoire, Louis XV, Lutece, Priscilla, Sèvres, Torse

Haviland. Limoges. La Table est un Art.

Haviland. Limoges. Salesman's catalog, with 1995 pricelist.

Haviland: Manufacture de Porcelain. Fondee en 1842

Herbert S.Mills China and Artware catalog

Jacques Jugeat. Contents of a catalog. Contains Robert Haviland & C. Parlon patterns among others. Haviland patterns with color photographs: Alencon, Ambassade, Arizona, Aswan, Diamanta, Dynasty, Golden Fire, Golden Roses, Martine, Pascale, Pompadour, Winterthur, Chantoung, Cornflower, Marjolaine, Meissen, Palais Oriental, Imperatrice White, Bangkok, Kakiemon.

Letter with prices for Haviland pieces, among others. 1986.

"Limoges and Its Industries." Harper's New Monthly Magazine. LXXVII:CCCCLVI (Oct. 1888), pp. 653 -- 664.

The Magic of Porcelain. Haviland, Manufacture de Porcelain

"The Markets of the World Brought To the Homes of Our Customers." Frank. S. Betz, Co. Catalog A, 1911.

"Le Monde Merveilleuse de Babar." (Babar china from Haviland)

New York Directory, 1786. Microfiche

Original factory design book of French porcelain made by Haviland, 1850. Photographic reproduction of various plates. 2 folders. NO PHOTOCOPIES MAY BE TAKEN OF THESE MATERIALS WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, NEW YORK.

Paul Haviland

Photocopies of photographs with pricelist
La Salon de Photographie: Les coles pictorialistes en Europe et aux Etats-Unis vers 1900. Paris: Musée Rodin, 22 Juin -- 26 Septembre 1993. Contains photographs by Paul Haviland
Stieglitz, Steichen, and the Photo Secession. Auction catalog. Contains a photograph by Paul Haviland


Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs -- Paris -- 1925
Haviland Saint Lazare porcelain. Kipp & Mills, Geneva, New York
Markert's China Store, Marion, Ohio

Rago, David. Arts and Crafts in New York. Catalog. Sunday, May 16, 1993.

Rorex, Robert. Dining With Flowers. Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation, 2000. To accompany an exhibit at UI Museum of Art, June 22 -- Aug. 13, 2000.

Sothbey Parke Bernet/Los Angeles. 1977 catalog. Sale 203

Stees, Arthur. Haviland Patents. Book of photocopies and CD-ROM

Stees, Arthur. Haviland Patents, Specifications. Book of photocopies and CD-ROM.

Thayer & Chandler, Chicago. Haviland & Co. China. Whiteware catalog. Photocopies of pages 41, 43, 45.

Theodore Haviland. Ads. Patterns: Apple Blossom, Delaware, Clinton, Gainsborough

Witt, Louise Schaub. Wonderful World of Plates. Shawnee Mission, Ks: K & L Publishers, 1970.

Box 14

Barrons Summer 2002 Catalog

Dealers' Backmarks. Print-outs from eBay.

July 2002 (2002a) Addendum

Barrons Summer 2002 catalog.

Le Bestiaire. Haviland Limoges. Advertising brochure.

Dealer's backmarks. Photocopies of images from e-Bay.

Haviland Internationale Collectors Foundation. Membership directories. 1997 -- 2000. 2 copies.

Haviland Limoges. Alain Thomas. Le Bestiaire. Advertising brochure.

Haviland Limoges. L'Art et la Matiere. (A Taste of Art)

Haviland, Paul. Photographs. Seven photographs from Japan, 1918, taken by Paul Haviland.

Pickard. Masterpieces by Pickard. Catalog.

December 2002 (2002b) Addendum

Brink, Jesse Foley. "Deciphering China Marks." Collecting, pp. 116 -- 125.

Butler Brothers Catalog, 1930. China and Glassware

Calendar card, 1903. Pattern: Norma

Child, Theodore. "Limoges and it's Industries." Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Vol. LXXVII: no. CCCCLXI (October 1888), pp. 651 --664.


Currency Price List of Haviland and Co.'s French China

Denver HCIF conference exhibit

Filkins, Mrs. C.C. The China Painters A-B-C. Buffalo, NY: The Courier Co. of Buffalo, 1915.

HCIF Fourth Annual Conference, Iowa CIty, Iowa, July 15 -- 17, 1993.

HCIF Newsletter

HCIF Tenth Annual Conference, New Orleans,LA, June 17 -- 19, 1999

Haviland limoges training video. VHS casettte

Haviland Retailers 2002

Haviland Retailers and Users

Heilbrun, Francoise. Camera Work: Stieglitz, Steichen and their Contemporaries. London: Thames and Hudson, 1991. Plate 57 is a photograph taken by Paul Haviland.

House and Garden, 1926. Ad. Pattern: Paragon

Members of the Society of Friends. The American Annual Monitor For 1861, Vol. IV. Quaker Death Notices, 1860. New York: Samuel S. Wilson Wood, 1861. Photocopy

Mephistopheles humidor. Photographs

Midwest Regional Haviland Conference, Overland Park, KS, October 23, 1999


Box 15

Miscellaneous auctions and sales

Print of the city of Limoges

Replacements 1985 price list

Reichard, David N. Matching Services for Haviland China, 1991

Ridgon, Walter. Belleek Collector's Handbook. Atascadero, CA: Wilkins Creative Printing, 1978.

Secretary of State. Reports of the United States Commision to the Paris Universal Exposition, 1878. Volume III: Iron, Steel, Ceramics and Glass, Forestry, Cotton. Washington, DC: 1880.

