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Finding Aid - Faculty and Staff Vertical Files: J

The Faculty and Staff Vertical Files of the University Archives contain biographical and other information about over 20,000 former and current University employees. The list of names below indicates that a file pertaining to that individual is available at the University of Iowa Archives. In addition to these names, many individuals not listed below are noted in a header folder at the beginning of each alphabetical section of the collection. These listings are photocopied index cards which summarize the individual's career with the University, based on their entry in the annual general catalog. The index card collection, no longer maintained, was merged into this collection in 2007.

The list below consists of last names beginning with the letter "J." To see file lists for other names in this collection, choose from the following links, or return to the Faculty and Staff Vertical Files main page for more information about this collection.

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Jabbour, Georgette.

Jack, Josephine.

Jack, Juanita M.

Jack, Lois M.

Jackson, Carl.

Jackson, David.

Jackson, Donald D.

Jackson, Mourine E.

Jackson, Herbert L.

Jackson, Robert L.

Jackson, Ruth B.

Jackson, Sylvia A.

Jackson, Theresa S.

Jackson, William J.

Jackson, Willis Carl.

Jackson, William A. Douglas.

Jacobs, Carl August.

Jacobs, Clarence W.

Jacobs, Gary.

Jacobs, H. Lee.

Jacobs, Henry R.

Jacobs, James A.

Jacobs, Paul G.

Jacobs, Richard L.

Jacobs, Richard M.

Jacobsen, Anne.

Jacobsen, Carlyle Frederick.

Jacobsen, Cheryl.

Jacobsen, Paul B.

Jagnow, Ardath Helen.

Jahn, Frances F.

Jahn, Theodore Louis.

Jahns, Dorothy.

Jain, Subhash.

Jakobsen, James F.

Jakovcic, Zoran.

Jakubek, Doris E. Stier.

Jamal, Mohammad.

James, Carolyn.

James, George R.

James, Haddon W.

James, Sydney V.

Jameson, Charles Davis.

Jamison, Celia.

Janes, Ralph G.

Janis, Mark.

Jansen, Margery.

Janson, Horst W.

Janssen, Pearl.

Jantz, Paula.

January, Eloise.

January, Lewis Edward.

Jarman, Dorothy.

Jarmon, Lori and Scott.

Jarnagin, Brian James.

Jarrard, Irene.

Jarvis, Fred J.

Jarvis, William A.

Jasiek, Clement Richard.

Jasper, Constance.

Jasper, Herbert H.

Jaspers, Mark.

Jauch, Josef.

Javier, John Kimmich.

Jay, Laurent.

Jay, Peter.

Jeans, Philip Charles.

Jeffers, Hamilton M.

Jeffers, James R.

Jefferson, Lynn.

Jefferson, Ruth E.

Jeffre, Maria.

Jehle, Harold.

Jeffrey, John P.

Jelinek, Dorothy L.

Jelinek, Otto.

Jenecks, Louise.

Jenkins, George B.

Jenkins, George D.

Jenkins, Gladys G.

Jenkins, John L.

Jenkins, Harry R.

Jenkins, Richard L.

Jenks, John W.

Jenna, William Wallace.

Jenni, Donald Martin.

Jennings, Agnes.

Jennings, Albert E.

Jennings, Edward G.

Jennings, Edward H.

Jennings, Mark.

Jennings, Mary.

Jennings, Robert W.

Jennings, Walter W.

Jensen, Amy L.

Jensen, Barbara Ellen.

Jensen, Dorothy.

Jensen, Dwight.

Jensen, Barbara E.

Jensen, Elaine P.

Jensen, Evelyn M.

Jensen, Leon F.

Jensen, Lloyd B.

Jensen, Paul.

Jensen, Randolph A.

Jensen, Richard Alfred.

Jeppesen, Franklin B.

Jepson, William.

Jernegan, George.

Jerpseth, Glenn Samuel.

Jerrell, Ray A.

Jersild, Arthur Thomas.

Jessup, Bob Albert.

Jessup, Walter Albert.

Jeter, Wayburn S.

Jett, Bobby.

Jew, Jean Y.

Jirsa, Harold O.

Jirus, Anthony R.

Jittlov, Vadim B.

Job, Thesle T.

Jochimsen, Peter.

Jochumsen, Edward A.

Jogerst, Gerald John.

Jogerst, Michael A.

Johansen, Harold.

Johns, Richard.

Johnsen, Agnes L.

Johnson, Alton ‘AC’.

