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Collection Dates: 1939 -- 1978
(Bulk Dates: 1950s and 1960s)
5 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: January 1998

Acquisition Note: These papers were given to the University of Iowa over a period of forty years by Mr. Childs, and a final manuscript was donated by his son, Prentiss Childs in 1996.

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Table of Contents

Biographical note

Scope and contents

Box 1 Correspondence -- I Write From Washington

Box 2 I Write From Washington -- This Is Your War

Box 3 This Is Your War -- Mighty Mississippi: Biography of a River

Box 4 C -- Letter from Paul McCloskey

Biographical Note

Marquis W. Childs (1903 -- 1990) was born in Clinton, Iowa. He received his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin in 1923. After graduation he briefly worked for United Press in New York, Chicago, and other cities. Returning to school, he attended the University of Iowa and completed his M.A. in 1925. Childs was with the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch after 1926. He started as a feature writer but also worked as a foreign correspondent, chief Washington correspondent, and a columnist. With the exception of a few leaves of absence, Childs spent his entire career with the Post-Dispatch. In 1970 he was awarded the Pulizer Prize for journalism. Childs also wrote many books on political and economic matters as well as novels. According to his obituary in the New York Times, July 2, 1990, his first name was pronounced MARK-us.

Scope and Contents

The papers of Marquis Childs date from 1939 -- 1978 and measure over five linear feet. They primarily document the writing of many of his books. There are early notes, correspondence, typescripts, proofs, layouts, and galleys for America's Economic Supremacy, I Write from Washington, and Walter Lippmann and His Times, among other titles. There are also general correspondence files spanning over thirty years, speeches, newspaper clippings, and an assortment of press cards and passes.

Box 1


1937 -- 1943; also MsL C537w: Childs to Walter Winchell. Washinton, DC, 11 Dec 1942, thanking Winchell for publicity on Childs' I Write From Washington. TLS, 1p.

1956 -- 1958.

1959 -- 1961.


America's Economic Supremacy

Correspondence, 1947.

Author's evaluation (incomplete).

Typescript (54 pages) -- with corrections and revisions.

Author's proof. June 10, 1947.

Author's proof. July 23, 1947.

Printer's copy -- with revisions.

"Burial" Typescript (a 9-line poem) -- with corrections.

Cabin, The. Typescript -- with revisions. (2 folders)

Childs, Marquis W. The Cabin. New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1944. Inscribed "For Big Cornelia - a gallant gal from her friend - Marquis W. Childs, July 16, 1944.

Manuscript. On the shelf following the collection

Eisenhower: Captive Hero

Correspondence, 1952 -- 1960

Notes and postcards.

Early manuscript (incomplete) -- with corrections and revisions.

Typescript of preface -- with corrections and revisons.

Typescript (incomplete) -- with corrections and revisions, plus 2 pp. of carbon typescript.

Page proofs.

The Farmer Takes A Hand

Layouts of the title page (one typed and hand printed)


Dummy proofs of front matter in different drafts.

Publisher'a proof. (2 folders)

Galley proof:

First draft.

Revised draft.

I Write From Washington

Correspondence, 1942

Synopsis and table of contents.

Original typescript -- with revisions. (2 folders)

Box 2

I Write From Washington (cont.)

Carbon typescript. (2 folders)

Printer's copy -- with revisions. (3 folders)

Madame Minister

Correspondence, 1939.

Plot outline -- with notes.

Plot outline -- with revisions.

Revised plot outline.

Synopsis of Acts II and III.

Typescript -- with revisions and corrections.

Carbon typescript.

"Mass Man in a Technological Society." Commencement address, the University of Iowa. June 6, 1969.


Correspondence, 1941.

Act I



Typescript (scene 1 and 2) -- with corrections and revisions

Typescript -- with corrections and revisions.

Typescript -- with revisions.

Carbon typescript (incomplete).

Carbon typescript.

Act II


Typescript (scenes 1 and 2) -- with corrections and revisions.

Typescript (incomplete) -- with revisions.

Typescript and carbon.


Typescript (first draft) -- with corrections and revisions.

Typescript (incomplete) -- with corrections and revisions.

Typescript (second draft) -- with corrections and revisions.

Typescript and carbon -- with revisions.

Carbon typescript. (2 copies)

The Peacemakers

Correspondence, 1961.

Typescript (incomplete) -- with corrections and revisions.

Typescript -- with corrections and revisions. (2 folders)

Galley proofs.

Page proofs.

Dust jacket.

Saturday Evening Post, Oct. 14, 1961. First installment.

The Ragged Edge

Correspondence, 1954.


Typescript -- with corrections and revisions.

Carbon typescript (incomplete).

Carbon typescript.

Sweden: The Middle Way

Typescript -- with corrections and revisions.

Carbon typescript.

This Is Your War

Layout of front matter.

Box 3

This Is Your War (cont.):

Typescript -- with corrections.

Walter Lippmann And His Times

Correspondence, 1959.

Typescript of introduction -- with corrections and revisions plus carbon typescript.

Corrections for Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. essay.

Carl Binger, "The Early Years" -- typescript with corrections and carbon typescript.

George F. Kennan, "Walter Lippmann, the New Republic, and the Russian Revolution" -- typescript with corrections (2) and carbon typescript.

Iverach McDonald, "The Logic of Allied Unity" -- typescript with corrections and carbon typescript.

Frank Moraes, "Interpreter of East and West" -- carbon typescript.

Allan Nevins, "Walter Lippmann and the World" -- carbon typescript.

Reinhold Niebuhr, "Democracy, Foreign Policy, and Education" -- carbon typescript.

Typescript of footnotes -- with corrections.

Typescript -- with corrections. (2 folders)

Galley proof with corrections.

Galley proof.

Clippings, 1959 -- 1960.


"Conference au Sommet des Journalistes," 1959.

Invitations, menus, press cards and passes, etc.

Newspaper clippings.

Norton, Howard. Memo on living conditions in the USSR.

Speeches, 1959 -- 1961.

America's Economic Supremacy by Brooks Adams, with a new evaluation by Marquis W. Childs, 1947. Page proofs.

Mighty Mississippi: Biography of a River

Typescript draft. Sixteen chapters of early draft. (Some photocopies)

Typescript draft. Fourteen chapters of draft. (Photocopies)

Chaper 15, unmarked photocopy of typescript.

Revisions of introduction and chapter sixteen. Typescript and carbon copies with corrections.

Typescript draft. Seventeen chapters of draft. (Photocopies)

Printer's copy.

Box 4

Sweden: The Middle Way on Trial

Correspondence, 1960 -- 1978.

Introduction, typescript carbon. (2 copies)

Typescript draft. (3 folders)

Sweden: The Middle Way

Typescript draft with corrections.

Childs, Marquis W. Sweden: The Middle Way. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1936. Inscribed "For Cornie with great affection. Marquis W. Childs."

Sweden: The Middle Way on Trial

Page proofs.

Printer's copy of indexes, 1979.

Printer's copy.

They Hate Roosevelt, 1936 pamphlet circulated by the Democratic National Commitee

This is Democracy

Typescript of early draft.

Typescript revisions of introduction to chapter three.

The Town I Like - - Cinton, Iowa, undated essay by Marquis W. Childs

Unidentified manuscript. Typescript carbon and photocopy.

Witness to Power

Typescript with holograph revisions. (3 folders)

Letter from Paul McCloskey, Jr. to Mrs. Jane Neylan Childs, May 19, 1982.


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