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John Martin Rare Book Room

  • Caldani, Leopoldo Marco Antonio, 1725-1813
  • Demours, Antoine Pierre, 1762-1836
  • Schott, Gaspar, 1608-1666
  • Du Verney, M., 1648-1730
  • Mascagni, Paolo, 1755-1815
  • Rüff, Jakob, 1500-1558; Amman, Jost, 1539-1591
  • Portal, Antoine, 1742-1832
  • Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703
Caldani, Leopoldo Marco Antonio, 1725-18131 Demours, Antoine Pierre, 1762-18362 Schott, Gaspar, 1608-16663 Du Verney, M., 1648-17304 Mascagni, Paolo, 1755-18155 Rüff, Jakob, 1500-1558; Amman, Jost, 1539-15916 Portal, Antoine, 1742-18327 Hooke, Robert, 1635-17038

The nearly 6,500 volumes in the John Martin Rare Book Room are original works representing classic contributions to the history of the health sciences from the 15th through 21st Centuries. Also included are selected books, reprints, and journals dealing with the history of medicine at the University and in the State of Iowa.

Secondary sources such as histories of particular subjects, biographies, and bibliographies are housed in the Hardin Library main collection.

  • History of Medicine Society

    The University of Iowa History of Medicine Society announces the R. Palmer Howard Dinner for 2015 featuring:

    Alain Touwaide

    Alain Touwaide

    Research Associate, History of Science and Medicine, Smithsonian Institution; Scientific Director, Inst. for Preservation of Medical Traditions speaking on: speaking on:

    "Medicinal Plants of the Mediterranean: A Unique Tradition"

    Friday, April 24, 2015, 7:00pm (Dinner) 8:00pm (Talk)
    Sheraton Hotel, Iowa City

  • Notes from the RBR, April 2015

    New Exhibit Opening, Hardin Library

    Birthing, Midwifery, and Obstetrics through History


    The exhibit highlights items from the John Martin Rare Book Room. The exhibit addresses antiquity, medical perspectives, innovation, pioneers, organization and notable books.

    Jacques Maygrier