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Box Contents List

1994 Addendum

 Box 142

Appointment Books

1979 (2 folders)
1987 -- 1988



"Being effective in representing your views to Congress," February 3, 1983

"Benton Foundation," October 7, 1987

Clark -- Schlafly debate, April 3, 1985

"Conference on the political process," February 1, 1981

"Hearing process", n.d.

"Iowa caucus," June 15, 1987

"Lawrence College junior class dinner," February 14, 1983 [Call to public service]

"Protectionism and its effect on the quality of life in Iowa," December 19, 1982

"Remarks at the anti-American conference," March 23, 1984

"Remarks on behalf of Eric Tabor," July 14, 1986

"Some observations about Gorbachev," Speech and notes from meeting with him

"Scholars and politicians: when knowledge meets power," October 7, 1984

"Will sex education always be a political hot potato?" October 30, 1983

Speech and background notes


Research and notes

"Africa and world hunger," April 21, 1982

"African refugees in the content of Soviet-American tensions converging on the horn of Africa," March 6, 1986

"Aid to Angolan rebels by the U.S. government," March 6, 1986

"American attitudes toward South Africa," January 28, 1986

"American investments in South Africa," April 14, 1982

Box 143

Speech and background notes, cont.

"Angola: A story of my personal involvement," April 8, 1982

"Change and continuity in American policy toward Africa with particular reference to the role of Congress," July 9, 1981

"Important historical dates in South Africa history," n.d.

"Nambia," n.d.

"National Council of Churches," March 25, 1980

"Opportunity for all in South Africa," November 1, 1982

"South Africa," March, 1987

(South Africa) Incomplete

"St. Mark's School," January 7, 1983

"U.S. Africa policy at a crossroads," Various drafts

"U.S. policy toward South Africa in the post World War II period," n.d.

"United States policy toward the Republic of South Africa," March 26, 1987

College and University Materials. Including syllabi, research and speeches (2 folders)

Commencement addresses

"Land of Lakes Community college," May 21, 1982

"Where do you go from here?" May 17, 1986

Common Cause

"Common Cause state leadership conference," September 20, 1986

"Financing political campaigns," July 23, 1980

"Opening remarks on the budget process," May 15, 1986 (South Africa)


"The culture elements of international trade," October 10, 1983

"Money in politics," n.d.

"Post election economy outlook," November 8, 1984

"Poverty: What is government's role in the 1980's," October 28, 1982

"Reaganomics," Notes and various drafts


"The 1984 election," 1984

"Tomorrow's election: What to expect and what to look for," November 4, 1984

Foreign policy

General files

"Address to the United Nations Associations of Albany," October 26, 1981

"American attitudes toward Eastern Europe," May 11, 1987

"An American foreign policy for this century: Security or a mission," April 27, 1980

"Congress and the President making foreign policy: An introduction to struggle," October 1, 1987

"Cuba," November 30, 1987

"Executive-legislative relationship in U.S. foreign policy," November 19, 1982

"A foreign and defense policy for Democrats," October 10, 1981

"Future of the East-West conflict," June 19, 1987

"The making of American foreign policy: How Congress views the executive in foreign policy decision making," n.d.

"The policy of containment and its effect on interdependence," July 15, 1984

"Radical regimes and U.S. policy: An uneven record," December 4, 1986

"Reagan and the future of American foreign policy," October 18, 1982

"Remarks to the American for Democratic Action," June 8, 1985

"The right's view on foreign policy," n.d.

"The role of the Senate in foreign affairs," October 3, 1983, with correspondence and research

"The role of the U.S. Congress in foreign policy," 1980, 1986 drafts

"United States foreign policy in the 1980's: Changes to expect from the new administration," March 5, 1985

"U.S. policy in Central America," June 16, 1983

"U.S. relations with industrial democracies," n.d.

"U.S. relations with industrial democracies," March 23, 1982

"U.S. Senate and foreign policy," n.d.

"A wise foreign policy for America," n.d.

Arms control

[Arms control]

"Congress and Nuclear Arms Control: Reducing the Risk of War," December 5, 1986

"Finding common ground," n.d. With handout

"The future of arms control," November 18, 1986

"Introduction of Les Aspen," September 24, 1987

"The nuclear arms race and arms control," n.d. With research

"The prospects for arms control," November 8, 1985

"Reagan and arms control," April 24, 1985

"Remarks at arms control association annual meeting," December 16, 1987



[Christopher Reynolds]

"Church World Service Indochina conference," June 15, 1988

Indochina policy forum, 1987  --  1988 (10 folders)

"Networking for leadership," May 31, 1986

"Statement of Dick Clark before the subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific committee of foreign affairs," March 1, 1989

"U.S.-Vietnam relations," September 28, 1988

Soviet Union

"A description of the U.S.-Soviet project," May 14, 1988

"Opening comment Congressional breakfast U.S.-Soviet study group," June 14, 1986

"Opening remark at Aspen Fellows meeting on U.S.-Soviet relations," July 22, 1987

"The Soviet-American rivalry 1917  --  1982," n.d.

"Soviet expansionism in the third world: An American perspective," May 28, 1984

U.S.-Soviet relations

Frankfurt, Germany, April 30, 1987

Wilton Park, England, September 17, 1987

"Building a Congressional cadrrche," April 10, 1986

"A case study in conflict resolution," n.d.

"Past, present, and future," November 12, 1987

"U.S.-Soviet relations conference: The framework of the conference," April 27, 1989

"W. Alton Jones Foundation," April 3, 1987

Human rights

Research materials for human rights speeches

"Human rights," March 2, 1981


"American political parties and the media," May 12, 1987

"Liberalism in the 1980's," April 17, 1984

"Liberalism and conservatism," March 30, 1982

"Moral majority and the new right," n.d.

"The new majority: Liberal or conservative," April 17, 1984

[Politics of the new right] n.d.

"The religious right," n.d.

World food crisis

"The world food crisis," February 8, 1982

"The world food problems: What are the solutions and what is America's responsibility?" October 12, 1984

Travel diary, May 1987

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