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Osler Pamphlet Collection

The John Martin Rare Book Room contains a rare pamphlet collection of 317 items from 1878-1976 by and about William Osler.  The finding aid includes basic information about each item as well as online links to full text whenever available.

Accession #Title FormatJournal or book (UI = *)Date
1878-01Pathology of the So-Called Pig-TyphoidarticleVeterinary Journal1878-06-00
1879-01Croup or Diphtheria, Which?articleCanada Medical & Surgical Journal*1879-12-00
1880-01Cat. of Series of Specimens Illustrative of Morbid Anat.articleCanada Medical Association*1880-09-01
1881-01On Some Points in the Etiology and Pathology of…LinkaddressInternational Medical Congress1881-00-00
1882-01Clinical lecture on empyema and its antiseptic treatmentLinkarticleMedical News*1882-07-29
1882-02Rare Sequel of Fracture of the Basis CraniiarticleMedical News*1882-12-30
1882-03Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal; Several Cases Presented by OslerLinkarticleMedical News*1882-11-18
1883-01Preataxic tabes dorsalisLinklectureMedical News*1883-08-25
1883-02An Investigation into the Parasites in the Pork SupplyLinkarticleCanada Medical & Surgical Journal*1883-01-00
1883-03On Certain Paracites in the Blood of the FrogLinkarticleCanadian Naturalist*1883-00-00
1884-01Canada Medical AssociationLinkarticleMedical News*1884-09-20
1884-02Editorial on Osler to the U. of Penn. p.403LinkarticleMedical News*1884-10-11
1884-03Farewell Honors to Dr. Osler p.445LinkarticleMedical News*1884-10-18
1884-04Koch's latest Researches p.601/Dr Flint's Address p.603LinkarticleMedical News*1884-11-29
1884-05Fibro-Glioma of Upper End of Ascending Frontal CyrusLinkarticleThe Medical News*1884-01-19
1884-06Syphilitic Caries of inner table of skullarticleThe Medical News*1884-01-05
1884-07Yellow Fever InoculationsLinkarticleThe Medical News*1884-12-06
1885-01Pneumonia coccus in the air/Hydatids passed with the urineLinkarticleMedical News*1885-08-01
1885-02Removal of a brain tumor and Pulmonary Syphilis LinkarticleMedical News*1885-01-17
1885-03Dry pleurisiesLinkarticleMedical News*1885-05-02
1885-04Floating liver/Phosphorus in rachitisLinkarticleMedical News*1885-10-03
1885-05The Cure of Angina PectorisLinkarticleMedical News*1885-11-28
1885-06The Causes of Sudden Death/Report of the English Cholera CommissionLinkarticleMedical News*1885-12-05
1885-07A New HypnoticLinkarticleMedical News*1885-12-12
1885-08The Bacillus of Syphilis/LanolinLinkarticleMedical News*1885-12-26
1885-09Infectious PnemoniaLinkarticleMedical News*1885-09-05
1885-10ActinomycosisLinkarticleMedical News*1885-11-07
1885-11Ferran on the Morphology of the Comma-BacillusLinkarticleThe Medical News*1885-06-27
1885-12Tubercle Bacilli & Giant CellsLinkarticleThe Medical News*1885-10-10
1885-13On Malignant EndocarditisaddressGulstonian Lectures1885-02-26
1886-01The Cold Bath in Typhoid Fever/Analgesia from Local IrritationLinkarticleMedical News*1886-01-02
1886-02Dementia Paralytica/Intraparenchymatous Injections in PneumoniaLinkarticleMedical News*1886-01-09
1886-03Intraparenchymatous Injections in PhthisisLinkarticleMedical News*1886-03-13
1886-04Infantile Paralysis of Cerebral Origin/HaemoglobinuriaLinkarticleMedical News*1886-01-16
1886-05Is Amyloid Degeneration Curable/Handbook on the Diseases of the Nervous SystemLinkarticleMedical News*1886-01-30
