Ruth Salzmann and her mother, Ruth Becker Papers

Ruth Salzmann and her mother. Ruth Becker Papers

Gathering the Past

Throughout Iowa history, Jewish women have played important roles in community and family life, maintaining cultural and religious traditions, working in businesses and on farms, and participating in civic life. Yet there are few documents in our archives and historical societies that record this history. The Iowa Women’s Archives seeks documents that illuminate the history of Jewish women in Iowa.

The Archives is interested in material about Jewish women’s lives in Iowa, but we are also interested in their lives prior to their arrival in Iowa and what became of those who left.  Whether you have a single photograph or boxes filled with letters, scrapbooks, or newspaper clippings, the items are welcome.  Don’t feel you have to organize the material before you donate it; the Archives staff will handle that.

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Shloss and Mannheimer Papers

How you can help

Donate historical items

  • Photographs, letters, diaries
  • Memoirs & family histories
  • Scrapbooks, programs, flyers
  • Meeting minutes & organization records
  • Recipes, music and more


To learn more, contact the Iowa Women’s Archives:

Iowa Women’s Archives
University of Iowa Libraries
125 West Washington Street
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1420

Winter scene in Germany, Ruth Becker Papers.

Winter scene in Germany. Ruth Becker Papers.