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Records of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company
MsC 782
Collection Dates: 1857-1984

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Acquisition and Processing Information: The collection of CRIP materials was purchased from Scott Petersen of Wilmette, IL, in 1985. At the time of acquisition, archivists weeded out and destroyed most materials not related to the state of Iowa. The materials were processed between September 2009 and April 2010. In the course of processing, a large number of materials were weeded from the collection and destroyed: these included the majority of the collection's contract files, easements, industrial department files, lease cancellations, leases, and sales files. What is left is a strong representative sample of these types of records, reflecting the full range of CRIP business activities.

Photographs: None

Map of the Rock Island Lines in Iowa, 1963, taken from "The Palimpsest" (September 1963)

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of correspondence, legal files, property records, administrative records, maps, and other corporate records documenting the administration and activities of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad [CRIP]. The records focus particularly on the road's corporate life from the late 19th-mid-20th centuries, and concentrate (with some exceptions) on its activities within the state of Iowa.

Series List

Series I: Correspondence
This series consists of high-level correspondence, including monthly letters to the Board of Directors from various CRIP departments, and correspondence with the Pilot and the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Series II: Administrative Files
This series is a fairly general category, containing a number of different sorts of administrative records. Records include assorted financial files; records relating to the administration of individual CRIP stations; and files from the CRIP Engineer's Department.

Series III: Real Estate and Property Files
The files in this series reflect the impact of CRIP operations on lands - public and private - in Iowa (with a few exceptions for other states). They also document the numerous property-related transactions between CRIP and landowners. Included are files relating to abandonments, easements, land sales, and leases and lease cancellations. This series also includes records from CRIP's Industrial Development and Real Estate Department, the division of CRIP dedicated to activities such as land purchases, trackage and facilities construction, and so on. The series is useful for charting some of the many towns, cities and counties where CRIP enjoyed a presence.

Note on Definitions:
Abandonment: Refers to a railroad's seeking permission to cease operation of all or part of a route or service.
Easement: Refers to a railroad's intention to use property belonging to another for a specific purpose.

Series IV: Law Department Files
This series documents the legal activities of CRIP throughout Iowa (again, with exceptions for other locations, particularly Illinois). Records in this series include contracts, correspondence, and litigation files (including court cases, claims, and appearances by CRIP before various commissions and boards). Also included is some miscellaneous departmental documentation and copies of local ordinances referring to railroads.

Of particular note in this series is the collection of correspondence devoted to free railroad passes. The issue of railroads' widespread granting of free travel passes to politicians, lawyers, elected officials, reporters, and other potential voices of influence was a controversial one in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 was the first federal attempt to regulate railroad practices, but its general toothlessness obliged Congress to pass a new follow-up piece of legislation in 1906, the Hepburn Act. The Hepburn Act strengthened federal authority over railroads, and included a provision restricting the issuance of free passes to specifically delineated groups. After the passing of the act, the use of free passes as an effective bribe by railroads was noticeably curbed. This sub-series includes requests by politicians, officials and other individuals from across Iowa (as well as Illinois and several other locations) for passes, as well as correspondence from and between CRIP officials concerning pass requests.

Series V: Maps and Other Visual Materials
The visual materials in this series consist mostly of maps relating to CRIP operations. Included are detailed maps of route rights-of ways and trackage and of various stations (mostly for CRIP but also for a few associated railroads).



Historical Note

The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad (also known, variously, throughout its history as the "Rock Island Lines" and "The Rock") bears a crucial role in the history of American railroads, and particularly in the ways railroads influenced and transformed the settlement and development of the Midwest. CRIP was the first railroad to reach the state of Iowa, the first to actually lay track there, and the first railroad to throw a bridge across the Mississippi River. The road flourished throughout the Golden Age of Railroads, and managed to survive through most of a century in which the United States experienced increasing shrinkage of its rail presence. The railroad finally ceased operations, after numerous bankruptcies, in 1984.

A group of Iowa and Illinois civic leaders (including Colonel George Davenport, founder of the Iowa town that took his name) from what would later become the Quad Cities met in Davenport in June 1845 to discuss the founding of a railroad; ostensibly they wanted to provide an overland link between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers with a railroad linking Rock Island to LaSalle, IL. They also hoped that a railroad would encourage settlement and development in the Rock Island-Davenport area. The group drew up a charter and on February 27, 1847 the Illinois legislature officially incorporated the Rock Island and LaSalle Rail Road Company.

Raising money proved difficult, and the new railroad was obliged to amend its charter to expand the route from Rock Island eastwards to Chicago. The amended charter was approved by the Illinois legislature on February 7, 1851, at which time the road's official name was changed to the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad. On October 1 of that year, construction of the road began on 22nd Street in South Chicago; the line made rapid progress and reached completion at Rock Island on February 22, 1854.

Meanwhile, across the Mississippi, the C&RI incorporated (in February 1853) a new road that would act as a western extension of its route: the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad. It began pushing west from Davenport along multiple lines westward across Iowa towards the Missouri River. The line was planned to run through Iowa City (a goal finally reached on the last day of 1855 after the town's citizens posted a $50,000 reward to the line builders if they could get a train into town by January 1, 1856; in freezing temperatures builders laid tracks and coaxed a stalled engine into the new depot just in time).  However, duelling civic leaders from other towns persuaded the M&M to increase its lines, and the road agreed to split the line at Wilton Junction, with the main line continuing through Iowa City and the branching line going on to Muscatine. The latter was completed first, and on November 20, 1855 the first train ever to operate in Iowa travelled on the line from Davenport to Muscatine.

The C&RI had an historic moment in April 1856, when it completed the first bridge across the Mississippi River. The bridge was to be the key link between the C&RI and M&M routes. Despite (or perhaps because of) its importance, the bridge met with resistance from local steamboat companies. The issue reached a climax on May 6, 1856, when the steamboat Effie Afton crashed into the bridge piers while attempting to pass through the bridge; the boat burst into flames and destroyed part of the bridge. The shipowners sued the C&RI's Railroad Bridge Company, hoping to have the bridge declared a menace to river navigation; the bridge company was defended by Illinois lawyer Abraham Lincoln in the first trial. Lincoln argued that bridges across navigable rivers were of material benefit to the country. The jury failed to agree on a verdict and was discharged. The case eventually went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which declared in 1862 that the railroad had the right to bridge the river.

Construction by the M&M faltered, and the company went into debt (slow progress was a factor - it took M&M 6 years to lay track for a mere thirty miles from Iowa City to Marengo). To protect its land assets, the M&M sold itself to the more successful C&RI in July 1866. Under new incorporation in Iowa [and later in Illinois], the consolidated railroads became known as the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad [CRIP], with John F. Tracy as its first president.

Over the course of the 19th century, CRIP, like a number of other American railroads, rapidly expanded through heavy construction as well as the acquisition of smaller roads. Over the course of its life, the road stretched across eleven states. Although its heaviest presence remained in Illinois and Iowa, especially on its original lines (Chicago to Rock Island, and Rock Island across the Mississippi to Davenport and then to Muscatine), CRIP also operated in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. The road's major routes included: Minneapolis to Kansas City, MO (through Des Moines); St. Louis to Santa Rosa, New Mexico (through Kansas City); Herington, KS to Galveston, TX (via Dallas and Fort Worth); and Santa Rosa to Memphis, TN.

Of course, CRIP's extensive national presence made it a target for crime. In fact, the first successful train robbery in the American West was carried out against a Rock Island Express train on July 21, 1873. The James-Younger gang (led by infamous brothers Frank and Jesse James) derailed the train southwest of Adair, IA (killing the engineer in the process) and robbed it of nearly $3,000.

CRIP also operated extensive passenger service on many of its trains; operating jointly with the Southern Pacific Railroad, the Rock Island ran trains throughout much of the 20th century westward through the Rocky Mountains to California, Its Rocket Fleet ran passengers throughout the Midwest and into the West and Southwest.

The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, after a century of success and expansion, began its decline in the mid-20th century (along with most American railroads, as increased automobile and airplane traffic began to eat into railroad revenue and territory). In order to preserve itself and its assets, CRIP proposed to merge in 1964 with its still-mighty rival Union Pacific.  However, protests by other railroads (who feared such a massive combination of roads), combined with the inevitable legal wranglings, slowed the process. By the time the prospective merger was approved in 1974, CRIP had lost much of its financial attractiveness to Union Pacific, which backed out of the merger. CRIP filed for bankruptcy (its third in its history), and despite plans to reorganize and restructure over the next few years, was ordered by a bankruptcy court in 1980 to shut down and liquidate its assets.

The railroad gradually sold off its facilities, engines, cars, and other assets, and the estate finally expired on June 1, 1984. The former railroad, now a mere shell company, was renamed the Chicago Pacific Corporation, and was eventually purchased by the Maytag Corporation, of Newton, IA, in 1988. This purchase brought the long history of this major Midwestern railroad to a final conclusion.


Related Materials

DEW, BIRCHEL RAYMOND, 1901-1973. Collector. B.R. Dew Collection of Railroadiana, 1883-1966. 7 ft.
Railroad employee and collector. Collection of publications, timetables, photographs, tickets, passes, and artifacts relating to the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway, as well as other railroads. MsC497. (Finding Aid)

VANDER MAAS, JOHN P. John P. Vander Maas Railroadiana Collection. 496 ft.
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WINDSOR, JAMES H. James H. Windsor Railroadiana Collection, 1874-1989 (bulk 1960-1980). 43 ft.
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Box Contents List


Box 1 - 6
Monthly letters to the Board of Directors from the various departments within the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway, compiled by Mr. J.E. Gorman, President , organized by year/month

Box 1

1920, August -- December
1921, January -- March, November -- December
1922, January -- October

Box 2

1923, January, December

1924, July

1925, May -- June, August -- December

1926, January - December

1927, August

Box 3

1927, September -- December

1928, January -- October

1930, January -- July

Box 4

1930, August -- December

1931, January -- December

1932, August -- December

Box 5

1933, January -- December

1934, September -- December

1935, January -- June

Box 6

1935, July -- December

1937, January -- December

1938, January -- December

1939, January -- December

1940, January -- December

1941, January -- February

Box 7

Letters transmitting payments on third liberty loan bonds

1919, January -- December

1920, January -- February

General correspondence relative to various operating and non-operating brotherhoods, part 9 (File 9299)

Folder 1: 1977

Folder 2: 1978

Folder 3: 1979

Box 8-10
Correspondence with the Pilot and the Interstate Commerce Commission

Box 8

Section #119, 1915 --1924

Section #119 valuation, 1928 --1936
Section #121, 1915 --1920
Section #123, 1928 --1931

Section #127, 1915 --1922

Section #129, 1915 --1925

Section #130, 1915 --1924

Section #130a, 1925 --1926

Section #131, 1915 --1920

Box 9

Section #133, 1915 --1927
Section #140, 1918 --1935
Section #147, 1915 --1917
Section #147, 1918 --1929
Section #147 valuation, 1930 --1935
Section #150, 1915 --1925
Section #155, 1915 --1918
Section #155, 1920 --1927
Section #155 valuation, 1929 --1937
Section #155 valuation, 1938 --1945

Box 10

Section #156, 1915 -- 1916
General Correspondence, 1936



Box 1

Annual reports of CRIP to the Interstate Commerce Commission for 1929-1939 (ending in December)



1933 (7 copies)

1934 (2 copies)



1937 (2 copies)

1938 (2 copies)

1939 [ends in August]

Engineer Department Files

Capital Expenditures, by Valuation Section No.
Section 101A, vol. no. 3 (1944 -- 1959)
Section 104, vol. no. 3 (1937 -- 1941)
Section 105, vol. no. 2 (1926 -- 1944)
Section 108, vol. no. 1-2 (1915 -- 1935)

Section 108, vol. no. 4 (1937 -- 1943)

Section 108, vol. no. 5 (1944 -- 1949)

Box 2

Engineer Department Files
Capital Expenditures, by Valuation Section No.
Section 108, vol. no. 6 (1950 -- 1955)
Section 109, vol. no. 1 (1926 -- 1943)
Section 121, vol. no. 3 (1944 -- 1946)
Section 122, vol. no. 3 (1937 -- 1944)
Section 122, vol. no. 4 (1944 -- 1946)
Section 123, vol. no. 4 (1937 -- 1944)
Section 132, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1924)
Section 140, vol. no. 2 (1936 -- 1944)
Section 143, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1941)
Section 144, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1943)
Section 147, vol. no. 4 (1936 -- 1943)
Section 147 and 147C, vol. no. 5 (1944 -- 1959)
Section 149, vol. no. 2 (1926 -- 1956)
Section 150, vol. no 3 (1936 -- 1946)
Section 152-152A, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1943)
Section 152-152A, vol. no. 2 (1944 -- 1957)
Section 154, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1952)
Section 200G, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1945)
Section 201, vol. no. 2 (1928 -- 1942)

Box 3

Engineer Department Files, Valuation Engineer
Correspondence, by Valuation Section No.
Section 101-103 [Contracts] (1896 -- 1915)
Section 101, vol. no. 1-2 (1915 -- 1933)
Section 102, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1918)
Section 104, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1924)
Section 107, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1936)
Section 122, vol. no. 1 (1915 -- 1928)
Section 123, vol. no. 3 (1931 -- 1936)
Correspondence, Levee Track at Burlington, IA (1915 -- 1928)

Feasibility Study, Des Moines River Bank Erosion, Iowa and Missouri

June 1976 (draft)

June 1976

Property Value

[valuation of] CM & St.P Property in Muscatine, Iowa

Repair/Construction Reports

Burlington Line (M.P. 2.71-100)

Chicago-Davenport (M.P. 6.7-20)

Keokuk-Des Moines (M.P. 0-20)

Keokuk-Des Moines (M.P. 20-38)

Keokuk-Des Moines (M.P. 38-64)

Keokuk-Des Moines (M.P. 64-90)

Keokuk-Des Moines (M.P. 90-314)

Oskaloosa Branch (M.P. 301-305)

Vinton-Sioux Falls (M.P. 23-45)

Vinton-Sioux Falls (M.P. 45-97)

Soil investigation

RIRR in Des Moines


Reasoner to Monroe (1928) & Reasoner to Newton (1935)

Box 4

Station Files
Abbott Crossing, Iowa
Centerdale, Iowa
Cleves, Iowa
Cone, Iowa
Des Moines, Iowa : Building, General
Des Moines, Iowa : Depot and Office Bldg.
Des Moines, Iowa : Land & Right of Way
Des Moines, Iowa : Public Works, General (Folder 1)
Des Moines, Iowa : Public Works, General (Folder 2)
Des Moines, Iowa : Station, General
Des Moines, Iowa : Utilities
Grundy Center, IA
Iowa Falls, Iowa
Morning Sun, Iowa
Morrison, Iowa
Nichols, Iowa
Palmer, Iowa
Reinbeck, Iowa
Robertson, Iowa
Rowan, Iowa
Terminal Facilities
Clinton, Iowa (1939)
Clinton, Iowa (1940)

Financial Files

Des Moines & Central Iowa Railway Co., Balance Sheet (1959 -- 1960)

Fort Dodge , Des Moines & Southern Railway Co. , Balance Sheet (1959 -- 1960)

Box 5

Financial Files

Iowa Transfer Railway Co., Balance Sheet (1957 -- 1961)
Keokuk Union Depot Co., Balance Sheet (1957 -- 1961)
Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway, Valuation of Line at Keokuk to Eldon (1944)
Muscatine, Burlington and Southern Railway/Burlington, Muscatine and Northwestern Railway, Terminal Charges (1926-1946)
Rock Island Motor Transit Co.:
Audit bills (1975 -- 1978)
Balance Sheet/Income Account (1976 -- 1978)
Cash Flow (1975 -- 1975)
Income Statements (1970 -- 1975)
Uncollected Report Analysis (1971 -- 1978)

Treasury Department Files (Treasury Securities Record Number)

15-year Debentures, 1932 -- 1947

America Savings Bank & Trust, Davenport , IA [also Liquidation Corporation] (321)


Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Minnesota Railroad (7)

Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway

Consolidated 1st mortgage bonds (199)

Mutilated 1st mortgage bonds converted to registered bonds (6)

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway of Iowa (257)

Keokuk & Des Moines Railway Co.

United States Liberty Bonds (284)

Owned by K & DM (290)

Owned by CRIP (295)

Northern Railroad Company, Des Moines & Iowa Falls (233)

Equipment notes and coupons

Bettendorf Company (273)

Membership Certificates

Benton County Electric Coop (378, no. 1)

Benton County Electric Coop (378, no. 2)

Benton County Electric Coop (378, no. 3)

Box 6

O'Brien County Electric Coop (406)

Treasury Department Files


Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of CRIP, April 12, 1915

Burlington Muscatine & Northern Railway (359)

Burlington Rock Island Railroad Company (296)

Cedar Rapids & Clinton Railway Company (23)

Cedar Rapids Auditorium Company (24)

Cedar Rapids, Garner & N.W. Railway Company (21)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Falls & N.W. Railroad Company (17)

Chillicothe & Des Moines City Railway Company (133)

Council Bluffs Auditorium Company (189)

Des Moines & Central Iowa Railway Company (392)

Des Moines & Fort Dodge Railroad Company (39)

Des Moines & Southern Railway Company (144)

Des Moines & Western (225)

Des Moines Coliseum Company (226)

Des Moines, Iowa Falls & Northern Commercial Exchange (227)

Des Moines, Iowa Falls & Northern Railroad Company (229)

Iowa City & Western Railway Company (62)

Iowa Minnesota & North Pacific Railway Company (155)

Keokuk & Des Moines Railway Company (74)

Railroad Company, St. Paul & Des Moines (174)

Waterloo Railroad Company (391)

Waverly Short Line (116)

Vouchers and Ledgers

Iowa county property taxes, 1890

Adair - Webster Counties

Iowa county property taxes, 1891

Adair - Webster Counties

Iowa county property taxes, 1892

Adair - Polk Counties

Box 7

Iowa county property taxes, 1892
Pottawattamie - Webster Counties

Iowa county property taxes, 1893

Adair - Webster Counties

Iowa county property taxes, 1894

Adair - Webster Counties

Iowa county property taxes, 1896

Adair - Webster Counties

Iowa county property taxes, 1899

Scott County

Iowa county road taxes

Adair - Webster Counties

Iowa county road taxes: Iowa Corporations







Payments received on road taxes, by county

Adair - Webster Counties

Supervisors' receipts

October 16, 1902

November 20, 1902

Wage Agreements

American Train Dispatchers Association


Hotel & Restaurant Employees & Bartenders

Locomotive Engineers (Brotherhood of)

Locomotive Firemen (Brotherhood of)

Mechanical Department Foremen (American Railway Supervisors' Association)

Non-Operating Brotherhoods

Switchmen & Switchenders (Brotherhood of)

Trainmen & Dining Car Stewards

Yardmasters of America (Brotherhood of)

Application Forms for Employment, 1904, n.d.
Application for a Necessity Certificate Under Internal Revenue Code Section 124 (for reasons of national defense), 1942


Subseries I: Abandonments

Box 1

Abandonment General Information
Sections I - VI

Abandonment Files

Audubon, IA Branch Line

Eldon, IA to Keokuk, IA

Harlan and Harlan Junction, IA

Iowa City, IA  to Montezuma, IA

Keosauqua Branch Line

Little Rock, IA to Rock Rapids, IA

Muscatine, IA  to Washington, IA

Nettleton, MO to St. Joseph, MO (Part I)

Box 2

Nettelton, MO to St. Joseph, MO (Part 2)
New Sharon, IA to Newton, IA
Rock Rapids, IA to Sioux Falls, SD
Shelby to Walnut, IA
Thompson, IA to Buffalo Center, IA
Washington, IA to Keokuk, IA
Winterset and Earlham, IA Branch LIne

Subseries II: Easements [listed alphabetically by CRIP partner, then by CRIP assigned file number]

Box 1

Amoco Oil Company [#17161], 1916
Beck, Peter [#46063], 1967
Big Three Farm Bureau Co. [#44168], 1964
Burdette Electric Company [#26185], 1928
Central States Electric Company [#31158], 1937
Central States Electric Company [#33640], 1945
Christensen Brothers, Inc,. of Cherokee, IA [#44068], 1964
Columbus Junction, Town of [#46897], 1968
Columbus Junction, Town of [#46916], 1968
Columbus Junction, Town of [#46917], 1958
Electric Service Company of Rowley, IA [#17457], 1917
Estherville, City of [#45174], 1966
General States Electric Company [#35751], 1950
George A. Hormel & Co. [#34339], 1958
Hanson Group [#46489], 1968
Hydrocarbon Transportation, Inc. [#46901], 1968
Hydrocarbon Transportation, Inc. [#46902], 1968
Hydrocarbon Transportation, Inc. [#46918], 1968
Hydrocarbon Transportation, Inc. [#46920], 1968
Hydrocarbon Transportation, Inc. [#46966], 1968
Interstate Power Company [#29934], 1932
Interstate Power Company [#35529], 1949
Interstate Power Company [#36739], 1952
Iowa Electric Company [#26120], 1928
Iowa Electric Company [#26128], 1928
Iowa Electric Company [#28570], 1931
Iowa Electric Company [#30945], 1937
Iowa Electric Company [#31500], 1938
Iowa Electric Company [#31720], 1939
Iowa Electric Company [#34008], 1946
Iowa Electric Company [#34242], 1946
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#17830], 1917
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#18457], 1918
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#19572], 1919
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#21419], 1921
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#31178], 1938
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#31198], 1937
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#32658], 1942
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#33192], 1944
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company [#37966], 1954
Iowa Falls Electric Company [#19131], 1919
Iowa Highway Commission [#50778], 1975
Iowa Light Heat and Power Company [#23182], 1924
Iowa Public Service Company [no #], 1943
Iowa Public Service Company [#27222], 1929
Iowa Public Service Company [#30325], 1935
Iowa Public Service Company [#30635], 1936
Iowa Public Service Company [#31136], 1938
Iowa Public Service Company [#31713], 1939
Iowa Public Service Company [#32647], 1942
Iowa Public Service Company [#33076], 1943
Iowa Public Service Company [#33191], 1944
Iowa Public Service Company [#35282], 1949
Iowa Public Service Company [#35414], 1949
Iowa Public Service Company [#36072], 1950
Iowa Public Service Company [#37613], 1954
Iowa Railway and Light Company [#22284], 1922
Iowa Railway and Light Corporation [#28526], 1931
Iowa Railway and Light Corporation [#28529], 1931
Iowa River Light and Power Company [#15231], 1914
Kansas Colorado Utilities [#44195], 1964
Knock, Dena [#45449], 1966
Maytag Company [#44817], 1965
Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line Company [#35018], 1948
Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line Company [#35138], 1949
Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line Company [#35147], 1949
Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line Company [#35188], 1949
Minnesota Valley Canning Company [#34791], 1948
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America [#42681], 1962
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America [#43403], 1963
Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America [#45338], 1966
Northern Natural Gas Company [#41089], 1962
Northern Natural Gas Company [#43911], 1963
Northwestern Light and Power Company [#25631], 1926
Northwestern Light and Power Company [#27367], 1929
Northwestern Light and Power Company [#36012], 1950
Penick and Ford, Inc. [#29670], 1933
People's Natural Gas [#44451], 1964
People's Natural Gas [#45589], 1966
People's Natural Gas [#45590], 1966
Service Pipe Line Company [#22523], 1922
Snittjer Grain Company [#42403], 1962
Snittjer Grain Company [#42988], 1963
Walnut Grove Products Company [#43174], 1963
Willett, Delmar [#43258], 1963
Wolf, William A. [#42190], 1961

Subseries III: Industrial Development and Real Estate Department Files

Box 1

Altoona, IA:

Kent Foods, Inc., 1964-1972

Old Grimes Canning Company, 1947-1964

Armstrong, IA:

Arts Way Manfacturing Company, 1969-1974

Farmers Coop, 1911-1979

Farmers Coop Elevator Co., 1961-1975

Atalissa, IA:

Hooker Farm Chemicals of Atalissa, 1963-1969

Atlantic, IA:

Allied Mills, Inc., 1973-1977

Atlantic Industrial Committee, 1959-1960

Cass County Elevator, 1974

Edwards, Mrs. Bethel, 1972

Knarr, Welton H., 1954-1960

Moorman Manufacturing Co., 1966-1968

Payless Cashway Lumber Store, 1960-1970

Van Nostrand Grain Company, 1957-1959

Voss Manufacturing Co., 1954-1955

Audubon, IA:

Audubon Industrial Development Corporation, 1961-1964

Avoca, IA:

Avoca Milling Co., 1946-1956

Avon, IA:

General Mills Company, 1955-1959 (3 folders)

Box 2

Avon, IA:

General Mills Company, 1960-1975

Bevington, IA:

Western Contracting Company, 1958

Bradford, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., 1973-1977

Industrial Property, 1956

Buckeye, IA:

Buckeye Cooperative Elevator Company, 1939-1973, 1979 (2 folders)

Buffalo, IA:

Buffalo, Town of, 1959-1960

Buffalo Center, IA:

Custom Farm Services, Inc., 1965-1970

Farmers Co-Op Elevator Company, 1971-1974

Mor-Gro, Inc., 1953-1963

Burlington, IA:

