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Finding Aid - Faculty and Staff Vertical Files: C

The Faculty and Staff Vertical Files of the University Archives contain biographical and other information about over 20,000 former and current University employees. The list of names below indicates that a file pertaining to that individual is available at the University of Iowa Archives. In addition to these names, many individuals not listed below are noted in a header folder at the beginning of each alphabetical section of the collection. These listings are photocopied index cards which summarize the individual's career with the University, based on their entry in the annual general catalog. The index card collection, no longer maintained, was merged into this collection in 2007.

The list below consists of last names beginning with the letter "C." To see file lists for other names in this collection, choose from the following links, or return to the Faculty and Staff Vertical Files main page for more information about this collection.

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Cable, William A.

Cadwallader, Joseph M.

Cadwallader, Joseph M.

Cagley, John W.

Cahalan, Ellen J.

Cahill, Nancy.

Cain, Carol.

Cain, George.

Cain, Patricia A.

Caldwell, Bert W.

Caldwell, Charles W.

Caldwell, Grace.

Caldwell, Jim.

Caldwell, Robert G.

Calgaard, Ronald K.

Calhoun, Fred H.

Calhoun, Henrietta A.

Calkins, Vincent P.

Calkins, Willis Gene.

Call, Leond.

Call, Merlyn B.

Callaghan, John.

Callaghan, Nathan.

Callaway-Showalter, Miriam.

Callegari, Eugenio.

Callen, Joseph E.

Callen, Nola E.

Callen, Timothy.

Calmer, Charles.

Calvert, Amelia.

Calvert, Wynne.

Calvin, Samuel.

Cambridge, Richard W.

Camburn, Camilla Josephine D.

Camden, Charles C.

Camé, Jean-François.

Camerer, Alice

Cameron, Cornelia C.

Cameron, Donald H.

Cameron, John.

Camp, Frances M.

Camp, Marjorie.

Campbell, Arthur W.

Campbell, Carrie.

Campbell, Charles L.

Campbell, Charles M.

Campbell, Cloyce.

Campbell, Donovan.

Campbell, Erik.

Campbell, Eva M.

Campbell, Gretchen L.

Campbell, John W.

Campbell, Kathryn Sue.

Campbell, Kevin.

Campbell, Malcolm K.

Campbell, Mary.

Campbell, Mary Ellen.

Campbell, Richard D.

Campbell, Tim J. Jr.

Campo, Shelly.

Canady, John.

Cancilla, Jodene.

Canfield, Lloyd A.

Canin, Ethan.

Canin, Stuart.

Cannon, Carolyn.

Cannon, Joseph G.

Cannon, Margaret A.

Cannon, Mary Louise.

Canter, Arthur.

Cantor, Gordon N.

Cantrell, Carmi M.

Cantwell, Robert S.

Cape, Charles A.

Capek, Milic.

Caplan, Richard M.

Caponigri, Robert.

Capps, Dolores.

Carbee, Carolyn M.

Carder, Joseph F.

Carey, James.

Carew, David.

Cargile, June D.

Cargill, Robert.

Carideo, Frank.

Carl, Lois J.

Carlisle, Harold I.

Carlile, Henry.

Carlsen, George Robert.

Carlson, Alvin J.

Carlson, Eugene M.

Carlson, George L.

Carlson, Harold S.

Carlson, Johnathan.

Carlson, Kermit.

Carlson, Loren D.

Carlson, Richard.

Carlson, Robert V.

Carlson, Ronald.

Carlston, Charles E.

Carlstrom, Fred J.

Carlton, Eleanor.

Carlton, Esthum.

Carmichael, Albert M.

Carmichael, Gregory.

Carmichael, Thomas J.

Carmichael, William H.

Carmody, Don R.

Carmody, Maurice.

Carmody, Thomas J.

Carner, Ana M.

Carnes, Joseph J.

Carney, Alexander.

Carney, Bobbe.

Carney, Norma.

Carney, Robert G.

Carns, Harry R.

Carothers, Estella E.

Carpenter, Dwight C.

Carpenter, Fairye.

Carpenter, Frederick M.

Carpenter, Karen.

Carpenter, Millington Farwell.

Carpenter, Ralph C.

Carpenter, Raymon T.

Carpenter, Scott J.

Carr, Arthur B.

Carr, Donald.

Carr, Mary F.

Carr, T.L.

Carran, Pearle.

Carrell, Ara W.

