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Biographical Note

JANINE CANAN’s first book of poems, Of Your Seed, was published in 1977, thanks in part to the National Endowment for the Arts. Since that time, the poet has authored 18 books of poetry, translations, essays and stories.

In 1989, Canan edited the acclaimed anthology She Rises like the Sun: Invocations of the Goddess by Contemporary American Women Poets, illustrated by Mayumi Oda. “One of the best books to come from the women’s spirituality movement” according to Booklist, it received the 1990 Koppelman Award. A decade later, Canan compiled the posthumous poems of avant-garde, anarcha-feminist contributor Lynn Lonidier in The Rhyme of the Ag-ed Mariness.

Janine’s selected spiritual inspirations from the Indian humanitarian Mata Amritanandamayi, known and loved around the world as “the hugging saint,” is today published by Random House in the USA, as well as in Italy and India. Messages from Amma: In the Language of the Heart was a “Best Spiritual Book” and Kiriyami Prize nominee in 2004.

Canan’s widely praised translation of the Jewish German poet Else Lasker-Schüler (1868—1945), Star in My Forehead—an American Bookseller Association, City Lights Books and Small Press Review pick—appeared in 2000, and in 2009 some of her translations were set to music by American composer Richard Pearson Thomas. A translation by Canan of the contemporaneous French poet of the Pyrenees, Francis Jammes, appeared in Melbourne in 2010, in a volume entitled Under the Azure with a preface by the poet’s granddaughter. Australian singer Kavisha has composed songs to Canan’s translations.

Janine has published seven books of her own poetry, most recently Changing Woman (with three award-winning poems) in 2000 and In the Palace of Creation: Selected Works 1969—1999 (with artwork by Meagan Shapiro). The Columbian poet Manuel Cortés-Castañeda is translating into Spanish a collection of Canan’s poetry scheduled for publication in 2011.

Janine has also written a unique collection of stories, Journeys with Justine  (including two Longstoryshort “Stories of the Month”), illustrated by Cristina Biaggi; a collection of cultural and autobiographical essays entitled Goddesses, Goddesses; and Walk Now in Beauty: The Legend of Changing Woman, with sand paintings by Ernest Posey, released in a second tri-lingual, English-Spanish-Japanese edition in 2010.

Over several decades, Canan’s work has appeared in hundreds of journals and anthologies, including collections by Andrei Codrescu, June Cotner, Andrew Harvey, James Laughlin, and WeMoon. It received the Sacred Feminine Award in 2009. It has been praised in reviews in, American Jewish World, The Baltimore Sun, Booklist, Goddessing, Lilith Magazine, Samadhi Yoga, Spirituality & Health, Spirituality & Practice, Midwest Review of Books, Melbourne’s Readings Newsletter, San Francisco Review of Books and Women’s Review of Books.

Formerly poetry editor for Awakened Woman, Janine currently serves on the editorial board of Ochre: Journal of Women’s Spirituality. She has given countless readings, and occasional workshops, throughout the United States from Stanford to the Smithsonian, in France and Greece, on radio and television. Her works have been translated into Spanish, Italian, French, and Japanese. Her papers are housed in the University of Iowa’s Special Collections, and her books in the University of California at Berkeley Bancroft Collection.

Janine Canan resides in the Valley of the Moon in California, where she is a practicing psychiatrist. She graduated from Stanford University cum laude and from New York University School of Medicine. She is a passionate champion of women’s equality, and a devoted follower of Mata Amritanandamayi. For further information, please visit

Updated by Janine Canan December 2010.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of manuscripts, anthologized works, books, and literary correspondence. An addendum containing manuscripts was added in 2007.

Acquisition and Processing Information

These papers were given to the University of Iowa Libraries by Janine Canan in January 2005 and ongoing.

Guide posted to Internet: January 2005

The following books have been cataloged for the Libraries collections:

Of Your Seed (Oyez, 1977)

The Hunger (Oyez, 1979)

Who Buried the Breast of Dreams (Emily Dickinson Press, 1981)

Daughter (Emily Dickinson Press, 1981)

Shapes of Self (Emily Dickinson Press, 1982)

Her Magnificent Body: New & Selected Poems (ManRoot, 1986)

She Rises like the Sun: Invocations of the Goddess by Contemporary American Women Poets (The Crossing, 1989). Main and Special Collections xPS595.G54S48 1989.