1886-06Mitral StenosisLinkarticleMedical News*1886-02-06
1886-07The Physical Signs of Mitral StenosisLinkarticleMedical News*1886-02-27
1886-08The Weir Mitchell TreatmentLinkarticleMedical News*1886-05-01
1886-09The Surgery of the LungsLinkarticleMedical News*1886-05-08
1886-10UrethanLinkarticleMedical News*1886-05-15
1886-11Atrophy of the Stomach, with the Clinical Features…LinkarticleAmerican Journal of the Med…*1886-04-00
1886-12Bicuspid Condition of the Aortic ValvesarticleTransactions of the Association Of American Physicians1886-06-18
1886-13Association of American PhysiciansLinkarticleMedical News*1886-06-26
1886-14The Malarial Germ of LaveranLinkarticleMedical News*1886-09-04
1886-15Treatment of Rheumatic FeverLinkarticleMedical News*1886-12-18
1886-16Journal of Comparative Medicine and SurgeryarticleMedical News*1886-11-06
1886-17Temperature of Peripheral PartsLinkarticleMedical News*1886-06-12
1886-18On the Use of Arsenic in Certain Forms of AnaemiaLinkarticleTherapeutic Gazette*1886-09-22
1886-19Multiple NeuritisLinkarticleMedical News*1886-07-03
1886-20Thomsens DiseaseLinkarticleMedical News*1886-09-11
1886-21PerlecheLinkarticleMedical News*1886-09-25
1886-22Contagious Pleuropneumonia/ Hysterical ApoplexyLinkarticleMedical News*1886-10-02
1886-23Intestinal Occulsion by Gall StonesLinkarticleMedical News*1886-10-09
1886-24Thoracentisis for Pleuritic EffusionLinkarticleMedical News*1886-10-16
1886-25Perforating AppendicitisLinkarticleMedical News*1886-10-23
1886-26Injury of James P. WhitearticleMedical News*1886-11-27
1886-27Correlation of Tonsils and GenitalsLinkarticleMedical News*1886-12-04
1886-28On the Treatment of Pleurisy with Effusion by Hay's MethodLinkarticleMedical News*1886-12-11
1886-29Case of Retroperitoneal Spindle-celled Sarcoma with…LinkarticleThe Medical News*1886-03-06
1886-30Death of M. Paul BertarticleMedical News*1886-11-20
1886-31On Cerain Problems in the Physiology of the Blood-CorpusclesarticleMedical Record1886-04-03
1887-01Harvey's Manuscript NotesLinkarticleMedical News*1887-01-01
1887-02Birth-Marks as Evidence LinkarticleMedical News*1887-02-19
1887-03Etiology of EndocartisLinkarticleMedical News*1887-10-01
1887-04Leprosy in its Relation to the StateLinkarticleMedical News*1887-12-17
1887-05Forms of Albuminuria not Dangerous to LifeLinkarticleMedical News*1887-01-15
1887-06Corrosive Sublimate in Typhoid FeverLinkarticleMedical News*1887-01-22
1887-07Rectal Injections of Gas/ Remarkable Outbreak of Typhoid FeverLinkarticleMedical News*1887-01-29
1887-08Antifebrin/ Multiple Neuritis/ Aspiration of the StomachLinkarticleMedical News*1887-02-05
1887-09Protective Inoculation Against RabiesLinkarticleMedical News*1887-02-12
1887-10Laparotomy in Peritonitis/Sudden Death in PleurisyLinkarticleMedical News*1887-02-26
1887-11Treatment of Pneumonia in the Philadelphia Hospitals/ Calomel as a DiureticLinkarticleMedical News*1887-03-05
1887-12Treatment of Pneumonia/ Hepatic Phlebotomy and PunctureLinkarticleMedical News*1887-03-19
1887-13Rectal Injections of Gas in the Treatment of PhthiisisLinkarticleMedical News*1887-04-02
1887-14Etiology of Gastric UlcerLinkarticleMedical News*1887-04-09
1887-15Treatment of the Morphia Habit/ A Monument to RushLinkarticleMedical News*1887-04-16
1887-16Functions of the Thyroid GlandLinkarticleMedical News*1887-05-07
