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Collection Dates: 1950 -- 1987
21 linear ft.

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Addenda: 1987, 2001, 2003

Acquisition Note: This collection was acquired as a series of purchases from Angus Wilson and Tony Garrett beginning in 1968.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research. Tony Garrett retains copyright to these materials.

Digital Surrogates: Except where indicated, this document describes but does not reproduce the actual text, images and objects which make up this collection. Materials are available only in the Special Collections Department.

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Scope and Contents

Unless otherwise described, all notebooks in this collection contain AW's holograph notes ("notes") or his holograph drafts ("draft") for stories, articles, novels, plays, reviews and other writing. AW typically worked over these manuscript drafts in great detail, revising, correcting and editing them before the text moved to typescript and publication. Typescript characterized as "revised" or "corrected" also usually shows considerable holograph emendation.

For an essay about the collection and an earlier version of this catalog which contains more descriptive comments, see Frederick P. W. McDowell, "The Angus Wilson Collection."

A single notebook sometimes contains more than one piece of writing. For an alphabetical listing of writings that appear in other notebooks, along with the number of the notebook in which they appear, click here.

Box List

Box 1

"After the Snow." Story drafts. Notebooks #15 -- 17. 2 folders

AngIo-Saxon Attitudes

Notes. Notebooks #64 -- 68. 2 folders

Drafts. Notebooks #53 -- 61. 5 folders

Box 2

AngIo-Saxon Attitudes, cont.

Drafts. Notebooks #62-68. 3 folders

"The Book I Read." Draft article. Notebook #117. Includes "Envy" and "Jane Austen"

"The Novels of William Godwin." Notebook #110. Includes draft review of John Lehnmann, ed., English Stories from New Writings

"Television." Draft. Notebook #118. Includes notes for an article about the Channel Islands

"A Bit Off the Map." Story drafts. Notebooks #31 -- 32

"The Bloomsbury Group." Audio tape of a lecture

"Breadth and Depth in the Novel." Draft of a lecture. Notebook #111

"The British Museum. Some Impressions of One Who Works There." Draft article. Notebook #5

"Christmas Day in the Workhouse." Draft story. Notebook #41. Includes "Holiday Lessons" and "Learning's Little Tribute"

Correspondence, 1970 -- 1971

Box 3

"Creative Aging Series." Audio tape, July 3, 1983

"Dickens and the Modern City." Audio tape, October 20, 1971; revised typescript of a lecture

Emile Zola

Draft. Notebook #99 -- 109. #99 includes "Guilt and Innocence in the Works of Charles Dickens"; #105 includes a review of Aldous Huxley, The Devils of London; and #109 includes reviews of C. Collins, Character and Situation; John Lehman, The Dark Peninsula; H. Pearson, Dickens, His Characters, Comedy and Career; J. Pudney, ed., The Pick of Today's Short Studies; and F. Towers, Tea with Mr. Rochester. 5 folders

Box 4

"English Novel Today: Dickens to Snow." Audio tape

"Et Dona Ferentes." Draft story. Notebook #27

"The Eyes of the Peacock." Holograph and typescript drafts of a short story. [This story contained some seeds for the novel, Setting the World on Fire]

"A Flat Country Christmas." Draft story. Notebook #36.

Goat and Compasses. Drafts and typescript fragment for the novel. Notebooks #18 -- 19

Graves, E. Sharon. "Catalog of the Angus Wilson Collection"

Typescript with some holograph pages and photocopies

Hemlock and After

Holograph notebook of notes and first chapters prefiguring the novel

Notebook #142

Notebook #136

Box 5

Hemlock and After, cont.

Notebooks #137 -- 141. Notebook #140 includes draft story, "Christmas Brings Memories." 3 folders

Frederick P.W. McDowell interview with AW. Audio tape, 1971

Typescript draft of interview with Wilson's written comments.

"The Invasion." Draft teleplay. Notebook #122. Includes a review of C. Heilbrun, The Garnett Family

"Jane Austen." Notes. Notebook #115. Includes a review of Kingsley Amis, New Maps of Hell

"Jane Austen: Prudence vs. Courage." Audio tape, October 19, 1980

Box 6

"Journey to My Mother's Land." Draft newspaper article. Notebook #116

Late Call

Correspondence, 1963

Notes. Notebook. #51

Draft chapters 4-6. Notebooks #42 -- 45, 48 -- 49. 7 folders

Box 7

Late Call, cont.

