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Table of Contents

Short Stories

Biographical Note  

David Drake was born September 24, 1945 in Dubuque, Iowa. When he was ten, his family relocated to Clinton, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1967 with a BA in History (with honors) and Latin. While attending Duke Law School, he was drafted in 1969. He served in Viet Nam, part of the time as an interrogator, having learned Vietnamese. Upon returning from Viet Nam, he finished law school and went to work for the city of Chapel Hill as Assistant Town Attorney.

He had sold his first story while an undergraduate at the University of Iowa and continued to write during subsequent years. In 1980, he resigned his position as Assistant Town Attorney and drove bus while writing. In 1981 he quit driving bus to become a full time writer. While all his books are in the science fiction genre, he exercises quite a bit of latitude within this genre, writing military science fiction, fantasy, thriller, humor, sword and sorcery, epic and historical fiction. He lives in Chapel Hill with his wife, Jo.

Jacque Roethler 2002

Scope and Contents  

This collection consists of original, computer-generated typescript manuscripts created by David Drake, with handwritten corrections and comments by the author. There are manuscripts of short stories, novels, introductions, and essays as well as notes on characters and books, and plot outlines (some for books which he did not write). Paperback and foreign language editions of Drake's books are kept in the manuscript collection as well, as are publicity materials, such as postcards, and book covers and dust jackets.

Posted to the Internet June 2002.

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Archives for Drake's on-line newsletter can be found at

Baen Publications offers free downloads of some of their titles.  David Drake is one of their authors.

Box List

Box 1

Except where noted, these are the author's second draft with his holographic corrections.

Cover Art


"Air Powerless." Rear Echelon #5. Filler essay, Team Yankee. 4 pp.

"The Creation of Rome." Introduction to The Eternal City. 4 pp.

"The Enchanted Bunny. Homage to L. Sprague deCamp." Novella bound in with de Coup's The Undesired Princess. 91 pp.

"A Few More Useful Terms." Rear Echelon #4. Filler essay for Team Yankee. 4 pp.

"Jim Baen:A Personal View." Essay for World Science Fiction Convention program book. 9 pp.

"Manly's Stories." The New York Review of Science Fiction. No.166. Vol.14:no.10 (June 2002), pp.15-16. This essay will appear as the introduction to Wellman's Sin's Doorway and Other Ominous Entrances from Night Shade Books.

"The Straight Poop." Rear Echelon #3.Filler essay for Team Yankee. 4 pp.

"Trade-Off." Rear Echelon #2. Filler essay for Team Yankee. 5 pp.

"The Truth Insofar As I Know It." Essay for posthumous Wagner collection, Excorcisms and Ecstasies. Eulogy for Karl Wagner. 9 pp.

"Truth, Heroism, and Other Confusing Subjects."Afterword to Patriots. 4 pp.

Untitled essay dealing with how he wrote various stories. 37 pp.

"Welcome to the War Zone." Introduction to The Military Dimension . 4 pp. Two copies.

"Where I Get My Ideas." Afterword to Baen re-issue of Cross the Stars. 3 pp.

"Why Gallows Humor." Introduction to All the Way to the Gallows. (Includes Introductions to The Enchanted Bunny, The Noble Savages, Airborne All the Way!, Cannibal Plants From Heck, The Bond, Mom and the Kids, The Bullhead, and A Very Offensive Weapon.) 12 pp.


"An Ancient History." Introduction to Howard's Cormac MacArt. 4 pp.

[Balefires] (Tentative title.) Introduction to stories in a volume of collected works. 37 pp.

"The Old Guard Dies." (Foreword.) 3 pp.

"Skeletons at the Feast." Introduction to Phantom Regiments. Edited by Robert Adams. 5 pp.

"Men at War." Introduction to Space Infantry. 5 pp.

Introduction to Intrepid Enchanter, the Baen edition of all the Howard Shea stories . Introduction to stories in the anthology. Unpaged.



Hansen notes. Plot fragment from Vanguard.

Volund notes. Plot fragment from Vengeance.


Arc Riders
271 pp.

Birds of Prey

353 pp.

Counting the Cost

230 pp.


354 pp.

