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Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts:

Artists' Works and Correspondence Files

Collection Dates: approximately 1968 -- 2010
18 linear ft.

This document describes a collection of materials held by the
Special Collections Department
University of Iowa Libraries
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1420
Phone: 319-335-5921
Fax: 319-335-5900

Posted to Internet: March 2004, April 2006, updated 2010

Acquisition Note: Artists' Works and Correspondence Files include donations made by Buster Cleveland, Steve Durland, Ken Friedman, and Fred Truck from approx. 1980-1990.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

Copyright:  Please read The University of Iowa Libraries' statement on "Property Rights, Copyright Law, and Permissions to Use Unpublished Materials"

Use of Collections:  The University of Iowa Libraries supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted by their fragile condition or by contractual agreement with donors, and it may not be possible at all times to provide appropriate machinery for reading, viewing or accessing non-paper-based materials. Please read our Use of Manuscripts Statement.

Scope and Contents

This collection collocates a number of similar file sequences, including The Crane/Friedman Correspondence Art Collection and portions of the Ken Friedman archive, as well as items from the Buster Cleveland and Bill Gaglione collections which brings together mailart, correspondence, photographs, slides, compact discs, show announcements/posters, writings, and other ephemera by or related to various artists. Entries appear in alphabetical order according to artists' last names and gallery names.  Mailart is listed by the last name of the sender. The vast majority of artistic booklets are considered xerox art. This is an Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art collection.

Series II contains gallery announcements and Series III contains 3-D artworks.

Descriptions for each folder's contents have not been completed. Please contact us ( if you are interested in learning about the contents of a specific artist's folder.


Series I--Artists' Works and Correspondence   A-E    F-M     N-Z

Series II--Gallery Announcements

Series III--3-D Works




          Anonymous or unidentifiable (2 boxes)

409 Gallery

13th Hour Gallery

A 1 Waste Paper Co. Ltd

A Classic Pair

A Major Artist

Aballea, Martine (France).

2 envelopes and 2 letters, September 1977.

Letter, 25 November 1977. Includes art work titled "Tortura," now in artists' work file.

Printed work "Epave Assassin," no date.


Envelope with circular stamp marks addressed to Cleveland. Postmarked 1986

Advertisment Postcard with invitation to participate in the collections of Stamp Art #4. Addressed to Diane S.

Envelope with stamp marks of the space shuttle Columbia, two men in circle design, and a stamp reading "Dada land is a bad influence on Rockola". Enclosed: photocopy art with a quote from Marinetti. Numbered 2/100

Mail art, advertisement, correspondence postcard. Postmarked March, 1983. Addressed to Diane S.

Advertisment for stamps. postmarked 14 February 1983

Abrain, Sergio

Abrams, Benita (USA).

Exhibition announcement. Photo postcard, no date

Abromovitz, I

Acconci, Vito (USA).

Work on paper "Sliding Doorway," 1981

ACE. Postcard. "Foster Mothers of the Human Race." Pictures of cows with x's drawn out of their heads. December 24,1976 postmarked

Ace Comics [Empty Folder]

Aching Loins Publishing Company. Advertisment for the single "Everybody's Fucking but Me." Addressed to Ms. Mona Keaton. Postmarked January, 1979. See also Ayn Cavellini.

Ackerman, Dr. Al. (The Shunned, Portland Oregon.)

Mail Art and Correspondence. Postmarked 22 December 1976.

Foreign Ingredients, broadside

Ackerman, Blaster.

Acme, Joe

Acosta, Mimi.

The Actual Art's Gallery (Poland). Name in Polish: "Galeria Sztuki Actualnej." Founded in 1972. Envelope with letter (1972) from Zdzislaw Sosnowski (see his file assorted works of gallery artists and Sosnowski's works) and works (copies and orginal prints) by Sosnowski, Jolanta Marcolla (see her file) Dobroslaw Baginski and J. Haka. 3 exhibition catalogues 1972 -- 1973.

Acquaviva, Giovanni

Adams, Idie (USA).

Adam, J.W.

Adam, Zedonna H.

Adams, Yura

Adler, Dale

Adler, Jeremy

Adrian X, Robert

A. E. B. U. Invitation to contribute to an exhibition involving copy art, mail art, stamp art, etc. (Montevideo, Uruguay -- in Spanish). 7 December 1983

Aeghen, Jenne van

Aerosol (Belgium)


The Agent [Empty Folder]

Agius, Juan J.

Agora Studio


A+H Builders Inc.

Aiello, Alessandro.  (Italy)

Aiken, Ted

Air Step Inc.

Ajuntamenta de Caldes d'Estrac

AK Press (Scotland)

A.K.A. Fart. Mail art, catalogue entries and questions about Inter Dada. Belfast , N. Ireland . 25 July 1980

Akagraphics [Empty Folder]

Ala, Salvatore (Italy). Postmarked 1979; a poster(?) for a show

Alberto, Jose

Albrecht, Dietrich (Germany). 2 envelopes, one dated 1977. Poster for music concert 1987. Documenta 6, an alternative project, invitation to contribute. Post date 1972

Alcada, F.

Aletti, Vince. New York, New York . February 12, 1974. Envelope stamped "Collage by Ray Johnson." Enclosed: stamps (paper)

Alex, Ed. Mister View. xerograph image and text booklet

Alexander, Sara

Alexander, Zhurba

Alice Boytz and Laura Olson

Alien Communication

Alien, Gail

Alien and Shaver

All of the Above. Invitation to participate in a mail art exhibiton. Post date ? September 1977.

Allen, Gary Joe.

Short note to Steven Durland about the start of fishing season on colored black and white photocopy."Steve, Fishing season is open (April 1st -- I took 7 trout on dry flies!) - How about it? A weekend or when's yr vacation? Gary ."

5 postcards works and painting, ca. 1981.

Envelope postdated 20 July, 1982, with enclosed copy of marriage registration and note of the couple's new Identity

Letter inviting Cleveland to participate in a postcard/mail art project

Mail Art postcard declaring "Send a salami to your boy in the army." No postdate

Mailart postcard. "the social spectator" postdated 5 February 1979

Mailart postcard "special issue" in yellow. Post date October 30, 1978

Mail Art postcard. Special issue in red, with Goya black bean label. Postdate March 12, 1979

Mailart postcard. Black with the images of two stamps. Postdate November 10, 1989.

Results of mail art survey

4 letters and 3 postcards c. 1979 -- 1981.

Allen, J.

Alliance for Cultural Democracy

Allyn, Jerri (USA).

Artists' postcard

1 altered commercial postcard, ca. 1981

Alpert, Richard (USA). Black and white photo of piece titled "Ricochet," 1978

Altemus, Reed.  (USA)

The Alter Popular. Invitation to contribute to a mailart/ conceptual art project. 1982/83

Alter, Walter (USA). Little Wally's Anathema Repair Manual for the 21st Century, c.1998. pamphlet

Alternative Gallery.  (Greece)

Alternative Press Review

Altorjay, Gabor. Postcard, 1968

Amann, Stephanie (USA). Christmas card 1968 with woodcut by Irving Amen

Amazing Facts

American Biographical Institute. Invitation for inclusion in the publication International Youth in Achievement. Dated September 19, 1980

Amiard, Bernard

Amirkhanian, Charles (USA).

Envelope dated 1974 with 3 stamp works by Amirkhanian

5 stamp works by Carol Law and an unsigned work

1973 letter from Amirkhanian with rubber stamp prints

Amundsen, Andy (USA).

An Art Teacher

Anatolie Au Cafe De L'Aube

d'Ancona, Robert . Arts Corporation Enterprises. Invitation to participate in the Great Sun Day World Concert, to be held the 3rd of May 1978

And, Miekal.