Fine China (Earth's Daughters, 1993)

Goddess Poems (Sagittarius Press), 1997

Love, Enter (Open Bone Press, 1998)

Changing Woman (Scars, 2000)

Star in My Forehead: Selected Poems by Else Lasker-Schueler (Holy Cow!, 2000). Main and Special Collections xPT2623.A76A23 2000.

The Rhyme of the Ag-ed Mariness: Last Poems of Lynn Lonidier (Station Hill, 2000). Main and Special Collections xPS3562.O535R49 2001.

In the Palace of Creation: Selected Works 1969—1999 (Scars Publications, 2003)

Messages from Amma: In the Language of the Heart (Celestial Arts, 2004)

Fovever in Love (Andrews McMeel, 2006)

Goddesses, Goddesses (Regent Press, 2007)

Journeys With Justine (Regent Press, 2007)

Miracles of Motherhood (Center Street, 2007)

Oakland Out Loud (Jukebox Press, 2007)

Walk Now in Beauty (Regent Press, 2007)


Box Contents List

Box 1

Broadsides and booklets:

Wind Blowing

“And I Release You” (2 copies)

“Dear Body” (with drawing by Cornelia Schulz)

"The Goddesses"

“Revelations from Thalheim”

Unnamed booklet of poetry

Greeting Cards with photos by E.E.

"Bird Mother"

”Forest Temple” (photographs by Elyse Ebright)

“The Golden Arrow”

“Madrona Mother”

“One Being”

“The Stones”

“It’s Her Birthday"


American Poets Say Goodbye to the 20th Century, edited by Andrei Codrescu and Laura Rosenthal

Animal Blessings: Prayers and Poems Celebrating Our Pets, edited by June Cotner

Anthology of Underground Poetry #12, #15, edited by Herman Berlandt

Collected Poems: Marrowstone Poets & Friends, edited by Pat Britt

Comfort Prayers, edited by June Cotner

Contemporary Authors #181, edited by Joyce Nakamura

Detours II: Fiction of Travel by Land, Air, Sea, and Mind, edited by Chris Goodwin and Bob Roberts

The Divine Feminine: Exploring the Feminine Face of God Around the World, edited by Andrew Harvey and Anne Baring

Everyday Blessings: A Year of Inspiration, Comfort,and Gratitude. Edited by June Cotner. 2006 calendar

From the Realm of the Ancestors: An Anthology in Honor of Marija Gimbutas, edited by Joan Marler

Get Well Wishes: Prayers, Poems and Blessings, edited by June Cotner

Hard Love: Writings on Violence & Intimacy, edited by Elizabeth Claman

Heal Your Soul, Heal the World, edited by June Cotner

Her Words: An Anthology of Poetry About the Great Goddess, edited by Burleigh Muten

In the Footsteps of the Goddess: Personal Stories, edited by Cristina Biaggi

It’s All the Rage: Poems about Suicide and Its Alternatives

The Largeness the Small is Capable Of, edited by Crag Hill

Least Loved Beasts of the Really Wild West: A Tribute,edited by Terril L. Shorb and Yvette A. Schnoeker Shorb

Loving Frank. Horan, Nancy

Mirror Mirror: Reflections on the Way We Look , edited by Isabel Duke

Mirrors of Silver, Mirrors of Lead: Stories by Women, edited by Georgianna Bowley

Box 2 Anthologies, cont.

