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Photographs: Box 2 (a and b)

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Biographical Note

Carroll Lane Fenton was born in 1900 on a farm in Butler County, Iowa, near the town of Costor. Between the ages of five and ten he lived in Saskatchewan, where the birds, coyotes, and other wildlife, combined with the books of Ernest Thompson Seeton, stimulated his early interest in nature study. After his return to Iowa, the fossil deposits near his home in Charles City, extended this scientific interest to paleontology.

In 1926, Fenton received a doctoral degree in geology from the University of Chicago. He has held positions at the University of Michigan, the University of Cincinnati, the University of Buffalo, and at Rutgers, has conducted seminars in nature writing at Northern Arizona University. In 1938 -- 1939, he was the director of science broadcasts for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and for several years he was consultant in general science for the magazine Children's Activities.

Together with his wife, Mildred Adams, a fellow Iowan who is also a geologist and writer, he traveled extensively in North, Central, and South America gathering material for his books. Most of these books, some written for children and others for adults, are illustrated with drawings he made himself. Fenton has also published numerous articles in professional and popular scientific magazines, including the American Midland Naturalist, Pan-American Geologist, Nature Magazine, Scientific Monthly, and the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America. Carroll Lane Fenton died in 1969.

Mildred Adams Fenton, was born near West Branch, Iowa. She graduated from the University of Iowa, where her interest in geology and fossils had been aroused. She met her husband Carroll Lane Fenton while they were both undergraduates and they were married in 1921.

The Fentons spent the next ten years as students and research workers, devoting their summers to field trips on which they studied modern animals as well as ancient rocks and fossils. When Carroll began to write popular books for children and adults, Mildred acted as critic, research assistant, typist, and photographer. The next step was co-authorship, which began with a volume for adults and was soon followed by one for children.

 Box 1

Animal and Plants

Printer's typescript.

Mock-up illustrations.

Dust jacket.

Basic Biology

Galley proofs. (2 folders)

Birds We Live With

Correspondence, 1963.

First draft with corrections and revisions. (2 folders)

Original typescript with revisions.

Typescript. (2 folders)

Index. Typescript.

Galley proofs.

Page proof without illustrations.

Page proofs with illustrations.

Dust jacket.

The Fossil Book

Printer's typescript with revisions. (4 folders)

Galley proofs. (3 folders)

 Box 2

The Fossil Book (cont.)

Page proofs. (4 folders)

Goldie Is A Fish

Printer's typescript.

Galley proof.

In Prehistoric Seas

Correspondence, 1961 -- 1962.

Typescript with corrections and revisions.

Typescript carbon.

Galley proofs.

Reproduction proofs.

The Land We Live On

Correspondence, 1964 -- 1966.

Original manuscript with corrections and revisions.

Pages rejected from original manuscript.

Typescript with corrections and revisions.

Typescript carbon.

Printer's typescript with revisions.

Material prepared by publisher without author's knowledge.

Photographs and negatives.

Designer mock-ups.

First edition with tentative changes for edition actually published.

The Moon for Young Explorers

Printer's typescript.

Galley proofs.

Page proofs.

 Tales Told By Fossils

Original manuscript with revisions. (2 folders)

Corrections and revisions.

Suggested changes.

Typescript carbon.

Printer's typescript with revisions.

Photograph and negative.

Mock-up of front cover.

 Box 3

Tales Told By Fossils (cont.) 

Galley proofs. (2 folders)

Page proofs.

Reproduction proofs.

Worlds in the Sky

Printer's typescript.

Galley proofs.

Page proofs.

Animals and Plants

Reproduction proofs.

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