Mores, Seattle: Bomb Shelter Props, 1988. booklet of poems

The Elation Symphony, Madison, WI: Xerox Sutra Editions, 1981. booklet of poems, and xerox performance art

Andersen, Eric (Denmark). "Tape-Piece," no date

Andersen, Marge

Anderson, Frank. Anderson is/was librarian at Wofford College , South Carolina.

Note about acceptance of some of his works at an International Artists' Book Show at the School of Art, Chicago

Documentation for the 1980 Mail Art Exhibit at Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina, May 1 -- 19, 1980

Folder of photocopied works titled 'Sun Suite,' 1981

Anderson, Holly

Anderson, Jeorgia

Anderson, Simon ( UK ). Empty envelope with 'Commonpress #22' written on front/back. [Presume this to be Anderson's contribution to Commonpress #22, 1979, edited by Durland, titled "You Can Know More Than We Can Tell."]

Anderson, Tim. March 1993: Assorted articles for Virtual Realities: Anthology of Industry and Culture, Carl Loeffler editor(?); April 1993: 2 articles i) David Fox, ii) Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

Andrews, Bruce. Envelope: "No. 41"; letter, no date

Andrews, K. (Canada). Postcard, 1971

Andy's Stamp Newsette

Angelo, Larry.

Anielli, Salvatore (Italy)

Aniello, Castaldo.

Envelope dated 16 July 1979. Enclosed exhibiton announcement "The first 'impossible' Mail Art 1979 Exhibition -- The sole and her double"

Mailed items, 1979.

Mailart postcard dated Sept. 29, 1979

Enveloped with stamp marks, post dated 7 October 1977?

Mailart postcard marked with elephant stamps. Postdated 9 May 1979

Envelope Postdated April 9, 1973 with information about the first 'impossible' mail art 1979 exhibition entitled "The sole and her double"


Anker, M.P. (East Germany). Empty envelope

Anker, Suzanne

Annaloro, John (USA). Bumper sticker "Member John Annaloro fan club," 1976

Annarumma, Ron

Annette Kaplan Tapestries


Anning, Peter

Anonymous Works.

5 works by unknown artists.

Work on paper "Accumulation work No. 5-01," 1971

Set of slides 1983

Book of matches with text: "Happy Birthday Tom Tom Tom as you like it!." Photo of young child on back.

Clear vinyl 45rpm record with backing with drawings of duck and text that begins, "It is possible to take the duck- rabbit....," no date. Includes images of Social Register of New York and Chicago for 1976

Folded sheet from Brazil with visual poems. Coordinated by "Clovis e Wlademir," postdated 1983

Photograph of man wearing a jacket with "Aktual" written on it plus sheet of paper with text: "Execute for everyone who is preparing a war," no date

Anthro Art. Envelope postdated 2 May 1983. Enclosed Mailart collage.

"The Meaning of Perfume," constructed booklet of photocopies

The Devil's Daughter, Iowa City: PhotoStatic Publications, 1986. booklet of a found manuscript

CancanTEXTendatION, Seattle: Vortext. small booklet

Ansell, Sage.


Antikilia and Agrafiotis

Antin, Eleanor (USA). Postcard from "100 Boots on the March," 1972

Anti-Fascist Leaflet

Anti-Value [Empty Folder]

Antonakos, Stephen (USA).

2 slides of his work

Interview and texts by David Shapiro about Antonakos' work


Antoniewicz, Mirek

Aoki and Sporadek. Flier for show at Inroads, New York City, May, 1983. announcements/pieces for two shows guest curated by Aoki & Spodarek: i) "Creatures of Habit," Inroads, Dec. 5-8, 1982; ii) "Potentially Dangerous: Unnatural Acts," Inroads, Jan/Feb., 1983

Applebroog, Ida. " Where do I Come From," autographed page from a 1977 performance

Apron's Delight

Apropos (Switzerland)

Aquino, Angelo de. Airlines '73. West Germany



Araujo, Avelino (Brazil). Postcard, postmarked 1980

Arbor, Ann

Archaeologist of the Future


Aric Black Ink

Arceneauk, Cathaun

Aresu, Enrico (Italy)

Arita gallery

Arman (France).

Photocopy of 1983 correspondence with Friedman

Color photocopy of "Cavalry."

Black and white photocopy of "Arman at work," no date

Armleder, John (Switzerland). Postcard "Une Pluie D'Etoiles Filantes," postdated 1975, The D.S. Lick Nets. Reykjavik, 1982. Assortment of small works.

Arms, Clayton

Arno Arts (Netherlands).

Call for works and list of mail-art exhibitors for "Arts on the Move"

Call for works for the Festival de Stad

Arnold, Dieter

A. R. P. Invitation to contribute to a mail art exhibition on the topic "Shall we save Venice ?" Italy: 1982 (ARP is the cultural association for visual research in conjunction with the gallery "La Roggia")

Arp, K. S. (UK).

Submissions call for "The Fast International Biennial of Mo'airmail Art 1980." Deadline May 25, 1980

letter, 1980

Arpad, Fenyvesi Toth

Arrak, Juri

Arranx-Sanchex, Miguel Luis

Arseneau, Diana

Art Against Apartheid

Art Bookstore

Art Core Meltdown

Art- Department of Visual Arts

Art Express

Art Foot

Art Ink

Art Link-Letter

Art Metropole

Art Missionary

Art Popp

Art Present

Art Programs Inc.

Art Radio

Art Rat Fan Club

Art Space

Art Style

Art Works

A.R.T. Art Recycling Terminal

Arte Ala Carte

Arte Postale

Arte Studio

Arte Verticale

Artexte/Archive (Canada)

Artist's at Large

Artist's Television Access

Artist's Union

Artlines (USA)


Arto Posto



Artpaper (USA)

Artpool (Hungary).

3 postcards with information about this art space and archive

poster for an exhibition by Gyorgy Galantai, one of Artpool's directors, Julia Galantai being the other.

Artrium Inc. Listing of works available from La Rose Products (Stephen Harlow & Gillian Garro), 1978

Artware (Germany)


A's. 330 Broom St., New York, New York.

Poster for performance.

Eric Bogosian Post New Year's Party and photocopied art. (Cleveland included) January 5, 1980

Asher, Larry (USA).

Ashwander, D.S. (USA). The Selected Letters of D.S. Ashwander, Gilford, NH: Tray Full of Lab Mice Publications, 1990. booklet of reproduced letters

Ashworth, Robert (USA). America at 10 Miles Per Hour, Bellingham, WA: self published, 1993. travelogue from a bike ride across America


Associated Art Publishers.

Conference registration form for 2nd conference held at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Newsletter, 1979.

Mail art exhibition announcement, 1977.

Sock of the Month Club letter, with sock, 1977.

page of copied stamps

Assorted Slides. One slide per person including Don Boyd, Manny Farber, Sidney Goodman, Tes Stamm, Richard Kalina, Joan Snitzer, James Torlakson

Astman. Barbara

Astorri, Marco

Astro Artz.

Circular from Linda Burnham regarding late schedule of issue #17 of High Performance magazine, 1982.

3 letters, 1983.

1 postcard announcing a Bob and Bob booksigning party.

Atchley, Dana

Atelier Bonanova

Atelier de I'lle

Athanasiou, Tom. US Politics & Global Warming, WestField, NJ: Open Media, 1991. open magazine pamphlet series

Attalai, Gabor (Hungary). Four black and white photographs "Toward a Black Portrait," selfportrait, 1971


Aubin, Barbara.