New Directions 42: An International Anthology of Poetry & Prose, edited by James Laughlin

New England Poetry Engagement Book, 1983

New Lesbian Writing: An Anthology, edited by Margaret Cruikshank

The New Poet’s Anthology, edited by the Cherryable Brothers

Of Frogs & Toads: Poems & Short Prose Featuring Amphibians, edited by Jill Carpenter

Pocket Prayers. Edited by June Cotner

Pointing Outwards, edited by Peter Dale Scott (2 copies)

Practising Angels: A Contemporary Anthology of San Francisco Bay Area Poetry, edited by Michael Mayo

Prayers to Protest: Poems that Center & Bless Us, edited by Jennifer Bosveld

The Queen of Myself: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife, edited by Donna Henes

Return of the Goddess Engagement Calendar, 1998, 1999 & 2000, edited by Burleigh Muten

San Diego Poet’s Press III, edited by Kathleen Iddings

Sirius Verse: Poetry for and about the Dogs in Your Life, edited by Bradley Strahan and Shirley Sullivan

State of Peace: The Women Speak, edited by Natasha Borovsky, et al

Thus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader 1988—1998 (Volume I), edited by Andrei Codrescu & Laura Rosenthal

To Honor a Teacher, edited by Jeff Spoden

Torture & Triumph, Collection II. CD, 2001

Trial Flights, 1937--1957, 1962

Box 3 Anthologies, cont.

Up Late: American Poetry Since 1970, edited by Andrei Codrescu

Urgent Care for the World, edited by Jennifer Bosveld

A Watch of Angels: Violetta Books 1996 Poetry Anthology, edited by Kathleen Gilbert

We’Moon Gaia Calendar, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006. 2007

We’ Moon on the Wall, 2001, 2005, 2007

We Speak for Peace: An Anthologoy, edited by Ruth Jacobs

Where We Find Ourselves

Wishing You Well. By June Cotner

WomanPrayers: Prayers by Women from Throughout History and Around the World, edited by Mary Ford-Gabrowsky

Women Celebrate the Gift in Every Moment, edited by Elizabeth Welles

Box 4


The Acorn: A Journal of the Western Sierra. #13, 1996

Along the Path. II:4, 1996; III:3 & 4, 1997; IV:1 & 2, 1997, 1998

Alternative Harmonies. I:1, 3, 4, 1997—1998; III:1, 2000

Angel Face. #1, Spring 2005

Aporia. I:1—3, 1987—1988; II:2, 1988


Awakened Woman. 2003

The Aurorean: A Poetic Quarterly. IV:1, 1998—1999

Berkeley Works. #1, 1982; #4, 1985

The Bloomsbury Review. XIX:4, 1999

California Quarterly. #2, 1972

Caprice. March 1990 (2 volumes), November 1990, July 1991, April 1996, 1997 (September 1996) , S/2001, 2003; Spring 2005

Carbuncle. #3, 1991

Colorado North Review. #32, #33

Conditions. #7, 1981

Convolvulus. #10, 1994

The Creative Woman Quarterly., VII:1, 1984

Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging. #33, 1997

Color Wheel. #16, 1998

Collage: Sonoma Valley Arts, News & Happenings, Vol.4:18, 2001

Cypress Review. 1981, 1983, 1984

Daughters of Nyx. #1 and 3, 1994

Day Tonight/Night Today. #12, 1982; #18, 1984

Deepest Valley Review. #3, 1984

Deserted Times, 1970

Earth’s Daughters. #22, 1984

Exquisite Corpse. 5:6—8, 1987; 8:1—4, 1990; #33, 1991; #35, 1992; #56, 1996; #57, 1996

Focus. March 1981, July 1982 , September 1982 2003

Free Verse. 2002

Friendly Woman. II:6 & 7, 1994

The Gentle Survivalist #55, 1996

Goddessing Regenerated. #9, 1998; #10, 1999; #12 and #13, 2000; #16, 2003

Heart & Wings.Winter 1996-97

The Higher Source: A Guide to the Healing Arts. February 1998

Isthmus. #1, 1972

It’s about Time: Writers’ Reading Series. #98, 1997

Box 5 Journals, cont.