Bonewitz Chemical Company, 1953-1955

Des Moines County, 1921-1963

J.I. Case, 1968-1979

Proposed Zoning Ordinance, 1962

Riley Brothers, 1946-1968

Showers Brothers/J.I. Case, 1930-1975 (3 folders)

Track Project from West Liberty, IA, 1979

Wayne Brothers Grain Company, 1968-1972

Box 3

Burlington and Mediapolis, IA:

Track Agreement with Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad, 1953-1974

Carlisle, IA:

Owens Ready-Mix, 1959-1967

Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company, 1953-1956

Cedar Falls, IA:

Cedar Falls Utilities Company, 1958-1972

Cedar Rapids, IA:

Armour Agricultural Chemical Co., 1962-1965

Builders Material, Inc., 1955-1973

Central Soya, Inc., 1955-1960

Darling and Company, 1954-1972

Hamilton Seed and Coal Co., 1924-1976

Industrial Land on Highway 30, 1952-1956

Iowa Steel and Iron Works, 1969-1972

Natural Oats Company, 1924-1976

Quaker Oats Co., 1930-1978 (2 folders)

Sale of General Office Building, 1953-1958

W.H. Gallagher Company, 1963-1965

Wilson and Co., 1942-1973

Centerville, IA:

Berstad Manufacturing Co., 1964-1978

Box 4

Clinton, IA:

Clinton Industries, 1947-1974

Purchase of Industrial Property, 1953-1959

Cotter, IA:

Disposition of Section House, 1956

Council Bluffs, IA:

Chicago and Northwestern, 1884-1962

Development of Industrial Property, 1953-1956

George Porgie, Co., 1946-1951

Griffin Wheel Company, 1956-1969

Iowa Soda Products Co., 1919-1957

McCollister Grease and Oil Co., 1950-1967

Scoular Bishop Grain Company, 1944-1963

Council Bluffs to Atlantic, IA:

New Line, 1952-1955

Davenport, IA:

Aspen Corporation, 1977-1978

Austin Crabbs, Inc., 1945-1952

Caterpillar Tractor Company, 1955-1970

Credit Island Harbor, 1969-1975

Crescent Electric Co., 1957-1970

Curtiss Wright Corporation, 1947-1955

Davenport Industrial Park/Cashway Lumber Co., 1957-1970

Economy Roofing and Insulating Co., 1954-1955

84 Lumber Company, 1976-1977

Flynn Beverage Company, 1972-1976

French and Hechy Company, 1951-1970 (2 folders)

Geifman Food Stores, 1947-1970

General Electric Company, 1953-1965

Grampp Warehouse and Storage Co., 1948-1963

Hiland Potato Chip Company, 1949-1969

Box 5

Davenport, IA:

Joman Steel Co., 1947-1951

Martin, Robert Brantzel, 1967

Martin Roasa Tractor and Equipment Company, 1957-1967

Merchants Transfer and Storage Company, 1950-1976

Mississippi River Grain Elevator, 1970-1975

Passenger Station Improvements, 1949-1951

Scott Distributing Co. 1979

W.G. Block and Company, 1929-1976

W.G. Block and Company, 1953-1976

Des Moines, IA:

Acme Fast Freight, 1956-1969

Berven and Company, 1954-1955

Construction of Stock Handling Facilities, 1959

Freeway North Des Moines Property, 1956-1958

General Tire Company, 1954

Iowa Plant Food Manufacturing Co., 1944-1956 (2 folders)

Lindsay Brothers Company, 1946-1948

Minneapolis and St. Paul Railroad, 1915-1945

Nutrena Mills, Inc., 1947-1952

Purchase of Property, 10th-11th Streets along Vine Street, 1946-1974

Sale of Sewer Easement to City/Special Assessment, 1956

Box 6

Des Moines, IA:

Sale of Sewer Easement to City/Special Assessment, 1956-1957

Staley Feed Company, 1955

Warren Douglas Chemical Co., 1948-1957

Dows, IA:

Farmers Coop, 1970-1971

Durant, IA:

Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp., 1947-1951

Earlham, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company, 1975-1977

Hallett Construction Company, 1955-1967

Marquette Cement Company, 1926-1973

East Des Moines, IA:

Mur-El Realty Company, 1948-1953

Eldon, IA:

Bridge over Des Moines River, 1956

Eldon to Keokuk, IA:

Rehabilitation of KD Line, 1976

Emmetsburg, IA:

Farmers Elevator Co., 1928-1967

Estherville, IA:

B.B. Anderson/Grieg and Sons/Golden Sun Manufacturing, 1928-1966 (2 folders)

Evansville, IA:

Laverty Seed Farms, 1954-1959

Fairfield, IA:

Rapid Thermogas Company, 1960

Sale of Land Fertilizer Warehouse, 1957-1959

Skelly Oil Company, 1955-1974

Box 7

Grinnell, IA:

Purchase of 10.14 Acres Industrial Property, 1953

Grundy Center, IA:

Plastronic, Inc., 1961-1965

Iowa City, IA:

Advanced Drainage Systems, 1969-1973

Allied Mills, Inc., 1963-1970

Archer Daniels Midland, 1978-1980

Cedar-Johnson Farm Service Company, 1974-1975

Collignon Construction Company, 1946-1947

Drug Fair, 1974

FS Services, 1963-1971

H.P. Smith Co. (Phillips Petroleum), 1969-1973

Hawkeye Lumber Co., 1946-1948

Hawkeye Wholesale Grocery Company, 1964-1974

M.S. Kaplan Company, 1957

Market Square Property, 1968-1981

Miller Brothers Lumber Co., 1954

Precision, Inc., 1956-1958

Proctor and Gamble, 1955

Box 8

Iowa City, IA:

Proctor and Gamble, 1956-1977 (2 folders)

Ralston Purina Company, 1946-1967

Terra Chemical Co., 1966-1969

Thomas and Betts, 1949-1974

Iowa Falls, IA:

Farm Bureau Service Company, 1965-1973

Ralston Purina Company, 1951-1975 (2 folders)

Iowa Falls to Estherville, IA:

Rehabilitation of Main Line, 1974-1977

Iowa, State of:

Greater Indianola Corporation, 1974-1976

Proposed Acquisition of Line from Chicago and Northwestern, 1970-1979 (2 folders)

Box 9

Iowa, State of:

Survey of Grain Elevator and Trackage, 1971-1975 (2 folders)

Upgrade of Various Branch Lines, 1975-1977

Kalona, IA:

Duwa, B.D., 1962-1963

Vel-Donna Feed, Inc., 1963-1968

Kellogg, IA:

Schrock Brothers Company, 1962-1965

Kensett, IA:U

Great Plains Supply Company, 1972

Keota, IA:

Farmers Coop Association, 1964-1965

Wayne Feed Supply Company (Allied Mills, Inc.), 1939-1976

Klemme, IA:

Federated Cooperative Power Association, 1944

Letts, IA:

Letts Building and Supply, Inc., 1911-1970

Mason City, IA:

Mason City, City of, 1951-1959

Mediapolis, IA:

Hawkeye Concrete Products Company, 1956

Muscatine, IA:

Acme Fuel and Material Company, 1959-1960

Celon Company, 1945-1966

Jones Coal Company, 1947-1948

Monsanto Chemical Co., 1960-August 1961

Box 10

Muscatine, IA:

Monsanto Chemical Co., September 1961-1963

Paetz Grocery Co., 1953-1956

Yingling Coal Company, 1945-1963

Newton, IA:

Advertising Novelty Company, 1945-1964

Central Iowa Gas Co., 1953-1955

John Deere, 1956-1970

Oelwein, IA:

Speedy Manufacturing Co., 1956-1957

Oskaloosa, IA:

Ideal Ready Mix Company, 1960-1961

Pella, IA:

Pella Municipal Power Plant, 1944-1974

Postville Junction to Decorah, IA:

Abandoment of Segment of Line, 1962-1964

Reinbeck, IA:

Schrock Fertilizer Co., 1962-1977

Riverside, IA:

Custom Farm Services, Inc., 1967-1970

Rockford, IA:

American Legion Post, 1958-1962

Trettin Hatchery, 1945-1956

Rock Island, Moline and Silvis, IL and Davenport, IA:

Industrial Development, 1957-1971 (2 folders)

Rock Rapids, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Exchange, 1967

Rodman, IA:

ARCO Chemical Division of Atlantic Richfield, 1967-1973

Rose Hill, IA:

Norris Construction Co., 1961-1962

Rowen, IA:

Swift and Company, 1967-1968

Royal, IA:

Cargill, INc., 1973-1976

Box 11

Shell Rock, IA:

Farmers Coop, 1963-1976 (2 folders)

Sibley, IA:

Chase Bag Company, 1971-1975 (2 folders)

Sibley, City of, 1964-1965

Sigourney, IA:

Alternate Routes for Rock Island Motor Transit Company, 1966

Monsanto Chemical Company/Goode Elevator Co., 1962-1966

Slifer, IA:

FirstMiss, Inc., 1969-1975

South English, IA:

Farmers Grain and Lumber Co., 1947-1969

Stuart, IA:

American Agricultural Chemical Company, 1963-1966

Holst, James, 1975

Superior, IA:

Superior Coop Elevator, 1971-1980

Swea City, IA:

Cargill, Inc. (Elevator), 1972-1976

Farm Service Company, 1965-1973

Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company, 1973-1976

Pillsbury Company, 1973

Thompson, IA:

Custom Farm Services, Inc., 1965-1973

Farmers Coop Elevator Co., 1960-1973

Box 12

Titonka, IA:

Custom Farm Service, Inc., 1966-1973

Traer, IA:

Cas Feed Store, 1953-1966

Various Locations:

Acme Fast Freight, Inc., 1955-1958

Farmers Grain Dealers Association, 1958-1974

Vinton, IA:

David Liquid Fertilizer Company, 1957-1973

Ellis-McDowell Lumber Company, 1927-1974

Iowa Canning Company, 1932-1968

Me-Jon Fertilizer, Inc., 1963-1974

Standard Oil Company, 1958-1960

Vinton Cooperative, 1976-1977

Vinton Farmers' Supply, Inc., 1943-1965

Vinton Foods, Inc., 1968-1974

Walcott, IA:

R.H. Blank and Son, 1947-1954

Twin State Engineering and Chemical Company, 1958-1976

Wapello, IA:

Hanft, Rex, 1955-1956

Spencer Chemical Company, 1963-1966

Washington, IA:

Disposition of Old Passenger Station, 1956-1957

Iowa Southern Utilities Company, 1945-1951

Livingston, Dave, 1954-1955

Nebraska Consolidated Mills Company, 1967

Northrup-King and Company, 1956-1959

Waterloo, IA:

Borowsky, Bernard and Herman, 1964

C & C Construction Co., 1964-1965

Crescent Electric Company, n.d.

Lander, Chuck, 1963-1964

Nebraska Consolidated Mills Co./Nixon and Company, 1965-1972

Box 13

Waterloo, IA:

Pillsbury Company, 1971-1977

Proposed Freight and Passenger Station, 1957-1959

Takin Brothers Transfer and Storage, 1975-1976

Waterloo Dredging Company, 1951-1966 (2 folders)

Waterloo Valve Spring Compressor Company, 1958-1965

Wheeler-Braun Lumber Co., 1964

Youngblut Construction Co., 1975-1976

West Bend, IA:

Skelly Oil Company, 1959-1968

West Bend Elevator Company, 1970-1973 (3 folders)

Win Gold Feed Company, 1964

West Branch, IA:

Agrico (West Branch Farm Supply), 1964-1975

Hales and Hunter Company, 1962-1966 (2 folders)

Box 14

West Chester, IA:

Van Houten, George, 1968-1977

West Des Moines, IA:

Clay & Barley Manufacturing Co., 1962-1973

Concrete Materials Co., 1953-1958

Midwest Perlite Products, 1951-1958

Penn Dixie Industries, 1946-1975 (2 folders)

Ronald Kenyon Construction Co., 1954-1961

Windsor Woodworking Co., 1978

West Liberty, IA:

Louis Rich Foods, Inc., 1944-1972

Mid-America Pipeline Co., 1960-1971

S/M Service Company, 1966-1974

Walnut Grove Products Company, 1955-1965

Wilcar Propane Company, 1957-1968

Wilton, IA:

Feeders Service Center, Inc., 1963-1964

Wilton Junction, IA:

Eastern Iowa Light and Power Co., 1961-1967

Johns-Manville Products, 1972-1976

Predco, Inc., 1977

Winterset, IA:

Farmers Coop, 1979

Wiota, IA:

Holst, Jim, 1975

Woden, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Elevator, 1967-1973

Subseries IV: Leases (Year given refers to the year in which the lease was applied for or granted)

Box 1

Adair, IA:                            

Adair, City of, 1956

Adair Implement Company, 1954

Comly, Jess, 1961                                          

Ernst Hatchery and Feed, 1954

Ainsworth, IA:                     

