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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Scope and Contents

Series I

M.P. Shiel

Series II


Series III


Biographical Materials
Short stories
Manuscripts  by others received by Gawsworth, presumably in his capacity as editor

2003 Addendum


In 1865, Matthew Dowdy Shiell, a trader from the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, laid claim to a mile-long rock in the island chain, named Redonda by Columbus in 1493. He declared himself king, and when his son, Matthew Phipps Shiell, was fifteen, the father had him anointed king of Redonda by the Bishop of Antigua. In the 1880s, anxious to mine its guano and phosphates, England annexed Redonda as part of Antigua. The Shiells were allowed to retain their title as monarch of the island. Matthew Phipps Shiell migrated to England where, under the name of M.P. Shiel, he wrote many books of fantasy. When he died in 1947, he left the Island of Redonda to a young poet, Terence Ian Fytton Armstrong, who wrote under the name of John Gawsworth.

Gawsworth was born in London in 1912, of Irish and Scottish descent. He liked to claim famous ancestors, among them Mary Fitton, who some claim is Shakespeare's dark lady, though many dismiss this claim. While he was still a teen, Gawsworth's mother divorced his father and moved to Canada. Since Gawsworth was not close to his father, he was essentially on his own.

He worked for a bookseller and began writing poetry seriously. By the age of 19, he had published his first collection of poetry, Confession. He admired the Georgian poets and collected their work and corresponded with some of them. His work with the bookseller made him an expert collector and he collected many first editions and signed copies of works.

He pursued a literary career, buying and selling books, editing anthologies and bibliographies, editing journals and writing and publishing his own poetry. At 26, he was the youngest person elected to the Royal Society of Literature. He won the Benson Silver Medal in Poetry in 1939.

He entered the Air Force in 1941 and served in North Africa, Italy, and India. In all of these places he sought out poets and books and wrote and published poetry. After the war, he continued to publish poetry, as well to edit journals, such as The Poetry Review.

His early career was noticed and praised by critics, but he was too formal a poet to survive modernism, and he fell into obscurity. Always a ready imbiber, his drinking increased. In 1952, he was fired as editor of The Poetry Review, and after 1953 he published no more books. By the time he was profiled on the BBC's Line-Up in 1970 he was homeless and impoverished.

As King Juan I of Redonda, he increased the court by naming peers, mostly drawn from literary ranks. These included Dorothy Sayers, John A. Knopf, Dylan Thomas, and J.B. Priestley, among a host of others, whose names he had placed on State Papers. He once offered the kingship for sale, and got many offers, but did not follow through. In his later years, on drinking larks, he named so many peers and successors that there are now at least three pretenders to the throne, and Redonda has resurfaced as a hot topic. There are several Internet sites devoted to it, and several books have come out in recent years about Redonda.

Related Materials

Eng, Steve. "The Lyric Struggles of John Gawsworth". Books at Iowa, No. 38 (April 1983), pp. 29-45.

Wynne-Tyson, Jon. "Two Kings of Redonda: M.P. Shiel and John Gawsworth". Books at Iowa, No. 36 (1982), pp. 15-22.

Gardiner, Wrey. "With the King in Cork." University of Iowa, Special Collections Ms G2249 (wr)

The University of Victoria in Canada has a collection of Gawsworth's papers

Scope and Contents

These papers cover roughly the years between 1930 and 1971. The collection of two linear feet is comprised of three series. Series I relates to M.P. Shiel, Series II to Redonda, and Series III to Gawsworth

There are four folders for M.P.Shiel, consisting of three photographs, probably given to Gawsworth by Shiel, clippings, and reprints.

There are three folders for Redonda. These contain articles about Redonda, a watercolor of the island made by Gawsworth (who never actually saw it), proclamations and state papers, clippings and reprints about Redonda, among other items.

The remainder of the papers relate to Gawsworth. There are many manuscript poems here, many of them written later in his life and never published. There are over three hundred letters.

A 2009 addendum has added 21 notebooks and several photographs to the collection. These notebooks are  mostly from the World War II era and document his experiences in the RAF as well as his literary musings and studies, including a list of authors in North Africa.

Box 1

Series I

M. P. Shiel

Clipping Collection

Connell, John. "A Writer's Novelist." The Listener, April 24, 1947, pp. 632 -- 633.

"The 'Lost Authors' Find Their Champions Again."

Obituary. M.P. Shiel. The Times. Thursday, February 20, 1947.

"Poets at Dinner." Daily Sketch.

Shiel, M. P. "Writing and Myself." The Literary Digest. Proof.

"M.P. Shiel: A Resurgence." Advertising brochure for collected works.

Note on the photographs by Harold Billings (March 2009)

Photograph. Writing on the front: "Clifton Dupigny" On the back: "One of Shiel's early friends. JG."

Photograph. Writing on the back: "Thought to be Shiel's mistress. Ella D'Arcy. From his collection. E D'A lived on Cromwell Rd. JG."

Photograph. Writing on back: "M. P. Shiel's 'unknown mâitresse' Anna Marie [Miller] in the Bronx, Brooklyn U.S.A. They had a a spirit child (vide, press 1947) Juan R."

Letter soliciting a Civil List Pension for M. P. Shiel. Written and signed by John Gawsworth.

Shiel, M. P. and John Gawsworth writing under the name of Fytton Armstrong. "The Falls Scandal." Pages removed from a book, with revisions. Note at top: "Revisions made, under dictation, of a collaborated story by M. P. Shiel & Fytton Armstrong for an envisaged reprint of the Crimes, Creepers, and Thrills version."

Series II


Folder Number 1

The Armorial Bearings of Shiel's Redonda.

Fawcett, Dubrez. "The King of All the Seagulls." November 1960.

His Excellency, the Duke of Bonafides. "What Women Don't Know About Men."

"Redonda for Queen Ann." Watercolor. On back: "Redonda by its King."

State Paper, upon the occasions of the king's birthday, proclaiming appointments made by King Juan I

State Paper Two, upon the occasion of the king's birthday, proclaiming appointments made by King Juan I; two copies, one a proof copy

State Paper Three, upon the occasion of the king's birthday, proclaiming appointments made by King Juan I; two copies, one a proof copy

Newspaper clippings regarding Viscount St. David

Proclamation awarding the star of Redonda to Liam J. Hickie

Proclamation naming William Hipwell Grand Duke of Basalto of Redonda

Letter from Leigh Vaughan Henry to Reginald Hipwell, accepting an invitation

A proclamation regarding Hipwell (in Gaelic?)

Letter (to Hipwell?), regarding the history of Redonda (from Michael ???)

A Good Friday For Redonda. April 1979

Folder Number 2

Howard, Richard A. "Botanical and Other Observations on Redonda, the West Indies." Journal of the Arnold Arboretum, vol. XLIII:no.1 (January 1962), pp. 51-66. Reprint, signed by Gawsworth, and noted as "a present from the author."

Schmitt, Waldo L. "Narrative of the 1957 Smithsonian-Bredin Caribbean Expedition." The Smithsonian Report for 1958. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, 1959, pp. 419-430. Reprint

Shuster, Carl N. "Dear Bill." Estuarine Bulletin. Vol. 3: no.2 (June 1958), pp.7-12.

Map of the Leeward Islands. Signed "Juan R."

Shuster, Carl N. "Dear Bill." Caribbean Adventure. Reprinted from Estuarine Bulletin. Wilmington Institute Library Lecture Series, March 3, 1959. Includes map of the Leeward Islands. Signed "Juan R."

Correspondence regarding these publications.

Series III

John Gawsworth (pseudonym of Terence Ian Fytton Armstrong)

Biographical Materials

Images of Gawsworth, including a photograph of a bust of Gawsworth. On back: "By Prodosh Das Gupta, Calcutta, 13/9/1945;"a photograph of Gawsworth in uniform; portrait of Gawsworth?; card inscribed "Basalto from Juan R. 1951."; a copy of the portrait is signed Ivan [Opping?], Dec. 1937; pencil drawing (on back: "John Gawsworth. Drawn by Bili [Haesein] Veglio's Rest. May 1939."); pen and ink drawing (of Gawsworth?), January 1938 (There are two names (?) written on this: Seumus O'Sullivan and another, illegible.) There are more images of Gawsworth in the letters from George Clarkson.

Iyengar, K.R. Srinivasa. "Gawsworth, Lyricist of Love." Reprint from The Literary Digest. Used as publicity for The Collected Poems of John Gawsworth.

"John Gawsworth: A Film Portrait." [For the BBC television show Line Up] 9 July 1970. Script; shot list; 7 1/2 ips magnetic track reel-to-reel audiotape; and a scrapbook with clippings and letters about the program and a photograph of Gawsworth

"John Gawsworth: Some Publications" 1931 -- 1944. Listed by J.H. R. Owen

Memorial Announcement. June 29, 1971

Phillips, Eric. "H. M. The King of Redonda, John Gawsworth." The Writer. October 1967, pp. 3-5.

"Poets' Editor Dismissed. Authors Oppose Society Action." Daily Telegraph & Morning Post. Monday, July 14, 1952.

Printouts of Internet sources on John Gawsworth


The following index starts first with the name, followed number of items, number of pages, and the date

???, Nancy , 1, 1, [19--]

???, Stephen, 1, 1, March 12, 1968

Angus, Marion, 1, 1, February 1938

Angus, Marion, 1, 1, March 1, 1938

Angus, Marion, 1, 2, April 26, 1938

Balchin, Nigel, 1, 1, September 9, 1949

Bax, Clifford, 1, 1, December 20, 1946

Bax, Clifford, 1, 1, June 18, 1948

Bax, Clifford, 1, 1, February 12, 1949

Bax, Clifford, 1, 1, June 15, 1949

Blakeston, Oswell, 1, 2, n.d.

