• Yeast of the Dead (Part 1 of Rising Together: Yeast & Humankind)

    Ancient Egyptian rulers are famously known for their elaborate preparations for the afterlife. But it appears that one of their contemporaries may have exceeded their most ardent expectations to return to life, thanks to the efforts of a team that includes Richard Bowman, a University of Iowa […]

  • Katherine Johnson’s Legacy & Oral Histories

    As recognized through the book and movie Hidden Figures, Katherine Johnson was one of the first African American women to work at NASA as a human computer. Born in 1918, she attended a two-room school in West Virginia. She excelled at school […]

  • Iowa City Darwin Day 2020

    Iowa City Darwin Day, a grand celebration of science, will be held February 21-22 featuring speakers Carin Bondar, John Novembre, and Anya Prince. There will also be a talk by Elizabeth Yale “Illustrated Natural History in Victorian Britain: How Darwin and his contemporaries shared […]

  • 2020: The International Year of Plant Health

    2020 is the International Year of Plant Health according to the United Nations General Assembly. Our health and well-being as humans depends upon plants for nutrition, spices, medications, beauty in our gardens, oxygen to breathe, and coffee. Plants are integral to the world’s ecosystems and […]

  • SciFinder-n Training

    SciFinder-n is the new interface for SciFinder, a searchable collection of chemical reactions, substances, and scientific literature used in chemistry, medicine, and related fields. SciFinder-n is mobile-friendly, offers more filter options compared to SciFinder, and includes an “All […]

  • Vote for your favorite gingerbread house!

    From pretzel siding to a peppermint walkway, you will love seeing the architectural features of our new Gingerbread House exhibit at the Sciences Library! All of our houses were created by Sciences Library staff and friends. Now it’s time for you to vote for your favorite Gingerbread House! […]