AVA Gallery. Announcement. Exhibitions by William Haust (Drawings and Kallitypes) and Robert Saunders (Stamping Activities). May 29 through June 27 (no postmark date). (Hanover, New Hampshire )

Avant Garde Museum of Temporary Art

Avau, Roger (Belgium)

Avenue B School of Art . (see John Evans)

Avery, Rose

2 Letters, 1983.

A-Wing Art Wall


Aylon, Helene



Baccelli, Vittorio

Bacher, Lutz


4 envelopes (2 with identical contents).

8 postcards announcing works for sale and Dimanche exhibitions (Yves Klein, Andy Warhol)

Card announcing show of Dieter Roth books, etc... with Roth rubber stamp image on front, 2 catalogues #L104 & L106

Bacon, Sir Francis

Baer, Freddie (USA). Calendar, San Francisco: 1988.

The Bag Lady

Bagworm, Kathy Acker: Novelist with Wound. small booklet about Acker

Bailey, Sylvia

Bailiff, Jon.

Bailly, M.

Baird, Andy and W. Joe Hoppe, Luke McGuff et. al.

Pocketful of Mirrors, Minneapolis: 1988. booklet of poems and drawings

Chain letter, 1980.

Bak, Imre (Hungary). 6 works dates 1972

Baker, Carlyle (Canada)

Baker, Matthew J.

Baker, Murray. (UK)

Baker, Sherl L.

Baker, Tony.  (UK)

Bakhchanyan, Vagrich

Bal, Eduard

Balazs, Kovacs (Hungary)

Baldesari, John

Baldini, Marco (Italy). Letter postdated 1978 with gold leaf enclosure

Balcells, Eugenia.

Balcellos, Vera.

Balkin, Steve and Barbara (USA). Postcard

Banana, Anna (Canada). (3 Folders)

Pre-publication offer for Vile, #6 (Fe-Mail Art)

Copied work with work by Dick Higgins on reverse.

1 flyer for the Marinetti Brigade performances, November. 10 -- 26, 1977 and other for West Coast International Sound Poetry Festival, La Mamelle, SF, November 18, 1977

Schwarz Galleria D'arte (Milan) announcement

letter from Arturo Schwarz to Anna Banana, October 2, 1974.

various empty envelopes

page of stamps

assorted mailed color copy art

Banana postcard to Durland (copy enclosed, original moved to artists' files)

Flyer for the 1980 Banana Olympics; Flyer for New Sound Poems, La Mamelle, 6 August 1977

Assorted Postcards, c. 1977 - 1980.

(Folder 2) large envelope titled "Memorabilia: Anna Banana," number 18/20.

(Folder 3) Two letters and a 15 page folder containing assorted documentation of Banana's projects and copies of publications; assorted publications, postcards, documentation and catalogue, etc.

Banana Queen, The

Bananaco North.

Bandes, D.

Bane, McDonald

Banning, Rick.

Barahona, Regina.

Baranyay, Andras. Black and white photo titled "Decoupure," 1972

Barber, Bruce (Australia). 5 text pieces and a photo-work, 1972 --1973

Barber, Daniel. Make your own Book, 1977. artwords&bookworks

Barbosa, Manoel (Portugal)

Barbot, Gerard.  (USA)

Barboza, Diego

Barcellos, Vera Chaves (Brazil). Empty envelope postdated 1980

Bardley, Tony. (UK)

Barger, Susan

Barnes, R.

Barneveld, Aart Van

Baron Von Geraldo.

Baroni, Vittore (Italy)

(Folder 1) Poster for 'Esposizione Internazionale Arte Postale,' September 1 -- 16 1979, Commune di Forte dei Marmi.

Assorted announcements for projects/publications.

"Sema-Cahier" project invitation and invitation for "Political Satire" issue of Commonpress #23, 1979.

(Folder 2) assorted copy art, stamps, letters

Futurgappismo 1, factotumbook 21, 1978.

(Folder 3) Near the Edge Editions

Assorted mailings

POSTCARDSBOX - AP! 27   Oversize Box 1

TRAX 0282 - HORRORBOX  Oversize Box 1

100% TRUX - NEAR THE EDGE (100 copie -- 3)  Oversize Box 1

"Global Female" poster  Oversize Box 1


Barr, Maureen


Barr, Norma Jane.

Barran, Slater

Barrett, M.

Barrile, Paolo

Barrios, Alvaro

Barron, Stephen (France)

Basile, Bob.

Bastian, Linda

Bates, Keith.  (UK)

Bathroom Video

Battarra, Enzo

Battershall, Don.

Battsti, Carlo

Bauermeister, Rene (Switzerland?). 6 works including 2 postcards, 2 black and white photographs and printed works

Baum, Timothy

Bay Area Dadaists (USA). B.A.D. is a loose grouping of artists that formed in the mid 1970s including Anna Banana, Bill Gaglione, and Tim Mancusi and others.

Assorted works and stickers.

stamped envelopes

1 letter, 1978.

"Sound poems" poster

Sound poems rehearsel

Bay Area Neo-Mondoists

Bay Area Rapid Folders (BARF)

Beale, Paul L.

Beaper, Robert (USA). Highbrowed Cockroach, San Francisco: Panic Button Press, 1991. poetry booklet

Beard, Peter

Beau, Christopher.


Becciani, Gianni (Italy).

Beckett, Terry R.

Becker, Carl.

Becker, Randall

Beckwith, Chris (USA)

Beef. Poster advertizing subscriptions

Behrens-Bingham, Madeline.

Beilman, Patrick.

assorted letters, c.1980

1981 Postcard


2 gallery announcements: Woodland Pattern, October/November, 1981 (one person) and group show at The Key Gallery, New York, December/January 1982.

"Cowtown Art" poster, 1980.

Beining, Guy R.

"Blade of Words," Scorebroadsides. broadside

Botola, Seattle: Bomb Shelter, 1987. booklet of collage, book design and cover by Mike Miskowski

Piecemeal: part two, Port Charlotte, Fl: Runaway Spoon Press, 1988. booklet with an into by Harry Polkinhorn

Stoma, 1322, 1987. poem booklet

Beke, Laszlo (Hungary). 2 works and letter, 1972 -- 1973

Belbis, Dr. E.I.

Beley, Jeanne Hughes

Belis, John

Bell, Lillian.

Bell, Michael (USA).

Postcard 1977.

Postcard with Bell text dated 1978

Belle, L.

Bellin, Leon.

Bellini, Lancillotto

Below, Peter (Germany).

Mailed pamphlet, Mixed Media Editions, c.1975.

Assorted letters, c.1979

Various booklets and posters

Buddhette Documents, vol. II, no. 1, 1997 Oversize Box 1

Belt, Mike.

Benes, Barton Lidice

Bengston, Billy Al

Bennet, Gael (USA). 7 works on paper and a black and white photo-selfportrait

Bennett, John and Catherine Mehrle (2 folders).

Numerous postcard works, printed cards and printed sheets, ca. 1977 -- 1981.

Numerous letters and printed matter. ca. 1978 -- 1981; to Jon Cone 2004-2005.

Bennett, John M. (USA).

Bull, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2006. Booklet of poems

Clou, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2009. Booklet of poems

Humo Letrado, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2009. Booklet of poems

Leaks, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2009. Booklet of poems

Torn Door, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2009. Booklet of poems

Voclalo [poems in Spanish by Bennett; transductions by Jon Cone], Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 2009. Booklet of poems

13 Spits, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1986. booklet of poems

Nose Death, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1984. booklet of poems

Motel Moods, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1980. booklet of poems

Burning Dog, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1983. booklet of poems

Luna Bisonte Prods, Catalogue no. 12, 1987

"The Small Room," poem leaflet

"Ax Tongue" sticker

"The Drive," poem leaflet

"Skirting the Closet," poem leaflet

Waves, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1993. small booklet of poems

Milk, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1990. booklet of poems

Various letters, newsletters, c. 1978.

