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Collection Dates: 1935 -- 1980
3.5 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: November 1997

Acquisition Note: This collection was given to the University of Iowa Libraries by Conrad P. Bock in 1984.

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Photographs: Box 2

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Table of Contents

Biographical note

Scope and contents

Box 1 Biographical material -- Correspondence

Box 2 Engle, Paul -- School related material

Box 3 The Fountains of Regardlessness -- The Mountains of Odds Come Even

Box 4 Proposed novels -- Poems

Box 5 Poems

Box 6 Poems

Box 7 Poems -- Unidentified, incomplete poems

 Biographical Note

Frederick Stern Bock was born in Newton, Iowa, on October 11, 1916. He received his B.A. from the University of Iowa in 1937 and returned to do graduate work in the Poetry Workshop in the 1950s. In 1955 he joined the editorial staff of Poetry in Chicago. He worked there until 1961, when he moved to New York City. Ill health forced him to return to Newton in 1979. He died there on January 9, 1981.

Bock’s poetry appeared in such magazines as The Iowan, The Nation, and the Yale Review. In 1961, his book of poems, The Fountains of Regardlessness, was published. He was working on another collection of poetry at the time of his death.

Scope and Contents

The papers of Frederick S. Bock consist of 3.5 linear feet of manuscripts dating from 1935 to 1980. Arranged alphabetically, these subject files include correspondence, newspaper clippings, and biographical material. There are drafts of his book, plays, and short stories. However, the collection is made up primarily of various drafts and revisions of his poetry.

Related Materials

Avison papers at Manitoba:  Section X contains two boxes of material relating to Bock. Tthere is correspondence 1957 to 1980 and more drafts and manuscripts of poems.

York University in Toronto holdings: F0259: Margaret Avison fonds include about 40 letters from Bock to Avison from ca. 1959 to the late 1970s and poetry manuscripts sent by Bock to Avison.

Box 1

Biographical material.

Bock, Capt. Charles C., (nephew of Frederick), 1962.

Calendar of appointments, 1968.

Commencement program - State University of Iowa, 1937.

Contests, literary.

Correspondence, 1935 -- 1980. (7 folders)

 Box 2

Engle, Paul. Poems in Praise. A review by F. Bock

Ford Foundation, 1959.

Genealogical material.

German text and translation of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire.

Guggenheim Fellowship, 1964 -- 1966.

Henry, Joyce.

“Homage to Laura and Other Stories.” Bock’s master’s thesis, 1938. (2 copies)

Bock interviewed by Marjorie Morgan, WTTW Chicago, September 14, 1960. LP record


Morrison, Julia Maria. Poetry.

Newspaper clippings; includes Mr. Bock's obituary.

Notebooks. Including unfinished poems, story ideas, etc. (2 folders)


The Poetry Center, 1959 -- 1961.

Poetry Readings.

School related material.

 Box 3

Books by Frederick Bock

The Fountains of Regardlessness

Final typescript -xerox copy. Revised edition, 1973. (2 copies)

Final revised typescript. Revised edition, 1973.

Galley proofs.

Page proofs.

Revised xerox copy, June 24, 1978.

Contracts, mailing lists, and review.

Book - with notations.

 The Mountains of Odds Come Even (also titled: Crag Beach)

Typescript draft with revisions.

Early typescript with corrections.

Typescript draft - xerox copy.

Typescript draft.

Table of contents - various drafts.

 Box 4

 Other Writings by Frederick Bock

Proposed novels

Beggars in Heaven
First chapter typescript.

Various incomplete drafts.

The Circus of Innocents. Synopsis.


“Baboon” Typescript

“Berua Zallion” Various incomplete drafts.

“Golden Boy” Scenario.

“A Legend for Wilson” Early draft.

“The Prairie Angel” Various incomplete drafts.

“Ring Around the Moon” Synopsis and incomplete draft.

Short stories:

“Early September” Typescript.

“It’s Time He Went” Incomplete typescript.

“Kid Dynamite” Incomplete typescript.

“Perfume for Grandma” Typescript.

“Reflection of the Sun” Incomplete draft. (Later became a play.)

“Sammy Dover” Incomplete drafts.

“The Second Coming” Incomplete draft.

“Stowaway” Typescript.

“Torch” Incomplete typescript.

Unidentified, incomplete plays and stories.

Poems (with various drafts and revisions):


“Another Winter”



“Aubade: The Desert"


“The Banging Boards”

“A Banner Yet”

“Belling the Moon”

 Box 5

Poems (cont.)

“Big, Fat Summer - And the Lean and Hard"

“Billings Hospital: My Fortune Told Again”

“The Bluebell”


“The Boys at Ball on Easter Eve”

“The Breakfast”


“Café Morale”

“Cartoon: The Valet”

“Catch a Man"

“Christmas in November”

“The Completely Invalid”

“The Conception”

“County Fair”

“Cow in August”

“The Cows"

“Crowd and Performer”


“The Dew in Prospect Park”


“The Divorce”

“Doing Good”

“The Egret Watchers”


“End of the World”

“Episode in a Cellar”



“The Falls

“Family Life”


“The Farewell”




“Five Songs for an Invalid Farmer”

“Flea Dance”

“For Richie"

“For the Blue and Buff”

"Fostering Jong”

"The Fountain of Pomona"

“Full Hearts”

“The Furies”

“The Gauntlet”

“A Glass of Water”


“Gospel Song”






“Hearkening to December”

“The Heart of the Sand”

“The Hearts of His Countrymen"

Box 6

Poems (cont.):

“Hodgkins: The Remission”

“Home Truths”

“Hotel Hazard”

“The Hound”


“Hymn to Reductive Thought”

“Illuminated Sunset”

“In Extremis”

“In the Dusk”

“Incident During the War: The Rape of Mars”

“January Song”

“Jim’s Easter”

“Joanna’s Song”

“The Jogger’s Farewell to His Love”


“The Lady and the Gopher”

“The Later Country Weather”


“A Long, Hot Summer?”

“The Loom of the Land”

“Lost Image”

“The Macbride Hall Skeleton”


“Man Parked by Roadside”

“The Maple”

“Marshmallow Slum”

“Memory of the Depression”

“The Merriment”

“Middle West”

“Midnight Comedy”

“Midsummer Kerygma”

“Miss Jack”

“Mistaken Cats”

“Mourning FDR”

“The Move to the Poor-House”

“Moving Day”

“The Murder”

“My Fortune Told Again”


“No Go at the Library"

“O Tell Me, Brother”

“October in the Alley”

“October Silence”


“One Drink I Crave”

“Othello Had a Picnic”

“The Outrage of the Shining Hands”




“The Phoenixes”

“(Picture Above)”


“Pompeiian Spring”

Box 7

Poems (cont.):



“Prayer to Athena"



“The Race to Stand Still”


“The Recovery”

“Remembering the Anderson Recitals”



“Shadow of the Damson”

“Sic Transit”


“Smiling at the Moon”


“The Sparrows on Christmas Morning”

“The Sport at Crag Beach”

“Spring Song”




“Sun Stood Like Blood’s Billboard Afar”

“That Jacket Case”

“This Hermit Look”

“This is Our Grave”

“Three Variations on Finding’s Keeping”


“Tomato Juice”

“The Trial”

“True Believer"

“Twilight Comedy”

“Two Songs About the Soil”


“Via Dolorosa"

“The Vials"

“Viewing the Ocean”

“The Violence”

“The Welcome”


“The Wind in the Chimney”

“Winter: The Statue of Pomona”

“Wrongos All: A Poem for Shadwell”

Unidentified, incomplete poems.

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