Blakeston, Oswell, 1, 2, June 14, 1963

Bottrall, Ronald, 1, 1, June 21, 1952

Bowes-Lyon, Lilian H., 1, 2, December 8, 1948

Bowes-Lyon, Lilian H., 1, 1, December 12, 1948

Bowes-Lyon, Lilian H., 1, 1, February 10, 1949

Bowes-Lyon, Lilian H., 1, 1, February 10, 1949

Bullett, Gerald, 1, 1, February 25, 1938

Bullett, Gerald, 1, 1, September 12, 1940

Bullett, Gerald, 1, 1, January 2, 1947

Bullett, Gerald, 1, 1, February 8, 1949

Bullett, Gerald, 1, 1, August 24, 1949

Bullett, Gerald, 1, 1, November 21, 1950

Bullett, Gerald, 1, ,1, March 17, 1951

Butler, Lord J., 1, 1, October 17, 1968

Calder-Marshall A., 1, 1, May 22, 1947

Cameron, Norman, 2, 3, May 29, 1952

Child, Harold Hannyton, 1, 2, March 22, 1938

Childe, Wilfred R., 1, 1, April 21, 1949

Church, Richard, 1, 1, December 6, 1948

Church, Richard, 1, 1, November 24, 1950

Church, Richard, 1, 1, February 20, 1951

Church, Richard, 1, 1, June 24, 1951

Clarkson, George A., 1, 1, March 25, 1946

Constable and Co., 1, 1, February 24, 1938

Cornford, Frances D., 1, 1, April 22, 1949

Deeping, Warwick, 1, 1, March 6, 1928

Deeping, Warwick, 1, 1, [October 20?], 1934

Dickens, Monica, 1, 1, [19--]

Durrell, Lawrence G., 1, 1, November 6, 1967

Dyment, Clifford Henry, 1, 1, June 2, 1938

Dyment, Clifford Henry, 1, 2, August 16, 1939

Dyment, Clifford Henry, 1, 2 , December 10, 1948

Dyment, Clifford Henry, 1, 1, February 8, 1949

Dyment, Clifford Henry, 1, 1, February 11, 1949

Dyment, Clifford Henry, 1, 1, December 20, 1950

Dyment, Clifford Henry, 1, 2, September 28, 1951

Evans, Caradoc, 1, 1, November 4, 1932

Evans, Caradoc, 1, 1, February 10, 1933

Evans, Caradoc, 1, 1, October 22, 1934

Evans, Caradoc, 1, 1, [October 21?],1934

Evans, Caradoc, 1, 1, July 22, 1935 

Farjeon, Eleanor, 1, 1, December 11, 1948

Farjeon, Eleanor, 1, 1, December 17, 1950

Farjeon, Eleanor, 1, 1, January 21, 1951

Farjeon, Eleanor, 1, 1, March 14, 1951

Farjeon, Eleanor, 1, 1, April 4, 1951

Farjeon, Eleanor, 1, 1, May 13, 1951

Fletcher, Ian F., 1, 1, [June 20?, 1952]

Fletcher, Ian F., 1, 1, 1968

Gannon, P., 1, 1, September 1, 1951

Garnett, David, 1, 1, January 11, 1939

Garnett, David, 1, 1, January 2, 1947

Garnett, David, 1, 1, December 31, 1947

Garnett, David, 1, 1, January 29, 1948

Garnett, David, 1, 1, March 10, 1949

Garnett, David, 1, 1, June 22, 1951

Gawsworth, John To:

[?], 1, 1, [19--]

[?], 1, 1, August 23, 1936

???, Nancy, 1, 1, [19--]

Cohn, Mrs. Louis H., 1, 2, September 1, 1961

Ervine, St. John G., 1, 1, [19--]

Ervine, St. John G., 1, 1, December 20, 1946

Ervine, St. John G., 1, 1, March 10, 1949

Grieve, Christopher, 1, 1, September 7, 1932

Hipwell, R. & M., 1, 4, March 2, 1955

Jepson, Edgar A., 1, 8, [1937?]

Macaulay, Rose, 1, 1, May 20, 1947

Meyerstein, E.H.W. 1, 2, July 5, 1943

Naylor, John, 1, 1, March 7,, 1967

Richards, Paul C., 1, 4, November 19, 1968

Richards, Paul C., 1, 2, December 14, 1968

Meyerstein, E.H.W., .1, 2,  July 5, 1943

Walty, 1, 2, May 12, 947

Watson, 1, 2 May 13, 1937

Watson, 1, 2, January 1, 1942

Watson, 1, 4, March 27, 1943

Watson, 1, 1, May 9, 1944

Watson, 1, 1, November 3, 1946

George, Daniel, 1, 1, September 6, 1949

Gibbon, William Monk, 1, 2, June 30, 1950

Gibbons, Stella D., 1, 1, July 10, 1952

Gibbon, Wilfrid Wilson, 1, 1, October 10, 1949

Gibbon, Wilfrid Wilson, 1, 1, August 23, 1951

Gorrell, Ronald Gorrell Barnes, 2, 2, June 19, 1952

Gould, Gerald, 1, 1, October 20, 1934

Gould, Gerald, 1, 1, [October 20?], 1934

Gould, Gerald, 1, 1, July 19, 1935

Greacen, Robert, 2, 2, June 18, 1952

Greacen, Robert, 1, 1, July 12, 1952

Grieve, Christopher M., 1, 2, December 12, 1969

Grieve, Valda, 1, 1, [April 27, 1934]

Grieve, Valda, 1, 1, June 24, 1934

Grieve, Valda, 1, 1, [December 19, 1934]

Guedalla, Philip, 1, 1, October 29, 1934

Hamilton, George R., 1, 4, June 18, 1952

Hamilton, George R., 1, 2, June 22, 1952

Hampson, Simpson, 1, 1, January 21, 1937

Heath-Stubbs, John F.A., 1, 1, [November 2, 1950]

Heath-Stubbs, John Francis Alexander, 1, 2, June 21, 1952
Heath-Stubbs, John, 1, 4, September 20, 1968

Henderson, Archibald, 1, 1, June 20, 1950

Housman, Laurence, 2, 2, June 21, 1952

Jacob, Violet, 1, 1, February 23, 1938,

Jacobs, William Wymark, 1, 1, October 20, 1934

Jacobs, William Wymark, 1, 1, [October 20?], 1934

Jacobs, William Wymark, 1, 1, January [7], 1939

James, Montague R, .1, 2, January 28, 1930

Jennings, Elizabeth J., 1, 1, [19--]

Jennings, Elizabeth J., 1, 1, [19--]

Jennings, Elizabeth J., 1, 1, [19--]

Jennings, Elizabeth J., 1, 1, December 4, 1949

Johnson, Pamela H., 1, 1, September 8, 1948

Johnson, Pamela H., 1, 1, March 25, 1949

Johnson, Pamela H., 1, 1, September 2, 1949

Keohler, Thomas, 1, 1, April 21, 1937

Kirkup, James, 1, 1, May 6, 1950

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, November 15, 1932

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, [November 12, 1932]

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, August 13, 1934

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, [October 22?], 1934

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, [February 28, 1938]

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, January 4, 1948

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, February 3, 1949

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, March 28, 1949

Leslie, John R. S., 1, 1, May 11, 1949

Leslie, John R. S., .1, 1, September 15, 1949

Lindsay, Jack, 1, 1, [19--]

Lucas, E.V., 1, 1, November 1, 1934

Lucas, F.L., 1, 1, August 4, 1952

Lynd, Robert, 1, 1, January 29, 1947

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 1, 1, August 11, 1931

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 1, 1, February 21, 1938

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 1, 1, December 9, 1948

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 1, 1, [January 24, 1949]

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 1, 1, [March 8, 1949]

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 1, 1, [April 26, 1949]

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 1, 1, April 28, 1949

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 1, 1, [1949?]

Maas, Henry, 1, 2, n.d.

Maas, Henry, 1, 3, June 26, 1962

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 1,September 1, 1937

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 1, September 15, 1937

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 1, April 28, 1938

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 1, January 18, 1939

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 2, January 22, 1941

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 1, February 21, 1948

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 1, June 18, 1948

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 1, December 7, 1948

Macaulay, Dame Rose, 1, 1, September 3, 1949

MacCarthy, Charles O.D., 1, 1, 1934

MacCarthy, Charles O.D., 1, 1, January 11, 1947

MacDiarmid, Hugh (See Grieve, Christopher)

MacLaren, Hamish, 1, 2, [October 29, 1968]

Magee, William K., 1, 1, February 28, 1938

Magee, William K., 1, 1, April 25, 1938

Magee, William K., 1, 1, July 16, 1938

Magee, William K., 1, 1, January 5, 1941

Mathers, E. Powys, 1, 1, February 3, 1938

Maxwell, W.B., 1, 1, October 31, 1934

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, n.d.

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, February 22, 1938

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, April 16, 1938

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, May 4, 1938

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, July 6, 1938

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 3, December 20, 1948

Megroz, Phyllis 1, 2, January 11, 1949

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, April 9, 1949

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 2, May 9, 1949

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 2, August 21, 1949

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, November 4, 1949

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, December 19, 1949

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 2, January 9, 1950

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, March 13, 1950

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, April 2, 1950

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 2, September 25, 1950

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, November 3, 1950

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 2, November 16, 1950

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, November 26, 1950

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, December 19, 1950

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, January 1, 1951

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, February 1, 1951

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, March 17, 1951

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, March 29, 1951

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, January 1, 1951

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, April 5, 1951

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, April 11, 1951

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, April 23, 1951

Megroz, Phyllis, 1, 1, April 20, 1952

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, [19--]

Megroz, R.L., 1, 2, [19--]

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, March 18, [19--]

Megroz, R.L., 1, 2, April 22, [19--]

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, August 6, [19--]

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, 1931

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, 1931

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, February 3, 1932

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, March 12, 1932

Megroz, R.L., 1, 2, October 25, 1932

Megroz, R.L., 1, 2, November 7, 1932

Megroz, R.L., 1, 2, 1933

Megroz, R.L., 1, 2, 1933

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, March 23, 1940

Megroz, R.L., 1, 2, December 1940

Megroz, R.L., 1, 2, 1941

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, December 1943

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, May 15, 1946

Megroz, R.L., 1, 1, May 22, 1946

Methuen & Co., 1, 1, June 26, 1967

Meynell, Viola, 1, 1, February 22, 1938

Mottram, R.H., 1, 1, January 1939

Mottram, R.H., 1, 1, October 11, 1949

Murray, John, 1, 1, February 4, 1949

Murray, John, 1, 1, February 5, 1949

Murray, John, 1, 1, August 18, 1949

Naylor, John, 1, 1, June 20, 1967

Naylor, John, 1, 1, July 5, 1967

Nevinson, Henry W., 1, 1, August 9, 1931

Nevinson, Henry W., 1, 1, November 8, 1940

Nicoll, Theodore, 1, 1, July 5, 1952

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, August 12, 1932

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, August 31, 1932

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, October 14, 1932

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, November 9, 1932

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, January 23, 1933

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, October 20, 1934

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, [October 20], 1934

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, Novemer 23, 1946

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, Novmber 30, 1946

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, December 10, 1946

Onions, Oliver, 1, 2, January 18, 1947

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, February 12, 1947

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, March 15, 1947

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, October 3, 1947

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, October 12, 1947

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, November 21, 1947

Onions, Oliver, 1, 1, June 22, 1951

O'Riordan, Conal, 1, 2, June 12, 1947

O'Sullivan, Seamus, 0, 0, n.d.