1887-17Extr. from Transactions of the Path. Soc. Of PhiladelphiaarticlePathological Society of Philadelph.1887-00-00
1887-18AntifebrinLinkarticleTherapeutic Gazette*1887-03-00
1887-19Bergeon's Method of Treating PhthsisLinkarticleThe Medical News*1887-07-02
1887-20On the General Etiology & Symptoms of Chorea pt.1 &2/Dyspnoea of AsthmaLinkarticleThe Medical News*1887-10-15
1887-21On the Incidence of Albuminuria Among the SickLinkarticleThe Medical News*1887-11-05
1887-22Cold Water Injections in Catarrhal JaundiceLinkarticleThe Medical News*1887-11-12
1887-23Variations of the Normal Knee-jerkLinkarticleThe Medical News*1887-11-19
1887-24Gall-Stones and Pernicious Anaemia/Treatment of Typhoid Fever in Philadelphia HospitalsLinkarticleThe Medical News*1887-12-10
1887-25Treatment of Typhoid Fever LinkarticleThe Medical News*1887-12-24
1888-01The Fourth Year at Harvard/ The Philadelphia HospitalLinkarticleMedical News*1888-03-17
1888-02Vaccination against Typhoid FeverLinkarticleMedical News*1888-03-31
1888-03President's Adress-BillingsLinkarticleMedical News*1888-09-22
1888-04On a Form of Purpura associated with Articular…articleNew York Medical Journal*1888-12-22
1888-05Hereditary Angio-Neurotic OedemaLinkarticleAm. Journal of the Med. Sciences*1888-04-00
1888-06The Mortality of PneumoniaaddressCanada Medical Association*1888-09-00
1888-07Spontaneous & Experimental Typhoid Fever in AnimalsarticleThe Medical News*1888-06-09
1888-08Yellow Fever InoculationsLinkarticleThe Medical News*1888-04-28
1888-09On Lesions of Conus Medullaris & Cauda EquinaLinkarticleThe Medical News*1888-12-15
1888-10Recovery in Cirrhosis of the LiverLinkarticleThe Medical News*1888-01-14
1888-11Diet in the Convalescence of Typhoid FeverLinkarticleThe Medical News*1888-10-13
1888-12Has the Mortality of Pneumonia Increased?articleThe Medical Record1888-11-17
1888-13Death of Prf. WagnerLinkarticleMedical News*1888-03-10
1889-01Annual Address: License to PracticeLinkaddressTrans. Of Med. And Chirugical Faculty of the State of Maryland1889-00-00
1889-02On a Case of Simple Idiopathic Muscular Atrophy…LinkarticleAm. Journal of the Med. Sciences*1889-09-00
1889-03On PhagocytesarticleThe Medical Record1889-04-13
1889-04Pulsating PluresyLinkarticleAm. J. of Med. Sciences*1889-01-00
1889-05Note on Intra-Thoracic Growths Developing from the…LinkarticleThe Medical News*1889-09-07
1889-06Case of Syphiloma of the Cord of the Cauda EquinaLinkarticleJournal of Nervous and Mental Disease*1889-08-00
1889-07Mortality of PneumoniaLinkarticleThe Medical News*1889-07-27
1889-08On the Value of Laveran's Organisms in the Diagnosis…LinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin*1889-12-00
1889-09Death of Dr. Palmer HowardarticleMedical News*1889-04-06
1889-10AequanimitasaddressU of Penn/ Press of WM. F. Fell &Co.1889-05-01
1889-11Origial Lectures on PhagocytesLinkarticleMedical News*1889-04-13
1890-01Rare Forms of Cardiac ThrombiarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Reports1890-01-00
1890-02Acute Nephritis In Typoid FeverarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Reports1890-00-00
1890-03Note on Endocarditis in PhthisisarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Reports1890-01-00
1890-04On the Amoeba Coli in Dysentery and in Dysenteric Liver AbscessarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Reports1890-05-00
