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Iowa Women's Archives

Collections Relating to Nurses and Nursing Education

ANDREWS, NETA. Papers, 1919-1922. 2.5 linear inches. 1921 graduate of the Army School of Nursing in Washington D.C. originally from Gliddon, Iowa.

AYDELOTTE, MYRTLE KITCHELL (1917- ). Papers, 1934-1994. 20 linear feet. Professor of nursing (1957-1976) and Dean of the College of Nursing (1949-1957); director of nursing for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (1968-1976).

BACON, EVELYN CRARY (1916-1997). Papers, 1917-2000. 2.3 linear feet. Teacher, decorated veteran nurse and pioneer in the field of nursing education, Bacon served as a captain in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps during World War II and participated in the invasion of Normandy.

BECKER, RUTH SALZMANN (1922-2007). Papers, 1858-2007 (bulk 1900-1997). 4.75 linear feet. Nurse and community activist in Iowa City who, as a young Jewish woman, fled Nazi Germany in 1939 and emigrated to the United States.

BLOCK, MARJORIE JEAN (1923- ). Memoir, 1990s. 1 linear inch. My Story , by Marjorie Jean Block, describes her training as a nurse, her experiences raising a family, her employment off and on the farm, and her activities in Benton County, Iowa.

CALDERON, BARBARA M. (1915- ). Papers, 1945-1968, 1995. 18 items. Nursing administrator and first African-American public health nurse in Iowa.

CARTER, LUCILLE KETCHUM. Papers, 1936-2003. 1 linear foot. 1936 graduate of the School of Nursing at the State University of Iowa who participated in a correspondence club called the Round Robin.

COUSIN, RUTH HAGER. (1895-1994). Papers, 1914-1985. 5 linear inches. Trained as a nurse between 1917 and 1920, Cousin was employed as a school nurse in Iowa Falls and Marshalltown, Iowa from 1931 to 1965.

DONAHUE, MARY PATRICIA (1939- ) Papers,1872-2006 (bulk 1960-2000). 3 linear feet and audiovisual material. Nurse educator and scholar.

DES MOINES BIRTHPLACE. Records, 1980-1993. 2.75 linear feet. The first licensed birth center in Iowa, specializing in nurse-midwifery.

EIMEN, MARTHA (1912-1997). Papers, 1945-[1995] (bulk 1945-1948). 2.5 linear inches. Nurse who worked for the Public Health Service and the United Nations in Italy and the Middle East, 1945-1948.

ERICKSON EVA. Unprocessed papers, 1930s-1990s. Born to Finnish immigrants in Michigan, Erickson became a nurse and initiated the Nursing Services Administration School at the University of Iowa.

FASSBINDER, BARBARA (1951-1994). Papers, 1950s-1998. 2 linear inches. Rural nurse who contracted AIDS on the job and became a national spokeswoman for occupational safety.

FELTON, GERALDENE (1926- ). Papers, 1951-2004. 9 linear inches. Joined the United States Army Nurse Corps in 1949 and became Professor and Dean of the College of Nursing at the University of Iowa (1981-1997).

HATA, KAY (1916-2000). Oral history. Japanese-American nurse who was imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp during World War II and became the first Asian-American employee at Broadlawns Hospital in Des Moines.

HAUTH, MARY UNGERER (1890-1963). Papers, 1905-1948 and undated. 2.75 linear inches. Nurse in Sioux City during the first half of 20th century.

HAVEL, MARIE TENER (1910-2002). Papers, 1931-1997. 2.5 linear inches. Nurse who worked in Missouri in the 1930s and at the University of Iowa Hospitals from 1948 to 1965, serving as director of nursing services.

HER OWN STORY: TEN BENTON COUNTY WOMEN . Oral histories, 1983-1992. 10 linear inches. Women’s oral history project of the Vinton, Iowa, American Association of University Women. Includes the transcript of Bess Burrows who trained as a nurse at the State University of Iowa during World War I and describes the impact of the influenza epidemic of 1918.


IOWA LEAGUE FOR NURSING. Records, 1952-2002. 5.5 linear feet and audiovisual materials.

IOWA NURSES ASSOCIATION . Records, 1904-1989. 83 linear feet. Founded in 1904 to promote standardized nursing education; works for better working conditions and to improve the status of nurses.

IOWA NURSES ASSOCIATION FIFTH DISTRICT . Records, 1922-1994. 2.25 linear feet. Local chapter of Iowa Nurses Association.

 JENS, ARLENE (1926- . Papers, 1962-2006. 1.25 linear feet. Nurse, educator and activist.

LIERS, LOUISE (1887-1983)
Papers,1911-1983 (bulk 1917-1919). 5 linear inches. World War I Army nurse from Clayton, Iowa.

LYFORD, MARJORIE ELIZABETH. (1910- ). Papers, 1890-2000. 10 linear inches and audiovisual materials. Public health and visiting nurse who later taught at the University of Iowa College of Nursing.

MEYER, MARIE SCHULTZ. (1918-1993). Papers, 1909-1993 (bulk 1936-1942). 1.5 linear feet. Postville, Iowa, native who graduated from the University of Iowa School of Nursing in 1940.

PATTEN, GRACE (1888-19xx) Papers, 1903-1943. 0.25 linear inches. Midwife and nurse from Thornton, Iowa.

SHOOTS, JEAN. (1926- ). Papers, 1990-1998. 1 linear inch and audiovisual material. Writer, performer, volunteer, and nurse in Iowa City.

STONER, MAVIS (1928- ). Papers, 1918-1998. 1 linear inch. Newspaper articles pertain to her work as a public health nurse.

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA COLLEGE OF NURSING. Records, 1887-2005. 5.75 linear feet and artifacts.

WHITLEY, CORA CALL. (1862-1937). Papers, 1917-1937. 1.1 linear feet. Clubwoman and conservationist who was involved in the Council of National Defense Women’s Committee during World War I. Papers include two folders on the U. S. Student Nurse Reserve during World War I.