Shepp, James W. and Daniel B. Shepp. Shepps World's Fair Photograhed. Chicago, IL: Globe Bible Publishing Co., 1893

Show and Tell cards

Sotheby's auction catalog. Photographs. May 9, 2002

Swann auction catalog. Photographic Literature and Photographs. December 7, 2001. Plate 348 is by Paul Haviland

Treasured for Generations. Haviland & Co. brochure. Included are smaller folded brochures. Patterns: Arbor, Wilton, Apple Blossom, Birchmere, Brookside, Gainsborough, Bel-Air, Sheraton, Poppy, Sylvia, Aladdin, Athens. In black and white

2002b Addendum, Oversized
(Continuing in Oversized box 3)

1973 Limited Edition Christmas Plates

The American Home, December 1953. Ad. Pattern: Rosalinda

Keramic Studio. Syracuse, NY.June 1903, August 1903 -- December 1903, January 1904, April 1904, Supplement to April 1904

2003 Addendum

Albis, Jean d'. Ernest Chaplet, 1835 -- 1909. Paris: Les Presses de La Connaissance, 1976.

Albis, Jean d' in collaboration with L.d'Albis and C. Romanet. Witness and Evidence. Monographs. Published for the exposition "Ernest Chaplet," Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, June 1 -- August 2, 1976. English translation of Ernest Chaplet, 1835 -- 1909. Photocopy of typescript. Lacks table of contents and illustrations.

Album of china ads.

L'Art et la Matière. Haviland Limoges 1842 - 2002. Patterns: Vieux Limoges, Service Parisienne, Aquarelle, Bamboo Cup, Liberty, Torse, Assiette Bleu, Eugenie, Nenuphar, Rosalinda, Pivoine, Syringa, Chateaux de France, Mignardise, Arbre Vert et Raisins Noirs, Dammouse, Espace, Pamplemousse, Madoura, Mosaique Bleue, Oceane, Resonance, Amaryllis and other statuary.

Bernardaud News. New Collections 2002

Le Bestiare. Haviland brochure

Better Homes and Gardens ads

June 1944. Pattern: Apple Blossom

Blue Classiccs 2003. Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl

The Book of Theodore Haviland China. New York: Theodore Haviland & Comapny, 1926.

Booklet. Untitled. Color photocopies. Patterns: Feuilles or, Feuilles bleu de four, Cathay, Pate celandon au coq, Tcho-Kuang, Honan, Chrysantheme, Espace, Artifice bleu, Artifice orange, Camargue, Ricochet, Solaire Bleu, Envol, Rosace bleue, Rosace orange, Rosace verte, Grenade, Pondichery, Futaie bleue, Futaie brune, aux Cailles, Bouquet vert, Bouquet bleu, Torse Louveciennes, various statuettes and vases, Vieux Limoges


Business club

Calling card of a Haviland vendor

Full page color cards. Patterns: Louveciennes, Provence

Haviland & Co.

Haviland china

Irwin Easton, Co.

Cahiers Ceramique, No. 13. (2 copies)

Cahiers Ceramique, No. 13, supplement (2 copies)

Ceramique Impressinnist: L'Atelier Haviland of Paris-Auteuil, 1873 -- 1882. Society of Friends of The Forney Library. (2 copies)

Ceramique Impressionniste: L'Atelier Haviland de Paris-Auteuil, 1973 -- 1882. Societe des Amis de la Bibliotheque Forney. 1974 -- 1975.

Ch. Field Haviland. Covered buckwheat dish

China and Pottery Marks. New York: Gilman and Collamore and Company, Inc., 1920.

Christmas card from Haviland CEO P. [Revre?]


Coolidge, Olivia E. Greek Myths. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company,1949. Illustrated by Edouard Sandoz, who also created designs for Haviland.

Corbeiller, Clare le. China Trade Porcelaina: A Study in Double Reflections. Program for exhibition October 25, 1973 -- January 27, 1974.

Box 16

Counter display. Pattern: Bamboo cup

"Dining and Diplomacy: White House China." Lincoln Lore, No. 1868 (Winter 2002), pp. 3 -- 11.

The Fifth Avenue Section of Scribners. Ad for Gilman and Collamore

Fine China to Have and Use. Theodore Haviland Brochure. Patterns Varenne, Pasadena, St. Regis, Hamilton, Clinton, Leeds, Cambridge, Gotham, Berkeley, Birchmere, Springtime, Kenmore, Winfield, Regents Park Rose, Pemberton, Regents Park Camellia, Garden Flowers, Apple Blossom, Foxglove, Gainsborough, Windson, Oxford, Arlington, Wilton, Mosaic, Rosalinde, Madison, Corinth, Athems, Delaware, Embassy.

Frank Haviland ad.

China at First Hands

Game set No.265

No. 2347 (2 different ads)

Cream set No. 2575 (2)

Roast dish

Tete-a-tete set, tall chocolate cup, oyster plate

No. 1057 Shaded green

Set No. 1476 pink and gold

White china with gold handles

Punch bowl, smoling set, tea and toast plate

No. 1265 Open Stock

Oyster plate and soup tureen, service plate, tea or coffee cup

Water pitcher

Extra large roast dish. Beeve's head in platinum and gold with gold edge and border

Harper's Magazine Advertiser.Ads

Haviland China at First Hands.

Water pitcher

No. 1057. Shaded green

Ch. Field Haviland

Soup tureen

"Haviland at the White House." Exhibition card. Williamsburg, Virginia, May 15 -- 18, 2003. (2 copies)

Haviland bag and wrapping paper

Haviland brochure. Patterms: Imperatrice Eugenie, Symphone Platine, Symphonie Accents, Matin de Jade (Jade Morning), Floralies (Meadow Flowers), Chargers, Florentine Platine (Florentine Platinum, Florentine Accent plate, Place Vendome, Val de Loire, Loueciennes

Haviland catalog, 1970s. CD-ROM

Haviland china at First Hands.