1890-05On the Form of Convulsive Tic Associated with….LinkarticleThe Medical News*1890-12-20
1890-06On the Nedurosis Following Enterid Fever, Known as "The Typhoid Spine"articleJohns Hopkins Hospital Reports1890-00-00
1891-01Case of Sensory Aphasia -- Word-blindness with Hem…LinkarticleAm. Journal of the Med. Sciences*1891-03-00
1891-02Rudolf Virchow: The Man and the StudentLinkarticleBoston Medical and Surgical Journal *1891-10-22
1892-01Interstitial Process in the Central Nervous SystembookletTransactions of the Congress of American Physicians & Surgeons1892-00-00
1892-02Healing of TuberculosisarticleThe Climatologist1892-04-00
1892-03Notes on the Diagnosis and Treatment of CholeraLinkarticleThe Medical News*1892-09-10
1892-04The Cold-Bath Treatment of Typhoid FeverLinkarticleThe Medical News*1892-12-03
1892-05Remarks on SpecialismarticleBoston Medical and Surgical Journal*1892-00-00
1892-06Cold-Bath Treatment of Typhoid FeverLinkarticleMedical News*1892-12-03
1893-01On Dilation of the Colon in Young ChildrenarticleArchive of Pediatrics1893-02-00
1893-02Case of Arterio-Venous Aneurism of the Axillary ArteryarticleAnn. Surg. Philadelphia1893-00-00
1893-03Tuberculous PleurisyLinkaddressShattuck (Mass.Med.Society)1893-00-00
1893-04Chronic Intermittent Fever of EndocarditisarticleThe Practitioner1893-00-00
1893-05Notes on Tuberculosis in ChildrenaddressAmerican Pediatric Society*1893-12-00
1893-06Note on Arsenical NeuritisLinkarticleMontreal Medical Journal1893-04-00
1893-07Profound Toxemia with Slight Tuberculous LesionsLinkarticleThe Medical News*1893-12-02
1893-08Physic and Physicians as Depicted in PlatoLinkarticleBoston Medical and Surgical Journal*1893-02-09
1893-09Teacher and Student, An AddressaddressJournal of the American Medical Association*1893-00-00
1893-10Note on a Remarkable House Epidemic of Typhoid FeverarticleUniversity Medical Magazine*1893-04-00
1893-11Cases of Sub-Phrenic AbscessLinkaddressCanadian Practitioner1893-05-00
1894-01Army Surgeon LinkarticleMedical News*1894-03-24
1894-02Diseases of the blood/Diseases of the supraarenal capsules…chapterPepper. A text-book of the theory and practice of medicine*1894-00-00
1894-03Parotitis in PneumoniaLinkarticleUniversity Medical Magazine*1894-01-00
1894-04Leaven of SciencearticleUniversity Medical Magazine*1894-06-00
1894-05Oliver Wendell HolmesaddressJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin*1894-10-00
1895-01Teaching and Thinking: The Tow Functions of a Medical SchoolLinkarticleMontreal Medical Journal1895-02-00
1895-02Typhoid Fever in Country DistrictsaddressMaryland Med. Journal*1895-05-11
1895-03Case of Sporadic Cretinism (Infantile Myxoedema)LinkarticleArchives of Pediatrics*1895-02-00
1895-04Cancer of the Stomach with Very Rapid CourseLinkarticleUniversity Medical Magazine*1895-01-00
1895-05Neuritis During and After Typhoid FeveraddressNeurological Society of Philadelphia1895-00-00
1895-06On the Association of Enormous Heart Hypertrophy. Chronic Proliferative Peritonitis, and Recurring Ascites, with Adherent PericardiumLinkaddressAmerican Pediatric Society1895-05-28
1895-07Chills in Typhoid FeverarticleUniversity Medical Magazine*1895-11-00
1895-08Visible Contractile Tumour of the Pylorus Following Ulcer of the StomachLinkarticleMontreal Medical Journal1895-08-00
1895-09Practical Value of Laveran's DiscoveriesLinkarticleThe Medical News*1895-11-25
