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Collection Dates: 1935 -- 1963
(Bulk Dates: 1960s)
3 linear ft.

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Posted to Internet: January 1998

Acquisition Note: Mr. Powell began giving his papers to the University of Iowa in 1950.

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Table of Contents

Biographical note

Scope and contents

Box 1 -- Correspondence, A -- H

Box 2 -- Correspondence, H -- "The Problem of the First Federal Congress, 1789 -- 1791"

Box 3 -- "The Problem of the First Federal Congress, 1789 -- 1791" -- "The Rush Family Papers"

Box 4 "The Rush Family Papers" -- "The Trust of Time"

Box 5 "The Trust of Time" -- "White Queen"

Box 6 "White Queen"

Box 7 "White Queen" -- Offprints

Biographical Note

John H. Powell, 1914 -- 1971, was born in Ottumwa, Iowa. Educated at Swarthmore College and the University of Iowa, he later taught history at Iowa State University and the University of Delaware. Powell also served as the research director of the Free Library of Pennsylvania, 1945 -- 1949.

Powell wrote many historical works, including Richard Rush, Republican Diplomat and Bring Out Your Dead, a work concerning the yellow fever epidemic of 1793. He authored numerous articles for such magazines as the Saturday Review of Literature, Reader's Digest, and South Atlantic Quarterly. John Powell died January 1, 1971.

Scope and Contents

The John H. Powell papers include approximately three linear feet of material and consist primarily of correspondence and material involved with his various writings. The correspondence series includes letters from historians such as Catherine Drinker Bowen, Julian Boyd, Lyman Butterfield, and Caroline Robbins. The writings series includes notes and various drafts of his works and two unpublished plays. The American Philosophical Society Library also has a collection of John H. Powell's papers, primarily those concerning Powell's biography of John Dickinson.

Box 1


Adler, Philip D., 1946 -- 1962. (Lee group)

Bowen, Catherine Drinker, 1946 -- 1958

Bowen, Catherine Drinker, 1959 -- 1963

Bowen, Catherine Drinker, undated

Boyd, Julian P., 1935 -- 1944

Boyd, Julain P., 1945 -- 1962

Boyd, Julian P., undated

Butterfield, Lyman H., 1945 -- 1954, undated

Carolina Playmakers, 1962 -- 1963

Elder, Earl and Orpha, 1958 -- 1962

Hasso, Signe, 1957 -- 1963

 Box 2

Correspondence (cont.)

Howell, Miriam, 1959 -- 1965

McGill, James and Ruth

1961 -- 1963


Minis, H. Philip, 1962 -- 1963

Miscellaneous, 1938 -- 1943, undated, (including Jay N. Darling, Lessing Rosenwald, W.W. Waymack, Henry Commager, Whitfield Bell, Thomas Adams, Arthur Sulzberger, Howard Peckham, Caroline Robbins, Solon Buck, Charles David, Wyane Grover, Edward S. Corwin, Gilbert Seldes, Hervey Allen, Stanley Pargellis, Mark Van Doren, Luther Evans, Lawrence Gipson, Frank Aydelotte, Lawrence Wroth, and Louis Wright)

Segal, Bernard G., 1960 -- 1962, undated

Wilmerding, Lucius, 1945


"Additions to Aggressive Nationalism" Galleys of PENN MAG article

"The Diplomatic Relations of the United States and Chile, 1820 -- 1914" Notebook

"Monroe Doctorine" Notebooks

"The National Government in Crisis, 1811 -- 1817" Notebook

"Out Youth, Our Joys, and ALL" Notes

"The Problem of the First Federal Congress, 1789 -- 1791":

Annals -- First Congress, 1789

Box 3

Writings (cont.)

"The Problem of the First Federal Congress, 1789 -- 1791" (cont.):
Checklist of published letters

Evans, American Bibliography

First Congress -- holdings of the Clements Library

First Congress -- notes

First Congress -- personnel

House of Representatives -- Report #917

House Transfer of certain Records of House of Representatives to National Archives"

National Archives -- Senate File. Record Group #46

Notes and typescript

"The Rush Family Papers"

Various drafts, notes, and correspondence

Rush, Richard and John Adams -- notes

Rush, Richard:

Bibliographic notes

 Box 4

Writings (cont.)

"The Rush Family Papers" (cont.)
Rush, Richard:
Chesteridge Archives -- notes

Correspondence and notes, 1937 -- 1948


"The Trust of Time"

Correspondence, 1959 -- 1974, undated. (including letters from Caroline Robbins)

Final first draft

Final version (2 folders)

 Box 5

Writings (cont.)

"The Trust of Time" (cont.)
First typed draft

Manuscript and notes


Poetic version, before revision

Printer's copy, carbon

Revised I

Revised II

"The White Queen"


Final draft, revised

 Box 6

Writing (cont.)

"The White Queen" (cont.):
Final version (2 folders)

Final version, revised

Final version, unrevised

Manuscript and various drafts


 Box 7

Writings (cont.)

"The White Queen" (cont.):

Typescript copy


"Calendar of Letters from John Adams to Francis Adrian Van der Kemp 1783 -- 1825 in The Historical Society of Pennsylvania"

"The Debate on American Independence July 1, 1776"

"General Washington and the Jack Ass"

"Some Unpublished Correspondence of John Adams and Richard Rush, 1811 -- 1822"

"Speech of John Dickinson Opposing the Declaration of Independence, 1 July, 1776"

"Treason in Profile"

Miscellaneous, including photograph negative

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