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C ollection Dates: 1943 -- 1970
9.5 linear ft.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

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Box Contents List

Administrative Information

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Biographical Note

Marjorie Holmes (1910-2002) was born in Storm Lake, Iowa and graduated from Cornell College. She worked in the College of Education, State University of Iowa following graduation and met her first husband there. One of her stories, "The General Comes Home," was bought by MGM. She wrote newspaper columns and radio scripts as well.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, manuscripts of novels and stories, galley proofs, and notes.

Acquisition and Processing Information

These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by Miss Holmes, 1947 -- 1970.

Guide posted to Internet: 1998

Box Contents List

Box 1


Author lecture series (Doubleday)

Fan letters




Column ("Love and Laughter")

General correspondence

Hallmark cards

Correspondence with journals

Better Homes and Gardens. 2 folders

Better Living

Family Circle


House Beautiful



Readers Digest

The Woman

Woman's Day

Writers Digest

Marie McSwigal

Letters from school children


Articles and short stories

"13 Steps Toward Self-Confidence"

"The Amber Monkey"

"Appointment for Lunch"

"Bouquet for Betty"

"Can Children Ruin Your Marriage"


"Children -- Bless 'Em, They're Worth It"

"The Creative Article"

"A Dad, a Boy, and a Car"

"Don't You Be My Valentine"

"The Family Table"

"Friend of the Family" (Original title: "William Don't Want To")

"A Girl Like Judy"

"Goodbye Family, Hello World"

"How To Get Along With Your Mother-In-Law"

"How to Stuff a Fish"

"Just Between Us Barns"

"To Keep the World Out"

"The Last Teacher"

"Let's Be Gullible, Girls"

"Love and Laughter." First drafts for the newspaper column. 2 folders

"Make Me Beautiful for Him"

"Mother's Apron"

"My Thirty Years With Writer's Digest"

"A Mother Speaks Up for Censorship"

"Of Mothers, Sons, and Pants "

"Old Cow's Tail"

"Prayers sold to Woman's Day Magazine"

"Prose Poems sold to House Beautiful"

"The Real Intimacy in Marriage"

"Second Wife"

Short short stories

"Comic Valentine"

"A Date With Her Daughter"

"Formula For Self Help"

"How Not To be Loved By Your Landlord"

"Just One More Man"

"Matinee Price"

"Mother's Having a Baby"

"The Rubbers"

"The Untouched"

"Sister Act"

"Two From Galilee"

"We's Miss the Sunsets Without Them"

"What A Nice Guy"

Box 2 Articles and Short Stories, cont.

What a Wonderful Thing is a Floor

What Parents Can Do About Obscenity

Why Women Can't Talk to Their Husbands and Why Men Can't Talk to Their Wives

You Can Help Prevent Infidelity


And Always Tomorrow (Published with the byline Sarah Lorenz)

Fair copy. Carbon copy


Cherry Blossom Princess

First draft

Final draft


Galleys. In box 7

Follow Your Dream

First draft showing revisions and deletions

Final draft? Carbon copy

Printer's copy, typescript manuscript

Correspondence and notes

Galleys. In box 7

God and Vitamins

Typescript with revisions and corrections. 3 folders

Galleys. 2 folders. In Box 7

How Can I Find You, God?

Rough draft and notes. 2 folders

Rough draft. 2 folders

Notes and outline

Second draft

Foundry proof. In Box 7

Final galley. In Box 7

Box 3 Books, cont.

How Can I Find You, God?

Setting proofs. 2 folders

How Tall Am I, Mother?

I've Got to Talk to Somebody, God

Rough draft and notes

Draft with revisions and corrections

Carbon, final version

Foundry proof. In box 7

Readers set galleys. In box 7

Love and Laughter

Selected columns for inclusion in the book. 2 folders

Typescript draft. 2 folders

Typescript draft. Carbon copy

Items dropped from the book

Page proofs. In Box 7

Final galley. In Box 7

Love is a HopscotchThing


First draft

Final draft

Galleys. In Box 7

Nobody Else Will Listen

Rough draft

Typescript draft. 2 folders

Final draft with printers instructions

Galleys. In box 7

Box 4 Books, cont.

Saturday Night

First draft

Correspondence. 2 folders

Senior Trip

First draft

Carbon typescript with corrections

Final draft with printer's instructions

Miscellaneous notes

Correspondence and notes

Galleys. In box 7

Ten O'Clock Scholar

Typescript draft with revisions. 2 folders

First draft with revisions. 3 folders

Second draft with revisions. 2 folders

Third version. Incomplete.

Front matter

Correspondence. 4 folders

Publicity and review materials

Who Am I, God? (Originally titled I've Got to Talk Some More)

First plan. 2 folders

Box 5 Books, cont.

Who Am I, God? (Originally titled I've Got to Talk Some More), cont.

First draft with changes. 2 folders

Final draft

Carbon copy


Galleys. In Box 7

World By the Tail

Typescript draft. 3 folders

Fair copy. 3 folders

Correspondence. 3 folders

Writing the Creative Article

Rough draft

First carbon

Changes, substitutions, corrections

Permissions correspondence

Reviewers and promotion


You and I and Yesterday

Nostalgia articles sold to Today's Health retyped and included in the book


Box 6

Letters to Mrs. Meade


Miscellaneous papers

Notebooks from classes

Radio appearances

Speaking dates

Box 7


Cherry Blossom Princess

Follow Your Dream

God and Vitamins. 2 folders

How Can I Find You, God? 2 folders

I've Got to Talk to Somebody, God. 2 folders

Love and Laughter. 2 folders

Love is a Hopscotch Thing

Nobody Else Will Listen

Senior Trip

Who Am I, God?




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