1895-10Thomas Dover Physican and BuccaneerLinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin*1895-01-00
1896-01Addison's DiseaseLinkarticleThe Medical Bulletin*1896-01-24
1896-02On the Classification of the Tics or Habit MovementsLinkaddressAmerican Pediatric Society1896-05-25
1896-03John Keats The Apothecary Poet [not used]LinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin*1896-01-00
1896-04Hemiplegia in Typhoid FeverLinkarticleJournal of Nervous and Mental Disease*1896-05-00
1896-05An Alabama StudentLinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin*1896-01-00
1896-06On Six Cases of Addison's DiseaseLinkarticleInternational Medical Magazine1896-02-00
1897-02British Medicine in Greater BritainarticleMontreal Medical Journal1897-09-00
1897-03British Medicine in Greater BritainLinkarticleMedical News*1897-09-04
1897-04Relapses in Typhoid FeverLinkarticleJournal of the American Medical Association*1897-07-17
1897-05PneumoniaLinkreviewNational Medical Review1897-12-00
1897-06Occasional Notes on American Medical ClassicsarticleUniversity Medical Magazine*1897-12-00
1897-07Mitral Stenosis-Sudden Death-Ball Thrombus in the Left AuricleLinkarticleMontreal Medical Journal1897-03-00
1897-08Ball-Valve Gall-Stone in the Common DuctLinkarticleLancet*1897-05-15
1897-09Diagnosis of Malarial FeverLinkarticleThe Medical News*1897-03-06
1897-10Functions of a State Facultyaddress Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of MD1897-04-27
1897-11Internal Medicine as A Vocation LinkaddressMedical News*1897-11-20
1897-12In Memoriam Mary Putnam JacobibookletAcademy of Medicine in New York 1897-01-04
1898-01Arthritis of Cerebro-Spinal FeverLinkarticleBoston Med. & Surgical Journal*1898-12-29
1898-02On Diffuse Scleroderma; With Speical Reference…articleJ. of Cutaneous & Genito-Urinary*1898-02-00
1898-03Leprosy in the United States, with the report of a caseLinkaddressJohns Hopkins Hospital*1898-02-02
1898-04Cerebro-Spinal FeverLinkarticleMaryland Medical Journal*1898-07-16
1898-05On Some of the Intestinal Features of Typhoid FeverLinkarticlePhiladelphia Medical Journal* 1898-00-00
1898-06An Acute Myxedematous Condition, with Tachycardia, Glycosuria, Melaena, Mania, and DeathLinkaddressAmerican Neurological Assocation 1898-05-00
1899-01After Twenty-Five YearsLinkaddressMontreal Medical Journal1899-11-00
1899-02The Problem of Typhoid Fever in the U.S.LinkarticleMedical News*1899-02-25
1899-03On the Etiology and Diagnosis of Cerebro-Spinal FeverLinkaddressWest London Medico-Chirurgical1899-06-16
1899-04Chronic Splenic Enlargement with Recurring Gastro-…articleEdinburgh Medical Journal*1899-05-00
1899-05In Memoriam William PepperLinkarticlePhiladelpia Medical Journal* 1899-03-18
1899-06Elisha Bartlett: Rhode Island PhilosopherLinkarticleTransactions of the Rhode Island Medical Society1899-12-07
1899-07The Problem of Typhoid Fever in the United StatesLinkaddressgiven to Medical Society of the State of New York1899-02-01
1899-08Sporadic Cretinism (Infantile and Juvenile Myxoedema)chapterKeating; Cyclopaedia of the Diseases of Children*1899-00-00
1900-01Hepatic Complications of Typhoid FeverarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Historical Club1900-00-00
1900-02A Case of Multiple Gangrene in Malarial FeverLinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin*1900-02-00