The Fourth Rome (Arc Riders). Co-authored wiith Janet Morris. Parts 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,21. Drafts of Drake's chapters in the full novel.

Various lengths.

The Hunter Returns. Co-authored with Jim Kjelgaard. Various chapters

Second draft of Drake's chapters with the author's holographic corrections. 77 pp.

Igniting the Reaches

304 pp.


184 pp.
Box 2

Novels, continued


307 pp.

Lord of the Isles

674 pp.

Czech edition

Lt. Leary, Commanding

Incomplete. 490 pp.

Mistress of the Catacombs

645 pp.


279 pp.

Queen of Demons

667 pp. Folders 1-2 of 5

Box 3

Novels, continued

Queen of Demons, cont

667 pp. Folders 3-5 of 5

Ranks of Bronze

321 pp.


337 pp.
Rolling Hot

309 pp.

The Sea Hag

369 pp.

Servant of the Dragon

661 pp.

The Sharp End

312 pp.

The Square Deal

166 pp.

Addition. Chapters 11 and 12.

Box 4


313 pp.

Starliner. Front matter

Surface Action


Team Yankee (Graphic novel)

Team Yankee (Comic book, numbers 1-6)

Team Yankee. Part 2. "Counterpunch"

Team Yankee. Comic book. Cover art, numbers 1-3

Through the Breach

349 pp.
The Voyage
437 pp.

The Warrior

May be a portionof the short novel. Unpaged

With the Lightnings

392 pp.

German edition Mission auf Kostroma

Box 5


Atplot. [Lord of the Isles]

Typescript manuscript with author's holographic corrections. 35 pp.

The Chosen (Follow on stories for the General series). Written by S. M. Stirling.

Typescript manuscript with author's holographic corrections. 15 pp.

Crown of Empire. By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Typescript manuscript with author's holographic corrections. 13 pp.

Dragon, the Book

Typescript manuscript with author's holographic corrections. Unpaged.

The General Series written by S. M. Stirling, including The General, The Forge, The Hammer, The Anvil, and The Steel

Typescript manuscript. Various lengths.

Geirroth. For Justice

Typescript manuscript with author's holographic corrections. 4 pp.

Into the Hinterlands

Typescript manuscript with the author's holographic corrections. 20 pp.

The Rebel/The Green Planet

Typescript manuscript with author's holographic corrections. 13 pp.Book will probably never be written.

Servant of the Dragon

Typescript manuscript with author's holographic corrections. 41 pp.

Skirmish. For Justice

Typescript manuscript with author's holographic corrections. 4 pp.

Short stories

"Airborne All the Way" 13 pp.

"Band of Brothers" Unpaged.

"Bargain" 33 pp.

["Bogtrotter Bunny"]. Draft of Elfin Pipes of Northworld (joke). Unpaged. (4 pages)

"The Box" 46 pp.

"The Bullhead" 43 pp.

"Cannibal Plants From Heck" 21 pp.

"Coming Up Against It" 20 pp.

"The End" Unpaged.

"Exile" 227 pp.

"Facing the Enemy" 26 pp.

"The False Prophet" 72 pp.

"The Gold" 37 pp.

"A Grand Tour" 84 pp.

"The Immovable Object" 144 pp.

"The Irresistible Force" 52 pp.

" King Tyrant Lizard" 62 pp.

"Lambs to the Slaughter" 70 pp.

"A Land of Romance" 29 pp.

"The Land Toward Sunset" 68 pp.

"Liberty Port." Incomplete. 56 pp.

"Mission Accomplished" Unpaged.

"Mom and the Kids."

"The Murder of Halley's Comet" Unpaged.

"Neck or Nothing" 188 pp.

"Night March" 21 pp.

"The Noble Savages" 40 pp.

"The Political Process" 142 pp.

"Smash and Grab." Rough draft with author's holographic corrections. Unpaged.

"Smash and Grab, A Story of the Fleet" 12 pp.

"To Bring the Light" 58 pp.

"The Tradesmen" 17 pp.

"The Waiting Bullet" Unpaged.

"The Way We Die" 14 pp.

"Wisdom" 26 pp.

"With the Sword He Must Be Slain" 24 pp.