No. 1265

Ice cream set No 1392 pink

Salad set No 1399

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation brochure

HCIEF Newsletters. CD-ROM

Haviland company forms

Haviland gift assortment. Patterns: Animal magnetism, Star Struck, Clair de Lune, Orphee

Haviland Limoges booklet. Patterns: Louveciennes Marine, Val de Loire, Louvre, Renaissance Lazule, Safran, Imperatrice Eugenie, Imperator, Place Vendome, Symphonie Blue, Symphoine Platine, Vieux Paris

Havinald pottery. CD-ROM

Haviland Product information

Haviland Quarterly, No. 134 --

Haviland records. 35mm microfilm

House and Garden. Ad

1928. Pattern:Burgundy

[1950?]. Pattern: Clinton

"Marques and Signatures." Photocopy

"March is the Month for China." John Wanamaker small catalog

Newman, Harold. Veilleuses, A Collector's Guide: A Definitive Review of Ceramic Food and Tea Warmers, 1750 -- 1860. Enlarged and revised edition. New York: Cornwall Books, 1987

Owen Richard. Haviland Colectors Internationale Foundation Backmark Summary, March 8, 2003. (2 copies)

Parlez Vous Haviland. Brochure. Patterns: Louveciennes, Symphonie Gold, Imperatrice Eugenie, Reve de Peintre, and charger plates in blue, red, coral, emerald, safform, light green, bordeau, and marine.

Patterson, Jerry. Porcelain. (The Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques.) Washington, D.C.: The Smithsonian Museum, 1979.

Photocopies (of microfilm?) Includes Roll #1: Haviland and Co. Special List, Haviland 1927, Haviland china New York 1923/1926, Th. Haviland cat; Roll #2: Pottery, Cat. Th. Haviland 1905, Cat. Haviland and Co. 1879+; Roll #3: Haviland 1954, planches - formes anciennes, Haviland and Co. 1894/1900, Haviland and co. 1891; and various other copies. 7 folders

Photographs of ceramics in the making.

Plinval-Guillebon, Mme. Porcelaines Francaises, p. 109.

Porcelaine Theodore Haviland. Limoges, 1912.

Postcards. Limoges

Prints from the collection of Alan Kempner. Exhibition program, November 20,1977 - January 8, 1978. Neuberger Museum, State University of New York, Purchase.

Rosaline needlework pattern

Rubini, Constance. À Table! Nice: Gregorie Gardette Editions, 2001

Selection Prestige. Haviland brochure. Patterns: Place Vendome, Symphonie Blue, Symphonie platine, Laurier Or, Liszt, Schumann, Bach, Symphonie Or, Place Vendome, Dubarry, Prince de Conde, Orient, Matrah, Casteil, Menesterol, Monestier, Valbonne, Imperator Or, Imperator Bleu de four, Villecroze, Valencay, Amboise, Fontainbleau, Val de Loise Or, Lovecienne Or, Courcelles, Narimane, Oasis

Stees, Arthur, compiler.Barbotine Terra Cotta and Stoneware Pottery. Text by Larry Simms. Havinald Collectors Itnernationale Foundation, 2003.

"Suzanne Lalique Haviland: A Niece's Tribute." Lalique Magazine, Vol.2:No.2 (Summer 1990), pp. 18 -- 19

Le Temps des Cerises. Haviland brochure

Theodore Haviland ads

[1946?] Patterns: Regents Park Rose, Arlington

[1948?] Patterns: Camellia, Embassy, Rose

The Wanamakers Stores. Holiday catalogue, 1903 -- 4.

2003 Addendum, Oversized
Oversized Box 3

Counter display. Pattern: Rendez-vous

Images de France. Porcelaine Theodore Haviland. Photocopy. 2 pages.

The Ladies Home Journal, November 1925. Ad. Pattern; The Montreaux

Page from Figaro-Exposition. Haviland service Marseille

Salesman's catalogs. n.d. Notebooks stored loose on shelf. Patterns: Jardin dEden, Reve de peintre, Pastrorale, Galion, Mosaique and fruit, Chatelaine vert, Chatelian gris, Pamplemousse, Jardin d'hiver, Nuit bleue, Chatelaine blue, Summer evening, Blue mosiac, Air de Paris bleu, Etiolles, Marie Antionette, Turenee, Elegance, Florence, Air de Paris vert, Romantique, Toscane ruby, Pompei rubis, Imperatrice Eugenie, Vieux paris bleu, Vieus Paris vert, Louveciennes, Dammouse, Botana, Imari rouge, Torse white, Orient, Du Barry, Thistel ox, Imperator bleu de four, Imperator or,Thistle platine, Consulat, Diplomat, Pompadour bleu de four, Chambord, Cheverny, Prince de conde, Chenonceau, among others

Large counter displays. Stored loose on the oversized shelves. Patterns: Provence, Resonance, and Illusion.

2003b Addendum, Oversized, continuing in Oversized box 3

Haviland ad from a French magazine, ca. 1950s. Pattern: Torse

2003b Addendum

Continuing in box 16

Cole, Mrs. M. Cochrane. Flower Arrangements for Lace. Scranton, PA: Scranton Lace Company, 1948.

Frank Haviland. Ad.

Haviland & Co. Ads. Pattern: Tressed

Box 17

2003b Addendum, cont.

HCIF 2000. VHS videocasettes

Exhibition Hall Outtakes

Selected show and tell items

HCIF Backmark committee files. CD-ROM

S & H Green Stamps Ideabook, 1960.

Sotheby's auction catalog. The Ronne and Joseph S. Wahl Collection

2004 Addendum

Photographs of HCIF Annual conferences

2003 Conference (Gift of Art and Eileen Wendt)

2004 Conference (Gift of Art and Eileen Wendt)

2005a Addendum

Brief history of Haviland China companies, written by personnel at Replacements. Includes a description of what Limoges china is.

