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Box Contents List

Series X: Box 14


January. “We’ve Never Seen This Before!” The Farmer’s Wife

July. “Q & A on the Agricultural Adjustment Program.” Issue of American Magazine

August 30. “Q & A of Questionnaire from G.R. Farmer.” The Henderson Times, Henderson, Texas


February 23. “Henry A. Wallace Coming to City.” Asheville Times


July 11. “With Minnesota Bankers at Duluth.” The Commercial West Weekly


July 3. “Will it Be Wallace?” The Saturday Evening Post

October. “Wallace for President?” Common Sense


December 19. “National Affairs: Farmers.” Time


October 4. “The Corn Grows Tall.” Script of a radio play


"Will the Farmer Survive? The Farmer and Henry Wallace Meet the Challenge."

September 18. “Astrological Signs of Henry A. Wallace and F.D.R.”

November 2. "Heir Apparent." The Saturday Evening Post

November 3. 'Wallace -- Roosevelt's Choice." Look

December. “King of Corn.” Catholic Digest


January. “A Corn Farmer Visits the Land of Corn.” The Mexico Magazine

June. “F.D.R.’s Crown Prince.” The American

July. “What They Said: H. A. W.” and “An Open Letter to Henry A. Wallace” The Journal of Living

July 22. “He’s Second-in-Command…” The Daily Mirror

September 7. “Wallace Given Chance…” The Sunday Star

September 12. “Mr. Wallace’s New Job As ‘Assistant President.’” The National Week

September 12. “The New Deal in Defense.” The National Week

September 17. “Wallace Now Tries to Realize…” Kansas City Times

September 27. “He’s Built Joseph’s Granary…” Everybody’s Weekly

October 12. “The ‘Assistant President.’” The New York Times Magazine

October 15. “Intimate Message: Washington.” The Christian Science Monitor

October 17. “Behind the Scenes…” Wall Street Journal

November. “Henry A. Wallace and the General Welfare.” University of California in Journal of Politics

November 2. “Mr. Wallace is Busiest Vice President.” The Sunday Star

November 2. “Henry Wallace Develops Post of V-P…” The Sunday Star

November 2. “ Washington’s Busy Man.” Duluth News-Tribune

December 13. “Meet the Vice President.” New England Homestead

December 24. “Foundations of Peace.” The Washington Daily News

December 26. “Back Up Army, Wallace Urges.” Times-Herald


February 22. “Wallace Family.” This Week

February 27. “To Understand US.” El Nacional, Mexico

February 28. “Wallace States So. American…” The Christian Science Monitor

April 29. “Forgotten Man? Not This Vice President!” The NEA Service News Magazine