P.R., 1, 1, February 11, 1938

Parslow, Barbara, 1, 1, June 21, 1967

Pearson, Hesketh, 1, 1, August 26, 1948

Pearson, Hesketh, 1, 1, September 10, 1949

Pedley, C. St. J., 1, 1, February 8, 1938

Pedley, C. St. J., 1, 1, February 23, 1938

Pedley, C. St. J., 1, 1, March 23, 1938

Pemberton, Max, 1, 1, June 5, 1930

Pinero, Arthur W.,1, 2, October 22, 1934

Pitter, Ruth, 1, 1, March 11, 1952

Plomer, William, 1, 1, December 2, 1950

Pritchett, V.S., 1, 1, June 11, 1947

Pritchett, V.S., 1, 1, September 4, 1949

Pudney, John Sleigh, 1, 1, June 18, 1952

Quiller-Couch, Arthur, 1, 1, February 26, 1938

Quiller-Couch, Arthur, 1, 1, April 24, 1938

Quiller-Couch, Arthur, 1, 1, January 10, 1939

Raine, Kathleen Jessie, 1, 1, [19--]

Rhys, Ernest, 1, 1, June 4, 1937

Rhys, Ernest, 1, 1, March 5, 1938

Rhys, Ernest, 1, 1, July 27, 1938

Rhys, Ernest, 1, 1, April 29, 1939

Rhys, Ernest, 1, 1, [January 12?, 1940]

Rhys, Ernest, 1, 1, March 7, 1941

Roberts, Michael, 1, 1, February 23, 1938

Seaman, Owen, 1, 1, October 29, 1934

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, November 11, 1928

Shanks, Edward, 1, 2, August 14, 1934

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, October 22, 1934

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, October 22, 1934

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, June 23, 1935

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, January 6, 1939

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, January 6, 1939

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, January 28, 1947

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, March 3, 1947

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, June 2 , 1947

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, July 23, 1947

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, December 10, 1948

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, Dcember 31, 1948

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, February 10, 1949

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, July 24, 1951

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, July 24, 1951

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, February 27, 1952

Shanks, Edward, 1, 1, March 3, 1952

Sinclair, May, 1, 1, January 17, 1939

Sitwell, Dame Edith, 1, 4, March 26, 1932

Smith, Samuel, 1, 1, November 1, 1937

Smith, Samuel, 1, 2, November 3, 1937

Starkey, James Sullivan, 1, 1, April 12, 1949

Stead, Philip John, 1, 1, [1952]

Steffe, Edwin, 1, 1, November 15, 1963

Strong, Leonard Alfred George, 1, 1, June 19, 1952

Swingler, Randall, 1, 1, [19--]

Swinnerton, Frank, 1, 1, October 11, 1946

Swinnerton, Frank, 1, 1, September 11, 1948

Thompson, Edward A, 1, 2, July 24, 1931

Thorley, Wilfrid, 1, 1, June 25, 1952

Thorley, Wilfrid, 1, 1, June 25, 1952

Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, 1, 1, December 8, 1948

Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, 1, 2, December 10, 1948

Visiak, E.H., 1, 1, August 27, 1968

Visiak, E.H., 1, 1, August 30, 1968

Visiak, E.H., 1, 1, September 1, 1968

Visiak, E.H., 1, 1, September 9, 1968

Visiak, E.H., 1, 1, September 10, 1968

Visiak, E.H., 1, 1, September 18, 1968

Vulliamy, C.E., 1, 1, May 28, 1947

Waller, John Stanier, 1, 1, [19--]

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Armstrong, F."Machen and Gwent." Space. Benn Brothers' Magazine. Vol.XI:No.97 (March 1931), pp. 29-30. Credited to F.A.. Signed F. Armstrong.

"Autobiography of Arthur Machen." AMs. Includes a scratch-board portrait of Arthur Machen by Frederick Carter (original scratch-board and one print) and two photographs, one of a churchyard and one of a lane, with Arthur Machen's name on them.

"Ernest Dowson." AMs. A collection of memorabilia consisting mainly of Gawsworth's research notes for a biography of Dowson and materials of the Dowson Society.

Gawsworth, John. "In the Sky of Poetry, a New Star Rises." Mirror (Bombay), Vol.4 (Feb. 1945), pp. 33-37.

"Havelock Ellis". Papers from the library of John Gawsworth. Mixed typescript and autograph manuscript pasted into an account book with a sticker on the front reading: "Realm of Redonda."

"Foreword." The Best Short Stories of Thomas Burke. 1948. AMsS and corrected galleys, both signed. .
"Foreword. " Fields & Figures: Water Colours, Book Illustrations and Drawings by Frederick Caters, A.R.E. The Foyle Art Gallery

"Friends of France." Review of Nancy Cunard's Poems for France. Script written for broadcast over All India Radio: New Delhi, April 4, 1945. AMsS

"Laurence Binyon: Letters and Memories, 1928-1944." Collated by John Gawsworth. Transcriptions of letters from Binyon to Gawsworth, made by Gawsworth, and interspersed with a narrative of Gawsworth's memories of and about Binyon. TMsS with holographic corrections.

"Magnetic Fingers." TMs with holograph corrections. (Title changed from "A Bibliophile's Holiday.")

Box 2


List of writings, dated with number of signed and unsigned copies, by title, ranging in date from 1935 to 1944. AMs


"1948. R.S.L. Day" A Composite poem by John Gawsworth, G. D. Fraser, and Sir John Waller. With all three signatures. AMsS

"Abruzzi Nightingale" 1967. AMs

"Airman's Dog" 1940.. TMs

"Affirmations and Airs: Forty Unpublished Poems by John Gawsworth." AMsS

"Beerward Bound" TMs

"Barnham, Sussex" 1934. TMs

"The Boor" 1940. TMs

"Calvary, Continued. Forty Verses June 28 - July 9, 1970." AMsS

Clear Winter. AMsS. Includes:

"The Irish Girl"
"Parted Lovers"
"The World: 1943"
"In A Roman Temple of Venus"
"Time & Love"
"Time & Man"
"The Fallen"
"The Great"
"Cleopatra Suite. I. Evil: Harmachis Speaks"
"Cleopatra Suite. II. The Admission: Cleopatra Speaks"
"Cleopatra Suite.III. Royal Egypt: Cleopatra Sighs"
"Life & Thought"
"Cleopatra Suite. IV. The Messenger: Dellius Speaks"
"In Amenti"
"The Escape"
"For He Had Great Possessions"
"The Last Bed"
"Wisdom & Folly"
"Amor Ars Est"
"The Queen's Lover"
"Staunch Time"
"Gloria Mundi"
"The Everlasting"
"The End"
"Cleopatra Suite V. To Antonius at Cydnus: Cleopatra Speaks"
"The Eternal Themes"

"Club Sots." 1941. TMs

"Confession." Galley proofs with holograph corrections

Convalescence: Fifty New Verses from Fenland. AMs. Loose leaves. Includes, among others:

"First Impression"
"Pain Killers"
"A Drive"
"In a Retired Housemaid's Cottage"
"In Ely"
"Second Visit"
"En Route"
"Thaxtee Noel"
"A.E. Coppard's House"
"Early Home"
"Fifty Miles"
"Like Winds"
"Eleanor and Anna"
"Danger du Mort"
"The Fellow Scots"
"The Visit"
"After Cruising Ten Countries"
"Poet ex Hospital"
"Three Bedmakers"
"To D'Annunzio"
"A Muse"
"The Postman"
"The Position"
"Surfeit & Hunger"

Convalescence: Fifty New Verses from Fenland. 1968. AMsS. In an exercise book. Includes:

"Visiting Rupert Brooke's Church with Hamish Maclaren"
"Timothy & Hamish"
"Nearing 'Fin'"
"Cacoethes Scribendi"
"First Impression"
"Objective Reached"
"A Drive"
"In a Retired Housemaid's Cotage (Denver)"
"In Ely (Hamish Maclaren & Ian Armstrong)"
"Ely (6.5 p.m.)"
"Prince of Wales (Bluntisham, Hunts.)"
"Second Visit"
"En Route"
"Thaxted Noel"
"A.E. Coppard's House"
"Early Home"
"Fifty Miles"
"Like Minds"
"Eleanor & 'Anna'"
"Danger du Mort"
"Two Fellow Scots"

"The Visit"
"After Cruising Ten Countries"
"Poet Ex-Hospital"
"A Pipeful for Messrs. Bacon, Blenders of 'Calverley' Tobacco, Cambridge"
"Of Patricia Huskinson (Deighton Bell & Co. Ltd., Booksellers)"
"Three Bedmakers"
"Two Benson Medalists in Cambridge (E.M. Forster & 'John Gawsworth'"
"To My Fellow Airmen, Benson Medalist, Gabriele D'Annunzio, Principe de Pescara"
"A Muse"
"The Position"
"Last Drink at 'The Batson Arms,' Horseheath, Closing Upon Jack William Clarke"
"Surfeit and Hunger"
"Coda, Concerning All My Papers Stored Near Arundel"

"The Death of Patrick Kavanaugh. For John McNeill". 1967. AMsS

Deciduous Leaves: One Hundred Twenty Two Uncollected Published Poems, 1929-1963. ccTMsS with holograph corrections. Includes title of publication in which each poem appeared and the date. Includes:

"The Beach Idlers"
"Dusk in a Library"
"Dream Experience"
"Private View"
"To a Registrar of St. Dunstans"
"To Andrew Block, Bookseller"
"To E. A. Osborne, Doyen of My Tasks"
"W.H. Davies Composes"
"Song for Nancy"
"To M."
"A Sonnet to Rusa"
"II: He is Grateful to Her"
"III: He Would Show His Gratitude"
"IV: He is Bewildered"
"VI: With Another, He Asks For Transient Love"
"Invocation to George Moore, January 21, 1933"
"Whitsun Visitation"
"Autumn Meditation"
"John Masefield at St. Martin's"