Carrier, Warren.

Carroll, Howard E.

Carroll, Paul D.

Carroll, Robert.

Carroll, Robert P.

Carroll, Virginia B.

Carron, Harrold.

Carrott, Jean.

Carson, George S.

Cartens, Marion R.

Cartensen, Vernon R.

Carter, Angela.

Carter, Deanna.

Carter, Frances.

Carter, Helen Kae.

Carter, Herbert D.

Carter, John Robert.

Carter, Keith.

Carter, Oscar.

Carter, Mary Arkley.

Carter, Mildred.

Carter, Robert E.

Carter, Roscoe H.

Carter, Thyra.

Cartwright, Barbara E.

Carver, George.

Carver, Raymond.

Carville, John W.

Casady, Cleo P.

Casady, Donald R.

Casady, Thomas E.

Casavant, Thomas L.

Case, Charles.

Case, Clarence M.

Case, James F.

Casey, John.

Casey, Robert W.

Casey, William.

Caskey, Meredith.

Cass, Rhonda.

Cassabaum, Larry.

Casse, Robert M.

Cassel, Jean R.

Cassel, Suzanne.

Cassill, Ronald Verlin.

Castagna, JoAnn Elisabeth.

Castaneda, Alfred.

Castaneda, Ricardo.

Casteel, James D.

Castillo, Homero.

Catalano, Cosmo.

Cater, Earle David.

Catlin, Mark S.

Cavanaugh, James H.

Cavanaugh, Lucy.

Cavanaugh, Margaret.

Cavanaugh, Margaret H.

Caven, Ceora.

Cavender, Thera.

Cavert, Elizabeth H.

Cavin, Walter H.

Caywood, Thomas G.

Ceaglske, Norman H.

Cech, Nancy.

Cecil, Blanche.

Ceres, C. Mildred.

Cerny, Josephine E.

Cerreta, Florindo V.

Cesander, P.K.

Chacon, Chuck.

Chadha, Jagdish M.

Chadima, Wayne.

Chadwich, David E.

Chaffee, Grace E.

Chaffin, Elizabeth.

Chait, Ben.

Chalmers, Jane M.

Chaloupka, John.

Chamallas, Martha.

Chamberlain, David S.

Chamberlain, Harry.

Chamberlin, Harold.

Chambers, Bruce W.

Chambers, Eunice H.

Chambers, Forrest L.

Chambers, George A.

Chambers, George H.

Champe, Gertrude.

Chance, Hugh E.

Chancler, Rose.

Chandler, Donna.

Chandler, Harley W

Chandler, Marguerite J.

Chandler, Zilpha E.

Chandran, Krishnan.

Chaney, George A.

Chaney, R.W.

Chang, Chih Ye.

Chang, Hsin-pao.

Chang, Lan Samantha.

Chapel, James L.

Chapela, Diane.

Chapin, Florence S.

Chapin, Geoff.

Chapin, Lawrey H.

Chapleau, Colleen Reardon.

Chapman, Claude E.

Chapman, Don W.

Chapman, Frank M.

Chapman, Harold.

Chapman, James L.

Chappell, Wallace.

Chappell, Walt.

Charlton, Thomas H.

Charsha-Harney, Angela.

Chase, Alice B.

Chase, C.S.

Chase, Genevieve.

Chase, Lucille E.

Chase, Miriam E.

Chasin, Helen.

Chatterjee, Sunil K.

Chawner, Mary D.

Cheatham, James C.

Cheever, John.

Chen, Chian-Yuang

Chen, Lea-Der.

Chen-Hardee, Shari.

Cheng, Dorothy Wei.

Cheng, Frank.

Ch’eng, Hsi.

Cheng, Jim.

Chennell, Laura W.

Chenoweth, Charlie E.

Chenoweth, Evelyn.

Chernigoy, Franz.

Cherrington, Homer V.

Cheskis, Joseph I.

Chester, Judy.

Cheyne, Virgil D.

Chibnik, Michael.

Chickering, Dorothea.

Chikaraishi, Yasaku.

Chilton, Charlotte P.

Chin, Ting-Fong.

Chinburg, Dale L.

Chinn, Gerald.

Chipman, John.

Chittenden, Gertrude E.

Chittenden, Edward Wilson.

Choi, Kyung.

Choo, Chunghi.

Chotlos, John W.

Chou, David C.

Chow, Chuen-Tang.

Chow, Ho-Ming.

Chow, Liang.

Christ, Ruth.

Christensen, Alan L.

Christensen, Ernest H.

Christensen, Everett D.

Christensen, James.

Christensen, Thomas P.

Christensen-Szalanski, Jay.

Christenson, James E.

Christenson, Harold P.

Christiansen, Frances

Christiansen, Irving K.

Christiansen, Robert Alvin.

Christie, Jean.

Christie, Roy E.

Christnet, Genevieve.

Christoffersen, Carl.

Christofides, C. G.

Christy, Teresa E.

Christy, William P.

Chu, Pao-Fu.

Chudwick, Esther.

Church, Joseph.

Church, Leslie E.

Churchill, Edward P.

Ciani, Angelo W.

Cilek, Clark.

Cilek, Laura.

Ciochon, Russell.

Cioffari, Angelina G.

Cioffari, Vincenzo.

Cizowski, Raymond W.

Clack, Nan.

Clair, Marguerite.

Clair, Theodore N.

Claman, Samuel.

Clancy, James.

Clancy, John.

Clapp, E. F.

Clapp, Philip G.

Clark, Anna M. (Slach).

Clark, Chester Wells.

Clark, Dan E.

Clark, Doris.

Clark, Earl P.

Clark, Eileen H.

Clark, Ezekiel.

Clark, Hugh.

Clark, James Dale.

Clark, James P.

Clark, Kenneth F.

Clark, Larry Dale.

Clark, Lucile V.

Clark, Mary Graham.

Clark, Mary Edith.

Clark, Thomas Lee.

Clark, Timothy.

Clark, William G.

Clark, Zella L.

Clarke, Benjamin E.

Clarke, Gail H.

Clarke, Katherine L.

Clarke, Winfred.

Clarke, Winifin S.

Clarkson, Jay.

Clasen, Glen E.

Clay, Miriam E.

Clayton, Jean.

Cleary, Fay.

Cleary, T. Anne.

Cleaver, Charles G.

Cleland, Walter.

Clemenger, Francis J.

Clement, Annie.

Clement, George M.

Clemmer, John J. Jr.

Clendenin, John C.

Clendening, Alice.

Clendenning, John Leonard.

Clerc, Charles.

Clerry, Lyla.

Cleveland, William ‘Bill’.

Cleven, Alma.

Clewell, Dr. Geraldine.

Clifford, John.

Clifford, Margaret (Peg).

Clifton, James A., Jr.

Clinard, Marshall B.

Clinard, Ruth B.

Clindinin, Charles E.

Cline, Earl D.

Cline, Lewis M.

Clinite, Lucile.

Clinton, Patricia.

Clinton, Robert N.

Cloe, Carl W.

Close, Elena M.

Clough, Barbara D.

Clough, Bess M.

Clough, Harold E.

Clyde, Gelia.

Cmiel, Kenneth.

Coast, Louise C.

Cobb, Lois H.

Cobb, Margaret E.

Cobb, William H.

Coble, R. J. (Rex).

Coblin, W. South.

Coburn, Frank E.

Cochran, Grace.

Cochran, Juanita.

Cochran, Lee W.

Cochran, Lida.

Cochran, Roger.

Cockey, Sarah F.

Cockrill, Ellen V.

Cockrill, John L.

Cockshoot, Mary E.

Code, Joseph B.

Coder, William.

Cody, Robert C.

Coester, Fritz.

Coffey, Audrey.

Coffey, Dan.

Coffey, Goerge L.

Coffey/Moore, Helen M.

Coffey, Hubert S.

Coffey, Joel S.

Coffman, Adalene.

Coffin, Velma Elizabeth.

Coffman, William E.

Cogswell, John W.

Cohen, Adolph I.

Cohen, Alex.

Cohen, Gregg.

Cohen, Jordan L.

Cohen, Mary.

Cohen, Michael B.

Cohen, Myra Ruth.

Cohen, Victor W.

Cohenour, Michelle.

Cohn, Bernard N.

Colangelo, Nicholas.

Colbert, James C.

Cole, Eldon E.

Cole, Fern N.

Cole, Francis T.

Cole, Helen R.

Cole, Jim.

Cole, Julie.

Cole, Mary.

Coleman, Carroll.

Coleman, Edward P.

Coleman, Francis C.

Coleman, George H.

Coleman, Helen L.

Coleman, Henry E. Jr.

Coleman, Jo Ellen.

Coleman, Ken.

