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Box Contents List

Box 122

Audio Cassette Tapes

American Federation of Labor (AFL)/Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) COPE reports, 1971 -- 1972 (10 tapes)

Beepers (9 tapes)

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) comment

Clark, Kevin

County convention

Daily Iowan story


Bertroche-Van Nostrand and Nerieim-Baker


Dick Clark at Dick Myers rally, 1978

Face the Nation

Foreign policy and Africa, 1976

IBA convention, 1975

ISEA energy shortage

Interview, 1978

Jepsen-Bertroche, 1978

Jones county, 1974

Labor, Iowa, 1973  --  1977 (13 tapes)

Meatcutter's speech

Miller, Jack, 1972

Miller, Jack

News stories (4 tapes)

Public financing (2 tapes)

Radio shows, 1973  --  1978 (7 tapes)

Reagan speech, 1978

Rural health, 1977

Senior citizens, 1976

United Nations meeting

Wesmuller, Bob

World food situation

Box 123

Audio Cassette Tapes, cont.

Miscellaneous/unidentified (19 tapes)

Series VIIa. Audio Reel Tapes

African Studies Association, 1976

All Things Considered, 1974

Capitol Cloakroom, 1978

Clark for Senate (17 tapes)

Harf, Dave

Harris, Jim and Dick Clark, 1973 (2 tapes)

Headlines in agriculture

Hungate, Rep.

Iowa labor organizations, 1976

Interview with Dick Clark


National Farmers' Organization (6 tapes)

Senior citizens, 1976

USIA, 1977

World civilization and Russia

 Series VIIb. Video Cassette Tapes


 Series VIIc. Video Tapes

Campaign (4 tapes)

 Box 124

Video Tapes, cont.

Campaign (8 tapes)

 Box 125

Video Tapes, cont.

Campaign (8 tapes)

 Box 126

Video Tapes, cont.

Campaign (12 tapes)

 Box 127

Video Tapes, cont.


Meet the Press, 1976 and transcript

Series VIId. Films

Clark and Kennedy

Meet the New Senators, 1973 and transcript

Year-end wrap-up, 1973

Miscellaneous (2 films)

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