2006 addenda

Continuing in box 17

A.B. Schou. Catalog

A. H. Hiesey & Company. Gifts of Glassware. 1926 catalog. Facsimile

Advertising cards. 2 folders


The Book of Theodore Haviland China: An Illustrated Description of the Laters Example of Fine China Design. Includes pattern cards with price lists. (Patterns: Bamboo, Chateaudun, Normandy, Summertime, Juno, Cheavlier, Yale, Lexington, Noinville, Marlborough, Queen, Symphony, Peeress, Gloria, Albany, Nabob, Miami, Azy le Rideau, unnamed [#26637])

Miscellaneous cards. 2 folders

Other companies

Crown Ducal Staffordshire

Colonial Times offered by B. Altman & Co.

Davis Collamore & Co., Ltd.

Magazine ads

d'Albis, Jean. Haviland. Book presented by the author to the Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation on September 24, 2003 in the city of Limoges

d'Albis, Jean and Noelle des Horts. La Porcelaine des Pouyat

The Aldine. Vol. IV:No. 5 (May 1871) In oversized Box 3

Andreani, Carole. Les Ceramigue de Gugin

The Armstrong Shop. White China for Decorating

Articles,clippings, etc.

Ayroles, Veronique. "Felix Bracquemond, Haviland et le verre: un nouvelle recontre d-exception." Seves: Revue de le Societe des Amis de Musee National de Ceramique, No. 7 (1998).

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"Disturbances at Limoges." The Times (of London), Friday, April 21, 1905. Photocopy. In oversized Box 3.

Gustason, Harriett. "Pieces of the Past." The Journal-Standard, Freeport, Illinois, Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Haviland: Master-makers of Limoges china since 1842" [unknown source]

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[Millman, Ian?] [Article on Art Nouveau, title page missing}. Antiques, March 2005

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Bouillin, Jean-Paul.

Bracquemond: Graveur et ceramiste (hard cover and paperback)

Bracquemond: Le Realisme Absolu

La Broderie Illistree

Brooks Furniture. Catalog #9.Facsimile

Brown, Henry Collins. Valentine's Manual of New York. No. 5, New Series, 1921

Box 18

Brunhammer, Yvonne, et al. Art Nouveau Belgium France

Burley & Co. White China for Decorating. Catalogue No. 16

Butler Brothers. China & Glassware 1930 catalog

Cahiers dele Ceramique du Verre Et des Arts du Feu.

No. 41 (1968)

No. 50 (1971).

Carrington, Fitzroy, ed. Prints and Their Makers

Catalogue de al Bibliotheque de M.Ch.Ed Haviland. 1923

Ceramique Impressionniste.

Exhibit catalog, Musee Fournaise, 26 avril -- 4 movembre 2001

Exhibit catalog, Ancien Hotel des Archeveques de Sens, Decembre 1974-Fevrier 1972

Charles Field Haviland

Nearly a Century Old

Chefs-de'oeuvre de la porcelaine de Limoges. Musee du Luxemburg, 20 Janvier -- 29 Avril 1996

Christie's. Decorative Arts 1850 to the Present Day, 1992

Commemorative Plates, Being a revival in the early Nineteenth Century Staffordshire Manner by Jones McDuffee & Stratton

Daniel Low. 1894 Catalogue of Sterling Silver Novelties. Facsimile.

Decals for china

Design Keramic Studio. In oversized box 3





















Drawings from the Haviland company in Limoges

Drury, John. Old Chicagoo Houses: 110 Stately Landmarks and Their Stories

Early Wedgwood Pottery. Exhibit catalog, 1951

L'Ecole de Nancy. Fluer et ornements. Exhibit catalog, 24 avril -- 26 juillet 1999

Edouard Marcel Sandoz. Photographs.CD-ROM

Envelope from Jacobs, Avery & Northam Co. with a picture of Haviland china printed on it

F. Weber & Co. Catalogue, Artists Materials, Drawing Materials, Vol. 385

Box 19

Fairyland Wedgewood Ware. 1922 catalog. Facsimile

Foucart, Bruno et al. Normandie: L'Epopee du "Geant des Mers."

Franzosische Keramik. Muchen, 1972. Exhibit catalog

Furio, Joanne. The Limoges Procelain Box: From Snuff to Sentiments

GDA France. Illustrated Catalogue of Table Ware & Fancy Articles. Catalog

Garban, E. La Porcelaine

Gibbs Manufacturing Co., Hooked Rug Catalog, ca. 1880. Facsimile

Gleason's Pictorial

March 5, 1853

March 25, 1854

Habert-Dys, L. Fantaisies Decoratives. Very large. Lying on the shelf.

Hall Fireproof Cooking China. General Catalog Number 36 (1935). Facsimile

Harran, Jim & Susan. Collectible Cups and Saucers: Identification and Values

Books I -- III

Haviland blanks

Haviland. Limoges, France. Three ring binder with promitional glossy pages, in French and English.

Haviland China: A History

Haviland China Co. Inc., Successors to Haviland & Co. A Catalogue of Our Shapes, 1927.

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation

The Art of Haviland Pottery, July 2004

Bylaws. On CD-ROM

Conference Handbook, 2004. CD-ROM

Haviland & Co. Catalog Collection. CD-ROM

Haviland Archives. CD-ROM. 2 discs

Haviland Quarterly

Vol.14:No.3 (March 2004)

Haviland Retailers and Users. Backmark summaries. Includes CD-ROMs for some of the summaries

Minutes, November 1999 to June 2005. On CD-ROM

Packet from the 15th annual conference, Dallas, Texas, 2004

Photos of France. CD-ROM

Kramer, Sandra S. "Fred Harvey and the Harvey Girls: the Opening of the American West." Presentation at the Dallas, Texas 15th Annual HCIF Conference, June 17-20, 2004

Haviland Genealogy. Includes three photographic reproductions of portraits

Haviland Highlights, Vol.1:No.1 (Spring 1986)

Haviland Inn. Drinks menu

Box 20

Haviland pricelists

Haviland, Manufacure de Proceliane Fondee en 1842.