Baird & Lins, 1952

Altoona, IA:                      

Central Ready Mix Company, 1958

Iowa State Highway Commission, 1955

Anita, IA:                            

Booth & Olson, Inc., 1954

Atlantic, IA:                        

Atlantic, City of, 1961

Land Construction Co., 1951

Levine, I., 1958

Audubon, IA:                      

Audubon Produce Company, 1954

Continental Grain Company, 1952

Crouse Ready-Mix, Inc., 1960

Edwards, Dale, 1960

Nishna Valley Milling Co., 1946

Skelly Oil Company, 1956

Avoca, IA:                        

Brown Grain Storage, 1958

Martin, M.W., 1953

Belmond, IA:                      

Belmond Grain Company, 1956

General Mills, 1960

Booneville, IA:                  

Robinson Feed Company, 1956

Brooklyn, IA:                     

Manatt, G.J., 1956

T.I.P. Rural Electric Cooperative, 1956

Buckeye, IA:                      

Hardin County, IA, 1954

Buffalo Center, IA:              

Interstate Power Company, 1958

Carlisle, IA:                         

Great Lakes Pipe Line Company, 1954

Cedar Falls, IA:                 

Myers, O.W., 1955

Cedar Rapids, IA             

Darling and Company, 1953 (2 folders)

Halston Construction Co., 1953

Hargrave Construction Co., 1957

Lapes, Mrs. John E., 1960

Centerville, IA:                     

Ideal Ready-Mix Co., 1959

Ideal Ready-Mix Co., 1961

Master Plumber Supply Inc., 1956

Rock Island Motor Transit Company, 1953

Rosencrantz, R.H, 1955

Colfax, IA:                          

Hopkins, R.E., 1944

Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., 1952

Ronald Kenyon Company, 1954

Van Dusseldorp, Eben, 1955

Columbus Junction, IA:      

Louisa Farm Service Company, 1953

Spencer Chemical Co, 1961

Corydon, IA:                        

Thomas Feed Company, 1960

Thomas Implement Co., 1953

Council Bluffs, IA:            

Allied Chemical and Dye Corp., 1961

Lyman-Richey Sand & Gravel Corp., 1958

Davenport, IA:                      

Bell Construction Co., 1952

Consumers Coal Company, 1952

Davenport Scale and Staple Co., 1959

General U-Drive-It Co., 1952

Goodyear Service, 1953

Ralston Purina Company, 1913

Box 2

Davenport, IA:                     

Ralston Purina Company, 1913 (continued)

Witt Flooring Co., 1955

Decorah, IA:                        

Midland Cooperative, Inc., 1961

Des Moines, IA:                 

Advertising Distributors of Iowa, 1961

Dico Company, 1956

H.J. Heinz Co., 1946

J.C. White Concrete Co., 1958

DeSoto, IA:                          

Skelly Oil Company, 1952

Smith, W.C., 1959

Dexter, IA:                          

Adel Redi Mix Company, 1960

Durant, IA:                           

Morgan Construction Co., Inc., 1961

Elgin, IA:                                

Elgin Canning Company, 1956

Ely, IA:                                    

Iowa Bridge Co., 1953

Emmetsburg, IA:                  

American Nitrogen Corp., 1954

Estherville, IA:                       

Estherville Concrete Products, 1946

Skelly Oil Company, 1952

Welcome Agriculture Chemical Co., 1955

Exira, IA:                                

May, Robert R., 1959

Fairfield, IA:                           

Erickson, Theron H., 1953

May, William B., Jr., 1953

O’Neill Hardware and Coal Co., 1952

Farmington, IA:                      

Hamlin Brothers, 1957

Forest City, IA:                       

Central Iowa Telephone Company, 1959

Iowa State Highway Commission, 1953

Fowler, IA:                              

Cook Construction Company, 1958

Fredonia, IA:                          

Iowa-Illinois Telephone Co., 1955

Garner, IA:                              

Garner, Town of, 1958

Garner Livestock Shipping Association, 1952

Gibson, IA:                              

Skelly Oil Company, 1960

Graettinger, IA:                       

Baker, Del, 1957

Hansen, Claude, 1952

Greene, IA:                             

Green Farm Equipment and Agriculture Co., 1961

McRoberts Implement Co., 1959

Grinnell, IA:                             

Cities Service Co., 1954

Grinnell, City of, 1953

Grinnell Ready-Mix Concrete Company, 1959

Hybrid Hog Breeders, Inc, 1953

Iowa Southern Utilities Company, 1954

Palmer, H. Phillip, 1960

Grundy Center, IA:                 

Moeller and Walter, Inc., 1955

United Telephone Co., 1955

Guthrie, IA:                              

Guthrie Concrete Co., 1952

Guthrie Center, IA:                 

Reko, George, 1953

Unity Industries, Inc., 1952

Hamlin, IA:                              

Dick, Paul, 1957

Hancock, IA:                           

Booth and Olson, Inc., 1952

Hardy, IA:                                

L & S Fertilizer Co., 1955

Harlan, IA:                               

Stowe Block and Tile, 1946

Squealer Feed and Grain Company, 1955

Wilson Hybrids, Inc., 1953

Hartford, IA:                            

Hartford, Town of, 1956

Hartley, IA:                              

Vande Brake, Russell, 1957

Holland, IA:                             

Iowa Electric Light & Power Company, 1955

Homestead, IA:                     

Ahrens, David R., 1961

Independence, IA:                 

West Side Elevator Company, 1958

Iowa City, IA:                          

Cash Builders Supply Company, 1954

Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric Co., 1951

Schwab Advertising System, 1956

Iowa Falls, IA:                      

Concrete Products Company, 1957

Iowa Electric Light and Power Co., 1956

Box 3

Iowa Falls, IA:                         

Iowa Falls Oil Co., 1917

Kansas City Light and Power Company, 1953

Joliet, IL:                                 

Phieffer Fire Brick Service, 1959

Kalona, IA:                              

Byler, Leslie L., 1954

Home Gas Company, 1956

Kellogg, Town of, 1956

Kensett, IA:                             

Interstate Power Company, 1957

Keosauqua, IA:                     

Harbison Feed and Produce Co., 1955

Riverside Electric Co., 1955

Kinross, IA:                            

Denton, Harley, 1960

Lakota, IA:                              

American Nitrogen Corp., 1954

Midland Cooperative Inc., 1961

Larchwood, IA:                      

Judd Brown Construction Company, 1960

Laurens, IA:                           

Unruh Construction Co., 1959

Leighton, IA:                          

Simons, Leonard J., 1958

Letts, IA:                                 

Letts, Town of, 1954

Lineville, IA:                           

Bob Broyles Lumber and Grain Co., 1955

Swords-Morton Veneer and Lumber Company, 1955

Linwood, IA:                           

Linwood Stone Products Co., 1961

Manly, IA:                               

Nitro Green Fertilizer Company, 1957

North Iowa Milling Co., 1952

Oswald Strand and Sons, 1954

Marengo, IA:                          

Blairstown Concrete Products Co., 1956

Long Green Soilbuilders, 1956

Voightmann Construction Company, 1958

Marne, IA:                              

Missouri Valley Construction Company, 1954

Maynard, IA:                           

Iowa Plant Food Manufacturing Company, 1953

Mediapolis, IA:                      

Galesburg Order Buyers, Inc., 1956

Metz, IA:                                 

Niebs, Merlyh, 1960

Monroe, IA:                            

Cushman-Wilson Oil Co., 1954

Pfister Associated Growers, Inc., 1953

Wood, Donald, 1954

Morning Sun, IA:                    

Chemo Corporation, 1952

Morning Sun, City of, 1954

Muscatine, IA:                        

Cohn Brothers, 1952

Grain Processing Corp., 1958

McKee Feed and Grain Co., 1958

Muscatine County Highway Dept., 1955

Nevada, IA:                            

Iowa Continental Telephone Co., 1954

Ocheyedan, IA:                     
Arnold Grain and Livestock Co., 1952

Northwestern Light and Power Co., 1952

Oelwein, IA:                            

Booth and Olson, Inc., 1961

Merfeld Feed and Supply Co., 1956

Oelwein, City of, 1958

Oskaloosa, IA:                       

Bell Seed and Feed Co., 1955

Mahaska Skelgas Service, 1951

Oxford, IA:                              

Marengo Ready-Mix, 1959

Oxford Sales Company, 1954

Palmer, IA:                             

McAlpin, Francis, 1952

Paxico, KS:                            

Meinhardt, E.J., 1960

Pocahontas, IA:                       

Iowa Gas Company, Inc., 1952

Pocahontas, Town of, 1955

Rake, IA:                                 

Hansen Gas and Appliance Co., 1959

Reinbeck, IA:                          

Robinson, P.E., 1954

Riverside, IA:                          

Standard Oil Company, 1957

Rossie, IA:           

Anderson Elevator Company, 1959

Rowan, IA:                              

Iowa Electric Power and Light Co., 1956

Staley Farm Supply Co., 1958

Royal, IA:                                

Ibberson, T.E., 1959

Pedersen, I.D., 1957

Seymour, IA:                          

Harper, Deverre, 1955

Seymour, City of, 1966

Sheffield, IA:                           

Hawke, M.B., 1958

Zickefoose and Edgington, 1957

Shelby, IA:                              

Eckel, Dwight M., 1959

Shell Rock, IA:                       

Manatt, Inc., 1960

Sigourney, IA:                        

Erickson, T.H., 1953

Solon, IA:                                

Phila-File Company, 1947

Standard Oil Co., 1956

Somers, IA:                            

Chemco, Inc., 1952

South English, IA:                  

Greiner, J.H., 1947

Sperry, IA:                              

Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line Co., 1953

Box 4

Sperry, IA:                              

United States Gypsum, 1960 (2 folders)

Stuart, IA:                               

Phillips Petroleum Company, 1924

Swea City, IA:                       

Swea City Concrete Products and Supply, 1959

Titonka, IA:                            

Titonka Telephone Company, 1953

Turnout, IA:                             

Illinois Gas and Electric Company, 1958

Vinton, IA:                              

Green Construction Co., 1956

Walker, IA:                             

Walker, City of, 1954

Walnut, IA:                             

Cities Service Oil Company, 1955

Box 5

Walnut, IA:                              

McDermott, Walter, 1952

Wapello, IA:                           

Hometown Hatchery, Inc., 1955

Wagner, Henry A., 1951

Washington, IA:                     

Ballou Oil Company, 1955

Mose Levy Company, 1956

Phillips Petroleum Company, 1961

Waterloo, IA:                          

Fullerton Lumber Company, 1959

Iowa Public Service Co., 1943

Raymond Concrete Piling Company, 1959

Ross Guyer Implement Company, 1959

Waterloo Daily Courier, 1955

Waverly, IA:                            

Merfeld Feed and Supply Co., 1955

Wellman, IA:                           

Iowa State Highway Commission, 1955

West Branch, IA:                   

Paulson Lumber Company, 1955

West Des Moines, IA:          

Hendrickson, C.C., 1952

West Liberty, IA:                   

Green Construction Co., 1955

Wolf Appliance Store, 1955

Wilton, IA:                               

Thede, V.M., 1956

Thermogas Company, 1957

Wilton Junction, IA:                

Economy Ready-Mix Corp., 1959

Jacobs, Gilbert D., 1954  


Subseries V: Lease Cancellations

Box 1

Adair, IA:                                

Amoco Oil Company, 1974

Allendorf, IA:                          

Farmers Coop Elevator Company, 1974

Allerton, IA:                             

Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, 1980

Altoona, IA:                            

Farmers Co-Op, 1973

Farmers Co-Op, 1974 (2 leases)

Armstrong, IA:                       

Farmers Coop Elevator, 1978

James L. Meyer, 1984

Atlantic , IA:                            

Amoco Oil Company, 1977

Armour and Company, 1983

Leslie Lehnus/Lehnus Oil Company, 1983

Phillips Petroleum Company, 1971

Railway Express Agency, 1971

Swift Agricultural Chemicals Corp., 1972

Terra Western Corporation, 1971

Terra Western Corporation, 1973

Audubon, IA:                        

A & G Farm Service, 1972

Dale Edwards, 1971

Phillips Petroleum Company, 1974

Roberts Feed and Seed, 1973

Beacon, IA:                            

Henry L. Miller, 1974

Belmond, IA:                        

Fullerton Lumber Company, 1970

Bode, IA:                                

Farmers Elevator Company, 1971

Farmers Elevator Company, 1974

Bonaparte, IA:                      

Farmers Cooperative Association, 1982

Brighton, IA:                         

Mullikin Fertilizer and Chemical Co., 1973

Buckeye, IA:                          

Buckeye Cooperative Elevator Co., 1971

Buffalo Center, IA:           