Bennet, John M. and Al Ackerman (USA).

Said in the Chair, A Thirsting? Book, 1987, Visual Impairment Editions, single page poem booklet

The Pup: First in an Irregular Series of Emissions, Visual Impairment Editions, 1987, single page booklet of poems

Swelling, Port Charlotte, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1988. small booklet of poems

Bennet, John M. and Robin Crozier (USA).

Fake Fried Eggs, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1993. small booklet

Prix Dor, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1993. small booklet

Benson, Jay Marsh

Bentivoglio, M.

Berg, Barry.

Bergmann, Libby

Bergner, Peter

Bericat, Pedro (Spain)

Berke, Robert Christian

Berker, Phyllis A.

Berkeley Public Library

Berkman, Phil

Berkson, Bill.  (USA)

Bermudes, John.

Berndt, John.  (USA)

Berner, Jeff.  (USA)

Bernhardt, Ulrich

Berry Jake,

The Pandemonium Spirit, Tempe, AZ: BS Propaganda, 1986. writings and collage

Unnon Theories, Seattle: Bomb Shelter Props, 1989. poems and graphics

Bertacca, Carlo.

Bertrand, Diane

Besson. Octobre, Kyoto: Fac Simili Press, 1977.

Best, Diane

Best Impressions. Information about their 'Best Impressions' catalogue.

Beth (West Germany)


Beuys, Joseph (Germany). 2 letters (1972 & ?); Postcard " Heidelberg."

Bhanji, Lindley. Cocoon, Seattle: Plutonium Press, 1988. booklet of poems and drawings, book design by Chris Winkler

Bhatnagar, Raniit.

Biasci, Roberto

Biblioteca Setorial Do Insituto de Letras E Artes

Bicheles, Pavel

Bidlo, Mike

Bidner, Michael (Canada).

Big Brothers Inc.

Big Island Photo Graphics


Bille, Ph


Birdman Studio

Biron, Lionel.

3 letters regarding the show "The Great '78 Mail Art Crime Contest." One letter contains copy of letter from John Burton, Department of State, regarding information about the imprisonment of Padin and Caraballo, dated July 27, 1978.

2 letters,1978.


Bisonte, Luna

Bit of Toast

Black Board

Black and Red

Black, Bob.  (USA)

Black, Byron.  (Thailand)

Black, D.S. The Secret Screen. San Francisco: 1988

Black, Jeanie (USA). Postcard, no date

Black, Pinkie

Blah Blah: Receptacle of New Art and Literature, Santa Cruz: the Bubela Press, december 1917. prose, poetry and imagery

Blaine, Julian (France).

Letter, October 1980 giving his itinerary for a trip to New York and suggesting they try and meet up

Information on Doc(k)s (Blaine editor) artists' postcards issues of his magazine


3 printed works and a poster for a show of Julien Blaine and Jean-Claude Moineau

Letter postmarked 1970 with documentation of "pont au double" action in Paris and newspaper clipping.

Booklet "Cahier Preparatoire a L'Assemblee Generale du 29 au31 Aout 1970 des ".." ."

Bland, Tommy (USA)

Blanton, Michael


Blatt, Stacey (USA).

2 letters, 1978.

Mailing, 1980. concerning the 1979 Bard College Mail Art Show

Bless, Nancy. Letter, 1977.

Bliss Blast

Blissett, Luther and Stewart Home (UK). Green Apocalypse, London: Unpopular Books, c.1996. pamphlet


Blob, B.M. France Goes off the Rails, London:1987.

Block, Julie.

Bloom, Suzanne (USA). Postcard, 1978.

Blue Lunch

Blydenburgh, Jeffrey

Bob and Bob (USA). San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Mailing.

Bob, Larry.  (USA)

Bob Z. (USA).

Prisoncamp Reality, San Francisco: Panic Button Press, 1992. poetry booklet

self titled booklet of poems, Mad Dog Press.

A Zillion Misunderstandings. booklet of poetry and comics

Boenf, Jacques


Bogin, Nina.

Bogosian, Eric.

Boigelot, Bernard

Boksenbaum, Steven L.

Bolisarte, Bruno (USA).

Bolman, Robt.

Bonari, Adrian  (Italy).

Bond, Julian

Bondi, Judi.

Bonham, India.


Mr. Bop (Usa)

Borealis, Alice.

Boredom: 3rd Class Junk Mail Oracle, Berkeley. booklet of maps, prose, pictures

Borgman, Joan.

Borfitz, Lena

Borner, Gerd.  (West Germany)

Borrero, Angel. Postcard [NB: this might be a Ray Johnson]

Borsi, Anne.

Bory, J.F. (France).

Postcard "Contre-histoire," 1967

3 black and white photographs of collage/text works

Poster "Au Pied de la Lettre," signed, no date

Bosshard, John (USA). Work on paper "Two Faced Art Print," 1972

Bost, Claire

Bottinelli, Bickhard.

Bound and Unbound

Bourassa, Linda (USA). Iowa city: PhotoStatic Publication. booklet with image


Bowley, Craig (USA). promotional material for the self published book, They Call him Mr. Gacy: Selected correspondence of John Wayne Gacy 1979-1989

Bowling, Katherine (USA). Set of 20 color slides of her work

Bowman, Gene

Box of Water

Boyd, Don (USA).

Letter, 1973.

Assorted drawings

Rubber stamp works

Envelope poems

Catalogue for "Beuys + Boyd"

Publicity for various Boyd exhibitions

2 works


Reviews of his shows

Statement on University of Iowa Dada conference.

Little Gray Book. 1981

Boyle, Mick

Bozotros Mythic Extravangazer

Bradley, Daniel F. ed. (Canada)

"Shredding trout one"

"Shreddingteeth three"

"Shreddingtea four"

3 poems by Daniel F. Bradley, Toronto: GA Press, 1988. booklet of poems

The Next Worst Thing to Being Here, ed. Gred Evanson, Sawney beane, 1988. text and image collage booklet

Bradley, Tony.

Bragg, James A.

Branco, Joaquim.  (Brazil)

Brand, Jan

Brandt, Peter

Branzaglia, Carlo.  (Italy)

Brecht, George (USA).

Postcard (Filliou "whom are you trying to put the blame on?") with message

Brecht dollar bill

Brehmer, K.P. (Germany). 6 artists' postcards


Brenneman, B.

Brett, George.

Breuer, Theo.  (Germany)

Briers, David

Bringardner, Brian

Brink, Bertil

Brodsky, Michael

Broi, Gianni

Brossa, Joan

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

Bruno, Chiarlone

Bryan, Carol

Bryant, D.S.


Bleus, Guy.

Breyne, Jean de

Bloch, Mark.

Blurr, Boz.

Boden, J.

Brinkley-Hanzy, Gene (USA).

Britton, Burt

Brockway, Sandra (USA).

Brody, Kathleen and N.G. Yrizarry, Truisms, Vol. 1. booklet of imagery

Brolio, Carol. 3 letters. 1980 -- 1981

Broome, Michael.

Brown, Francis. The Thaumatrope. single page of cutouts

Brown, Holly.

Brown, Jean.

Jean Brown Archive.

8 letters and postcard, 1977 -- 1982.

Found object work

Brown, Jim

Brown, Ken. 3 letters, 1978 -- 1981.

5 postcards and 8 photocopied sheets, 1976 -- 1981.