1900-03An Address on John Locke as a PhysicianaddressLancet*294
1900-04"Phthisiologia" of Richard Morton, M.D.addressJohn Hopkins Hospital Historical Club1900-01-00
1900-05An Address on the Importance of Post-Graduate StudyaddressLancet*196
1900-06Latent Cancer of the StomachLinkarticlePhiladelphia Medical Journal*39
1900-07Fatal Angina Pectoris, Without Lesions of the Coronary.LinkarticleThe Medical News*357
1900-08Special Number on Gastric DiseasesarticlePhiladelphia Medical Journal34
1900-09On Splenic AnaemiaLinkarticleAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences* 1900-01-00
1900-10On the Study of TuberculosisLinkarticlePhiladelphia Medical Journal* 336
1900-11Home Treatment of ConsumptionLinkarticleMaryland Medical Journal* 1990-01-00
1901-01On the Advantages of a trace of Albumin and a few…LinkarticleNew York Medical Journal*693
1901-02Congenital Absence of the Abdominal Muscles…LinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletins*1901-11-00
1901-03On a Family Form of Recurring Epistaxis, associated…articleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletins*1901-11-00
1901-04Medical Aspects of Carcinoma of the Breast, with a …articleAmerican Medicine* 1901-04-00
1902-01Chauvinism in MedicineLinkaddressCanadian Medical Association*991
1902-02Intermittent ClaudicationLinkarticleMontreal Medical Journal1902-02-00
1902-03Alfred StillearticleU. of Penn Medical Bulletin*1902-06-00
1902-04Some Aspects of American BibliographyLinkarticleBulletin of the Assocation of Medical Librarians892
1902-05William Beaumont: Pioneer American PhysiologistLinkaddressJournal of the American Medical Association*1050
1902-06Amebic DysenteryLinkarticleTherapeutic Gazette*1902-04-00
1902-07On the Diagnosis of Bilateral Cystic KidneyLinkarticleAmerican Medicine*812
1902-08On Amebic Abcess of the Liver/Echoes & News: Philadelphia: College of PhysiciansLinkarticleThe Medical News*833
1902-09Note on the Occurrence of Ascites in Solid Abdominal.LinkarticlePhiladelphia Medical Journal*875
1902-10Notes on AneurismLinkarticleJournal of the American Medical Association*889
1902-11On Heredity in Bilateral Cystic Kidney articleAmerican Medicine*889
1902-12Anemia SplenicaarticleAssociation of American Physicians1902-00-00
1902-13Honarary MembersarticleBulletin of the Assocation of Medical Librarians*735
1903-01On the Educational Value of Medical SocietyLinkarticleBoston Medical and Surgical Journal*1167
1903-02The Home in Realtion to the T.B. Problemp.1105/ editorial p.1132LinkarticleMedical News*1442
1903-03On the Need of a Radical Reform in our Methods, etc.LinkarticleThe Medical News*1106
1903-04The Master-Word in MedicineaddressUniversity of Toronto*1400
1903-05Case of Chronic Purpuric Erythema (8 yrs Duration)articleJournal of Cutaneous Diseases*1903-07-00
1903-06On Obliteration of the Superior Vena CavaLinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hosptial Bulletin*1903-07-00
1903-07Varieties of Lineae AlbicantesLinkarticleThe Medical News*1407
1903-08The Home in Its Relation to the Tuberculosis ProblemLinkarticleMedical News*1442
1903-09Typhoid Fever and TuberculosisLinkarticleAmerican Medicine*1456
1903-10Chronic Cyanosis, with Polycycthaemia and Enlarged Spleen: A New Clinical EntityLinkarticleAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences* 1903-08-00
1903-11Aneurism of the Descending Thoracic AortaarticleInternational Clinics*1903-00-00