Loren Aukes/Aukes Fertilizer and Seed Corn Co., 1971

Farmers Co-Op Elevator, 1971

Farmers Co-Op Elevator, 1972

Interstate Power Company, 1977

Roy B. Johnson, 1971

Burdette, IA:                        

Ackerman’s, Inc., 1977

Burlington, IA:                     

Baker Fuel Company, 1972

BASF Wynadotte Corporation, 1973                           

BASF Wyandotte Corporation, 1976

Big River Lumber Company, 1973

McKesson Chemical Co., 1976

Cambridge, IA:                     
Ed Mittlestadt, 1971

Carlisle, IA:                            

Carlisle Cashway Lumber Company, 1974

Floyd George Jones, 1974

Cedar Rapids, IA:              

Martin Marietta Corporation, 1975

Railway Express Agency, 1976

Chariton, IA:                         

Lucas County Chamber of Commerce, 1976

Clarion, IA:                            

Wright County Farmers Elevator, 1970


Box 2

Clinton, IA:                            

Atlantic Richfield Company, 1973

Colfax, IA:                              

Brayton Chemical Company, 1972

Cone, IA:                                

Farmland Industries, Inc., 1976

Cotter, IA:                              

William C. Peters, 1972

Council Bluffs, IA:             

Gooch Mill and Elevator Company, 1972

McCollister Grease and Oil Corporation, 1978

Crystal Lake, IA:                                   

Standard Oil Division – Amoco Oil Company, 1977

Davenport, IA:                     

C.W. Crossen Company, 1976

Roger D. Emeis, 1977

Lee Gripp Transfer Company, 1976

Middle States Corporation, 1972 (2 leases)           

A Pullman, 1972

Rock Island Transit Company, 1977

Tri-City Posting Service, 1982

Des Moines, IA:

Frye Copysystems, 1975

Iowa Power and Light Company, 1970

Iowa State fair, 1970

Ladin Industries, Inc., 1976

North American Livestock Industries, 1974

Rock Island Motor Transit Co., 1972

Rock Island Motor Transit Co., 1974

White, Mrs. Ivan, 1973

Yonker Brothers, 1972

Dexter, IA:

Agrico Chemical Company, 1972

Dows, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1975

Farmers Grain and Lumber Company, 1972

Durant, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1973

Dysart, IA:

Tama Benton Cooperative Company, after 1971

Walnut Grove Products, 1972

Earlham, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1976

East Des Moines, IA:

Allied Chemical Co., 1977

FS Services, Inc., 1976

Midwest Timmerman Company, 1981

Mossberg-Smith Metalcasters, 1974

Eldon, IA:

Eldon Elevator, Inc., 1982

Eldon Lumber Company, 1982

Ritz Lumber Co., c. 1980?

Elkhart, IA:

Standard Oil Division - Amoco Oil Company, 1977

R.F. Wilson, 1982

Emmetsburg, IA:

Cargill, Inc., 1983

Farm Service Co., 1978

Estherville, IA:

Brink Oil Co., 1971

City of Estherville, 1970

City of Estherville, 1975?

City of Estherville, 1977

Hockett, Arnold, 1978

Houseman, Loyd, 1981

K & S Lumber Co., 1975

Francis J. Koenecke and Robert Stump/K & S Lumber, 1976

John Morrell and Co., 1977 (2 leases)

John Morrell and Co., 1978

Exira, IA:

Elk Horn Elevator, 1970

Exira Farm Supply, 1977

Fairfield, IA:

F.J. O’Neill/O’Neill Hardware and Coal Co., 1971

O’Neill Hardware and Coal Co., 1971

Farmington, IA:

Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad, 1973

Fernald, IA:

Borden Chemical Co. - Smith-Douglass Division, 1971

Standard Oil Division - Amoco Oil Company, 1972

Forest City, IA:

Evards Brothers, 1974

Forest City Auction Company, 1972

Winnebago Industries, 1975

Winnebago Industries, 1976

Box 4

Fruitland, IA:

George C. Olinger, 1970

Garner, IA:

Josten, Calvin, 1971

Gerled, IA:

Stephens, Walter and Ruth C., 1970

Gibson, IA:

Borden Company, 1973

McCurdy, Roscoe, 1971

Goldfield, IA:

Wright County, 1972

Graettinger, IA:

Farm Service Company, 1977

Ken's Auto Repair, 1979

Granite, IA:

Wineman, Ralph, 1972

Greene, IA:

Stewart, Orville, 1978

Grundy Center, IA:

Municipal Power and Light Co., 1977

Weigel and Staff Construction Co, 1976

W.D. Wilson and Son, 1983

Guthrie Center, IA:

Seymour Foods, Co., 1972

Hampton, IA:

Franklin-Wright Farm Service, 1972

Hardy, IA:

Hardy Cooperative Elevator Co., 1971

Hartford, IA:

Hartford, Town of, 1971

Laverty, Inc., 1975

Hartley, IA:

Walnut Grove Products, 1977

Harvard, IA:

Sowder, L.E., 1976

Stewart, J.F., 1971

Hayfield, IA:

Farmers Co-Op Elevator Association, 1973

Hills, IA:

Eastern Iowa Light and Power Coop, 1972

Homestead, IA:

Allied Chemical Corp, 1977

Independence, IA:

Grief Oil Company, 1974

Smith, H.E., 1971

Indianola, IA:

Laverty, Inc., 1974

Iowa City, IA:

Lang, Allen N., 1981

Sun Oil Company-DX Division, 1973

Iowa Falls, IA:

Chicago, Rock Island Railroad, 1970

Custom Farm Services, Inc., 1971

H.P. Krogh/Krogh Feed and Supply, 1976

Madole, Kenneth V. and Thomas A. Kruse, 1973

Platts, Vincent, 1971

Kalona, IA:

Farmers Electric Cooperative, 1971

Kalona, Town of, 1973

Kellogg, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1975

Farmers Elevator, 1973

General Wood and Veneer, Inc, 1975

Keota, IA:

Don G. Fagan/Fagan Elevator, 1973

Smith-Douglass Division - Borden Chemical Co., 1979

Wayne Feed Supply Co. Inc., 1982

Keswick, IA:

Clifford Bair and Melvin Bair/Farmers Lumber Co., 1973

Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals Division - Kaiser Aluminum and Chemicals, 1973

Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals, 1971

Kinross, IA:

Denton, Harley A., 1970

Klemme, IA:

Great Plains Supply Company, 1970

Klemme Coop Elevator, 1973

Lake Park, IA:

Arnold Grain and Feed, Inc., 1971

Lakota, IA:

American Crystal Sugar Co., 1974

Wallace, Miles, 1984

Wayne Feed and Supply, 1974

Laurens, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Elevator and Lumber Co., 1971

Kepa Autmoatics, Inc., 1971

Unruh, John G., 1971

Box 5

Lester, IA:

Lester Grain and Supply, 1974

Letts, IA:

Amoco OIl Company, 1975

Letts, Town of, 1972

Libertyville, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1977

Benny Creek/Creek oil Co., 1971

Linn Junction, IA:

Ford, Wayne A., 1973

Little Rock, IA:

Richard Kruse and Alfred R. Kruse/Kruse Brothers, 1971

Manly, IA:

International Minerals and Chemical Corp., 1975

Manson, IA:

Calhoun County District #1, 1970

Iowa Corn Byproducts, 1971

Marble Rock, IA:

Midland Cooperative Inc., 1974

Marengo, IA:

Borden Chemical Co., 1971

Iowa State Highway Commission, 1973

Midway Oil Company, 1973

Pexa, John and Clark Huedepohl, 1971

Mason City, IA:

FirstMiss, Inc., 1976

Lampert Yards, INc., 1984

McClelland, IA:

Amalgamated Enterprises, Inc., 1975

Mediapolis, IA:

Binns and Stevens Crop Sprayers, Inc., 1971

Melcher, IA:

Forest C. Moore/Melcher Dallas Lumber, 1974

Melvin, IA:

Sanborn Cooperative Grain Company, 1971

Sanborn Cooperative Grain Company, 1974

Millerton, IA:

Millerton Lumber Company, 1974

Mitchellville, IA:

Mitchellville Cooperative, 1973

Mitchellville Coop, 1974

Monroe, IA:

PAG Seed Co., 1978

Montezuma, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1973

Hockey, Walter, 1973

Morning Sun, IA:

Gulf Oil Corporation, 1974

Morning Sun, Town of, 1970

Morrison, IA:

Morrison Coop Association, 1976

Muscatine, IA:

Chicago Rock Island and Pacific, 1972

Farm Service Company, 1974

Edward J. Hill/Hill Lumber Co., 1971

Hints, Daniel J., 1971

Hutting Manufacturing Co., 1978

Phillips Petroleum Co., 1972

Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co. and Pennsylvania Corp., 1973

C.E. Richards and Co., 1972 (2 leases)

Rock Island Motor Transit Co., 1978

Tri-City Posting Service, 1982

Nevada, IA:

Continental Fertilizer Co., 1970

Doolittle, R. Wayne, 1974

R.E. Gerlach and E.F. Gerlach/Gerlach Supply Co., 1972

Gerlach Supply Co., 1972

Phillips Petroleum, 1971

Box 6

Newton, IA:

Rus Oil Company, 1977

Nichols, IA:

Walker, Charles Eugene and Ione Bernice, 1975

Oakland, IA:

Farm Service Cooperative Elevator, 1972

Oakland Feed Corporation, 1972

Ocheydan, IA:

Cooperative Elevator Association, 1972

Cooperative Elevator Association, 1976

Farmland Industries, 1984

Johnson, Wayne, 1971

Oelwein, IA:

Oelwein, City of, 1971

Willis C. Ruff/Ruffs Elevator, 1972

Seedorff Oil Company, 1974

Osgood, IA:

Ziemann Custom Service, 1976

Oskaloosa, IA

Wright, R.C., 1972

Otley, IA:

Iowa Power and Light Co., 1978

Ottosen, IA:

Leist, Jacob, 1973

Ottumwa, IA:

Anderson, Delta M., 1971

Corse, Maggie and August, 1971

John W. Duree Estate, 1971

Engstrum, Olaf, 1971

Harris, J.L., 1971

Hoddy, Minnie D., 1971

Charles B. Johnson/Ottumwa Boiler Works, 1973

Jones Chemicals, Inc., 1972

Matilda, August A. and John Oscar Lundgren, 1971

McNatt, William, 1971

Parks, W.S., 1971

Polson, L.P., 1971

Ralston Purina Company, 1975

Re, Frank, 1971 (2 leases)

Re, Vericenza, 1971

Smith, Frank W., 1971

Swanson, Amanda C., 1971

Oxford, IA:

Cochran, Bob, 1972

Packard, IA:

Packard Elevator Company, 1971

Packard Elevator Company, 1972

Palmer, IA:

Farmers Coop, 1977

Paris, IA:

Moravia Farm Service Co., 1977

Pella, IA:

Bakker, F., A. Breen and R.A. Van Hermert, 1970

Geetings, Wayne, 1973

Pocahontas, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Company, 1970

Northern Propane Gas Co., 1972

Ed Rouse/Rouse Oil Company, 1970

Dean Stoulil/Deans Oil Company, 1975

Prairie City, IA:

Flying Dutchman Oil Company, 1977

Richards Construction Co., 1973

Rake, IA:

Paul Klipping/Klipping Fertilizer and Supply, 1973

Randalia, IA:

FirstMiss, Inc., 1974

Reinbeck, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1975

Riverside, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1973

Riverside, Town of, 1973

Rock Falls, IA:

Cox, Glen, 1974

Rockford, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Exchange, 1978

Harold E. Trettin/Trettin Hatchery and Poultry Farm, 1971

Rodman, IA:

West Bend Elevator Co., 1977

Rossie, IA:

Anderson Elevator, 1977

Rowley, IA:

F.J. Knob and Company, 1971

Standard Oil Division-Amoco Oil Company, 1982

Royal, IA:

Cargill, Inc., 1973

Clay County Agricultural Conservation Association, 1974

Ralph H. Wyatt/Wyatt Oil Co., 1976

Box 7

Seymour, IA:

Johnson, Jerry, 1974

Pearson, Berlin, 1972

W.A. Cooperative, 1981

Sheffield, IA:

Farmers Cooperative, 1978

Iowa Public Service, 1975

Shelby, IA:

Shelby Community Club, 1971

Sibley, IA:

Farmers Coop, 1973

Sigourney, IA:

Borden Chemical Co., 1975

Slifer, IA:

Farmers Cooperative, 1971

Solon, IA:

Furchtenicht, Richard, 1972

Stockton, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., 1971

Stuart, IA:

Stuart Municipal Utilities, 1970

Superior, IA:

Superior Cooperative Elevator Co., 1972

Swea City, IA:

Cargill, Inc., 1971

Thompson, IA:

Farm Service Company, 1970

Thornburg, IA:

Carrich, Otto, 1973

Melvin F. Dahlstrom and E.E. Dahlstrom/Dahlstrom Lumber Co., 1973

Tiffin, IA:

R.H. Fulton Company, 1971

Titonka, IA:

Amoco Oil Company, 1981

Farmers Cooperative Elevator, 1970

Traer, IA:

Todd and Sargent, 1977

Victor, IA:

Bohstedt, Inc., 1976

Rohrer Brothers, Inc., 1978

Don Rohrer/Rohrer Lime and Fertilizer, 1977

Walcott, IA:

Twin States Engineering Corp., 1972

Twin States Engineering Corp., 1975

Ware, IA:

Cargill, Inc., 1971

Washington, IA:

Holbert, J.C., 1976

Kaiser Agricultural Chemical Co., 1973

Kaiser Agricultural Chemical Co., 1974

Webster, IA:

Warder and Lee Elevator Co., 1970

Wellman, IA:

Dan Graber Plumbing and Heating Co., 1973

Schroeder, Adolph, 1973

Wellsburg, IA:

Snittzer Grain Co., 1970

Wellsburg Elevator Company, 1975

Wellsburg Elevator Company, 1976

West Bend, IA:

Mertz, Jr., J.B., 1974

West Bend, City of, 1975

West Bend, Town of, 1974

West Bend Elevator Company, 1971

West Bend Processing Company, 1971

West Des Moines, IA:

Central Ready Mix Company, 1971

West Liberty, IA:

Atilano, Flairo, 1976

West Union, IA:

North East Fayette Corporation, 1972

West Union Cooperative Company, 1972

West Union Cooperative Company, 1973

Westview, IA:

Harold R. Johnson/Harold's Pharmacy, 1975

Wilton, IA:

Econ-O-Mix Feed Company, 1978

Richards Construction Co., 1971

Winterset, IA:

Bussanmus Tire Supply and Service, 1978

Duff, Leslie I., 1977

Mobil Oil Corp., 1972

Woden, IA:

Farmers Cooperative Elevator, 1971

Zachary's Siding, IA:

Baridon, Jr., Dr. David, 1971

Subseries VI: Sales

Box 1


Adair, IA:

State of Iowa, 1969

Allerton, IA:

Allerton Feed and Grain Company, 1969

Altoona, IA:         

Burget, Robert and Mickey, 1967-1969

Farmers Elevator Company, 1968-1979

We Mac Manufacturing Company, 1967-1969

Anita, IA:

Hagen, Robert/Hagen Farm Service Center, 1970-1971

Appanoose County, IA:

Sale of Highway Easement to State, 1957

Atlantic, IA:

Brewer Oil Company, 1967-1968

Lenox Fertilizer Company, 1969

Levine, Ike, 1967-1968

Purchase for lease to Skelly Oil Company, 1948

Audubon, IA:

Lindholm Lumber Company, 1967-1968

Merk Grain Company, 1967-1968

Roberts Feed and Seed, 1972-1973

Burlington, IA:

J.I. Case, 1975-1976

Casey, IA:

Moore, Alfred, 1958-1865

Cass County, IA:

Purchase of drainage easement, 1942-1943

Cedar Falls, IA:   

Cedar Lumber Company, 1967-1974

Roberts, J.R. and Virginia, 1967-1970

Viking Pump Foundries, 1968

Cedar Rapids, IA:

Crescent Realty Corporation, 1969-1970

Darling and Company, 1953-1957

Box 2


Cedar Rapids, IA:

M. Feder and Sons, 1965-1966

Golden Hawk Complex, Inc., 1968

Harper & McIntire, 1950-1962

Iowa Electric Light and Power, 1950-1967

Iowa Manufacturing Company, 1945-1969

Loftus Distributing Company, 1971-1972

Midwest Homes, Inc., 1953-1956

Pepsi Cola Co., 1960-1961

Peter Pan Bakers, Inc., 1962-1966

Rights in 4th St Sale to City, 1950-1972

Salit, Zig, 1968-1969

Utility Easement, 1951


Box 3

Centerville, IA:

Gardner, Charles A. and Nadyne J., 1968

Chariton, IA:

Continental Oil Company, 1968-1969

Highway Easement to State, 1956-1962

Clarion, IA:           

Sun Oil Company, 1969-1978

Clarksville, IA:

Iowa Public Service Company, 1968

Colfax, IA:

Monroe Company, 1967-1968

Denniston and Partridge Company, 1967-1971

Columbus Junction, IA:

Columbus Junction, Town of, 1969-1970

Summy, John, 1963

Commerce, IA:

Roadway Easement to County, 1961-1963

Coralville, IA:

Proposed Sewer Easement, 1965-1969

Council Bluffs, IA:

Butler Welsh Grain Company, 1946-1947

Midwest Walnut Company, 1951-1965

Neilsen, Alfred T., 1942-1943

State Highway Overhead Crossing between 6th-7th Streets, 1969=1972


Dallas County, IA:

Drainage Easement at Bulger Creek, 1946

Davenport, IA:

Beeson, Clarence L.  and Buelah B., 1967

Crossen, C.W., 1967-1969

Box 4


Davenport, IA:

W.G. Block Company, 1968-1972

Davenport, City of, 1969-1971

Middle States Corp., 1966

Nichols Wire and Aluminum Co., 1950-1960

Ralston Purina Company, 1966-1967

Realty, Inc., 1967

Henry R. Schaefer Company, 1968-1969

Sunray DX Oil Company, 1967-1968

Unity Corporation, 1969-1971

Yard Expansion, 1955-1959

Des Moines, IA:

Armstrong Rubber Company, 1946-1967

Bulk Service Corporation, 1968-1970

Chicago and North Western Railroad, 1969-1970

Des Moines, City of, 1960

Des Moines Berg Burial Vault Inc., 1966-1967


Box 5

Des Moines, IA:

Employees Mutual Casualty Company, 1967-1971

Ford Auto Ramp, 1977-1978

Freeway Extension, 1958-1961

General Mills, Inc., 1964

I.D. Packing Co., 1968-1971

Larson, Harold W., 1973-1979

Market Square Property, 1950-1972

9th and 11th Streets/Market and Vine, 1970-1972

Penn Dixie Cement Company, 1962-1967

Section 13-79-24, 1947-1953

University Avenue Coal Company, 1966-1967

Box 6

Des Moines, IA:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control Des Moines Y Ravens, 1965-1970

Dysart, IA:

Tama Benton Cooperative District, 1979-1980

East Des Moines, IA:

Bookey Packing Co., 1963-1972

Pulley Freight Lines, 1966-1967
Purchase by CRIP of Round House Property/Repair Shop, 1912-1936 (4 folders)

Vacation Between R.O.W. and E. Market Street, 1951-1959

Eldon, IA:
Purchase by CRIP of Property for New Yard, 1913-1914

Elgin, IA:

Schori and Kuster Lumber Company, 1969-1970

Estherville, IA:

Estherville Cooperative Creamery Association, 1969-1970

Golden Sun Feeds, Inc., 1973-1975

Virginia Carolina Chemical Corp., 1955-1956

Galt, IA:

Sinclair Petrochemicals, Inc., 1967-1975

Box 7

Grundy Center, IA:

Consolidated Foods Corporation, 1968-1970

Hartley, IA:

Cook Grain Company, 1972-1975

Indianola, IA:

Laverty Elevator, 1978-1979

Metcalf Oil Company, 1968-1969

Warren County Oil Company, 1968

Iowa City, IA:

Abrams, Sam, 1968-1969

Capitol Implement Co., 1967

Iowa City, IA:
Denninger, J.J., 1965
Lucas Street 20-foot Strip and Right-of-Way, 1966
Mighell, Clark and Bernice, 1973
Nall Motors Incorporated, 1967
Protein Blenders, Inc., 1953-1954

Iowa Falls, IA:

Additional Track, 1953-1975

General Gas Corporation, 1968-1969

Iowa, State of:

Abandoned Right-of-Way Perlee to Eldon, 1943-1957

Various Sales After Retiring Trackage, 1954-1977

Nichols, IA:

Highway Easement to County, 1961

Oelwein, IA:

Ruff, Willis C. and Leota D., 1968-1969

Reinbeck, IA:

Frerichs, John M., 1969-1973

Snider Equipment Company, 1968-1973

Box 8

Spirit Lake, IA:

Caskey, Howard, 1970

Winterset, IA:

Penn Dixie Cement Corporation, Purchase, 1952-1956

Penn Dixie Cement Corporation, Sale, 1968-1969

Winterset, City of, 1970-1971

Silvis, IL:
Purchase for Stock Yard, 1905-1908

St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN:
Sale of Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railroad Properties, 1902-1904, n.d. (2 folders)



Subseries I: Contracts

Box 1

Ace-Eblen Construction Co.: Grading of Roadbed at Atlantic to Bentley, IA, 1950-1953

Burlington Northern Railroad: Joint Use of Tracks/Facilities at Burlington to Mediapolis, IA, 1942-1979 (2 folders)

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad: Crossing Protection at Council Bluffs, IA, 1916-1945
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad: Trackage Rights at Keokuk, IA, 1954-1962

Chicago Great Western Railroad: Station at Manly, IA, 1916-1966

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, 1901-1973

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad: Trackage Rights at Davenport, IA, 1939-1979

Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Company: Use of Line at Des Moines to Gowrie, IA, 1939-1963 (Folder #1)

Box 2

Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Company: Use of Line at Des Moines to Gowrie, IA, 1939-1963 (Folder #2)
Chicago and Northwestern Transportation Co.: Joint Trackage at Manly to Clear Lake Junction, IA, 1912-1977 (2 folders)
Chicago and North Western Railway: Use of Line at McClelland to Council Bluffs, IA, 1949-1976 (2 folders)
Chicago and Northwestern Railway, 1901-1919
Chicago and Southwestern Railway, 1869
Corn Syrup Refining Company: Joint Car Inspection at Clinton, IA, 1907-1929
Davenport (City of): Trackage on Front Street, 1917-1919
Davenport, Rock Island and Northwestern Railway: Trackage at Davenport to Shafton, IA, 1940-1979

Box 3

Farmers Coop Elevator at Kellogg, IA, 1978-1984
Farmers Exchange Coop at Lake Park, IA, 1973-1983
Independent Dray and Transfer Company: Transfer of LCL Freight, 1911-1929
Iowa Department of Transportation, Track Upgrading in Northwest Iowa, 1977-1983
Iowa State Highway Commission: Construction of Underpass on Highway 14 at Newton, IA, 1963-1968
Iowa State Highway Commission: Installation of Crossing Signals, 1941-1962
Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad, 1900-1901
Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad, Joint Use of Track at Manly Junction, IA to Albert Lea, MN, 1901-1937 (2 folders)
Muscatine Development Corporation: Construction of Industry Track at Muscatine, IA, 1963-1980
Muscatine North and South Railway: Joint Use of Tracks at Burlington, IA, 1911-1937

Box 4

Northwestern States Portland Cement Company: Trackage and Ownership at Mason City, IA, 1963-1979
Pullman Company: Agreement Concerning Pullman Cars Used in Troop Movements, 1943-1948 (2 folders)
Pullman Company: Operation of Sleeper and Parlor Cars over Rock Island Lines System, 1931-1948 (3 folders)
Quaker Oats Company: Tracks Serving Plant, Joint Agreement with Chicago and Northwestern Railway, 1943-1974
Rock Island Motor Transit Company: TOFC Agreement, 1964-1983
Union Pacific Railroad: Use of Line at Council Bluffs, IA to South Omaha, NE, 1893-1956 (Folder #1)

Box 5

Union Pacific Railroad: Use of Line at Council Bluffs, IA to South Omaha, NE, 1893-1956 (Folder #2)
Union Pacific Railroad: Use of Transfer Station at Council Bluffs, IA, 1891-1925
United States Atomic Energy Commission: Indemnification for Transportation of Materials Capable of Producing a Substantial Nuclear Incident, 1959
United States Government: Relocation of Trackage in Connection with Red Rock Dam/Lake Red Rock Project, 1966-1971

Subseries II: Correspondence - Free Passes

Box 1

1883 - June 1899

Box 2

July 1899 - December 1901

Box 3

January 1902 - April 1903

Box 4

May 1903 - August 1904

Box 5

September 1904 - September 1905

Box 6

October 1906 - March 1907

Box 7

April 1907 - December 1909

Box 8

January 1910 - August 1911

Box 9

September - December 1911
Lists of Free Pass Recipients, 1902-1903, n.d.


*A number of prominent late 19th-century and early 20th century politicians have letters in this subseries. The letters concern their attempts to obtain free or reduced railroad passes for themselves or for constituents or friends. The list below gives the politician and the date(s) of his correspondence on this issue.

