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Papers of George Edwin Starbuck
RG 99.0075
Collection Dates: 1966-1971
3.0 ft.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: These papers were transferred to the University of Iowa Libraries by the University of Iowa Writers Workshop in the early 1970s. Processed by Earl M. Rogers in 1975. Guide posted to the Internet 2000; updated January 2008.

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Scope and Contents

This collection contains the correspondence of George Starbuck during his tenure as Director of the Iowa Writers Workshop, 1967-1971, and some earlier and later official workshop correspondence. The folder labels tend to be very specific and many contain only a few items. The folders are in a single alphabetical arrangement.

Biographical Note

George Edwin Starbuck was born June 15, 1931 in Columbus, Ohio, and grew up in Illinois and California. He was twice married and had five children. He served in the Army Military Police Corps in California and Germany, 1952-1954.

Starbuck's education includes: California Institute of Technology, 1947-1949, University of California at Berkeley, 1950-1951, and he earned a B.A. at the University of Chicago in 1957, after which he attended Harvard University for one semester.  He held a Guggenheim Fellowship from 1961 to 1962, and was a fellow in residence at the American Academy in Rome (Prix de Rome of the American Academy of Arts and Letters), 1961-1963.  Starbuck began publishing his poetry in 1955 in such noteable magazines as Harper's, New Yorker, Yale Review, Paris Review, and North American Review.  He authored four books of poetry: Bone Thoughts (1960), White Paper (1966), Elegy in a Country Church (1975), and The Argot Merchant Disaster (1982).

Starbuck was a lecturer in Boston and New York before working in that same capacity at the University of Iowa in 1964.  Starbuck's grandfather, Edwin Diller Starbuck, was a faculty member of the University of Iowa's Department of Philosophy from 1906-1930.  At Iowa, George Starbuck became Assistant Professor of English in 1966, and Associate professor in 1967.  He served as Director of the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop from September 1, 1967 until May 26, 1971, succeeding Paul Engle, who resigned in 1966 in order to direct the International Writing Program at Iowa.  Starbuck left Iowa to head the graduate writing program at Boston University, a position he held for twenty years.

George Starbuck developed Parkinson's Disease in 1974, and died at his home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on August 15, 1996.

D. Anderson, June 2006

Related Materials

Records of the Iowa Writers' Workshop (RG 06.12.08)

The Papers of Lewis Turco contains references to George Starbuck. John Leggett succeeded Starbuck as Workshop director, and the Papers of John Leggett contain correspondence from George Starbuck.

The Organizations and Clubs Vertical Files collection of the University Archives contains two folders relating to Students for a Democratic Society, for which correspondence is found below under 'S'. Other clubs listed below, such as Asian Society, are also found in the Organizations and Clubs Vertical Files.

Faculty members for whom correspondence is listed below may also have a file in the Faculty and Staff Vertical Files. This applies to George E. Starbuck, Willard Boyd, Kurt Vonnegut, Seymour Krim, Paul Engle, John C. Gerber, and Clay Harshbarger, among others.

The Special Collections Department holds individual collections for the following correspondence entries listed below: Jose Donoso papers, Papers of Paul Engle, Papers of John C. Gerber (RG99.0062), and International Writing Program (RG06.12.09).

Further material regarding Black Sparrow Press may be found in our Private Press Ephemera Collection. Additional information about Windhover Press, also listed in correspondence below, may be found in the University of Iowa collection, Records of the Yellow Barn Press, as well as in Books at Iowa, November 1976, and the University of Iowa Center for the Book Web page.

Box Contents List

A    |   B  |  C   |  D  |  E  |  F  |  G  |  H  |  I  |  J  |  K  |  L  |  M

N  |  O  |  P  |  R  |  S  |  T  |  U  |  V  |  W  |  Y

Box 1   A -- B

A [return to A-Z directory]

American Association of University Professors (A.A.U.P.)


ABC Television

Academy of American Poets

Addresses: publishers, magazines

Administration and Workshop

Financial aid, 1970 -- 1971

Amabile, George

American Friends

Andy Warhol Films, Inc.

Antioch College

Arizona, University of

Asian Society

Action Studies Program (ASP): Kleinberger, Fishman course

Aspen School

B [return to A-Z directory]

Bail Fund

Bard College

Barnes, Helen (placement)

Barnstone, Willis

Barry, John

Beaver College

Bell, Marvin

Beloit Poetry Journal

Benedict, Kennette M.