Postcard postdated 1980

Brown, Peter (USA). 2 sets of slides 1980 -- 1982

Brown, Robert Delford (USA).

Letter to KF dated 1972

Assorted publications and publicity for shows

Articles and reviews of Brown's activities

Brunck, Daniel.

Brunck, Jean.

Brus, Gunther (Austria). Brochure documenting unidentified action

Bruscky, Paulo (Brazil).

Envelope and chain letter, 1979, and title of Commonpress #22 (Durland edited), so presumably submission for this issue.

Flyer with listing of mail art shows, in particular "II Festival de Inverno da Unicap," curated by Bruscky. Deadline, July 1979.

Letter with printed matter and 2 printed pieces, ca. 1978

O Meu Cerebro Desenha Assim, 1976

Bryant, Louise. Letter, March 1982

Buchholz, Willy (Germany).

Letter August 1979 with artists' card, "The Lights," 1979 as submission for Commonpress #22.

"The Lights," 1979, submitted for Commonpress #22. ( item not found April 2004)

Letter, 1980. re: Commonpress #29

Buchwalder, E.

Buczak, Brian and Geofferey Hendricks (USA).

Letter, 1978. Call for work for correspondence art show he was organzing, deadline June 1980

Note accompanying their publication "Rules, Ladders and Buckets," 1977

Bud, Zinna.

Budd, Donald.

5 letters from 1977 -- 1979. Enclosed miscellaneous graphics including 2 chain letters and photo portrait of the artist.

2 printed works and folded work of paper, ca. 1977

Buff, R.E.

Bukoff, Alan. Hard and digital copy of his Fluxus homepage.

Bulatov, Dimitry.  (Russia)

Bulkowski, W.M.

Bull Hank

Bunker, Gregory F.

Bunnell, Peter C.

Bunus, Ioan A.A.S. (West Germany)

Bunny and Pussy. "The Best of Bunny & Pussy," Thing Magazine. booklet

Burch, Charlton.

9 letters 1979 -- 1982. Respond in part to Durland's idea for a K.F.M.A. show (Ken Friedman Mail Art show?). He also orders Durland's "Ignore Ken Friedman" stamp

Christmas card

Burnham performance announcement cards

miscellaneous articles.

Burchfield, Jerry and Mark Chamberlain (USA). Material related to the "Laguna Canyon Project," particularly Phase V

Bureau de I'art

Bureau De La Poesle

Bureau of Public Secrets

Burke, N.

Burnham, Linda.

3 letters from Burnham, 1981, regarding High Performance requests for "Artist's Chronicle;"

Invitation from Carol Pittore to Burnham and Durland to the Third New York Correspondence School Dinner, February 28, 1982.

Burns, Leone

Burnt Rainsins, Beside Myself, Seattle: A Crippled Ballerina Production, 1986. text and collage

Burrus, Harry

Burtner, Caryl (USA)

Bushmiller, Edgar Allen

Bussmann, Bruno.

Butler, Russell.


Bxioart Portfolio

Byars, James Lee. Invitation to exhibition at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Byers, Margery

Byjczyk, G.W.

Byrd, Greg

Byrum, John.  (USA)

Bzdok, Henryk (Poland).


C., Michelle. Eye to Mouth Coordination, 1988. small booklet of poems

Cabanis, Daniel.  (France)

Cabaret Voltaire

Cacophony in a box, 1995 Oversize Box 1

Cacophony Society.  (USA)

Cail, Dean

Caine, Lora.

Cairns, Phyllis

Caldera, Leslie.

Caldera, M.C.

Calfa, Don

Califf, Marilyn.

California Arts Council

California College of Conceptual Art

California Dada


Calvert, Peggy L.

Camara Municipal de Pacos de Ferreira

Camel's Coming

Campaign for Free Speech on Ireland (England). The British Media and Ireland, Truth: the First Casualty, London: 1977. political pamphlet


Campbell, Bruce

Campbell, Kalynn.

Campbell, Ron

Campiglio, Giulio

Camu, Carl


Candella, Terra (USA).


de Canino, Georges

Canno, Pearl

Cannon, Betsy.

Cannon, Roger

Cantsin, Monty (Hungary).

Letter from Cantsin to KF, 1982

Assorted documentation of Cantsin's and the Neoists' activities and performances.

Capatti, Bruno

Caperton, John Amber

Capolongo, Camillo

Captain Collage. 2 letters. 1980 -- 1982, announcing various projects, and postcard, 1981

Caraballo, Jorge (Uruguay). Postcard

Caravello, Stephen

Caravita, Lamberto L.

Carey, Ted.

Carleton, Bruce. Postcard advertising publications by Carleton

Carli, Donald

Carlton, Carrie

Carmel, B.

Carnegie Branch

"Carol." How I Spent my Summer Vacation, San Francisco, 1987. booklet

Carrega (Italy). Printed work "Idea Rotore," no date

Carrion, Ulises (Mexico/Netherlands). Died 1989.

Assorted correspondence circa 1979 -- 1980

Various empty envelopes, calls for work, etc

4 page section of documentation(?), or insert for Emphemera, no date

Postcard and poster "Nicos Nukos 'The Worst' Arch Enemy of Superbman," no date

Postcard announcement for Other Books and So Archive, no date

3 postcards, Address change for Other Book and So

Letter, December 1978.

Carrot Creepers

Carson, John

Cartee, Mitzi

Carter, George (USA). Act Up: The Aids War & Activism, Westfield, NJ: Open Magazine Pamphlet Seris, 1992. pamphlet

Carter, Paul (UK).

5 letters, one empty, 1977 -- 1980.

1976 work

Copy of "Trans Global Painting," and correspondence

Comment Cards

Invitation to 1980 exhibition at Berkeley.

mailed work, 1978.

Carter, Sam

Carter, W.W. Linda

Caterino, Phil

Carver, Lisa (Rollerderby).  (USA)

Case, Justin

Casselman, Paul

Cassidy, Tom (USA). Aka Musicmaster and Spaceangel (see file entry), original drawing

Cassim, Mohamed

Castaldo, Matilde

Castaldo, Nello

Castaneda, Alfredo

Castelli, Leo

Castro, Lourdes

Castro, Rick (USA). Fertile LaToyah Salami Jackson's Last Dance, CA. booklet, playbill

C.A.T. Gallery (Collective Art Technology)

Catalunya, Saludos Desde

Catanica, Mimmo

Catanoy, Marie-Claude

Catbird, Mona

Catfish (USA)

Cathy-Shana (USA).

Catriel, Luis.

Cause and Effect

Cavellini, Ayn (USA).

Self portrait montage, 1979 mailing

sheet of stamps

2 letters concerning Aching Loins Publishing

letter with sheet of photo booth self portraits

Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille (Italy).

Large assortment of letters and postcards c.1979 - 1980.

Large assortment of stamps and decals

2 round-trip works and large assortment of printed matter, ca. 1979.

Manifesto for the Inter-Dada festival May 1980.

Cay's Creations Imaginative Handicrafts

Cazazza, Monte (USA).

Postcard dated 1972

Pamphlet titled 'Guerrila Art,' no date



Cella, Carla Augusta

Cellini, J.

Center for Arts Criticism.  (USA)

Centre De Documentacio D'Art Actual

Centro Documentazione Artivisive

Cerebral Discourse. (USA)

Cerebral Shorts (Australia)

Chain Letters

Chairez, Jesus

Chamberlin, Sarah.

7 letters and 2 postcards 1978 -- 1982.

Tag with the word "sculpture" printed on it, no date

Chambers, Bill

Chambers, Wendy (USA). Postcard titled "Not Now," no date



Chance, Loretta (USA).