April 30. Untitled. This Week

May. 9. “Mr. Vice-President.” The New York Post

June 7. “What Henry Wallace Believes.” PM

June 24. “Henry Wallace.” The Christian Century

August 1. “The People’s Vice-President.” Liberty

November. “The Vice President.” Fortune Magazine

November 3. “Wallace— Roosevelt’s Choice for President.” Look

December 24. “Toward a Lasting Peace on Earth.” The Christian Advocate

Series X: Box 15


January 16. “War Council Plan of Allies…” New York Times

March/April. “Wallace, Campeão Da Paz E Da…” (In Portuguese) O Homem Livre

April. “Wallace--A Working Vice President.” World

May/June. “The Vice-President Henry A. Wallace.” Ecuador

June 27. “V.P. Mingles Biblical Lore…” The Washington Star

July. “Henry Wallace: World Citizen.” Christian Register

July 18. “’Don Enrique’ Wallace.” Bohemia

July 28. “War Within the War.” The Christian Century

August 11. “Steady, Mr. Wallace!” The Christian Century

September 2. “Sniping At the American Way.” Baltimore News-Post

September 11. “The V.P.’s Victory Garden.” Collier’s

September 15. “Wallace, Wilkie and Their Three Freedoms.” Democracy

September 27. “Vice President Wallace.” In Fact

September 27. “Du Pont and Hoover Rearmed Germany.” In Fact

November 25. “Capitol Hill to Holy Hill.” The Christian Advocate

November 30. “Wallace’s Going to Get Hat…” The Washington Daily News


April 1. “Wallace Reviews.” Tennessean

April 9. “The Grass Roots…” The Herald Tribune, New York

 April 9. “Mr. Wallace on Fascism.” The New York Times

May 7. “Henry A. Wallace” The Daily Worker

May 29. “Henry A. Wallace of Iowa.” The New Republic

June 17. “Wallace Rides Again.” Collier’s

June 18. “Individualistic Mr. Wallace.” The New York Times Book Review


"A Word Personal About Henry Wallace." By Dan A Wallace. Submitted to Colliers; returned with favorable comments. Probably never published

January 8, 1945. Broadcast by Leon Pearson, WWDC

January 24. “F.D.R. Makes Serious Blunder…” Brooklyn Eagle

January 25. “Wallace: Czar of Commerce and Finance.” Brooklyn Phew

January 27. “Henry Wallace: Secretario de Comercio.” (Henry Wallace: Secretary of Commerce) La Ració

January 29. “Presidential Inaugurations.” World Astrology Magazine

January 29. "President Roosevelt's message, dated January 17, 1945, which was read at a testimonial dinner for the Honorable Henry A. Wallace, sponsored by the Union for Democratic Action and the New Republic Magazine, in New York City, January 29, 1945."

Marc.“Volleyball Around the World.” Sports Digest

March 14. “Mr. Wallace’s Opportunity.” The Christian Century

April. “Henry Wallace: Our Man of the Year.” Hobo News

April. “Headliners: Henry A. Wallace.” Free World

June. “Secretary Wallace on Aviation.” Flying Magazine

October. “Henry A. Wallace.” American Portraits

October. “Henry A. Wallace Outlines Program.” Dun’s Review


Untitled. By Thomas L. Stokes for United Features Syndicate

January. “Wallace Hails New Atomic Age…” The Independent

January 1, 1946 - January 7, 1947. Russian press articles on Wallace. A short bibliography

February 20, 1946. Robert St. John, NBC radio commentary

April. “Des Moines Farm Institute…” Farm Credit Leader

May 13. “’Hank’ Wallace Relates Saga…” The Christian Science Monitor

May. 20. “Tragedy of Liberalism.” Life Magazine

August. “Henry A. Wallace and the Ever-Normal Granary.” The Far Eastern Quarterly

August. “Political Schooling Will Take American Liberals…” Political Guide

September. “PAC Women Planning Political Workshop.” Political Guide

September 6, 1946. "La Presedencia." Hispano Americano. In Spanish

October 1946. "Reactions to Wallace's Speech in China."


Morgenthau, Henry T. "Excerpts Pertaining to Henry A. Wallace." From the Morgenthau diaries published by Collier's over several issues

October 20. “PCA Rallies for Wallace.” PCA Background


January 12. “Wallace’s Four-Year Plan” Newsweek

April/June. “For Wallace.” Trends & Tides

October. “Wallace’s Communist-Front Party.” The American Mercury


January 28. From the Weekly News Round-up

January 30. Fulton Lewis broadcast

February. "The 1948 Elections in Bedford-Stuyvesant." James W. Ford. Political Affairs


February 2. Fulton Lewis broadcast

October 16. “The Red Mole.” The Freeman


February 26. “From Our Readers: Mr. Wallace Replies.” The Freeman

May 7. “From Our Readers: Mr. Wallace’s Point Ten.” The Freeman

May 21. “The Right to Remember.” The Freeman

December 17. “Pattern for Confession.” The Freeman


July 21. “Henry A. Wallace Denies…” The New Leader

December 31. "Human Events"


