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Edward F. Higgins III Collection

MsC 855
Collection Dates: 1977 -- 2003
3.5 ft.

Addenda: Marian Higgins 2009, Patti Higgins 2009, 2010, February 2011

Doo Da Post

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Acquisition and Processing Information: Ths collection was given to the University of Iowa Libraries in 2006 by Marian, Patti, and Ginny Higgins in annual increments. The finding aid was posted to the Internet January 2007.

Biographical Note

E.F. Higgins III (b. 1949) is  a New York based stamp/mail artist.  He became involved in mail art in c.1975 around the same time that he was creating his first Doo Da postage stamps.

Scope and Contents

This collection contains mail art, stamp art, painting, clothing, documentary video recordings,various publications, posters and correspondence.

R.Sailor 1/2007, updated 4/2008 N.Holtsnider.

Related Resources

An Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts Collection. Higgins maintains an active web site at

Box Contents List

Box 1

Jean Jacket, 1970s.

Jean Jacket, 2003.

Belt Buckle from the Peoples Exhibit

Third Doo Da Stamp Invite, Tee-shirt, 2000

"URSS Poste Moskva No. A4921 Re-Route Doo Da Post NYC." Paint on burlap mail bag, approximately 24 x 35 inches. Signed by EFH and with copyright symbol 2001.

Groh, Klaus. The Artist's Book

Box 2

Stamps - 2 folders, but also scattered in and on letters.

Postcards and Letters - 5 folders, currently unorganized.

Exhibition catalogs and publications


64 pages concerning "Parastamp" exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2007.

3rd International Doo Da Stamp Invite, 2000, booklet featuring color reproductions of stamps from many artists, an article by E.F. Higgins, and an article by Anna Banana.

"Woodpecker Waltz 2004" box; second copy in Map case 12:3..

CD Rom Artbiorix

2 Videotaped interviews, 2003

Video interview by Wanda Miller, 1982

Video interview by Jesse Rosser, 1989

2009 addenda by Marian Higgins Trust:

5 sheets of original stamp art with corresponding art work envelopes, all signed by the artist.

4 partial sheets of original stamp art, one signed by the artist.

3 stamp-decorated envelopes addressed to the artist.

2 stamp-decorated postcards, one signed by the artist.

Gallery announcement for Taylor Mead’s “Homage to Drella” [i.e., Andy Warhol] 1988 exhibition at Tunnel, signed by the Higgins.

2009 addenda by Patti Higgins:

5 full sheets of original stamp art, each signed by the artist.

3 stamp-decorated envelopes addressed to the artist, 1 additionally signed by the artist.

3 stamp-decorated postcards, one signed by the artist, one addressed in his hand.

Oversized Material

Great Lakes Lighthouse framed postcard, addressed to M.V. Higgins, 1996.

4 Train Tickets, 1997. One with 4 examples, one showing same 4 tickets.

4 Train Tickets, Set 2, 1997.

Lobster Tatoo, Doo Da Post, framed sheet of stamps.

FISH DINNER/ FIRECRAKERS from "Dynamite Series." Acrylic on canvas painting.

A/NTPEX by Higgins and C.T.Chew, 1992. Acrylic on canvas painting.

"Occupant Pier 22." Signed by EFH on verso, in Boulder, Colorado, and copyright 1976. Oil on canvas, approximately 33 x 33 ½  inches.

"Cowboy." Signed by EFH on verso, in Boulder, Colorado, and copyright 1976. Oil on canvas, approximately 19 x 32 inches.

"Fluffy / Fireworks." Dated [19]96 in the image and additonal dated (2003) inscription on verso. Acrylic on canvas, approximately 14x18 inches.

"Stamp Art / Over Here."    Acrylics on plywood, approximately 17 x 64.5 inches. Painted in 1997 for for the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Stored atop Map Cases 12-13.    

"Parabeleg/Parastamp: Four decades of Artistamps from Fluxus to the Internet" exhibition poster featuring EFH's "Mona Issue Document" on the front. Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 23-March - 24 June 2007. Dedication from EFH on front: "To Mom 85 years excellence! Happy Birthday! E.F. Higgins III  Dec. 2007." List of artists on reverse. Approximately 27 x 38 inches.

2001 Addendum by Patti Higgins:

Mail art on black paper, 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 feet. Roishuke Cohen.

2010 Addendum by Patti Higgins:

In Oversized Box 1

6 shirts with art

Brain Cell No. 711-735. Folio

A  book, Held, John. Jr. Mail Art: An Annotated Bibliography was included. It was catalogued for our x collection.

February 2011 Addendum

Four sheets of stamps signed by the artist; six pieces of other art also signed; a decorated envelope; and over 50 individual and small groups of stamps

January 2012 Addendum

2 iron on/sew on artist patches

"Beet Duck Brand Firecrackers" and "One Cent Dumb Bunnyland" labels

"Lottery Winning Ticket" A full sheet of stamps with stapled lottery tickets signed by Higgins

3 envelopes decorated by Carl T Chew, Seattle, and mailed to Higgins

Print of Ray Johnson, 1980

Poster for Sid Deutsch Art Gallery exhibition

2 posters and related ephemera (including lapel button) for "A Moveable Fluxfest New York 2011"

"Pile" volune 1, issue 1 (2010), a Fluxus magazine

"hoohoohobos Fortuitous Logos," a compilation of texts,illustrations and stamp sheets

Note: All of the following are n Map Case 2, drawer #15.

The Kitchen Waltz. Two 12" x 24" original acrylic portraits of females painted in 1996. They are on canvas board. They are signed by the artist and have the word TICKET in read at the top of the canvas. There is a small amount of water damage at the bottom of both portraits.

A portrait on a woman, white hair, on a black background. 16" wide, about 20" long, with note on back that it is one of a series dating to 1989. Oil on canvas.

No-Se-No poster. Black and white illustration from 19th century book, 24 x 32", signed with note, 1983

No-Se-Se photograph, 29 x 24", signed with note, 1982

"1989 International Artistamp Exhibition, Davidson Galleries, Seattle." Poster, 18 x 24" with two sheets of stamps: "Karl Schwesig Commemorative Sheet #1 by Jas. W. Felter" and "Karl Schwesig Commemorative Sheet #2 by Jas. W Felter"

Three printed designs for stamps [related to 1989 Seattle exhibition]. Signed

"An Xcentric Xmas." Poster, 14 x 38", 1986

"An Evolutionary Baobab of Artistamp Correspondents." Printed poster, 27 x 37", signed