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Parkinson, John, 1567-1650.

Paradisi in sole paradisus terrestris, or, A garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers : which our English ayre will permitt to be noursed vp : a kitchen garden of all manner of herbes, rootes & fruites for meate or sauce vsed with vs : and, an orchard of all sorte of fruitbearing trees and shrubbes fit for our land : together with the right orderinge, planting & preseruing of them and their vses & vertues / collected by John Parkinson, apothecary of London, 1629. —    London :   Printed by Humfrey Lownes and Robert Young …,   1629.

[12], 612, [16] p. : ill., port. ; 34 cm.
Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book (Oversize)  FOLIO  SB97  .P24 1629
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Parkinson, John, 1567-1650.

Theatrum botanicum : The theater of plants, or An herball of a large extent : containing therein a more ample and exact history and declaration of the physicall herbs and plants that are in other authours, encreased by the accesse of many hundreds of new, rare, and strange plants from all the parts of the world … : shewing vvithall the many errors, differences, and oversights of sundry authors that have formerly written of them … : distributed into sundry classes or tribes, for the more easie knowledge of the many herbes of one nature and property, with the chiefe notes of Dr. Lobel, Dr. Bonham, and others inserted therein / collected by the many yeares travaile, industry, and experience in this subject, by John Parkinson … —    London :   Printed by Tho. Cotes,   1640.

[10], 1755, [3] p. : ill. ; 35 cm.
Hardin Library for Health Sci rare Book  (Oversize) FOLIO  QK41  .P2 1640
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Gabuccini, Girolamo, 16th cent.

De lumbricis aluum occupantibus, ac de ratione curandi eos, qui ab illis infestantur, commentarius : index omnium capitum rerumq́; hoc libro memorabilium, cum Græcarum vocu interpretatione accuratissima / Hieronymo Gabucino Fanensi autore. —    Venetiis :   apud Ioan Griffiium,   1547.

[iix], 56, [16] leaves ; 17 cm.
RC226  .G3 1547
[first edition of the first monograph in parisitology]

The Antivivisection question [by Frances Power Cobbe, and others. —    London,   Victoria Street Society for the Protection of Animals from Vivisection, United with the International Association for the Total Suppression of Vivisection,   1884-96]

25 pamphlets in 1 v. illus. 22 cm.
Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  HV4943.G6  A68 1884
[A collection of pamphlets from the organizations named above]

Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703.

The way to health, long life and happiness, or, A discourse of temperance, and the particular nature of all things requisite for the life of man : as, all sorts of meats, drinks, air, exercise, &c. : with special directions how to use each of them to the best advantage of the body and mind : shewing from the true ground of nature, whence most diseases proceed, and how to prevent them ; to which is added A treatise of most sorts of English herbs, with several other remarkable and most useful observations, very necessary for all families : the whole treatise displaying the most hidden secrets of philosophy, and made easie and familiar to the meanest capacities, by various examples and demonstrations : the like never before published / communicated to the world for a general good, by Thomas Tryon … —    London :   Printed by H.C. for R. Baldwin …,   1691.

[16], 500, [2], 18 p. ; 19 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  RA775  .T88 1691
[Tryon was one of the earliest advocates of vegetarianism in England, and the most widely read in the 18th century.]

A hermeticall banquet, drest by a spagiricall cook : for the better preservation of the microcosme. —    London :   Printed for Andrew Crooke, and are to be sold at the Green Dragon in S. Pauls Church-yard,   1652.

[35], 161 p. ; 14 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  QD14  .H47 1652
[An intentionally humorous, fantastical, and entertaining look at food, man, and the universe through the eyes of an alchemist]

De Quincey, Thomas, 1785-1859.

Confessions of an English opium-eater. —    London :   Printed for Taylor and Hessey,   1822.

vi, 206 p. ; 17 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  PR4534  .C6 1822
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Meyrick, William, b. ca. 1770.

The new family herbal; or, Domestic physician: enumerating, with accurate descriptions, all the known vegetables which are any way remarkable for medical efficacy; with an account of their virtues in the several diseases incident to the human frame. —    Birmingham,   Printed by T. Pearson,   1790.

1 p. l., xxiv, 498 p., 14 p. l. front., plates. 22 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  QK99.A1  M63 1790
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Lavater, Johann Caspar, 1741-1801.

Essai sur la physiognomonie : destiné à faire connoître l’homme & à le faire aimer / par Jean Gaspard Lavater. —    La Haye   [J. vän Karnebeek,   1781]-1786.

4 v. : ill. ; 36 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book (Oversize)  FOLIO  BF843  .L343 1781
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Portal, Antoine, 1742-1832.

Précis de chirurgie pratique : contenant l’histoire des maladies chirurgicales, & la manière la plus en usage de les traiter : avec des observations & remarques critiques sur différens points / par M. Portal, docteur en médecine, professeur d’anatomie … ; avec figures en taille-douce. —    Paris :   Vincent,   1768.