"The Exile from Skye"
"Skye (A Skipper Speaks)"
"Poet in Exile"
"In Bedford Square"
"Paddington Green"
"To Some Britons"
"To Merchant Taylors' School"
"The Minstrel"
"The Muse of Monarchy"
"Letters to Lucrezia. Letter One: London to Paris: May 28, 1938"
"Letter Two: London to Paris: May 30, 1938"
"The Fighting Fyttons"
"Proem to 'Ingatherer' (Colbeck Radford)"
"To a Free People"
"The Bell"
"Of Comfort"
"Two Poets"
"Airman's Dog"
"Loveliness Passes"
"Man & God"
"The World: 1943"
"Time and Love"
"To A Young Poet"
"Time and Man"
"The Little Things"
"Juan Confides"
"Staunch Time"
"Votaries [Harmachis the High Priest to the Priests (Act I, Scene II)]"
"In Amenti. At the Queen's Obsequies: A Priest (Act II, Scene III) 'Phases of the Moon: A Tragedy of Cleopatra'"
"Slush Spleen"
"Christmas Dinner, Sergeant's Mess, Advanced Headquarters, Desert Air Force, Italy, 1943"
"The English: July 1940"
"The Dancer. Mlle. Angelika Akiki: He. Military Hospi"
"Sober Victory"
"To T. Struge Moore: In Memory"
"Eastward Ho!"
"Spirit Mother"
"The Excellence"
"The Calm"
"The Question"
"To the Shade of Sir William Jones at the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal. For Kalidas Nag"
"Three Graces"
"Before Meeting (II). To Angèle Armstrong"
"A Caution to the Day"
"Flowers of Peace"
"Into the Atom Age: 1945"
"T. Sturge Moore"
"The Return"
"Laurence Housman"
"James Stephens In Memoriam: 26 XII 1950"
"Christmas Prayers For Our Time. (1) The Adult"
"(2) The Child"
"Silence Must Tell . . ."
"Remembered, 1952. I. M. Umberto Fraccacrata (London: November 1952)"
"Edward Shanks, Old Merchant Taylor. d. May 4, 1953: I. M."
"At a Memorial Service: I.M.: Alice Gray (Meakin). Holy Trinity, Brompton, March 1950"
"In Westminster Abbey, June 2, 1953"
"Juan's Apology"
"The Idealist"
"The Lame Man. I.M. Peter Beresford Hipwell. ob. Feb. 24, 1955"
"1734 (Eastbourne)"
"La Fraterna Stretta di Mano (London, April 1957)"
"Anthony Bertram Rota, Duca Conservatore de Redonda, on His Nuptials"
"The Chance"
"A Belief"
"On Reaching Fifty"
"Julian Charles Rota. b. December 27, MCMLXII"

"Downhill, Marlow." 1940. TMs with holograph corrections.

"The Durrells Remembered." 1969. AMsS

"Fid. Def." 1940. TMs with holograph correction.

"Four Ale Bards". AMs. Verse written in Gawsworth's hand, as a farewell to Robin Skelton on his departure for British Columbia. Signed by Skelton.

Fourteen Poems. AMs. Includes:

"Byronics I"
"Byronics II"
"Taj Mahal"
"England 1965"
"All Passion Spent"
"Soldier-Poet to Arentine Maiden (Anna-Marie Unjaretti)"
"Whispers (Baudelaire and Jeanne Visit Delacroix's Exhibition)"
"Lotus Eating"
"Halliford Bend"

"Galloway Grief." 1941. TMs

The Garland for Erica: Poems by Several Kindly Hands Collected on the Occasion of Her Birthday, September 12, 1938. (Collection of Verse). First proofs with holograph corrections. Loose leaves. Contributors were Anna Wickham, Thomas Sturge Moore, John Gawsworth, Hamish MacLaren, and Patrick Kavanagh. Signed by John Gawsworth. Patrick Kavanagh signed it twenty-seven years later and dated his signature 11/7/64. Includes:

"For Erica"
"Erica East of China" (by Anna Wickham)
"Inward Controversy" (by Thomas Sturge Moore)
"Renunciation" (by John Gawsworth)
"For E.S." (by Patrick Kavanagh)
La Gianna (For Jane): Fifty New Verses. April 21-June 7, 1970 by her devoted John Gawsworth. AMs. In exercise book; some loose leaves. Inside the front cover: Newspaper clipping of March 9, 1970 from the Times Diary, telling of Gawsworth's collapse in the house of painter Russell Foreman and subsequent hospitalization. Includes:
"Proem (At Notting Hill Gate)"
"En Route"
"In Suspense"
"Solitario on Fiesole Height"
"May Day '70"
"[Jemima] Levy"
"After James' Visit"
"Wind Tossed"
"In the Wars, the Good"
"Of Jane"
"After Jane's Invitation"
"Last Night in the Ward"
"Northern Hemisphere (Above the Mason-Dixon Line)"

The Golumhur Grove: Poems From India, 1944-46. AMsS. First draft. In an exercise book. Includes:

"The Arrival"
"The Estimate"
"The Gage"
"Toru Dutt"
"Sarojini Naidu"
"Airgraph to Mulk Raj Awand"
"The Companion"
"The Failure"
"Suppressed Dedication of the 'Crimson Thorn'"
"The Parting"
"The Recognition"
"Before the Meeting"
"After the Meeting"
"Second Fiddle"
"Flower of Love"
"Flower of Peace"
"For the Visitor's Book of Santiniketan"
"Weinerwalder Revocation"
"The Re-Encounter"
"Against Atomists"
"Christmas Message to John Gawsworth"

"La Gradogna. l'Amore, l'Italia, and l'Primavera". Published in Ariel, Vol.1:No.2, June 3, 1944; also published separately. Four items: 1)AMs, May 14-26,1944; 2) first proof with corrections; 3) second proof; 4) printed copy with alterations.

"Gratitude: For N.C. and R.R. Nothmann." 1968. AMsS

"Hampstead Tryst." 1938. TMs with holograph correction

"Honeymoon (Brecon-Shropshire Border)." 1934. TMs

"In Fearon's, Holborn Circus". 1940. TMs

"In the Mitre Inn, Oxford." 1942. TMs with holograph corrections

"In the Prince Consort, St. John's Wood." TMs with holograph corrections

"In Wigtownshire. 1941". TMs with holograph corrections

"Invitation: Poem to celebrate the return of Lawrence Durrell from South America." TMs. Signed with the signature of King Juan I of Redonda.

"The Irate Drunk." TMs

Jingles: Two Hundred New Pieces, Autumn 1965-Spring 1966. TMs and AMsS. In an account book. Includes, among others:

"Lawrence Durrell Faces"
"Swan Song"
"The Poet's Gardener"
"Last Thoughts in 1965"
"On a Yank Prof Writing on Poets of Spanish Civil War!"
"Of the Young Yank Prof. Ford"
"Apologia for Diabetic Ill-Humour"
"Poetry - London"
"For K. C. Precope"
"To My Australian Dentist, J. M. [Slancy?]"
"To Dr. John McNeill"
"Vengeance for Maximillian"
"The Brills"
"W.E. Henley"
"W.J. Turner"
"Richard Aldington"
"Edward [Shanks?]"
"A Footnote Verse"
"January 19, 1966"
"Against the [Robert Ron?]"
"To Havelock Ellis (2)"
"To Guiseppi Unjanetti"
"During French Polling"
"In Memoriam Brian Higgins"
"35 Sutherland Place"
"Saving a Murder"
"Against Impatience"
"Lal Bahadur Shastri"
"To Indira Gandhi, Premier of India"
"A Prayer for India"
"June 3, 1920 (Sarojini Naidu)"
"Leaving India"
"To Krishna Nehru"
"I Miss Dewali Lights"
"To General [Dupleix?]"
"To My Calcutta Publisher"
"With a Copy of 'The Daffodil Sky' By H. E. Bates"
"The Prince Imperial"
"Ferdinand Foch"
"An Irish Question"
"Further Re "'Bizarre'"
"Plane Crash"
"To the Duchess of Hanoi"
"For Shiel Reprints"
"To the Daughter of Antoine William Houreau, North Vietnam Pilot"
"A Variation"
"M.P. Shiel"
"A Hindu's Death"
"The Male Lindsays"
"Odilon Redon"
"To Madame Chaing Kai-Shek"
"Once One is Out"
"To the Duchess of Hanoi"
"In Memoriam. W. Somerset Maugham"
"Christmas Letters to Don [Morals?]"
"January 30, 1948"
"January 30, 1649"
"For Jeanne, Duchess of [Aberfare?]"
"Mrs. Phyllis Ward (born Jan '43) for her 1966 Birthday (Duchess of [Cubra?])"
"In Laillé in Brittany"
"The Catherine Wheel"
"After Pills"
"Star of Bombay (2)"
"A [Sickert?]"
"Vin Rouge de Tunisie (2)"
"To Daisy Kennedy Drinkwater, her daughter Sandra [Moiseustad?] and son-in-law Edward" "Gough"
"Contre les Anglais"
"Hoping I Write One Poem"
"For Stephen Hudson, Kenneth Myer, and Hugo Manning"
"Sunday Closing"
"Kind Accusation"
"Variation on Wordsworth"
"For 'Bulawayo of Redonda' and Rhodesia"
"To a Northern Girl from a Southern Chap"
"Cork Moves North"
Photograph of a drawing [of Gawsworth?]
Several drawings [of Gawsworth?]
A pages of The Guardian from Thursday January 20, 1968, containing articles on India, Indira Gandhi's election, a strike in England, and an article on the possibility of using spent uranium ore to make bombs.

Jottings in the Dark: Forty-Eight New Verses. 1969-1970. Loose leaves. AMsS. Most are untitled. Includes:

"At 3 O'Clock in the Morning"
"Of Eleanor's Visiting Home"
"Susan Maki"
"Afterthought of Life with E".
"The Revenant"
"Virgin of Villace"
"A le Bon Dieu"
"Sad [Son?]"

"London 'Byron Club,' Frith Street, Soho." AMs

"Lonely Airman." 1942. TMs with holograph corrections

"Mamilad, Monmouthshire, 'The Star.' For Thomas Blake." 1931. AMsS, TMs

Marlow Hill. Author's proofs with corrections by the author; penciled notes and corrections by Herbert Palmer. Signed by Gawsworth. Pages untrimmed, accompanied by loose jacket. Includes:

"Marlow Hill: Triste Amore é l'Autumno (For Barbara)"
"Choose Death"
"Draw Love's Coverlet"
"Love's Quality"
"Deep Water (For Evelyn Irons)"
"Firing Squad"
"To Suspicion"
"Girl's Confession"
"Juan's Philosophy"
"Seducer's Song"
"Phoebe Elizabeth"
"The Enduring"
"Marlow Saturdays." TMs

The Mind of Man. Early draft containing 33 of the 36 poems published in the book and 5 verses suppressed from it: 38 verses in all. Dated "London, First blitz year, 1940." AMsS. Also draft for printer. On front cover: "The author's entire royalties from the sale of these poems go to the British Red Cross." Loose leaves and covers. Includes:

"The Mind of Man"
"Casual Love"
"Second Fiddle"
"The Difference"
"Advice of Juan"
"Confession of Juan"
"Reformation of Juan"
"Death's Evangelist"
"Certain Mind"
"The Gift"
"Counsel of the Grave"
"World's End"
"New World"

The Muse of Majesty. AMs. 14 lines as seen in the first edition of The Muse of Majesty. Accompanied by book announcements for later editions of The Muse of Monarchy

New Poems. 1939. AMs. Loose leaves on tissue paper. Includes:

"Mandrake of Love"
"In Aetolia"
"Grand Seigneur"
"The Dead"
"Vine and Briar"
"The Gadfly"
"The Question"
"The Bent Bough"
"The Proof"
"The Return"
"The Night"
"Live Sound or Silence"
"Serpent Tongue"

New Poems. Proofs. Typeset manuscript with corrections. Signed by Gawsworth

New Work by John Gawsworth. Started October 8, 1966. AMs. Notebook with holograph poetry, also some newspaper clippings pasted inside the front cover. A copy of a portrait labeled "1246619 Sgt. T.I.F. Armstrong 'John Gawsworth' 242 Squadron by T.C. Dugdale, R.A." On the back of this is written "Exhibited in Royal Academy 1943. In Estelle, ex-Queen of Redonda's, collection 1968. Juan R." Also inside front cover: a poem written on an envelope marked "On Her Majesty's Service." Also inside the front cover: a poem written on a paper towel. Includes:

"Epithalamium for C. R. Nockold's Marriage, October 5, 1966."
"An Airman's Realization"
"Six Birthday Verses"
"A Crafts Show at 'The Alma'"
"Le Quatorze Juillet 1968"
"Welcome. To Major Frank Grimely, D.S.O."
"To the Memory of M. Coué"
"To Eleanor, Who Having 'Put Down' Go-Go, Threatens to Destroy Shiel's Ashes"
"The Unanswerable Question"
"Poor Dear, Spare a Tear (For Eleanor)"
"Lost Lenses"
"For W. [Bolitho?]"
"In All Fairness"
"Diana, Dowager Lady Norwich"
"Before Lights Out"
"For Iain Maclean"

"Pensees en Tunisie". Translated by Nancy Cunard. Proof copies. Signed by Gawsworth and Cunard. 2 copies. Newspaper clipping from an Italian newspaper, containing the poem.

Per Ardua or Rhymes of a Recruit by AC2 1246619 RAF "John Gawsworth" ACI T.I.F. Armstrong, RAF, SHQ, Central Registry. RAF Station. West Freugh-Stranraer, Wigtownshire, Scotland. 1941. Previous title: Ad Astra. TMs and AMs. Includes:

"War Waltz"
"To A Fool"
"The Road to Ayr"
"Alisa Craig"
"Cardington Bridge"
"What Shall We Do?" (Published as 'Song' in Legacy to Love, 1943)
"The Moment"
"Loathsome Circle"
"Old Adam"
"The Mock Saint"
"Bestiality's Queen"
"New Faust"
"What is Left"

Poetry and Program for a memorial service on the 70th anniversary of E. Dowson's birth. Includes the poem "The Soul's Migration" by Gawsworth. TMs

"Polly: Sixteen Sonnets to an Evanescent Hebe at 'The Alma' (dated by textual evidence) 1962". AMs. Loose leaves.Numbered. Includes Shadow on the Pavement (Foreshorten?) Self Portrait 12/6/67, a silhouette

"A Present for the Nothmans." 1968. AMsS

"Proem" Ingatherer. Number 77, 1939. Signed by Gawswroth

Quatorze Poémes. Typeset manuscript pasted to graph paper with holograph corrections. The last page says, "One of 7 proof copies printed by F. Venys, Setif, Algeria on Feb. 11, 1943. I left Setif on Feb. 26, the squadron being ordered up to the Tunisian Front on Rommel's break through the Americans and the edit was never printed, the type soon after my departure being distributed." Also in this folder is a letter from the British museum, dated March 20, 1943, thanking Gawsworth for sending them a copy of the book. Includes:

"L'homme et le Dieu"
"Le Monde 1943"
"Dens un Temple Romain de Venus"
"Le Vie"
"Le Temps et l'Amour"
"À au Jeune Poète"

"Redonda." AMs

A Rhyme Ragout (For Eleanor) 1964-65. AMsS. Includes an ink drawing of Gawsworth [by Michael Ross?] and poems contributed by John Heath-Stubbs and Don [Morals?] Includes:

"Lonsdale" (press release on the death of Mr. Edward Chamberlain [Duke of Lonsdale in the "Caribbean Realm of Redonda])
"The Duchess of Gogo"
"Happy Hindu"
"A Summons"
"Discussing Divorce"
"The Return of His Grace of Mumbles"
"Amende Honorable"
"The Sword"
"16 March 1965"
"Aspects of Eleanor"

"Roman Headstone". AMsS

"A Send-Off to the Middle East". 1941. TMs with holograph correction

Selected Poems 1931-1942. Apparently written in later: "Legacy of Love. Original MS with fifteen suppressed poems." Apparently written in even later: "This title was a genius suggestion of Bertram [Rota?]." Includes:

From Poems 1931-1937

"From the Deep"
"So Now September Ends"
"Winter Pain"
""The Dead Poet"
"Roman Headstone"
"The Bridge"
"Invocation to Eynsford"

From New Poems: 1939

"Mandrake of Love"
"In Aetolia"
"The Dead"
"The Question"
"The Bent Bough"
"The Night"

From The Mind of Man: 1940

"Second Fiddle"
"The Difference"
"Advice of Juan"
"Knit Brows"
"Certain Mind"
"World's End"
"New World"

From Marlow Hill: 1941

"To W.H. Davies. In Memory"
"Marlow Hill"
"Choose Death"
"Draw Loves Coverlet"
"Love's Quality"
"Deep Water"
"The Enduring"

From After Duty: 1942

"Poets" (Marked "Delete")
"Apologia" (Marked "Delete")
"In Galloway" (Marked "Delete")
"The Wise Girl" (Marked "Delete")
"Be Not So Proud"
"Conjuncted Hours"
"Valeria" (Marked "Delete")
"At Springwell, Stanraer" (Marked "Delete")
"Gerfalcon Love"
"Must" (Marked "Delete")
"New Loves, Old Words"
"False Fawn" (Marked "Delete")
"Victories" (Marked "Delete")
"Truth" (Marked "Delete")
"Proud Natures" (Marked "Delete")
"Lounge Reverie" (Marked "Delete")
"Follies" (Marked "Delete")
"Ontology" (Marked "Delete")

Seventy-Two Manuscript Verses 1946-1950 by John Gawsworth, with some later penciled annotations with an original unpublished preface essay. (Only verse 23 has been published.) AMsS. Includes:

Possible titles

Pothouse of Purgatory
Purgatory of Pothouse
Here and in Hell
Purgatory Poems
Pothouse Poems
Rhymes of a Revenant

Part One: Some Selected New Poems (1946-1949)

"Remarks on Recopying Verses For Revision"

From Notebook Twenty Seven (January 1946-October 1947)

1. "In Southampton Water"
2. "[Sturge Moore?]"
3. "Soldier Poet to Aventine Maiden"
4. "Once On A Day With Love I Walked"
5. "Now Spring Intones and Each Complaint"
6. "Ruffian of Love, Rough-Wooing Wind"
7. "Should A Poet Sing"
8. "I Like a Simple Thing"
9."The Soul Must Ever Probe"
10."Fatal Art Stars"
11. "The Eternal is Not Out of Date"
12. "Who Have Love One May 'Love' Again"
13. "Anna Wickham"
14. "He Came No More Who Once Were With You"
15. "When One Remembers"
16. "To E.A. and G.S. Fraser On Wedding"
17. "After Gandhi"
18. "W.H. Davis" (the poem is not here. The title is followed with the notation "recast 27/9/46.")
19. "The Suicides"
20. "Cursed is the Poet"
21. "This Life is So Odd. . ."
22. "Bless the Brewer"
23. "The Change" (This title is stricken out and "One [?]" is written in. The notation "pub'd Aylesford Review" follows the poem.
24. "Why Live Too Long: Do We Not Learn"
25. "Could I Remember"
26. "Young Omar"
27. "Pleurisy"
28. "Memory, Fade"
29. "Lycoris to Alecto these:"
30. "The Paplian Lily and the Persian Rose"
31. "In Lebanons of Lust"
32. "Have I Seen Heaven?"
33. "Lemnia Loved, O Lemnia Loved"
34. "Escape"
35. "Youth is Selfish"
36. "English Marriage"
37. "Listen, Listen, I Have a Thing To Tell"
38, "If Age Had Wisdom, Youth Has Force"
39. "Our Tragedy"
40. "Hate Corrodes the Mind"
41. "Arthur Pellegrin Speaks"
42. "The Rest is History: You Know"
43. "The Hindu and the Muslim Can"
44. "The Salamanders (A Portrait Gallery)"
45. "Personal Belief"
46. "In Spring"
47. "To Summer"
48. "With Autumn"
49. "If Winter"
50. "Invictus Maneo"
51. "Death Is Not Beautiful"
52. "The Soul Have Rhythm Plato Said"
53. "Pang Me No More, I Am Won"
54-58. "Eight Verses on My Mother's Death"
59. "None but my [Lily?] ever drew a mind."

Part Two: Some Verses (September 1950 -)

60. "John Gawsworth In Extremis: 28.ix.1950"
61. "Self Obituary"
62. "For Francis [Linder?] Smith"
63. "When Maudlin I Grow With Boredom"
64. "Redonda's Woe at Littleton"
65. "In Gratitude. For [Joan Holland?]"
66. "In Sheffeton was Sheila"
67. "Yawn"
68. "Wrangles at My Table"
69. "[The builders with his brides?]"
70. "How Can I Destroy Destruction?"
71. "The Olive"
72. "When the Priest of the Temple"

Snow & Sand: New Poems 1942-1943. AMsS in exercise book. Contents:

Book One: With the British North African Air Force First Army


Poems written in a troopship, destination unknown

"Parted Lovers"
"Sighting Africa"


Poems written in Algeria

"The World 1943"
"Time and Love"
"Juan Accounts"
"Juan Confides"
"In the Temple of Venus, Cuiculum"
"Moving Back"


Poems written at the Tunisian Front

"In Amenti"
"Queen of Mysteries"
"The Heroes"
"The Great"
"The Fallen"
"Spiritus Invictus"
"Staunch Time"
"Time and Man"
"For He Had Great Possessions. . ."
"The Emeny"
"The Eternal Themes"

Book Two: With the Desert Air Force Eighth Army


Poems written in liberated Tunisia

"In Hammamet"


Poems written on the Sicilian campaign

"Embarking for Sicily"
"Pantelleria"(Crossed out and omitted from the table of contents.)
"Encounter" (Crossed out and omitted from the table of contents.)


