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Collection Dates: 1932 -- 1941
.5 linear ft.

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Box 1

Bank statements and checks, 1933 -- 1935.


1932 -- 1934. Including letters from Don Farran, Jessica W. Smith, James B. Weaver, Frank Luther Mott, MacKinlay Kantor, Ruth Stewart, O.A. Hammand, R. J. Locke, and L. Dale Ahern.

January -- March 1935. Including letters from Don Farran, Ruth Stewart, Agnes V. Flannery, Ruth F. Maxwell, Gertrude H. Walton, Frank Luther Mott, Florence C. Cowles, I.J. Semper, Esse V. Hathaway, Marion L. Bliss, and Maud L. Cain.

April -- December 1935. Including letters from Don Farran, Benjamin F. Shambaugh, Caroline M Christie, James Hearst, Maude H. Hickman, Dale Kramer, Ruth Stewart, Lewis W. Smith, O. A. Hammand, Louise M. Henely, Frank G. Moorehead, Jane Hutchens, Frank Luther Mott, Raymond Kressensky, and Gertrued H. Walton.

1936. Including letters from Ruth Stewart, Edwin F. Piper, R. J. Locke, Carl E. Seashore, Elizabeth Stuart, Benjamin F. Shambaugh, Florence C. Cowles, Frank Luther Mott, I. J. Semper, Chesley Kahmann, Earle D. Ross, and Lewis W. Smith.

1939 -- 1941. Including letters from Jessica W. Smith, L. B. Schmidt, Jane Hutchens, Luella M. Smith, and Paul Engle.

Inviation to join the Iowa Authors Club.

Iowa Literary Caucus. Iowa City, April 26 -- 27, 1935.

Receipts, vouchers, etc., 1933 -- 1936.



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