April 12. “Henry A. Wallace ‘Retired Farmer.’” The Oregon Journal

April 12. “Busy ‘Retirement’” Sunday Journal


September. “Centennial of a Farm Paper.” The Palimpsest


October 17. “ Florida Plans Ad Step-Up.” Florists’ Review


April. “Henry A. Wallace Speaks Out.” Successful Farming


August. "Where Are They Now? Henry Agard Wallace." The New Yorker


June 24. “A Time for Heroes.” This Week

October 22. “Henry A. Wallace The President’s Running Mate.” Fortune


February 25. “Henry Wallace Has No Regrets.” The Washington Daily News

Series X: Box 16


Summer 1965. "Appraisal of an Idealist: Henry A. Wallace.." The Iowan

November 19. “Ex-Vice President Henry Wallace Dies.” The Boston Herald

November 26. “The New Deal.” Time


March/April. “Chip of the Old Block.” News of Iowa State

March. “Henry A. Wallace 1888-1965.” Sermon of the Month: First Unitarian Church of L.A.

October. “Men and Milestones in American Agriculture.” Committee on Agriculture House of Representatives 89th Congress, Second Session

November. “Henry A. Wallace Agricultural Economist.” Journal of Farm Economics

“Henry Agard Wallace (1888-1965).” Year Book of the American Philosophical Society


January 3. ”Henry A. Wallace 1950-1960.” Unpublished

April. “Henry A. Wallace: Agrarian Idealist or Agricultural Realist?” and "The Economic Ideas of Henry A. Wallace, 1933-1948." Agricultural History

Summer. “A Prophet in Politics: The Public Career of Henry A. Wallace. ” Annals of Iowa

Summer. "The Wallaces and Their Farm Paper: A Story of Agrarian Leadership." Journalism Quarterly

“Economic Ideas of Henry A. Wallace”


October. “Appleby and Wallace.” Agricultural History


November 24. "How Dad Fought Against His Own Nomination."


“The Dilemma of the American Left.” Norwegian Contributions to American Studies


"The Hair-Splitters: Reno and Wallace, 1932-1933."  Michael W. Schuyler.The Palimpsest


August 7. “Afro Americans and the Ideals of Henry A. Wallace 1942-1948” Paper by Alonzo N. Smith.


January /February. “The Providers.” The Palimpsest


“Henry A. Wallace.” Biographical Dictionary of Internationalists

May. “Henry A. Wallace: A Scientist First.” The Iowa Stater

Fall. The Annals of Iowa


March. "Henry A. Wallace In Defense of the New Deal, With Special Reference to the Early New Deal Farm Programs, 1933-1935." Tsukuba Review of Law and Political Science, No. 7 (March 1984). In Japanese

May/June. “Corn Huskers and Master Farmers.” Palimpsest


July 1985. "Henry A. Wallace and the Political Process of the New Deal With Special Reference to the Transformation of the New Deal Farm Program, 1932-1940." By Fumiaki Kubo. Kokka Gakkai Zassi (The Journal of the Association of Political and Social Sciences.) In Japanese



Series X: Box 17

Summer. “The ‘People’s Century’ in Iowa.” The Annals of Iowa

Winter. “Henry A. Wallace Conservationist.” Iowa Natural Heritage


March. “The New Deal and the Guru.” American Heritage


"Henry A. Wallace and Radical Politics in the New Deal: Farm Programs and a Vision of the New American Political Economy." Fumiaki Kubo. The Japanese Journal of American Studies, No. 4


October. “The Surplus Farm Population...” Journal of the West


January. “A Pennsylvania Newspaper…” Pennsylvania History

April. “Foreign Policy for the ‘New Age’…” Peace and Change


Summer. “Work With Wallace.” Labor’s Heritage


Summer. “Henry A. Wallace, Agriculturalist for the Common Man.” Iowa Heritage Illustrated


“Henry A. Wallace as Farm Editor.” American Quarterly

“The Extraordinary Henry Wallace.” American Mercury

“Henry A. Wallace and the General Welfare.” U. of California

“No More Cold War…” Military Affairs

“V.P. Wallace’s Campaign for Disunity.” Newsweek

1946? Spring. “Biographical Sketch of Henry A. Wallace.”

“An Analysis of the Views…Henry A. Wallace.” Committee of Americans, William Starr Myers

"The Man Who Made Hybrids Pay."

"Tutustukaa Henry Wallaceen." ("Take a Look at Henry Wallace.")The National Finnish American Committee for Wallace and For Peace

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