Home Packing, Preserving the Red Wing Way. Mid nineteen-twenties.Facsimile


Modern Kitchen Furniture, 1935 catalog. Facsimile

Kitchen Cabinets, 1908 catalog. Facsimile

Jackson's International Auctioneers and Appraisers of Fine Art and Antiques. Collectors Choice Aucution.

Janvier, C. A. Practical Keramics for Students

Le Japonisme. Catalog of an exhibit at the Galeries Nationales du Grana Palais, Paris, 17 mai - 15 aout 1988

Jervis, W. P. A Pottery Primer

Jewel Home Shopping

1949 -- 1982 Catalog Reprints

Fall and Winter 1955

John Plain Book. Gift and Homewares, Spring and Summer 1943

Keramic Studio. In oversized box 4












December supplemental page only





























King's Handbook of Boston

King's Handbook of New York City

Klesse, Brigitte. Glas und Keramik vom Historimus bis zur Gegenwart Schenkung Gertrud und Dr. Karl Funke-Kaiser

The F. Kroeber Clock Co. 1895 catalog

LK & S Wholesale Jewelers, 1946 catalog

Box 21

Lathrop, Elise. Early American Inns and Taverns

Lloyd's Register of American Yachts




Magazine ads (See also Oversized Box 3)

Frank Haviland

Haviland & Co.

Haviland Brothers & Co.

Haviland China at First Hands

Haviland Limoges

Theodore Haviland

Other companies

Memorial card for Jean d'Albis, with a brief statement by Annick Moreau-Feunteun


Morris & Company. Morris Wall-Papers. 1895 catalog. Facsimile

Mrs. C.C. Filkins Illustrated Catalog with Prices. White China and Complete Lits of China Painters Materials, 1913 -- 1914

Nichols, George Ward. Pottery: How it is Made: Its Shape and Decoration

North American Yacht Register


Box 22

Parisian Dream City. The Special American Edition. Paris World's Fair Art Series 1. Educational Art Series Vol. XIII: No. 70 (May 10, 1900). In oversized Box 3

Patent for a plate desing by Charles Edward Haviland. May 19, 1896. Photocopy

Pelechet, Edgar and Michele Duperrex. Le Ceramique Art Nouveau

Pickard China. Secrets of Correct Table Service, 1912. Facsimile

La Porcelaine Theodore Haviland, Limoges France

Pottery and Brass Salesman, Christmas Annual [1921]. Catalog

Pottery, Glasss, & Brass Salesman, Vol. XVII:No.4 (February 28, 1918)

Punchard, Lorraine. 200 Years of Playtime Pottery and Porcelain

Receipt for a set of china, Haviland and Abbot

Receipts for china ordered at stores in Schell City, Missouri, New York, Houston, New Orleans, Boston,and Barnesville, Ohio. Photocopies

Rouard Catalog, ca 1932

S.A. Maxwell. Shades, Fuxtiure, Wall Paper and Shade Goods. Catalog #34, Spring 1889. Facsimile

Samis, Peter S. Impressions of an Age: French Printmaking 1870 -- 1890. Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco, 1986.

Sandoz Exhibition 1999. Scrapbook of photos by Judith Bafgham. Museum in Limoges. In oversized box 3

Sandoz postcards

Sears, Roebuck, and Co. 1909 catalog

Susan S. Frackleton: Woman on Fire. The Sinsinawa Collection of Painted Porcelain and Art Pottery. A folder of materials, including an exhibit catalog

Thiebaut, Philippe. Orsay: Decoratrive Arts

Theodore Haviland. Creations-Formes. A list of forms and the years they were created

Tiffany Studios, New York. Desk Sets and Useful Articles, ca. 1915.Facsimile

Vaillat, Leandre. Ouevres de Bracquemond. Exhibit catalog, Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts, 1907.

Valotaire, Marcel. La Ceramique Francaise Moderne

von Rappard-Boon, Charlotte. Felix Bracquemond, 1833 -- 1914.

Wedgewood Patrician. 1928 catalog. Facsimile

Weisburg, Gabriel P. et al. Japonisme: Japanese Influence on French Art 1854-1910

White House Coffee Cups: Their Historic Associations.

Witt, Louise Schaub. Wonderful World of Plates: Annual Christmas Commemorative. 1970

Wood, Barbara amd Robert Doares. Old Limoges: Haviland Porcelain Design and Decor 1845-1865

Box 23

Haviland Collectors International Foundation records

Haviland retailers and their backmarks. Gift of JoAnn Williams

Ackerman -- International Merchant Marine

Box 24

Jack, Wm. & Sons -- Straul, L. & Sons

Box 25

Swarts -- Zweig

Haviland Newsletter

Vol.1:Iss.1 - Vol.6:Iss.4

Box 26

Vol 7:Iss.1 - Vol. 10:Iss.5

Vol.11Iss. 1 - Vol 11:Iss.4

Special Edition, June 1999: New Orleans Museum of Art Exhibit Pamphlet

2006a Addendum

Box 27

Lucas, Mildred Bell. Practical Porcelain in Simplified Illustrated Lessons. Clermont, CA.: Bell Ceramics, Inc., 1976.

Magazine ads

Theodore Haviland. In Oversized Box 3

Rynne China Company. Catalog 30

Taylor, Doris W. and Anne Button Hart. Brush Stroke Designs for Ceramic Paininting Step By Step. New York: D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 1966.

Taylor, Doris W. and Anne Button Hart. China Painting Step By Step. New York: Van Nostrand Reihnold Company, 1963.

