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Biographical Note

Albert N. Harbert was born in 1868 to Perry and Hannah Harbert of Shellsburg, Benton County, Iowa. His parents farmed one of the largest and most prosperous farms in Benton County. Harbert was for a time an assistant cashier for a bank in Shellsburg. He lived at one time or another in each of these Iowa cities: Shellsburg, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City. Albert Harbert is the author of a number of journal articles concerning railroading and Iowa history.

Scope and Contents


This gathering of railroadiana primarily concerns the Burlington, Cedar Rapids, and Northern Railway Company of Iowa, a railroad which became part of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company in 1903. This road is documented with items such as timetables, circulars, rate sheets, tariff agreements, train orders, and miscellaneous printed material. There is also correspondence dating from 1867 to 1918, including letters from William B. Allison, John I. Blair, Joseph W. Blythe, Ransom R. Cable, Samuel M. Clark, Robert G. Cousins, Jonathan P. Dolliver, Francis M. Drake, Albert G. Greene, David B. Henderson, Marvin Hughitt, Charles J. Ives, Charles R. Keyes, John Fletcher Lacey, Roswell Miller, Charles E. Perkins and Leslie M. Shaw.


Box List


Box 1

Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway

Baggage rules, 1901

Basing rates from junction points in Iowa, 1894 -- 1900

Billing instructions, 1893, 1902

Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway Co. Circulars, 1875 -- 1876

Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern and Chicago and Northwestern Railway. Joint rules and regulations, 1893

Cedar Rapids, Garner and Northwestern Railway. Circular, 1898

Charter and by-laws, 1880 and 1884



1867 -- 1876: Including correspondence from George Greene

1882 -- 1894: Including correspondence from Joshua Tracy, Charles J. Ives, Close Brothers & Co., H.H. Hollister, and E.S. Ellsworth

1885: Including correspondence from Roswell Miller, H.H. Hollister, Charles J. Ives, David B. Henderson, E.S. Ormsby, Frank D. Jackson, E.S. Ellsworth, John I. Blair, J.W. Blythe, E.E. Carpenter, and John W. Midgley

1896 -- 1897: Including correspondence from Roswell Miller, M.J. Carpenter, Charles J. Ives, H.H. Hollister, EE Carpenter, William B. Allison, H.F. White, John H. Gear, Marvin Hughitt, Russell Sage, Jonathan P. Dolliver, Samuel M. Clark, David B. Henderson, John F. Lacey, S.L. Dows, Robert G. Cousins, F.C. Hubbell, F.M. Drake, and Charles E. Perkins

1898 -- 1899: Including correspondence from H.H. Hollister, EE Carpenter, Robert G. Cousins, SL Dows, Leslie M. Shaw, W.C. Toomey, Charles J. Ives, A.C. Ripley, Marvin Hughitt, Ransom R. Cable, and Charles E. Perkins

January -- June 1900: Including correspondence from AC Ripley, Charles J. Ives, A.J. Earling, H.H. Hollister, R.J. Kimball and Charles E. Perkins, R.R. Cable

July -- December 1900: Including correspondence from Charles J. Ives, William B. Allison, David B. Henderson, J.C. Peasley, C.E. Perkins, M.A. Hanna, EE Carpenter, and RR Cable

Box 2

Correspondence, continued

January -- March 1901: Including correspondence from H.H. Hollister, Charles J. Ives, and A.J. Earling

April 1901: Including correspondence from Charles J. Ives, Lyman J. Gage, and Edwin Hawley

May -- December 1901: Including correspondence from Charles J. Ives, A.J. Earling, H.H. Hollister, J.W. Colt, and E.S. Ellsworth.

1902 -- 1922: Including correspondence from E.S. Ellsworth, H.H. Hollister, J.W. Blythe, RR Cable, Stuyvesant Fish, and Charles J. Ives

Undated: Including correspondence from H.H. Hollister and Robert G. Cousins

Employee time tables, 1883 -- 1899

Freight department circulars and receipt, 1898 -- 1902

Indenture agreement, 1903 [missing?]

Ives, C.J. Arguments before the Railroad Committee of the House, 1888

"Lining up the Railroad Employees Against the Farmer." Circular -- free silver vs. gold standard, n.d. [approximately 1896]

Miscellaneous printed material, including circulars, adjustments, vouchers, broadsides, etc., 1876 -- 1900

Mortgage, 1876

Rate sheets, 1893 -- 1896

Reunion program, 1915

Tariff agreements 1891 -- 1915

Train orders, 1889 -- 1902

Other Railroads and Related Material

Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Railway. Circular, 1898

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Broadside -- "Laying the First Stone of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad"

Burlington Association of Operating Officers. Second annual dinner program, 1908

Chicago, Anamosa and Northern Railway. Property list, n. d.

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Co.

Annual report, 1937

Circular 1895 -- 1902

Special rules and regulations affecting rates and classifications, 1895 [missing?]

Straight bill of lading, 1915

Chicago Great Western Railway, Circular, 1901

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad. Circulars, 1897

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Co. Pass circular, 1909

Hannibal, St. Joseph Railroad Co. Circular, 1893

Interstate Commerce Commission. Safety Act, 1893

Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad Co. Circular, 1894

Minnesota Transfer Railway Co. Circular, n.d.

Pacific Electric Railway. Advertising

Sample ballot. Ordinance no. 655, re: Iowa City -- Davenport Traction Co.

Snyder, H.C., "Bigger and Better," Erie Railroad Magazine, p. 17

Western Passenger Association, Rules, 1893

Albert N. Harbert

Correspondence, 1894 --1937. Including letters from Benjamin F. Shambaugh, Charles Aldrich, Edgar R. Harlan, Charles R. Keyes, and Frank Luther Mott



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