Albert Baird Cummins (Governor of Iowa, 1902-1908; U.S. Senator, 1908-1926):

2/23/1899; 10/1/1899; 10/4/1899; 10/9/1899; 10/26/1899; 11/10/1899; 11/21/1899; 12/9/1899; 12/12/1899; 12/14/1899; 12/20/1899; 1/23/1900; 1/25/1900; 1/29/1900; 2/3/1900; 4/30/1900; 5/25/1900; 5/29/1900; 8/2/1900; 8/4/1900; 8/6/1900; 8/8/1900; 8/23/1900; 8/28/1900

Jonathan P. Dolliver (U.S. Congressman from Iowa, 1889-1900; U.S. Senator, 1900-1910)

1/8/1903; 1/5/1904

Gilbert N. Hargen (U.S. Congressman from Iowa, 1899-1932)


John F. Lacey (U.S. Congressman from Iowa, 1889-1890, 1893-1906)

5/2/1903; 7/3/1903; 1/25/1904

John Lind (U.S. Congressman from Minnesota, 1887-1892, 1903-1904; Governor of Minnesota, 1899-1901)

5/14/1904; 6/1/1904; 12/29/1904

Boies Penrose (U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, 1897-1921)


Subseries III: Correspondence - General

Box 1

1869 - 1881
1882 - 1885
1886 - 1888
January - April 1889
May - June 1889
July - August 1889

Box 2

September - October 1889
November - December 1889
January - June 1892
July - December 1892
March - August 1893
September - December 1893

Box 3

January - May 1894
June - December 1894
January - June 1898
July - December 1898
January - April 1899

Box 4

May - September 1899
October - December 1899
January - April 1900
May - December 1900
January - September 1901
October - December, undated 1901
January - May 1902
June - July 1902

Box 5

August - September 1902
October - December, undated 1902
January - July 1903
August 1903
September - December 1903
January - June 1904
July 1904
August 1904

Box 6

September - October 1904
November - December 1904
January - May 1905
June - December 1905
January - July 1906
August - December 1906

Box 7

1911 - 1919
1923 - 1928
1930 - 1972
Undated and/or Partial

Correspondence and Memos re: CRIP Relationship with Union Pacific, 1914-1931 (2 folders)

*A number of prominent late 19th-century and early 20th century politicians have letters in this subseries. The list below gives the politician and the date(s) of his correspondence on this issue.

William B. Allison (U.S. Senator from Iowa, 1873-1908):

Robert B. Cousins (U.S. Congressman from Iowa, 1893-1909):

Albert Baird Cummins (Governor of Iowa, 1902-1908; U.S. Senator, 1908-1926):
3/27/1889; 4/2/1889; 4/9/1889; 4/13/1889; 4/23/1889; 5/28/1889; 5/31/1889; 6/6/1889; 9/13/1889; 9/16/1889

Jonathan P. Dolliver (U.S. Congressman from Iowa, 1889-1900; U.S. Senator, 1900-1910)

7/31/1900; 8/28/1900; 12/5/1900

Subseries IV: Litigation

Box 1

1. CRIP As Defendant

Assorted Reports of Litigation, 1932-1950

Municipal Court
Burlington, IA: Phoebe L. Wells, Plaintiff, 1972

Council Bluffs, IA: Henry Rodenburg, Plaintiff, 1969

Davenport, IA: Steven B. Eckman, Plaintiff, 1972

Des Moines, IA: Cases, 1940, 1969

Muscatine, IA: Carver Pump Company, Plaintiff, 1972

Board of Supervisors Court
Muscatine County, IA: Muscatine Island Levee, 1882-1883

Justices Court:
Bureau County, IL: Charles Beyer, Plaintiff, 1886

Louisa County, IA: Jennie Baker, Plaintiff, 1881
                                George Church, Plaintiff, 1883-1884

Daviess County, MO: George U. Norton, Plaintiff, 1903

Court of Common Pleas
Wynadotte County, KS: Curtis H. Kennedy, Plaintiff, 1903-1904

Superior Court
Cook County, IL: Cases, 1883-1896
                              Joseph Canevin, Plaintiff, 1899-1903
                              Edward M. Malloy, Plaintiff, 1896-1897

County Court
Cook County, IL: Charles Gardner, Plaintiff, 1884-1887
                              Miles Young/D. Buchanan, Plaintiff, 1885-1886

Gage County, NE: William Steinmeyer, Plaintiff, 1903-1904

District Court

Adair County, IA:
Cases, 1971-1974

Appanoose County, IA:
Cases, 1881-1888, 1971-1974

Audubon County, IA:
Cases, 1882, 1890

Black Hawk County, IA:
Cases, 1969-1972

Buchanan County, IA:
Alfred Fenlon, Plaintiff, 1883

Cass County, IA:
Cases, 1881-1883, 1896, 1910

Cerro Gordo County, IA:
Allen Roberts, Plaintiff, 1970-1972

Davis County, IA:
Cases, 1885-1891, 1970

Dickinson County, IA:
Dale and Sarah Lundstrom, Plaintiff, 1975

Emmet County, IA:
Cases, 1971-1972

Guthrie County, IA:
State of Iowa, Plaintiff, 1902

Hardin County, IA:
Cases, 1903-1904, 1969-1971

Iowa County, IA:
Clayton Rollin Fuller, Plaintiff, 1972-1973

Jasper County, IA:
Cases, 1894, 1969-1974

Jefferson County, IA:
John Banjay, Plaintiff, 1883

Johnson County, IA:
Cases, 1884-1886, 1969-1974

Keokuk County, IA:
William Blatt, Plaintiff, 1917

Linn County, IA:
Cases, 1969-1973

Louisa County, IA:
R.H. McCurley, Plaintiff, 1903

Madison County, IA:
Cases, 1972-1974
John F. Taylor, Plaintiff, 1902-1904

Mahaska County, IA:
Cases, 1897
George W. Dusenberry, Plaintiff, 1893-1896
D.M. Perdue, Plaintiff, 1893-1894

Marion County, IA:
Cases, 1882-1889

Muscatine County, IA:
Cases, 1881-1884, 1896
Cases, 1969-1974
Elizabeth Furman, Plaintiff, 1878-1980

Osceola County, IA:
Terra Chemical International, Plaintiff, 1971

Polk County, IA:
Cases, 1883-1890, n.d.
Cases, 1969-1972
Cases, 1971-1973

Pottawattamie County, IA:
Cases, 1882-1903

Box 2

District Court

Pottawattamie County, IA:
Cases, 1939-1940, 1971-1975

Poweshiek County, IA:
Cases, 1888, n.d.

Scott County, IA:
Cases, 1878, 1888-1889
Cases, 1970-1975

Wapello County, IA:
Cases, 1882-1884, 1895-1896

Warren County, IA:
John H. Sorlie, Plaintiff, 1972-1973

Washington County, IA:
Cases, 1971-1975

Wayne County, IA:
Cases, 1883, 1889-1890, 1902
Rose Ann Gumm, Plaintiff, 1972-1976

Webster County, IA:
State of Iowa, Plaintiff, 1889

Winnebago County, IA:
Francis E. DeWitt, Plaintiff, 1969-1972

Worth County, IA:
Cases, 1971

Leavenworth County, KS:
William McLain, Plaintiff, 1875-1885

Hennepin County, MN:
Farmers Loan and Trust, Plaintiff, 1891
J.A. Shea, Plaintiff, 1894-1897

Douglas County, NE:
Alexander Dundy Kerr, Plaintiff, 1899

Gage County, NE:
Cyranus W. Bell, Plaintiff, 1903-1904

Canadian County, OK:
Rebecca Bentley, Plaintiff, 1903-1904

U.S. District Court

Northern District of Iowa, Cedar Rapids Division:
Peter R. Dall, Plaintiff, 1970-1971

Northern District of Iowa, Central Division:
Eldon Zitterich, Plaintiff, 1972-1974

Northern District of Iowa, Eastern Division:
Priscilla A. Barr, Plaintiff, 1969-1970
Judith Ann Ledtje, Plaintiff, 1970

Northern District of Iowa, Western Division:
Iowa Beef Processors, Inc., Plaintiff, 1972

Southern District of Iowa, Central Division:
Cases, 1970-1971
Cases, 1970-1979

Southern District of Iowa, Davenport Division:
Cases, 1969-1972
Cases, 1970-1974
Cases, 1972-1976
United States of America, Plaintiff, 1927-1940 [Mississippi River Pool #16]

Southern District of Iowa, Western Division:
Cases, 1969-1972

Circuit Court

Bureau County, IL:
Benjamin Couch, Plaintiff, 1889

Cook County, IL:
Cases, 1883-1903
Mary Ann Cassidy, Plaintiff, 1896-1898

Box 3

Circuit Court

Cook County, IL:
Mary Ann Cassidy, Plaintiff, 1896-1901, n.d. (2 folders)
Oakley H. Creel, Plaintiff, 1896-1898
Rudolph H. Dandliker, Plaintiff, 1895-1897

Henry County, IL:
William Sauervine, Plaintiff, 1883

LaSalle County, IL:
Cases, 1883, 1889
Bridget Conroy, Plaintiff, 1896-1897

Peoria County, IL:
Lawrence Harmon, Plaintiff, 1881, 1885-1886

Rock Island County, IL:
Fred Applequist, Plaintiff, 1889

Will County, IL:
Cases, 1886, 1889

Appanoose County, IA:
Thomas Robinson, Plaintiff, 1886?

Audubon County, IA:
Cases, 1879-1880

Grundy County, IA:
Cases, 1881-1886

Jasper County, IA:
James B. Matney, Plaintiff, 1884-1886

Johnson County, IA:
Cases, 1883, 1886

Muscatine County, IA:
Cases, 1882-1885

Polk County, IA:
Cases, 1884, 1889
William Case, Plaintiff, 1883-1886
Cynthia Given, Plaintiff, 1883-1886
Phoebe Story, Plaintiff, 1878-1885

Poweshiek County, IA:
Austin Felton, Plaintiff, 1882-1884

Wapello County, IA:
Cases, 1880-1886

Wayne County, IA:
L.S. Smith, Plaintiff, 1880-1882

Various Counties in MO:
Cases, 1880-1889

U.S. Circuit Court

District of CO:
Leona C. Symonds, Plaintiff, 1903-1911

Northern District of IL:
Peter Van Weel, Plaintiff, 1881

Northern District of IA, Cedar Rapids Division:
William Murray, Plaintiff, 1894

District of KS, First Division:
Albert B. Ream, Plaintiff, 1903-1904

District of MN:
A.H. Hughes, Plaintiff, 1903

Western District of MO:
Board of Leavenworth County Commissioners, Plaintiff, 1882-1885
Cases, 1887-1888

Venue Not Given:
Armour and Company, Plaintiff, n.d.

Supreme Court of Iowa

Cases, 1969-1974

Venue Not Given

James K. Dickson, Plaintiff, 1883-1884
J.S. James, Plaintiff, 1885
J.M. Lewis, Plaintiff, 1883-1884
Sundry Plaintiffs, n.d.

2. CRIP Employee as Defendant

Venue Not Given:
William Emmert, Trackmaster, 1906-1907

3. CRIP Interests as Defendant

District Court (Hennepin County, MN)

Henry Siebert vs. Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway, 1889-1892

Various Courts

Assorted Cases - Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Co., 1903-1905

4. CRIP as Plaintiff

District Court

Hardin County, IA:
Welsh Sporting Goods, Defendant, 1971-1975

Iowa County, IA:
James J. Healey and Wayne E. Butler, Defendant, 1971

Muscatine County, IA:
Kenneth W. Jasperson, Defendant, 1970-1972

Box 4

CRIP as Plaintiff

District Court

Polk County, IA:
Cases, 1971

Wapello County, IA:
Kinsey Jordan,, Defendant, 1882

Wright County, IA:
Yellow Freight System, Defendant, 1969-1970

U.S. District Court

Northern District of IA, Cedar Rapids Division:
Robert J. Hednefield, Defendant, 1970-1973

Northern District of IA, Central Division:
Golden Sun Feeds, Defendant, 1971

Northern District of IA, Eastern Division:
Agricultural Exports, Inc., Defendant, 1972

Northern District of IA, Northern Division:
United States of America, Defendant, 1901

Southern District of IA, Central Division:
Cases, 1925, 1970-1972

Southern District of IA, Davenport Division:
Bandag, Inc., Defendant, 1971-1973

District of NE, Omaha Division:
Union Pacific Railroad, Defendant, n.d.

Circuit Court

Cook County, IL:
Cases, 1886-1892

Clay County, MO:
Cases, 1903-1905

Audubon County, IA:
Cases, 1879

5. CRIP as Appellant

Kansas City Court of Appeals:
George S. Newby and Oscar Scearce, Appellees, 1885

District Court (Muscatine County, IA):
Elizabeth Furman, Appellee, n.d.