Bennington College

Berg, Stephen

Berriault, Gina

Berrigan, Ted

Berryman, John

Billings, Robert

Biographies of staff

Black Culture Symposium

Black Sparrow Press

Blackburn, Paul

Boles, Robert

Bowen, Howard

Boyd, Willard (Sandy)

Braddock, Richard

Brown, Bush

Brownstein, Oscar

Bryan, C.D.B.

Burford, William

Burnett, William

Burns, Alan

Box 2   C -- GAL

C [return to A-Z directory]

Carter, Mary

Case Western University

Cassill, Verlin

CEA Critic

Clark, Tom

Cloud, Marauder

Coe College

College Association

Columbia University: Writing

Connecticut College

Contemporary Authors

Coover, Robert

Core literature

Cornell College

Correspondence Course

Correspondence Schools of Britannica

Creeley, Robert

Crome, Nick

Cronin, Tony

Cunningham, J.V.

D [return to A-Z directory]

Departmental memos

Dana, Robert

Davis, Robert B. (Parsons College, Fairfield, Iowa)

De Pauw University

de Roche, Joseph

Daily Iowan reviews and interviews, 1969 -- 1970

Dickey, James

Directory of American Scholars

Donoso, Jose

Dorne, Albert: Memorial Foundation (Mr. Reiss)


Drake University

Duncan, Robert

E [return to A-Z directory]

East Stroudsburg State College

Elliott, G.P.

Engel, Monroe

Engle, Paul

Evaluation Service: University of Iowa

F [return to A-Z directory]

Faculty: possible future staff

Feldman, Irving

Fitzgerald, Robert

Fixler, M.

Flaherty, Douglas (Oshkosh)

Fox, William Price

Franklin and Marshall College

Fraser, Kathleen

Friedman, B.J.

Fulbright lecture information

G [return to A-Z directory]

Gaines, Charles

Gallant, Mavis

Box 3 GAR -- IN

Garber, Eugene

Garrett, George

Gehman, Richard

Gerber, John

Gibson, Morgan

Giovanni, Norman di

Glanville, Brian

Goldensohn, Barry

Gould, Thomas (University of Texas)

Graduate College position paper, November 1966

Graduate College staff

Gross, Suzanne


H [return to A-Z directory]

Hall, James B. (and others)


Hamburger, Michael

Hanson, K.O.

Hanzlicek, Charles

Harcourt, Brace and World

Harding, K.G.

Harian Press

Harper, Michael

Harper and Row

Harrison, Keith

Harrison, Margaret

Harshbarger, H. Clay

Hawkes, John

Haydn, Hiram (Harcourt, Brace)

Hays, J . Bob

Hazel, Robert

Helz, Marion

Hemley, Elaine

Hoegberg, Norm

Hollo, Anselm

Honig, Edwin

Houghton Mifflin

Housing for faculty

Howren, Robert

Hufstader, Bob

Hughes, Ted

Hugo, Richard

Hunter College in the Bronx

Hutchinson, Pearse

I [return to A-Z directory]

Illinois University

Indiana University

Intermedia: William Hibbard

International Writing Program

 Box 4   IO -- MERR

Iowa Arts Council

Iowa Poetry Circuit

Iowa State University

J [return to A-Z directory]

Johnson, Curt

Jones, LeRoi


Jumper, Will C.

Justice, Donald

K [return to A-Z directory]

KCRG Television

Kansas, University of

Karchmer, S. (see NW Review, University of Oregon)

Katz, Steve

Kelly, Robert

Kessler, Ed

Kiely, Benedict

King, George

Kinnell, Galway

Knoepfle, John

Knott, William

Ko Won

Koch, Kenneth

Kozol, Jonathan

Kraus, Wolfgang: A.S.L.

Kray, Elizabeth (circuits)

Krim, Seymour

Kunitz, Stanley

L [return to A-Z directory]

Lattimore, Richmond

Lavin, Mary

Lawrence University

Lazard, Naomi

Leggett, John

Levertov, Denise

Levine, Philip

Libraries in U.S.A.

Library: University of Iowa

Library of Congress

Liddy, James

Liebermann, Larry

Lies, Michael



Local readings (1969 -- 1970)

Lockhaven State College

Logan, John

Lowell, Robert

Lowenfels, Walter

Lucier, Jeff

M [return to A-Z directory]

McDowell, Frederick P.W. (CSML)

McDowell Colony

McGeorge, Pauline

McGill University, Montreal


MacMahon, Bryan

Mailer, Norman

Malanga, Gerard

Marshall, Jack

Massachusetts, University of

Massachusetts Review

Mayo, E.L. (Drake University)

Memos about fiction staff

Memos about poetry staff

Meredith, William

Merriam, Eve

Merrill, James

Box 5 MERW -- P

Merwin, W.S.