Johnsen, David C.

Johnson, Albert C.

Johnson, Alice M.

Johnson, Carl L.

Johnson, Carol A.

Johnson, Charles Dee.

Johnson, Charles Felzen.

Johnson, Charles Merrill.

Johnson, Christina.

Johnson, Corwin W.

Johnson, Clyde.

Johnson, Cynda Ann.

Johnson, Denis.

Johnson, Don.

Johnson, Donald Bruce.

Johnson, Donald Charles.

Johnson, Doris M.

Johnson, Dorothy.

Johnson, Douglas E.

Johnson, Douglas N.

Johnson, Edwin.

Johnson, Eugene Walter.

Johnson, Gertrude E.

Johnson, Gladys.

Johnson, Gladys Marie.

Johnson, Greg.

Johnson, Gregory.

Johnson, Gretchen Marie.

Johnson, Guy W.

Johnson, H. Wayne.

Johnson, Harry Lester.

Johnson, Helen E.

Johnson, Hugh M.

Johnson, J. Garth.

Johnson, Jack Thomas.

Johnson, Jaimel.

Johnson, James W.

Johnson, Josephine Winslow.

Johnson, Keach D.

Johnson, Lawrence C.

Johnson, Leone A.

Johnson, Lucile M.

Johnson, Nancy Diers.

Johnson, Nicholas.

Johnson, Noel Ann.

Johnson, Norman C.

Johnson, Norman L.

Johnson, Oscar E.

Johnson, Oscar T.

Johnson, Paul A.

Johnson, Paul C.

Johnson, Pearl E.

Johnson, Robert C.

Johnson, Robert Henry.

Johnson, Robert J.

Johnson, Roberta B.

Johnson, Roland A.

Johnson, Ronald.

Johnson, Roy Andrew.

Johnson, Shirley E.

Johnson, Susan R.

Johnson, Thurston L.

Johnson, Victor.

Johnson, Wallace William.

Johnson, Wendell Andrew Leroy.

Johnson, William H.

Johnston, Charles G.

Johnston, David G.

Johnston, Denis.

Johnston, Florence D.

Johnston, George W.

Johnston, Grady J.

Johnston, Helen.

Johnston, Maurice F. P.

Johnston, William C.

Johnston, William R.

Johnstone, Henry F.

Joiner, Charles W.

Jokinen, David E.

Joliat, Eugène Aimé.

Jolley, Lenore.

Jolliffe, Elwin T.

Jonas, Russell E.

Jones, Beatrice J.

Jones, Carolyn.

Jones, Cecil C.

Jones, Clifford.

Jones, Clifford F.

Jones, Colleen.

Jones, David T.

Jones, Doug.

Jones, Douglas W.

Jones, Edward N.

Jones, Eliot.

Jones, Giffin D.

Jones, Henry Craig.

Jones, Howard Harding.

Jones, Howard R.

Jones, Idamae.

Jones, Irene C.

Jones, James Wilson.

Jones, Janet.

Jones, John E.

Jones, Judith Anne.

Jones, Lonzo.

Jones, M. Colleen.

Jones, Marion.

Jones, Mary W.

Jones, Mitch.

Jones, Morgan J.

Jones, Nancy Lyn.

Jones, Nyle W.

Jones, Pamela R.

Jones, Patricia (Trish).

Jones, Paul R.

Jones, Phillip E.

Jones, Rhys B.

Jones, Tisch.

Jones, Victor H.

Jones, William LaRue.

Jordan, Carl F.

Jordan, Dorothy P.

Jordan, Evan Paul.

Jordan, James Richard.

Jordan, LaVall.

Jordan, Mary C.

Jordan, Philip D.

Jordan, Robert P.

Jordan, Rudolph H.

Jordan, Ruth C.

Jordison, Nancy Sittig.

Jordison, Richard.

Jorgensen, Albert N.

Jorgenson, Chester E.

Joseph, Karen.

Joy, Florence L.

Joyce, Cynthia.

Joyce, Frank T.

Joyner, John W.

Joyner, Powell A.

Joynt, Robert James.

Ju, Dau-shen.

Judd, Abia W.

Judge, Walter T.

Judiesch, Kenneth J.

Judson, Lyman S.

Juhl, Helen K.

Julich, Jim.

Julien, Larry M.

Jung, Moses.

Junge, Charlotte W.

Just, Craig.

Justice, Donald Rodney.

Justis, Roy.

Juweid, Malik.