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation Records

Treasurer's records

2006b Addendum

Box 28

A.H. Abbott & Company. White china catalog


Frank Haviland China at First Hands

Haviland. Laque de chine. In Oversized Box 5

Haviland China Co., Inc. In Oversized Box 5

Theodore Haviland. In Oversized Box 5

American Heritage, Vol.48:No.2 (April 1997)

Annual Collectibles, Spring 2006

The Art of Haviland Pottery. Dearborn Berkowitz Gallery, May 30 -- June 17, 2006



Bailey, Banks, and Biddle, sterling silver wares

Bruce-Mitford, Miranda. The Illustrated  Book of Signs and Symbols

Cahiers de le Ceramique du Verre et des Arts du Feu. No. 41 (1968). In oversized Box 5

Ceramique Impressioniste. Musee Fournaises, 26 Avril -- 4 Novembre, 2001

Clippings. In Oversized Box 5

Conroy, Barbara J. Restaurant China. Volume 1

Fireside News

GDA Limoges (Formerly Ch. Field Haviland). Haviland whiteware catalog

Haviland & Co. Whiteware catalog. 2 folders


17th Annual Conference

Preliminary program and registration materials


Color photographs of Haviland ceramic pieces. 2 folders

The French Connection: Impressionism in French and American Pottery, 1872 -- 1900

Haviland Retailer and Users Backmark Summary

Haviland Retailer and User Backmark Summary. July 2006. CD

Haviland & Co. Retailer and User Backmark Summary. September  3, 2006 CD

Haviland & Co. Retailer and User Backmark Summary. September  22, 2006 CD

HCIF Conference photos, 2003, 2004, 2005. CD

HCIF/HCIEF Articles and Bylaws. CD


HCIF/HCIEF Retail Histories and Factory Number Catalogs. CD

Military and Other Interesting Backmarks. Includes CD

Tomasini correspondence

Haviland Limoges 1842


Invitation to Receptions and Plant Visits Issued to American Ceramists by Ceramic Cousins Abroad

Jervis, W. P. The Encyclopedia of Ceramics

Journal of the American Art Pottery Association

Keramic Studio. Vol. II: No. 5 (September 1900). In Oversized Box 4

Meissen Pottery

Official History of the Fair, St. Louis, 1904

Ovington's: Their Book

Patent records fron England. In Oversized Box 5

Sotheby's catalog, December 2005

Theodore Haviland catalog

Traditional Home

Warren-Edwards Company. White China for Decorating. Catalog 1925

(No box 29)

2007 Addendum

Box 30

HCIF Records

Annual Conference and Haviland Sale. Announcement

The Art of Haviland Pottery, 1874-1883. The Alfred Berkowitz Gallery, Dearborn, Michigan. Announcement

Board of Director's meeting, March 9 and 10, 2007

CD, Haviland retailers marks, Haviland & Co. Factory Numbers, non-Haviland & Co. factory numbers. Updated March 6, 2007

CD, Haviland & Co. Pottery. Copy of old black and white catalog

CD, Haviland retailer and user backmark summary

November 2002

September 2006

October 2006

November 2006

CD, Haviland pattern names


Charles Field Haviland

Harper's Magazine Advertiser, n.d.

Frank Haviland

L'Illustration, 20 Decembre 1913

Haviland & Co.

Better Homes and Gardens, 1950s

Harper's Magazine Advertiser, June 1893

Haviland, Brothers & Co.

Haviland China at First Hands

Harper's Magazine Advertiser, n.d.

Haviland Limoges. Fanfold brochure. Patterns: Marbre Bleu, Ophelia, DuBarry, Ladore, Kien Long, Nicole, Auteuil, Symphonie, Pastorale Blue, Dammouse, Golden Quail, Vies=ux Paris, Florence, Cathay, Eglantine, Julia, Muscadin, Rivoli, Bluets, Sully, Margaux, Rosalinde, Prairie, Louveciennes, Boneval, Charleston, Saint Amour, Chrysantheme, Jardin Bleu, Orsay, Lutetis, Imperatrice Eugenie, Turenne, Shalimar, Elegance, Apple Blossom, Bergere, Malmaison
Pitkin and Brooks for Haviland & Co.

Theodore Haviland

The Cleveland Press

"About the Artist Remy Hertreau"

Abraham Lincoln Plate. Packet of information from the Danbury Mint

Abram French & Co. Postcard from M.M Pigott [a traveling salesman] announcing that he will be in Rockville, Connecticut, about May 30 (no year) to take orders

Adams, Cynthia. "An Exception to the Rule." Traditional Home, March 1994, p. 77-81

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Antique Week, week beginning April 1, 2002

d'Arcy Art Studio, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Photocopy of photograph of exterior of building; backmark on back

d'Arcy Art Studio, Kalamazoo, Michigan. The D'Arcy Line of Hand-Painted China. In Oversized Box 5

At Home. Thursday, December 31, 1998

Athineos, Doris. "The President's Plates." Traditional Home, September 1999, p. 40-46

Bailey, Banks, and Biddle Co. The Storage of Silverware and Jewelry

Bones, Frances. Collectibles of the Depression

The Brides Reference Book

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China Decorator, January 1891

Collecting Insider

D.M. Campana Art Co. Designs & Color Schemes for Ceramic Decorations

Dining room, General U.S. Grant Home, Galena, Illinois. Table set with Haviland china especially made for Nellie Grant's wedding in 1874

Exhibit of Haviland Pottery, Wisconsin Pottery Association. Photographs and a letter

Frackleton, Susan S. Tried By Fire: Work on China Painting

The Fry Art Co. Receipt 1903

The Glass and Pottery Collector, Vol. 1: Iss. 1 (November 2006)

Garziella, Ltd. Fine European Linens, China, Crystal, Bridal, Baby and Gift Registry. Birmingham, Michigan. Advertising card. November 2002