Kalliope: A Journal of Women’s Art. V:@, 1983; VIII:1 & 2, 1986; XV: 3, 1993; XVIII: 2, 1996; XXI:2, 1999; XXII:1, 2000; XXIII:2, 2001; XXIII:3/XXIV:1, 2002

Kavindra. #31, 1993

The Kerf. 1996

The Kore. #5, 1994

The Leader (Port Townsend ). March 1993

Luna. Spring 1999

Manhattan Poetry Review. #6, 1985

Minotaur #4, 1988; #12, 1987; #12, 1989; #13, 1988; #24, 1991; #27, 1992; #31, 1996; #40, 2003; #41, 2004

Moebius, FW/2002

Mosaic: A Jewish Literary Magazine. 33, 1994

Multiples. #8

No Apologies: A Magazine of Gay Writing. 33, 1984

Obligatory Hug Newsletter.VII:2, 1986

Of the People.III:1, 1996

Our Lady of the Rosary: Catholic Parish Fairfield

The Open Bone. W & Special/1998

The Pagan Meadow. June 2003

Pandora: A Literary Magazine. Fall 1982

Pangolin Papers. II:1, 1995; IV:1, 1997

Phoenix Rising. Spring 1995; W/1996

People’s Organic Foods Coop. News. April 2001

Poetalk: Bay Area Poets Coalition. XX:9 and 10, 1997; XXI:7 and 8, 1998

Poetry USA. V: 3, 1990; #23 , 1991

Potato Eyes: Poetry, Fiction, Reviews, Art. #14, 1997

Pudding Magazine. #8, 1983; #33, 1997

Rebirth of Artemis. #4, 1985

Red Coral Grotto. 2001

San Francisco Chronicle. August 26, 1990

Sarasvati: A Magazine by Women for Everyone. #5, 1998

Sistersong: Women across Cultures, IV:1, 1997

Sonoma Mandala. #16, 1989/1990

The Spiritual Sanctuary. 2003

Suisun Valley Review. Spring 1982

Surprise Me. I:3, 1995

Synapse (University of California, San Francisco). February 1976; Winter 1995 (No.9)

Talking Raven: Journal of Imaginative Trouble. IV:2, 1994

Temenos. 1:1, 2000

The Temple. 1:4, 1997

Thesmophoria., V:6, 9984; V:7, 9984; VI:6, 9985; VI:8, 9985, VII:6, 9986; VII:7, 9986

Tight. III: 2 and 3, V:1, VII:4, VIII: 1

Tree. #3, 1972; #5, 1975


Visions. #26, 1984

West Wind Review. #12, 1993

A Wise Woman’s Garden. III:2,1997; IV: 3, 1998; IV:4, 1998

Women’s Voices. #198, 2000

The Writer’s Center: The Galley Sheet. II:1, 1999

The Writers’ Gazette. #3, 1996

Box 6


School Essays

University Essays (3 folders)

Her Magnificent Body (1 folder,1 booklet, and the final version)

She Rises Like the Sun (7 folders)

The One I Love (plastic bound booklet)

The One I Love: Selected Poems (unpublished)

Changing Woman (2 folders, 2 plastic bound booklets, and a spiral bound booklet)

The Rhyme of the Aged Mariness: Last Poems of Lynn Lonidier. (6 folders)

Star in My Forehead: Selected Poems by Else Lasker-Schueler.(9 folders)

Our Golden Dust.(1 folder)

Poems of Prince Jussuf. (1 folder)

Psalms of Else Lasker-Shuler. (1 folder)

In Her Flame (unpublished chapbook) ( 1 folder)

Divine Nectar. (2 folders)

In the Language of the Heart: Messages From Amma. (1 folder)

Messages from Amma: In the Language of the Heart. (1 folder)

Elegy in the Lotus

Godesses, Godesses

Box 7


(Awards, Biographies, Catalogues, Contracts, First Poems, Interviews, Mementos, Publicity, Reviews, etc.)

Articles on Janine Canan

Author resume



Book comments

Book comments by Canan

Book parties

Broughton introduction to Canan reading

Center for Integration (2)

Complimentary book copies



Dates of Canan’s work


First poems

Interviews with Janine Canan


Jessica Williams interview

M.D. Resume

Messages from Amma



Miscellaneous Acknowledgments





Psychiatry Resume

Publications list, 1970—2004

Publicity ads



She Rises Like the Sun


Readings and events: 2000’s

Reviews and mentions

Reviews by Canan

Rhyme of the Aged Mariness: publication

She Rises like the Sun

Contracts, etc.