Metz, Kathryn

Mezey, Robert

M.F.A. degree

M.F.A. exam reading lists: 1969 -- 1970

Midwest Artists for Peace

Mirabelli, Eugene, Jr.

Missouri, University of

Monmouth College

Moratorium: October 15,1969

Mt. Allison College

N [return to A-Z directory]

Nabokov, Vladimir

New American Review

National Council on the Arts

National Educational TV (N.E.T.)

National Foundation on Arts and Humanities

National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (N.E.C.L.C.)

Nemerov, Howard

New Hampshire, University of

New York University

New York State University (State University of New York) Buffalo

Newman, Charles: Tri-Quarterly

Noll, Bink

Northern Arizona University

Northwest Review

0 [return to A-Z directory]

O'Connor, Philip

Offers and candidates: jobs for holders of Master of Fine Arts degrees

Ogen, Mart

Ohio University

Olson, Charles

Olson, Elder

Oneonta State University College, Oneonta, New York

Oregon State University

P [return to A-Z directory]

Palmer, David

Paz, Octavio

Pecile, Jordan

Personnel: prospective faculty

Personnel: possible future job openings

Personnel: jobs, 1970 -- 1971 (applicants and openings)

Petersen, Don (see Oneonta)

Phillips Exeter Academy

Pinsker, Sanford

Pittsburgh, University of, Press

Poetry Center

Powers, J.F., Doubleday & Co., Inc.

Publicity: staff and visitors

Publicity on Workshop

Box 6 R -- S

R [return to A-Z directory]

R.A. utilization


Random House

Ray, David

Readings of fiction: future possibilities

Readings of poetry: 1970 -- 1971

Staff poetry readings: Fall 1970

Reading possibilities: 1969 -- 1970

Reed College

Registration materials: September 1969

Henry Regnery Company (Dominick Abel)

Reich, Helen

Resistance reading: April 25, 1969

Rexroth, Kenneth

Rickey, Larry

Rockefeller Foundation

Rockefeller proposal

Rogers, Tom

Rogin, G.

Rosenblum, Arthur

Rosenthal, William: Southwest Writers Conference

Roth, Stephen

S [return to A-Z directory]

San Francisco State

Sanes, Irvetz

Sange, Gary

Santos, Ben

Sarah Lawrence College

Sauter, V.G.

Sayre, Bob

School of Letters

Scott, H.

Shapiro, Steve

Silkin, Jon

Simon Frazer University

Skelton, Robin

small magazines


Snyder, Gary

Southern Illinois University

Sou'wester, publication of Southern Illinois University

Space Assignment

Spectrum Books


Spitzer, Alan

Stafford, Jean

Stafford, William

Starbuck, George

Starbuck, George: Executive Committee (1970)

Stewart, Sam

St. James Press

Stony Brook (State University of New York)

Stone, Robert

Stryk, Lucien

Student Activities Office

Students for a Democratic Society

Summers, Hollis

Swallow Press

Sward, Robert

Sweeney, John (Jack)

Symposium (Writers) Fall 1971

Box 7 T -- Y

T [return to A-Z directory]

Tape Lab

Tarn, Nathaniel

Tate, James

Teacher placement agencies

Teaching creative writing

Teaching placement

Tevis, Walter

Texas Union speakers program


Thompson, Mrs. Nancy Price

Toledo, University of

Trinity College: Connecticut

Tuition increase: 1969 -- 1970

U [return to A-Z directory]

University of Iowa News Service

University: general

Updike, John

United States Information Agency (U.S.I.A.)

V [return to A-Z directory]

Valparaiso University

Van Duyn, Mona

Vermont, University of

Vietnam:committees, etc.

Virginia, University of

Visiting readers: tentative

Vonnegut, Kurt

W [return to A-Z directory]

Wabash College

Wagner, Esther

Wagner, Linda

Wallace, Robert

Weiss, Ted

Wesleyan University Press

West, Ray

West Virginia State College

Western Reserve University

Western Washington State College

Weston, John


Wilbur, Richard

Will, Fred

Willcox, Donald

Williams, Jonathan

Williamsport Area Community College

Wilson, Robley C.

Windhover Press

Wisconsin, University of (Milwaukee)

Wisconsin State University, Superior

Woodburn Sound Service

Woodrow Wilson fellowships

Workshop publications: 1969 -- 1970

Workshops, other

Wright, Charles

Wright, James

Writers' Symposium: Fall 1971

WSUI: Dr. Hugh Cordier

Y [return to A-Z directory]


Yates, Richard

Young Men's Hebrew Association (Y.M.H.A.)