Change Inc.

Chao, Che-Ying

Chapin, Susanna

Chapman, C.C.

Charles, Nick and Nora

Charlie and Carol.  (USA)

Charlier, Jacques

Charlip, Remy. Work on paper untitled, no date

Charron, Philippe

Chatterji, Nimai (UK). Letter, 1979, requesting material for an international "Counterculture" show in Calcutta

Cheap Cigar Factory

Cheap Trash.

Chefchis, J. Tongue

Chew, Carl

Chiari, Guiseppe (Italy). 2 postcards, "Concert for Women," and "Music is Easy."

Chiarlone, Bruno

Chicano Cinema

Chick, Jack, One Way, Ontario, CA: Chick Publication, 1972. small christian comic

Chickadel, Charles (USA). 2 cards by Trinity Press, "Cherry Earnings," and "The Mouse," both 1976

Chicken Bank

Chicklitfe, Ernestine

Ching, Al

Chomsky, Noam

Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda, Kentfield CA: Open Media, March 17th, 1991. Open Magazine Pamphlet Series

On US Gulf Policy, Westfield, NJ: Noospapers Pamphlet Series, 1991. Harvard University, November 19, 1990

Christian Aids Council (USA). Busting Aids, San Francisco: 1989. comic pamphlet

Christie, John

Christo, Jean-Claude (Bulgaria).

Documentation from assorted Christo projects and Postcard from Jean-Claude, Christo's wife, 1981

Photographic documentation from 3 projects

Postcard from Christo and Jean-Claude.

Christophe, Jean (France)

Christophe, Mielle.  (France)

Chu, Cassandra

Chuck Stake Enterprises

Chusid, Dan

Chwalczyk, Jan (Poland). Texts and writings

Ciani, Piermario.  (Italy)

Circulating Art Library

Cisoria Arte

Citizen Kafka (USA). Postcard and printed work, ca. 1981

Ciullini, Daniele

Clark, Kathee

Class War.  (Scottland)

Claus, Carlfriedrich (Germany). Black and white photograph postcard

Clark, Melody

Clark, Nancy R.

Clark, Rusty

Clark, Seddon Susan.

Clarke, Don.

Clarke, Wendy

Clavin, Hans


Clelland, Gene.

Clem Grogan's Art Colony

Clermont, P.

Cleveland, Buster (USA). See Buster Cleveland Collection.

Cline, Cheryl (USA). Postcard.

Clinefelter, Jim.  (USA)

Cloud (USA). Big Mountain Echoes '87, Washington: 1987. small booklet

Club 57

C.M. Lee Fine Books

Coach House Press (Canada). 2 copies of postcard "What do you think?"

Coalition for 100% Drug Reform.

What is the Safe Drugs Movement? pamphlet

Stop the Drug War Peace March! 1990. small fliers

Cobb, James.

4 letters 1980 -- 1981.

2 postcards, ca. 1981

Poster for performance, 1981

3 printed sheets

Cobbledick, Patrice.

Cockrell, Susanne

Coco Nut

Cohen, Alan (UK). The Decadence of the Shamans or Shamanism as a Key to the Secrets of Communism, London: Unpopular Books, 1991. booklet

Cohen, Ryosuke

Assorted works

Portrait, large artwork, rolled  Oversize Box 1

Cohen, Shosh (USA).

Colby, Sas

Cole, David (USA).

Empty envelope, 1982.

Printed work, 1982. Printed sheet "Songs of the Paumonock Bell(e)s," no date.

Letter, January 1982

Envelope with collage, publication removed, 1984

Colescott, R.

Collaboration Projekt, A Rough Draft Re: Colaboration, Cleveland Heights: Burning Press, 1989. booklet of prose, poetry and imagery

Colour Computer

Colp, Norman (USA). Postcard 1979

Colpaert, Erik

Combs, M.

Cometbus,  Aaron.  (USA)

Commare, Giacomo La (Italy)

Committee Against Artistic Compromise

Committee for the Visual Arts, Inc.


Layout and assorted material for Commonpress #22, October 1979, titled "You Can Know More Than You Can Tell," edited by Durland.

Mailed envelope, 1978.

Call for entries for the Postal Regulations Mail Art Show, 1980.

Community Services Art Gallery (Santa Rosa Junior College)

Concannon, Elizabeth.

Concato, Augusto.

45 rpm record in cover sleeve titled "The Flag And...," 1977 Umbrella Associates, Glendale, California

Subway: Viaggio Del 12 Marzo 1977

Cone, Jon.  (Canada/UK)

Cone, Jon.

           After Burda, Marymark Press, 2005

          The Plesyre Barge, Greying Ghost Press, 2010

          Sitting Getting Up Sitting Again, Standing Guard In A Corn Field Press [Iowa City, IA], 2005

          3 X 3 X 3, Marymark Press, 2000

Conley, Christopher. 2 letters, 1979 -- 1980

Connelly, Joanne

Conti, Carlo Marcello

Conway, Garry. Government Articulture, Eye Level Gallery, 1978

Conquest, Norman

Cook, Geoffrey.

Letter, February 1980 regarding plight of mail artist Antonio Vigo's (Argentina) son, who had disappeared. Also information about Padin/Caraballo who were imprisoned in Uruguay. Cook was very active in solidarity efforts of the two latter artists.

3 letters, 1978, 1979, 1980.

printed matter.

Cook, Tina.

Coplans, Joseph.

Copley, Billy

Copp, Fletcher (USA).

7 postcards c. 1973.

11 artworks

Copy, Richard (USA)

Copy Art Exhibit

Corbeira, Dario

Corbett, M.B.  (USA)

The Corcoran Gallery of Art

Cordova, Ralph

Corfou, Michel

Cornell, Joseph

Correll, Richard. 

Correspondence Art Club

Corsaro, Ignazio

Cortes, Pedro F. Bericat

Costegon, Rich. (AKA p.600)

Cotter, Larry K.

Coulsey, John


Letter (1973) to Ken Friedman regarding purchase of his Fluxus archive. COUM = Genesis P. Orridge, Cosi Fanny Tutti, etc...

Performance notice

Courtney, Dan. Debris.Worcester, MA: Doug Chapel Comics, 1991. booklet of xerograph collage

Courtney, Keith.  (USA)

Courtney, R.K. (USA). Postcard ca. 1980

Coutts-Smith, Kenneth

Couzens, Michael

Cow Studio

Cowley, Marjorie

Cox, Lynn. Letter, 1982

Coyote, Fred

Craag, Tac

Cracker Jack Kid. aka Chuck Welch.

Call for submissions for Commonpress issue edited by Cracker Jack Kid, titled "Material Metamorphosis," #47, 1982.

3 letters, 1981.

Cracraft, D. D. The House of the Magician: A Relatin of Certain Events Pertaining to the Hour of my Death, Davis, CA: Flying Turtle Books, 1990. booklet

Crafts, Janna

Crafts, Lisa

Craigie, Peter (USA).

Cramer, Florian

Crane, Mike.

10 letters, 1977-1978..

Sealed letter to remain sealed--this was a contribution to a show Durland curated called "Just Another Mail Art Show." Crane writes of this in his letter of September 2, 1977.

Printed handkerchief and 1 photocopied sheet, 1977.

3 postcards from G. Hendricks, two marked 1978

Cenzias, no. 6 (1980) (edited by Crane)

Craven, Richard

Crawford, B.

Crazy Stamps

Creative Thing

Creative Time

Cristobal, Ricardo


Crow, S.M. Order, Being, The Adversary, CA: Postwar USA, 1989. image and poems booklet

Crowcroft, Ray

Crowcroft, Ron  (UK).