Star in My Forehead



Translations of poetry by Janine Canan

University records

Visit from Iris

Book catalogues

Celestial Arts/The Crossing Press, Spring 2004

Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, 1999

Box 7a

The Crossing Press, 1988—1990, 1995

Gaia Catalogue (2)

Jewish Books from Independent Publishers

Poetry & Writing from Independent Presses, 2000

Small Press Distribution, 1984, 1986, 1989, 1996, 1997

Women’s Books from Independent Publishers, 2000

PCA—ACA Conference 2003

Box 8


Received 1960—2004

Correspondence by Year (1960—2009)

Responses to Books

Changing Woman

Her Magnificent Body

In the Palace of Creation

Messages from Amma

Of Your Seed/Daughter/Who Buried the Breast of Dreams/Shapes of Self

She Rises like the Sun

Star in My Forehead

Box 9


Biaggi, Cristina

Bowley, Georgiana (Aporia Press)

Brandenberger, Kris

Brooker, Barbera

Broughton, James

Burford, Mary (Janine’s mother)

Cameron, Beatrice/Esther

CANAN, JANINE 1976—2004

Codrescu, Andrei

Dawson, Gail

Di Prima, Diane

Ebright, Elyse

Eidus, Janice

Finch, Annie

Foley, Jack

Gidlow, Elsa

Hanowell, Elaine

Harvey, Andrew

Hawley, Robert (Oyez Press)

Johnsen, Linda

Karol, Pamela

Koenig, John-Franklin

Koestenbaum, Phyllis

Laughlin, James (New Directions)

Lonidier, Lynn

Mackey, Mary

Mariah, Paul (Manroot Press)

Marler, Joan

Mathieu, Christine

Meltzer, David

Murdoch, Iris

Musawa (We Moon)

Oda, Mayumi

Other Writers and Artists

Adnan, Etel

Allen, Donald


Brenner, Summer

Doubiago, Sharon

Eastberg, Julia

Flinders, Carol

Franz, Marie Louise von

Gay-Lussac, Bruno

Gorris, Marleen

Grahn, Judy

Harjo, Joy

Henderson, Joseph

Hogan, Linda

Lamming, Robbie

Le Sueur, Meridel

Levertov, Denise

Lorde, Audre

Morgan, Robin

Matousek, Mark

Piercy, Marge

Posey, Ernest

Rothenberg, Jerome

Spretnak, Charlene

Waldman, Anne

Schulz, Cornelia

Scott, Peter Dale

Taylor, David

Tedford, Ingrid

Villanueva, Alma

Von Pein, Margreta

Correspondence received

2007 Addendum

Box 10

Journeys With Justine

Earlier versions. 2 folders

Final version


"Heavenly Blue"


"Epiphany With Hunderwasser"

"Nights With Luna"



"A Visit From Iris"

"Last Words"


"What's In a Name"

"True Love"


"A Good Laugh"

"Lost Paradise"

"City of Our Lady"

"In Monet's Garden"

"Along the Strait"

"Kali Like Red"

"Helping Others"

"At the Love Feast"

"Into the Vineyard"

"My Millennuim"

"The Last Rose "

Box 11

Items by other writers

Burford, Mary

Cameron, Beatrice

Hansen, Robert

Jaszi, Andrew O.

Kimball, Greta

Moscrip, Carol

Roszak, Betty

Scott, Peter Dale

Taylor, David

Tedford, Ingrid

Thatcher, Hale

Van Dusen, Wanda

Walton, Denis

Messages From Amma.  In Italian


She is Everywhere

Box 12

We'Moon calendars



Wishing You Well

Box 13




------ She's There read by Janine Canan (Berkeley CA 1980).

------ Canan Reading Poems to Music (Berkeley CA, early 1980s), 2 versions.

------ Janine Canan: Poems, 1971-1981.

------ Janine Canan & Iris Murdoch:

--------- 1. Iris Murdoch Interview by Padragin McGillicutty and Janine Canan, restored (KPFA Berkeley CA 4/1984).

--------- 2. Tribute to Iris Murdoch by Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 1984).

--------- 3. "A Visit from Iris" read by Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA 1986).

