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Box Contents List

Series VIII. Photographs

 Box 128


Contact sheets, 1973


Contact sheets and negatives, 1974


Contact sheets, 1975


Contact sheets, 1976


Contact sheets, 1977


Contact sheets, 1978

ACA phone-in, 1975

Associated Press photos, Norwalk walk, 1974

African trips

August 1975

November 1976


Agriculture committee hearings

Air Force One, 1977

Bandanna shots, 1972

Beef hearings, 1974

Black Star photos, 1977

Boone, Iowa, 1972

Burlington Hawkeye, 1972

Campaign (6 folders)

 Box 129


1978 (5 folders)

Carter, Jimmy

Dinner, 1977

Meeting, 1978

Cedar Falls Daily Record, 1972

Cedar Rapids staff meeting, 1972

Chase photos, 1977

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, 1972

Clark, Jean


Marshalltown, Iowa, 1975

Clark, Dick (2 folders)

Clark, Dick and Tom, 1972

Congressional baseball game, 1973

Constitutional crisis forum, 1973

Culver at house subcommittee, 1974

Davenport Times Democrat, 1972

Democratic state caucus, 1975

Des Moines, Iowa  --  Kennedy visit, 1972

Des Moines Register, 1972

Dubuque, Iowa, 1972

Face the Nation, 1976

Family, 1972 (2 folders)

Farm bill signing, 1977

Farm conference, 1973

Foreign relations committee

Foreign visitors

Fort Dodge fertilizer conference, 1974

Foster grandparents, 1975

Health Education and Welfare (HEW), 1978

Honorary degree  --  Upper Iowa, 1973

Houston wheat shipment dedication, 1978

Inauguration, 1973

Jacobson pictures, 1973

Japanese farmers, 1973

Kennedy, Edward, 1978

Kennedy and Clark

Loras graduation

Lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Art Posuta, 1972

Meeting with Bergland, 1977

Miscellaneous photographs (4 folders)

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) award, 1976

Nevada, Iowa, 1972

Office hours at Albia, 1974

Old Gold Singers, 1974

Packer bonding signing, 1976

Presidential classroom students, 1973

Pseudo-rabies farm visit, 1977

Reception for Begin, 1978

Rhodesian chrome bill signing, 1977

Rules committee

Rural development subcommittee

Rural development subcommittee, 1977

Rural elderly hearings, 1976

Roger's reception, 1973

Senior citizens rally, 1973

Sister Joan, 1974

Small business committee

Small business conference, 1974

Small businessman of the year, Roger Welty, 1976

Speech to firemen union, 1973

Staff shots

Start of walk, 1972

Steering committee, 1973

Stock photos

Studio shots, 1973

Swearing-in, 1973

Taxpayer award, 1976

Titonka speech, 1973

Tour N.W. Iowa blizzard area, 1975

 Box 130

United Brotherhood of Carpenters, 1973

Visit Des Moines school lunch program, 1977

Walk at

Davenport, 1974

Missouri Valley, 1977

Walk in Iowa



Walking shot (2 folders)

Waterloo-Evansdale delegation on flood control projects, 1977

Western Iowa (2 folders)

 Series VIIIa. Slides


Kennedy visit

Miscellaneous (2 folders)

Shephard Sherbill, 1978

Speech, 1973

More photos in Box 4, Undated addendum

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