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John Vander Maas Railroadiana Collection

Series XIIIA: Railroad Photograph Scrapbooks

MsC 468
Collection Dates: c. 1842-1994

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

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Acquisition and Processing Information: John Vander Mass began donating his vast collection of railroadiana to the University of Iowa in 1985. Most of this particular series was donated in 1989-1990. It was initially processed in November 2008-January 2009.

Photographs: approx. 45,000









Scope and Contents

This series consists of scrapbooks - some bound, some consisting of disbound pages foldered together with the photographs now removed and enveloped- that contain photographs of trains, engines, train cars, and other railroad-related equipment. Railroads depicted include freight, passenger, and urban transit. The material is alphabetically organized by the name of the railroad or the company that owned and operated the train depicted (and occasionally by location, such as a terminal or a country). The collection follows Vander Maas' original order, so subjects may appear occasionally out of alphabetical order. A few images are actually postcards, rather than photographs.

The disbound books in Subseries I tend towards images of passenger and urban transit. The date range for these images is much wider than that of the bound books in Subseries II. The bound scrapbooks in Subseries II date more frequently from the latter half of the 20th century, and tend more heavily towards images of engines, freight cars, and other non-passenger equipment. (Vander Maas identified many, though not all, of these bound books as "Power and Equipment".) Many railroads and companies have images in both series.

Most of the images have handwritten notes accompanying them that provide additional information, such as the engine number or type, location, or date.

Most of the images date from the 20th century. The earliest image in the collection, of the Philadelphia and Reading, dates from 1847 (although the photograph itself is of a later date).

The series is divided into two series. The box list for Subseries I: Photographs from Disbound Books can be found here.


Biographical Note

John Vander Maas grew up loving railroads. The tracks for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy  (CB&Q) railroad ran behind the cottage on the Mississippi River at Sandusky, Iowa, where he spent his summers, and he had fond memories of receiving items and gifts sent by rail freight. Though he worked as a special agent for the CB&Q during World War II, Vander Maas spent most of his adult life working in agribusiness. He nourished his love of trains by collecting railroad memorabilia. Beginning in 1985 he gave his extensive collection to the University of Iowa Libraries. (See his experiences in his own words at Early Reminiscences of Railroads.)



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Box Contents List

Box 37 - 65

Subseries II: Bound Books

Box 37


Book 1

Abbeville Grimes

ABC Coke

Aberdeen and Asheboro

Aberdeen and Rockfish

Abitibi Power

Abbott Labs

Acadia Coal Co, Ltd.

Adlake Corp.

AEZ Steel Co.

Agar Packing Co. (Des Moines, IA)

Ag Processing Inc.

Ag Products Terminal


Aiken Augusta Electric

Airco Alloys

Air Reduction Products (Airco)

Akron and Barberton Belt

Akron Canton and Youngstown

Akzo Chemicals

Alabama Bi Products

Alabama Electric Corp.

Alabama and Florida

Alabama and Georgia

Alabama Great Southern

Alabama Power - Dothan

Alabama Power - Gorgas

Alabama State Docks Terminal

Alan Wood Steel Co.

Alaska Railroad

Albany Port District

Albaugh Bulk Fertilizer, Ltd.

Alberene Stone Corp. of Virginia

Alberta Gas Chemicals

Alberta Grain Co.

Alberta Heritage Fund

Albertville, AL Museum

Alcoa Terminal


Book 2

Aberdeen Carolina and Western

ACF Industries - Shippers Car Line Division


Ahnapee and Western

Airco Industrial Gases


Alberta Heritage Fund

Alberta Pioneer Railway Association

Allison-Kesley Ag Center

Alton Railroad

American Car and Foundry

American Oil Co.

American Refirgerator Transit


Archer Daniels Midland

Arco Products

Arizona and California Railroad

Arizona Eastern

Arizona Public Service

Arkansas and Missouri

Arrow Refining

Ashley Drew and Northern

Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe

Atlantic Coast Line

Atlantic Western

Baldwin - Lima - Hamilton

Baltimore and Ohio

Belleaire Corp.

Berkshire Scenic

Bessemer and Lake Erie

British Columbia Railway


Book 3

Aberdeen and Rockfish

Akron Canton and Youngstown

Akron Transportation

Alabama Great Southern

Alabama Tennessee and Northern

Alabama and Vicksburg

Alaska Railroad

Algoma Central



Book 4

Alcolu Railroad

Alexander Railroad

Alexandria Bituminous

Alger Railroad

Algiers Winslow and Western

Algoma Central

Algoma Steel

Aliquippa and Southern

Allegheny - Ludlum

Allegheny Valley Street Railway

Allentown and Reading Traction (and/or) Street Railway

Allied Chemical Alabama

Allied Chemical Indiana

Allied Chemical New York

American Agricultural Chemical Co.

Allied Chemical Ohio

Allied Chemical Ontario

Allied Chemical and Dye

Allied Rail Construction

Allied Metal Treating

Alma Iron and Metal

Alter Co.

Alter Scrap

Alton and Southern

Altoona Car Shop

Altoona and Logan Valley

Aluminum Co. of America

Aluminum Ore Co.

Amalgamated Sugar

AMAX Coal Co.

American Aggregates

American Agricultural Chemical Co.

American Brake Shoe and Foundry

American Bridge

American Car and Foundry

American Cattle and Grain

American Creosote Works


Book 5

American Crystal Sugar

American European Express

American Locomotive

American Locomotive Works

American Materials

American National Can - Foster Forbes Div.

American Norit Co.

American Oil Co.

American Pipe and Construction

American President Lines

American Ship Dismantlers

American Smelting and Refining

American Steel Foundries

Ameron Co.

AMG Resources

Amherst Industries


Anchor Grain


Angelina and Neches River

Anglo American Clays


Ann Arbor

Apache Railway

Apalachicola Northern

Apex Oil Co.


Appalcahian Power

Arcade and Attica

Arcata and Mad River

Archer Daniels Midland

Arden Short Line and/or Museum

Argentine Republic (F.C.) Gen. Roca

Arizona Central

Arizona Electric Power Coop

Arizona Public Service

Arkansas Cement


Book 6

Arkansas Louisiana and Missouri

Arkansas and Missouri

Arkansas Rail Supply

Arkla Chemical Corp.

ARMCO Steel Co.

Armour Refrigerator Line

Aroostook Valley

Arrow Head Blacktop

Arnaud Railroad



Asbestos and Danville

Ash Grove Lime and Portland Cement

Ashland Shelby Railway

Ashley Drew and Northern


Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe

(G.F.) Atkinson

Atlanta Birmingham and Atlantic

Atlanta Birmingham and Coast

Atlanta and St. Andrews Bay

Atlanta and West Point

Atlantic and Birmingham

Atlantic Cement


Book 7

Atlantic City and Shore

Atlantic City Transit

Atlantic Coast Electric Railway

Atlantic Coast Line

Atlantic and Danville

Atlantic and East Carolina

Atlantic Electric

Atlantic Northern

Atlantic Richfield

Atlantic Steel Co.

Augusta Northern

Austin and Northwestern

Auto Liner

Auto Train

Avondale Shipyards

Avtex Fibers

Babcock and Wilcox

BASF Corp. (Badische Anilen Soda Fabrik)

Baldwin Lima Hamilton

Baldwin Locomotive


Box 38


Book 1

Ball Powder

Baltimore and Ohio/Chessie System

Baltimore and Ohio/Chicago Terminal

Baltimore Transit

B and LS Contracting

B and W Coop

Bangor and Aroostook

Bangor Hydro Electric

Barre and Chelsea

Bartlett Brothers Grain Co.

Bartlett Milling Co (NC)

Bauxite and Northern

J.H. Baxter Co.

Bay Area Rapid Transit

Bay Colony Railroad

Bayside Elevator Co.

Beaver Dam Railroad

Bear Creek Junction (NC)

Beaver Valley Traction Co.

Becker Sand and Gravel

Beech Mountain Railroad

Belfast and Moosehead Lake

Belgium - Brussels

Belgium - Ghent

Bellefonte Central

Belludune Fertilizer

Belt Line (Tacoma, WA)


Book 2

Belt Railway (Chicago)

Berkshire Scenic

Berwin Car Co.

Berwind Railway Service

Bessemer and Lake Erie

Bethlehem Mines

Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel - Burns Harbor

Beunit Mills

Big 6 Coop

Birmingham Electric

Birmingham and Southeastern

Basic Magnesia

Baltimore and Ohio/Chessie System

Berman Brothers Iron and Metal

Big South Fork Scenic Railway

Birmingham Rail and Locomotive


Black Mesa and Lake Powell

Black River and Western

Blairsville and Indiana

Blake Brothers Construction Co.


Book 3

Blaw Knox

Bloomer Line Railroad

Blount Corp.

Blue Circle Atlantic

Blue Diamond Concrete

Blue Diamond Mining

Blue Grass Railroad

Birmingham Southern

Blue Mountain and Reading

Bode Cooperative

Boeing Co.

R.H. Bogle

Bonhomie and Hattiesburg Southern

Boone and Scenic Valley

Borden Co.

Borg Warner (Chemical)

Boston and Albany

Boston and Maine

Bottineau Farmers Exchange


Boyne City And Southeastern

Brandon Railroad

Branford Steam

Braswell Sand and Gravel

Brazil - Vitoria Minas

Brenge Brothers

Brewster Phosphates

British Columbia Forest Museum

British Columbia Forest Products

British Columbia Hydro


Book 4

British Columbia Provincial Museum

British Columbia Railway

British Railways

Broadway Dinner Train

Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal

Brooklyn Manhattan Transit

Brooklyn and Queens Transit

Brown Bovers Corp.

Brownsville and Rio Grande International Railroad

Buckeye Cellulose

Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad

Budd Co.

Buffalo Creek

Buffalo Creek and Gauley

Buffalo and Pittsburgh

Buffalo Ridge

Buffalo Slag


Buncher Railcar Service

Bunge (Grain) Corp.

Burlington River Terminal

Burnside Bulk Terminal

Bush Terminal

Butler Street Railway Co.

Butte Anaconda and Pacific

Butterworth Tours

Cabot Carbon

(A.M.) Byers Co.

Cabot Corp.

Cabron Fuel Co.

Cadillac and Lake City

Cadiz Railroad

Cairns Kuranda Bay

Cairo Terminal

California Fruit Express

California Rail Car Corp.

California Steel Industries

California Western Railroad and Navigation

Callahan Road Improvement

Cal Train

Calumet Steel


Book 5

Camino Cable and Northern

Canada Creosote

Canada Dry

Canada and Gulf Terminal

Canada Wheat Board

Canadian Forest Products - Englewood Logging Division

Calumet and Hecla Consolidated Copper Co.

Cambria and Indiana

Campbells Creek Railroad

Canadian Northern

Canadian Pacific

Canadian Wheat Board


Canton Railroad

Cape Cod and Hyannis

Capitol Transit (Washington, D.C.)

Carbon Country Railway

Carbon Fuel Co.

Carbon Limestone

Carborondum Corp.

Cardox Dry Ice Co.

Cargill Grain

Carolina Power and Light6


Book 6

Canadian Pacific


Book 7

Cargill Grain


Carlisle and Mount Holly

Carolina Coastal

Carolina Giant Cement

Carolina and Northwestern

Carolina Piedmont

Carthage Knightstown and Shirley

Castle Rock KOA

Ceco Steel

Cedar Chemical Co.

Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

Cedar Rapids and Marion City

Cedar Valley Road


Celawes Corp and Celtran Inc.


Central California Traction

Central Counties Coop

Central of Georgia

Central Illinois Public Service

Central Indiana and Western

Central Louisiana Electric Co.

Central Michigan

Central Mississippi Concrete

Central New Jersey

Central Railroad of Indianpolis

Central Power and Light (Birmingham, AL)

Central Soya

Central Vermont


Box 39


Book 1

Central Warehouse Co. of Saint Paul

Central Western Railway

Centre and Clearfield Street Railway Co.

Century Industries

C.E. Power Systems

C.F. Industries


Champion Fibre Co.

Champion International Corp.

Champion Paper


Charleston and Western Carolina


Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad

Chattahoochee Valley

Chattanooga Coke and Chemicals


Book 2

Canadian Pacific

Capitol Transit (Washington, D.C.)

Central of Georgia

Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

Chicago Burlington and Quincy

Chicago Central and Pacific

Chicago and Eastern Illinois

Chicago Indianpolis and Louisville

Chicago and Northwestern


Book 3

Chicago and Northwestern


Book 4

Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific

Chicago Missouri and Western

Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee

Chicago and Northwestern

Chicago Rail Link

Chicago Regional Transit Authority

Chicago River and Indiana

Chicago Rock Island and Pacific

Chicago Saint Louis and Pittsburgh

Chicago Saint Paul Minneapolis and Omaha

Chicago Short Line

Chicago Short Line - CTA - CRT

Chicago South Shore and South Bend

Chicago and Western Indiana

Chicago West Pullman and Southern

Chrome Crankshaft

Cincinnati Street Railway

Cincinnati Indianapolis and Western

Cincinnati Newport and Covington

Cincinnati Union Terminal

Cities Service Co.


Book 5

Chicago Great Western

Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer

Chicago Indianapolis and Louisville

Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific

Detroit and Mackinac

Colorado Fuel and Iron

Colorado and Southern

Colorado and Southern/ATSF

Colorado and Wyoming

Columbia Iron and Metal

Columbian Chemical Co.

Columbia and Cowlitz

Columbia Nitrogen Corp.

Columbia Quarry Co.

Columbia Silicate

Columbus Delaware and Marion

Columbus and Greenville

Columbus New Albany and Johnstown

Columbus Railway Light and Power

Columbus and Southern Ohio

Columbus and Westerville

Combustion Engineering

Commonwealth Edison Chicago

Commonwealth Railway

Community Traction


Conemaugh and Black Lick

Conestoga (Traction) Transportation Co.

Coney Island and Brooklyn

Connecticut Company

Connecticut Dept. of Transportation

Conrail Leasing

Conrad Yelvington Dist.


Container Corp. of America

Continental Forest Industries

Continental Grain

Continental Grain and Barge

Continental Nitrogen and Resources

Cities Service Ag Products


Book 6

Consumers Power Co.

Cooper-Bessemer Co.

Coop Farmers Chemical Association

Copper Basin

Coppersville Eastern

Copperweld Steel Co.

Corinth and Counce (TN)

Crucible Steel

Cryo-Trans Inc.


Cuyahoga Valley

Cyprus North Shore

Dallas Railway and Terminal

D and I Railroad

Dantler Lumber

Danville Industries


Book 7

Cooperative Farm Chemical Association

Cooperative Transit

Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley

Coors Bio Tech

Coors Co.

Copper Basin

Copperweld Steel

Corinth and Counce (TN)

.J. Corman

Cornhusker Rail Car

Corn Industrial

Cornwall Railroad

Corry and Columbus

Council Bluffs Railway

Cowichan Valley

Crisa Fulli Contractors

Crossett Chemical Co.

Crown Zellerbach

Cryo-Trans Inc.

Crystal Carline


CSXT - Clinchfield

CSXT/ L and N

Cudahy Refrigerator Line

Cuignard Brick

Cumbres and Toltec

Cuyahoga Valley

Cycle Systems

Cyprus Industrial Minerals Co.

Cyprus Miami

Cyprus Sierrita

Dairyland Power Coop

Dakota Minnesota and Eastern

Dakota Missouri Valley and Western

Dakota Rail

Dakota Southern

Box 40


Book 1

Danville and Western

Dardanelle and Russellville

Davenport Rock Island and Northwestern

Dayton Springfield and Urbana

Dayton and Western

Dayton and Xenia

Debardeleben Coal Co.

(Jacob E.) Decker and Sons

Deitch Scrap

Delaware Coast Line

Delaware Electric Power Co.

Delaware and Hudson

Delaware Lackawanna and Western

Delaware River Port Authority (PATCO)

Delaware and Ulster

Delaware VM

Dell Industries

Delmarva Power and Light

Delray Connecting

Delta Southern

Delta Tank Line

Delta Valley and Southern

Delta Western

Denmark - Danish State Railways

Denver Rio Grande and Western


Book 2

Denver Rio Grande and Western

Denver and Salt Lake

Depeca Inc.

De Queen and Eastern

Des Moines and Central Iowa

Des Moines City Railway

Des Moines Iowa Falls and Northern

Des Moines Railway

Des Moines Electric Railway Co.

Des Moines Rail Fans Railroad

Des Moines Rapid Transit

Des Moines Street Railway

Des Moines Water Works

Despatch Shops, Inc.

Detroit Edison

Detroit Grand Rapids and Western


Book 3

Detroit Marine Terminals Inc.

Detroit Steel Railway

Detroit Terminal

Detroit Toledo and Ironton

Detroit and Toledo Shore Line

Devco Railway

Dewey Portland Cement

Diamond Alkali

Diamond National

Dierks Forest

Diesel Electric Service

Diesel Supply

Dixie Clay

Dodge City Coop

Doe River Line

Dollywood Express

Dome Railway Services

Dominion Foundries and Steel Co. (DEFASCO)

Dominion Steel and Coal

Dow Chemical

Draper Co.

Dravo Materials

Dressler Industries

Louis Dreyfus Corp.

Dry Branch Kaolin

Dubuque Packing Co.

(P) Duffy (Locomotive Dealer)

Duke Power Co.

Duke Power Co. - Allen Steam Station

Duke Power Co. - Lee Steam Station

Duluth and Iron Range

Duluth Missabe and Iron Range


Book 4

Donovan Corkery Lumber Co.

N. Dorman and Co. Cheese

Doty Lumber and Shingle

E.A. Douglas

Douglas, Gilmore and Co. General Contractors

Douglas Guardian Warehouse Corp.

(Cde de F.) Dourado

Dover Somersworth and Rochester Street Railway (Rochester, NY)

Dover and South Bound

Dow Chemical

Dowling and Camp

R.L. Dowling Short Line

Dragon Cement Co.

Dravo Corporation

Dravo Materials

Dressler Trap Rock

Drew Refining Co.

Louis Dreyfus Corp.

Dr R.A. Hehl Co.

Drummond and Southwestern

Dry Ice Corporation of America

D.S. Coal Company


Dubuque and Dakota

Dubuque Packing Co.

Dubuque Sand and Gravel

Dubuque Street Railway

Due West

Duke Power

Dulaney-Vernay Co.


Book 5

Duluth Union Depot and Transfer Co.

Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific

Dunbar Iron

Dundalk Newry and Greenore (Ireland)

Dundee Cement

Dunham Anderson Concrete

Dunham and Peters

Dunham - Stephens

Dunkirk Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh

Dunn - Erwin

R. Dunsmuir and Sons

Dunsmuir Collieries


Book 6

Duluth Missabe and Iron Range

Duluth Missabe and Northern

Duluth South Shore and Atlantic

Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific

Dunkirk Coop

Econo Rail

ECC America


Edison Portland Cement Co.

Edmonton Street Railway

El Dorado and Wesson

Electric Fuels

Electro Motive Corp

Electro Motive/Burlington Northern

Elgin Joliet and Eastern

Elkem Metals

Elk River Sewell Coal Co.

Ellis and Eastern


EMD Leasing

Emery Chemical

Empire Coke Co.

Empire Detroit Steel

Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals

Ephrata and Lebanon Traction



Book 7



Edaville Railroad

Edelweiss Brew Co.


Book 8

Edelweiss Properties

Eden Manufacturing Co.

Edens BIrch Lumber Co.

Edge Dowling Lumber

Edgmoor and Manetta

Edison Portland Cement Co.

Edmonton Donvegan and British Columbia

Edmonton Radial Railway

Edmonton Street Railway

Edna Coal Co.

Edwin Western

Eel River and Eureka


E.F.C.P. (Brazil)

E.F.C.R.G.N. (Brazil)

E.F.N. (Brazil)

E.F.N.B. (Brazil)


E.F.P.T. (Brazil)



Eighth and Ninth Ave Railway Co. (New York, NY)

Elberton and Eastern

El Cobre Mines

Elder Grain

Eldorado Lumber Co.

Eldorado and Wesson

Electric Energy

Electric Fuels Corp

Electric Storage Battery Co.

Electro Metalurgical Co.

Eleventh Street Elevator (Dubuque, IA)

Elgin Aurora and Southern Traction

Elgin and Belvidere Electric Co.

Elizabeth City and Norfolk

Eliza Furnaces (P. Laughlin and Co., Ltd)


Box 41


Book 1

Erie Railways

Erie Mining

Escanaba and Lake Superior

Essex Terminal

Ethyl Corp.

Eureka and Palisade

Eureka Southern

Eureka Springs and North Arkansas

Evans Railcar Leasing

Everett Railroad

Evergreen Freight Car Corp.

(L.G.) Everist

Everready Battery

Excelsior Brick


Fairmount Park Transit Co.

Fairport Painesville and Eastern

Family Lines/SCL

Farmers Corp Association

Farmers Coop (Ralston, IA)

Farmers Union Coop

Farmers United Coop Association

Farmland Industries


Farnhamville, Iowa

Fayette Power Project

Feather River Railway

Federal Barge Lines

Federal Paperboard


Book 2

Fiber Industries, Inc.

Filtrol Catalysts

Finley Fun-Time Tours

Five Mile Beach Electric Railway

Florida Central Railroad

Florida East Coast

Florida Gulf Coast

Florida Midland Railroad

Florida Northern

Florida Public Utilities

Florida West Central

Florida West Coast

Fluid Recycling Service

Food Machinery Corp.

Ford Motor Co.

Fordyce and Princeton

Formosa Plastics Corp.

Fort Collins Municipal Railway

Fort Dodge Des Moines and Southern

Fort Steele Heritage Town

Fort Worth and Denver

Fort Worth and Western

L.B. Foster Co.

Fox River Valley

France - State

Frankfort and Cincinnati

Freeman Gas of North Carolina

Fremont and Elkhorn Valley

Fremont Fostoria and Tiffin

French Lick West Baden and Southern

Frit Car and Equipment


Book 3

Forest Products Division

Fort Bragg Railroad

Fort Collins Municipal Railway

Fort Dodge Des Moines and Southern

Fort Howard Paper

Fort Madison Street Railway (IA)

Fort Orange Paper Co.

Fort Scott Electric Railway Co.

Fort Smith Light and Traction Co.

Fort Smith Poteau and Western

Fort Smith Subiaco and Rock Island

Fort Smith and Western

Fort Street Union Street (Detroit, MI)

Fort Wayne Horse and Mule Market

Fort Wayne Jackson and Saginaw

Fort Wayne Railroad Museum

Fort Wayne Van Wert and Lima Traction Co.

Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Traction Co.

Fort Williams Utilities

Fort Worth Belt

Fort Worth and Denver

Fort Worth and Rio Grande

Fort Worth and Rosen Heights Street Railway Co.

Fort Worth Sand and Gravel

T.N. Fosse (Ridgeway, IA)

Foster Bros. Sand Co.

L.B. Foster Co.

Foster Farms

Foster Grant

Foster Lumber Co.

Fostoria and Fremont

Fountain Head

Fox and Illinois Union Railway Co.

Frame and Co.

France - Amiens

France - Bordeaux

France - Boulogne-sur-mer

France - Dunkirk

France - Etaples


Book 4

France - Fribourg

France - La Crottat

France - Le Havre

France - Lille

France - Lille Roubax Interurban

France - Lyon

France - Marsailles

France - Menton

France - Mont Revard

France - Mulherne

France - Nancy

France - Nice

France - Nimes

France - Nord Railway

France - Orleans

France - Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean

France - Paris Metro Subway

France - Paris Tramways

France - Rouen

France - Saint Quentin

France - State

France - Strasbourg

France - Toulon

France - Tours

France - Versailles

E.H. France and Sons - General Contractors

France and Gravel Co.

France Stone Co.

France Stone Quarry

Francisco Sugar Co.

Franconia Paper Co.

Franco Building Contractors

Franconia and Profile Notch (NH)

Frank Brothers

Frankford Bustleton and Byberry

Frankfort and Cincinnati

Frankfort and Kokomo

Frankfort and Southeastern

Frankfort and Suburban Railway (KY)


Book 5

Franklin and Abbeville

Franklin and Carolina

Franklin County Coal Co. (IL)

Franklin County Railroad (NC)

Franklin and Meganic

Franklin Sugar Refining Co.

Fredericknamn (Finland)

Fredericksburg and Northern

Frederick Railway Co.


Freeport Railway and Light Co.

Fremont Dinner Train

Fremont and Elkhorn Valley

Fremont Fostoria and Tiffin

Fremont Street Railway Co.

French Colonial of Madagascar

French Lick and West Baden Street Railway

Fresno Traction Co.

H.C. Frick Coal Co.

T.J. Frederick (Minneapolis, MN)

Frit Car and Equipment

Frontier Chemical Co.

Frontier Village

Frost-Johnston Lumber Co.

Frost Lumber Industries

Fruit Growers Express

F.S. Co


Fuller Lehigh Co.

Fulton County

(Estrada de Ferro) Funilense

Furness Railway Co.

G Railroad

Walter H. Gahagan

Gahu Sugar Co.

Gainesville Midland

Gainesville and Northwestern

Gainesville Street Railroad


Book 6

Frito-Lay Inc.

Fruit Growers Express

Galveston Railway Inc.

Galveston Trolley

Galveston Wharf Co.

Garden City Western

Garden Shot and Ohio

Gary Railways

Gary Slag

Gate City Industrial Center

Gateway Western

Gatx Corp

Gatx - Leasing

General American Trans Corp.

General Chemical Corp.

General Electric Corp.

General Electric Railcar Service Corp.

General First Union Properties

General Roofing Mfg Co.

General Steel Castings

Genessee and Wyoming

George Scott

Georgetown Breckenridge and Leadville

Georgetown Loop

Georgia Railroad

Georgia Car and Locomotive

Georgia Central

Georgia Eastern

Georgia/Family Lines

Georgia and Florida

Georgia Kaolin

Georgia Marble

Georgia Northeastern

Georgia Pacific Corp.

Georgia Ports Authority

Georgia Power Co.

Georgia Southwestern

Georgia Woodland Railroad Corp.



Book 7

Galena Shale Brick and Tile

Galesburg and Great Eastern

Galesburg and Kewanee Electric

Gales Creek and Wilson River


Gallipolis and Northern


Galveston Harrisburg and San Antonio

Galveston Houston Electric

Galveston Houstin and Henderson

Galveston Street Railway

Galveston Wharf Co.

Galveston Wharves

G & B Railroad

G & Q

Garbutt and Donovan Short Line

Garden City Western Railway Co.

L. Gardinier Inc.

Garfield Smelting Co.

Garrett Wine Co.

Garvey International

Gary Railways

Gary and Hobart Traction Co.

Gary and Interurban Railway

Gary and Southern Street Railway

Gary Tube Co.

Gary and Valparaiso Railway

Gates Lumber Co.

Gatesville Gravel

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Gaylord Container Corp.

General American Evans

GATX Leasing

General American Pfaulder Corp.

General American Transportation (GATX)

General Aniline and Film

General Chemical Co.

General Coal


Box 42


Book 1

General Construction Co.

General Cook - Bayside

General Crushed Stone

General Dynamics

General Electric

General Electric Railcar Service Corp.

General Equipment Co.

General Latex and Chemical Co.

General Mills

General Motors Central and Foundry Div.

General Portland Cement - Victor Div.

General Refractories Co.

Genesee and Wyoming

Geneva Ithaca and Sayre

Geneva Mill Co.

Geneva Seneca Falls and Auburn Street Railway

Georges Creek and Cumberland

Georgetown Breckenridge and Leadville

Georgetown Railroad

Georgetown Steel


Georgia and Alabama

Georgia Ashburn Sylvester and Camilla

Georgia Car and Locomotive

Georgia Chemical Works

Georgia Coast and Piedmont

Georgia Coating Clay Co.

Georgia and Florida

Georgia Florida and Alabama

Georgia Kaolin Co.

Georgia Marble Co.

Georgia Mills and Elevator Co.

Georgia Northern

Georgia Pacific Corp.

Georgia Pacific Lumber

Georgia Pacific Railway

Georgia Plantation

Georgia Power Co.

Georgia Southern and Florida

Georgia Southwestern and Gulf

Gerber Products Co.


Book 2

Germany -- Aachen

Germany -- Appenzell Railway

Germany - Augsburg Municipal

Germany - Berlin Street Railway

Germany - Blasewitz

Germany - Bochum (Gelsenkirchen Tram)

Germany - Bonn Bad Godesburg

Germany - Bremen Street Railway

Germany - Bremerhaven Trans. Co.

Germany - Breslau

Germany - Brohl Eisenbahn

Germany - Bruckhausen

Germany - Celle Street Railway

Germany - Charlottenburg

Germany - City of Frankfurt

Germany - City of Karlsruhe

Germany - City of Offenbach

Germany - City of Weisbaden

Germany - City of Wuppertal

Germany - Cologne-Bonn Railroad

Germany - Danzig

Germany - Darmstadt Electric

Germany - Dessau

Germany - Dresden

Germany - Duisberg

Germany - Dusseldorf (Rheinische Bahn Co.)

Germany - Essen

Germany - Flensburg Street Railway

Germany - Frankfort

Germany - Freiburg

Germany - Gelnhauser Kreisbahnen

Germany - Gorlitz

Germany - Gravenhage

Germany - Halle

Germany - Hamburg

Germany - Hannover and Stoecken

Germany - Hannover Street Railway

Germany - Heag Streetcar Lines

Germany - Heidelberg-Bergbahn


Book 3

Germany - Hessische Electric

Germany - Hildesheim

Germany - Hoya-Syhe-Asendorf

Germany - Kahl Basin

Germany - Kahlgrund

Germany - Kaiser Friedrich Quelle

Germany - Karlsruhe

Germany - Kassel

Germany - Kleinbahn-Frankfort-Koenigstein

Germany - Koln a Rhine

Germany - Lake Cheim Railway

Germany - Leipzig-Connewitz

Germany - Ludwigshafen

Germany - Magdeburg

Germany - Mainz

Germany - Mannheim-Ludwigshafen

Germany - Monheim

Germany - Munchen

Germany - Munich Municipal Works

Germany - Nurnberg

Germany - Oberheinische Electric

Germany - Offenbach Harbor Railway

Germany - Osnabruck

Germany - Plauen

Germany - Regensburg

Germany - Rhein Heardbahn

Germany - Solingen

Germany - Sprendlingen

Germany - Stadt Mainz

Germany - Stadtwerke Bellefeld

Germany - Stadtwerke Pforzheim

Germany - State

Germany - Stettin

Germany - Strasbourg

Germany - Stuttgart

Germany - Uetliberg-Bahn

Germany - Upper Rhine Railway

Germany - Vienna Municipal

Germany - Wayess and Freitag

Germany - Wuerzburg Street Railway

Germany - Ziller Valley


Book 4


Ghost Town and Calico

Giant Portland and Mason Railway Cement

Gideon-Anderson Co.

Gifford Construction Co. (Dallas, TX)


Gifford Lumber Mills Logging Railroad

Gilchrist-Fordney Co.

Gilchrist Timber Co.

Gilmore Industrial Center

Gilmore and Pittsburgh

Gilpin Tram

Girard Coal Belt Electric Railway

(F.C. de) Girardot

Glacier Sand and Gravel

Glaser Crandell

P.H. Glatfelder Paper Mfg

Glen Blair Redwood

Glendale and Montrose

Glendon Iron Co.

Glenora Western

Glenwood and Northeastern


Fritz W. Glitsch and Son, Inc.

Globe Refining Co. (Louisville, KY)

Globe Smelting and Refining



Godchaux-Sugar Co.

Goetz Brewing Co.

Going Nowhere and Back

Gold Coast Railroad

Golden Age Railway Equipment

Golden Arrow

Golden City and San Juan

Golden Sceptre Gold Mining Co.

Golden State Cement Co.

Golden Tye


Book 5

Goldfield Consolidated Mines Co.

Gold Kist Grain

Gold Nugget Junction Railroad

Goldsboro Lumber Co.

Gomaco Trolley Co.

Gondal Portender State Railway

H. Gonery and Co. (France)

Goodman Lumber

Good Pasture Grain Co.

Good Pine Lumber

Goodwin Railroad

Goodyear (Chemical Division)

S. Joe Gordon

Goshen South Bend and Chicago

Gould South Western Railway

Government Hospital for the Insane

Government Ontario Transit

Government Railway of Western Australia

(Cia E.F. de) Goyaz

W.R. Grace and Company

W.R. Grace - Davison Cracking Catalysts

W.R. Grace Co. of Peru

Grace Logging Company

Grafton and Greenbrier

Grafton and Upton Railway Co.

Grafton (WV)

Graham County Railroad Co.

Graham Furnace Co.

Grain Traders Association

Granby Construction and Mine Co. (H.C.C. Co)

Grand Canyon Railroad

Grand Central Depot

Grande Shows

Grand Forks Street Railway

Grandan and Northwestern Railway

Grand Junction and Grand Valley Railway

Grand Rapids Chau and Boyne Mountain

Grand Rapids Grand Haven and Muskegon

Grand Rapids and Holland Railway


Book 6

Gibsonburg Line

Gifford Hill


Glen Alden

Glen Summit Water

Gloster Southern

Godchaux Sugar

Golden Triangle

Golden West Service

Gordon Clay

Government Ontario Transit

Grace - Davison Chemical

(W.R.) Grace and Co.

Grafton and Upton

Graham Grain

Grand Canyon Railroad

Grand Trunk Railroad


Book 7

Grand Trunk Railroad

Granite City Steel

Granite Construction

Granite Rock

Graysonia Nashville and Ashdown

Great Lakes Carbon

Great Lakes Steel

Great Northern

Great River

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

Great Walton Rail

Great Western (USA)

Green Bay and Western

Greenbrier Leasing

Green Brothers Gravel

Green Mountain (VT)

Green River Steel (KY)

Greenville Leasing

Greenville and Northern

Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe

Gulf and Mississippi

Gulf Mobile and Ohio

GWI Leasing

Walter Haffner Co.


Box 43


Book 1

Grand Rapids Holland and Chicago

Grand Rapids and Indiana

Grand Rapids Kalkaska and Southeastern

Grand Rapids Newaygo and Lake Shore

Grand Rapids Railroad

Grand Rapids Railway

Grand River Railway

Grand Tower and Carbondale

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk Pacific

Grand Union Food Markets

Grandview Dairy Products

Gran Ferrocarril de la Ceiba

Gran Ferrocarril del Techira

Granite City and East Saint Louis

Granite City Steel Co.

Granite Mountain Quarries

Granite Rock Co.

Grant Locomotive Works

J.W. Grant

Grant Service Rock

Grasse River

Graves Brothers

Gravity Railroad

Gray Lumber Co.

Gray's Harbor Railway and Light Co.

Graysonia Nashville and Ashdown

Great Central (England)

Great Eastern (England)

Greater Winnipeg Water District

Great Falls Street Railway

Great Lakes Carbon

Great Lakes Forest Products

Great Northern

Great Northern Railway of Canada

GN - CB and Q - NP


Book 2

Great Lakes Stone and Lime Co.

Great Northern and City

Great Northern of England

Great Northern of Ireland

Great Northern of Scotland

Great Northern Paper Co.

Great Orme Mountain Railway

Great Plains Railway

Great River Railroad

Great Salt Lake and Hot Springs Railroad

Great Smoky Mountain

Great Slave Lake Railway

Great Southwest

Great Western

Great Western of Brazil

Great Western of Canada

Great Western Sugar Co.

Greece - Athens

Green Bay Traction Co.

Green Bay and Western

Greenbrier Cheat and Elk River

Greenbrier and Eastern

Green Brothers Gravel

Greenfield and Northern

Greenlaw Lumber

Greenlee Packing Co.

Green Lines

Green Mountain (ME)

Green Mountain Railroad

Green River Steel (KY)

Green River Steel (WI)

Greenville Leasing

Greenville and Northern

Greenville Street Railway (TX)

Greenwich and Johnsonville

Greer Steel Co.

(The) Grinan Estates

Grizzley Flats

Grogan-Cochrane Lumber


Book 3

Grogan Mfg Co.

Groton and Stonington Traction Co.

Grove Farm

J. Groves

Groveton Lufkin and Northern

Groveton Paper


Guagui - La Paz

Gualala Railway

Guanica Centrale

(F.C.) Guantana Sugar Co.

(F.C. de) Guantanamo

Guantanamo and Western

Guatemala (F.I.C.A.)

(F.C. Occidental de) Guatemala

Guatemala - State (Fegua)

Guayaquil and Quito Railway

Guignard Brick


Gulf Coast Lines

Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe

Gulf and Eastern

Gulf and Mississippi

Gulf Mobile and Northern

Gulf Mobile and Ohio

Gulf and Northern

Gulf Oil Co.

Gulf Power Co.

Gulf Pulp and Paper Co.

Gulf Radiac Co.

Gulf Refining

Gulf Sabine and Red River

Gulf and Ship Island

Gulf States Paper Co.

Gulf States Steel Co.

Gulf States Utilities Co.

Gulf Texas and Western

A. Guthrie and Co.


Book 4

Gwili Railway Co.

(F.C. Unidos de la) Havana

Habco Co, Inc.

Hacienda Dolores

T.L. Hackney

Walter Haffner Co.

Walter H. Hagan

H and H Chicago

H and H Railroad Co. (Stanwood, WA)

Hagenbeck Wallace

Hagerstown and Frederick

Hainesport Mining and Transportation Co.

Halcolm Steel Works

Hallack and Howard

Hallett Construction Co.

Hallett Dock

Hall and Manning

Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co.

Halton County Radial Railway Museum

Hamburg Industries

Hamburg Railroad

Hamilton and Barton Incline Railway

Hamilton Bridge Co.

Hamilton Coke and Iron Co.

Hamilton and Dundas Railway

Hamilton Street Railway

Hamlin and Northwestern

Hamm Brewing Co.

Hammermill Paper Co.

Hammond and Eastern

Hammond and Little River

Hammond Lumber Co.

Hammond Redwood Company

Hampshire and Baltimore Coal Co.

Hampton and Branchville

Hampton and Langley Field Railway

Hancock and Calumet

Hanna Furnace Corp.

Hanna Mining Company

Hanna Nickel Smelting Co.


Book 5

Hannibal Connecting

Hannibal Railway and Electric

Hannibal and Saint Joseph

Hanover Branch

Hanover Junction Hanover and Gettysburg

Hanover and McSherrystown Street Railway

Hanover Railway

Hanover Street Railway

H.A.P.M. (Manning Maxwell and Moore)

Harbeson Lumber Co. (F and A Railroad)

W.B. Harbison Lumber Co.

Harbor Belt LIne

Harbor Plywood Corp.

Harbor Springs Railway

Harbor Tank Line

Harbor Terminal

Hardaway Contracting Co.

Hardwick and Woodbury

Harlem Transfer

Harnekoski Fabrik San Lagginar

Harrisburg and Potomac

Harrisburg Railways

Harshaw Chemical Co.

Hart Cedar and Lumber Co.

Hartford and Connecticut Western

Hartford and New Haven

Hartford and Slocomb

Hartwell Railway

Harvest States Coop

Hastings Lumber Co.

Havana Bay and Matanzas

Havana Central (F.C.C.C.)

Havana Electric Railway Co.

Havana Rantoul and Eastern

Haverhill and Amesbury

Haverhill Merrimac and Amesbury Railway

Hawaii Consolidated Railway

Hawaii Construction Co.

Hawaii Railway Co.

Hawaiian Agricultural Co.


Book 6

Hawaiian Electric Co.

Hawaiian Philippines Co.

Hawaiian Sugar Co.

Hawkeye Chemical

Hawkeye Portland Cement

Hawkinsville Florida and Southern

Haydenville Branch Railroad

Haynesville Lumber Co.

Hazewood Ltd. Coke Plant

Hazlette Corp.

H.C.F.C. Company

Head On Collision LIne

S.A. Healy Construction Co.

Hearne and Brazos Valley

Charles Hebard and Sons, Inc.

Heber Creeper

Hecla and Torch Lake

Hedlund Box and Lumber Co.

H.J. Heinz Co.

Heiselt Construction Co.

Helena and Northwestern

Helena Parkin and Northern Railway

Helena Railway and Light

Helena and Southwestern

Helm Leasing

Hemlock Central

Hemlock Farmers Coop

Henderson Lumber Co.

Hercules Cement Co.

Hercules Powder Co.

Herkimer Sand and Gravel

Hermansville and Western

Hermitage Plantation

Hersey Gravel Co.

Hershey Cuban

Hershey Foods

Hershey Transit

Hetch Hetchy

Hickory Valley


Box 44


Book 1

(D) Haintz

Hallett Construction Co.

Halliburton Co.

Halliburton Oilwell Cementing Co.

Hampton and Branchville

Hanna Furnace Corp.

Harbor Belt Line

Harrisburg Steel

Hartford and Slocomb

Harrisburg Railways

Hartwell Railway

Harvest States Coop

Haysi Railroad

H.J. Heinz Co.

Helm Leasing

Heritage Rail Corp.

Hershey Transit


(Edward) Hines Western Pine Co.

Historic Harmar Village Bridge Co.





Houston Belt and Terminal

(J.M.) Huber

Hudson Iron and Metal

Hudson - Manhattan

Hron and Eastern

Hyman Michaels Co.

Illinois Central


Book 2

Hicks Car and Locomotive Works

Higbee and Hugh

Highland Railway (England)

High Point Randleman and Asheboro

High Point Thomasville and Denton

Hillcrest Lumber Co.

Hilliard and Baileys Lumber Railroad

Hill Logging Co.

Hillsboro and Northeastern

Hillsboro and Southeastern

Hills Brothers Coffee

Hillsdale County (MI)

Hillyer Deutsch Edwards

Hillyer - Edwards - Fuller Co.

Hilo Railroad Co.

Himont USA, Inc.

Ed Hines Lumber Co.



H.N.V. Central Riverfront

Hobart Estate

Hobart and Manistee River

Hobart Southern

Hoboken Shore Railroad

Hocking Valley

Hocking Valley (Tourist)

Hodges Downey Construction Co.

Hoerner Waldorf Corp.


Hokkaido Gho (Japan)

Hokkaido Coal Mine Co. (Japan)

Hokkaido Kogyo (Japan)

Hokkaido - Tanko (Japan)

Holandsbanen (Norway)

Holbrook Cabot and Rollins Corp.

Holiday On Ice

Holland - Alkmaar

Holland - Amsterdam

Holland - Rotterdam

Holland - Scheveningen


Book 3

Holland - State

Holland - The Hague

Holland - Utrecht Street Railway

Holland Company

Hollis and Eastern

Holly Hill Lumber Co.

Holly Shelter Land Co.

Holly Sugar Corp.

Holman Locomotive Truck

Holmes Eureka Lumber Co.

Holquin Railway (Cuba)

Holton Interurban Railway

Holyoke Street Railway

Holyoke Water Power Co.

Homestead Mine

Homestake Mining Co.

Home Transit Co.

Homochito Lumber

Honduras - Northern


Honolulu Rapid Transit

Honolulu Sugar Co.

Hood's Grade A Milk

Hooker Chemical


Hoopole Yorktown and Tampico

Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington

Hopefield Railway


Hormiguero Central Co.

Horne-Boatright Chemical Co.

Horne Railroad Construction

Horning and Hart

(F.C.) Hornos

Horry County (SC)

Horton Iron and Steel

Horton and Northern

Hot Springs Railway

Houdaville Construction


Book 4

Houghton Chassell and Southwestern


Houston Beaumont and New Orleans

Houston and Brazos Valley

Houston Chemical Co.

Houston County Railroad (TX)

Houston East and West Texas Railway

Houston Electric Co.

Houston North Shore

Houston and Texas Central

Houston Traction Co.

Hovey and McCracken

Howard Sand and Gravel Co.

Howard Terminal Railway

Howat Cement

Hoyt Mining Co.

H.S. and Co.

Huanchaca Co. of Bolivia

Hubbard Milling Co.

J.M. Huber

Hubinger Co.

Huckleberry Railroad

Hudson Coal Co.

Hudson and Manhattan Railroad

Hudson River Railroad

Hudson Valley Railway

Hulings Lumber Co. Logging Railroad

Hull Electric Co.

(Cia del F.C.) Hullero

Hullrust Mine

Humber Clay Co.

Humble Oil and Refining - Baytown Refinery

Humble Pipeline

Humboldt Transit Co.

Hume-Sinclair Coal Co.

Humeston and Shenandoah

Hunaw Yueh Han Railway

Hungary - Budapest

Hunkin Brothers Construction Co. (Cleveland, OH)

Huntsville and Lake of Bays


Book 5

Huntsville and Madison County (AL)

Huron Cement

Huron Portland Cement

Hutchinson Inter-Urban Railway

Hutchinson and Northern

Hydro-Electric Power Commission

Hygrade Food Products

Hyman Michaels Co.


Iaeger and Southern


Idaho Northern

Idaho and Washington Northern

Ideal Cement Co.

Ideal Sand and Gravel

IEI Container Services

Illinois Central Electric Railway

Illinois Central #2 (Post IC Gulf)

Illinois Central Gulf

Illinois Central Industries

Illinois - Iowa Power Co./Illinois Power and Light Service (Peoria)

Illinois Midland

Illinois Midland Coal

Illinois Northern

Illinois Power Co.

Illinois Power and Light Co.

Illinois Railroad Club

Illinois Slag and Ballast

Illinois Southern

Illinois Steel Co.

Illinois Terminal

Illinois Traction System

Illinois Tunnel Co.

Illinois Valley Electric


Imperial Irrigation District (CA)


Book 6

Illinois Central


Box 45


Book 1

Illinois Central


Book 2

Illinois Central

Illinois Central #2

Illinois Central Gulf

Illinois Slag and Ballast

Illinois Terminal

Indiana Columbus and Eastern

Indiana Harbor Belt

Indiana Hi Rail

Indiana and Ohio

Indianapolis Coke

Indianapolis Street Railway

Indianapolis Union

Indiana Railroad #2

Indiana Transportation Museum

Indian River Railroad

Industrias Negro Mex

Industrial Transportation and Equipment Co.

Inland Steel

Inman Service

Inspiration Consolidated Copper

Interborough Rapid Transit

Intercity Rapid Transit


Interlake Iron

Intermountain Power Agency

Intermountain Railway

Intermodal Technologies, Inc. of Kearny, NY

International Harvester Co.

International Mineral and Chemical

International Paper Co.

International Technologies

Interstate (SC)

Interstate Power (KS)

International Steel Corp.

Iowa Electric Light and Power

Iowa Interstate


Book 3

J.C. Inabnett

Independence and Monmouth

Independence Produce Co.

Independence and Rush Park Street Railway (Independence, IA)

Independent Beef Packers

India - Bombay

India - Delhi

India - Indian Railways

India - Madras

India - State Railway

Indiana Bloomington and Western

Indiana Central

Indiana Columbus and Eastern

Indiana County Street Railways Co. (PA)

Indiana Eastern

Indiana Farm Bureau Coop Association

Indiana Grain Coop

Indiana Harbor Belt

Indiana Hi Rail

Indiana Illinois and Iowa

Indiana Interstate

Indiana and Michigan Electric Railway

Indiana Northern

Indiana and Ohio

Indianapolis Coke

Indianapolis Columbus and Southern

Indianapolis Decatur and Springfield

Indianapolis Decatur and Wabash

Indianapolis and Eastern Railway Co.

Indianapolis Power and Light

Indianapolis and Saint Louis

Indianapolis Shelbyville and Southeastern

Indianapolis and Southeastern Transit Co.

Indianapolis Southern

Indianapolis Street Railway

Indiana Railroad Co.

Indiana Service Corp.

Indiana Union Traction Co.


Book 4

Indian Creek

Indian Hill and Iron Range Railway

Indian Territory Traction Co.

Indian Valley (Scenic)

Indian Valley

Indian Valley Lumber Co.

Indonesia - Bandung

Indonesia - Djakarta

Indonesia - State


Industrial Lumber Co.

Industrial Maintenance Service

Ingeniero Vinas

Ingenio Alava

Ingenio Angelina

Ingenio Australia

Ingenio Barahona C Por A

Ingenio Caridad

Ingenio Conchita

Ingenio Cristobal Colon

Ingenio Dolores

Ingenio Las Pajas

Ingenio Minedes

Ingenio Rio Canto

Ingenio San Luis

Ingenio Valdez

Ingenio Victoria

Ingenio Zaza


Ingham-Burnett Lumber Co.

Ingram-Day Lumber Co.

Infland Copper Mine

Inland Empire Paper Co.

Inland Lime and Stone Co.

Inland Products Co.

Inland Steel Co.

Inland Traction Co.

Inland Waterways Corp (Federal Barge Lines)

Inspectoria Federal de Obras Contra As Seccas


Book 5

Inspiration Consolidated Copper Co.

Insular Lumber Co.

Interboro Rapid Transit

Inter City Rapid Transit Co. (OH)


Interdome Inc.

Interlake Iron Corp. - Zenith Plant

Intermountain Coal and Lumber

Intermountain Railway Co. (ID)

Intermountain Transportation Service

International Bridge and Terminal

International Chemical

International Creosote

International Engineering and Trading Co.

International Great Northern

Independent Grocers Alliance of America

International Harvester Co.

International Milling Co.

International Mineral and Chemical

International Mineral and Chemical of Canada, Ltd.

International Nickel Co.

International Paper

International Railway Car Co.

International Railway Equipment Co.

International Railway of New Brunswick

International Salt Co.

International Shoe Co.

International Terminals, Inc.

International Transit Co.


Interstate Logging Railway

Interstate Power Co.

Interstate Public Service Co.

Interurban Railway Co. of Iowa

Interurban Railway and Terminal Co.

Iola Industries

Iola and Northern

Book 6

Ione and Eastern
Iowa Beef Packers

Iowa Central

Iowa City Street Railway

Iowa Electric Industries Container Service Corp.

Iowa Electric Light and Power Co.

Iowa Illinois Gas and Electric

Iowa Interstate

Iowa Power and Light

Iowa Public Service

Iowa Railroad

Iowa Railway Light and Power Co. (Boone, IA)

Iowa and Saint Louis

Iowa Southern Utilities

Iowa State Dept. of Transportation

Iowa State Fish and Game Commission

Iowa State University

Iowa Terminal Railroad

Iowa Traction Railroad

Iowa Transfer Railway


I R and C

Ireland - Belfast

Ireland - Cork

Ireland - County Donegal Railway

Ireland - Dublin

Ireland - Kilmarnock

Ireland - Railway Preservation Society

Ireland - State

Irish Bayou Lumber Co.

Iron Mountain

Iron Range and Huron Bay


Ironton Portland Cement Co.

Ironton Railway and Light

Iron Valley of West Virginia

Ironworld USA


Box 46


Book 1

W.G. Irwin and Co.

Irwin Herminie Traction Co.

Isabela Irrigation Service


Island Creek Fuel and Transportation Co.

Island Royale Copper Co.

Island Terminal

Isle of Man

Isle of Man - Douglas Horse Car Railway

Isle of Man - Douglas and Larey Electric Railway

Isle of Man - Douglas Southern Electric

Isle of Man - Manx Electric Railway

Isle of Man - Snaefell Mountain Railway

Israel - Haifa

Israel - State

Isthmian Canal Commission


Italy - Capri

Italy - Engineering

Italy - Ferrara

Italy - Firenze

Italy - Genova

Italy - Milan

Italy - Naples

Italy - Pisa

Italy - Rome

Italy - San Remo

Italy - Sorrento

Italy - State

Italy - Taranto

Italy - Torino

Italy - Torino-Ceres

Italy - Ventimiglia

(E de F) Itaqui-Sao Borja

Itel Rail Corp.

Ithaca and Athens

Ithaca Street Railway Co.

Ivorydale and Mill Creek Valley

Jack Frost Cane Sugar


Book 2

Iowa Interstate

Iowa Northern

Iowa Traction Railroad

Iowa Trolley Park

Iron Ore Co. of Canada

Itel Rail Corp.

ITG Inc.

Jamaica Central

Jefferson Warrior


Jersey Central Traction

Jersey Shore

Johnstown and Stony Creek

Johnstown Traction

(David J.) Joseph Co.

E. Kahns Sons

Kaiser International

Kaiser Sand and Gravel

Kaiser Steel


Kansas Central

Kansas City Belt Railway

Kansas City Clay County and Saint Joseph

Kansas City Clinton and Springfield

Kansas City Connecting

Kansas City Fort Scott and Gulf

Kansas City Fort Scott and Memphis

Kansas City - Independence Air Line

Kansas City Independence and Park

Kansas City Kaw Valley and Western

Kansas City - Leavenworth Railway

Kansas City Leavenworth and Western

Kansas City Memphis and Birmingham

Kansas City Mexico and Orient

Kansas City and Northwestern

Kansas City Osceola and Southern

Kansas City Packing Co.

Kansas City Pittsburg and Gulf

Kansas City Power and Light Co.


Book 3

Jackson - Battle Creek Traction Co.

Jackson Jordan

E.E. Jackson Lumber

Jackson Railway and Transfer

Jackson Southern

Jacksonville Gainesville and Gulf

Jacksonville and Havana

Jacksonville Louisville and Saint Louis

Jacksonville Northwestern Railway

Jacksonville Northwestern and Southeastern

Jacksonville Port Authority Municipal Docks

Jacksonville Saint Augustine and Halifax River

Jacksonville St. Augustine and Indian River

Jacksonville Short Line

Jacksonville Tampa and Key West

Jacksonville Traction Co.

Jacob Dold Packing Co.

Jaffa and Jerusalem

Jakes Junction

Jamaica Central Railways

Jamaica State

James Brothers

James Charley Jamica

Jamestown Street Railway

Jamestown Westfield and Northwestern

J and J Railroad

J and S.C. Railroad Co. (Loraine Steel)

Japan - Cura Beach

Japan - Hichirigahama Kamakura

Japan - Imperial Forestry

Japan - Imperial Government Railway

Japan - Imperial Steel Works

Japan - Kyoto Incline

Japan - State Railway

Japan - Tobu Railway

Japan - Tokyo

Japan - Yabakei (Kawasemi)


Jarrett Ranch (SD)

Jasper County Lumber (TX)


Book 4

Java - Surabaya

Jayne Arthus

Jay Street Connecting Railroad

Jeddo - Highland Coal Co.


Jefferson Avenue Railroad (St. Louis, MO)

Jefferson Chemicals

Jefferson and Cypress Bayou (Tourist)

Jeffersonville Madison and Indianapolis

Jefferson Warrior

Jefferson and Northwestern

John F. Jelke Co.

Jennings and Northeastern

Irving F. Jensen Construction Co.

Jersey Central Traction

Jersey Railways and Tramways

Jersey Stone Co.

Jerseyville - Eastern

Jewell Coal and Coke

Jim Falls Dairy, Inc.

Johannesburg Community Council


Johnson City Brick Co. (TN)

Johnson County Industrial Park (KS)

C.D. Johnson Lumber Co.

B. Johnson

Johnson and Polloc

Johnson Wax

Johnston Brothers

Johnstown Incline Plane

Johnstown and Somerset

Johnstown and Stony Creek

Johnstown Traction Co.

Johore State Railway

Joliet and Southern Traction Co.

Joliette Farmers Grain Co.

C.J. Jones Lumber

E.H. Jones

Johnny J. Jones Exposition

Jonesboro Lake City and Eastern


Book 5

T.A.D. Jones Coal

Jones and Laughlins, Ltd

Jones and Laughlin Steel Co.

Joplin and Pittsburg Railway

O.F. Jordan Co.

Joshua Hendy Steel Co.

Joslyn Supply and Mfg Co.


Juban Gravel Co.

Judson Freight Forwarding Co.

Judson Pacific Co.

Jugoslavia - Ljubljana

Jugoslavia - Zagret

Julders Gravel Co.

Juncos Central Co. - Las Piedras P.R.

Junction City and Fort Riley Railway

Kahala Sugar Co.

E. Kahns Co. (Cincinnati, OH)


Kaiser Agricultural Chemical

Kaiser Cement Co.

Kaiser Chemical

Kaiser Co.

Kaiser Gravel Co.

H.J. Kaiser

Kaiser Rock Co.

Kaiser Sand and Gravel

Kaiser Shipyards

Kaiser Steel Corp.

Kalamazoo Lake Shore and Chicago

Kalamazoo Street Railway

Kanawha Central

Kanawha Glen Jean and Eastern

Kanawha and Michigan

Kanawha and West Virginia


Book 6

Kansas City Public Service

Kansas City Saint Joseph and Council Bluffs

Kansas City Southern

Kansas City Structural Steel

Kansas City Suburban Belt

Kansas City Terminal

Kansas City Western Railway

Kansas City and Westport Belt

Kansas City Wichita and Northwestern

Kansas Gas and Electric

Kansas Midland Railway

Kansas Milling Co.

Kansas Nebraska and Dakota

Kansas Oil and Gas Co.

Kansas and Oklahoma

Kansas Oklahoma and Gulf

Kansas Pacific

Kansas Power and Light

Kansas and Sidell

Kansas State Grain Inspection Department

K and L Feeds

Kankakee Beaverville and Southern

Kankakee Electric Railway

Kankakee and Western

Kaolin Thiele Co.

Kapoor Logging Co.

Kaslo and Slocan

Kaul and Haul Lumber Co.


Box 47


Book 1

Kaul Lumber Co.

Kaydeross Railroad Corp.

K Bay Sts B.

Kearney Electric Co.

Keavitt Real Gravel

Keesville Ausable Chasm and Lake Champlain

Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

Keiser Gravel Co.

Keiser Paving Co.

Keithson Lumber

Kelleys Creek and Northwestern

Kellogg Co.

Kelley Island Lime and Transportation Co.

Kellys Creek Railroad


Kendall and Eldred

Kennebec Central

Kennecott Chino Mines

Kennecott Copper

Kennecott Minerals - Utah Copper Division

Kennecott Nevada Mines

Kennecott Ore Mines

E.F. Kenney

Kenosha Electric Railway

Kenova Terminal


Kent and East Sussex Railway

Kentucky Central

Kentucky and Indiana Terminal

Kentucky Lumber Co.

Kentucky Power

Kentucky and Tennessee

Kentucky Traction and Terminal

Kentucky Utilities

Kentucky Western Tennessee Railway

Kentwood and Eastern

Keokuk Canning Co.

Keokuk Electric Co.

Keokuk Electric Metals Co.

Keokuk Junction Railway


Book 2

Keota and Washington

Kern and Kibbe

Kerr McGee

Kerr McGee Chemical Corp. - Forest Products Division

Kestner Lumber Railroad

Kettle Moraine Railway

Kettle River

Kewaunee Boiler Co.

Kewanee and Galva

Kewash Railroad

Kewaunee Green Bay and Western

Keweenaw Central

Keystone Steel and Wire

Key System

Kiamichi Railroad

Kile Lumber

W.D. Kimball Lumber Co.

Kimberly Clark

Kinard Brick Works

Kinchang Railway

Kingans and Co.

King Lumber Industries

Kingsford Co.

Kinston and Carolina

Kinston Mfg Co.

Kinzua Pine Mills Co.

Kirby Lumber

Kishaco Quillas Valley

Kittanning Freeport Coal

Klaff and Co Inc.

Klamath and Hoppow Valley

Klamath Lake Railroad Co.

Klamath Northern Railway

Klasing Car Brake Co.

Klas Irmaos and Cia.

Kelmme Coop Grain

Klickitat Log

Klise Lumber Co.

Klondike Mines Railway Co.


Book 3

Knotts Berry Farm

(John) Knowles Co.

Wm. Knox and Co. (Bolivia)

Wm. Knox and Co. (Peru)

Knox and Kane

Knox Kershaw Inc.

Knox Railroad

Knoxville Seiverville and Eastern

Knoxville Street Railway

Kodak Park

Koehring Co. - Bantam Division

Koenig Fuel and Supply

Kohia Sugar

Kohler Mfg Co.

Kohrs Packing Co.

Kokomo Marion and Western Railway

Kola Sugar Co.

Kominato (Japan)

Koolin Mushroom Farms

Arthus Koppel and Company

Koppel Bulk Terminal

Koppers Coke Co.

Koppers Company

Korea (Republic of)

Kosaka Copper Mine

Kosmos Portland Cement

Kosmos Timber Co.

Kowloon - Canton

K.P. Railway Co.

Kraft Foods

K. Railroad Co. (Hawaii)

K Railway Co.

Kramer Transfer and Storage Co.

Kreetan Company

Kreys Saint Louis

Krotooka Sergievsk Line (Russia)

K.T. Clays

K.T. Yueh Han Railway

Kunkhardt and Co.

Kurth Lumber Co.

Kusake Copper MIne


Book 4

KWT Railway Inc.

Kyle Railroad

La Carlota

Lackawanna Iron and Steel

Lackawanna and Pittsburg

Lackawanna Valley

Lackawanna dn Wyoming Valley Railroad Co.


Laclede Steel Co.

Laconia Street Railway

LaCrosse and Milwaukee

LaCrosse and Southeastern

Ladish Malting Co.

Lafarge Corp.

Lafayette Bloomington and Mississippi

Lage Brothers

Lahaina Kasnapoli and Pacific

Lake Champlain and Moriah

Lake Charles Railway

Lake City and Southern

Lake County Lumber and Box Co.

Lake County Railroad

Lake Erie Bowling Green and Napoleon Railway

Lake Erie Essex and Detroit River

Lake Erie and Fort Wayne

Lake Erie Franklin and Clarion

Lake Erie and Northern

Lake Erie Railroad

Lake Erie and Saint Louis

Lake George and Muskegon River

Lakeland Railway

Lakeland Railway (England)

Lake Ontario Steel

Lake Providence Texarkana and Western

Lake Shore Central System

Lake Shore Electric

Lake Shore and Michigan Southern

Lake Shore Railway Historical Society

Lake Side Belt Line


Book 5

Lakeside and Marblehead

Lake States

Lake Superior District Power Co.

Lake Superior Iron and Chemical

Lake Superior and Ishpeming

Lake Superior and Mississippi

Lake Superior Museum of Transport and Industry

Lake Superior and Southern

Lake Superior Terminal and Transfer

Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Co.

Lake Terminal Railroad

Lamar Lumber Company

Lamb Weston

Lamm Lumber Co.

Lamoille Valley

Lampson Construction

Lancaster and Chester

Lancaster Oxford and Southern

Lancaster Traction

Lancaster Transportation and Power Co.

Lancaster and York Furnace Electric

Lancashire and Yorkshire

Land O' Lakes

Landa Park (Tourist)

Landisville (PA)

Landmark Grain Co.

Lange Creamery

C.J. Langenfelder and Son, Inc.

Langren Grain

Lansing City Electric Railway Co.

Lansing and Suburban Traction Co.

Laona and Northern

Lapeyrouse Grain Corp.

LaPorte and Michigan City Traction Co.

Laramie Hahns Peak and Pacific

Laramie North Park and Western

Larame Valley


Book 6

(Estrada de Ferro Matte) Larangeira

Laredo Electric Railway

La Rue Mining Co.

Lasalle and Bureau County Railroad Co.

Las Canas


Lassen Lumber and Box Co.

Las Vegas Hot Springs Electric Railway Light and Power Co.

Las Vegas and Tonopah

Lasalle Steel

Lathrop and Shea Coal Co.

Latman Timber Co.

(F.C.C.) La Torre Y Tepetong

Latrobe-Connellsville Coal and Coke Co.

Laughlin and Co., Ltd


Laurel Mountain

Laurel River and Hot Springs

Laurel River Lumber Co.

Laurel and Tullahoma Western

Laurinberg and Southern

Lautaro Nitrate Co.

E.J. Lavino and Co.

Lavino Furnace Co.

Lawndale Railroad

Lawrenceville and Evergreen

Lawton-Fort Sill Inter-Urban

LCP Transportation Inc.


David M. Lea

Leadville Colorado and Southern

Leavenworth Lawrence and Galveston

Lebanon - Beirut

Lebanon Franklin Traction Co.

Lee County Central Railway (IL)

Leesville Slagle and Eastern Railway Co.

Lehigh Cement


Box 48


Book 1

Lehigh and Hudson River

Lehigh and Mahoney

Lehigh and New England

Lehigh Portland Cement

Lehigh Stone Co.

Lehigh Structural Steel

Lehigh Susquehanna Coal

Lehigh Traction Co.

Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley Coal Co.

Lehigh Valley Iron Co.

Lehigh Valley Traction Co.

Lehigh Valley Transit

Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Co.


Lenawee County (MI)

Leopoldina Railway

Leroy Castle

Leroy Lime and Crushed Stone

Leslie Coal Mine

Lethbridge Collieries

Lethbridge Municipal Railway

R.G. Letourneau

Levert Saint John Plantation

Levinson Steel

(Edward) Levy Metals, Inc.

Lewis & Clark

Lewisburg Milton and Watsontown Pass Railway Co.

Lewiston Augusta and Waterville Street Railway

Lewiston Brunswick and Bath

Lewiston-Clarkston Transit

Lewistown and Reedsville Electric Railway

Lewiston and Youngstown Railroad


Book 2

Lexington Railways

Libby McNeill and Libby

Liberty Railway Services

Licking River Railroad Co.



Ligonier Valley

Lima City Street Railway

Lima and Defiance

Lima Electric Railway and Light Co.

Lima Locomotive Works

Lima and Toledo Railroad

Lima and Toledo Traction Co.

Lime and Rock Railroad

Limestone Quarries

Lincoln Bleachery

Lincoln Grain

Lincoln Municipal Railway (IL)

Lincoln Sand and Gravel

Lincoln Stone

Lincoln Traction Co.

Linde Air Products Company

Linden Chlorine Products

O.E. Linsin

Linville River

Linwood Stone Products

Linwood Street Railway (MA)

Lion Milk

L.I. & S Co.

Lipsett Steel

Liquid Air Inc.

Liquid Sugars, Inc.

List Construction

List and Gifford Construction Co.

Litchfield and Madison

Litchfield Produce Co.

Little Falls and Dolgeville

Little Miami


Book 3

Little Miami and Columbus and Xenia

Little River

Little Rock and Fort Smith Railway

Little Rock Maumelle and Western

Little Rock Port Authority

Little Rock and Western

Little Schuykill

Liverpool Overhead Railway

Live Poultry Transportation Co.

Livingston Lumber Co.

Livingston Rebuild Center

Livonia Avon and Lakeville

Llanberis Lake Railway

L.L. & L. Co.

Llars Karri and Jarran Forests


Lobdell and Bailey Mfg Co.

Lodwick Lumber Co.

Logansport and Eel River

Logansport Railway Co.

London Midland Scottish

London Northeastern

London and Northwestern - Royal Saloon

London and Southwestern Railway

London Street Railway

London Tilbury and South End

London Transport

London Underground

Lone Star Cement Co.

Lone Star Industries

Long Bell

Long Bell Lumber Co.

Longdale Iron Co.

Long Island Railroad


Book 4

Long Leaf Lumber Co.

Longview Fibre Corp.

Longview Portland and Northern

Longville Lumber Co.

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

Lorain Ashland and Southern

Lorain and Cleveland Electric

Lorain Northern

Lorain Street Railway

Lorain and West Virginia


Lorane Valley Lumber Co.

Los Angeles Harbor Dept.

Los Angeles Hydro Dept.

Los Angeles Interurban Railway

Los Angeles Junction Railroad

Los Angeles Pacific Co.

Los Angeles Railway

Los Angeles and Salt Lake

Los Angeles and San Diego Beach

Los Angeles - San Pedro

Los Angeles Terminal Railroad

Los Canos


Louisiana and Arkansas

Louisiana Arkansas and Texas

Louisiana Central Lumber

Louisiana Cypress Lumber Co.

Louisiana Long Leaf Lumber

Louisiana Midland

Louisiana and Northwest

Louisiana Pacific

Louisiana and Pine Bluff

Louisiana Railway

Louisiana Saw Mill Co, Ltd.

Louisiana Southern

Louisiana and Texas

Louisiana Western


Book 5

Louisville and Atlantic

Louisville Cement Co.

Louisville and Eastern

Louisville and Frankfort

Louisville Gas and Electric

Louisville Henderson and Saint Louis

Louisville Nashville and Great Southern

Louisville and Nashville

Louisville and Nashville/Family Lines

Louisville and Nashville/Seaboard

Louisville New Albany and Chicago

Louisville New Albany and Corydon

Louisville New Orleans and Texas

Louisville Saint Louis and Texas

Louisville Southern

Louisville and Southern Indiana

Louisville and Wadley

Loveland Elevator Co.

Lowell National Historic Park

Lower Lafourche Planting and Mfg Co, Ltd.

Lowville and Beaver River Railroad



LTV Mining

Luce Electric Lines

Ludington and Northern

Lufkin Land and Timber Co.

(E.F.S.) Luiz-Therezina

Lukens Steel Company

Lula Plantation (LA)

L.M. Lummos Co.

Lung Yen

Luntz Corp.

Luxemburg Street Railway


Book 6

Luz y Fuerza Cochabamba

Lykens Valley Railway Co.

Lyman Timber Company

Lynchburg Foundry

Lynchburg Traction and Light Co.

Lynch Mine (U.S. Steel)

Lynmouth (England) Lift

Lynn and Boston Railroad

Lynn Gravel

Lynn Sand and Gravel

Lynton and Barnstable Railway

Lyondell Chemical

Macalloy Corp.

Macanaqua Coal Co.

M.A. Company

Mac Andrews and Forbes Co.

Macatawa Park Incline Railway

Mackis Bolieu Lumber

Mack Truck

Macomb Industry and Littleton

Macon and Birmingham

Macon Dublin and Savannah

Mad and Marm

Madera Southern Pines

(Cia) Maderera de Durango S.A.

(E.F.) Maderrse and Mamore

Madras and South Mahratta

Mad River and Lake Erie

Mad River and Nickel Plate

Magee Museum (Magee Shortway Electric Railroad)

Maggie Valley

Magma Arizona

Magma Copper

Mahnomen Mine

Mahoning Ore and Steel

Mahoning and Shenango Traction Co.

Mahoning Valley

Maine Central


Box 49


Book 1

Maitland Private Colliery (Australia)

Major and Loomis Co.

Malakoff Fuel Co.

Malayan State

Mallard Transportation Co.


Malvern and Freed Valley

Mammoth Cave Railroad

Manahawkin and Long Beach Transit

Manary Logging Co.

Manatee Crate Co.

Manatee Light and Traction Co.

Manchester and Nashua Street Railway

Manchester and Oneida

Manchester Saw Mills

Manchester South Junction and Altrincham Railway

Manchester Street Railway

M & E Railroad

M and T Chemical

Manhattan Brewing Co. (Chicago)

Manhattan Bridge Three Cent Line

Manhattan City and Interurban Railway Co.

Manhattan "L"

Manhattan and Queens Railway

Manistee Filer City and East Lake

Manistee and Grand Rapids

Maninstique and Lake Superior

Manistique Pulp and Paper

Manistique Railway

Manitoba and Eastern

Manitoba Paper

Manitoba and Saskatchewan Co., Ltd.

Manitou and Pikes Peak

Manitowoc and Two Rivers

Mann and Montgomery OK Railroad

Mann's Creek

Mansbach Metals

Mansfield Railway and Transportation

Mantanza Lumber Co.


Book 2

Mantanzas Street Railway

Manufacturers Junction Railway

Manufacturers Railway Co.

Maple Meadow Mining Co.

Marathon Corporation

Marathon Lumber Co.

Marble Cliff Quarries

Marcellus and Otisco Lake

Mardez Lumber Co.

Mare Co.

Mare Island Freight Line

Marfax Steel Co.

Marhoefer Packing Co. Inc.

Marianna and Blountstown

(E.F. de) Marica (Brazil)

Marietta and North Georgia

Marietta and Pittsburgh

Marine Iron and Shipbuilding

Marinette Tomahawk and Western

Marion Bluffton and Eastern Traction Co.

Marion County Railway (SC)

Marion and Eastern

Marion Railways

Marion and Rye Valley

Maritime Railway

Market Street Ferries

Market Street Railway

G.B. Marble and Co.

Mark Manufacturing Co.


Marowyne Company

Marquette Cement

Marquette County Gas and Electric Co.

Marquette Houghton and Ontonagan

Marquette and Huron Mountain

Marquette and Southeastern

Marquette and Western


Book 3

(The) Mars Company

Marshall Canning Co.

Marshall and East Texas

Marshall Sweeney Lumber Co.

Marshalltown Street Railway

Marshfield and Texas

Marta - Atlanta, GA

Marta Track

Martel Lumber

Marthas Vineyard

Martin Marietta

Martin- Marietta - Concrete Materials Div.

Marvel Cave Railroad (Tourist Road)

Marwood Central

A. Marx and Sons

Maryland Area Rail Commuter Service

Maryland and Delaware

Maryland and Delaware Seacoast Railroad Co.

Maryland Department of Transportation

Maryland Midland

Maryland and Pennsylvania

Maryland Slag Co.

Marysville and Northern

Marysville and Yuba City Street Railway

Mascot and Western

Mason Bogie

Mason City and Clear Lake

Mason City, IA

Mason County Logging Co. (MI)

Masonite Corp.

Mason Lumber Co.

Mason Machine Works

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)


Book 4

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

Massachusetts Central

Massachusetts Electric Company

Massachusetts - Northeastern Street Railway

Massena Terminal

Massey Coal

Masteller Coal Co.

C.C. Masten


Material Services

Mathieson Chemical Corp.

Mattagami Railroad

Mattoon and Charleston Line

Mattoon Service

Maule Rock Co.

Maumee Collier Coal Co.

Max Lyon (Chile)

Maxton Alma and Southbound

Maxton Oil and Fertilizer

Maxwell Lumber

Mayo Brothers Lumber Co.

Mayo Lumber Company

Maysville Street Railway and Transfer

McBride Sugar Co.

McCabe and Steen Construction Co.

McCleary Lumber

McCloud River

McCloud River Lumber

McCormick and Baxter Creosoting

McCrossing Co.

(M.C.) McCullough and Co.

McDermott Contracting Co.

McDermott Stone Co.

J.J. McDonald Lumber

McDonald's Special

McDonald Steel Corp.


Book 5

McElhaney Cattle Co.

McKeen and Buffalo

McKeesport and Belle Vernon

McKeesport Connecting

McKinney Avenue Transit Authority (Dallas, TX)

McLouth Steel

McMaster Grain Co.

McMillan & Bluedel

H.R. McMillan Export Co.

McMillan Grain

McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co.


Mead Corp.

Meadow Creek Coal Co.

Meadow River Lumber

Mead Paper

Mead Paperboard Products

Meadville Traction Co.

Mears Coal

(Cia) Mechanica Importadore

Medford Lumber Corp.

Medusa Aggregates

Medusa Portland Cement

Meehan Overseas Terminal

Melbourne Harbor Trust

Melbourne Street Railway (Australia)

(E.F.) Melhoramentos No Brazil

Mellen Lumber Company

Memphis Cincinnati and Louisville

Memphis Dallas and Gulf

Memphis Street Railway

Memphis Union Station

Menasha Wooden Ware Co.

Mendes Lima and Company

Mengel Box Co.

C.C. Mengel and Brothers Co.

Mengel Co.

Menlo Park

Menominee Indian Mills


Book 6

Menominee and Marinette Railway and Light Co.

Menominee Sugar Co.

Menzel Lumber

Meramec Portland Cement and Materials Co.

Merced Gold Mine Co.


Merchants Grain Co.



Meridian and Bigbee

Meridian and Bigbee River

Meridian and Cromwell

Meridian Lumber

Meridith Lumber

Meriweather Gravel Co.

(A) Merrilees Ltd (Dealer)

Merritt - Chapman - Scott Construction Co.

Mesaba Railway Co.

Mesabi Cliffs Mining

Metal Processing

Met Life Capital Ltd

Metra (Metropolitan Rail) (IL)

Metro North


Metropolitan Boston Transit Authority

Metropolitian Coach Lines (Los Angeles, CA)

Metropolitan Sanitary District of Chicago

Metropolitan Stevedore

Metropolitan Street Railway (Kansas City, MO)

Metropolitan Street Railway (New York, NY)

Metropolitan Transit Authority

(The) Metz Packing Co.

Mexico - Acero Monterey

Mexico - A Estrada de Ferro des Miguel Ao Rio De Contas

Mexico - (F.C. de) Amaga

Mexico - (F.C.) Ambalema-Ibague

Mexico (F.C.) Andino

Box 50


Book 1

Mexico - (F.C. de) Caldas

Mexico - Cananza Rio Yaqui and Pacifico

Mexico - (F.C. de) Cardenas y Jucaro

Mexico - (F.C. de) Cauca

Mexico - Cementos Atoyac Co.

Mexico - Central Mercedita

Mexico - Central of Mexico

Mexico - Central Moron

Mexico - Central del Norte

Mexico - Cerverza Moctezuma

Mexico - Chihauhua Mineral

Mexico - Chihuahua Pacific

Mexico - Coahuila y Zacatecas

Mexico - (F.C. del) Cobre

Mexico - Cobierno Federal Mexicano

Mexico - Guadalajara

Mexico - (F.C) Il a Moquegua

Mexico - Ingenio el Potrero

Mexico - (F.C.) Interoceanico

Mexico Investment and Construction Co.

Mexico - Juarez

Mexico - (F.C. de) La Sabana

Mexico - Matamoros y Santa Cruz

Mexico - Matamoros Street Railway

Mexico - (F.C de) Matanzas

Mexico - Mazapil Copper

Mexico - (F.C de) Merida a Valladolid Ramala a Progreso

Mexico - Mexicano

Mexico - Mexicano International

Mexico - Mexico City

Mexico - Mexican Sugar Refining

Mexico - (F.C) Militar de Jucaro a Moron

Mexico - Minera Mexicana Penoles

Mexico - MNCC

Mexico - Nacozari

Mexico - National

Mexico - National Construction

Mexico - National Norte Seccion

Mexico - National Pacifico

Mexico - (F.C del) Norte


Book 2

Mexico - Oaxaca

Mexico - Occidental de Mexico

Mexico - Oceanic Internationale

Mexico - Oceanic Mexicano

Mexico - (F.C. del) Oeste

Mexico - Oeste de Minas

Mexico - (Del) Pacifico

Mexico - Potosi and Rio Verde

Mexico - (F.C. de) Salaverry a Trujillo

Mexico - (F.C. de) San Marcos a Tecolutla

Mexico - Santa Fe and Perry Traction Co.

Mexico - Secretary of Communications

Mexico - Society of Agriculture and Industry

Mexico - (De) Sonora

Mexico - Sonora Baja California

Mexico - Sureste Railroad

Mexico - Tampico

Mexico - (F.C. de) Tatetla

Mexico - Tehautepec

Mexico - Toluca and Cuatitlan

Mexico - Toluca a Tenango

Mexico - (del) Valle de Mexico

Mexico - Vera Cruz Terminal

Mexico - (F.C.) Yaguajay

Mexico - (F.C. Unidos de) Yucatan - Construction

Mexico - (F.C. Constitucionalistas en) Yucatan

MHC, Inc.

Miami Beach Electric Railway

Miami (City of)

Miami and Erie Canal Transportation Co.

Miamisburg and Germanstown Traction

Michigan Alkali Company

Michigan Central

Michigan Chemical Co.

Michigan City Traction Co.

Michigan Council for the Arts

Michigan Electric Railway

Michigan Elevator Co.


Book 3

Michigan Elevator Exchange

Michigan Interstate Railway Authority

Michigan Limestone

Michigan Limestone and Chemical

Michigan Northern

Michigan Railway

Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana

Michigan, State of

Michigan Traction

Michigan United Railways Lansing City Lines

Michigan United Traction

Michoacan y Pacifico

Mid America Car

Mid Atlantic

Mid Atlantic Materials

Mid-Continent Iron Co.

Mid Continent Railway Museum

Middleburg and Schoharie

Middle Creek

Middle Fork Railroad Co.

Middle Tennessee

Middleton and Smith

Middletown and Hummelstown

Middletown and New Jersey

Middletown and Orange

Middletown and Unionville

Mid Iowa Coop

Midland Atlantic

Midland Continental

Midland Electric and Coal Corp.

Midland and Great Northern Jointry

Midland Railway of Australia

Midland Railway (England)

Midland Railway Co. of Manitoba

Midland Railway of Baldwin, KS

MIdland Railway (USA)

Midland Terminal

Midland Valley

Mid Louisiana Rail Corp.



Book 4

Mid-South Railroad

Mid-South Terminal

Midvale Company

Midvalley Coal Co.


Midwest Bottle Gas Co.

Midwest By-Products

Midwest Catsup

Midwest Central

Midwest Energy Service Co.

Midwest Rail Historical Foundation

Midwest Steel and Alloy

Midwest Steel Corporation

Midwest Travel Service

S. Miguel Ao Rio de Contas

Milchem, Inc.

Military Engineers of Havana

Millars Karri and Jarrah Forests

Miller Brewing Co.

Miller Compressing

Miller and Hart

Miller Lumber

T.R. Miller Mill Co.

H.L. Mills

Millwood Coal and Coke Company

Milstead Railroad

Milwaukee Coke and Gas

Milwaukee Electric

Milwaukee Northern

Milwaukee Rockford and Southwestern

Milwaukee and Saint Paul

Milwaukee Solvay Coke

Milwaukee Solvents and Chemicals

Milwaukee Vinegar

Minarets and Western


Book 5

Minas Y Ferro Carril

(Cia) Minas Recreio

Mine Hill

Mine La Motte Company

Mineola Hempstead and Freeport

Mineral Lake Logging Co.

Mineral Range

Minerals and Chemicals Philipp Corp.

Mineral Wells Electric Co.

Mine Tie Treating Plant

Minneapolis Anoka and Cayuna Range

Minneapolis - City of Lakes

Minneapolis Eastern

Minneapolis Filtration Plant

Minneapolis - Lake Minnetonka Electric Line

Minneapolis Lindale and Lake Calhoun

Minneapolis Lyndale and Minnetonka

Minneapolis and Northern

Minneapolis Northfield and Southern

Minneapolis and Pacific

Minneapolis and Rainey River

Minneapolis and Saint Louis

Minneapolis Saint Paul and Ashland

Minneapolis Saint Paul Rochester and Dubuque - Dan Patch Lines

Minneapolis Saint Paul and Sault Ste Marie


Book 6

Minneapolis Saint Paul and Sault Ste Marie

Minneapolis and Saint Paul Suburban

Minneapolis Commercial

Minnesota Corn Processors Inc.

Minnesota Dakota Farmers Coop

Minnesota Dakota and Western

Minnesota and International

Minnesota Iowa Dakota Packing Co, Inc.

Minnesota and Manitoba

Minnesota Mining and Mfg Co.

Minnesota Northwestern Electric Railroad - Dan Patch Lines

Minnesota and Ontario Paper Co.

Minnesota Power and Light

Minnesota Railway Transfer Co.

Minnesota Transfer

Minnesota Transportation Museum

Minnesota Valley

Minnesota Western

Minnesota Zephyr

Minnesota Zoological Gardens

Miranda Guimaraes

Miranda Sugar Co.

Missabe-Cliffs Mining Co.

Mississippi and Alabama


Mississippi Central

Mississippi Delta

Mississippi Eastern Railway Co.

Mississippi Export


Box 51


Book 1

Mississippi Power Co.

Mississippi Railway

Mississippi Railway Corp.

Mississippi River and Bonne Terre

Mississippi and Skuna Valley

Mississippi Valley Electric Railway

Mississippi Valley Public Service Co.

Mississippi Valley Silica

Mississippi Valley Transit Co.

Missoula Street Railway

Missouri Farmers Association

Missouri - Illinois

Missouri Illinois Bridge and Belt

Missouri Iowa and Nebraska

Missouri and Kansas Railway

Missouri Kansas and Eastern

Missouri Kansas Texas

Missouri Kansas and Texas of Texas

Missouri and Louisiana

MIssouri and Norrth Arkansas

Missouri Oklahoma and Gulf

Missouri Pacific


Book 2

Missouri Pacific

Missouri Portland Cement

Missouri Power and Light

Missouri River and Bonne Terre

Missouri River Fort Scott and Gulf

Missouri River and Northwestern

Missouri River Sand Material

Missouri Southern

Missouri Water Light and Traction

Mitchell Brothers

W.G. Mitchell Lumber Co.




Mobile and Gulf

Mobile Jackson and Kansas City

Mobile Light and Power Co.

Mobile and Montgomery

Mobile and Ohio

Mobile Oil

Mobile River Saw Mill

Mobile and Western

Mobley Co-Applied Chemical Division

Moffat Coal Co.

Mohawk and Hudson River

Mojave Northern

Monadnock Steamtown and Northern

Monangan Coal and Coke Co.

Monarch Cement

Monarch Foods

Moncton Tramways

Monessen Southwestern

Monmouth County Electric Railway

Monolith Midwest Portland Cement

Monon Crushed Stone



Book 3

Monongahela Connecting

Monongahela Power Co.

Monongahela River

Monongahela - West Penn

Monroe Logging Co.

Monroe Sand and Gravel Co.

Monroeville Coop (OH)

Monsanto Chemical

Monson Railroad

Monson River Railroad

Montague Steel

Montana Rail Link

Montana Western

Montana Western and Rarus Railway

Montana Wyoming and Southern

Monte-Carlo Rack

Monte Rico Grande Co. (Peru)

Montezuma Copper Co.

Montgomery and Chester Electric Railway (PA)

Montgomery Gravel Co.

Montgomery Lumber Co.

Montgomery - Roquemore Gravel

Montgomery Transit Co.

Monticello and Sangamon Valley

Montmorency Incline Railroad


Montoursville Passenger Railway

Montpelier and Barre

Montpelier and Wells River

Montreal and Atlantic

Montreal Locomotive Works

Montreal Street Railway

Montreal Tramways

Montreal Urban Community Transportation Commission (CTCUM)

Montrose Railway

Moore Central


Book 4

Moore-Keppel and Co.

Moosejaw Electric

Moplen Novamont Corp.

Morehead and North Fork

Morehouse and Southwestern

Morenci Mine (Phelps-Dodge Corp)

Morgan Coke Co.

Morgan Packing Co.

Morgans Louisiana and Texas

Morgantown and Kingwood

Morgantown and Wheeling

John Morrell and Co.

Morrell Refrigerator Line

George H. Morrill Co.

Morri Railway (India)

A.G. Morris

Morris County Central (NJ)

Morris County Railroad (NJ)

Morris and Essex

Morris-Nover Iron Co.


Morrison-Knudsen Leasing

Morrissey Fernice and Michael

Morristown and Erie

Morse Brothers

Morse Brothers Lumber Co.

Morse and Ory

Mortimer Creek Railroad

Morton Salt Company

Moscow Camden and San Augustine

Moshassuck Valley

Mosinee Paper Mills

(Estrada de Ferro de) Mossoro

Moss Tie Co.

MPI (Motive Power International)

Motley County Railway

Mount Adams Incline

Mountain Central

Mountain Copper Co.


Book 5

Mountain Diesel Transportation

Mountain Lake Electric Railroad

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Pine Lumber, Ltd

Mount Airy and Eastern

Mount Beacon Incline

Mount Blanca and Western

Mount Carbon Co, Ltd.

Mount Emily Lumber Co.

Mount Hamilton Incline Railway

Mount Hood

Mount Hope Mineral

Mount Jewett Kinzua and Ritersville

Mount Lowe Incline

Mount Lowe Railway

Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Co.

Mount McGregor

Mount Mitchell Railroad

Mount Pisgah Plane

Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad

Mount Shasta Lumber

Mount Shasta Pine Mfg

Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railway

Mount Tom Railroad

Mount Vernon Alexandria and Washington

Mount Vernon Car Co.

Mount Vernon Electric Railway Co.

Mount Vernon Milling Co.

Mount Vernon Railway and Light Co.

Mount Vernon Terminal Railway

Mount Vernon Transfer

Mower Lumber Co.

Moxahola Valley Railroad

Mozambique (Caminhos de Ferro du)

M.R. & P.B. Railroad

M-S C & M Co.


Mud Bay Logging

Muessel Brewing Co. (South Bend, IN)


Book 6

Mukden Hailung Railway

Muller Shall and Co.

Muncie Hartford and Fort Wayne Railroad

Muncie and Western

Municipal Docks and Terminals

Municipal Railway (Monroe, LA)

Municipal Railway of San Francisco

Municipality of East Troy (WI)

Munising Railway

Murfreesboro and Nashville

Murphy Brothers

Murphy and Diggins

Murphysboro Electric Railway Light Heat and Power

Murphysboro and Southern Illinois Railway

Muskegon Railway and Navigation

Muskingum Electric

Muskogee Electric Traction Co.

Muskoka Railway

Mutual Engineering Co.

Myrtle Grove Plantation (FL)

Mysore Iron Works

Nacogdoches and Southeastern

Nahma and Northern

Naive-Spillers Corporation

Nalco Chemical Co.



Nantucket Beach

Nantucket Central

Napierville Junction

Naples Terminal

Naporano Iron

Narragansett Pier

Nash County Railroad

Nashua Electric Railway

Nashville and Ashland City

Nashville and Chattanooga

Nashville Chattanooga and St. Louis

Nashville and Eastern


Box 52


Book 1

Nashville Franklin Interurban

Nashville and Northwestern

Nashville and Terminal

Nassau Recycle Corp.

Natal Railway

Natalbany and Western

Natchez and Hamburg

Natchez Trace

Natchez Urania and Ruston


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

National Aluminate Corp.

National Biscuit Company

National Bureau of Standards (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)

National Car Company

National Cash Register Co.

National Castings

National Container Corp.

National Cylinder Gas

National Despatch Line

National Gypsum Company

National Harbor Board

National Hoquiam Washington

National Lime and Stone Company

National Lumber and Creosote

National Metal and Steel

National Mining Co.

National Railroad Museum

National Rail Steel Company Mill

National Railway Equipment Leasing

National Railway Historical Society

National Railway Historical Society - Atlanta Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Baltimore Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Charleston Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Gulf Coast Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Horseshoe Curve Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Old Dominion Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Promonotory Chapter


Book 2

National Railway Historical Society - Roanoke Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Saint Louis Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Tidewater Chapter

National Railway Historical Society - Watauga Valley Chapter

National Starch Co.

National Steel

National Sugar Refining Co.

National Sun Industries

National Tube Plant

Naumkeag Street Railway

Navajo Mine

Naval Ammunition Depot (Crane, IN)

Naval Dock Yard (Japan)

Naval Gun Factory

Naval Supply Annex (Oakland, CA)

Naval Supply Center (Charleston, SC)

Naval Weapons Service Center (Crane, INS)

(Estrada de Ferro de) Nazareth

N.B.S.L. (Singer Mfg Co.)

NCMC (Britt, IA)

Neal Gravel

Nebraska Central

Nebraska - Kansas

Nebraska Midland Railroad

Nebraska Public Power District

Nebraska Traction and Power Co.

Nebraska Western Technical College (Sidney, NE)

J. Neils Lumber Co.

Nekoosa Paper Co.

Nelio Chemical Inc.

Nelson and Albemarle

Nelson Machinery

Nelson Street Railway

Nemix Leasing

Neosho Construction Co.

Neosho Quarry

Neptune Terminal

Nessen Lumber Company

Nestle Food

Nesttun Asdanen (Norway)


Netherlands Oversea Mills

Arthur Newman Construction Co.


Book 3

Nevada - California - Oregon

Nevada Central

Nevada Consolidated Copper Co.

Nevada Copper Belt

Nevada County Traction Co. (NV)

Nevada Electric

Neversweat and Washoe Railroad

New Albany and Louisville Railway

Newark North Railway

Newark and South Orange

Newaukum Valley

New Bedford

New Bedford and Onset Street Railway

New Bedford and Taunton

New Bern - Ghent Street Railway

New Boston Coke Corp.

New Braunfels Power Plant

New Brunswick

New Brunswick and Canada

Newburgh Duchess and Connecticut

Newburgh and South Shore

Newcastle Coal Co.

New Castle Street Railway

New Castle Traction Co.

New Cornelia Branch Railroad (Phelps-Dodge)

Newell Bridge and Railway Co.

Newell and Bryant

Newell and Company

New England Gas and Coke Co.

New England Milling

New England Southern

New Georgia Railroad

New Hampshire Electric Railways

New Hampshire North Coast

New Hampshire and Vermont

New Haven Derby and Ansonia

New Haven and Dunbar

New Haven Trap Rock

New Hope and Luyland

New Jersey Indiana and Illinois

New Jersey Midland


Book 4

New Jersey and New York

New Jersey Public Service

New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Co.

New Jersey Southern

New Jersey Transit

New Jersey Zinc Co. of Pennsylvania

New Keihan Railway (Japan)

New London Northern

W.J. Newman

New Mexico and Southern Pacific

New Niquero Sugar Co.

New Orleans Fort Jackson and Grand Isle

New Orleans Great Northern

New Orleans and Lower Coast

New Orleans Mobile and Chicago

New Orleans Natalbany and Natchez

New Orleans and Northeastern

New Orleans and Northwestern

New Orleans Public Belt

New Orleans Public Service

New Orleans Railway and Light Co.

New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board

New Orleans Terminal Co.

New Orleans Texas and Mexico

New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal

New Park and Fawn Grove Railroad

Newport News

Newport News Hampton and Old Point Railway and Electric Co.

Newport News and Mississippi Valley

Newport Railway Co.

Newport and Shermans Valley

Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock

New Russia Co, Ltd

New South Wales - Silverton Trailway


Book 5

New South Wales (State)

Newton Asphalt

Newton and Boston Street Railway

Newton and North Western

Newton Street Railway Co.

New York and Bermuda Co.

New York Central

New York Central and Hudson River

New York Chicago and Saint Louis

New York City and Northern

New York City Transit Authority

New York City Transportation Commission

New York Dock

New York Elevated Railroad

New York and Erie

New York and Green Wood Lake

New York and Harlem

New York Lackawanna and Western

New York and Lake Erie

New York Lumber Co.

New York Metropolitan Transit Authority

New York Midland

New York Municipal Transit Authority


Book 6

New York and New England

New York New Haven and Hartford

New York and Northern

New York and North Shore Traction Co.

New York Ontario and Western

New York and Pennsylvania

New York Pennsylvania and Ohio

New York and Pennsylvania Paper Co.

New York Philadelphia and Norfolk

New York Providence and Boston

New York and Queens County Railway Co.

New York and Queens Traction Co.

New York Railways Co.

New York and Sea Beach

New York State Electric and Gas

New York State Railways

New York Street Railway

New York Susquehanna and Western

New York Westchester and Boston

New York West Shore and Buffalo

New Yuma and Long Island Traction Co.

New Zealand - Auckland

New Zealand Railways

New Zealand Tramways

Nez Perce and Idaho

Nez Perce Pomeroy

Nez Perce Railroad

Niagara Falls Belt Line

Niagara Falls Great Gorge Route

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

Niagara Gorge Railway

Niagara Mohawk Electric Co.

Niagara River and Gorge Railroad

Niagara Saint Catherine's and Toronto

Niagara Welland and Lake Erie

(F.C. de) Nicaragua

Nicaragua - National

Nichols and Shephard Co.

Nicholson Terminal and Dock

Niles and New Lisbon


Box 53


Book 1

Nilgiri Railway

Nipe Bay Company

Nippon Railway

Nitram Chemical

Nittany and Bald Eagle

NL Industries

James F. Nolen - Contractor (Germantown)

Nome - Arctic Railroad


Nord Kaolin

Norfolk and Carolina Railroad Company

Norfolk Coal and Coke Co. (Lick Branch Colliery)

Norfolk Franklin and Danville

Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line

Norfolk and Portsmouth Traction Co.

Norfolk Southern

Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Richard Norris and Sons

North American Car Corp.

North American Cement Co.

North American Coal

North American Dispatch Co.

North American Rayon Corp.

North American Silica Corp.

Northampton and Bath

Northampton Street Railway

Northampton Traction Co.

North Arkansas

North Carolina Granite


Book 2

North Carolina Ports Railway

North Carolina Power Co.

North Carolina Public Service

North Carolina State Ports

North Carolina and Virginia

North Central Grain

North Central Oklahoma Railroad

North Central Texas Railroad

North Chicago Street Railroad

North Coast Lines

North-Eastern Railroad of Georgia

North-Eastern Railway (England)

Northeast Illinois Railroad Corp.

Northeast Kansas and Missouri

Northeast Oklahoma


Northern Alberta

Northern Cambria

Northern Chemical Industries

Northern Equipment

Northern Illinois Electric Railway

Northern Indiana

Northern Indiana Public Service Co.

Northern Michigan Traction Co.

Northern Missouri Railroad

Northern Natal Navigation Collieries, Ltd (Makatees Kop Colliery)

Northern and Northwestern

Northern of Brazil

Northern Ohio Power and Light Co.

Northern Ohio Refrigerator Despatch

Northern Ohio Traction and Light Co.

Northern Pacific

Northern Pacific and Idaho

Northern Pacific Terminal

Northern Pennsylvania

Northern Petrochemical


Book 3

Northern Pump Co.

Northern Railroad of New Jersey

Northern Rail Service

Northern Railways of Costa Rica

Northern Railway of France

Northern Railway of New Hampshire

Northern Redwood Lumber Co.

Northern Refrigerator Line

Northern States Power (MN)

Northern States Power Co. (Fargo, ND)

Northern Texas Traction Co.

North Florida

North Ireland - Belfast Tramways

North Jersey Quarry Co.

North Jersey Rapid Transit Co.

North Kankakee Railway

North Kansas City Bridge and Railway Co.


North London

North Louisiana and Gulf

North Louisiana and Texas

North Negros Sugar Co.

North Pacific Coast

North Park Railway Co.

North Penn

North River Coal and Wharf

North Shore

North Star Steel

Northumberland County Railway

Northwestern Electric Service Co.

Northwestern Elevated Railroad Co.

Northwestern Iron Co.

Northwestern Ohio Railway and Light Co.

Northwestern Oklahoma

Northwestern Pacific

Northwestern Portland Cement

Northwestern Railway (India)

Northwestern Railway (North Carolina)


Book 4

Northwestern Refrigerator Lines

Northwestern States Portland Cement Co.

Northwest Lumber and Cooperage

Northwest Paper Co.

Northwest Steel Rolling Mills

Northwest Suburban Mass Transit Co.

(S.A.) Northwest Trading Co.

North Wisconsin

Northwood Lumber

Norton Coal Co.

(A.O.P.) Norton Griffith and Co, Ltd.

Norton and Northern

Norton Timber Co.

Norway - Bergen

Norway - Kristiania

Norway - Oslo

Norwich and Westerly Railway

Norwich and Worcester

Norwood and Saint Lawrence

Notre Dame and Western

Nova Scotia Lumber

Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Co., Ltd.

N-Ren Nitrogen

NS American Construction Co.

Ntra-Sra del Carmen

Nuckolls Refrigerator Line

Nucor Steel

Nueches County Navigation District (Port of Corpus Christi)

ye and Nissen Refigerator Lines

Oahu Sugar Co.

Oakbank Oil Co.

Oak Grove Historical Society

Oakhurst Lumber Co.

Oakland and Antioch Railway

Oakland Dock and Warehouse

Oakland Nail Works

Oakland Terminal Railway

Oaklawn Plantation

Oakway Inc.


Book 5

Oakway Inc.

Oakwood and Dayton View Railway

(I.F.F.R.C.) Obras do Porto Amarracao

John O’Brien and Co.

Occidental Chemical Corp.

Ocean City Western

Ocean Shore

Ocean Shore Railroad

Ocean View Railroad Co.

O.C. Industries

H.J. O’Connell Lumber Co.

Oconto Company


O.D. and R.R. Co.

Oden Gravel Co.

Oelwein Farmers Coop

F.C. Oeste de la Habana

(Ferro Carriles del) Oeste del Paraguay

Ogden Arsenal – U.S. Army

Ogden Logan and Idaho Railway Co.

Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain

Ogden Street Railway


Oglebay Norton Co.

Ohio Central Railroad

Ohio Central Traction Co.

Ohio Crane

Ohio Edison

Ohio Electric Railway

Ohio Grain

Ohio Indiana and Western

Ohio and Kentucky

Ohio Lime Plant

Ohio and Michigan Sand and Gravel Co.

Ohio Midland Light and Power Co.

Ohio and Mississippi

Ohio and Mississippi River

Ohio and Morenci

Ohio Power Company


Book 6

Ohio Public Service

Ohio Railway Museum

Ohio River

Ohio River Company

Ohio River Electric Power Co.

Ohio River Sand and Gravel

Ohio River and Western

Ohio Southern

Ohio and Southern Traction

Ohio Steel Foundry

Ohio Valley Electric Railway

Ohio and West Virginia

Ohio Works


Oil City Street Railway Co.

Oil Creek and Allegheny

Okee, Inc.

Oklahoma Central

Oklahoma City Ada and Atoka

Oklahoma and Eastern

Oklahoma Gas and Electric

Oklahoma Kansas Texas Railway

Oklahoma New Mexico and Pacific

Oklahoma Railways

Oklahoma and Rich Mountain

Okmulgee Northern

Okmulgee Refining Co.

Okolona Houston and Calhoun County

Ola-Ockelbo Norrsundet

Old Bangor Slate Co.

Old Ben Coal Corporation

Old Dominion Iron and Steel

Old Forester

Old Orchard Beach

Olin Chemical

Olin Corp

Olin Mathieson Chemical

Oliver Farm Equipment Co.


Box 54


Book 1

Oliver Iron Mining

Olson Shows

Olympic Portland Cement

Omaha and Council Bluffs

Omaha Kansas City and Eastern

Omaha Lincoln and Beatrice Railway

Omaha Public Power District

Omaha and Republican Valley

Omaha Street Railway

Onahan Sugar Plantation Co.

One Hundred One Ranch

Oneida Railways

Oneida and Western

One Man and Mule Railroad

Oneonta Cooperstown and Richfield Springs Railroad

Oneonta and Mohawk Valley

Oneonta and Otego Valley

Onondega Valley Railway

Ontario Midland

Ontario and Minnesota Forest Products

Ontario Northland

Ontonagan Paper Co.

Opelousas Gulf and North Eastern

Ophir Hill

E.A. Opler Inc.

Oppenheimer Casing Co.

Orange Belt

Orange Blossom Express

Orange County Traction Co.

Orange Empire Railroad Museum

Orchard Supply Hardware

Oregon-California Coast Railway

Oregon and California Railway

Oregon Eastern

Oregon and Eastern Pacific

Oregon and Eureka

Oregon Lumber Co.

Oregon and Northwestern


Book 2

Oregon Portage Co.

Oregon Portland Cement

Oregon Short Line

Oregon and Southeastern

Oregon Steel Mill

Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation

Oregon Water and Power Co.

H.E. Oring

Orinoco Mining Co.

Orlando Utilities Commission

Oro Dam Contractors

Ortner Rapid Discharge Hopper


Osage Railway

Osaka Military Arsenal

Osborn Bay Wharf Co.

Oscar Mayer and Co.

Oskaloosa and Buxton Electric Railway

Ostermann Mfg Co.

Ostrander Railway and Timber Co.

Oswego and Syracuse

Oswego Traction Co.


Otis Elevating Railroad

Ottawa Arnprior and Parry Sound

Ottawa Electric Railway

Otter Tail Valley Railroad

Otter Valley

Otto Chemical Company

Ottumwa Connecting

Ottumwa Railway and Light Co.

Ouachita and Northwestern

Ouachita Valley Railway

Oudh and Rohilkund (India)

Outer Harbor Terminal Railway

Overland Rail Travel Corp.

Overton County (KY)


Owen and Northern

Owensboro City Railroad


Disbound pages but attached to Book 2

Owosso and Corunna Traction Co.

Oxford Group

Ozan Graysonia Lumber Co.

Ozark Land and Lumber Co.

Ozark Water


Book 3

Pennview Mountain

Pennwalt Chemicals


Penoles Mining Co.

Pensacola Electric Terminal Co.

Pensacola Mobile and New Orleans

Peoples Railroad

Peoples Railway (Dayton, OH)

Peoria Decatur and Evansville

Peoria and Eastern

Peoria Locomotive Works

Peoria and Pekin Union

Peoria Street Railway

Peoria Terminal

Pere Marquette

Perini Construction Co.

(E.F. Sul de) Pernambuco

(F.C. de) Peru (Anaconda Copper)

Peru La Salle and Deer Park Railroad

Peru Railway (Peruvian Corp)


Peru – State

Petaluma and Santa Rosa

Peterborough Radial Railway

Petersburg and Appomattox Railway Co.

Petersburg Hopewell Transit Co.

PET, Inc. (Grocery Products Division)


Petrolite Corp (Bardsdall, OK)

Petticoat Junction Railroad

Petticoat Junction and Ghostttown

Pfizer Co.


Phenix Cheese

Philadelphia Bethlehem and New England

Philadelphia Bristol and Trenton


Book 4

Philadelphia and Easton

Philadelphia Electric

Philadelphia and Erie

Philadelphia Gas Works Co.

Philadelphia Market Street

Philadelphia Quartz

Philadelphia and Reading

Philadelphia Reading and New England

Philadelphia Slag Co.

Philadelphia Suburban

Philadelphia Traction Co.

Philadelphia Transportation Commission

Philadelphia and Westchester Traction Co.

Philadelphia and Western

Philadelphia Wilmington and Baltimore

Philippine Railway

Philippines – Manila Railroad Co.

Philippines – Pampanga Sugar Development

Philippines – San Carlos Mining

Phillips Chemical

Phillips Petroleum Co.

Phillips and Pike

Phillips and Rangeley Railroad


Book 5

Phoenix Lumber Co.

Phoenix Portland Cement

Phoenix Steel

Phoenix Street Railway

Phoenix Utility Co.

Pickens Railroad Co.

Piedmont and Elkhorn Valley

Piedmont Fredericksburg and Potomac

Piedmont and Northern

Piedmont Railway and Electric

Piepiao Mines (China)

Pierce Fordyce Oil Association

Pierce Phosphate

Pierre Farmers Elevator Association


(Cia del F.C.Y.M. de) Pimentel

Pinafore Park

Pine Belt Lumber Co.

Pine Creek

Pine Flats Contractors

Pine Hill Coal Co.

Pinehurst Railroad

Pine Mountain Granite

Pioche Pacific

Pioneer Cement

Pioneer and Fayette

Pioneer, Florida Railroad Museum

Pioneer Mining and Mfg Co.

Pioneer Valley

Pioneer and Western

(Estrada de Ferro) Pirahyense

Pirque del Llano

(F.C.) Pisco a Ica

Pittsburgh Allegheny and McKees Rocks

Pittsburgh and Allegheny Valley   

Pittsburgh Bessemer and Lake Erie

Pittsburgh and Butler Street Railway Co.

Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad Co.

Pittsburgh Chartiers and Youghigheny

Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago and St. Louis


Book 6

Pittsburgh Cincinnati and Saint Louis

Pittsburgh Coal Co.

Pittsburgh and Conneaut Dock

Pittsburgh and Connellsville

Pittsburg County Railway

Pittsburgh Fort Wayne and Chicago

Pittsburgh Glass and Sand

Pittsburgh Harmony Butler and New Castle Electric Railway

Pittsburgh Incline

Pittsburgh Johnstown Ellensburg and Eastern

Pittsburgh and Lake Erie

Pittsburgh Lisbon and Western

Pittsburgh Locomotive Works

Pittsburgh and McKeesport

Pittsburgh McKeesport and Youngstown

Pittsburgh Metallurgical

Pittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.

Pittsburgh Provision Packing

Pittsburgh Railways

Pittsburgh and Shawmut

Pittsburgh Shawmut and Northern

Pittsburgh Shawmut and Southern

Pittsburgh Shenango and Lake Erie

Pittsburgh Southern Railroad

Pittsburgh Steel

Pittsburgh Transit Authority

Pittsburgh and West Virginia

Pittsfield Electric Street Railway

Pjaro Valley Railroad

Plant System


Box 55


Book 1

Plasser American

Plasser Theurer

Pleasant Prairie

PLM Inc.

PLM Railcar Management Services Canada, Ltd

Pluto Water

Plymouth Cordage Co.

Plymouth Locomotive Works

Plymouth and Sandwich Street Railway

Plywood Adhesives Co.

Plymouth Short Line


P.M. Company

P.M.G. Company

P.M. & M Co.

Pocono Northeast

Point Comfort and Northern

Poitevent and Fayre Lumber Co.

Poland – State

Poland – Warsaw

Polar Refrigerator Car Co.

Polar Wave Ice and Fuel Co.

Polochic Banana Co.

Polson Log Co.

Pomona Fairgrounds

Ponca Lube Oil Co.

Ponce and Guyama Railroad

Ponemah Mills

Poplar Grove Plantation (LA)
Poplarville Sawmill Co.

Porcella Vicini (Santo Domingo)

Portage Lake and Muskegon River

Portagalete Ceuhal

Port Angeles Western

Port Arthur Traction

Port Arthur Utilities

Port Authority of Allegheny County (PA)

Port Dover and Lake Huron


Book 2

Porter Brothers

Porter Carstens Logging Co.

Porter Locomotive works (H.K. Porter Co.)

Port Huron and Detroit

Port Huron and Northwestern

Port Isabel and Rio Grande Valley

Port Jervis Electric Street Railway

Portland and Brunswick Electric

Portland Cement of Brazil

Portland Cement of Ontario

Portland Electric

Portland Eugene and Eastern

Portland General Electric

Portland and Kennebec

Portland Lewiston Interurban

Portland Light Railway

Portland and Ogdensburg

Portland Public Docks

Portland Railroad Co.

Portland Railway Light and Power

Portland and Rochester

Portland and Rumford Falls

Portland Southwestern

Portland Terminal (ME)

Portland Terminal (OR)

Portland Traction Co.

Portland Tri-Met LRT

Portland and Willamette Valley

Port Manatee

Porto Alegre and Uruguayana

Port of Longview

Port of Los Angeles

Port of Montreal

Port of Olympia

Port of Palm Beach

Port of Tacoma

Port of Tampa

Port of Tillamook Bay


Book 3

Port of Vancouver

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan

Potlatch Forest Products

Potlatch Lumber Co.

Potomac Edison

Potomac Electric Power Co.

Potomac Fredericksburg and Piedmont

Potts and Callahan

Pottstown Passenger Railway

Poughkeepsie and Eastern

Poughkeepsie Hartford and Boston

Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls

Robert H. Powell and Company

Power Flow Vegetable Oils

Power Silicates Inc.

PQ Corp

Prairie Central

Prairie Dog Central Railroad

Prairie Pebble Phosphate Co.

Prairie States Warehouse

Prairie Trunk Railway

Prattsburgh Railroad Corp.

Preamble Express

Precision Engineering

Precision National

Prescott and Northwestern

Presidente Gomez


Preston and Berlin Railway

Preston Duffy Co.

Pretoria Portland Cement Co, Ltd.

J.F. Prettyman and Sons

Prima Co. (Chicago)

Prince Edward Island

Princeton Street Railway

Principe do Grao Para

J.H. Pritchard

Private Cars (Various railroads)

Probst Gypsum Works


Book 4

Port Reading Creosote Plant

Port Royal Industries

Port Royal Railroad

Portsmouth Kittery and York Street Railway

Portsmouth Public Service Co.

Port Stanley Terminal Rail Inc.

Portugal – Lisbon

Portugal – State

Portugal – Tranvia Terminal

Portuguese East Africa

Port Utilities Commission (Charleston, SC)
Port Vue Street Railway

Porvenir de Matehuala

H.G. Poss Boiler Works


Potash Co. of America

Procor, Ltd


(The) Proctor Coal Co.

Proctor and Gamble

Producers Creamery Co.

Producers Grain Corp.

Producers Produce Co.

Profile and Franconia Notch

Progressive Refrigerator Line

Proler Steel

Prolong Amento (E.F. de) Baturite

Providence and Danielson Railway

Providence and Worcester

Provincial of Buenos Aires


Publicker Industries

Public Belt Railroad (New Orleans)

Public Service Co. of Chicago

Public Service of Colorado

Public Service Co. of Indiana

Public Service Co. of Maywood

Public Service Co. of New Jersey

Public Service Co. of Oklahoma

Public Service Coordinated Transport

Public Service Electric Power Co.


Book 5

Public Works (Australia)

Publishers Paper

Puebla City Railway

Pueblo Street Railway

Puerto Rico Scenic Railway

Puffing Billy Steam Railway (Tourist)

Puget Power

Puget Sound Butter and Egg

Puget Sound and Baker River

Puget Sound and Cascade Railway

Puget Sound Electric Railway

Puget Sound Naval Yard

Puget Sound Power and Light Co.

Puget Sound Shore

Pulaski Iron Co.


Pullman Leasing

Pullman Standard Car Mfg

Punjab Public Works

Punta Alegre Sugar Co.

Purdue University

Purdy Co.

Pure Oil Co.

Puritan Malt

Putnam Lumber Company

Pyrofax Gas



Quaboag Transfer

Quaker Oats

Quakertown and Bethlehem

Quakertown and Eastern

Quebec Central

Quebec Chartiers Mining

Quebec Iron and Titanium

Quebec and Lake Saint John

Quebec Montreal and Southern

Quebec North Shore and Labrador

Book 6

Quebec North Shore and Labrador

Quebec and North Shore Paper

Quebec Street Railway

Queens Borough Bridge Railway

Queensland Railways

Quincy Lumber Co.

Quincy Omaha and Kansas City

Quincy Railroad Co.

Quincy Railway (Quincy, IL)

Quincy Soybean

Quincy and Torch Lake

Quincy Western

Quisqueya Sugar Co.

Quitman Lumber Co.

Radford Stone Corp.

W.G. Ragley Lumber Co.

Rahway Valley


Rail Car America

Railcar Maintenance Co.

Railco, Inc.

Rail Gondola

Rail Museum (Greensburg, IN)

Rail Rhodes

Railroad Passenger Car, Inc.

Rails Diversified

Rails End RV Park

(RSS) Rail Switching Service

Rail Systems

Rail to Water Transfer Corp.

Railway Appliance Research, Ltd

Railway Asphalt Block Co.

Railway Equipment Leasing Co.

Railway Express

Railway and Industrial Service

Railway Maintenance Corp.

Railway Service Corp.

Railway Switching Service


Box 56

Book 1

Railway Weed Control

Raine Lumber Company

Rainey Wood Coke Co.

Raleigh and Cape Fear

Raleigh and Charleston

Raleigh and Gaston

Raleigh and Southport

Ralston General

Ralston Purina

Ramal and Corocoro

Ramal (Ferreo da) Capital de Minas

Ramal Dumont


Rangeley and Phillips Lakes

Rapid City Black Hills and Western

Rapides Gravel Co.

Rapides Lumber Co, Ltd

Rapid Railway

Rapoco Transportation Co.

Raquette Lake

Raritan River

Raritan River Steel

Rath Packing Co.

Raubis Central Power

Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway

Ravenswood Spencer and Glen

Rawhide Short Line

Ray and Gila Valley

Ray Lumber Co.

Raymond Concrete Pile Co.

Raymond Industries



Reade Mfg Co.

Reader Railroad

Reading (PA)

Reading Anthracite

Reading Iron Co.


Book 2

Reading Street Railway

Ready Mixed Concrete Co.

Rebel Railroad

Red Ash Sales and Processing

Rede de Viacao Parana Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Rede Sul Mineria

Redondo Railroad

Red River and Gulf

Red River Lumber Co.

Red River Valley and Western

Red Run Coal Co.

Red Springs and Northern

Red Top Milk Co (East Troy, WI)

Redwood Lumber Co.

Reed Crushed Stone

Reeds Lake Street Railway Co.

Refined Syrups and Sugars Inc.

Regina Municipal Railway

Regional Transit Metro (Sacramento, CA)

Regional Transportation Authority (IL)

Regional Transit Authority (New Orleans)

Reichold Chemical

Reid Newfoundland Co, Ltd

C. Reiss Coal Co.


Relco Nevada Corp.

Remington Arms Co.

Renkens Milk and Cream

Rensselaer and Saratoga

Republic Iron and Steel Co.

Republic Locomotive Works

Republic Steel


Reserve Mining Co.


Book 3

Rexall Chemical

Reynolds Aluminum

Reynolds Metal Co.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

Reynoldsville and Falls Creek

(E de F) Rezende a Bocaina

Rhaetian Railways

Rhinelander Paper Company

Rhodesian Railways

Rib Lake Lumber

Riceland Foods

Sid Richardson Carbon Co.

Richmond Ashland Railway

Richmond Cedar Works

Richmond and Danville

Richmond Deepwater Terminal

Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac

Richmond Leasing Co.

Richmond and Petersburg

Richmond Petersburg Railway

Richmond Street Railway

Richmond Terminal

Richmond –Washington Line

Riddlesburg Coal and Iron

(The) Ridge Runner


S. Rinard

Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus

Ringwood Mining Corp.

Rinker Materials

Rio Cauto Sugar Company

Rio Dos Foods

(Estrada de Ferro) Rio Douro

Rio Grande del Norte

Rio Grande do Sol (Brazil)


Book 4

Rio Grande and Eagle Pass

Rio Grande Eastern

Rio Grande and Port Isabel

Rio Grande Railroad

Rio Grande Southern

Rio Grande and Southwestern

Rio Grande Valley Railway

Rio Grande Western

(E.C.) Rio Negro

Rio Tinto

W.M. Ritter Lumber Co.

River Coal and Wharf

Riverside Iron Works

Riverside Power Mfg Co. (Riverside, IA?)

River Terminal Co.

Roane Iron Co.

Roanoke Railway and Electric Co.

Roanoke Scrap Iron

Roaring Camp and Big Trees

Robbins Railroad

Roberts and Oake

Roberts Brothers Construction Co.

Robertson-McDonald Lumber Co.

Roberval and Saugenay

Robin Hood Beer

Roby and Northern

Rochester City and Brighton Railroad

Rochester and Eastern

Rochester Gas and Electric

Rochester Hornellsville and Lackawanna

Rochester Lockport and Buffalo

Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron

Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad

Rochester and Sodus Bay Railway

Rochester and Southern

Rochester and State Line Railroad

Rochester Subway

Rochester and Syracuse

Rochester Syracuse and Eastern

Rochester Transit Lines (NY)

Rock Castle River

Rock Creek Lumber Co.


Book 5

Rockdale Sandow and Southern

Rockford Beloit and Janesville Railway

Rockford City Traction Co.

Rockford and Interurban Electric

Rockford Public Service Co.

Rockford Street Railway Co.

Rock Hill Street Railway (SC)

Rockingham Railroad

Rock Island Foundry

Rock Island and Peoria

Rock Island Refining

Rock Island Southern

Rock of Ages

Rockport Gravel

Rockport Langdon and Northern

Rockport Redwood Lumber Co.

Rock-Tenn Corp.

Rocton (Rockton?)and Rion

Romaine River Railway

Rome and Northern

Rome Watertown and Ogdensburg

Romny Hythe and Dymchurch

Rondout and Oswego Railroad Co.

Rockton and Rion Railroad

Rocky Branch

Rocky Mountain Brokerage

Rocky Mountain Railroad Museum

Rocky Rover

Rogersnap Forms

Rogue River Valley Railroad Co.

Rohm and Haas

Root Co.

John L. Roper Lumber Co.

Roscoe Snyder and Pacific

John Rosenfields and Sons

Roslagen Railway

H.G. Ross

Ross Gravel

Ross Industries


Book 6

Ross Power House Contractors


Roux Crate and Lumber Co.

Rowland Lumber Co.

Rowlesburg and Southern

Royal Packing Co.

Royster Guano Co.

R.S.M. (Fedaeres) Braziluras

R.S. RS Railway (Siam)

Rubber Corporation of America

Ruddy Refrigerator Line

Rudy Hill

Ruggles and Rademaker

Rumford Falls and Buckfield

Rumford Falls and Rangeley Lakes

Rural Valley Railroad

Russell Miller – King Midas

Russia – Leningrad

Russia – Minsk

Russia – Moscow Kief Veronesh

Russia – Moscow Street Railway

Russia - Moscow Windau Ribinsk

Russia – State


Rutland and Burlington

Rutland Railway Light and Power Co.

Rutland Toluca and Northern

Ryan Car Co.

Philip A Ryan Lumber Co.

S & B C.I. and Railway Co.

Sabanilla Y Moroto (F.C.) Railroad

Sabine and East Texas

Sabine and Neches Valley Railway

Sabine River and Northern

Sacramento Brick Works

Sacramento City Lines

Sacramento Electric Railways Power and Light Co.

Sacramento Locomotive Works


Box 57

Book 1

Sacramento Northern

Sacramento Valley and Eastern

Safe Harbor Water Power Corp.

Sagamore Coal and Coke Co.

Saginaw and Bay City Railway

Saginaw and Manistee Lumber Co.

Saginaw and Mount Pleasant

Saginaw Timber Co.

Saginaw Traction Co.

Saginaw Union Street Railway

Saginaw Valley Traction Co.

S & G Railroad

Sahara Coal Co.

Saint Albans Street Railway Co.

Saint Elizabeth Hospital (Washington, DC)

Saint Hilaire Coop

Saint Johnsbury and Lambille County

Saint Joseph Lead

Saint Joseph Valley Traction Co.

Saint Joseph Zinc Co.

Saint Lawrence Cement

Saint Lawrence Railroad

Saint Lawrence and Raquette River

Saint Louis Alton and Springfield

Saint Louis Alton and Terre Haute

Saint Louis Arkansas and Texas

Saint Louis and Belleville Electric

Saint Louis Bridge Co.

Saint Louis Bridge and Tunnel Co.

Saint Louis Car Co.

Saint Louis Coal Railroad Company

Saint Louis Des Moines and Northern

Saint Louis El Reno and Western

Saint Louis Grain Company

Saint Louis and Hannibal

Saint Louis Hannibal and Keokuk

Saint Louis Independent Packing


Book 2

Saint Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad

Saint Louis Iron Mountain and Southern

Saint Louis and Jennings Railway

Saint Louis Kansas City and Colorado

Saint Louis Material and Supply

Saint Louis Midland

Saint Louis and New Albany

Saint Louis and North Arkansas

Saint Louis and O’Fallon

Saint Louis and Ohio River Railroad

Saint Louis Peoria and Northern

Saint Louis Public Service

Saint Louis Refrigerator Car Company

Saint Louis Rocky Mountain and Pacific Railway

Saint Louis Saint Charles and Western Railroad

Saint Louis San Francisco

Saint Louis Southwestern

Saint Louis Transit Co.

Saint Louis Troy and Eastern

Saint Louis Vandalia and Terre Haute


Book 3

Saint Louis Waterworks Railway

Saint Maries River Railroad

Saint Mary’s Railroad

Saint Marys and Southwestern

Saint Paul Bridge and Terminal

Saint Paul and Des Moines

Saint Paul and Duluth

Saint Paul Minneapolis and Manitoba

Saint Paul and Pacific

Saint Paul and Sioux City

Saint Paul Tacoma Timber Co.

Saint Paul Union Depot

Saint Petersburg Street Railway

Saint Regis Paper Co.

Saint Tammany and New Orleans

J. Sainz and Company

(Ferro Carril de) Salaverry and Trujillo

Saldern Logging Co.

Salem Electric Railroad (OH)

Salem Street Railway Co.

Salem Winona and Southern Railroad

Salina Northern

Salinas Railway Co.

Salina Street and Interurban Railway

Salina Traction Co.

Salling Hanson Co.

Salsburg Refrigerator Co.


Salvador Railway Co, Ltd

Salzburg Rail Products Co.

Samuels Pacific Industries

San Agustine County Lumber Co.

San Antonio and Cypress Railroad

San Antonio Public Service Co.

San Antonio and Rio Grande

Sandersville (GA)

San Diego Electric

San Diego and Southeastern Railway

San Diego and Southern PT Co.

San Diego Street Car Co.

San Domingo Improvement Co.

Sands of Iowa Grain Co.


Book 4

Salt Lake and Ogden

San Antonio Uvalde and Gulf

Saint Lawrence and Adirondack Railway

San Benito and Rio Grande Valley

San Bernadino Valley Traction

Sand and Gravel Co.

(E.F.G.) Sanders and Co.

Sandersville (GA)

San Diego and Arizona

San Diego and Arizona Eastern

San Diego Cable Railway

San Diego Electric

San Diego and Imperial Valley

San Diego Railroad Museum

Sta. F.M. & M Co.

Saginaw Tuscola and Huron

Saint Augustine and South Beach Railway (FL)

Saint Catherines Street Railway

Saint Clair Tunnel

Saint Joe Lumber and Export Co.

Saint Johnsbury and Lamoille County

Saint John’s and Halifax River

Saint John’s Railway

Saint John Sugar

Saint Joseph Belt

Saint Joseph Benton Harbor Street Railway Co.

Saint Joseph and Des Moines Railroad

Saint Joseph and Grand Island

Saint Joseph Packing and Transportation Co.

Saint Joseph Railway Light Heat and Power

Saint Joseph and Savannah Railroad

Saint Joseph Stock Yards Co.

Saint Joseph Street Railway

Saint Joseph Terminal Railroad

Saint Joseph Valley Railway


Book 5

Louis Sands Lumber Co.

Sand Springs

Sandstone Sand and Gravel

Sandusky Coal Dock Corp

Sandusky and Columbus Short Line

Sandusky Mansfield and Newark

Sandwich Windsor and Amherstburg

Sandy River

Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes

San Fernando Rock Co.

Sanford and Eastern

Sanford and Everglades

San Francisco Belt

San Francisco Chemical Co.

San Francisco Napa and Calistoga Railway

San Francisco and North Pacific

San Francisco Oakland and San Jose

San Francisco – Sacramento Railroad

San Francisco and San Mateo

San Francisco Vallejo and Napa Valley Railroad

Sanger Lumber Co.

San Guillermo

San Isidro Railroad

Sanitary District of Chicago

San Joaquin

San Joaquin and Eastern

San Jose Railroad

San Jose and Alum Rock Co.

San Jose and Santa Clara

San Jose – “Los Gatos”

San Jose Sugar Co.

San Luis Central

San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Valley Railroad

San Luis Valley Southern

San Manuel Arizona

San Pedro

San Pedro Los Angeles and Salt Lake

San Pete – Valley

San Rafael and Atlixco – Popocatepetl


Book 6

San Salvatore Cog Railway

Santa Ana Sugar Co.

Santa Barbara and El Vigia

Santa Barbara Consolidated Railway

Santa Barbara and Suburban

Santa Barbara Tie and Pole

Santa Catalina Incline Railway

(Estrada de Ferro) Santa Catharina

Santa Clara County Area Transit

Santa Cruz Capitola and Watsonville Railway Co.

Santa Cruz Cement Co.

Santa Cruz Lumber Railroad

Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad

Santa Fe Northwestern Railway

Santa Fe Southern Pacific

Santa Gertrudis

Santa Maria

(E de F) Santa Maria Magdalena

Santa Maria Valley

(F.C.) Santander a Bilbao

(F.C.) Santander – Timba

Santee Cooper

Santee River Hardwood Co.

Santiago Gas Co.

Santissima (Trinidad)

Santos Amaro (Brazil)

A Santos Company


Sao Paulo (Brazil)

(F.F.) Sao Paulo Rio Grande

(Cia V.F.) Sapucahy

Sapulpa Interurban

Saranac and Lake Mead

Saratoga and Encampment

Saratoga and Schuylerville

Box 58

Book 1

Saratoga and Washington

Saskatchewan Grain Car Corp

Saskatchewan Potash Corp.

Saucon Iron Co.

Saudi Government

Sault Ste Marie Bridge Co.

Sauvage Gas Co.

Savannah and Atlanta

Savannah and Charleston Short Line

Savannah Electric and Power Co.

Savannah Florida and Western

Savannah River Project (USA)

Savannah Skidaway and Seaboard

Savannah State Docks – Georgia Ports Authority

Savannah and Statesboro

Savannah and Western

Saxonburg Plant

Sayre and Fisher Brick Co.


Schafer Brothers Logging Co.

Schenectady Locomotive

Schenectady Railway Co.

Schlitz Brewing Co.

Schlosser Brothers Dairy Products

Schludeberg Kurdle Co.

P.H. Schneider

Schnitcher Steel Products

Schoen Steel Wheel Works

Schoarie Valley

A.D. Schrader Co.

Schuykill and Susquehanna

Schuykill Valley Traction Co.

Schwab and Tilliman

Schwarzchild and Sulzberger Co.

Schiavone and Sons

Scioto Valley

Scioto Valley Electric Power Co. Traction

Scotland – Aberdeen

Scotland – Dundee

Scotland – Edinburgh

Scotland – Glasgow

Scotland – Glasgow and Southwestern

Scott and Bearskin Lake Railway

Scott Lumber Co.


Book 2

Scoular Grain Co.

Scoular Welsh Elevator

Scranton and Binghamton Railroad (PA)

Scranton Dunsmuir and Moose Lake Railroad

Scranton Montrose and Binghamton

Scranton Railway and/or Transit Co.

Scullin Steel Co.


Seaboard Airline

Seaboard Allied Milling

Seaboard Coast Line

Seaboard Coast Line/Louisville and Nashville

Seaboard Farms (Athens, GA)

Seaboard and Roanoke

Seaboard/Seaboard Coast Line

Seaboard System


Book 3

Seaboard System

Seaboard – Western of Alabama

Seagraves Whiteface and Lubbock


Seaman and Webster

Seashore Trolley Museum

Seattle Alaska-Hydro

Seattle Central Railway Co.

Seattle City Railway Co.

Seattle Coal and Transit Co.

Seattle Construction Company

Seattle Electric Co.

Seattle Electric Railway

Seattle Everett Mount Vernon and Bellingham

Seattle – Everett Traction Co.

Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern

Seattle Light and Power

Seattle Municipal Street Railway

Seattle and North Coast

Seattle and Rainier Valley

Seattle and Renton

Seattle Renton and Southern Railway

Seattle Southeastern Railway

Seattle Traction

Seaview Company

Sea View Railroad

Seboomook Lake and St. John Railroad

Security Brewing Co.

Sells Floto Circus

Selma Rome and Dalton

Semet Solvay Div. (Allied Chemical)

Seminole Gulf

Senado Sugar Co.


Seoul Chemulpo

Seoul Electric Co.

Seoul Fusan Railway

Sequatchie Valley


Book 4

Servtex Gravel

Servtex Materials

Seward Peninsula Railway

Sewell Valley Railroad

SGAX Leasing

Shade Gap Electric Railway

Shaker Heights

Shamokin and Mt. Carmel Transit Co.

Shamrock and Western

Sharon Steel Co.

Sharp and Fellows Construction Co.

Sharpsville (PA)

Sharpsville and Oakland

B.F. Shaw Co.

Shaw Box Crane and Hoist

Shawmut Coal Mines Co.

Shawnee and Muskingham River

Shawnee – Tecumseh

Shawnigan Falls Terminal Railway

Shearwood Railway

Sheboygan and Fond de Lac Railroad

Mighty Sheesley Midway

Sheffield Car Co.

Sheffield Milk

Sheffield Steel

Sheffield and Tionesta

Shegat River

Shelburne Museum

Shelby County (MO)

Shell Chemical

Shenandoah Central

Shenandoah Traction

Shenandoah Valley

Shenango Ingot Molds Inc.


Book 5

Shenango Valley Railway of Ohio

Shepang Litchfield and Northern

Sheridan Interurban Railway

Sheridan Railway Co.

Sherman Shreveport and Southern

Sherwin Williams Paint Co.

Shevlin-Clarke Lumber Company, Ltd

Shevlin Hixon Lumber Co.

Sheyenne Valley

Shill Seebohn and Co.

Robert L. Shipp

Shippensburg Newburg and Western Electric Railway Co.

Shippers Car Line

Shipyard River Coal Terminal

Shipyards Railway

Shore Fast Line

Shore Line Electric Railroad

Short Line Enterprises of California

Shreveport Belt Railway

Shreveport Houston and Gulf

Shreveport Land and Railways

Shreveport Railways

Shreveport and Red River Valley Railway

Shreveport Transportation Co.

Sibley Lake Bisteneau and Southern


Sidbec Feruni

Sidney and Lowe

Sidney Warehouse and Industrial Sites

Sierra Lumber Co.

Sierra Nevada Wood Lumber

Sierra Pacific Industries

Sierra Railway

Signal Mountain Railroad

Sigua Iron Co.

G.R. Silcott

Silver Falls Timber

Siler Logging Co.

Silver Creek Logging

Silver Lake Railway and Lumber

Silverton Gladstone and Northerly

Silverton and Northern


Book 6



Simpson Logging Co.

Simpson Products Co.

Charles A. Sims and Co.


Singer Sewing Machine Co.

Sinnemahoning Valley

Sioux City Dressed Beef

Sioux City Falls

Sioux City Service

Sioux City Terminal

Sioux Falls Traction Co.

Sisseston Southern Railway

Six Companies

Skagit River


Skelly Oil Co.

Skyline Railroad

Slate Belt

Sloss-Sheffield Co.

Sloss Sheffield Steel and Iron Co.


S.M. Co.

“Borax” Smith

C.D. Smith General Contractors

E.D. Smith and Co. Contractors

E.E. Smith Contracting Co.

Smith Douglass Chemical

H.V. Smith Co.

L.J. Smith Construction Co.

Paul Smith

Ralph L. Smith Lumber Co.

William A. Smith Contracting Co.

W.J. Smith Wood Preserving Co.

W.T. Smith Lumber Co., Inc.

Smith and Perkins (Alexandria, VA)

Smith-Powers Logging Co.

Smithfield Terminal


Smoky Mountain Railroad

Smoot Grain


Box 59

Book 1

Snap Creek Coal Co.

Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Co.

Snowdon Mountain Railway


Sociedad Agricola de Moron

Sociedade Constructoria Brazileira

Societe Miniere

Solar Batteries

Soledad Sugar Co.

Solite Corp.

Soloobsky Berestov

Soltex Polymer Corp

Solvay Process

Somerset Railroad Corp.

Somerset Railway

Somerset Traction (KY)

Somers Lumber

Sorocabana and Ituana

Soudan Railway

South Africa – Port Elizabeth

South Atlantic and Ohio

South Australia

South Bend Sand and Gravel

South Bend Steel Corporation

South Branch (NY)

South Branch (WV)

South Branch Valley

South Brazil Lumber Co.

South Brooklyn Connecting

South Brooklyn Railroad

South Buffalo Railway

South Carolina Canal and Railroad Co.

South Carolina Central

South Carolina E & G

South Carolina and Georgia

South Carolina Public Railways

South Carolina Public Service

South Carolina Railroad

South Carolina Railway Co.

South Carolina Railway Museum


Book 2

South Carolina Railway Museum

South Carolina State Ports Authority

South Carolina Tennessee Railroad

South Carolina Western Extension

South Central Coop

South Chicago City Railway

South Coast Sugars

South Covington and Cincinnati

South Dakota Cement

South Dakota Central

South Dakota Wheat Growers

Southdown Sugars

Southeast and Chatham Railway

Southeast Coal


Southeastern Materials

Southeastern Michigan Transit Authority

Southeastern Ohio Traction Co.


Southeastern Railway of Russia

South Central Florida

Southeast Grain

Southeast Kansas

Southern (Railroad)


Book 3

Southern (Railroad)

Southern Aluminum Co.

Southern California Edison

Southern California Motor Road

Southern California Railroad

Southern Cambria

Southern Central

Southern Railway of Peru

Southern Refineries

Southern Clays Inc.

Southern Colorado Power Co.

Southern Illinois Railway and Power Co. – Cairo

Southern Illinois Railway and Power Co. – Harrisburg

Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Co.

Southern Indiana Company

Southern Iowa Railway

Southern (Lines) of California (Tourist)

Southern Lumber Company

Southern Michigan Railway

Southern Pacific Santa Fe

Southern Pennsylvania Traction Co.

Southern Peru Copper Corp.

Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Coop

Southern New England

Southern New Jersey

Southern New York Railway

Southern Oregon Traction


Book 4

Southern Pacific of Arizona

Southern Pacific of Mexico

Southern Pacific/Santa Fe

Southern Precision Steel

Southern Public Utilities Co. (Charlotte, NC)

Southern Public Utilities Co. (Greenville, SC)

Southern Public Utilities Co. (Winston-Salem, NC)

Southern Railway of British Columbia

Southern Railway (England)

Southern Railway and Light Co.

Southern Railway and Navigation

Southern San Luis Valley

Southern Stone Co.

Southern Traction Co. of Kentucky

Southern Traction Co. (TX)

Southern Vermont

Southern Wood Piedmont

Southern Wood Preserving

South Florida

South Florida and Western

South Georgia

South Georgia and West Coast Railroad

South Haven and Eastern

South Hopkins Coal

South Iowa Coop

South Jacksonville Municipal Railways

South Jersey Railroad

Southland Paper

South Manchester Railroad

South Manchurian

South Omaha Terminal Railway

South Pacific Coast


Book 5

South Park and East Side

South Penn Museum

South Point Ethanol

South San Francisco Belt

South San Francisco Railroad Power Co.

South Shore

South Side Rapid Transit

South Wales – Cardiff Terminal

Southwest Central Railroad

Southwest Construction Materials Co.

Special Steels Co.


Star Clipper

Stark Electric Railroad

State Belt Railroad of California


Southwestern Electric Power

Southwestern Gas and Electric Power

Southwestern Interurban Railway

Southwestern Portland Cement

Southwestern States Portland Cement Co.

Southwestern Traction and Power Co. (LA)

Southwest Gas and Electric

Southwest Lumber Mills Inc.

Southwest Missouri Railway

Southwest Portland Cement

Southwest Virginia Improvement Co.

Southwest Virginia Scenic Railroad

Spain – Barcelona

Spain – Bilbao

Spain – F.C. de Cremallera

Spain – Madrid

Spain – Morocco

Spain – Santander

Spain – State

Spain – Vigo

Spang Chalfant and Co. Inc.

(The) Spanish American Iron Co.

Sparks Circus

Spartan Iron and Metal


Book 6

Spartan Materials

Spaulding Pulp and Paper Co.


Spencerville and Elgin

Speno Rail Grinding Service

Sperry Rail Service

Splitlog Railroad

Spokane Coeur d’Alene and Palouse

Spokane and Eastern

Spokane Falls and Northern

Spokane and Inland Traction

Spokane International

Spokane Portland and Seattle

Spokane Traction Co.

Spokane United

Sprague Duncan and Hutchison

Spreckels Sugar Co.

Springfield Athol and Northeastern

Springfield Jackson and Pomeroy

Springfield (NH)

Springfield Southern

Springfield Street Railway (IL)

Springfield Street Railway (MA)

Springfield Suburban Railroad (OH)

Springfield Terminal (IL)

Springfield Terminal (ME/MA)

Springfield Terminal Railway (VT)

Springfield Traction Co.

Springfield Transportation Co. (IL)

Springfield Utilities (MO)

Springfield-Washington Railway (OH)

Springfield and Xenia Railway

Spring Harbor Railroad

Spruce Falls Power and Paper

Squaw Creek

A.E. Staley Mfg, Co.


Box 60

Book 1

A.E. Staley Mfg, Co.

Standard Brands

Standard Equipment Co.

Standard Logging Co.

Standard Oil Co. of California

Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, Inc. – Bayonne Works

Standard Oil (OH)

Standard Oil (WY)

Standard Railroad

Standard Slag Co.

Standard Steel

A.H. Stange Company

Stanley Merrill and Phillips

Stanley Work

Staples and Covell

State Line and Sullivan

State of New York Willard State Hospital

Staten Island Midland Railroad

Staten Island Railway

Staten Island Rapid Transit

State Transcaucasian

Stauffer Chemical


(The) Stearns Salt and Lumber Co.

Steelton and Highspire

Steel and Tube Co. of America

Steilacoom Lines

Stein and Hall

Steinway Lines


Henry Stephens and Co.

John Stephenson

Sterling Dixon and Eastern

Sterling Products Co. (Easton, PA)

Sterling Sugars

Jacob Stein and Sons, Inc.


Book 2

Steubenville East Liverpool and Beaver Valley Traction Co.

Steubenville and Indiana

Steubenville Traction and Light Co.

Stevens Coal Co.

Stewards and Beautelcheis Coal Co.

Stewart-Pecil Sand Co.

Stewart Railroad Co.


Stinson Lumber Co.

Stockton and Darlington

Stockton Terminal and Eastern

Stokeley Brothers and Co.

J.G. Stone and Co.

Stone Machine

Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad

Straits Aggregates Co.

Strasburg Railroad (PA)

Strates Shows (James E.)

Stratton and Company

Streator and Clinton

Striegel Equipment


James Strong Lumber

Stroudsburg and Delaware Water Gap

Stroudsburg Water Gap and Portland

Strouds Creek and Muddlety

Struthers Steel Co.

Studebaker Corp


Suburban Propane Gas

Suburban Rapid Transit

Sucrerie du Cupim

Sudbury Copper Cliffs Suburban

Suffolk and Carolina

Sugar Creek Butter

Sugarland Railway

Sulair, Inc.

Sullivan County (MA)

Sullivan Packing Co.


Book 3

Sultan Railway and Timber Co.

Suming (China)

Sumpter Lumber Co.

Sumter and Choctaw

Sunbury-Northumberland Electric Railway

Sunbury and Selins Grove Railway Co.

Suncook Valley

Sun Ning Railway (China)

Sun Oil Company

Sunset Logging Co.

Superior Fibre Co.

Superior Packing Co.

Superior Stone

J. Supple Plantation

Surrey Sussex and Southampton


Susquehanna Chemical

Susquehanna Coal Co.

Susquehanna Connecting Railroad

Susquehanna Electric Co.

Susquehanna and New York

Susquehanna River Railroad

Susquehanna River and Western

Susquehanna Roofing Mfg Co.

Susquehanna Traction Co.

Sutro Railroad Co.

Sutter Street Railway Co.


Swamp Rabbit Railroad (Tourist)

Swayne Lumber Co.


Sweden – Malmo

Sweden – State

Sweden - Stockholm


Swift Agricultural Chemical

Swift and Co.

Swift-Hunter Lumber Co.

Swift Livestock Express

Swift Refrigerator Line


Book 4

Swindell Dressler Supply

Switchback Railroad

Switzerland – Aigle-Leysin

Switzerland – Allstaten

Switzerland – Arth-Rigi-Bahn

Switzerland – Basel

Switzerland – Berne

Switzerland – Bernina Bahn Railroad

Switzerland – Brunnen-Morschach-Bahn

Switzerland – Chur-Arosa Bahn Railroad

Switzerland – Geneva

Switzerland – Innsbruck

Switzerland – Lausanne

Switzerland – Lothorn Cog Railway

Switzerland – Luzerne

Switzerland – Rochers de Have

Switzerland – State

Switzerland – Zurich


(Cia de) S.Y.

Sydfyesnek Jerbaner

Sydney and Louisburg

Sydney Mines Railway

Sydney Steel Co. (Sysco)

Sylvania Central

Syracuse and Baldwinsville

Syracuse Binghamton and New York

Syracuse and Suburban Railroad

System Fuels Inc.

Szechuan Chuenna Railway (China)

Tabor and Co.

Tacoma Municipal Belt Line

Tacoma Public Utilities

(F.C. de) Tacubaya

Tahoe Trout Creek and Pacific

Talbotton Railroad

Talladega and Coosa Valley

Tall Timber Lumber Co.

Tallulah Falls


Book 5

Talyllyn Railway

Tama and Toledo Electric Railway and Light Co.

Tama and Toledo Railroad

Tamaqua and Lansford Street Railway Co.

Tammany Falls and New Orleans Railway and Ferry Co.

Tampa Bulk Service

Tampa Electric

Tampa and Gulf Coast

Tampa and Jacksonville

Tampa Northern

Tampa Sand and Material

Tampa Street Railway

Tampa Suburban

Tamper Track Renewal System

Tanana Valley Railroad

Tana San Ramon

Tangipahoa and Eastern

Tank Car Lining and Repair

Taprock Quarry

Tarentum Brackenridge and Butler Street Railway

Tarrant County Traction (TX)

Tatum Lumber Co.

Taunton Branch Railroad

Tavares and Gulf

Tawas and Bay County

Taylor Coal Co.

Taylor Iron and Steel Co.

Taylor Sawmill Co.

Taylor Stone Co.

T.C. & C. Co.


Tecopa Railroad

Terminal Grain Elevator – Port of Corpus Christi

Terminal Railroad – Alabama State Docks

Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis

Terra Chemicals International

Terra Transportation

Terre Haute Brazil and Western

Terre Haute and Indianapolis

Terre Haute Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Co.


Book 6

Tegernsee Railway

(F.C. Nacional de) Tehuantepec

Tela Railroad



Temple Lumber Co.

Temple Railroad