Poems written in Italy

"The Little Things"

"Song for Nancy". Author's proof with layout for cover. Colophon: "Thirty copies printed for the Author on his twentieth birthday, 29 June mcmxxxii, by the Kingsbridge Observer printing office, 83 Ford Street, Kingsbridge." Inscribed "For Barbara." Beneath the colophon is the notation "Afterwards suppressed," followed by Gawsworth's signature

"Subaltern: A Soho Pub." TMs. 1941

"Tennyson at the Hanbury Arms, Caerleon, Mon. early 1850s." TMs with holograph corrections. c 1934.

Three poems for Edward Thomas AMs. Includes:

"A Wish." 1934
Celebration at Steep. 1937
"Busy." 1940

Three Verses for Christopher Grieve. AMsS. 1934. Includes:

"Poet in Exile" (Published in The Anvil, Vol.1:No.4. [December 1936])
"Skye" (Published in Songs of Skye, 1934)
"The Exile From Skye" (Set up for Songs of Skye, not used.)

Toreros: Poems Selected by Richard Aldington. TMs, AMs, some corrected proofs from Collected Poems. Introduction by Richard Aldington. Includes:

"The Ideal"
"Left Behind"
"Be Not So Proud"
"Casual Love"
"Juan Accounts"
"So Now September Ends"
"Marlow Hill"
"The Lost Love"
"The Pauper"
"Argument of Love"
"Reformation of Juan"
"Roman Headstone"
"The Stacks"
"Silence or Sound"
"Certain Mind"
"To Suspicion"
"The Dead Poet"
"To W.H. Davies"
"The Fallen"
"December 12, 1940"
"Moving Back"
"Abruzzi Nightingale"
"Croce at Sorrento"
"Embarking for Sicily"
"Thoughts on Tunisia"
"In a Roman Temple of Venus, Djemila"
"Six Poems From "Phases of the Moon: A Tragedy of Cleopatra"

"Queen of Mysteries"

Twenty Poems. AMs, some signed. Includes:

"Earth Bound"
"On Anna's Birthday"
"A Question"
"Fifth Anniversary"
"'I Love You'"
"For Hugh"

Two Poems. TMs with holograph corrections. Includes:

"To Think of You Is To Envision God"
"Of Comfort I Write"

The Vasto Pamphlets. Fifteen printed leaflets of poetry inserted into a holograph notebook, with transcribed remarks of recipients, including Stephen Hudson, Eden Philpotts, Arthur Machen, E.H. Visiak, Ruth Pitter, Wilfred Gibson, T. W. Ramsey, and Kenneth Hare. Partially AMs. The leaflets include:

"Benedetto Croce"
"Umberto Fraccacreta"
"Les Themes Externals"
"12 Dicembre 1940"
"Deux Poèmes de la Tunisie"
"Into Europe: Ten Verses, September-December 1943. For J.H.R. Owen"
"L'Ombra di Garibaldi"
"Due Liriche"
"L'Ombra di Garibaldi. Benedetto Croce" (translated by Umberto Fraccacreta and Romualdo [Pàntini?]; signed by Fraccacreta)
"Out of Africa"
"O Poet of Apulia!" (translated and signed by Umberto Fraccacreta)
"Publicity for Legacy to Love"
"La Gradogna"

"Venerables.(Bank of England, Marlow)." TMs with holograph corrections

Verses Composed 1937-1939 by One Who Has "Nothing to Lose" John Gawsworth F.R.S.L. AMs in an exercise book. Includes:

"The Text"
"Riddle Me This"
"Dowson and Johnson"
"The Meteors"
"Mary at Loch Leven"
"Mary Q of S December Eve"
"A Sad Thought"
"Impromptu. For Kate O'Brien and Mary O'Neill"
"Poar Liminium"
"The Fighting Fyttoms"
"Housman Foresees Crisis"
"Winchelsea Beach Road"
"A Dedication"
"Girl's Taunt"
"New Haven"
"Monte Carlo"
"Lines to Walter Savage Landor"
"Certain Mind"
"Richard Church at Poet's Club"
"Riccio's Song"

Verse Notebook One. AMs in an exercise book. Includes:

"Lines Written at an Exhibition of Drawings by Frederick Carter, A.R.E. at the Basilica Gallery: 18.2.'35."
"On My, As Yet Unknown, But Obviously Ultimate Biographers"
"Moody (Suicide)"
"Hoa-Haka-Nana-la and His Fellow Statue: British Museum"
"Fool's Song at Wedding"
"Roxburghe o'Floors"
"Child Seen in Train"
"On Homosexual Critics"
"My Muse"
"Hate Lines"
"Clown's Song"
"To An R.N.V.R"
"Remembrance of Winchelsea"
"Nonsense Rhyme"
"Pike Fishing"
"Jen O'Esprit (1): The Mourner"
"Scots' Story"
"In Holland Park Avenue"
"To a Girl in the Tube"
"Witches Song"
"Written in a First Edition of Marlborough"
"With the dedication of a book to Arthur Machen"
"In Great James' Street"
"Thoughts On the Steps of the Clarges Club: 10 October 1934"
"Morning Ecstasy"
"At the Golden Masked Ball, 28/5/35"
"A Realization"
"Bloody Sunday"
"The Lyricist"
"In West Kensington"
"The Holy Trinity: Doggerel, With Some Sense In It"
"To Anna Wickham"
"Tennyson at Caerleon c. 1850"
"To [Somers & Winon?]. Governor House"
"Prosperine's Back"
"Blind Man: Lincoln Inn Fields"
"The Retreat"
"The [Strong?] Man Speaks"
"Poet's Future"
"In Holland Walk"
"To My Wife"
"To My Wife II"
"To My Wife III"
"To Edmund Blunden, A Onetime Friend"
"To My Spouse"
"The Launching of the Queen Mary"
"On a Picture By James [Pryde?] Galleries"
"At the Tomb of a Friend"
"Behold This Dreamer Cometh"
"Pilgrim's Faith"
"The Muse of Majesty"
"The Orchard Toms of a Centurion's Wife"
"The Cock"
"Old Tom"
"Verses on Seeing a Sunday Dispatch Poster with a photograph of Collin Brooks, In Strand, 7/4/35."
"The Deposed"
"Written, (Very Maudlin, and Very Intellectual: Governor House) Watching Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Kiss Gertrude Lawrence in the Lounge, 2:30 a.m., 11.4.35"
"Work 7 Plan"
"Island of Thanksgiving. Governor House: 11.4.35"
"To P (Phyllis M. Davies of the [Darmail?] and R (Renee Ormande) These Easy Lines"
"Duncannon St. 1oc."
"To E. H. [Wills?]"
"Pigs Ambition"
"Lines in a Copy of Memories and Letters of Sara Coleridge, Vol.II, 1873 given to E.H. Wills 10:v:'35"
"Coda: The Cost"
"The Chives Bed"
"Lines. 9 June '34"
"Lines Written at [Tersana?], Ewesdale, Dumfrieshire"
"Hungerford Bridge"
"The Lovers Honeymoon"
"To Margaret Rawlings 'Mary Fitton' in [?], Lyric Theatre, 25 October 1933"
"Near Havsham"
"Edmund Blunden"
"To E. H. Wills"
"In Dream"
"Dedication: To My Wife"
"To My Kinswoman, Mary Fitton"
"[Cars?] From Prison, to James VI of Scotland"
"Death in the Afternoon"
"[?]: 4-5 May, 1934 (To Hugh MacDiarmid)"
"Bad Epigram, Seeing a Pretty Gril Tea-Drinking in a Cafe"
"From a Mood of Despondency"
"In Spring"
"The Walled Town"
"Lines While Drunk: 23 June '35"
"Lines to a Useless Flatterer"
"Nonsense Lines on the Conjectured Author of The Canadian Boating Song"
"Book Inscription: 1931"
"On Leaving Home, May 14, 1933"
"Poor Young Men"
"Hopeless Return: To Nancy (Myers)"
"Delirious Doggerel on my Wife Returning From Cowes"
"Abyssinian War Eve"
"In the Kingsbridge Express"
"Lines Written to Leicester Sq."
"On Poems of [Clande?] Colleen Abbot Given by the Author to an English Countess"
"Old Sayings, Versed. The Country Gentleman"
"The [Winsom?] Cardinal. Song for Trefar Jones"
"Fragments of poems

"WarToasts." 1941 TMs

"We, lacking little. . ." Poem on the front cover of the menu for Sergeant's Mess Advanced Headquarters, Desert Air Force Christmas Dinner, Italy, 1943. Two copies: One autographed on the cover, "John Gawsworth" and "1246619 Sgt T. I. F. Armstrong, D.A.I." and with autographs of others on the back. The second has the notation on the back cover: "Not more than fifty printed. John Gawsworth."

"Weekend Lovers." 1940. TMs with holographic corrections

A Wife and Wonders: Forty Unpublished Verses. 1940-1968. AMsS, in a notebook. Most poems are assigned a number and not titled.

Short stories

"It Pays to Advertise?" AMsS

Manuscripts  by others received by Gawsworth, presumably in his capacity as editor

Bax, Clifford, 6, 6, May 5, 1949

Bishop, Morchard, 1, 4, January 1, 1957

Bullet, Gerald, 5, 5, August 24, 1949

Campbell, Roy 4, 10, n.d.

Carter, Frederick, 5, 10, n.d.

Church, Richard, 4, 4, n.d.

Cooke, Dorian, 3, 3, n.d.

Cummins, Phyllis Deborah, 5,10, October 7, 1950

Dashwood, Edmee Elizabeth Monica 2, 4, August 7, 1932

Dickinson, Patric 1, 1, n.d.

Dowson Society Clipping File, 45, 74, March 1917 - December 1964

Durrell, Lawrence, 12, 72, n.d. Including an interesting biographical sketch of John Gawsworth

Dyment, Clifford, 17, 58, n.d.

Box 3

Eglinton, John, 1, 1, n.d.

Ellis, Henry Havelock, 1, 16, n.d.

Elwin, Malcolm, 6, 33, n.d.

