• Instructors are responsible for determining if their use of copyrighted material falls within Fair Use or if they need to obtain permission to use the material. Visit the Libraries’ Copyright website for information on how to make this determination.
  • By submitting a reserve request, the instructor accepts responsibility for copyright compliance. The Libraries may refuse materials for reserve, or remove materials already on reserve, for legal or administrative concerns.
  • All published material must be accompanied by a complete citation. Published material will not be processed for reserve until a complete citation (including UI call number when applicable) is provided.
  • If a complete citation is not included and staff must obtain it, processing time will be substantially slowed.

Reserve Lists

  • Please keep book requests to 30 books per course
  • Lists are processed in the order they are received.
  • Lists may take up to 3 weeks to process.
  • Items added after the beginning of the semester may take 3-5 working days to process
  • Materials not owned by the Libraries will be rush ordered but may take 4-6 weeks to acquire
  • Personal books, DVD’s or other material may be damaged by use, are sometimes stolen, and patrons may fail to return them.  The Libraries cannot repair or replace them.
  • ILL materials cannot be placed on Reserve.
  • Include all materials you want on Reserve, including textbooks and books on Permanent Reserve
  • We will scan and post a PDF of an article or book chapter in ICON a single time. We will not save the PDF or re-post it. (Your ICON course sites serve as your archive and give you the ability to use the PDF’s as you need them.)
  • We will provide links to licensed full-text electronic resources in lieu of reproducing copyright-protected material whenever possible.

If you have questions, please contact the Art Library staff in 235 ABW or at lib-art@uiowa.edu or 319-335-3089.