Coleman, Mary Sue.

Coleman, R.C.

Coleman, Thomas G.

Colie, Rosalie Littell.

Collins, Bernard.

Collins, Daniel W.

Collins, Ernest H.

Collins, Herbert O.

Collins, Judy.

Collins, Marguerite.

Collins, Newell L.

Collins, Robert M.

Collins, Rona.

Collins, Steve.

Collins, Ted R.

Collins, Thomas.

Collinson, Howard Creel.

Colson, Janet.

Colloton, John W.

Comins, Dorothy J.

Comly, Hunter H.

Commings, Bob.

Compagnon, Sebastian.

Conard, Henry S.

Condon, Arnold C.

Condon, J.W. "Bill".

Condon, Robert E.

Cone, Alfred J.

Cone, Carl B.

Cone, James.

Cone, Mary E.

Cone, William V.

Congdon, Walter H.

Conkle, Ellsworth P.

Conkwright, Nelson B.

Conlon, Michele.

Conn, P. Michael.

Connell, Cecil.

Connell, Janann.

Connell, Phil.

Conner, Forrest E.

Connole, John F.

Connor, John.

Connor, R. J.

Connor, William E.

Conrad, Carl C.

Conrad, Elizabeth.

Conrad, Paul L.

Conrad, Ralph M.

Conrad, Sherman.

Conroy, Frank.

Constable, Giles.

Constantine, John A.

Constantine, June F.

Constantino, Anthony.

Contant, Cheryl K.

Conto, Josephine M.

Conway, Thomas.

Conwell, Daniel V.

Coogan, Mary.

Cook, Esther C.

Cook, Evelyn V.

Cook, George Cram.

Cook, Herbert C.

Cook, John O.

Cook, Wayne G.

Cook, Pauline (Mrs. Hall)

Cooke, Josephine Helen.

Cooke, Michael George.

Cooksey, Evelyn B.

Cooley, Eleanor G.

Coolidge, Archibald C., Jr.

Coon, Gladys V.

Cooney, Emma Julia.

Cooper, Bernice.

Cooper, Bertha A.

Cooper, Carla.

Cooper, Charles E.

Cooper, Charles R.

Cooper, Christopher S.

Cooper, Clark N.

Cooper, Dan H.

Cooper, Esther F.

Cooper, Esther N. Jr.

Cooper, Ethel C.

Cooper, Harold.

Cooper, Frank B.

Cooper, Reginald.

Cooper, Vernom.

Cooper, Wayne.

Cooper, Zada M.

Coover, Robert.

Copeland, Carolyn.

Copeland, Ina N.

Copeland, Urith.

Cor, Isabel C.

Corbett, James J.

Corcoran, George Francis.

Corcoran, Marlena.

Corcoran, Richard Thomas.

Corder, Lois.

Cordier, Hugh V.

Cordier, Ruth V.

Cordray, Albert T.

Corey, Chester A.

Corey, Victor B.

Corinaldesi, Ernesto.

Cornejo, Marilyn.

Cornell, C. David.

Cornell, Lew W.

Cornell, Robert.

Cornell, Ruth R.

Cornette, Joel.

Corning, Beth.

Cornish, Lawrence.

Cornog, Jacob.

Cornwall, Dean T.

Cornwall, Mary E.

Cornwall, Thomas W.

Cornwell, Charles D.

Correll, John T.

Corrigan, Robert A.

Corry, Martha.

Corry, Robert.

Corso, Joe.

Corson, John.

Corwin, Dennis.

Corwin, Grace H.

Coryell, Harold W.

Cosby, Byron, Jr.

Cosens, Mary.

Cosentino, Nataline.

Cosgrove, William B.

Cosner, Etta.

Cossman, George W.

Costa, Jean.

Costantino, Anthony.

Costello, Daniel.

Costello, Gerald W.

Costich, Oliver L.

Cotlen, Helena R.

Cottingham, Constance.

Cottrell, Anna L.

Cottrell, Nickolas.

Couch, Carl J.

Couch, Orrie A.

Coughlan, Charles H.

Coughlin, Richard D.

Coughlin, Robert E.

Coulson, Forest H.

Coulter, Joe Dan.

Coultrap, Frances.

Counsilman, James.

Courtney, Elizabeth V.

Cousins, C. E.

Coutts, Hazel R.

Couture, John R.

Coventry, Phoebe-Jane.

Covert, Warren O.

Cowan, Donald W.