--------- 4. Iris Murdoch and Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA 1986).

--------- 5. The Good Apprentice, read by Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA 3/28).

--------- 6. Iris Murdoch on Janine Canan's Answering Machine (Berkeley CA 4/1984).

------ Our Lady. Janine Canan with electronic accompaniment by Lynn Lonidier (San Francisco CA 1985).

------ Janine Canan Special (KALW Radio, Berkeley CA 1986).

------ Canan Interviews Jessica Williams I & II (CA 1986).

------ Canan Interviews Ali Akbar Khan (San Rafael CA, ~1986).

------ Else Lasker-Schüler. Reading by translator Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA -1986).

------ The Poetry Program. Janine Canan Interview with Jack Foley (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 10/4/1987).

------ Janine Canan & Erica Helm (Cody's Books, Berkeley CA, 2/22/1989).

------ Janine Canan & Lynn Lonidier: Interview by Jack Foley (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 3/5/1989).

------ She Rises Like the Sun: Janine Canan, Mary Mackey, Lynn Lonidier (KPFA Radio Berkeley CA, 10/22/1989).

------ Poetry Reading by Janine Canan with Edie Hartshorne (Mama Bears, Oakland CA 1991).

------ Janine Canan Reading Poetry, accompanied by Edie Hartshorne (Mama Bears Books, Oakland CA,~1991).

------ Janine Canan Reading Poetry (Copperfields Books, Petaluma CA, 4/26/1991).

Ground War—Like Ground Meat, Jack and Adelle Foley, Janine Canan, Michael McClure, Ivan Arguelles etc. (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 4/28/1991).

------ Brainstorm: Joan Marler Interviews Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA 5/14/1991).

------ Magic in the Air. Andrew Harvey & Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA 7/21/1991).

------ Magic in the Air. Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 12/26/1991), 4 tapes.

------ Janine Canan Reads (Heaven Productions, Berkeley CA, 1/1992), 2 tapes.

------ The Poetry Program: Paul Mariah (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 12/14/1992).

------ Janine Canan Reading (1004 Gallery, Port Townsend WA, 1/19/1993).

------ Mary Glenney Interviews Janine Canan (The Women's Show, Tampa FL 2004).


------ James Broughton Reads.

--------- Songs From a Long Undressing
(Mill Valley CA 1987).

--------- True & False Unicorn and Other Poems
(Mill Valley CA 1987).

------ Judy Grahn. March to the Mother Sea (Lavender Rose Productions, Oakland CA 1990).

------ Andrew Harvey.

--------- Rumi
(KPFA Berkeley CA, 8/15/1991).

--------- Interview (2) (New Dimensions Radio CA, 1/1991).

--------- Gemini, Songs for the Queen of Heaven.

------ Pamela Karol: La Loca Demo tapes (Hollywood CA 1987).

------ Peter Scott: Interview by Gzowski (3/30/1988).

------ David Taylor (12/1974).


*Audiotapes transferred to compact discs.

--- Janine Canan Reading Poems 1971-1981 (1981).*

--- Janine Canan Reading She's There: Prose Poems (1980).*

--- Janine Canan Reading Poems to Music (early 1980s).*

--- Four Duplicate CD's of Janine Canan's 1980 Readings, with list of individual poems.

--- Iris Murdoch: Her Message, Her Interview, Her Tribute (answering machine and KPKA Radio, Berkeley CA 1984—1986).

--- Our Lady. Janine Canan Reading Our Lady with electronic score by Lynn Lonidier (1985). *

--- Women Hold Up Half the Sky. Janine Canan, produced by Elisabeth Kuehn (KALX Radio, Berkeley CA 1986). *

--- Ali Akbar Khan interviewed by Janine Canan (San Rafael CA ~1986).*

--- A Tribute to Iris Murdoch. Interview with Iris Murdoch and Reading of "A Visit from Iris" by Janine Canan, I & II (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA 1986). *

--- The Morning Reading. Else Lasker-Schueler: Readings by Janine Canan, Kathryn Roszak and Elisabeth Kuehn (KPFA Radio Berkeley CA 1987). *

--- The Poetry Program. Janine Canan (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 10/4/1987). *