Fargeon, Eleanor, 2, 2, April 4, 1957
Gardiner, Wrey, 1,1968

Gibbon, Louis Grassic
Gibbon, William Monk, 23, 70

Gittings, Robert William Victor, 5, 12, 1949

Grieve, Christopher Murray, 14, 70, 1934-1963

Griffith, Gwilym O., 1, 3, n.d.

Henderson, Philip, 10, 38, 1938-1939

Hesketh, Phoebe, 7, 9, n.d.

Higgins, Brian, 1, 1, n.d.

Howard, Richard A., 1, 16, January 1962

Huxley, Aldous Leonard, 1, 1, October 3, 1934

Jennings, Ellizabeth Joan, 1, 1, n.d.

Jepson, Edgar Alfred, 1, 4, n.d.

Lindsay, Jack, 4, 12, n.d.

Louis, Frank Laurence 4, 9, n.d.

Lynd, Sylvia Dryhurst, 4, 4, April 25, 1938 Apr
Megroz, Rodolphe Louis, 9, 41, n.d.

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Mottram, Ralph Hale, 8, 8, n.d.

Moult, Thomas, 18, 36, n.d.

O'Connor, Philip, 1, 1, n.d.

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Parsons, Geoffrey Penwill, 1, 1, n.d.

Pavey, L., 2, 11, n.d.

Pitter, Ruth,  3, 5, n.d.

Porteus, Hugh Gordon, 2, 2, n.d.

Ramsey, T.W., 21, 30, 1941-1947

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Thorley, Wilfrid, 1, 1, n.d.

Waller, John Sir, 24, 44, n.d.
Whitaker, Malachi, 2, 8 , n.d.


2003 Addendum

Three broadsides of a poem on the birth of Bertram Rota; 2 final and one trial; all are signed and dated by Gawsworth.

September 2003 Addendum

Henry, Leigh. "O God Who Gave Us Our Island Soil." National hymn of Redonda. Inscribed from Henry to Gawsworth and from Gawsworth to Henry. 1949.

"John Gawsworth: Some Publications 1931 -- 1944." Italy, passed for Press by A.M.G., MCMXLIV.

Marías, Javier. Dark Back of Time. London: Chatto & Windus and Vintage, 1998.

2009 Addendum

The notebooks are designated in the list below by having their titles in bold print.

Two autograph diaries, written during Gawsworth's Second World War RAF service. Numbered 'I.' ('Personal Diary | (20 Nov 1942-2 Nov [altered to '31 Dec'] 1943)') and 'II.' ('ITINERARY | 3 November 1943 - 18 Nov 1944'). With letters and cuttings. Covering the period between 20 November 1942 and 18 November 1944. Written while with RAF British & North African Forces, from a number of locations in North Africa (e.g. 'Advanced HQ, Desert Air Force, Central Mediterranean Forces').

The two diaries are in matching ruled notebooks, stitched into worn pink card covers: leaf dimensions 22 x 17 cm. Each notebook thumb-indexed with the months printed in French. Numerous loose and rearranged pages. Closely and neatly written, with text clear and complete, on aged paper. Each notebook is numbered on the front cover, with 'JOHN GAWSWORTH | (1246619 | SGT. T. I. F. ARMSTRONG R.A.F.)' On the cover of each notebook Gawsworth directs that they be dispatched to his 'literary executor' Maurice Wollman on the event of his death.

Leader of the neo-Georgian movement, and editor of Poetry Review, Gawsworth was well-connected in the English literary world, admired and loathed in equal measure, and a writer who never achieved his full potential. These diaries - a nice mixture of detailed and descriptive - are especially valuable for the light they cast on the frontline wartime activities of a sensitive and deeply-poetic sensibility. Gawsworth joined the RAF in 1941, serving, according to his entry in the New DNB, 'on Algerian, Tunisian, Sicilian, and Italian campaigns, and in India, in 1942–5'. He left with the rank of Flying Officer in 1946. He was, as he notes on the title-page of each notebook, Délégué Général pour l'Angleterre de la Société des Écrivains de l'Afrique du Nord (Tunis, 1943), as well as 'Fellow & Medallist of the Royal Society of Literature' (title, 'Part II.') and member of the Salamander Society of Poets (Cairo, 1944).

NOTEBOOK ONE ('I.') contains 61 pages in autograph, with a further 50 pages loosely inserted. Autograph title with runic, Latin and English mottos ('I came with the conquerors: I remained - conquered.'). Gawsworth covers all aspects of his service, describing his duties, movements, reading and writing. List of men at rear, with five marked as deceased. Begins: 'Frid 20 Nov | Sqdn left for Djidjelli [Algeria] | Sat. 21 Nov 1942 | In Arab shepherds mountain camp. Archer Hodson, Goulding, Snell Bought Ruth, sheep dog bitch. 3 months. 200 francs. (13/4) Up impossible winding trails over mts. Snow capped. Texenna, Duquesne. Camp of La Jeunesse, skull & x bones. Fleeing populace. Djidjelli ghost town. just bombed night before. Reunion with Party & Joe Watling 154 Squadron. Encamped. 8 p.m. & 4 a.m. enemy recon. plane over. a/a opened up. Ruth fled. Sqdn travelling.'

--- The following excellent account of an attack (1 January 1943) on HMS Ajax shows Gawsworth's qualities off to their best effect: 'At 11 oclock went to docks and crossing [Selkirk?] a merchantman went aboard "The Troublemaker" The Ajax where I found Petty Officer Bill Croucher waiting me. He took me down to No 3 Mess on the starboard side & introduced me to his messmates & gave me tea. The Tanoy then announced the C in C was coming aboard, but soon after corrected itself for machine gun fire and ack-ack had started up, and the first raid of the day was upon us. | Hurriedly the ships company donned fire protective face and head coverings and lay down. The noise of the ack/ack from the ship and her companions in the port was deafening. The ship shuddered from bow to stern as a stick of 3250 pounds burst in the water to the starboard. A few minutes of clamour and the first raid was over. We had not been hit. | The second raid was a matter of quarter of an hour later. It was not preluded with any warning save the crackle of machine gun fire and the pounding of pompoms. Again the Ajax shuddered after a terrific melange of sounds protective and destructive. We thought it meant no more than "bombs in the basin" again but were disagreeably surprised when a petty officer entered and informed us that we had suffered a direct hit. This turned out to be a 250 pounder, which had pierced the deck on the starboard side of the funnel, cut obliquely through 3 decks and, making 2 marines casualties en route, filled A & R boiler rooms with smoke, fumes & water. It was impossible to estimate whether it had gone right through the ship and exploded or whether it remained on one of the sunken and devastated boiler rooms above. Nor could any one say whether the boiler rooms at the moment of the bomb's impact had been occupied. Two things alone were clear: The Ajax had a list and she was letting in water. The annoyance on everyone's face was marked. The insult of a direct hit to this historic vessel! Through the River Plate and Crete she had passed unscathed and now tied to < > a merchantman, and ony half of her armament, therefore, functioning in the midst of a mornings painting in dock, she was insolently pierced. Chagrin found its vent in able profanity as the air in the messroom (cleared with the skies above). But NOT for long. | A third raid soon eventuated. The same staccato spit of machine guns, the same weaving whirr of diving Stukas, the same thud-thud of pom-poms, whine of shells and oomph of bombs. When it was over more news came. The Ajax had brought down a [--ide]. Everyone felt better. Yet all was not perfect - the rum ration failed to arrive. | Disconsolate, I left. It was one o clock. For 3 hours, on and off, we had been divebombed.'

--- 9 May 1943: '2 eggs for breakfast! Spoke to inhabitants of Rommels occupation. - 12 days there. Blew town up before leaving. Rommel stayed with M. Bocher, his mountain Arabs looting, stealing even doors. A Gaulliste on death list bought freedom for fr. 200. [...]'

--- Long descriptions (e.g. 13 and 19 August, and 20 and 30 September 1943) of Sicily and Italy, and his activities there.

NOTEBOOK TWO ('II.') contains 55 pages in autograph, with a further 18 pages loosely inserted. Gawsworth is described on the title as at 'Advanced HQ, Desert Air Force | Central Mediterranean Forces'. Mainly comprising more descriptions of Italy and his activities there, including what appear to be descriptions of area covered on reconnaissance flights.

--- Two examples of the types of entries contained in the volume:

------ 'Wed 15 March [1944] | A freezing night, ice on tent pools [sic]; all packed 9.30 left site. Through San Seveso, olive groves 10.8. S. Paolo Civitale 2 baroque churches. Guns coming south. First Army flashes seen going north. - olives. Mounting, look back on snow-capped Appenines. Our First Sunny day, tanks going South. 10.45 Serra Capriola on hilltop, goats, quadruple avenue of small trees in main St. from castle. Down hill - up again, through Campomarino on hill looking down on plain 1/2 mile to sea. Approaching Tesmoli, red roofs, white houses, umber watch-tower. bypass - olives - small Italian Army Camp. Assembly area; then downhill to verdant green plain running to sand and sea. terrible road. Stray graves, 40 asp. Italian soldiers digging ditches in red kepis blown up bridge. [...]'

------ 'Thursday 15 June | 7.30 left Venafro airfield proceeding South. sharp whiplash cracks: battery practising at apex of right fork to Presanzano [sic, for 'Presenzano'], corn b/a bridge under lee of (Western) hill, lane uphill on right to Sesto Campano, an eyrie. Volturno on left side of road. Far over East to left horizon <?> of battery's target hits. Right turn. Mines cleared. Field cemetery on right. Fascist inscriptions erased. Prezanzano [sic] on rock to right dominated by ruined castle tower, grey and aloof. Olive groves right. Signals camp. Tank Camp. deserted ammo. Turn right (ie. North) Highway 6. olive groves either side [...]'.

--- Loosely inserted in the second notebook are three diagrams, two printed pages, and eight items of correspondence, including two R.A.F. Message Forms, one addressed to 'Sgt. Armstrong. 242 Squadron' and the other to 'Sgt. Jenkins'.

--- The other correspondence consists of six letters written between Gawsworth and Jean ('Jeanne') Thurlow Thompson, with whom he appears to have conducted a brief affair in Palmyra in 1944, and for whom, according to the diary, he wrote 'I kiss your inner elbow and aspire' on 4 October, with a further '20 poems' the following day. In Gawsworth's first letter ('Saturday night [7 October]. 2 o c'; 8vo, 2 pp; signed 'J.') he asks 'What happened last night? I arrived 8.36 and stayed till 9.7 | You were not to be found, and I proceeded up to Taverne Francaise at Mickey's before closing time in case you were around those parts. | I've written a terribly sincere poem to you of 120 (short!) lines and a bunch of others. Had times been propitious, you findable, and amenable and co-operative I could have written you a book in the next fortnight. Hell and damnation: I hear the troopship's siren, my Syren!'

