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Collection Dates: 1951 -- 1983

(Bulk Dates: 1960s to 1970s)

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Posted to Internet: June 2002

Addendum: 2007



Acquisition Note: These materials were donated to the University of Iowa Libraries by the Des Moines Register in 1985.


Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research. Copies of materials cannot be made without the express written permission of a representative of the Des Moines Register, except in cases of dissertation, thesis, or other scholarly work.


Photographs: Box 1


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Related materials

Frank Miller: Cartoons As Commentary : Three Decades at the Register.
Des Moines, Iowa: Des Moines Register, 1983. Location: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Iowa Authors Collection No call number
MAIN Library F621 .M46 1983


Scope and Contents


The papers of Frank Miller, editorial cartoonist for the Des Moines Register are organized into four series: I: correspondence and related documents; II: a group of editorial cartoons with color overlays; III: a large number of actual (metal) engraved printing plates for Miller's cartoons; and IV: a group of printed cartoons (mostly 8 x 10 inches and larger) listed on a linked page.


Three indexes accompany this collection: A list of Library of Congress subject headings used to describe the cartoons in this collection; a list of personal names of persons appearing in the cartoons; and a chronological list of cartoon titles and captions that have been fully or partially dated to publication.

Box List


Series I


Box 1




Correspondence, 1951 -- 1983


"For a Veteran of the War: Yuletide Raises Specter of Korea's Kids." Des Moines Register, December 25, 1953

Frank Miller -- Cartoons as Commentary: Three Decades at the Register. Drafts of introduction by James Flansburg

Frank Miller Looks at Life

Gas Shortage

Iowa Winters

Obituary Material, 1983 and undated


Speech Notes


Series II

Box 2

Cartoons with overlays and color processes:

"According to his calculations their names should..."

And It's Only Got Ten Miles On It

"And This Is Just the Exhibition Season"

Another Hat in the Ring?

"Aren't You Going to Ask Us Any Questions About Our Lifestyle?"

Back When Things First Started Getting Noisy

"The Band Played Well"

A Big Parade This Week

[Camping Area]

Christmas In Iowa

"Give My Regards to Howard Cosell"

"Good Heavens! I Miss Howard Cosell!"

"Guess Old Walt Isn't Going to Retire From Farming for a While...."

"He's Not Going to Give Up Anything. The Inch, The Foot, The Mile...."

Helpful Holiday Hint: Never Let a Man Gift Wrap Anything

"Henry! You Aren't Planning to Grow Any More Zucchini in the Garden this Summer...."

"I Can Drive OK. With A Few Drinks in Me...."

Iowa: Where the Good Life Is

"Just Because You Talked to the President Yesterday...."

Just What We Needed

"Let's Get Up An Office Pool on When and Where It Will Hit"

Next: 100 Foot Triple-Bottom Trucks

"Nobody Can Complain About This. We Ain't Long and...."

Now For the Greatest Communicator of All

The Old Tightwad Takes a Ride

Our Latest Gunboat

Our Own Super Bowl

Our Statue of Liberty in Florida

"Our Vegetable Garden Isn't a Total Disaster...."

The Spirit of 1981

Strategy Meeting On the Mound

Terrace Hill

"There's Plenty of Gas Now So Let's Produce One...."

They Say It's a Simple Machine

Those `Wonderful' Fourths When Moms Cooked, Yelled and Cried a Lot

The Trouble with Violin Lessons

"What This Town Needs Right Now is a Good, Old Fashioned Cherry Bomb Explosion."

What's So Unusual About a Volcano

U175 -- U182 (untitled cartoons)

Series III

Box 3

Engraved printing plates, 1956 -- December 11, 1961

Box 4

Engraved printing plates, December 12, 1961 -- March 24, 1963

Box 5

Engraved printing plates, March 25 -- June 1963

Box 6

Engraved printing plates, July -- December 1963

Box 7

Engraved printing plates, January -- May 15, 1964

Box 8

Engraved printing plates, May 16, 1964 -- March 15, 1965

Box 9

Engraved printing plates, March 16 -- December 1965

Box 10

Engraved printing plates, January -- July 1966

Box 11

Engraved printing plates, August 1966 -- June 1967

Box 12

Engraved printing plates, July 1967 -- December 1968

Box 13

Engraved printing plates, January 1969 -- March 15, 1970

Box 14

Engraved printing plates, March 16 -- July 15, 1970

Box 15

Engraved printing plates, July 16 -- October 1970

Box 16

Engraved printing plates, November 1970 -- February 18, 1971

Box 17

Engraved printing plates, February 19 -- May 15, 1971

Box 18

Engraved printing plates, May 16 -- July 1971

Box 19

Engraved printing plates, August -- December 1971

Box 20

Engraved printing plates, January -- April 1972

Box 21

Engraved printing plates, May -- September 15, 1972

Box 22

Engraved printing plates, September 16, 1972 -- January 1973

Box 23

Engraved printing plates, February -- June 1973

Box 24

Engraved printing plates, July -- December 1973

Box 25

Engraved printing plates, January -- March 1974

Box 26

Engraved printing plates, April -- July 15, 1974

Box 27

Engraved printing plates, July 16 -- November 15, 1974

Box 28

Engraved printing plates, November 16, 1974 -- April 9, 1975

Box 29

Engraved printing plates, April 10 -- July 24, 1975

Box 30

Engraved printing plates, July 25 -- November 10, 1975

Box 31

Engraved printing plates, November 11, 1975 -- February 1976

Box 32

Engraved printing plates and negative, March 1976 -- October 1978

Box 33

Negatives, October 1978 -- October 1979

Box 34

Negatives, November 1979 -- December 1980

Box 35

Negatives, January -- December 1981

Box 36

Negatives, January -- November 1982

Box 37

Engraved printing plates and negatives, December 1982 -- February 1983 and undated

Series IV

Inventory of printed cartoons (generally 8 x 10 inches or larger)

Map case #3, drawer #4

3 large crayon drawings. ( 2 from 2007 addendum, 1 from 2009 gift of Diane Brotherton)

Merry Christmas to all Iowans Everywhere. Color poster


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