Crowther, Cathrine Rose (USA).

Crozier, Robin (UK).

5 letters, 1977-2 empty envelopes, others contain small works accompanied with letters.

5 postcard works and envelope piece

Robin Crozier biography, 1977

mailed paperboard work, 1981.

12 letters, 1976-1980.

Cruickshank, Robert (Canada)

Crumb, John (USA).

Crutchfield, Robin (USA). Resume, 1970 -- 1977

Ct and Nee

Cumming, Sheril

Cuneo, Louis (USA). The Sensation Shop, 1987. booklet of prose, chpt. four of a Haiku novel

Curry J. W. and Mark Laba, The Sino-Korean Translations, vol. 2 Sinillogical Translations vol. 6

Curry, J. W.

Untitled (with Peggy Lefler), from Scorebroadsides.

Co- Labor- ative Writing, Cleveland: Burning Press, 1990. booklet of collaborative writing, with Luigi-Bob Drake

Body of Dog, Toronto: 1984. small booklet

Curtay, Jean-Paul


Curtis, Liz. They Shoot Children: the Use of Rubber and Plastic Bullets in the North of Ireland, published by Information on Ireland, London: 1982. booklet

Curtiss, Betty (USA).

Cushman, Barbara

Cutler, Bess

Cutler-Shaw, Joyce (USA).

Documentation and materials related to her projects, "Waters of the Nations: Messages from the World," 1982

Christmas card, 1981

Messanger. 3 Booklets

We the People: Proposal for an Artwork. La Jolla, Ca., 1976

Cuttlefish, Mr. (USA). mailed envelope with a hankerchief, Encino: CA, 1978.


Cziky, Tibor. Section of computer print-out "Structure of the Objective Reality: IV," 1972


Dada Bros.

Dada Daily.

Madeline Behrens-Brigham: Illinois edition, June 1980.

Unknown editor. 2 mailings, 1981. 'Found' envelopes with nothing inside

Dadas, the. "Featuring Naomi Ruth Eisenberg," poster.


Dadson, Phil

Daley, Emil

Daligand, Daniel. Letter, 1981.

Dallos, Stella

Damimi, Bruno

Dammann, Marilyn

Dana, Llys

D'Angelo, Jerome

Daniels, Jason.

Daniels, Kathryn. 5 letters, 1979. Re: Northampton Museum of Modern Art, an institution founded by Durland. Daniels was on the Board of Advisors for Literature and Dance.

Danon, Betty (b. Turkey; Italy). 2 letters, 1979. "OTHERS [treble clef symbol] I" project.

Danozano (USA). Files for "Danozano" and "Lozano, Dan" have been merged here.

Dantas, Carlos (?). Printed work, no date

Dantzic, Cynthia


Darlene Arts

Darling, Lowell (USA). Assorted letters from Darling and replies 1968 -- 1971. Artist's Proof, 1971

Darnell, Wally

Dart, Rebecca

D'Arte, Biennale

Daughter, Lunar

Davidovich, Jaime. Envelopes (7 copies)

Davids, Betsy and Carol Peel (USA). Her, Her, Her & Her, Her vs. Her, Her-Her. Oakland: Rebus Press, 1970. art/poem folio

Davidson, K. Lale

Davis, A.

Davis, Christopher

Davis, James (USA).

Assorted articles 1972 -- 1979

Catalogue essay for "Donald Roller Wilson: Polarity and Expansion," Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, 1969

Davis, Jeff

Davis, Linda

Davis, S.

Davis, Vaginal (USA).

Yes, Ms. Davis, CA. booklet of drag queen collage

Psuedo Sexual Journal, CA: Beef Jerky Press, 1989. booklet of poems

Davison, Jeff


Davy, Woods. Single sheet "Downtown Movie Review #1," December 1, 1978.

Day, Linda (USA). An Encyclopedia about Anyone, Cleveland, OH: 1988. booklet of biographies

Day, M.

Day, Norma

Daytime Productions

Dazar, Bob.

De, Joey

De Rook

Dean, Laura (USA). Copy of 'untitled' work, 1979

Dean, Nat (USA)

Dean, Rita

Dean, Tom

Dec, Michael

Dechagas, M.

Decie, Joe

DeCoster, Miles

Dee, Denise (USA).

Certain Comfort, San Francisco: Union of Opposites, 1990. booklet of prose and graphics

Sorting, San Francisco: Union of Opposites, 1989. booklet of prose

Gobnascale: House of the Storyteller, San Francisco. booklet of prose

Imaginary Grace, San Francisco. booklet of prose and graphics

Silence Seperates Us from Ourselves, San Francisco. booklet of prose

Deese, Joel.

Letter, date obscured, assorted photocopied works.

11 photocopied works, ca. 1980

D'Egidio, Biagio

De Grassi, Alex

D'Haeseleer, Kristof

Deisler, G. (Chile). 2 original postcards, c. 1975-1978.

Delfer, Raymond O.

Del Mar

De Mendonca, Keith (UK)

Delgado, Luis

Delto, Michael (Germany). Postcard, no date

Delux (USA).

Assorted photocopied and printed works, c. 1978 -- 1979.

Envelope, 1978.

Mailed work, 1979.

De Media/Archive

DeMarco, Joe

Demartini, C.M.

Dembart, Lee

Dencker, Klaus Peter

Dendler, Sue and Royce

Dennis, Judy (USA).

De Ora, Carlos Montes

Derkatsch and Bogdanovic

Dermisache, Mirtha and Guy Schraenen, ed. Diario No. 1, year 1, 3rd ed., September 1975, Antwerp

Dern, Dagmar

Desirey-Dodge Archives

Desiro, Carlo

Destroy All Music-Anon

Detroit Atheist League (USA). Press release for "I Love America," by Vic and Rose and the Purple Gang, 1983.

DeVallance, Brendon


De Waard, Frans (Netherlands). Atlas, c.1992. Booklet of images

Dh'Innis, Dabhidh. La Donna Muta, no date. Scorebroadsides.

Di Felice

Di Prima, Dianne

Diamanti, Gina. Letter, 1981, requesting information for a mail art survey for her MA thesis

Diametik, Nicht

Diamos, Marianna

Diana, Mike

Diaz, Magda

Dickinson, Paul and with drawings by Scott Dolan (USA). The Only Son of Everything, Northfield, MN: Wicked Mule Poetry Alliance, 1987. booklet of poetry and drawing.

Diesel, Hans

Digger Papers, San Francisco.

DiGiourno, Inger

van Dijk, Michiel J.


Dill, Terry Lee (USA). 5 black and white photos of architectural designs/construction 1980 -- 1982

Dimichele, Bill (USA).

Raw War, Iowa City: PhotoStatic Publication, 1986. booklet of collage with Crag Hill

3 Spare Coats, 1985. small booklet of text

Capacity X, Port Charlottes, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1988. booklet of text and graphics with introduction by Laurie Schneider

Dimitrijevic, Braco. Announcement card/work for exhibition, 1976

Dios, Remy (USA).

"Dada Police Official Communique," ca. 1981.

2 letters, 1983.

Diotallevi, Marcello

Discography Group Releases


Dissemination Network

diSuvero, Mark

Dixon, Jeffrey

Dixon, Richard (USA). Caution: Certain Portions of this Printed Matter will Change your Identity!, Little Wonder Press, Tempe, AZ: 1973.

Dizzy, Walter

DKA Production


Dobbs, Fred C.

Doc Wor Mirran

Dodge, Chris

Doering, Anne (USA).

Letter and postcard, 1978

Postcard, Nov 18, 1978.