------ Thompson begins her reply ('Monday Night [9 October]. 8 o cl.'; 12mo, 2 pages; signed ' "Luv" | Jeanne') 'You, John, are a silly idiotic ass.' before going on to explain the reason for the missed rendezvous. 'Anyway, surely you must have known I would not miss the chance of hearing your own sweet self talking while I eat? So now lets fix something, & please bring your poems with you - I'm in need of being cheered up.'

------ Gawsworth's next letter ('Dimanche. 15 [October]'; 8vo, 1 p; signed 'Jean') suggests another time for meeting. On the reverse, in pencil, is a six-line autograph poetic fragment by Gawsworth: 'This then is victory - | But at what cost? | Never forget the whispering shy ghosts | Of children when the rafters fell, | the hell | That bomb'. A few days later Gawsworth writes again ('16 Oct'; octavo, 2 pages; signed 'John Gawsworth'), beginning 'Mon Etoile d'Afrique, | You write me so casually, I grow horribly conscious how much you love your preux chevalier Bayard - at Alex. | I am not a vengeful second, however second I may be. These things are arrange par le Dieu - at G.H.Q! Nonetheless, I love you with the deepest devotion possible in my circumstances, and I venture to hope I have punctuated one cell of your heart. [...]'.

------ In her second letter ('18 Oct'; octavo, 1 page; signed 'Jeanne') Thompson explains that 'Owing to the exigencies of the service, I am unable to meet you today, & couldn't let you know in time. [...] Meanwhile your permanent mistress will have to console you. Vive la France'.

------ Thompson's last letter (22 October; on letterhead of the Y.M.C.A.; 12mo, 1 page) begins 'Dear John - | Did you collect the letter I left for you I wonder - any way by now you'll have guessed that I was posted. | How do [you] feel about things now? More cheered up? What you need to do is to get outside yourself - the world - not be so bitter!' She defends her 'philosophy of "laughter" ' of which Gawsworth does not approve, and concludes 'Hope India treats you well - cheerio John - take care of yourself + I'll watch for your name - some really good poetry.'

"Poems and Verses / 1929-193- / [Printed.], approximately 50 pages, oblong quarto ledger, disbound. It comprises printed poems, numbered 4-56 (1-3 perhaps on pages torn out and lost), extracted from magazines with heavy annotations, changes, and corrections in Gawsworth's hand, publishing date and information (e.g. "Suppressed in Confession first issue") usually given.

"Addresses & Readers, March 133", Notebook (Address Book), octavo, alphabetical, Gawsworth's bookplate (manor house. "T. Fytton Armstrong") and ownership inscription with Denmark Street address, enclosures (business cards etc). Approximately 80 pages used. Entries from Literature abound, as do booksellers, and include: Stella Benson, family, H.E. Bates, Robert Bridges, Beerbohm, Gordon Craig, Alfred Douglas, Lawrence Durrell, the Foyles, A.E. Housman, Wyndham Lewis, Shane Leslie, Arthur Machen.

"Verses by John Gawsworth / October 28/ 1/ 1938// London/ 33 Great James's Street/ W.C. 1" , Approximately 66 pages octavo. Poems, some numbered I-VI, some heavily worked, and, at back, several pages listing "Vocabulary used in the Asiatic Translations of E. Powys Mathers contained in Coloured Stars and The Garden of Bright Waters Noted Down January 2 1938".

"Fragments", no date ([a scribbled poem is dated 1940], Approximately 50 pages used, octavo notebook. Bulk of poems numbered 1-112.

"Verse Notebook VIII" Fifty Verses [5 December 1940-18 December 1940], 12mo, approximately 140 pages used, with notes and poems (e.g. note "With Nina Hamnett in Pedros", later "An Interlude" discussing Augustus John, 3 pages with John as a subject for poems also, and describing a visit to "George Egerton", 3 pages).

Box 4

"Verse Notebook Eighteen / John Gawsworth / Verse / RAF.Series / 1406-1597", [1941], paginated 6-229, other pages used before and after, quarto. War Poems. "After Duty" and "Verses to Valerie" ("Valerian Verses"). It includes instructions in the event of his death - to be sent to agent who was to pursue publication of selection; photographs of women or woman ("Carissima Valeria")

"Verse Notebook Twenty. Verses /1598-1700 / [11 October 1941-28 March 1942]/ (with odds and ends of a later date)", paginated 1-168, quarto. It includes the series of poems entitled "After Duty" and "Miscellaneous Doggerel 1934-1942".

"Commonplace Volumes Number One / Personal Notebook / Extracts-Notes-Verses-Etc/ Compiled by John Gawsworth / (September 1941-March 1942)", paginated 1-252 with additional pages used before and after, quarto. Enclosures. Includes "Contents Page", "The Muses of J.G." (list of dedicatees etc) and a list of RAF Poets with examples and "Dates of Poems of J.G." 1932-1941 ("Poems", "New Poems", "The Mind of Man", "Marlow Hall", "After Duty"), "Bibliography of the Poems of John Gawsworth"

"Commonplace Volumes Number Two / Personal Notebook / Extracts-Notes-Verses-Etc,/ Compiled by John Gawsworth / (April 1942- )", disbound, paginated 141-232, most unused, with newspaper clippings.

"Stray Notes in Italy / 1943-1944 / Mainly Concerning the writers / Benedetto Croce / Umberto Fraccacreta/ Romualdo Pantine / Giuseppe Ungaretti / Sibilla Alesamo", quarto, paper wraps, missing back, approximately 50 pages used but includes added material. It includes a few photographs of the Invasion of Italy; newspaper clippings, ephemera, notes on Italian writers, lists of works and writers, especially Italian poets, several pages of "Journal concerning Umberto Fraccareta", a booklist, enclosures.

[Literature of North Africa] "John Gawsworth of The Royal Society of Literature North African Literature - Notes (Miscellaneous 1943 1944) . . .", Notebook, octavo, paginated to176, mainly in French. An attempt at a comprehensive survey of literature in North Africa, past and contemporary. He starts with what appears to be a reading list, then there are discussions of authors and literature. Pages 153-176 contain a substantial list of writers with a little detail (such as whether dead, address, sometimes a work or other detail), a less organised list appears pages.122-129. Page 101 "Pellegrin's Census 1920". Other lists appear before, mixed with information and discussion of writers and books. For example pages 42-43 contain information about Arthur Pellegrin, including works, with lengthy quotation on potential unity of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

[Egypt] "Verse Book Twenty Five
/ John Gawsworth // Verses in Egypt / 26 August -23 November / 1944 / With a Supplement / of Six Verses frm / Italy", approximately 115 pages, 12mo, poems numbered I-LXIV with (additional?) "Farewell to Georgius" and "Supplement:Last Selected Verses from Italy".

John Gawsworth// Stray Notes / in / Egypt/ 1944 / Mainly concerning the Writers / Assene Yergath / Jean Moscatelli / Alimed Rassim / Raoul Parme / Ivo Barbitch / Tewfik El Hakim". Signed photo of Yergath. Enclosed a list of "Overseas / Articles, Poems / & Interviews [by] John Gawsworth", Prose and Verse (periodical publications). Enclosed: Newspaper clippings, drafts of letters, poems by Louis Fleri written out and commented on by Gawsworth.

"Mediterranea Libra", letterbook, approximately 120 pages used, quarto, poems dated 1942-1945, some ticked (published?)

Box 5

"Jean Gawsworth/ Le Livre d'Estelle/ Tome Deuxieme // 1948 / 50 Wentworth Road, N.W.11 / Londres, Diary [1939], approximately 120 pages, quarto, full leather decorated goat, some pages loose. Comprising: Poems (Livre d'Estelle) numbered 1-40 (and oddly 61-101), place and date(?) of writing (for example Café Royal, 7p.m. 2/3/48), other poems numbered 102-105; Poems by Rhys Davies, 6pages; copies by Gawsworth of 33 letters, apparently unpublished, from Havelock Ellis to Jacob Schwartz, bookseller, on his works (publishing), reading (e.g. Joyce) and many other items provided by Schwartz, his editing, his manuscripts. Followed by two letters from Hardy which appear in the Collected Letters, and others of lesser interest; Poems numbered 1-7.

Photograph of Giuseppe Ungaretti (by Jorge) inscribed below by the subject to Gawsworth (1944), photograph approximately12 x 12cm, total 17 x 12cm.

Photograph of Romualdo Pantini inscribed below by the subject to Gawsworth ([191[4?]2], photograph approximately 10 x 15, total including margins approximately 22 x 16 cm.

[Soho Life; Bohemian] Laura del Rivo, "The Layabout Life", extracted from Man About Town, volume1, No. 4, December 1960, stuck in a folder (one page detached) with a "Realm of Redonda ex libris John Gawsworth (1912- ) (H.M. King Juan 1, 1947- )" laid down on front cover, [5]pages., folio. The explanation of this creation is in the inscription of the inside back cover: "[Gawsworth's hand] Of this Especial Edition of Opus I of [Laura del Rivo | Gawsworth, Lyricist of Love] has prepared himself One copy which the author has most kindly autograph: [signed] Laura del Rivo . . ." She was soon to publish The Furnished Room (1961) "a neglected classic of bohemian existence set in London of the fifties."

No title, [Commonplace Book], n.d., approximately 160 pages used, folio. Comprising: Screenplay ("Hollywood Fantasia"); Poems; brief Dramatic Sketch entitled "The Olympics"; reflections; Poems based on months; shipping programme for "Clan Cameron"


---. "Gawsworth's Numbered Verse Notebooks Traced, June 1969" List

---. "Silence Must Tell. . ." Printed verse written for death of [King George VI?]. Photocopy. On the verso "Vote of Confidence" in Gawsworth's hand?

---. An invitation to a ball to the RAF in February 1943. In French

---. A letter to Gawsworth from Flt. Lt. A. G. Shingles, D.F.C., R.A.F. in response to a telegram from Gawsworth, telling him that he will not be mobilised. November 7, 1956. ALS

---. "The Beggar of Oxford Street." Poem. Written in pencil "by Frank Grimley." TMs with holographic emendations in ink in Gawsworth's hand

---. Poem fragment. TM, AM. Various markings.

---. "Personal Message From the Army Commander, Sicily, September 1943," with various marking on the back and a poem fragment


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