2 v. (xxx, 860, 29 p., xvi folded leaves of plates) : ill. ; 21 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  RD30  .P64 1768
[A glimpse at 18th century French surgery, including 16 large folding plates in excellent condition]

Knox, Robert, 1791-1862.
    Man, his structure and physiology : popularly explained and demonstrated / by R. Knox ; with eight moveable dissected coloured plates, and five woodcuts. —    London ;   New York :   H. Bailliere,   1858.

lxiii, 179 p., 8 folded leaves of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 20 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  QM23  .K56 1858

[Knox is perhaps best remembered for his association with Burke and Hare, notorious grave robbers.  In this book, Knox makes effective use of overlaying colored paper flaps to reveal successive anatomical layers]

Schott, Gaspar, 1608-1666.
    P. Gasparis Schotti … Physica curiosa, sive mirabilia naturae et artis libris XII. comprehensa, quibus pleraque, quae de angelis, daemonibus, hominibus, spectris, energumensis, monstris, portentis, animalibus, meteoris, &c. rara, arcana, curiosaq́; circumferuntur, ad veritatis trutinam expenduntur, variis ex historia ac philosophia petitis disquisitionibus excutiuntur, & innumeris exemplis illustrantur. Cum figuris aeri incisis … —    Herbipoli [Würzburg] :   Excudit Jobus Hertz ; Sumptibus Wolfgangi Mauritii Endteri,   1697.

19 p. l., 1389, [21] p. : plates ; 22 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  BF1410  .S3 1697
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Berdmore, Thomas, 1740-1785.

A treatise on the disorders and deformities of the teeth and gums : explaining the most rational methods of treating their diseases : illustrated with cases and experiments / by Thomas Berdmore, member of the Surgeons Company, and dentist in ordinary to His Majesty. —    London :   Printed for the author :   Sold by Benjamin White … James Dodsley … and Becket and De Hondt …,   1770.

xv, [1], 279, [1] p. (last blank) ; 18 cm. (8vo)

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  RK307  .B45 1770
[Berdmore was surgeon doctor to King George III.  This treatise offers a glimpse at all aspects of dentistry in 1770]

Dodoens, Rembert, 1517-1585.

A nievve herball, or, Historie of plantes : wherein is contayned the vvhole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes : their diuers and sundry kindes, their strange figures, fashions, and shapes : their names/natures/operations/and vertues : and that not onely of those which are here growyng in this our cuntrie of Englande but of all others also of forrayne realmes commonly used in physicke / first set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue, by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens … ; and now first translated out of French into English by Henry Lyte. —    London :   G. Dewes,   1578.

[24], 779, [25] p. : ill., port. ; 30 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  QK41  .D613 1578
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Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691

Some considerations touching the usefulnesse of experimental natural philosophy, propos’d in familiar discourse to a friend, by way of invitation to the study of it / by the honourable Robert Boyle … —    Oxford,   Printed by Hen: Hall printer to the University, for Ri: Davis,   1664.

2 v. in 1 ; 20 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  Q155  .B683 1664
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Pallucci, Natale Giuseppe, 1719-1797.

Nouvelles remarques sur la lithotomie, suivies de plusieurs observations sur la séparation du penis, et sur l’amputation des mammelles, avec figures en taille-douce / Par M. Pallucci. —    Paris :   Chez Guillaume Cavelier,   1750.

xxiv, 329, [3] p., [4] fold. plates : ill. ; 19 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  RD581  .P35 1750
[This book is remarkable for the many drawings of instruments and procedures used in lithotomy]

Gordon, Alexander, 1752-1799.

A treatise on the epidemic puerperal fever of Aberdeen / by Alexander Gordon. —    London :   Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson,   1795.

x, 124 p. ; 23 cm.

Hardin Library For Health Sci  Rare Book  RG811  .G67 1795
[Gordon was one of the very first to suggest that puerperal fever could be transmitted through contact]

Charas, Moyse (1619-1698). The Royal Pharmacopoea, Galenical and Chumical, According to the Practice of the Most Eminent and Learned Physitians of France. London, 1678. First English Edition. Originally published in French two years earlier, this fascinating pharmacopoeia constitutes one of the largest compendium of remedies, formulas, and nostrums of the 17th Century. Charas was educated in Orange as a chemist but for religious reasons traveled to England, Holland, and Spain where he ran afoul of the Inquisition over a question having to do with snake venom during which he made a timely conversion to Catholicism. The pharmacopoeia includes detailed instructions for extracting and preparing basic ingredients from minerals, plants, and animals (including, storks, snails, earthworms, and vipers). The book also includes five detailed and fascinating plates showing a variety of apparatuses used to manufacture the preparations. [click here to see digital images of this work]

Cowper, William (1666-1709). The anatomy of humane bodies : with figures drawn after the life by some of the best masters in Europe, and curiously engraven in one hundred and fourteen copper plates, illustrated with large explications, containing many new anatomical discoveries, and chirurgical observations : to which is added an introduction explaining the animal oeconomy, with a copious index. Oxford : Printed at the Theater, for Sam. Smith and Benj. Walford … London, 1698. FOLIO xQM21 .C84 1698 [click here for additional information on this work]

Camper, Petrus (1722-1789). Dissertation physique de Mr. Pierre Camper, sur les différences réelles que présentent les traits du visage chez les hommes de différents pays et de différents âges. Utrecht : Chez B. Wild & J. Altheer, 1791. Bound with his Discours prononcés par feû Mr. Pierre Camper, in l’Acadêmie de dessein d’Amsterdam …. Utrecht : Chez B. Wild et J. Altheer, 1792. xNC770 .C35 1791

Fau, Julien (fl. 1790). Anatomie des formes extérieures du corps humain à l’usage des peintres et des sculpteurs. Paris: Méquignon-Marvis, 1845-1846. FOLIO xNC760 .F26 1845 Atlas

Hippocrates (ca. 460 B.C. – ca. 368 B.C.). Quarum artium, ac linguarum cognitione medico opus sit : praefatio ante Hippocratis Aphorismorum initium, per Ianum Cornarium … habita Rostochii. Aphorismi Hippocrati. Haganoae: Apud Iohan Secerium, [1530?] xR126 .H6 A6 1530