1904-01On the Visceral Manifestations of the Erythema Group…LinkarticleAm. Journal of the Med. Sciences*1904-01-00
1904-02Ochronosis: The Pigmentation of Cartilages…LinkarticleLancet*1463
1904-03On the Surgical Importance of the Visceral…LinkarticleAm. Journal of the Med. Sciences*1904-05-00
1904-04On the Surgical Importance of the Biscdral Crises in the Erythema Group of Skin DiseasesLinkarticleAmerican Journal of Medical Sciences*1904-05-00
1905-01Unity, Peace, and ConcordaddressMaryland Medical Journal*1905-10-00
1905-02The Osler DinnerLinkarticleMedical News*1953
1905-03The Student LifeaddressOxford, Horace Hart, Printer to the University*1905-00-00
1906-01Oxford Medical SchoolLinkarticleBritish Medical Journal*2366
1906-02Medical Aspects of Carcinoma of the BreastaddressBritish Medical Journal*2198
1907-01On the Library of a Medical SchoolLinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin*1907-04-00
1907-02Historical Development & Relative Value of Lab & ClinicalarticleTransactions of Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons*1907-00-00
1907-04On Telangiectasis Circumscripta UniversalisLinkarticleJohns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin*1907-10-00
1907-05SyphilischapterModern Medicine1907-00-00
1907-06Abdominal Tumours associated with Disease of the testicleaddressLancet*2636
1907-07Modern Medicine Its Theory and PracticeLinkbookletLea Brothers and Co. (publisher)*1907-00-00
1907-08Evolution of Internal MedicinearticleModern Medicine1907-00-00
1908-01Vienna after thirty-four yearsLinkarticleJournal of the American Medical Association*3052
1908-02Acute EndocarditischapterModern Medicine1908-00-00
1908-03What the Public can do in the Fight Against TuberculosislectureWomen's National Health Assoc. of Ireland1908-00-00
1909-01Old and NewaddressBulletin of Med. And Chirugical Faculty of the State of Maryland3421
1909-02Medical Library in Post-Graduate WorkLinkaddressBritish Medical Journal*3563
1909-03What the Public can Do in the Fight Against TuberculosisarticleTuberculosis Exhibition & Conferences, Oxford3600
1909-04Nation and the Tropicsaddress Oxford University Press3587
1909-05Treatment of DiseaseaddressOntario Medical Association/ Oxford University Press3442
1909-06Michael ServetusaddressOxford University Press1909-00-00
1909-07Chronic Infectious EndocarditisLinkarticleQuarterly Journal of Medicine*1909-01-00
1910-01Angina PectorisLinkaddressThe Lumleian Lectures/Lancet*3724
1910-02Pupil Symptoms in Thoracic AneurysmLinkaddressPractitioner1910-04-00
1911-01Pathological Institute of a General HospitalLinkaddressGlasgow Medical Journal*1911-11-00
1911-02The Hopital Unit in University WorkLinkaddressLancet*4046
1911-03The Pathological Instiste of a General Hospital articleGlasgow Medical Journal*1911-11-00
1911-04Sulle Telangiectasie Emorragiche EreditarieLinkarticleRiforma med.1911-00-00
1912-01An Address on High Blood Pressure LinkaddressBritish Medical Journal*4690
1913-01Specialism in the General HospitalLinkaddressJohns Hopikns Hospital Bulletin*1913-06-00
1913-02Examinations, Examiners, and ExamineeLinkaddressLancet*5033
1913-03Syphilis of the Liver with the Picture of Banti's DiseaseLinkaddressProceedings of the Royal Society1913-00-00
1914-01Proposed General Catalogue of IncunabulaLinkarticleBulletin of the Med. Lib Assn.*1914-04-00