--- Poetry Reading by Janine Canan & Erica Helm (Cody's Books, Berkeley, CA 2/22/1989). *

--- The Poetry Program. Janine Canan and Lynn Lonidier with Jack Foley (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 3/5/1989).*

--- She Rises Like the Sun. Readings by Janine Canan, Mark Mackey and Lynn Lonidier (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 10/22/1989).*

--- Ground War—Like Ground Meat. Jack & Adelle Foley, Janine Canan, Michael McClure, Ivan Arguelles, etc. (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 4/28/1991).*

--- Magic in the Air. Unedited Poetry Reading by Janine Canan, I & II (KPFA Radio, Berkeley, 1991).*

--- Magic in the Air. Andrew Harvey and Janine Canan with Jane Heaven. I & II (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 7/21/1991).*

--- Janine Canan Reading Poems (Copperfield's Books, Petaluma, CA 4/26/1991).*

--- Brainstorm. Janine Canan with Joan Marler (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA 5/14/1991).*

--- Janine Canan. Reading Her Poetry (unedited), produced by Jane Heaven (Berkeley CA, 12/26/1991). *

--- Janine Canan. Reading Her Poetry, produced by Jane Heaven (Berkeley CA, 12/26/1991).*

--- Janine Canan Reading Poems, with flute by Edie Hartshorne (Mama Bears Books, Oakland CA, -1991).*

--- The Poetry Program. Paul Mariah with Jack Foley (KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA, 12/14/1992).*

--- Janine Canan Reading Poems, with introduction by James Broughton (1004 Gallery, Port Townsend, WA, 1/19/1993).

--- Ludar: The Broughton Songs (CA, 1995).

--- Torture &Triumph. Janine Canan et al (Scars Publications, Chicago IL, 2001).

--- The Women's Show. Janine Canan with Mary Glenney (Radio, Tampa FL 2004). *

--- Women's Voices. Janine Canan with Janie Rezner (KZYX Radio Mendocino CA, 8/20/2007).

--- Word Temple. Janine Canan and Lynn Lonidier (recorded) with Katherine Hastings (KRCB Radio, Santa Rosa CA, 3/19/2008).

--- In the Spirit: Mother Earth. With Janine Canan and Gary Goldberg (WRPI Radio, Schenectady NY, 5/8/2008).


--- Women's Voices. Janine Canan with Janie Rezner (KZYX Radio, Mendocino CA, 8/20/2007).


--- Growing Up and Liking It. Janine Burford (Canan) & friends by Toni Tami (Los Angeles, 1950—1957).

--- 13th Heaven: Womens Spirituality Forum. Janine Canan with Z Budapest (Television, Oakland CA, 11/1989).

--- Gaia Books Event. Janine Canan, James Broughton et al (Cloud House Video, Jewish Community Center, Berkeley CA, 6/1991).

--- The Goddess in Art. Janine Canan with Starr Goode (Television, Los Angeles CA, 1989).

--- Paris in the Spring. Janine Canan (Paris, 4/7/1994).

--- Poems by Janine Canan, 2001. In collaboration with art students at Pasadena Community College, California

In the Spirit. WRPI 91.5 fm Broadcasts from 11-8-07, 1-3-08, 2-14-08, and 5-8-08.


--- Wildfire: Tell-A-Vision for Women. Janine Canan with Leslene della Madre (Channel 72 Television, Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, 3/17—4/6/2008).

PCA ACA Annual Conference.April 4-7, 2007, Boston

2009 Addendum

Box 14

Personal correspondence, history, mementos

Astrological charts

The Book of Burford

Burford family history

Cox-White Correspondence and Family Records

Dar-u-gar, 1931  (Janine Canan's father's junior college yearbook)

High School Annuals  (El Patio, Winter 1955-Summer 1957; Circle 1960)

Personal correspondence

Personal mementos

Phonograph records. Janine Ann Burford, Scouts on Parade and Princess Charming. December 14, 1949; Dorsey Fist Annual Promenade, 1959. In box 13 with the other audio materials

School and college


Stanford 64 40th Reunion. October 21-24, 2004

Who's Who in Orange County, 1980

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