Supreme Court of Iowa
A. Carrier, Appellee, 1889

6. CRIP [Rock Island Motor Transit Company] as Appellant

Supreme Court of Iowa:
Burlington Transportation Co., Appellee, 1940-1943

7. CRIP as Appellee

Supreme Court of Iowa:
William Anderson, Appellant, 1932-1933

8. CRIP as Appellant/Appellee

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit:
Gary L. Rowse; Superior Cooperative Elevator Co., Appellee/Appellant, 1970-1973

9. CRIP as Debtee

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Co., 1903

10. CRIP as Debtor

U.S. District Court (Northern District of IA, Eastern Division):
Abandonment of Atlantic to Griswold Line, 1942

11. CRIP as Garnishee

C.L. Cox vs. Occidental Coal Co., 1886

12. CRIP Interests as Petitioner

U.S. Territorial Court (Indian Territory, Central District):
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Petitions for Land Condemnations, 1903

13. No CRIP Involvement

District Court (Pottawattamie County, IA):
Order of Railroad Telegraphers of North America, Defendant, 1894

U.S. Circuit Court (District of Maryland):
Western Union vs. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad: Brief and Argument for Complainant, 1908

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit:
Missouri Pacific Railroad vs. Arkansas Oak Flooring CO., Briefs, 1971?

14. Arbitration Cases

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad vs. Western Passenger Association, 1889-1891
CRIP vs. Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Railroad, 1890?

15. Claims

Assorted, 1880-1927 (3 folders; year refers to date of last correspondence)

Box 5

Assorted, 1927- 1942 (2 folders; year refers to date of last correspondence)
Ed Beam, 1913-1915
Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway Co., 1889-1890
CRIP, in U.S. Court of Claims, 1901-1905
Anna Clary, 1883
Earlham, Madison County, IA, 1896
J.G. Gay, 1880, 1883
Memphis Band Mill Company, 1925-1928
New York and Pennsylvania Railroad Co., 1924-1934
Natural Gas and Petroleum, 1924-1928
North Brothers, 1923-1926
Northwestern Compress Company, 1924-1926
W.F. Roebuck, 1902-1903
John A. Tuttle, 1900-1901
Union Pacific Railroad Co., 1893-1928, n.d.

Reports of Stock and Fire Losses, 1889, 1899-1901

16. Commissions and Boards

Iowa State Commerce Commission
Cases Involving Freight Rates and Charges, Documentation, 1941-1949
Cases Involving Freight Rates and Charges, Exhibits, various dates
Iowa State Highway Commission, 1968-1971

Board of Railroad Commissioners of Kansas, 1902
Railroad Commission of Texas, 1902-1903
Railroad and Warehouse Commission of Minnesota, 1903
Iowa State Highway Commission, 1974
U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission, 1899, 1902

17. Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Case Documentation, 1883-1899, n.d.

Subseries V: Miscellaneous Materials and Ordinances

Box 1

Accidents: Accident Report Forms from Other Railroads, n.d.

Accidents: Assorted Documentation, 1881-1900

Accidents: Individual Incident Reports, 1882-1884, 1889

Accidents: Lists of Personal Injuries and Ejectments, 1899-1901

Agent Circular, Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway, 1898

Annual Report, Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway Co, 1901

Articles of Agreement, CRIP and Union Pacific, 1928

Articles of Agreement, Various, 1854-1918, n.d

Articles of Incorporation, Various, 1850, 1879, n.d.

Bank Balances for CRIP, March-April 1900

Blank Legal Forms, n.d.

Burlington-Rock Island Railroad - Dissolution, 1965-1972

Chicago and Northwestern Railway Co. Petition, etc. in Matter of Application of Party Rates to Military Business, 1904

Choctaw Northern Railroad Abandonment - Background Information, n.d.

Circulars, CRIP, 1898-1909

Deeds of Trust, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Falls and Northwestern Railway Co., 1881, 1884, 1888, 1902

Des Moines, Iowa Falls and Northern Railway: County Treasurer Certifications of Payments in Aid of Railroad, Certifications #9-660, Hardin County, IA, 1902-1909 (3 folders)

Des Moines, Iowa Falls and Northern Railway: County Treasurer Certifications of Payments in Aid of Railroad, Story County, IA, 1906-1907
Employe's Witness Certificates, 1881, 1886

Gold Bond Mortgages, Various, 1900, 1902

Indentures, Various, 1853-1905, n.d.

Jury Instructions, n.d.

Land Records: Appanoose, Grundy, Jefferson, Wapello, Washington and Wayne Counties, IA; Daviess, DeKalb and Platte Counties, MO, 1869-1877

Legal Notes, n.d.

Leases, Various Railroads, 1884, 1902 [Includes CRIP Instructions Regarding Leases, 1903]

Maximum Rates of Changes Schedule, State of Iowa, 1888

Memo on Agreement for Land Purchase with Chicago Great Western Railroad, 1923

Notes on Rebate Cases, n.d.

Notes on South Dakota Activities, n.d.

Resolutions, Various, 1881-1901, n.d.

Stockholder List, Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railroad, 1902

Summons, Various Courts, 1875-1880

Tariffs, Various Railroads, 1897, 1899, 1931

Texas Legislature, Act Authorizing Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railway to Purchase Land, 1903


Illinois: Annawau - Washington Heights, 1855-1892

Iowa: Cedar Rapids, 1876-1915
          Des Moines - Wright County, 1857-1915, 1970-1972

Missouri: Daviess County, 1872


Box 1

Iowa Railroad Project Maps, 1960s

Box 2

Iowa Railroad Project Maps, 1960s

Box 3

"The Rock" 1976 Track Chart, Showing Rail Laid and Ballast Inserted During The Year
Track Chart Index, 1978
Illinois Division, Charts #1-9
Des Moines Division, Charts #1-16
Missouri-Kansas Division, Charts #1-8

Box 4

"The Rock" 1976 Track Chart, Showing Rail Laid and Ballast Inserted During The Year
Missouri-Kansas Division, Charts #9-15
Southern Division, Charts #1-20

Oversized Materials [All routes are CRIP, unless otherwise noted]

Container 1

Right-of-Way and Trackage Maps

Iowa Routes
Ainsworth, 1946
Allerton to Carlisle (12 sheets), 1915
Allerton to Chariton, n.d.
(West of) Bode to Emmetsburg, n.d.
Bode to Otteson (2 sheets), n.d.
Buffalo, 1942
Burlington to Cedar Rapids (5 sheets), 1915
Burlington to Morning Sun, 1915
Cambridge to Nevada (2 sheets), 1915
Carlisle to Des Moines, n.d.
Cedar Rapids, 1912
Cedar Rapids (Summit Spur), n.d.
Chapin to Clear Lake Junction, n.d.
Chariton (Survey of Proposed Spur Tracks to Olmitz and Holmes Coal Fields), 1913
Clinton, 1935
Crilley's Crossing to (North of) Pocahontas, 1915
Davenport, n.d.
Davenport to (East of) Muscatine, n.d.
Davis to Goodell, 1915

Container 2

Des Moines (Trackage to serve Armstrong Tire Company), 1967
Des Moines West to East, n.d.
Des Moines to Carlisle to Summerset Junction, n.d.
Des Moines to Lee Siding, 1918
Dows to Goldfield, 1915
Dows to (North of) Goodell, 1915
East Des Moines (2 sheets)< 1953
Emmetsburg to Estherville, 1915
Estherville, 1915
Estherville to (West of) Spirit Lake, 1915
Fernald to Radcliff, n.d.
Gilmore, 1904
Goldfield to (West of) Bode, 1915
(North of) Goodell to Forest City, n.d.
Hampton to Chapin, n.d.
Harvard to Lineville (Allerton to Missouri Border), n.d.
Iowa City (Proposed Trackage to serve H.P. Smith & Co., and Iowa Business Development, Inc.), 1959
Iowa City, 1964
Iowa City to Hills, n.d.
Kimball to Carlisle, n.d.
Lakota to (West of) Swea City, n.d.
(North of) Maclay to (South of) Hartley, 1915

Container 3

Mason City, 1918
Morning Sun to (North of) Cone, 1915
Mount Zion to Keosauqua, 1915
Muscatine, 1924
Muscatine (Industrial Spur Track), 1962
Muscatine (Industrial Spur Track), 1967
Muscatine to Fredonia, n.d.
Nepas to Chariton, n.d.
Ocheyeda to Sibley, n.d.
Plover, 1904
(North of) Pocahontas to (North of) Maclay, n.d.
Pocahontas to Palmer, n.d.
Radcliff to Sherman, 1918
Spirit Lake to Ocheyeda, 1915
Summerset to Indianola, n.d.
Swanwood, 1969
(West of) Swea City to Estherville, 1915
Traer (Extra R/W), 1899
West Davenport (2 sheets), n.d.
West Des Moines, 1934
Williamson (Survey of Mine Spur Track to serve Shuler Coal Co.), 1927
Winterset to Greenfield, 1903

Container 4

Routes for Other States
Colorado: Limon to Roswell (2 sheets), 1915
Colorado: Sandown to Denver (2 sheets), 1915
Kansas: Armourdale (5 sheets), 1919
Kansas and Missouri: (West of ) Vale, MO to Armourdale, KS, 1919
Minnesota: Luverne, 1915
Oklahoma: Shawnee to El Reno, 1915

Right-of-Way and Trackage Maps for Other Railroads

Avoca, Macedonia and Southwestern Railway:
Avoca to Carson, IA, 1912

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway:
Davenport to Nahant, IA, 1904

Chicago and Southwestern Railway:
Washington County, IA, 1871

Des Moines and Southern Railway:
Winterset to Lida, IA, 1905

Keokuk and Des Moines Railroad:
Keokuk to Altoona, IA (31 sheets), 1915

Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad:
G & M Junction to Montezuma, IA 1917

Muscatine, Burlington and Southern Railroad:
Map #s: 1339+08 -- 1383+28, n.d.
               1383+28 -- 1594+48, n.d.
               1594+48 -- 1805+68, n.d.
               1805+68 -- 2016+88, n.d.
               2016+88 -- 2228+08, n.d.
               2228+08 -- 2439+28, n.d.
               2439+28 -- 2650+?, n.d.

Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern Railroad:
Proposed Line, Waverly, IA (5 sheets), 1910

Other Railroads

Atlantic Southern Railroad:
Unknown location (2 sheets), n.d.

Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern/Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul
Davenport, 1897

G & N-W Railway
Buena Vista and Clay Counties, 1899

Station Maps

Iowa Stations
Cedar Rapids, 1953
Columbia Junction, 1915
Cone, 1915
Council Bluffs, 1915
Council Bluffs, 1970
Council Bluffs (Depot Grounds), n.d.
Davenport, 1915
Davenport (2 sheets), 1951
Davenport to Black Hawk, 1915
Des Moines (2 sheets), 1915
Estherville, 1915
Ft. Dodge, 1901
Iowa Falls, 1915
Keosauqua, 1915
Muscatine (5 sheets), 1915
Nichols, 1915
Washington, 1915
West Des Moines, 1915
West Liberty, 1915

Container 5

Stations in Other States
Argenta, AR (2 sheets), 1915
Brinkley, AR, 1915
DeValls Bluff, AR, 1915
Little Rock, AR (3 sheets) 1915
Elsmere, CO, 1915
Leavenworth, KS, 1915
West St. Paul, MN, 1915
Havelock, NE, 1915
Lincoln, NE (5 sheets), 1915
Omaha, NE, 1915
University Place, NE, 1915
Memphis, TN (4 sheets), 1915
Galveston, TX, 1915

Stations for Other Railroads

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway:
West Union, 1918

Chicago and North Western Railway:
Clinton (Proposed Location of Station), n.d.

Keokuk and Des Moines Railroad:
Bentonsport, 1915
Croton, 1915
Eddyville, 1915
Farmington, 1915
Keokuk (2 sheets), 1915
Ottumwa (6 sheets: 5 originals and 1 copy), 1915

St. Paul and Kansas City Short Line:
Iowa Falls, 1915
Mason City, 1915

Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern Railroad:
Denver, IA (2 sheets), 1946

Other Visual Materials [Oversized]

Blueprint, Rock Island Bridge at the Mississippi River, reprint, n.d. (originally published 1854)
Boxcar Schematic: 40 ton Boxcar, Haskell and Barker Car Co., 1913
Boxcar Schematics, Standard Steel Car Corp., 1923, 1925, 1930?
Iowa State Railroad Maps (Issued by Iowa Commerce Commission), 1964, 1970, 1972-1973, 1976
Plat Map, Located Lines for the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad, from Davenport to Council Bluffs, 1867
Plat Map, Location of Proposed Harlan Branch Extension - Harlan to Kirkman (2 sheets), 1882
Valuation Map, Rock Island Lines in Iowa, 1913 (2 copies)

Folder 1
Advertising Poster, Rock Island Lines, Travel in Colorado, n.d.