H. Watson & Co., Saginaw City, Michigan

Advertisement. Photocopy

Photo of interior of shop. Photocopy

Heyn's Bazaar, Detroit

1930s photos of exterior

Higgins & Seiter, Fine China, Rich Cut Glass, New York. Receipt 1907, Jason Jacques, Inc. Masterpieces of French Art Pottery, 1885 -1910

John Leybourn, Furniture Crockery, China & Glass Ware, Lawrence, Massachusetts. Advertising card

Johnson, Marilynn A. Louis Comfort Tiffany: Artist for the Ages

Jones, McDuffee & Stratton. (Boston) Crockery, China and Lamps. Business card with calendar for 1882

Keramic Studio, March MDCCCC. In Oversized Box 5

Klapthor, Margaret Brown. White House China of the Lincoln Administration in the Museum of History and Technology

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L. B. King and Company Building. Photocopy of photograph

Marshall Field's. Home Entertaining 2003

Nerlich & Co. Importers & Wholesale Dealers in Fancy Goods, China, Glassware, Toys, Dolls. Toronto, Ontario

Letter of Wm Andrews

New York World's Fair 1939. Edited by l'Illustration. In Oversized Box 5

Northern SS (Steamship?) Company. Chicago. Advertising card, photocopy. With photocopies of backmark on back



Peaslee-Gaulbert Corporation, Incorporated. General catalog, 1931-1932

Peek, David T. The Book of Antiques for Boys and Girls

Print of a Haviland Design. In Oversized Box 1

R. W. King Crockery Company, Detroit. Photocopy of photo of exterior of building; backmark on back

Reichard, David N. Matching Services for Haviland China




Sears, Roebuck Co., Chicago. Card advertising unnamed china

Rosemen, Janet, Nan Birmingham and Dian Dorrans Saeks. Gumps Since 1861

Steele Brothers China and Glass Ware, Philadelphia. Advertising card

T.M. James and Sons, China Merchants, Kansas City. Letter to R. H. Norris Hdw., Co.

Theus, Will H. How to Detect and Collect Antique Porcelain and Pottery

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Valiere, Nathalie. Un Americain a Limoges: Charles Edward Haviland

Wright, Kay & Company, Detroit, Michigan

Photocopy of photograph of exterior of building; backmarks on back

Photocopy of photograph of exterior of building (closer up and at a different angle); backmarks on back. In Oversized Box 5

Wright, Tyndale, & Van Roden. Advertising card featuring H & Co. and Haviland and Co. Limoges

2008 Addendum

Box 31

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation and Haviland Collectors International Education Foundation


2003, Williamsburg, Virginia

Membership Lists, 1989-2006


1989-1996. 3 folders

1997-1998. 2 folders

1999 (Minutes, Bylaws, Articles, Board Committees, Job Descriptions)


2003-2005. 2 folders

October 2008 Addendum


Haviland Collectors' Internationale Foundation

19th Annual Conference, Hartford, Connecticut, 2008.

CDs of presentations, 2006 conference, Dearborn, Michigan

l'Atelier d'Auteuil: Haviland's Pottery Production 1874-1882. Laurens d'Albis

Exploring the 1891 Catalog and Its Wealth of Information for Collectors. Dr. Wallace J. Tomasini

Haviland 101. Grace Graves

Marie Bracquemond at Auteuil: Haviland Ceramics and the Modern Woman. Dr. Jennifer T. Criss

Pewabic Pottery and the Studio Pottery Movement. Dr. Thomas W. Brunk and Terese Ireland

Program and local information

Celebrating 150 Years of Haviland China (1942-1992). CD


Haviland pattern name summary, August 26, 2008

Jean-Marc Ferrar

Recipes to use with your Haviland china

Retailer and User Backmarks. Booklet and CD

Suggestions for using your Haviland


Gourmet Magazine, December 1977

Bouysse, Franck and Pierre Demarty. Le Mystere H. Copy of the book along with publicity

Eaton Pease Jewelry Company. Photo of the store, showing it advertising Haviland

Flyers. Patterns: Cashmere, Shasta, Arbor, Meadow Lace, Wilton, Luanda, Greenbrier

Flyers. Patterns: Clair de Lune Arches, Symphony Gold, Clair de Lune Uni, Tambour, Serengetti, Illusion Chocolate, Illusion Endive, Tambour Bronze, Orsay Platinum, Place Vendome, Provence, Symphony Platinum, Amaryllis, Oceane, Oasis, Dammouse, Imperatrice Eugenie, Louveceinnes, Val de Loire, Vieux Paris Green, Eclipse

Gorder, Cheryl. Who's Who in Antiques

Haviland advertising booklet. and CD. Patterns:Feuille de Or,  Floralies, Lady Haviland (platinum or gold), Imperatrice Eugenie, Val de Loire, Louveciennes, Vieux Paris, Renaissance, Alain Thomas, Dammouse, Imari, Grand Apparat, Saint-Honore, Place Vendome, Ritz Club, Tambour, Marthe, Imperator, Plumes, Colbert, Odyssee de Francois Lesage, Eclipse, Allure, Symphonie platine, Symphone or, Allize, Illusion in several colors, Provence, Clair de Lune, Serengetti, Oceane, In-Time, Torse, Madamoiselle amuse, Olivia, Rose Centifolia, Couture de Francois Lesage, Madame recoit, Laque de China, Amaryllis, Florentine

Haviland Mosaics

Box 32

Le Journal des Ardents

Landau, Barry, H. The President's Table: Two Hundred Years of DIning and Diplomacy

Maritch-Haviland, Nicole. Lalique, Haviland, Burty. Family Portraits. Publicity

Replacements page

Thorn, C. Gordon. Handbook of Old Pottery and Porcelain Marks

Box 33

2009 Addendum

Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation

---. Backmark Committee

------. CDs

---------. Backmark Project, March 2008

--------. Factory Number Catalogue Volumes; Retailer History Compilation; Factory Number Analysis Report. June 2007

---------. Haviland Factories; Pattern Names and Images, May 2007, June 2007, August 2007, October 2007, March 2008, copy for Musee National Adrien Dubouche a Limoges

---------. Retailer and User Backmark Summary. June 2006, July 2007, August 2007, October 2007, April 2008, copy for Musee National Adrien Dubouche a Limoge. On CD

------. Paper copies of back mark summaries. In Box 34

---. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes; Annual Meeting Minutes; Treasurer's Reports, Membership Chairman's Reports, Meeting Agendas, and Committee Lists from June 14, 2006 to June 16, 2007

---. Brochure

---. Correspondence

---. Exhibits

------. "The Art of Haviland Pottery: An Exhibit of Haviland Pottery Produced 1874-1883." The Alfred Berkowitz Gallery, Mardigian Library, University of Michigan-Dearborn, May 30-June 17, 2006. Catalog.

