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  • In support of eliminating racism – the ongoing work

    Anti-racism subject guide As a research library, we have a responsibility to share and promote public access to important information about anti-racism, which we’ve made available in this anti-racism subject guide. Libraries staff […]

  • How to return materials to the UI Libraries

    University of Iowa students can return items to the UI Libraries from afar by dropping off items at one of 46 participating libraries across the state and region. See a map of these locations or the list of locations at the end of this […]

  • SOUNDS FROM THE FIELD – Jane Austen in the Age of Digital Discovery

    by Marian Wilson Kimber Discovering lost pieces of music in dusty archives is what most people think musicologists do. We only make the news if someone finds an unknown manuscript by a famous composer buried in a library. It’s true […]

  • Wulfie’s Guide to using the Music Library Online

    Greetings! Everyone’s favorite library staff member, Wulfie Parsons, is back to help you navigate online library resources. The Music Library in Voxman may be closed, the Music Library ONLINE is thriving and ready to help you with […]

  • BabelScores Now Available

    The Rita Benton Music Library now provides access to BabelScores, an online scores database of over 210,000 pages of contemporary music. The catalog features composers from around the world, related media (videos of performances, sound […]

  • 2019: Rita Benton Music Library Year in Review

    2019 was a busy year for the Rita Benton Music Library at the University of Iowa. Here are a few highlights! January Student from Dr. Suhadolnik’s Fall 2018 American Music seminar mounted the exhibit, “Exploring Our Sounds: […]