Draft and carbon typescript, chapter 7. Notebooks #46 -- 47

Typescript. Notebook #52. 2 folders

McDowell, Frederick P.W. and E. Sharon Graves. "The Angus Wilson Manuscripts"

Incomplete holograph and typescript drafts

Photocopy of revised typescript

Photocopy of typescript revised by Craves

"Men with Bowler Hats." Draft story. Notebook #30

The Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot

Notes. Notebooks #97 -- 98

Drafts. Notebooks #86 -- 87

Box 8

The Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot, cont.

Drafts. Notebooks #88 -- 96. 6 folders.

"More Friend Than Lodger." Draft story. Notebooks #38 -- 39

"Mother's Sense of Fun." Draft story. Notebook #34. Includes fragments of other stories

Box 9

"The Mulberry Bush." Draft play. Notebooks #7 -- 13. 3 folders

"Mummy to the Rescue." Draft story. Notebook #25. Includes "The Wrong Set"

"No Future for Our Young." Draft story. Notebook #114. Includes a review of Courage, Lord Beaverbrook

No Laughing Matter

Correspondence, 1965

Earliest jottings. Notebook #112. Includes review of Stephen Marcus, Charles Dickens' Letters and
Dickens from Pickwick to Dombey

Notes. Notebook #119. Includes "Live and Let Die", "The Pendulum's Swing Too Far", and notes for other stories

Drafts. Notebook #69 -- 70. 2 folders

Box 10

No Laughing Matter, cont.

Draft. Notebook #72. Includes a lecture

Draft. Notebooks #73-81. Notebook #80 contains notes on Room with a View, Howard's End, Passage to India, Mrs. Dalloway, and The Waves. 6 folders

Box 11

No Laughing Matter, cont.

Draft. Notebooks #82 -- 85a. 3 folders

Notes for miscellaneous stories. Notebook #37

Old Men at the Zoo

Notes. Notebooks #133 -- 135. Notebook #133 includes "How It is to Be a Writer." 3 folders

Notes and an early draft. Notebook #132

Box 12

Old Men at the Zoo, cont.

Draft. Notebook #124 -- 131. 7 folders

Box 13

"Once a Lady." Draft story. Notebook #35

"Raspberry Jam." Draft story. Notebook #24

Reviews of television programs. Notes. Notebook #120 includes a review of W. Gerin, Branwell Bronte; Notebook #121 includes notes for a newspaper article

"Rex Imperator." Draft story. Notebook #40. Includes "Crazy Crowd"

"A Sad Fall." Draft story. Notebook #29

"Saturnalia." Draft story and notes. Notebook #22. Includes: "I Double Dare You," "Who for Such Dainties," "Realpolitik," "A Little Companion," "Totentanz," "Divided Worship," and "Dostoevsky's Possessed"

"Significant Experience." Draft story. Notebook #33

"Sister Superior." Draft story. Notebook #1. Includes "More Than a Vanload," "Such Darling Dodos," "What Do Hippos Eat," and "Heart of Elm," plus a review written for New Statesman.

Draft of a television play. Notebook #6

"A Story of Historical Interest." Draft story. Notebook #23. Includes "Necessity's Child" and "An Elephant Never Forgets"

"Ten Minutes to Twelve." Draft story. Notebook #28

"Tempo." Draft. Notebook #123

Box 14

"Totentanz." Draft story for television. Notebook #113

"Unwanted Heroine." Draft story. Notebook #26. Includes a review of Andre Gide

"We are all Accomplices." Flourish, no. 2 (Autumn Winter 1964 -- 65). Discussion on "Violence, Private and Public" in which AW participated

The Wild Garden

Draft. Notebooks #2 -- 4. 2 folders

1987 Addendum

Box 15

"After the Snow." Photocopy of a television script, September 2, 1959

Airline tickets

"Anglo-African Attitudes." Trifler (July 1960) pp. 9 -- 10

Anglo-Saxon Attitudes. Typescript carbon. 2 folders

John V. Hagopian, "Angus Wilson," Insight. Offprint of an article

Applications for reference materials from the British Library, 1975 -- 1976. 2 folders

Michael Millgate. "The Art of Fiction." Typescript carbon of an interview with AW

As If By Magic

Correspondence, 1970 -- 1973

Miscellaneous notes. 2 folders

Box 16

As If By Magic, cont.

Miscellaneous notes

Notes. Notebooks. 5 folders

Drafts. Notebooks

Box 17

As If By Magic, cont.

Drafts. Notebooks. 5 folders

Carbon typescript, incomplete

Box 18

As If By Magic, cont.

Revised typescript. 5 folders

Revised typescript. 2 folders

Box 19

As If By Magic, cont.