January 2004 addendum

Box 6

Belcher, Rod. "Tour of Duty." Starlog, No. 301 (August [2002?]), pp. 80 -- 84. (Article about Drake)

Book jackets

The Honorverse Disk. Introducing the Baen CD-ROM library

Servant of the Dragon. Two volume audio casette collection

August 2004 Addendum

Miniature action figure of Drake as one of Hammer's Slammers

December 2004 Addendum


Goddess of the Ice Realm

Paperback. UK edition

Audio cassette

Master of the Cauldron. Advance uncorrected proof

The World Turned Upside Down. Co-edited by Drake

Iowa Alumni Magazine, June, 2004

April 2006 Addendum


Choosing Sides. In an anthology, The Warmasters. Riverdale, N.Y.: Baen Publishing Enterprises, 2004

Publicity, including brochures, postcards, and bookmarks

September 2006 Addendum


"Hugh and Manly."  A Memorial Tribute to Hugh B. Cave, edited by Tom Roberts. Bloomington, Il./Barrington, Il.: Black Dog Books in Association With Tattered Pages Press, 2004


The Fortress of Glass. Advance uncorrected proof

Tor paperback edition

Master of the Cauldron. Tor paperback edition

Lord of the Isles. Tor special paperback edition

Box 7

Northworld. Polish edition

Other Times Than Peace. Baen paperback edition

The Way to Glory. Baen paperback edition



The World Turned Upside Down. Baen paperback edition

2007-2008 Addendum


Some Golden Harbor

Baen hardback edition

Baen softcover edition

The Dance of Time

Baen softcover edition

Lietenant Leary Commanding

German edition

Servant of the Dragon

Russian edition


The David Drake "When the Tide Rises" Disk. Baen CR-ROM Library, Version 15.


The New York Review of Science Fiction. Vol. 19:No 222(February 2007). Contains two articles about Drake and one by him.

2009 Addendum


Belasarius II: Storm at Noontide. 2009, Baen Books.Paperback

The Best of Jim Baen's Universe 2006. Edited by Eric Flint. 2007, Baen Books. Hardback

Box 8

Far Side of the Stars. 2008, Verlagsgruppe Randon House. German edition. Paperback

In the Stormy Red Sky. 2009, Baen Books. Paperbac. Includes publicity in the form of bookmarks and postcard

The Mirror of World. 2007, Tor. Paperback

When the Tide Rises. 2008, Baen Books. Paperback

2010 Addendum


Balefires. 2009, NIghtshade Books. Paperback

The Best of the Bolos. Baen Books 2010.Created by Keith Laumer. Drake has a story in this paperback anthology

The Books of the Wars. Baen Books, 2009. By Mark Geston, introduction by Drake. Paperback

The Complete Hammer's Slammers, Volumes 1-3. 2008, Baen Books. Paperback

Hammer's Slammers. 2009, Mongoose Publishing. By Gareth Hanrahan with a foreword by David Drake. This is the instruction booklet for the role playing game based upon Drake's Hammer's Slammers series.

The High Crusade. Baen Books, 2010. By Poul Anderson, with an appreciation by Drake. Paperback

In the Stormy Red Sky. 2009, Baen Books. Paperback

The Gods Return. 2008, Tor Books. Paperback

Patriots. 2009 Baen Books. Paperback

Queen of  Demons. French edition, 2009

Lord of the Isles. French edition, 2008


Thunder Run, Vol. 24:No. 3 (3rd  Quarter, 2009).

Box 9

2011 Addendum


Battlestations. Prime Books. 2001. Paperback. Edited by David Drake and Bill Fawcett. Contains two stories by Drake: "Facing the Enemy" and "Failure Mode"

Citizens: Military Science Fiction by Military Veterans. Baen Books. 2011. Paperback. Anthology including a Drake short story, "Under the Hammer"

Into the Hinterlands. Baen Books. 2011. Paperback, uncorrected page proofs. Co-authored with John Lambshead

The Legions of Fire. Tor Fantasy. 2010. Paperback.

What Distant Deeps. Baen Books. 2010. Paperback


Bull Spec: A Magazine of Speculative Fiction. Contains an excerpt from Legions of Fire and an interview with Drake

Thunder Run. Contains an essay by Drake, "Five Firebases"

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