1914-02The War and Typhoid FeverLinkarticleTransactions of the Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene5438
1914-03The War and Typhoid FeverLinkarticleBritish Medical Journal*5446
1914-04Bacilli and BulletsbookletOxford University Press1914-00-00
1915-01The Coming of Age of Inernal Medicine in AmericaarticleInternational Clinics*1915-00-00
1915-02Remarks on Arterio-Venous AneurysmLinkaddressLancet*5607
1915-03Diseases of the Valves of the HeartchapterModern Medicine1915-00-00
1915-04Remarks on the Diagnosis of Polycystic KidneyLinkarticleInternational Clinics*1915-00-00
1915-05Science and WaraddressClarendon Press5753
1916-01Intensive Work in Science at the Public Schools in Relation to the Medical CurriculumLinkaddressThe School World1916-02-00
1916-02Creators, Transmuters, and TransmittersLinkarticleopening of the Bodley Shakespeare Exhibition5959
1917-01Campaign against SyphilisaddressLancet*6356
1917-02Illustrations of the Book-WormarticleBodleian Quarterly Record*1917-02-00
1918-01The Science of LibrarianshipLinkarticleBulletin of the Med. Lib Assn.*1918-04-00
1918-02Essai De Bibliographie HippiquearticleVeterinary Review1918-00-00
1919-01William Osler the ManLinkarticleAnnals of Medical History*1919-00-00
1919-02Observations on the Severe Anaemias of PregnancyLinkarticleBritish Medical Journal*6944
1919-03Typhoid SpineLinkarticleCanadian Medical Association Journal*1919-06-00
1919-04The Old Humanities and the New ScienceLinkaddressJohn Murray of London (publisher)*1919-00-00
1920-01Sir William Osler Memorial NumberarticleCanadian Medical Association Journal*1920-07-00
1920-02William Osler: A Short Biography and Some Tributes to his MemoryLinkarticleBritish Medical Journal* 7308
1929-01Reminiscences of Osler in the Early Baltimore DaysLinkarticleCalifornia and Western Medicine*1929-09-00
1935-01An Osler DayarticleCanadian Medical Association Journal*1935-02-00
1937-01A Way of LifeLinkbookPaul B. Hoeber Inc. (publisher)*1937-10-00
1949-01William Osler 1849-1949articleNordisk Medicin*1949-00-00
1949-02Sir William Osler: ReminiscencesarticleArchives of Internal Medicine*1949-07-00
1949-03Sir William OslerarticleThe Medical Press*18092
1949-04An Address of the Life of William OsleraddressChapel of Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario18173
1950-01Osler's InfluenceLinkarticleJournal of the Association of American Medical Colleges*1950-05-00
1959-01Medical Intelligence-VietsLinkpgsNew England Journal of Medicine*21656
1961-01William Osler's ReligionarticleArchives of Internal Medicine*1961-04-00
1962-01Serpent and QuillLinkpgsNew England Journal of Medicine*22783
1962-02William Osler: Obstetrician articleArchives of Internal Medicine*1962-05-00
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P-0000-01photograph of Osler as child of sevenphoto0000-00-00
P-0000-02Snapshots of Osler at the Bedsidephoto0000-00-00
P-0000-03l-r: Colonel La Garde, Osler and Colonel R. P. Strangphoto0000-00-00
P-0000-04l-r: Osler and Colonel R. P. Strangphoto0000-00-00
P-1919-01l-r: friend, Lady Osler, Colonel La Gardephoto7151
P-1919-02l-r: Albert Calmette, Dr. Ranx and Colonel La Gardephoto1919-00-00
B-1970/1975-01Miscellaneous Documentation (Larimer)Dr. R.N. Larimer1970-00-00
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BinderTranscribed Letters 1890-1919lettersOriginals in Special Collections1890-00-00