During times of leadership transition, interim presidents have ensured the continuity of the University of Iowa’s service to the state and beyond. These distinguished individuals have emerged as leaders among their colleagues, whether administrators, deans, or members of the faculty. They are chosen to serve based upon their history of commitment to the University, and upon their breadth of understanding of the institution’s diverse activity in the realms of research and instruction.

Old Capitol central walk looking east from Old Capitol, ca 1915-1920.

Old Capitol central walk, ca 1915-1920. F.W. Kent Collection (RG 30.0001.001), University Archives.

Nathan Ransom Leonard, acting president, 1867-1868 and 1870-1871

Christian W. Slagle, acting president, 1877-1878

Amos Noyes Currier, acting president, 1898-1899

Chester Arthur Phillips, acting president, 1940

Duane C. Spriestersbach, acting president, 1981-1982

Richard D. Remington, acting president, 1987-1988

Peter E. Nathan, acting president, 1995

Willard L. Boyd, interim president, 2002-2003

Gary Fethke, interim president, 2006-2007

Jean E. Robillard, interim president, 2015