Dog Ear Press


Dogmatic, Irene (USA).

5 letters 1 envelope, two dated 1977, one dated 1976. Includes a graphic for Durland's calendar project

Promotional information for the booklet The Canus Book of Dog Records.

The Canus Book of Dog Records, 1977. booklet with collage and text

2 collages

2 newspaper clippings about dogs.

Doherty, Bill (USA).

Numerous letters. 1977 -- 1981.

Graphics, collages, exhibit announcement, etc.

Assorted printed works and pages

2 small booklets, postcards and drawing, ca. 1978. ****

1 letter, First Annual Mail Art Chain Letter, June 16, 1978.

2 letters, 1 postcard, 1 envelope, 1979.

Dohring, Scott-Foist

Dolgin, C.F.

Doll, Ken

Dollar, Ken

Domel, Darlene


Don Public Theatre. This is Don Public Theatre, This is Inspiracy Press Publication, Ohio: 1991. promotional booklet

Donahue, Joseph (USA). Before Creation, New York: Central Park Editions, 1989. book of poems

Donath, Peter

Donohue, Bonnie

Doo-Da, Beverly (USA). 1 collage letter, March 1977.

Doo Da Post. See E.F. Higgins Collection.

Dooley le Cappellaine

Doone, Lorna


Dougherty, Mary Jane

Douglas, Sue Nan

Dowd, John G. (USA). 1 stamp art, 1976.

Downsbrough, Peter. Postcard, 1984

Dr. Sax

Drake, Luigi Bob


Letter, no date

Chain letter

Program for play by John Pyros.

Dramatika press run by Pyros, also known as Epistolary Stud Farm, see file.

Drawing Legion

Dreamland Ballroom

Dreva, Jerry. (dob - 1997) (USA).

Approximately 19 letters. 1976 -- 1981.

2 postcards

Assorted articles about Dreva, newspaper clippings

Posters for shows, etc.

2 printed works, ca. 1978 -- 1979

Newspaper clipping and jig saw puzzle.

Material related to Dreva's participation in the group Les Petites Bon Bons, ca. 1973. ****

Dragoni, Ferucio (Italy). 1 photograph collage with envelope, 1979.

Druidica, Festa

Drummond, David

drygiannakis, costis (Greece).

DS4A (England)

Duch, Leonhard Frank (Brazil).

24 letters and 3 postcards, 1977 -- 1983.

4 postcards, 1980 -- 1981

11 photocopied sheets and 4 envelopes with works 1979 -- 1980. ****

Duchamp, Marcel

Dunlap, Monica

Dunn, Joseph M.

Dunn, Lloyd.

Untitled, from Scorebroadsides, no date.

The Persistence of Vision, Iowa City: PhotoStatic, 1985. text and image booklet

Inbetweening, Port Charlotte, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1989. small booklet of alphabet graphics

Dunphy, Didi

Dunphy, Jill A.

Dupre, Judith

Dupuy, Jean (France). 2 postcards 1989 -- 1991 and drawing (confirm by Dupuy); Work on canvas, 1988

Duquette, Michael ( Canada ).

4 letters. 1980 -- 1982.

Call for work for Commonpress #42

Various articles on Duquette's run-ins with Canadian postal authorities

Durisin, Igor (Czechslovakia).

2 envelopes. 1981?

3 postcards, ca. 1981

Durland, (Mother). 1 Valentine's card and note inside, March 1982

Durland, Patty.

2 letters, 1981 -- 1982

Various newspaper cuttings of the work she's involved with

Birthday card

Durland, Steven. See Papers of Steven Durland.

Dutton, Paul

Duvall, Shelley

Duvivier, Francoise (France). 1986-1992 artworks and correspondence with Stephen Perkins.

Dvortcsak, Michael

Dwight, Hank

Dyar, Mike. 19 letters. (Eat Art) all with works inside, 1977 -- 1979. Most of them from the "Mars" series and numbered. 17 mailings with art works, ca. 1977 -- 1979.

Dziak, Terry. The Quiet Framed. booklet of graphics

Dziamski, Grzegorz


Earl, Liz

Eat It Up [Empty Folder]

Eberly, John and Jake Berry (USA). Gris Gris Malkuth, Madison, WI: Xexoxial Editions, 1988. booklet with graphics and prose

Eberly, John (USA). The Last Cigarette, Wichita: Mumbles Publications, 1987. booklet of prose and collage

Ecart Publications (Switzerland). 5 exhibition announcements for events at Ecart, 1976.


Edelson, Mary Beth

Editions Goutal-Darli (France). Postcard "L'Activisme Hongrois," c. 1979.

Edler, D.

Edler, Gene

Edson, Jim (USA). 2 paper works.

Edwards, Jesse

Educational Projectiles


Ehrlich, David


Elder, Gene

Electric Weasel Ensemble

Eleinko, Gary. Postcard and 2 photocopied works, 1981.

Elgherabli, Eric

Ellen Etc.

Elman, Larry

Elner, Charlotte

E.L.P. Third Grade Class

Elsässer, Jürgen

Emanuel's (Swiss).

Button, postcard, copied article, 1982.

Printed work, 1983.


Emery, Michael (USA). How Mr. Bush Got his War: Deceptions, Double-Standards & Disinformation, Westfield, NJ: Open Magazine Pamphlet Series, 1991. pamphlet

Emge, Rhonda

Enblom, D.M.

Endfield, Cathy E.L.

Engelhardt, Tom (USA). Ambush at Kamikaze Pass: Racism in the Media, Somerville, Mass: New England Free Press, c.1975. pamphlet


England John

Engonopoulos, Nikos

Ensemble Vide (France)

Eontato, Mantenha

Epistolary Stud Farm. Also known as John Pyros, and publisher of Dramatika Press. 5 envelopes with works 1980 -- 1981

Epro, John (USA). 3 postcards, 1981

Er Atalier, The Independent Art Group. 1990. leaflet

Erdely, Mikos (Hungary). 20 black and white photographs of works and performances, no date


Erikson, John

Eriksson, Leif

Erlij, Tania

Ermini, Flavio (Italy).

Letter 1980. Enclosed is a short note asking for exchange.

Envelope and letterhead titled "Anterem"

Ernst, Kathy. Point of View, from Scorebroadsides, no date.

Errick, Jeff

E.S. Static Poet


Esposto, Arnaldo


Esther, Sally

Esting, Poul

Eternal Press

Etherton, Terry

Eubel, Karen

Euforico, Pittore

Euphoria Pro.


Evans, Donald

Evans, Greg et. al. S.A.P. Ontario: 1988

Evans, James

Evans, John (USA). Also known as Avenue B. School of Art, see file.

3 letters 1980 -- 1981. Includes exhibit announcements for Evans' shows.

3 printed works and postcard by Patrick T.

2 letters with attachments and enclosures, 1976 and 1981

Evason, Greg (Canada).

Drugs Scrape, Toronto: GAPress, 1988. small booklet

3 Windows, Port Charlotte, FL: Runaway Spoon Press, 1988. small booklet of poems with intro by Nicholas Powers

Commercials, Phoenix: Plutonium Press, 1990. booklet of poems

Into his face, Toronto: Pangen Subway Ritual. poem from Commercials

Mourning Heat, Toronto: Pangen Subway Ritual, 1988. booklet of prose

Pig, Toronto: Pangen Subway Ritual, 1988. booklet of poems

The Placebo Effect, Toronto: Guardian Angel Press, 1987. list poem

six single sheet drawings

"Instant Broadside" with a typed poem, 1987.

Ever Arts

Exploding Cinema

The Eye of the Needle

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