---. Speakers

------. Edouard-Marcel Sandoz: A Worthy Model. Dr. Wallace J. Tomasini, PhD., September 29, 2009

------. Pewabic Pottery and the Studio Pottery Movement. Dr. Thomas W. Bruck and Terese Ireland


---. Advertising in journals. In Box 34

------. Century, November 1888

------.  Charles Field Haviland. Unknown publications

------. David Collamore, Importer of  China, Glass and Crockery Ware. Unknown publication

------. Good Housekeeping. June 1923, April 1927, October 1927, October 1928

------. Harper's New Monthly. Haviland China. Information on markings.

------. House and Garden, October 1924, December 1924, November 1926

-----. l'Illustration. Juin 1912

------. Ladies Home Journal, n.d.

------. Various unknown publications. Haviland China at First Hands

---. Advertising publications

------.  Fine China to Have and to USE. Theodore Haviland China

------Haviland: Manufacture Fraicaise de Procellaine Limoges 1842

------. Mailer and pricelist. Patterns: Beth, Jackie, Lauren, Karen, Ellisa, Robin

------. Robert Haviland & C. Parlon

------. Salesman's cards. Patterns: Bagatelle, Cotillion, Festival, Floreal, Varenne

------. Theodore Haviland, New York. Includes salesman's cards for Apple Blossom, Lauria, Garden Flowers, Delaware, Milford, Athens, Leeds, Springtime, Kenmore, Clinton, Rose, Concorde, Rosalinde, Pasadena, Gotham, Camellia, Arlington, Wilton, Cambridge, and Varenne


---. Benedict, Burton. The Anthology of World's Fairs. In Box 34

---. Cable, Mary. Top Drawer

---. Caroli, Betty Boyd. America's First Ladies

---. Finley, Ruth E. The Lady of Godey's: Sarah Josepha Hale

---. McLaughlin, M. Louise. China Painting

---. Seale, William. The President's House

---. Venable, Charles L. et al. China and Glass in America 1880-1980

---. Wallace, Carol McD., Victorian Treasures


---. Catalogue and Price List of White China for Decorating. G.W. Davis & Co, 1909

---. Fine Oriental Ceramics and Works of Art. Phillips, Sone & Neale, 1975

---. Islamic Pottery of the Near East. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1926

---. Samson Porcelain: Original Factory Models form the Showroom of Etablissement Edme Samson, 1979

---. Sothebys & Co.

------. Chinese Ceramics, 1973

------. Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, 1973

------. Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, 1973

------. Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, 1973

------. Chinese Works of Art and Pottery and Porcelain, 1972

------. Chinese Snuffbottles and Pottery and Porcelain, 1973

------. Japanese Works of Art, 1973

---. Tucker China,1825-1838. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1947

Journal articles

---. American Ceramic Circle Journal, Vol XIV

---. The Art Amateur, January 1884. Photocopy of cover and pages 38, 39, and 40

---. The Glass and Pottery Collector,  April 2007

Miscellaneous, including a postcard with an illustration by Sandoz, two postcards from an Abram French salesman, an order to J. M. Haviland Crackers and Fine Biscuits, 2 photocopies of orders to the Omaha Crockery Company for #30742 (Schleiger # 278), photocopies of research done on Thomas  West and Company, photocopies from an album of the Boston Foreign Exhibition of 1885, a photocopy of a letter requesting that an agent send soup plates with the plates previously ordered, research on Hight and Farifield Co.

Salesman's book

2010 Addendum

Box 34

Transactions. The English Ceramic Circle. Lordswood, Chatham

Volume 9, parts 1-3 (1973, 1974, 1975)
Volume 10, parts 1-2 (1976-1977), 4 and 5 (1980)
Volume 11, parts 1 (1981), 3 (1983)
Volume 12, parts 1-3 (1984, 1985, 1986)

Box 35

Volume 13, parts2-3 (1988, 1989)
Volume 14, parts 1-3 (1990, 1991, 1992)
Volume 15, parts 1-3 (1993, 1994, 1995)

Box 36

Bulletin, American Ceramic Circle. New York, New York

Numbers 1-5 (1970-1985)

Journal, American Ceramic Circle, New York, New York

Volumes VI-X

Box 37

Haviland Quarterly, Fort Collins, Colorado

Volume 17, number 4 (December 2008) -

"Collectors Dish Out a Mystery in Porcelain." Print-out of a web page from The Virginia Pilot, November 23, 2010.

"An Elegant Mess: At the Captain's Table, a Meal is a Fine, Stately Affair."

2012 Addendum

HCIEF advertisement project

Advertisements. See also Oversized Box 5

HCIF brochures

Haviland catalogs

Haviland publiclity

Box 38


Box 39

Auction catalogs; other companies and museum catalogs

CDs including backmark project



Cahiers de la Ceramique du Verre et de Arts du Feu - 16,17, 19, 20, 24, 27, 28, 29; two portfolios with photographs of ceramics


President Sadi Carnot. See Oversized Box 5