The Iowa Women’s Archives holds more than 1200 manuscript collections that chronicle the lives and work of Iowa women, their families, and their communities. These personal papers and organizational records date from the nineteenth century to the present. Together with oral histories, they document the activities of Iowa women throughout the state and beyond its borders. The Iowa Women’s Archives is open to the public.

News from the Archives

  • Enterprising Women: Three Profiles from the Fellows Family papers

    The following post was written by IWA Student Specialist, Avery Porter. Clara Conrad entered the Graham Hospital Training School for Nurses in 1902. She was the first student to enroll in the new program and the only person in her class. A full graduation ceremony was held in her honor a year later […]

  • Women Safe After Dark? The Beginnings of Take Back the Night at the University of Iowa

    On September 12, 1979, an advertisement for a rally appeared in the campus newspaper, the Daily Iowan. The outline of a woman with bows and arrows, shooting into the night sky was accompanied with the promise, “Friday evening at 8 p.m., the women of Iowa City will have a chance to support each […]

  • NEW: Three Women for Equality: Christine Grant, Peggy Burke, and Bonnie Slatton Fund

    Three trailblazers who led the national effort for gender equality in athletics are being honored through a new fund dedicated to collecting, archiving, and highlighting their achievements and the efforts of other women. The Three Women for Equality: Christine Grant, Peggy Burke, and Bonnie Slatton […]

  • Kittredge Cherry and Audrey Lockwood: A Love Story

    This post was written by IWA Student Specialist, Abbie Steuhm. The LGBTQ+ community has grown in incredible size and visibility in the last decade. The legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. in 2015 was a colossal milestone for LGBTQ+ rights, and it has arguably helped in the normalization […]

  • Civil Rights Trailblazer June Davis Donates Papers to IWA

    This post is by Archives Assistant Heather Cooper. The Iowa Women’s Archives recently received the first installment of a new collection of personal papers from Norma June Wilson Davis. Davis, who later became an administrator at the University of Iowa, was at the forefront of the student civil […]

  • Kick off Women’s History Month with the Iowa Women’s Archives

    The Iowa Women’s Archives (IWA) will kick off Women’s History Month with an event at the Iowa City Public Library! Welcoming the Immigrants: Refugee Resettlement in Jewish Iowa will bring Dr. Jeannette Gabriel of the Schwalb Center for Israel & Jewish Studies at theUniversity of […]

  • Disability Rights in the Elizabeth Riesz Papers

    The following post was written by IWA Student Assistant, Abbie Steuhm.  The Disability Rights Movement has seen great progress and recognition in recent years; however, as with most social movements, the historic past for disabled people is one of severe discrimination and offensive, prejudiced, […]