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Iowa Women's Archives

Collections Relating to Teachers

ALBAUGH, EILEEN FERRETER. (1915-1952). Papers, 1914-1952. 2.5 linear inches. Marion , Iowa native who taught junior high school in Tipton and Wellsburg , Iowa . She died of polio at the age of thirty-seven.

ANDERSON, CHRISTINE (1912-). Papers, 1945. 1 linear inch.  Appanoose County 4-H leader, farmer, and teacher.

BLAKE, GERMAINE MAYER (19xx-). Papers, 1948-1997 [bulk 1975-1997], 1.7 linear feet. Elementary school teacher who taught for thirty-three years at the Catholic Visitation High School in Stacyville , IA.

BOEDEKER, MARGARET TALCOTT (1919-2000). Papers, 1937-1998. 4 linear inches. Teacher with Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1941-1963;vocational counselor; and tourism advocate.

BONDURANT, DOROTHY. Papers, 1926-1999. 3.75 linear feet. Waterloo music educator and multicultural programs coordinator.

BOWERSOX FAMILY.  Papers, 1867-1900.  1 linear inch.  The Bowersox family settled in Johnson County , Iowa in approximately 1855.  The papers include a family account book, school exams and teaching certificates.

COX, LOUISE S. Biographical sketch, from 1973, of Cox’s mother, Ida Louise Grillet Slemmons, a high school science teacher, mother, and farm wife who was active in the Republican Party.

CRONKHITE, VERA SHEPARD (1906-2003). Papers, 1927-2001. 0.25 linear inches. Southwest Iowa schoolteacher who taught in rural and town schools between the 1920s and the 1950s.

CUPLIN, MILLICENT MARY (1866-1950). Papers, 1889-1994 (bulk 1889-1905). 1 linear inch (1 volume). Mathematics teacher at East High School in Des Moines who initiated the school’s first football team.

DIX, DOROTHY PEARL UNMACK (1908-1997). Papers, 1982-1999. 1 linear inch. Harrison County, Iowa-born schoolteacher.

DUTSON, CHRISTINE BREWINGTON CHEEK (1954- ). Papers, 1954-1999. 1.2 linear feet. Author of “Time’s Chameleon” (multi-volume memoir of life and times of Mormon woman), poet, gifted educator, professional organizer, day care provider, and advocate for the mentally ill.

EVANS, ALPHA (1918 -). Papers, 1977-2001, 3.5 linear inches.  Rural middle-school teacher who chaired the Iowa committee to revise teacher standards in the 1970s and chaired the Strawberry Point, Iowa, sesquicentennial committee.

FARQUHAR, MARIAN (1917- ). Papers, 1931-1996. 4 linear inches. Missionary and teacher in the Sudan who was born in Page County, Iowa, and worked in Africa from the 1940s to 1980s. She returned to Iowa in the 1980s and assisted recent African immigrants.

FAXON, CHARLOTTE. Diary, 1864-1867. 67 pages. Teacher who traveled widely during the Civil War period.

FORD, CASSIE THOMPSON (1889-1966). Papers, 1937-1996. 8 items. Homemaker who farmed with her husband near Central City, Iowa.

FURGERSON, BETTY JEAN (1927- ). Papers, 1944-1995 (bulk 1993-1995). 6 linear feet. Teacher, social worker, human rights commission director, and university regent from Waterloo .

GEBERS, NELLIE M. (1901-1995). Papers, 1991-1995. 1 linear inch. Artist, writer and teacher from Ira , Iowa who studied with Grant Wood.

GERBER, PHILIP L. (1923- ). Papers, 1988, 1989. 3.5 linear inches. State University of New York College at Brockport professor who edited the homesteading letters of Elizabeth Corey.

GERNES, ELIZABETH ANNA. (1907- ). Oral history and transcript, 1966. .25 linear inch and audiovisual material. Educator and Red Cross worker.

GIDDINGS, MARIE . Family history, 1980. 1 linear inch. Detailed account of farm and rural community life as Marie knew it growing up in Kossuth County during the early 20th century.

GOODENOW, KAREN (1938- ). Papers, 1980-1993. 1 linear inch. Elementary and high school teacher who has served on local and state boards of education.

GRANT, DOROTHY S. (1905- ). Papers, 1917-1998. 7.5 linear feet and audiovisual material. Unitarian Universalist and Head Start teacher, and spokesperson for victims of spousal abuse.

GROW, ESTHER MAE CHRISTENSEN (1891-1993). Memoir, undated. 1 item. Memoir describing childhood in western Iowa and Nebraska , and experiences in country school, in college and as a teacher.  

GRUHN, JOSEPHINE (1924- ). Papers, 1982-1992. 5 linear inches. Britt, Iowa-born member of the Iowa House of Representatives and vice chair of the Committee on Agriculture during the farm crisis of the 1980s.

HAMILTON, RUTH (1898-2008). Papers, 1895-2008 (bulk 1937-1996). 6 linear feet and audiovisual materials. Teacher and world traveler who served in the New Hampshire legislature.

HARLING, ICEY LENORA TEEL (1878-1964). Papers, 1902-1973 (bulk 1920-1960). 1.25 linear feet. Lecturer, author and playwright who ran the Teel School of Expression in Davenport, 1918-1934 and subsequently was a writer and editor for the Durant (IA) News .

HARPER-BARDACH, PHYLLIS (1928- ). Papers, 1940-1998. 18 linear inches. Educator of hearing-impaired children and retired professor of Education at the University of Iowa.

HARSHBARGER, MAY BENNETT (1880-1966). Papers, 1898-1993. 1 linear foot. Schoolteacher from eastern Carroll County , Iowa who managed the family farm after her husband’s death in 1926.

HAWKINS, E. MARIE (1931- ). Papers, 1991-1997. 1 linear inch and audiovisual material. Iowa City elementary-school teacher.

HER OWN STORY: TEN BENTON COUNTY WOMEN. Oral histories, 1983-1992. 10 linear inches. Women’s oral history project of the Vinton, Iowa , American Association of University Women. Transcripts edited by Bettie McKenzie of Red Oak, Iowa .

HICKOK, CYNTHIA (1936- ). Portfolio, 1996. 11 pages. Textile artist, teacher, and community volunteer from Sac City, Iowa.

HOLDEN, IDA “BELLE” BANDFIELD (?-1905). Papers, 1898-1905. 0.5 linear inches. Schoolteacher in the Waterloo area at the turn of the century.

HUGHES, DORIS BENDER (1925- ). Papers, 1945-1997 (bulk 1945-1950). 2 linear inches. Student who attended the University of Iowa in the 1940 and later became a teacher and child-welfare worker.

JOHNSON, MARGARET (1915- ). Papers, 1929-2001.  Farmwife who taught in rural schools before her marriage, during World War II, and from 1970 until her retirement in 1982.

JOHNSON, RUTH ASHTON (1933- ) . Papers, 1971-1994 (bulk 1971-1978). 10 linear inches and audiovisual material. Physical education teacher. Includes papers of the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) and fifteen audiocassette tapes of National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NWISC) and AIAW meetings, 1975-76.

JONES, GRACE MORRIS ALLEN (1876-1928). Papers, 1927-1975 (bulk 1927-1928). 6 items (photocopies). Burlington , Iowa born educator and wife of Dr. Laurence C. Jones, founder of Piney Woods Country Life School in Piney Woods, Mississippi .

KELLY, ALBERTA METCALF (1899-1994). Papers, 1899-1994 (bulk 1920-1968). 2 linear feet. High school English teacher active in state and national Democratic Party politics during the 1950s and 1960s.

KNIGHT, JUDY. Unprocessed papers, 1884 and 1995, 0.25 linear inches. Spencer , Iowa high school teacher.

KNOOP, PEARL (1904-1998). Papers, 1933-1998. 3.25 linear feet. Marble Rock, Iowa, librarian and bird watcher.

KRESS, ALMA MARIE KOUBA (1908-2006).  Papers, 1925-1995, 2.5 linear inches.  Buchanan County elementary school teacher (1958-1972) and clubwoman (1963-1995).  Member of Buchanan County , Cono Township Happy Hour Club and Quasqueton Federated Garden Club.

LANDHUIS, KIM. (1943- ). Papers, 1943-1994 (bulk 1991-1994). 2.5 linear inches. Native of Vietnam ; teacher, school board member, and in 1994 candidate for Iowa senate seat.

LEARY, BERNICE E. (1890-1973). Papers, 1878-1977. 6 linear inches. Educator, author, collector of children’s books.

LUDEMANN, MAE IRENE. (1900-1997). Papers, 1926-1943. 2 linear inches. High school history teacher who traveled to Europe in 1929, recording her experiences in a travel diary.

LYNCH, ELIZABETH FAGAN. (1908 -). Memoir, “A Trunk and its Chips,” 1991, 166 pp. Teacher, farmer, and writer of Irish descent from Dubuque County , IA.

MASON, DORA. (1896-1999). Papers, 1915-1994. 7.5 linear inches. Sculptor and art teacher who traveled and studied sculpture across Europe and North America .

McMURRY, ALICE. (1908- ) Papers, 1993-2001. 1 linear inch. Promise City elementary schoolteacher, poet and historian.

MOORE, MARY ELLEN. (1919-1998). Papers, 1933-1997.  5 linear inches. Iowa City High School English teacher who advocated the Iowa Advanced Standing Program in English, minority literature and interdepartmental teaching methods.

NISSEN FAMILY. Papers, 1936-1996. 10 linear inches. Photocopied scrapbooks of Walnut, Iowa, clubwoman Wilma Parker Nissen (1898-1957) and biographical sketches of her daughters.

OLSON, MELBA GARDEMANN. (1909-2000). Papers, 1916-1993, 5 linear inches. Farm girl, teacher, and newspaper editor from Benton County . Played forward on Newhall’s 1927 Girls’ high school basketball championship team.

PAUL, MARGARET (1877-1972). Unprocessed papers, 1904-1987. 2.5 linear inches. Chautauqua performer; college and high school teacher in Indiana and Iowa.

PERKINS, JESSE ANTRIM VIRGINIA (1893- ) Papers, 1905-1938 and 1999. 0.5 linear inches. Rural elementary school teacher and farm wife whose papers consist of three partial journals.

PHILLIPS, SARILDA (1877-1971). Papers, 1913-1986. 5 linear inches. Mississippi schoolteacher who was forced into retirement in 1956 following desegregation.

PLATT, ELVIRA. (1818-1914). Papers, 1853-1974. 1 linear inch. Teacher and abolitionist who assisted fleeing slaves on the Underground Railroad while living in Fremont County , Iowa . Taught school to Pawnee children in Pennsylvania and Nebraska .

POLLOCK, CORA BELLE (1906-1998). Papers, 1909-1998. Elementary school teacher from Rolfe, Iowa who later worked as a lab technician.

PULLEN, JOSEPHINE HIRONS. (1912- ). Papers, 1949-1996. 2.5 linear inches. Teacher, artist, poet and author from Early, Iowa.

REED, OLABELLE. (1935- ). Papers, 1935-1997. 10 items. Teacher, Community activist, and co-founder of Club Les Dames, an African-American women’s club in Waterloo .

<>ROGERS, HAZEL. Papers, 1932-1987. 1.5 linear inches.  Attended Iowa State Teachers College from 1939-1941.

RUFF, HENRIETTA. Papers, 1985-1996. 3 items. Teacher from Amana , Iowa .

SACKETT, EDITH. (1901-1987). Papers, 1959-1975. 2.5 linear inches. Schoolteacher and Iowa Mother of the Year, 1969.

SCALES, LILLIAN MOORE. (19??-1994).  Papers, 1938-1958. Estherville, Iowa-born homemaker and teacher who was active in literary, political, and religious groups in Des Moines .

SCHAEFER, RUTH. (1909-2002).  Papers, 1956-2002.  2.1 linear feet.  A Latin teacher who served as a friend and mentor to Vietnamese refugees in the Iowa City community.

SCHARNAU, RUTH. (1933- ). Papers, 1973-1995. 9 linear inches and audiovisual materials. Teacher and community activist who was a founding member of the Dubuque National Organization for Women.

SCHMUECKER, HAZELLE. (1907- ). Papers, 1983-1995. 2 linear inches. Autobiographical essays and family history of six generations by rural schoolteacher, homemaker, and artist.

SCOTT, JACQUELINE. (19xx – ). Papers, 1988-1997 and undated. 2.5 linear inches. Elementary school teacher in Keokuk, Iowa.

SHAMBAUGH, JESSIE FIELD. (1881-1971). Scrapbook, 1901-1996. 4.5 linear inches (1 volume) and audiovisual materials. Shenandoah , Iowa teacher and school principal who became school superintendent for Page County , Iowa . Because of her active role in the development of activities for rural youth she is referred to as the “Mother of 4-H.”

SKOTT, CLARA. (1888-1994). Papers, 1897-1994. 2.75 linear feet. Free-lance writer, home economics teacher and civic leader who wrote articles and diaries concerning life in Iowa , China , and Wisconsin .

SMITH, LAURA GIBSON. (1891-1973). Papers, 1917-1971, 1983. 10 linear inches. Casey , Iowa native who taught country school before marrying and homesteading in Wyoming in 1913. She taught school in the Philippines in the 1910s and 1920s.

SPAYDE, GLADYS. (1919-). Stage actress who spent her childhood in Saskatchewan and taught English and Speech at Fairfield Junior High School in Fairfield , IA.

SPENCER, VERNA MOULTON. (1887-1982). Papers, 1899-1994. 2 linear inches. Maquoketa, Iowa, native who owned and operated Spencer’s Harmony Hall with her husband from 1912 to 1962.

STEWART, PRISCILLA ANN MABIE. (1926- ) Papers, 1932-1994 (bulk 1932-1944). 2.5 linear inches. Art historian and Professor who settled in Florida and went on to organize and direct the Pelican Perch Wild Bird Hospital in Bradenton from 1953 to 1985.

WAHL, MARTHA STOESSEL. (1916- ) Papers, 1938-1995 (bulk 1961-1985). 7 linear inches and audiovisual material. Mathematician who taught at the high school and college levels and patented educational toys for teaching mathematics to children.

WARD, MYRLE OLIVE. (1897-1992). Papers, 1876-1992 (bulk 1930s-1940s). 1 linear foot. Native of Hamburg, Iowa. Christian missionary to the West Indies and the Belgian Congo from 1925 until 1959.

WHITE, LUCY VAN VOORHIS. (1869-1935). Papers, 1866-1932 (bulk 1880s-1932). 1.35 linear feet. Schoolteacher and farm wife of Dallas County , Iowa .

WHITE, MAUDE ESTHER. (1913- ). Papers, 1957-1996. 8 linear inches and audiovisual material. Founder of the Des Moines Tutoring Center, which she operated out of her home from 1980 to 1991. Has held several positions in state government, including serving as Iowa’s first Affirmative Action Administrator from 1973 to 1978.

WOLFE, ZELDA BABCOCK. (1901-1995). Memoirs, undated. 1 volume. Riceville, Iowa, mother, homemaker, and teacher.

WURSTER, DOROTHY. (1931-).  Papers, 1942-1987, 2 linear inches.  Mahaska County farm girl who won a blue ribbon as the best member in the Mahaska County ‘s Boy’s 4-H.  She went on to become a farmer, a kindergarten schoolteacher for thirty years, and she led a support group during the farm crisis of the 1980s, speaking effectively at the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee Hearing in Underwood, Iowa in 1987.

YATES-GLANDORF, JANIE. (1929- ).  Papers, 1943-2005.  9 linear feet.  High school drama and English teacher in Iowa City , Iowa .

YOST, LELA A. (1890-1977). Eight Decades of Lela Yost, 1995. 0.5 linear inches. Schoolteacher and farm wife near Mason City and Kesley , Iowa .