Typescript, carbon typescript intermixed with duplicated and revised pages. 4 folders

Typescript, pp. 1 -- 53

Carbon typescript, pp. 261 -- 523

Box 20

"Asian Club. The Writer and His Times." Transcript of a radio interview with AW, 1957

"At School Together, As You Might Say." The Trifler (July 1959) pp. 13 -- 15

Alexander Koval, "Berliner Gesprach mit Angus Wilson." Transcript of an interview with AW


1937, 1947 -- 1951. 1952 -- 1954. Including letters from W.S. Maugham, J.B. Priestley, Edith Sitwell, Sachervell Sitwell, Evelyn Waugh

195 -- 1959. Including letters from J.B. Priestley, James Purdy, A.L. Rouse, Edith Sitwell

1960 -- 1961

1962 -- 1963

1964. Including letters from C.P. Snow

1965, January -- April

Box 21

Correspondence, cont.

1965, May -- July

1965, August -- September

1965, October -- December

1966, January -- March

1966, April -- June. Including letters from Edmund Blunden

1966, July -- September

1966, October -- December

Box 22

Correspondence, cont.


1968, January -- August

1968, September -- December

1969, January -- May

1969, June -- December

1970, January -- April

1970, May -- August

Box 23

Correspondence, cont.

1970, September -- December

1971, January -- May

1971, June -- December

1972, January -- April

1972, May -- August

1972. September -- December. Including a letter from John Leggett



Box 24

Correspondence, cont.

Undated. 2 folders

"The Dance of Death." Television script

Correspondence, 1963 -- 1964

Revised typescript drafts

"Dickens and the Age of Naturalism." Typescript

"An Elephant Never Forgets." Panorama and Harlequin, no. 5 (Spring -- Summer 1951), pp. 30 -- 35

"Emile Zola." Article. Carbon typescript

"Entrevisa com Angus Wilson." Vertice, 210 (March 1961) and 211 (April 1961). Interview with AW

"Fossils All Alive Oh!" Typescript story

Goat and Compasses. Carbon typescript of the beginning of an unfinished novel

Hutton, Kurt. "In a Suffolk Garden..."The Tatler, CCXXXII: 3012 (April 1, 1959) pp. 21 -- 23. Photographic essay on AW's garden and home

"Introduction to Oliver Twist." Revised typescript

"It Seems" Decanter 1 (July 1965) pp. 7 -- 8

Lady Hardinge. Notes. Notebook

Late Call

Corrected typescript

Box 25

Late Call, cont.

Corrected typescript, cont.

Laughing Mirrors

Typescript (2nd copy). 4 folders

"Left in the Middle"

Drafts. Notebooks

Typescript of a script, 1956

Lehmann, John, ed., English Stories from New Writing. Book review by AW. Carbon typescript

"The Library's Loss From Bombardment." (Author unknown) Incomplete article

Lustig, Chuck. Correspondence, 1972 and "Uncle Al's Hula Hoop Factory," photocopy of a story

"Marcel Proust." Typescript of a telecast in which AW appeared, 1970

Box 26

"The Masters: Angus Wilson." Radio interview transcript, 1964

"Men with Bowler Hats." Argosy 18:11 (November 1957) pp. 105 -- 109

Miscellaneous notebooks kept by Angus Wilson. 5 folders

"More Friend Than Lodger." Typescript story

Box 27

"The Mulberry Bush" (earlier title was "A Liberal Education")

Corrected typescript. Incomplete


Carbon typescript

Acting script with notes. 2 versions

Television script

Theatre program, 1955

The Naughty Nineties. Illustrators, 1974 -- 1975

No Laughing Matter

Revised typescript

Box 28

No Laughing Matter, cont.

Revised typescript. 3 folders

Typescript. 4 folders

Box 29

Notes for an untitled, unfinished novel, 1974

"The Old Lady of Mogador." Carbon typescript

The Old Men at the Zoo

Correspondence, 1960 -- 1961

Revised typescript, incomplete

Scripts dramatised by Troy Kennedy Martin:

Episode 1: "A Tall Story," 1982

Episode 2: "The Lecture," 1982

Episode 3: "Stretton," 1982

Episode 4: "Armageddon," n.d.

Episode 5: "The Year of the Yeti," n.d.

"Once a Lady." Typescript story

"Operation Take-Over" (earlier title was "The Invasion")

Notes and partial typescript of a television play

Draft. Notebook

Carbon typescript

Box 30

"Operation Take-Over" (earlier title was "The Invasion"), cont.