Cowan, J. Milton.

Cowart, Edmund M.

Cowen, Howard.

Cowen, Perle S.

Cowgill, Lois.

Cowin, Roy B.

Cox, Benjamin B.

Cox, Glen N.

Cox, Henry.

Cox, Hila Beth.

Cox, Jane.

Cox, Jeffrey L.

Cox, Lois.

Cox, Margorie L.

Cox, Myrtle L.

Cox, Olive E.

Cox, Robert L.

Cox, Ruby.

Cox, Walter Albert.

Cozine, Robert S.

Craft, James H. Jr.

Craft, John L.

Craft, Irene H.

Craft-Rosenberg, Martha.

Craig, Allen T.

Craig, David N.

Craig, Hardin.

Crain, Harold.

Cralley, Lester V.

Cralley, Lewis J.

Cram, Peter.

Cramblett, Henry Gaylord.

Cramsie, Kenneth J.

Cranberg, Gilbert.

Crane, Alice.

Crane, Barbara Ann.

Crane, Frederick.

Crane, Ronald S.

Crane, W.E. [Will Edwin?]

Crary, Roy J.

Crary, Ryland.

Crawford, Bartholow Vincent.

Crawford, Beulah.

Crawford, Duane.

Crawford, Isabel M.

Crawford, Irving P.

Crawford, Jean H.

Crawford, John Alyn.

Crawford, John R.

Crawford, Kelly.

Crawford, Linda.

Crawford, Richard.

Crawford, Robert P.

Creamer, Catherine C.

Creamer, Frank H,

Creed, Joe F.

Creedon, Pam.

Creekmur, Corey.

Creelman, Miss Josephine.

Creighton, Geraldine M.

Creighton, Margaret.

Cremer, Charles F.

Crescitelli, Frederick.

Creth, Sheila.

Cretzmeyer, Charles H.

Cretzmeyer, Francis.

Crews, Marian G.

Crim, Herbert S.

Crissey, Orlo L.

Crissinger, Donald L.

Crist, Linda.

Crist, Sharon.

Crites, John O.

Critz, Mary E.

Crocco, Margaret.

Crockett, Katherine.

Crockett, Rita.

Croft, Huber O.

Crofutt, Charles B.

Cromer, George W.

Cron, Cyril M.

Cronan, Dennis J.

Crone, Judith.

Cronin, Sarah E.

Crosby, Harry H.

Crosby, Virgil Glenn.

Crose, Jean M.

Cross, Catherine N.

Cross, Henry A.

Cross, Kenneth R.

Cross, Lowell.

Cross, Norma.

Crosten, William L.

Crouch, Roy A.

Crowder, Walter F.

Crowe, Clem.

Crowe, Edna H.

Crowell, Chester W.

Crowell, Edwin A.

Crowell, Joyce H.

Crowley, Frederick A.

Crowley, Grace A.

Croy, Shirley.

Crozier, William D.

Cruden, Robert.

Crum, Earl L.

Crum, Mary P.

Cryder, Robert W.

Cuany, Robin L.

Cuevas, Roberto A.

Culbertson, James W.

Cullen, Stuart C.

Culler, Hazel.

Culley, Jack F.

Cullinan, Elizabeth.

Cullison, Alan D.

Culmer, Charles U.

Culp, David A.

Culshaw, John P.

Culver, Earl O.

Culver, Jessie.

Cumming, Charles A.

Cumming, Janet.

Cummings, Mabel E.

Cummings, Margaret P.

Cummings, Rhoda.

Cummins, Philip.

Cummins, Walter M.

Cunningham, Agnes.

Cunningham, Barbara M.

Cunningham, Bess A.

Cunningham, C. Keith.

Cunningham, Mildred C.

Cunningham, Oral D.

Cureton, Jan Wilman.

Curnow, Samuel John.

Curran, Pamela J.

Currie, Ruth.

Currier, Amos Noyes.

Currier, Celia A. (Mrs. A. N. Currier)

Currier, Richard E.

Curry, David.

Curry, Keith L.

Curry, Susan.

Curtis, Donald D.

Curtis, Dwight Kenneth.

Curtis, James F.

Curtis, Norman B.

Curtis, William J.

Cushing, James T.

Cuthbertson, Madaline.

Cutler, Helen.

Cutler, Howard A.

Cuttino, George P.

Cuttler, Charles D.

Czarnecki, Edgar R.

Czurles, Stanley A.