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Course Reserves for Instructors

Reserve forms


Instructors are responsible for determining whether their use of copyrighted materials falls under Fair Use. Submission of reserve requests indicates instructors’ acceptance of responsibility for copyright compliance.

Reserve lists are due 3 weeks prior to the first day of classes.  Lists must be e-mailed to , using the appropriate form: print or media.

Lists are processed in the order they are received. They may take up to three weeks to process. If, as the semester progresses, you add an item, remember that it may take several days to process.
Please do not assign Reserve items until your list has been processed.  Contact the RBML staff regarding the status of your reserve list.

Please place only required materials on your reserve list.  Recommended readings will not be placed on Reserve. Please provide full citations for all articles and book chapters.

Most journal articles, book chapters, lecture notes and non-copyrighted material will be placed on your ICON course pages.

Lists without full citations and/or author, title, call number for books, scores, media materials will be set aside to be processed last, as they require more time to process. If we have to contact you to obtain the citation, this will substantially slow down the processing time.If we do not own a requested title, we will rush order it but it may be several weeks before it is available.

Please include a copy of the syllabus or reading list for the Reserve book. This syllabus helps your students find the correct readings.

Guidelines for Lists

Please download the appropriate reserve form (print or media) and fill out the form as completely as possible including indication for open/closed, 2 hour/3day.  Once completed, e-mail the form(s) as attachments to

Be sure to fill out one form for print and a separate form for media materials.

Library Materials

  • Library Owned Materials
    Please list the author’s name, the title and the UI call number, loan period (2 hour or 3-day, open or closed reserve).
  • Sound Recordings
    Please list the composer’s name, title of selection, the UI Call number, and the loan period.
    Remember to check Music Online, Naxos Music Library, Naxos JazzDRAM and Smithsonian Global Sound for recordings.  It is possible to link directly to these items on your ICON page.
  • Personal Copies of Books, Photocopies, Scores and Recordings
    Please list the author’s name and the title. If you provide personal copies of books or photocopies for Reserve, we will make them non-circulating (2 hour in-library loan period) unless you indicate otherwise. Even so, please be aware that these items are often heavily used and may be stolen. We cannot replace or repair personal materials.
    NOTE:  The Music Library will not stream personal copies of sound recordings but will purchase a library copy.  Remember to plan ahead if we need to purchase CDs for your reserve.


Note that RBML staff prefers URLs for full-text versions of articles over photocopies to be scanned so in the interest of completing reserve lists in a timely manner, please check for full-text articles.

Please provide a complete citation on your photocopy.

Journal articles, book chapters, lecture notes, and non-copyrighted materials will not be available for checkout in paper form but will be made available on your ICON course page.  Please check with library staff if you must keep a paper copy on reserve.

Due to copyright regulations, we can have only one book chapter per book on the web page at any time. If you will be assigning more than one chapter from a given book, include the book on your book list and we will place it on reserve.

Please submit your material single-sided on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, without staples or paperclips. Note: folded or dog-eared paper and black borders around your photocopy cause problems with scanning and printing.  Make sure that the citation appears clearly on the first page of the article.  Please submit your copy as clean as possible or submit via a PDF attachment to: