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Posted to Internet: August 2001

Acquisition Note: This collection was donated to the University of Iowa Libraries by Paul Conlon in 2001.

Access and Restrictions: This collection is open for research. Dr. Conlon has deposited the collection in order that use can be made of it. He has not in any way restricted copies of either the paper or the digital files.

Electronic material: 24 3.5 inch DOS disks, Box 12

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Biographical Note

Paul Conlon, b. 1944, Ph.Cand., Ph.D., University of Lund, 1974, was originally a lecturer and researcher at various Swedish and German universities and later an analyst and consultant in the oil industry. From 1988 to 1995 he worked for the United Nations, originally for the Centre against Apartheid, later for the sanctions branch of the Security Council. Since 1995 he has operated a legal translation and information agency, Transjuris e.K., in Munich.


Scope and Contents

The Conlon United Nations Sanctions Papers support Dr. Conlon's United Nations Sanctions Management: A Case Study of the Iraq Sanctions Committee 1990 -- 1994 (Ardsley, NY: Transnational Publishers, Inc., 2001; ISBN 1-57105-059-0) a volume in the Procedural Aspects of International Law Monograph Series edited by Burns H. Weston, Professor Emeritus of Law and Director, The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights (UICHR).

The archive contains all "on file" documents cited in Conlon's book. They are organized in in two series. The first consists of United Nations Documents, some annotated or accompanied with notes by Conlon. The second consists of 24 computer disks whose contents are listed below. There is some overlap in that some hard-copy materials are also available in electronic form on the diskettes. The database of documents on disk is estimated to equal some 5000 to 6000 pages.

The bulk of the materials relate to UN sanctions against Iraq from 1990 through the spring of 1995 and form a coherent and complete whole for the subject and period covered. There are also extensive materials dealing with UN sanctions against Yugoslavia in the same period, though less consistent and complete. The collection additionally contains stray materials dealing with UN sanctions against Angola, Haiti, and South Africa and relating to certain peacekeeping activities of the time.

The book, by a former by a former Security Council official with experience in several UN sanctions exercises, scrutinises the rationale and enforcement of continuing United Nations sanctions in Iraq -- a program widely criticized for imposing misery on an entire population in a fruitless attempt to humble a cynical tyrant. It is the first full-length study ever undertaken of the functioning of a Security Council sanctions committee. It analyses in detail substantive UN sanctions law, the operation of mandatory Chapter VII sanctions, and their practical enforcement strategies. Conlon offers recommendations, both legislative and organizational, for improving the effectiveness of multilateral sanctions measures in the future.

Conlon provides a description of United Nations practices which provide a useful context for the archived papers, a "Note on Citation of U.N. Documents", and documentation on the AskSam software used to access the electronic files.  

Box List

Box 1

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted

12 MTG

13 MTG

14 MTG

661 SR/ 1-10

661 SR/ 11-20

687 Timetables

687 TF/WP

687 TF/SR MTG Doc

706/712 Guidelines

724 SAMCOMM Materials

Arms provisions for 661

Arms registry

Art 50




Bulletin board

BVerG Urteil 2




Collective Measures Committee


Consultations Govts

Consultations DB / Bali

Cost studies

Cotecna (706, 712)

Cum statistics



Dept LAN - News-server


DIESA trade statistics


DPA / Goulding / RB

Box 2

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.

E-Link Corp

EC customs form

EC weapons list

EDP-based system



FAZ articles Iraq

FAZ article / materials


Flowchart 687

Focal point group

Foodstuff statistics

Foreign assets law

France Agro

Germany debate

HQ databases

I Pulido


IGG Model law + memos


Iraq trade

Iraq trade + Rev (orig)

Iraqi trade 1993

Box 3

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted, cont.

Jan Falk


Jordan authenticity confirmations

Jordan - Ngobi

Jordan trade stat



Legal questions

Lexis private database



Mannheim clippings

Marc Rich


MAS study



Memos Aug 1992

Miscellaneous 1


MTG 18

MTG 19

MTG 20

MTG 21

MTG 22

Box 4

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.

MTG 23

MTG 24

MTG 25

MTG 26

MTG 27

MTG 28

MTG 29

MTG 30

MTG 31

MTG 32

|MTG 33

MTG 34

MTG 35

MTG 36

MTG 37

MTG 38

MTG 39

MTG 40

MTG 41

MTG 42

MTG 43

MTG 44

MTG 45

MTG 46

MTG 47

MTG 48

MTG 49

MTG 50

MTG 51

MTG 52

MTG 53

MTG 54

MTG 55

MTG 56

MTG 57

MTG 58

MTG 59

MTG 60

MTG 61

MTG 62

MTG 63

MTG 64

MTG 65

Box 5

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.

MTG 66

MTG 67

MTG 68

MTG 69

MTG 70

MTG 71

MTG 72

MTG 73

MTG 74

MTG 75

MTG 76

MTG 77

MTG 78

MTG 79

MTG 80

MTG 81

MTG 82

MTG 83

MTG 84

MTG 85

MTG 86

MTG 87

MTG 88

MTG 89

MTG 90

MTG 91

MTG 92

MTG 93

MTG 94

MTG 95

Box 6

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.

MTG 96

MTG 97

MTG 98

MTG 99

MTG 100

MTG 101

MTG 102

MTG 103

MTG 104

MTG 105

MTG 106

MTG 107

MTG 108

MTG 109

MTG 110

MTG 111

MTG 112

MTG 113

MTG 114

MTG 115

Box 7

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.

MTG 116

MTG 117

MTG 118

MTG 121

N.V. SCPC 17/91 -- 3 July 1991


NP originals

OED reports (MTG 55)


Box 8

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.

Ongoing verification


P Vacchina



Para 21 reviews / P 28 + R 700




Post proposals



Reports on military act



SA experience / 421, IGG


Sanctions M

Sanctions committees

Secretariat computerization



SG reports for 687, 700

Special Comm

Sri Lanka


Sudan meat

Sugar, 1995

Suspicious cases


Telephone numbers

Telephone bills

Box 9

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.




Turkey trade

Um-Qasr question

UNDRO flights (UNICEF)




US Hum Ship List

US law

Viet Nam

Wan's Jordan CRP

Wan's report

Weekend duty


Wimco-Erica case

Work organization

Working Group





Box 10

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.

MISC 1994-95

O (Other matters) 1995

724 MTG 121

Correspondence Sept 1992

Waivers April 1995

748 MTG 50


Box 11

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.

1992 MOU

Manual for United Nations Compensation Commission Claim Form "A" Data Capture System

Corr Dec 94 - Mar 95

724 MTG

Open-ended WG (SC reform)

DPA Significant Developments

Box 12

Series I. Paper documents in file folders labeled as noted. cont.


DIESA Report

SAMCOMM Report no 24 - folder 1

---- folder 2

Series II: 24 Dos-format 3.5" computer disks in two disk holders. [2003 Note: The contents of all 24 disks were transferred to a single CD which can be copied on request. The content of each disk was placed in its own file on the CD, so it should be possible to replicate the structure of the database on a variety of desktops; The University of Iowa Libraries cannot, however, provide technical assistance if you encounter problems in configuring the program and files.] For documentation on the AskSam program, click here. The disks contain:

1. 2 directories: 1:\HIST\: Historical notes (fragments not used in the published book); 1:\SEL\: WordPerfect files of memos, tables, and other documents; the file SELLIST.KON in this directory contains a listing of all files with explanations of their contents.

2. AskSam file COMSR.ASK (in zipped form); full-text searchable database of summary records of the first 117 meetings of the Iraq Sanctions Committee + 14 meetings of its working group; the zip-unzip software used is on the diskette.

3. AskSam files: 1991CORR(espondence), 91 NEEDS (=waiver actions), 92NEEDS, ANGOLA (=meetings of the Angola sanctions committee), COMREC (= contents of 1:\SEL\ in Asksam format, searchable), FOOD (=foodstuff clearances) and GOVCOUN (meetings of the Governing Council of the United Nations Compensation Commission, UNCC).

4. AskSam system files for the version used to create the databases in this collection.

5. AskSam files. HAITI (meetings of the Haiti sanctions committee), JORDAN, JORDOIL, JORFOOD, NEEDS, OVERVAKN (relating to an employee), QUEST (responses to a questionnaire on implementation of sanctions sent out by the Iraq sanctions committee in 1991), RESOLUT (full text, English and French, of all SC resolutions on Iraq).

6. AskSam file of early Security Council proceedings on Iraq as taken from the verbatim records (in zipped) form, + zip-unzip software used.

7. Meetings 1 -- 50 of the Iraq sanctions committee in WordPerfect format (taken from COMSR.ASK).

8. ---- Meetings 51 -- 93.

9. ---- Meetings 94 -- 117, plus 119, 120.

10. Iraq sanctions committee correspondence logs for 1992 (see Page 187 note).

11. ---- 1993.

12. ---- 1992.

13. ---- 1990 and 1991.

14. Original typing pool summary records of meetings of the Yugoslavia sanctions committee in the range of meetings 111 through 118 (not complete).

15. ---- Meetings 73 through 100 (not complete).

16. ---- Meetings 1 through 72 (not complete).

17. Status lists for meetings 115 -- 118, 120, 121 of the Iraq sanctions committee (see Page 188 note).

18. Status lists of first twelve meetings of the Iraq sanctions committee where status lists were issued.

19. 5 directories: 19:\CONTENTS\: WordPerfect files for pages in this looseleaf binder. 19:\ANGOLA\ typing pool summary records of several meetings of the Angola sanctions committee. 19\ FILES\ WordPerfect files of correspondence, memos, etc largely from 1994-95 (some possible overlap with 1:\SEL\). 19\HAITI\ typing pool summary records of several meetings of the Haiti sanctions committee. 19\HPN\ file for a flowchart survey of resolution 687 progress (Harvard Project Management software).

20. Paradox files: 92COMMS, 93COMMS, 94COMMS, 95COMMS (see Page 188 note) plus a telephone log.

21. Files from the UN Centre against Apartheid from the years 1988 through 1990; many of them deal with the intergovernmental group (IGG) to monitor the oil embargo against South Africa and are recognisable by the file extension .igg

22. ----.

23. WordPerfect files for UN Peacekeeping Department's Field Manual (version dating from September 1992).

24. Original typing pool WordPerfect files for Iraq sanctions committee meetings 106 -- 117, 119, 120 (original official format; contents overlaps with diskette 9 above).


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