Revised script, June 6, 1962

Revised script, June 6, 1962

Revised script, June 6, 1962

Script, June 9, 1962

Script, October 9, 1962

P.E.N. Program of the 29th Congress of International P.E.N., 1957

Photograph of AW in The Sketch, CCXIII:2762 (August 16, 1950) p. 165

Portable Dickens, edited with introduction by AW. Notes

"Samuel Butler and His Influence." Article. Carbon typescript

Schmiele, Walter, "Revolutionar and Traditionalist. Der Romancier Angus Wilson." Typescript of a radio essay about AW

School certificate, 1930

Setting the World on Fire

Correspondence, 1977 -- 1979

Notes, notebook and clippings

Box 31

Setting the World on Fire, cont.

Preliminary notes. Notebooks. 5 folders

Miscellaneous preliminary papers

Miscellaneous clippings and publications

Box 32

Setting the World on Fire, cont.

Drafts. Notebooks. 4 folders

Revised typescript. 2 folders

"Sexual Revolution." The Listener, 80:2063 (October 10, 1968) pp. 457 -- 460

"Skeletons and Assegais." Drafts. Notebooks. Produced by BBC radio

Box 33

The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling (earlier title was From Bombay to Burwash)


1941, 1973 -- 1975

1976 -- 1978

Photocopies of Kipling letters

Research libraries holdings of Kipling materials

Research materials

A -- B. 4 folders

Box 34

The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling (earlier title was From Bombay to Burwash), cont.

Research materials, cont.

C -- J. 10 folders

Box 35

The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling (earlier title was From Bombay to Burwash), cont.

Research materials, cont.

K -- S. 10 folders

Box 36

The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling (earlier title was From Bombay to Burwash), cont.

Research materials, cont.

S -- Z. 5 folders

Holograph notebook of research materials. 3 folders

Notes. 4 folders

Box 37

The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling (earlier title was From Bombay to Burwash), cont.

Notebooks. 6 folders

Box 38

The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling (earlier title was From Bombay to Burwash), cont.

Notebooks. 3 folders

Miscellaneous notes and fragments

Miscellaneous research material

Photocopies of published articles

1958 -- 1959

1966 -- 1972

Box 39

The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling (earlier title was From Bombay to Burwash), cont.

Research material and miscellaneous pages of typescript

Miscellaneous pages of holograph draft and insertions

Illustrations: Notes. Pictures that were used

Revised carbon typescript. 2 folders

Printer's typescript

Box 40

The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling (earlier title was From Bombay to Burwash), cont.

Printer's typescript. 2 folders

"The Stranger"

Draft. Notebook

Revised typescript of a television play. Produced by ABC-TV

"Such Darling Dodos." Story. Harpers' Bazaar, July 1950.

Teruo Oka, "Interview: Angus Wilson," The Study of English 58:12 (December 12, 1969) pp. 4 -- 15

"This I Believe." Transcript of a radio interview with AW

"Che Cosa Mangiano Gli Ippopotami?" Italian printing of the story "What Do Hippos Eat?"

The Wild Garden

Early revised typescript

Typescript with holograph notes

Revised typescript

Corrected typescript

Box 41

The Wild Garden, cont.

Incomplete typescript. 2 copies

Corrections by Anthony C. Garrett

Carbon typescript

Setting typescript with printer's marks

"William Law -- Philosopher of Existence," by Colin [?]. Incomplete typescript with incomplete cover

The World of Charles Dickens

Preliminary notes. Notebook

Drafts of chapters 1 -- 4. Notebooks. 4 folders

Box 42

The World of Charles Dickens, cont.

Drafts of chapters 5 -- 6. Notebooks. 2 folders

"Zola and the English Reader." Circus, 1:2 (May 1950) pp. 42 -- 46. Review of Emile Zola, The Masterpiece, translated by Thomas Walton

2001 Addendum

Box 42 (continued)

Autograph letters signed by Angus Wilson


To George Harvey. Postmarked January 1974

To C.S.A. Huggett. Postmarked June 1973

To C.S.A. Huggett. Postmark not distinguishable

To Alfred Stanley. Postmark not distinguishable

To Audrey Watson. Postmarked August 1973


To Mrs. Watson, accompanied by thirteen pages of photocopied holograph manuscript pages from "Late Call"

2003 Addendum

(donated by Dr. J. H. Stape, January, 2003)

Box 42 (cont.)

Correspondence (1 folder)

To Dr. J. H. Stape

Postcards, undated and unaddressed (2)

Letters, May, 1979 -- February, 1987 (14 letters, 11 from Angus Wilson, 3 from Tony)



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